Friday, 2013-12-20

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openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/python-marconiclient: Add `deserialized_content` to the response
openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/python-marconiclient: Add a Client 'instantiator'
openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/python-marconiclient: Add a base test class for the queues package
openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/python-marconiclient: Move request_and_transport to the Client
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openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/python-marconiclient: Add a Message resource and a MessageIterator
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alcabreraGood morning!14:42
alcabreraflaper87: Message Iterator support - I've been looking forward to this. :D14:42
flaper87alcabrera: hellooooooooooooooooooooooooo14:42
flaper87alcabrera: :D14:42
flaper87I've been meaning to complete tests and stuff for it14:42
flaper87I implemented it like 2 weeks ago but I went lazy with the tests part14:43
alcabrerait's done now!14:43
flaper87alcabrera: btw, do you think we can do a client review+code sprint today?14:43
alcabrerasure thing14:44
alcabreraI'm all for it14:44
flaper87I'd like to get all these patches in today14:44
alcabreraEspecially since....14:44
alcabreraI'm out all of next week.14:44
flaper87that means, you ain't going anywhere today until those patches are merged14:44
alcabreraSo you'll either get my +2 on a thing today or a series of detailed comments that would lead to my ninja-consent for the coming week if resolved.14:44
flaper87lets stick with the +2 part, thank you.14:45
flaper87I mean, it's for your own good.14:45
alcabreraI'll try. ;D14:45
* alcabrera does not fear for his good - it's all for the *greater good*14:45
flaper87awesome, I'm down to address all your comments asap14:45
alcabrera <14:46
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* flaper87 stares at alcabrera's nick while he reviews the client patches14:55
alcabreraflaper87: ;)15:04
alcabrerampanetta: good morning!15:04
mpanettamorning!  How goes?15:05
flaper87alcabrera: mpanetta what do you guys think? ^^^^15:06
* flaper87 eats Turrón... om nom nom15:07
mpanettaOnly problem with that is then the west coast won't have such a nice climate anymore :P15:08
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mpanettamornin malini15:09
malinigood morning!!15:09
alcabreraflaper87: ooohh, turrón... :D15:10
alcabreraflaper87: it's been a long time since I've had some. My father would bring some home every week during the holidays. Honey almond was my favorite, though the almond paste one came close.15:10
alcabrerampanetta: great! I'm absorbed by category theory today.  :D15:11
flaper87alcabrera: I love turrón... :D And yes, the almond is my favorite too :D15:12
flaper87malini: goood morning15:12
flaper87mpanetta: but that doesn't affect you, you already have a crapy, cough cough cough, weather. Right? :D15:13
mpanettaPretty much :P15:13
maliniflaper87: good afternnon!!15:14
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flaper87alcabrera: :( :( :( patches patches patches :D15:53
mpanettaflaper87: are you feeling a bit patchy?15:53
flaper87mpanetta: a bit over-patched, I'd say15:53
mpanettaSounds painful :P15:54
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mpanettaI just wanted to say, you guys rock. :)16:05
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* flaper87 blushes16:05
alcabreraflaper87: I'll get to the patches in exactly 1 hour. :)16:06
alcabreranoon EST16:06
flaper87alcabrera: you promissed it, don't break my heart :(16:06
alcabreraI keep my promises, flaper87. The phone alarm will keep me honest. :)16:06
mpanettaIf he does I will take his rocks status away :P16:07
alcabrerampanetta is also helping me keep that promise!16:07
flaper87mpanetta: lool16:07
mpanettahopefully I will still be awake at noon, I need a nap :P16:07
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alcabreraturn the page to keep things fresh16:32
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maliniI just submitted the tempest patch
malininow starts the review game :)16:36
flaper87nooooooooooooo wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy16:38
maliniI am pretty excited :)16:39
malinithis patch add the basic stuff in place & has just a create queue test16:39
flaper87malini: does the devstack thing work as expected?16:39
maliniBut once this goes thru, the rest will be a breeze16:39
maliniflaper87: I just had to make the changes we talked abt the otherday16:40
maliniI had a patch merged to fix it & everything worked like a charm16:40
alcabreramalini: awesome!16:40
flaper87malini: awesome, thousands of millions of billions of trillions of thanks16:42
maliniflaper87: It was actually fun :)16:43
maliniI had no clue how to start on this one & enjoyed figuring it out16:43
maliniI got to play with devstack too :)16:44
maliniNow if only I can get devstack running in my macbook pro !16:44
maliniIt doesnt seem to like it in MBP16:44
flaper87malini: that's easy16:45
flaper87malini: you just have to make your MBP run out of the window16:45
flaper87then you get a linux box16:45
flaper87and you're done16:45
maliniflaper87: :D16:46
* flaper87 is an OSX lover, TBH16:46
maliniit kept whining abt something which I was too impatient to figure out16:46
maliniI ended up running it in Ubuntu16:46
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kgriffsflaper87: the entire ddt issue is another data point wrt the discussion around oslo's role in openstack16:51
kgriffsoslo/requirements - but I see them related16:51
flaper87kgriffs: right16:52
kgriffsyou would think they would be happy to consider a new, useful library rather than pushing back on us and saying we should write it from scratch as part of a different module16:53
kgriffsthat *is* reinventing the wheel16:53
kgriffs(oh, the irony)16:53
* kgriffs is done16:53
kgriffsflaper87: did paulmo ping you already wrt logging?16:54
flaper87kgriffs: no, he hasn't16:54
flaper87mmh, I'm not in #solum16:54
kgriffsspeaking of which, I *hate* the term "reinventing the wheel". It is a falacious argument16:55
kgriffscase in point:
flaper87hahahhahaha, hahahah, hahahah16:55
flaper87ok, now I'm seriously ROFL16:55
flaper87kgriffs: d00d, you gotta tweet that16:56
mpanettanice one kgriffs16:56
alcabrerapython laughs in the face of wheels16:57
kgriffssrsly. Can you imagine if we had stopped with this design?
