Monday, 2016-08-01

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openstackgerritqinchunhua proposed openstack/octavia: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritqinchunhua proposed openstack/octavia: Updated from global requirements
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korean101hi guys04:17
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korean101i follow this guides (
korean101but i can't deploy instance04:18
korean101| 26ba325d-af3e-444d-80dd-207ecddf8067 | node1 | ERROR  | -          | NOSTATE     |          |04:18
korean101| fault                                | {"message": "No valid host was found. There are not enough hosts available.", "code": 500, "created": "2016-08-01T04:16:58Z"} |04:18
korean101nova host-describe (
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openstackgerritXinhui Li proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Update member status to return real statuses
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openstackgerritXinhui Li proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Update member status to return real statuses
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openstackgerritXinhui Li proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Update member status to return real statuses
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openstackgerritXinhui Li proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Update member status to return real statuses
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openstackgerritdongjuan proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Delete the "self" when call "_set_degraded" function
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openstackgerritNir Magnezi proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Auto reschedule loadbalancers from dead agents
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rm_workjohnsom: sweet, thanks, reviewing now -- you on a plane?13:22
johnsomrm_work not yet13:24
rm_worksoon? :P13:24
rm_workman, these interface files look so much better with proper whitespace stripping, lol13:25
rm_worki was weeping inside13:25
rm_workugh isn't it like 6:30am for you13:25
rm_workjohnsom: ^^13:26
johnsomYes it is13:26
johnsomMy flight out is later today.  Just reading the morning news13:27
rm_workdid you agree with the way i split vrrp_ipv6 and vip_ipv6?13:27
rm_workshadowing the vip_ipv6-ness if no vrrp_ip is supplied13:27
rm_workwanted to confirm that makes sense13:28
johnsomYesterday was a bit mechanical in getting the rebases done as I had other stuff I needed to get done before I left.13:29
rm_workah, i see you removed my :0 inet613:29
rm_workthat was the place where i was curious for comments13:30
rm_workguess that means your comment would be "don't need this"13:30
johnsomI did drop a v6 secondary address, but that was on the network plug since it will now iterate over all of the IPs13:30
rm_workthat was in the backwards-compat "else"13:30
johnsomHmm, which makes me think I may have forgot to make the interface names work right for multiple IPs.  Darn it13:32
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rm_workyou'll be repeating ethX:013:32
johnsomAh, well in else case it won't know if it is v6 right?  So it would get dropped13:32
rm_workin the "else" case, i was proposing we attempt to bring up both ipv4/6 and let them dhcp13:33
rm_worksince it's already the dhcp case13:33
johnsomHmmm, yeah, I get your point.  You can add it back in13:34
rm_workwondering how you solve your issue13:34
rm_workmaybe maybe the interface number a variable13:34
rm_workand pass that in?13:34
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rm_workyeah no, that's right13:35
rm_workbecause in your loop, you're just repeating the same interface name over and over13:35
johnsomOh, wait, it looks up the interface by mac right?  So, yeah, all 0 probably13:36
rm_workI hope it's not even :013:36
rm_workbecause then it's easy to append a number13:36
rm_workotherwise we have to pull the :Y off and figure out where to start13:36
johnsomHmm, darn, will have to revisit that code13:37
rm_worki assume you won't have time to fix that today13:37
rm_workI can probably do it, or blogan can13:37
johnsomI might, but if your motivated don't let me stop you13:38
rm_worki need to disappear for an hour or two actually :/13:38
johnsomI think Brandon is going to help us pull in routes13:38
rm_worki will do it if you haven't by the time i get back13:38
johnsomOk, thanks13:38
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rio-citrusHi all - I'm hoping someone may be able to help with an issue I've got. I'm using the python-neutron client to attempt to interact with a RackSpace load balancer. I've set my auth URL to:     but the client is making a call to
rio-citrusThis means that the request gets a 404 as it's trying to access a URL with /v2.0/v2.0 - does anyone have any advice on this? I can't find any information on this using Google. TIA13:53
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rm_workrio-citrus: Rackspace LoadBalancing is not OpenStack at the moment14:04
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rm_workrio-citrus: it's a completely different thing14:04
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rm_workrio-citrus: I believe this client worked, last time I checked:
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rm_workrio-citrus: Rackspace DOES plan to launch a new CLB product based on OpenStack / Neutron-LBaaS / Octavia (SOON!) but if you are using Rackpace CLB now, it is not the same :(14:07
rio-citrusrm_work: Damn!14:07
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rm_workCheck out the client I linked though, I have had good luck with it14:07
rio-citrusrm_work: Thanks for this - so there is no way of using the neutron client to manage the rackspace CLB?14:07
