Saturday, 2021-08-28

sapd1_xhi johnsom , I installed octavia wallaby version.  I have an issue with health-manager, The amphora-agents are sending heartbeat via UDP/5555 to health-manager, But When I turn on debug I didn't see any packet. Then I tried to shutdown amphora instance, health-manager did not perform failover. 01:58
johnsomsapd1_x your lb-mgmt-net network in neutron isn’t working. That traffic stats won’t increment either02:00
johnsomCheck that it is passing traffic, security groups are correct, tcpdump the o-hm0 interfaces to see if they are getting the packets. Check that you have the correct IPs in your controller list in octavia.conf02:02
sapd1_xjohnsom: yeah. I tried to run tcpdump on o-hm0 interface with port 5555. I can see the packets.03:00
sapd1_xIt's very strange. 03:00
sapd1_xjohnsom: I solved the issue. 04:26

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