Monday, 2013-10-28

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kgriffs \014:11
kgriffs \o\14:11
kgriffs /o/14:12
* kgriffs is now fully stretched out14:12
alcabrerakgriffs: [$]14:12
kgriffsi'm reviewing teh patchez14:12
alcabreraI'm getting to them, as well. After a long weekend, I've forgotten the state of them. They might be pretty good now. :P14:13
alcabreraI heard flaper87 feels pretty good about the new storage interface changes. ;)14:13
flaper87goooooooooooooooooooooooooood morninnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggggg14:14
flaper87alcabrera: that's TRUE!14:14
alcabreraflaper87: morning!14:14
flaper87I wasn't expecting you guys so early but, you know, winter time is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!14:14
kgriffsalcabrera: this one is almost ready-
alcabreraI was hoping to be in a little earlier, tbh, but had a bit of a rough morning. :P14:16
kgriffsflaper87: pretty.14:16
kgriffsDid you dray that on your tablet or something?14:16
flaper87kgriffs: yup, iPad + Bamboo Paper14:17
kgriffsalcabrera: you need a pop-tart and a cup of hot chocolate14:17
* kgriffs needs that too14:17
alcabreraooohh, Marconi.pdf *clicks*14:17
kgriffsooh, nice14:17
kgriffsI am hoping to get an iPad for my b-day14:17
kgriffs(6 dec)14:17
* flaper87 writes that down!14:18
flaper87(The date)14:18
alcabreraoohh, Bamboos are nice. I got a Bamboo for my wife long ago. :)14:18
flaper87TBH, it's very nice!14:19
alcabreraI forget which one - likely the cheapest model, since I was on a college sa;ary at the time.14:19
kgriffsi ended up getting a monoprice drawing pad14:19
kgriffsgreat value14:19
flaper87I've both, the app and the pen. I like the pen but I'd also like a thiner one!14:19
alcabrerakgriffs: hot chocolate would be awesome, though I'm avoiding most grains (poptarts and more). :)14:19
*** malini_afk is now known as malini14:19
alcabreramalini: o/14:19
kgriffsalcabrera: a few nits on this, and it is good to go:
malinialcabrera: & a soft o/ as well ;)14:20
kgriffsit's taken a while to get our scaling story to this point, but I am feeling good about it now14:20
alcabrerakgriffs: I'll check it out. (50721) :)14:20
kgriffssometimes it just takes...time.14:20
flaper87I'm feeling very good about it too... I really enjoyed reviewing that last patchset14:21
kgriffselegant software takes more time in the short run, but pays dividends in the long run.14:21
* kgriffs is now reviewing
flaper87btw, I've said this before and I'll repeat it! I hate the fact that gerrit hides -1 under +2's14:22
flaper87I just noticed kgriffs last comment on the client patch14:22
kgriffsflaper87: +2 to that. ;)14:22
kgriffsso, when are we moving to phabricator again? :p14:23
alcabrerawhen we deploy it. :P14:23
* flaper87 drops something here:
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alcabreraflaper87, kgriffs: "Do not import more than one module per line" - `pypi hacking`14:27
alcabreraI found it. :P14:27
flaper87alcabrera: danke, sir! :D14:27
kgriffsI like how date of birth on Spotify allows you to select 201314:29
kgriffsmust be some really clever infants out there...14:29
flaper87BTW, written support for the previous paper:
openstackgerritAlejandro Cabrera proposed a change to openstack/marconi: feat: shards storage controller interface
alcabreraflaper87, kgriffs: there goes all that feedback, fully addressed.14:32
flaper87alcabrera: +114:32
openstackgerritAlejandro Cabrera proposed a change to openstack/marconi: feat: shards mongodb driver + tests
alcabrerakgriffs: 50815 rebased to reflect feedback in 5072114:42
kgriffsalcabrera: kk14:42
openstackgerritAlejandro Cabrera proposed a change to openstack/marconi: feat: integrate shard storage with transport
openstackgerritAlejandro Cabrera proposed a change to openstack/marconi: feat: integrate shard storage with transport
openstackgerritAlejandro Cabrera proposed a change to openstack/marconi: feat: shards storage controller interface
kgriffsadmin_mode is only applicable to the controldriver, isn't it?14:50
kgriffsi mean, the datadriver doesn't care about admin mode does it?14:50
alcabrerakgriffs: Hmm... I think I remove that in the final patch. Yeah, that shouldn't be there. Lemme double check.14:52
alcabrerakgriffs: (yup)14:52
zyuanalcabrera: shard listing need pagination? do we have that much shards?14:56
zyuanplus, if `options` is not planned yet, i think we'd better to exclude it first, for simplicification14:59
alcabrerazyuan: admittedly, I implemented pagination to practice with the concept. :)15:04
alcabreraWe don't really need it (yet), and I don't expect it to be necessary for some time.15:04