rm_worknope, completely different service14:07
* rm_work knows because he is a developer for it, too14:08
rio-citrusrm_work: Ok, thanks for this, you saved me a lot of time trying to find out what the problem was. I think if the URL was changed to just 1 "/v2.0" it would work14:09
rm_workAh, unfortunately no :)14:09
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rio-citrusrm_work: excellent, thanks very much for that :-)14:13
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nagyzso I've got to the point where the namespace is there with the eth1 interface, but that interface has no IP.14:21
johnsomnagyz Does the subnet that this port is plugged into have DHCP enabled?14:24
johnsomrm_work I'm poking at the issue now btw14:25
nagyzyes - the default (eth0) is the private lb network and the eth1 network would be the public facing provider network14:25
nagyzboth networks have DHCP14:25
rm_workkk, i WAS going to go afk to do some stuff but got distracted with internal bits14:25
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johnsomnagyz did you define an interfaces file in the conifg or are you using the default?14:41
nagyzI've just run the default disk image builder script and using the image it created14:41
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johnsomYeah, this setting I'm am talking about is in octavia.conf14:41
nagyzI checked the amphora-agent.conf and that looks good (it has the correct HM settings)14:41
nagyzcould be that I have not configured something properly14:41
nagyzto be honest a lot of the settings were the result of trial and error...14:42
nagyzat least I have not found a good documentation :)14:42
johnsomYeah, there are a bunch of open docs bugs, we are trying to reboot that.  The config reference is here:
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nagyzI see the agent_server_network_dir there14:44
johnsomnagyz check that this setting is un-set: agent_server_network_file =14:44
nagyzit is14:44
nagyzthe LB goes into an ACTIVE state at first, then stays in PENDING_UPDATE - not sure if that is trigger by me trying to add the listener/pool14:46
johnsomok, are there any errors in /var/log/upstart/amphora-agent.log on the amp?14:46
johnsomnagyz, yes, adding listner and/or pool will cause a pending_update state until the amp is updated14:46
nagyzthat's the whole file14:47
nagyzalthough I do see debug = True set in the config, I don't see any actual debug log...14:48
nagyzso there I see the call to plug the vip in which returned a 202 so should have worked14:48
johnsomYeah, that looks normal...14:50
johnsomok, next thing to check, /etc/netns/amphora-haproxy/network/interfaces.d/eth*14:51
johnsomThose files look ok?14:51
johnsomThat is what defines the ip address on the int14:51
nagyzthere are no files in that directory14:51
johnsomWhat version are you using?14:52
nagyzthe one I got via pip install, so 0.8.014:52
nagyzI was surprised to see 0.8.1 mentioned in google but that's not tagged on git nor on pip14:52
johnsomAh, ok, so that is pre-namespace14:52
nagyzisn't 0.8.0 the latest stable? :)14:52
johnsomYeah, we were going to cut an 0.8.1, but we were waiting for the failover fix to be complete.14:53
nagyzand I do see the namespace actually being created14:53
johnsomAh, yeah, nevermind.  Sorry, it's early here still and I was not remembering correctly14:54
nagyzno worries :-)14:54
nagyzso what could cause the agent to not show any error yet not create any file under interfaces.d?14:54
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johnsomI'm not sure....14:59
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nagyzI could sprinkle some debug messages around the file creation code...15:09
johnsomYeah, I'm not sure what would cause it to not report the error15:10
nagyzshall I switch to master from git? should that be less ore more stable than 0.8.0?15:11
nagyzif I rebuild the image using master, will that work with the controller being 0.8.0?15:11
rm_workit depends on the day15:11
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nagyzor what's my best course of action here :)15:11
rm_workon a good day, I'd recommend it a lot more than what's in master right now...15:11
rm_workbut there are also bad days >_>15:11
nagyzthe interface is moved under the namespace, at least15:12
nagyzit just doesn't have an IP15:12
rm_workit should be DHCP, so15:12
rm_workif it doesn't have an ip... are you sure your networks are DHCP enabled?15:12
nagyzyes :)15:12
nagyzshall I try to run dhclient manually?15:12
johnsomrm_work he says the interface.d file is missing15:13
rm_workwhat did the agent logfile say about plugging attempts?15:13
rm_workah i see the paste15:13
openstackgerritMichael Johnson proposed openstack/octavia: Fixes Octavia handling of subnets without DHCP
johnsomrm_work ^^^ that should fix the multiple IP case15:14
rm_worklooks like it plugged without error :/15:14
nagyzthe log file didn't elaborate on what's happening15:14
rm_workjohnsom: kk will look15:14
nagyzeven with debug=True :)15:14
johnsomI also added back that ipv6 auto for legacy path15:14
rm_workin your patch? :P15:14
rm_workmy changes are slowly migrating from my patch to yours, lol15:14
openstackgerritMichael Johnson proposed openstack/octavia: Allow IPv6 VIPs
rm_workdon't care :P but funny15:15
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openstackgerritMichael Johnson proposed openstack/octavia: Fixes failover flow with namespace driver
rm_workah, nm i see, you're rebasing for me15:15
johnsomYeah, it all comes out in the end...15:17
johnsomJust saving you some commits by doing it while I'm in there editing already15:17
rm_workyeah, thanks15:17
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johnsomsbalukoff dougwig xgerman Would one of you be able to run the Octavia metting Wed?  I will not be available this week.15:25
