Friday, 2021-11-19

mnasiadkaHello there - any core happy to merge ?16:20
johnsommnasiadka The ovn provider is a neutron project. Octavia team does not have core on it. You need to ask in the #openstack-neutron channel.16:21
mnasiadkaThis says you do:,members16:22
johnsomHmm, well, we haven't used it....16:22
mnasiadkaBut I can go beg on #openstack-neutron :)16:22
mnasiadkaIt's only a docs change, customers are asking about some things, and I'm not happy pointing them to not-up-to-date list of limitations :)16:23
johnsomYeah, there are a lot of limitations with that driver. We try to track them here:
johnsomI don't think health monitoring even works yet in that driver, not sure though.16:24
johnsommnasiadka Interesting, do the health monitors actually work? Have you tried them?16:26
mnasiadkaYes, it's been introduced in
johnsomYeah, I saw that, but wasn't sure they actually worked or were tested16:28
johnsomHm, yeah, a recent run does show the tests ran and weren't skipped. Cool.16:29

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