zyuani saw that. but that complicate management15:05
alcabreraI want to leave the notion of options in for now, since it becomes critical for assigning custom configurations to particular shards.15:05
zyuanif ops find his/her curl can not get all shards within 1 request15:06
zyuani suggest to exclude it because, is weight an option?15:06
zyuanwe need to think about it; the name "option" is too generic15:06
zyuanif we do have it, then i think it makes sense to include weight in options as well15:07
zyuanif we don't then, leave it outside15:07
alcabreraThat's part of the point of options - it could also be named configuration. Those are opague, since they are different for every type of storage backend. The only guarantee given is that options/config will be a dictionary.15:07
alcabreraweight is common to all storage drivers. That's why I don't include it in options.15:07
alcabrerarather, common to the sharding engine.15:07
kgriffsI would just add this:15:08
kgriffs"options" is meant to contain settings like "partitions" which are unique to a given driver15:08
kgriffsin that example, the redis driver would not know/understand "partitions"15:08
kgriffsbut the mongodb would15:08
kgriffsit is a way to expose the stuff you would normally put under [queues:drivers:storage:mongodb]15:09
kgriffsin the INI15:09
zyuani tent to keep the interface simplier, like shards do not know how each shard is being configured15:09
kgriffswhen sharding is enabled, those settings need to come from the catalog, not the INI15:10
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zyuanshards are deployed outside marconi, i don't see how a configuration can affect it15:10
* flaper87 just read the backlog15:10
kgriffsmax_attempts, max_retry_jitter, etc.15:10
kgriffs(other examples of things that would go in "options")15:11
kgriffseveryone, don't forgot our regular mtg coming up in 45 min.15:15
malinialcabrera: always returns the detailed information (i.e even when the url does not have ?detailed=True or has ?detailed=False).15:15
malinisame for list shards15:16
alcabreramalini: Thanks! I'll patch it up. It's likely I have a silly error.15:17
alcabrerakgriffs: thanks for the reminder!15:17
zyuan... i'm fine if it just has no `detailed` option and always return detailed...15:17
malinialcabrera: thx..I dont want to open a bug, since its still WIP - but let me know if you prefer to have one15:17
zyuansimple -- your user is curl users15:18
zyuanwe may not going to make a client for shards...15:18
openstackgerritAlejandro Cabrera proposed a change to openstack/marconi: feat: shards mongodb driver + tests
alcabrerakgriffs: feedback addressed regarding testing, and 'location -> uri'.15:19
alcabreramalini: since it isn't merged into mainline yet, and I plan to fix it soon, I think we go w/o a bug filed.15:20
alcabreramalini: definitely noted, though!15:20
malinithanks alcabrera!15:20
kgriffsalcabrera, flaper87: at some point we should write a library for doing stuff like this. Sort of like a light, fast WSME thingy.
kgriffs(sort of)15:24
kgriffsFWIW, I come from the node.js school of thought re modules - keep them small, focused, and have more of them. Let people mix and match.15:25
alcabrerakgriffs: +1 about keeping modules small. That's in line with the Python mantra, too.  :D15:26
alcabreraAlso, _normalize is repeated quite often. :P15:27
alcabreraSo definitely +1 for abstracting that pattern at some point.15:27
kgriffsalcabrera: yeah, similar to UNIX philosophy too15:27
alcabreraWe just have to keep a catalogue of such patterns.15:27
kgriffsi was just thinking it would be nice to have a lib with tools for serializing/deserializing stuff15:27
kgriffsbut more of a toolbox, less of a heavy ORM-like thing15:27
flaper87kgriffs: we already have time slots for our sessions, right?15:28
flaper87kgriffs: btw, +1 for the lib idea15:28
kgriffsflaper87: yes, our sessions are on sched15:29
kgriffsWe have a cute purple color15:30
* kgriffs has a new favorite URL shortner ^^^15:31
alcabreraooohh, sched!15:33
flaper87kgriffs: awesome, we should update
alcabreraMaaan, the summit is going to be awesome.15:33
flaper87alcabrera: we'll definitely miss you there, A LOT!15:34
flaper87man, I've so many things to do, I'm afraid I won't be able to code in the next few days15:34
alcabreraI'll tune in via livestream and what not, heh.15:34
kgriffsflaper87: +1 for the etherpads. It's been on my todo list for a while. Too much to do!15:35
flaper87kgriffs: I can help with that if you want15:35
kgriffsthat would be groovy15:35
flaper87cool, let me do that right away!15:35