alcabreraflaper87: it's noon. I'm going to knock out some patches. :)17:00
flaper87kgriffs: what's wrong with that? It legacy and it works17:00
* flaper87 hides17:01
flaper87alcabrera: w0000t17:01
flaper87kgriffs: you too, pls! I'm hoping to land those client patches17:01
flaper87kgriffs: these ones:,n,z17:01
kgriffsI don't think we need any more patches17:02
kgriffswhat we have already is good enough17:02
flaper87lets monkey patch it17:02
alcabreraI've got one patch in /marconi to tackle (HTTP logging), then I'm going to party hard on python-marconiclient17:03
cpallaresalcabrera, you should review this forgotten one
alcabreraI'll do that, too.17:12
alcabreraflaper87, kgriffs: thought - should queue/stats be an admin endpoint?17:12
alcabreraIf so, are there stats we might want to expose to users via queue/stats, and perhaps have a separate queues/admin/stats?17:12
flaper87alcabrera: you talking about the client or the server schema >?17:13
alcabreraserver schema17:13
flaper87I think stats is admin17:13
alcabreraThis question came up during a discussion at Rackspace, since queue/stats is being used by to display some metrics to users.17:14
alcabreraI was originally "Yes, definitely admin", but now I'm less sure.17:14
alcabreraflaper87, cpallares: +2 on the HTTP schema patch17:15
cpallares\o/ yay17:15
alcabreraI just want to bring up the topic for discussion (at some point), but the patch looks great, so there's no reason to keep it sitting around. :)17:15
alcabreraIt adds a lot of opportunity for benefit.17:16
alcabreraAnd we can always come back and tweak it later if we decide to add/remove admin priviliges on endpoints.17:16
cpallaressounds good to me17:18
flaper87alcabrera: agreed. the API layer it's still on its really really early stages17:18
flaper87so, lets circle back on that later17:19
alcabreraflaper87: +2 for the deserialize content patch and the 'move get transport to client' patches17:19
alcabreraworking on the Message iter patch now. :)17:20
flaper87alcabrera: w0000t17:23
flaper87kgriffs: could you go through the client patches?17:23
cpallaresalcabrera, user-driven events are like adding queues or claiming them?17:25
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alcabreracpallares: user-driven events include everything that can be done through the API, like 'create_queue', 'delete_queue', 'list_messages', etc.17:26
alcabreraso... hmm..17:26
alcabreraOI think I made a poor distinction in part of that comment.17:26
alcabreraI think .warn and .exception should be reserved for errors that an operator should know about.17:26
alcabreraAt one point, we were spitting .exception to stdout/logfile every time we got an invalid JSON event. That was messy. :)17:27
openstackgerritCindy Pallares proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Added logging to HTTP errors
alcabreracpallares: fast! +217:34
cpallaresalcabrera: :D17:34
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alcabreracpallares: I'm surprised the DRY logging patch fails:
alcabreraI'm looking into it now.17:39
alcabreraI like the idea, and I'd be close to +2-ing it, but I want to figure out what is driving jenkins crazy17:39
cpallaresalcabrera, thanks! that's what i was trying to figure out right now17:40
alcabreraI'm going to re-run the tests to make sure it isn't something weird.17:42
alcabreraI can't find anything in the patch itself that would obviously cause the error17:43
alcabrerawhile jenkins does that, I'm going to go prep my lunch. Be back in 5. :)17:43
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: Added logging to HTTP errors
flaper87alcabrera: thanks a lot for your reviews17:43
alcabreraBack - let's see if jenkins has caught up. :D17:47
alcabreracpallares: no problem! Thanks for your patches, and for helping keep #marconi lively. :)17:47
cpallaresalcabrera, awww17:48
* cpallares blushes17:48
flaper87flaper87 <3 Marconi17:51
* alcabrera takes a twitter break during lunch17:56
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alcabreraflaper87: thanks for sharing -!qlUyT18:11
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alcabrera#2 is the best advice I've seen in a long time18:11
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alcabreracpallares: so jenkins gave his verdict. Something about that patch is causing the test failures. :/18:25
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alcabreraI'm not sure what the cause it, but my best guess at the moment is that with the change that came with the Exception hierarchy, some exception(s) some where isn't being caught.18:29
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cpallaresalcabrera, mmmm... I'm not sure I follow.18:32
cpallaresthere was a change with the exceptions?18:33
cpallaresexception hierarchy?18:33
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alcabrerayup. Previously, all Marconi exceptions inherited from Exception. Now they inherit from ExceptionBase as a result of your patch.18:38
alcabreracpallares: ^18:39
cpallaresah okay yeah i see18:48
cpallaresi was going through the files that use the errors18:48
cpallaresthat was my strategy so far :P18:48
cpallaresmmm well import the errors18:49
cpallaresalcabrera, but since they're inheriting  from Exception shouldn't it work?18:57
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alcabreracpallares: lemme double check with a small example. I expect that it should.19:03
alcabreracpallares: yeah, 'except Exception' definitely catches everything that inherits from Exception.19:05
alcabreraSo the error is still a mystery to me.19:06
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alcabreraHeading out for the night (and the rest of next week!).21:52
alcabreracpallares, flaper87|afk, *: enjoy the holidays! :)21:53
mpanettahave a good vacation alcabrera21:53
alcabrerampanetta: totally will do. You, too! :D21:53
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