Friday, 2021-08-27

sapd1_x johnsom here you are:
sapd1_xjohnsom: after added management_network to availabilityzoneprofile It's ok now.02:30
johnsomsapd1_x Glad to hear!02:31
simbojaHello! I am trying to DELETE a  loadbalancer on Octavia but the execution gets stopped right after calling delete_loadbalancer() here:
simbojaHere is the response :
simbojaPlease take a look cgoncalves, gthiemonge or johnson when you have a moment04:10
gthiemongesimboja: are you sure that you're not stuck in the loop? more logs maybe?06:15
digitalsimbojaLet me log more and see...07:02
simbojagthiemonge: Please find the output
simbojaThis is the implementation:08:22
simbojaIt's weird that the execution does not seem to continue nor break if response == 204 which is confirmed on line 2108:25
simbojavery weird08:25
gthiemongesimboja: I would if the type of "response" is either a string or an integer08:42
simbojaShould I convert 'response' to integer and compare with 204?08:51
opendevreviewAde Lee proposed openstack/octavia master: DNM/WIP Add fips jobs

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