flaper87fucking wiki, it never keeps the session15:35
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maliniI was looking at the summit sessions etherpad & they have a 'Horizontally scalable db backend'15:38
maliniSounds like shards!15:38
* kgriffs wished we had migrated to DokuWiki15:40
kgriffsis the change to encapsulating the list in an object pending?15:41
kgriffspending/noted somewhere?15:41
*** cpallares has joined #openstack-marconi15:41
kgriffsi.e., {[{...}, {}, ...]}15:41
alcabreraIt is pending. Lemme see if a bug has been filed for it.15:43
alcabrerakgriffs: yup,
alcabrerakgriffs: given that the other two patches priort to transport+storage integration on shards are still pending, I'm going to take care of that bug now.15:51
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alcabreramalini: I've added unit tests that capture the case of 'options' always appearing, regardless of detailed. It should be working once I upload the new patch set. :)15:52
kgriffswhile you are at it, can you say something about kwargs getting ignored?15:52
malinithx alcabrera! tht was fast :)15:52
alcabrerakgriffs: kwargs for update?15:53
* alcabrera lost context15:53
kgriffsjust a sec, let my publish these comments15:53
kgriffsminor nits15:55
kgriffs(as opposed to major nits.)15:55
zyuanalcabrera: 50998 need rebase...15:56
cpallaresflaper87: Does this look okay?
alcabrerazyuan: yup! It's almost ready. :)15:59
alcabrerakgriffs: thanks!15:59
alcabreraMeeting time. :D15:59
alcabrera(in 30 secs)15:59
alcabreracpallares: o/15:59
kgriffsbe back in a moment15:59
flaper87kgriffs: done:
flaper87I think we'll need to add the etherpad links to the sesisons as well15:59
flaper87not sure how to do that, though16:00
flaper87cpallares: HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!16:00
flaper87fuck, right, meeting is now at 17:00 my time16:00
* flaper87 slaps himself16:00
flaper87kgriffs: any chance we can organize an un-conference-sprint session ?16:01
flaper87like, quick hands on Marconi16:02
flaper87I wonder if there are folks that would be interested into doing so16:02
zyuankgriffs: openstack-meeting-alt ?16:03
alcabreraflaper87: +1 for that. I suspect it'd be awesome to show people how easy it is to get up and running with marconi.16:03
kgriffsyeah, cool16:03
maliniwe cud also have a http/curl cheat sheets for all our endpoints16:04
flaper87cpallares: I'll take a look in a bit, right after Marconi's meeting16:04
flaper87cpallares: want to join?16:04
flaper87cpallares: join #openstack-meeting-alt16:04
cpallaresflaper87: ok!16:05
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openstackgerritAlejandro Cabrera proposed a change to openstack/marconi: feat: integrate shard storage with transport
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malinizyuan: ping16:27
zyuanmalini: ?16:29
malininvm..wanted you in the other room16:29
alcabreraI'll update the agenda.17:10
flaper87way to go guys!17:10
alcabreraflaper87: can I get a blessing/review on... and it's children? :D17:11
kgriffsso, feel free to triage bugs and blueprints for a bit17:11
kgriffsbut I gotta run17:11
alcabrerakgriffs: o/17:11
kgriffswe can triage at 1600 UTC tomorrow along with discussing the v1.1 scope17:11
kgriffsmaybe we should just do that everyday. :p17:11
kgriffstriage time17:11
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flaper87alcabrera: +217:12
flaper87thanks a lot!17:12
alcabreranp. :)17:13
zyuanany urgent to discuss now?17:13
alcabreraLemme grab my desk lunch and I'll update those minutes.17:13
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: feat: shards storage controller interface
alcabreraooohh, merged while I was away - nice!17:15
kgriffsi am here after all17:16
kgriffsyou guys want to triage stuff now or wait until tomorrow?17:16
kgriffsmaybe we should wait so we can focus on sharding17:17
alcabreraI'm in favor of waiting on triage 'til tomorrow.17:17
kgriffsreal quick, are you still planning to refactor that patch or shall I review it as-is?17:18
alcabrerakgriffs: still planning on that refactor.17:20
alcabreraWith the storage API merged in, I was going to take care of it after lunch.17:20
kgriffsok, then I will hold off17:21
kgriffsMERGE....ALL THE THINGS!17:21
*** flaper87 is now known as flaper87|afk17:23
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: Update the Marconi readme with more detailed installation instructions
alcabrerabetter docs17:26
kgriffsok, I am going to go grab some munchieeees.17:26