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nagyzsorry guys for bugging, but what do you think the best for me to proceed is?15:30
nagyzpatch the agent code, rebuild the image and re-run?15:30
nagyz(I saw a bug comment that reboots are not supported so I can't change it in-image, can I?)15:31
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johnsomreboot *might* work, there is a current patch to make sure it works, but that isn't merged yet.15:32
johnsomnagyz Just a second, I will share a script.  Are you on Ubuntu?15:32
nagyz16.04 for the controller and whatever the script in bin/ builds for the agent (I guess 14.04.4)15:33
johnsomThat little script opens the currently built image and gives you a bash shell that lets you edit the contents under /mnt, then pushes a new image into glance.15:34
nagyzah, nice15:35
johnsomThe octavia code (for testing of course) is under /mnt/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/octavia15:35
rm_worki would probably have waited to do the image-delete for the old image until AFTER uploading the new one <_<15:35
johnsomIf you want to do python install, make sure you chroot first15:35
johnsomYeah, well, it's not like I checked this in.  It's just something I created for hacking....15:36
nagyzonce the LB gets stuck in PENDING_UPDATE, I can't do anything with it basically15:36
nagyzI can't delete it because it has listeners but I can't delete those as it's in an "invalid state" (the error I get when I call neutron lbaas-listener-delete)15:37
nagyzcatch 22 :)15:37
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nagyzso what I usually do is nuke the octavia and lbaas database, then clean up manually...15:37
rm_worksounds right15:38
rm_workyou don't have to nuke both DBs, you CAN fix it15:38
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rm_workbut nuking is easier15:38
johnsomI just go modify the DB, then delete the nova instance15:38
johnsomWell, delete the LB15:38
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rm_workcan you just set the status to ACTIVE, then delete the objects via the client?15:39
rm_workdepending on what caused the issue to begin with, i guess15:39
diltramI personaly change a status in DB to ERROR and after that I'm trying to delete lb15:40
diltramsometimes work15:40
diltramsometimes not :P15:40
rm_workthe patch landed though, why does it not work T_T15:40
rm_workgets stuck?15:40
diltramunfortunately, if I'm right there is some problem with inconsistency in neutron/octavia DB15:41
rm_worki mean15:42
rm_workthere absolutely is some inconsistency between the two15:42
rm_workcannot wait to merge them15:42
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johnsom+1 to only having one DB!15:44
nagyzso what's going to change?15:44
diltram+1 for ASAP removing n-lbaas15:45
johnsomnagyz we are proposing to merge neutron LBaaS and Octavia into one project, with one DB and one API15:47
nagyzfor N? aren't we a bit late in the cycle for that?:)15:47
johnsomIt's not going to land in N15:49
johnsomStill a proposal, but hopefully in O15:50
nagyzI'll debug the agent tomorrow and will report back15:53
johnsomThanks, good luck15:54
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bloganxgerman: can you +A this guy agian or something?
bloganthe depends-on merged but this one is not for some reason16:01
bloganor mestery ^^16:02
bloganor armax ^16:02
*** Guest15832 is now known as redrobot16:04
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xgermanjohnsom I can run the meeting — they have been short enough that we could even skip  :-)16:07
johnsomYep, that would be fine too.  Thanks!16:07
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diltramdoes anyone know how to debug flow decider? any pdb, logging or anything?16:24
*** rudrajit has joined #openstack-lbaas16:25
diltram - I don't know how but executing the same method get_amphora_for_lb_subflow in failover works ok and in my own flow it's not working, decider is taking wrong subflow16:29
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dougwigjohnsom: i'm on semi-PTO this week, full PTO next week.17:37
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johnsomdougwig Thanks, German already volunteered17:38
*** amotoki has joined #openstack-lbaas17:38
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rm_workxgerman / johnsom well, i keep forgetting to add a couple of things to the agenda... i should do that now17:39
rm_workwant to discuss two active CRs17:39
xgermanjust add it17:40
*** mhayden has joined #openstack-lbaas17:40
johnsomThanks for creating the agenda for this week.... grin17:40
*** yamamoto has joined #openstack-lbaas17:41
rm_workI keep missing the meeting though because of timezones T_T17:41
johnsomYeah, that is why I didn't ask if you would run it....17:41
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rm_workok added17:48
rm_worktwo patches I'd like us to discuss17:48
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openstackgerritBrandon Logan proposed openstack/octavia: WIP: Subnet host routes support for plug_network
bloganrm_work, johnsom: ^^ early draft21:15
rm_workblogan: ugh why21:15
bloganrm_work: why what?21:15
rm_workyou based it directly on the top CR21:15
rm_workthere's two below it21:16
rm_workyou want to skip the line? :P21:16
bloganno i just didn't think it really depended on the others21:16
bloganit you think it does, please let me know21:16
rm_workI guess hopefully not21:16
* rm_work checks for conflicts21:16
blogani was going to ask if you thought it did for ipv621:16
rm_workeugh it conflicts, but21:17
rm_worki'm getting used to rebasing21:17
bloganjust bc i put it directly off of it, doesn't mean i expected it to get merged faster than the others21:18
rm_worknah, i'm just bitter, it probably should be merged sooner21:18
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/neutron-lbaas: Updated from global requirements
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