Wednesday, 2022-09-07

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opendevreviewAndre Aranha proposed openstack/octavia stable/xena: Change FIPS jobs to centos-9-stream
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gthiemonge#startmeeting Octavia16:00
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QGhello !16:00
gthiemonge#topic Announcements16:01
gthiemonge** OpenStack Zed schedule16:01
gthiemongewe have passed the Feature Freeze for Zed!16:02
gthiemongewe have merged 3 important features in Octavia16:02
gthiemonge- Failover circuit breaker16:02
gthiemonge- Multi-VIP support16:02
gthiemonge- Notification support16:02
gthiemongeso, thanks for the hard work on these patches!16:03
gthiemongeI have proposed these 3 features as cycle highlights for Octavia Zed16:03
gthiemongeFYI I had to request a Feature Freeze Exception for the python-octaviaclient patch for multivip, it was merged in time, but the related releases patch was still opened16:04
gthiemongenow everything is fine16:05
oschwartGood to hear, it was a lot of work16:06
gthiemongeRC1 is next week, it should be our final release of Octavia Zed16:06
gthiemongeso we still have one week to review/merge bugfixes ;-)16:06
gthiemongeany questions? or other announcement I missed?16:07
gthiemonge#topic CI Status16:10
gthiemongeI need to double-check, but I saw multiple failures of the -tips jobs on stable/ussuri16:10
gthiemongeI will take a look later, or maybe someone can check what happened?16:11
gthiemonge#topic Brief progress reports / bugs needing review16:14
gthiemongeFYI the multi-vip patch introduces a regression with amphorav1 (which is now deprecated and should not be used in Zed), but anyways, I have proposed a fix for it:16:15
gthiemongejohnsom already gave me a +216:15
gthiemongeI need another core reviewer, maybe rm_work?16:15
johnsomYeah, recently I have just focused on reviews/work for the feature freeze.16:16
gthiemonge#topic Open Discussion16:21
gthiemongeany other topics?16:22
QGi've got a question about octavia persistence database, what type of deployment are you using ? Are you deploying it with the octavia database ?16:23
johnsomWhich persistence database?16:23
QGused to store tasks states16:24
gthiemongeit should not use the same DB16:24
gthiemonge(I guess the alembic migrations would fail)16:25
QGwe have deploy it on a separate Mariad DB cluster but it seems a little bit overkill so that why i was asking 16:26
gthiemongeah ok, in tripleo deployments, we use the same DB cluster as the octavia services16:27
johnsomI thought it was using redis16:27
gthiemongeit uses both16:27
QGyou must also have Redis but it is only for the assignment of tasks to the worker and their ttl16:28
QGthanks gthiemonge for the info, i will look in the tripleo deployments16:29
gthiemongeQG: don't hesitate to ping us in case of issues, and to give us some feedback about it ;-)16:30
QGgthiemonge: thanks i will have a look tomorrow and let you know 16:31
gthiemongeQG: my advice would be to wait for this patch:
gthiemongeor to cherry-pick it16:32
gthiemongeok folks, anything else? I think my dog wants to take a break16:34
oschwartNothing from me, enjoy with your dog!16:35
gthiemongethank you ;-)16:35
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