Thursday, 2021-11-18

opendevreviewwu.chunyang proposed openstack/octavia master: Fix update listener cret doesn't work
opendevreviewwu.chunyang proposed openstack/octavia master: Fix update listener certs doesn't work
gryfhi guys. did you see that error on gates:12:24
gryf> devstack@o-api.service[125975]: ERROR wsme.api [None req-66d6b790-0c8b-40bc-9370-2d9992e4a111 admin admin] Server-side error: "Could not find requested endpoint in Service Catalog.".12:24
gryfwhich makes octavia being not able to create loadbalancer12:26
gthiemongegryf: Hi13:09
gthiemongeI got it at
gryfdid you manage to fix that?13:14
gryfor at least know the cause of it?13:14
gryfgthiemonge, ^^13:15
gthiemongeit looks like it is the neutron endpoint doesn't work13:15
gryfit was working yesterday :)13:16
gthiemongethere are some "neutron-server[101515]: keystoneauth1.exceptions.auth_plugins.MissingAuthPlugin: An auth plugin is required to determine endpoint URL" exceptions in neutron logs13:18
gthiemongeI don't know if it is related13:18
gthiemongeI'm redeploying devstack, I'll verify it's also broken13:27
gryfI've already did it, it was fail at me :/14:21
gthiemongeyeah same here :/14:24
gthiemongeI'm looking at a recent devstack commit that changes the roles/users14:26
gryfgthiemonge, I'm now running devstack without latest rbac patch. let see.14:58
gryfsame thing :/15:37
redrobotHi friends!16:33
redrobotI was just about to ask for help on that octavia+barbican issue16:33
redrobotWe're seeing it on the Barbican gate also:
gthiemongeredrobot: hey, sorry about that16:40
gthiemongeredrobot: I'm trying to find the change that triggered this error16:40
johnsomFor those playing along at home, we found the change in devstack that removed the OS_AUTH_URL environment variable the octavia devstack plugin was using.17:34
opendevreviewGregory Thiemonge proposed openstack/octavia master: Fix service_auth.auth_url value in devstack
gthiemongeI haven't tested it locally yet17:48
gthiemongethat looks ok18:06
*** tkajinam is now known as Guest622018:30
johnsomYep, check jobs are passing, so this is good to go18:40
johnsomThanks Greg18:40
gryfgthiemonge, nice!19:02
opendevreviewGregory Thiemonge proposed openstack/octavia master: Mock log_opt_values in API tests & fix auth_url in devstack
gthiemonge^ all-in-one patch for the gates20:17

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