Wednesday, 2019-11-20

openstackgerritMichael Johnson proposed openstack/octavia stable/queens: Fix a potential race condition with certs-ramfs
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/octavia stable/train: Fix listeners with SNI certificates
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openstackgerritGregory Thiemonge proposed openstack/octavia-tempest-plugin master: Add tests for mixed IP networks UDP members
openstackgerritGregory Thiemonge proposed openstack/octavia-tempest-plugin master: Add UDP test scenario
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johnsom#startmeeting Octavia16:00
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johnsomHi there16:00
johnsomIt looks like we don't have an agenda for today, so I will run down the normal topics.16:01
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johnsom#topic Announcements16:03
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johnsomI don't have much16:03
johnsomThe Ussuri community goals are narrowing down.16:04
johnsomRemove python 2 is one. The other is to update the PTL documentation for each project.16:04
johnsomAny other announcements today?16:05
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johnsom#topic Brief progress reports / bugs needing review16:06
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johnsomI have been working on bug fixes and the failover flow refactor.16:07
johnsomThis week I posted a fix for the API tags filtering support. It appears that was only partially functional, but the patch I posted fixes it.16:07
rm_workAZ work is progressing nicely. Everything actually looks pretty much done, so about to be working on tempest tests for the new API and then actually testing the feature.16:08
ataraday_The default cipher change is ready for reviews16:08
cgoncalvesgreat, thank you for that. Kuryr folks already tested it and provided positive feedback16:08
johnsomCool, I will try to remember to re-review the default cipher patch. Thanks for the updates16:09
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ataraday_And want to highlight retry change for taskflow16:09
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johnsomOk, thanks, any other updates today?16:12
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johnsom#topic Open Discussion16:12
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cgoncalvesnop. fixed a typo in a commented out line (lol) and was out last week16:12
johnsomAny other discussion items?16:12
johnsomPeople are probably still recovering from travel, etc.16:13
johnsomHa, yeah, commented out line....  Well, at least it was a "functional" line where someone might cut/paste it16:13
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johnsomAlright, if there isn't anything else I guess we can close out the meeting.16:16
johnsomOh, I did update the priority bug review list last night.16:17
johnsomHave a great week everyone!16:17
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openstackMinutes (text):
openstackgerritGregory Thiemonge proposed openstack/octavia-tempest-plugin master: Add UDP test scenario
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colin-just as a quick note- am starting my last week at blizzard today and will be moving on to another company next month. wanted to share a sincere thank you to everyone in the channel who has helped me with octavia tasks over the last year+, very appreciated!16:25
johnsomcolin- Sorry to hear you won't be working with the Octavia team going forward.  Good luck at your next adventure!16:26
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cgoncalvescolin-, I echo johnsom's words. it was a pleasure working with you. I'm happy to have met you face to face in Denver. success in all your future endeavors!16:27
rm_workcolin-: oh no! We're losing you? T_T16:32
rm_workHave fun with your new thing -- just convince them to use Openstack too so we can have you back ;)16:33
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colin-thanks guys :) and yeah it was fun meeting in denver glad we got to do that! will keep an eye out for any opportunities rm_work lol16:36
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openstackgerritBrian Haley proposed openstack/octavia master: Make octavia-grenade job use python3
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rm_workI thought we had a flag to be able to see a deleted LB? but I can't find it in the client17:44
rm_worki am not seeing how we'd allow this in the controllers either O_o17:49
rm_workI was almost positive we wanted people to be able to see DELETED LBs if they needed to17:49
rm_workbut show_deleted=False is hardcoded all around the GETs17:49
johnsomrm_work We never had that17:57
rm_workI am 100% positive I thought we did the whole time :D17:57
rm_workI specifically assumed this entire time that users could ask for deleted objects17:57
rm_workI guess I'll fix it T_T17:57
johnsomNope, and most objects don't stay around with "deleted" status17:58
rm_workone of the reasons I wanted to shadow-delete and keep stuff for several months was to allow users to go check out their deleted configs17:58
rm_workbesides allowing for recovery from WTF / debugging17:58
rm_workyeah I guess only LBs do?17:59
johnsomYeah, and changing that would be non-trivial.17:59
rm_workthere's lots of implications18:00
johnsomEasiest would be shadow tables. lol18:01
rm_workFML nm I don't care enough18:06
rm_workI mean, maybe at least show the LB used to exist tho, so you can not feel gaslighted all the time18:06
rm_worklike "ok, yeah, it really was there at one point, I'm not crazy"18:07
johnsomAre we not?18:07
johnsomYeah, you could do that18:07
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colin-i think you are thinking of nova client18:48
colin-or its openstack client implementation18:48
colin-which has that feature18:49
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rm_workyeah I know it does for sure19:17
rm_workI could have sworn we could do the same with LBs T_T19:17
openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed openstack/octavia-tempest-plugin master: Test the Availability Zone [Profile] admin API
rm_worksorrison: when you start your workday -- see the tempest test above ^^, do you want to help me create a followup that will actually test creating an LB in multi AZs?19:18
rm_worksorrison: actually if you could make a followup CR to that one, and just get there to be multiple nova AZs for me to work with, then I can do the octavia part -- I just have no idea how I'd make that happen in devstack19:19
rm_workdo you? :D19:20
rm_workthat's a first pass BTW, I don't necessarily expect it to work -- it's mostly copy/paste and find/replace, so it's likely I missed stuff19:20
rm_workjohnsom: do you think it's possible we'll be able to get on top of merging the octavia-lib side of this stuff soon-ish? we even have to cut a release before we can actually merge the patches in the main repo that rely on the lib changes, right?19:25
johnsomrm_work Yes. The "tips" job will pick up the merged-but-not-yet-released octavia-lib for testing.  Are you pretty much code-complete on the o-lib and controller parts?19:27
rm_worki believe so19:27
rm_workwell at least the first one19:28
rm_work(the API)19:28
rm_workI need to look at Sam's change that actually enables the function19:28
rm_workI'm not sure if he finished pulling the actual data from the AZ object19:30
rm_workThere's two layers tho -- support in the API, and then the amphora provider support for it19:31
rm_work[lib] Availability zone / metadata validation -
rm_work[octavia] Availability Zone admin API -
rm_work[tempest] Test the Availability Zone [Profile] admin API -
rm_workthose three patches are for layer 119:32
rm_workthe second lib patch will need to be done as close to in-sync with the rest of the code as possible, because we have to disable voting on the tips job (I think?) in order to make the merge work, since the fix for that is in the main repo19:33
rm_workI'm not sure if it's possible to pre-fix that issue19:33
johnsomYou should not need to disable the tips job....19:41
rm_worklook and see19:41
rm_worki thought it should work but it doesn't seem to19:42
johnsomrm_work Which?19:43
rm_worksec, let me confirm again first19:43
rm_workpossible looking on a different day i will see something new19:43
rm_workok no, still looks like a problem to me19:44
rm_workso adding that field in the lib will make a test fail on master19:44
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rm_workbecause of the way we wrote the tests, they're very sensitive to change like that... :/19:46
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rm_workROFL so many tests on
cgoncalvescan't wait to review all these tiny patches xD20:06
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sorrisonrm_work: For nova to have 2 AZs need to compute services which means we'd need to use the two-node job21:18
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