*** kgriffs is now known as kgriffs_lunch17:26
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openstackgerritAlejandro Cabrera proposed a change to openstack/marconi: feat: add catalogue storage driver for queues
alcabrerakgriffs: just finished porting the thing. :P17:55
alcabrerarefactoring, etc.17:55
alcabreranow to grab a soda and take a breather.17:56
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openstackgerritAlejandro Cabrera proposed a change to openstack/marconi: feat: add catalogue storage driver for queues
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kgriffsguys, so my idea is to use a circuit on the back of the t-shirt20:27
*** malini is now known as malini_afk20:27
kgriffsand then maybe some writing or a radio tower on the front?20:27
kgriffssomewhere I'll put a #openstack-marconi on there or something?20:28
alcabreraIt'd be pretty cool to get the #openstack-marconi on there.20:29
kgriffswhite on black?20:36
kgriffsor h4x0r green on black?20:37
kgriffsor black on white?20:37
alcabrera+1 - it'd make the circuits stand out more.20:37
alcabreraLight on dark.20:37
alcabreraI don't know if green or white. hmm...20:37
alcabreraIt'd be crazy if the circuit *vaguely* resembled a strudel. :P20:39
* alcabrera is leaning green on black20:39
kgriffsbtw, any ideas on what to put on the front of the shirt?20:41
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*** openstackgerrit has joined #openstack-marconi20:41
alcabreraA symbol.20:45
alcabreraIf we could choose a simple symbol to represent Marconi, I'd want that on the front of the shirt.20:45
alcabreraI don't know what.20:45
alcabreraKind of like SwiftStack has this:
alcabreraor mongodb has:
zyuanswift's logo is pretty swift20:52
notmynamezyuan: the bird outline?20:52
zyuanand modern shape20:52
notmynameof, the swiftstack one20:52
notmynamethe swiftstack one (that you linked) is pretty cool. I like it a lot :-)21:03
alcabreranotmyname: agreed - it's a pretty one. :D21:04
alcabrerakgriffs is brainstorming what a marconi logo might look like.21:04
notmynamewe have in a few colors for swift itself21:05
alcabreraso - that's my 0.02 of research up above.21:05
alcabreraooohh, that's a pretty swift.21:05
notmynameeg I'm printing up these tshirts right now
alcabreraI like that one, too!21:05
mpanettaWhat about pics related to marconi?  Like the guy...?  Or radio icons? or something?21:05
notmynamethe swiftstack one is corporate, and the swift one is for the opensource project21:05
notmynameare you looking to do one yourself or are you looking to spend a little money on it?21:06
openstackgerritCindy Pallares proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Cleaned drivers in proxy and queues config files Closes Bug: 1231669
kgriffswe just need a quick one for the front of a marconi shirt to take to the summit21:07
kgriffs(rush order!)21:07
notmynameprinted here or printed in HK?21:08
kgriffsmmm. here, then shipped... do you know a printer in HK?21:08
kgriffsbecause... that would be awesome21:09
notmynameno, but I heard some people are doing that21:09
notmynamehow many shirts?21:09
notmynamethat's a lot of suitcase room :-)21:09
kgriffssolum guys are in the same boat21:09
kgriffstrying to figure out how to print some shirts and get them to HK in a hurry. :p21:10
kgriffsmaybe printing there would work21:10
*** asalkeld_zzz is now known as asalkeld21:14
notmynamethat's tesla's wardenclyffe tower right?21:14
notmyname(not sure about spelling there)21:14
alcabreranotmyname: you nailed it - (spelling and all)21:15
mpanettaUh, madonna flashbacks?21:15
mpanettaThat is a very busy pic for being black and white heh21:16
mpanettaOr maybe my eyes are just overwhelmed today :P21:16
alcabrerampanetta: rfc 1808 will do that to you. :P21:16
mpanetta Wow...  Big a** tape deck21:18
notmynamempanetta: that's 4 MB of storage!!!21:19
mpanettaWow there are some really beautiful antique radios that show up in an image search for marconi...21:20
mpanettaHeh, and advert:
alcabreralol advert...21:24
mpanettaMarconi, sets a new high in queue speed!21:24
mpanettaOr somewuch...21:24
mpanetta... somesuch21:24
mpanettaOk... I have definitely hit the end of *that* image search...21:25
mpanettaDoes google just start to throw in pics of random women when it can't find anything else that matches your search term? heh21:26
alcabreraI'm heading out guys.21:31
alcabreraGood luck making awesome shirts. I'll see you tomorrow. :D21:31
*** alcabrera has quit IRC21:32
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openstackgerritZhihao Yuan proposed a change to openstack/marconi: feat(logging): format msg when log level met
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