Monday, 2014-01-13

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balajiiyerGood morning14:55
maliniGood Morning!14:57
* flaper87 just had tons of gummy bears14:58
* flaper87 is happy14:58
balajiiyerflaper87: too much coffee?14:58
flaper87coffee is never enough15:00
flaper87not for me15:00
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alcabreraGood morning! :D16:07
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cpallaresgood morning alcabrera!16:38
alcabreracpallares: hey! How are you? :)16:39
cpallaresalcabrera: I had a rough weekend. My hard drive crashed and I didn't back it up :( How are you doing? How was your weekend?16:40
balajiiyercpallares: Sorry to hear that.16:40
alcabreraYikes, sorry to hear it. Restoring a system is quite the time sink. :x16:41
alcabreraI'm doing great today. The weekend was full of reading and writing, so I feel all energized today.16:41
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cpallaresalcabrera: Yeah, it was too time consuming and that sounds like a good weekend, any good reads?16:43
cpallareshello balajiiyer, how are you?16:43
alcabrerayep! I finished reading Real World Haskell (again). It was much easier to absorb this time around.16:44
alcabreracpallares: ^16:44
balajiiyercpallares: doing good today16:45
alcabrerabe back later. Out for lunch. :)16:53
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flaper87damn, what a day................17:03
* flaper87 is still happy17:04
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flaper87alcabrera|afk: kgriffs could you guys help me debug this?
flaper87I mean, are you seeing the same failure ?17:22
flaper87kgriffs: <- this one is really simple to review17:22
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moijes12which is the room for openstack-tempest ?17:35
flaper87moijes12: try #openstack-tempest or #tempest17:36
flaper87not sure which one17:36
malinimoijes12: its #openstack-qa17:44
maliniI dont think there is a separate channel for tempest17:44
moijes12malini: ok. thanks17:44
malinimoijes12: yw17:45
flaper87malini: see, that's why you rock!17:47
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maliniflaper87: :D17:57
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kgriffsflaper87: I am running tox on your testr patch now17:59
kgriffsI'll let you know what I find out17:59
kgriffsgoing to lunch now...17:59
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alcabreraflaper87: I'll try to debug that. It could be a pypy version thing. I'll be running mine against pypy-2.2.119:51
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kgriffsi'm having trouble getting virtualenv and pypy to play nice on my box lately20:08
kgriffsonce I fix that, I can help as well20:08
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alcabreraIt's Babel failing to download/install for some reason.20:10
flaper87alcabrera: thanks20:10
flaper87I'm doing a test myself too20:10
flaper87I got everything set up again20:10
flaper87since my f19->f20 migration, I hadn't used pypy20:11
alcabreraI can't even get Babel to install using pip outside of tox. :/20:12
alcabreraWith pypy, that is.20:12
kgriffsok, so I reinstalled latest version of pypy and virtualenv20:13
kgriffsnow I am actually getting into tests20:13
kgriffsalcabrera, flaper87: ^^^20:13
kgriffsthat's my output from tox -e pypy20:14
kgriffs(if you couldn't tell)20:14
alcabrerathat's better than mine.20:15
alcabreraMy pypy fails to install any new package.20:15
alcabreraConnectionError: HTTPSConnectionPool(host='', port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: /packages/2.7/r/requests/requests-2.2.0-py2.py3-none-any.whl (Caused by <class '_socket.error'>: [Errno 9] Bad file descriptor)20:15
alcabreraI likely need to patch that pypy-pip.20:15
alcabreraThere, I fixed my silly issue.20:19
alcabreraI was using pypy-2.1 for pip installs, even though pypy-2.2.1 was first on my path.20:19
alcabrerakgriffs: that error makes me think that pypy internally already differentiates between unicode and str, even in the 2.x series.20:21
alcabreraI got the same error after re-tox-ing.20:21
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alcabreraGetting close - the tests pass and now I'm running into 'No module named gdbm'20:42
alcabrerakgriffs, flaper87: ^20:42
alcabreraI just used six.text_type conversions to make the tests pass.20:42
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flaper87mmh, wait20:45
flaper87did you get the same error in that review?20:45
kgriffsfigured it out20:45
kgriffsno, I did not get the same error20:45
flaper87or it's just a different error that you're suddenly getting20:45
flaper87oh, ok20:45
flaper87I wonder what introduced that error20:45
kgriffsI think the jenkins error may be a symptom of the real error20:46
kgriffsflaper87: I figured it out20:46
flaper87kgriffs: shoot20:46
kgriffsso, those tests relied on a side effect of json.dumps20:46
kgriffsin py27 if the object being serialized contained any unicode strings, then the result would be unicode20:46
kgriffs(with ensure_ascii=False)20:46
kgriffsin pypy this is no longer the case20:47
kgriffsit seems that the result with be a str if no chars had to be converted20:47
alcabreracool, gtk.20:47
kgriffsI just verified with ipython, fwiw20:47
kgriffsso, if I cast the result of json.dumps then those errors go away20:48
kgriffscast to six.text_type20:48
kgriffss/cast/coerce :p20:48
* kgriffs still thinks in terms of C on occasion20:48
kgriffsis there something besides io.StringIO we can use, or should we just convert or what?20:49
kgriffsthing is, if we use bytesio or something, then we have to normalize to bytearray/str20:50
kgriffsmaybe we have a helper json.dumps20:50
kgriffsthat always returns six.text_type?20:50
alcabreraHmm, bytes might be the way to go.20:51
alcabreraConsidering that if we're communicating over the network, we should be sending bytes anyway.20:51
flaper87mmh, I'd like to keep everything in undicode within marconi20:51
flaper87to avoid weird erros, not necessary encoding process etc20:52
kgriffsso, filter_stream uses read_json(stream, len)20:52
kgriffswhich does this:20:52
kgriffsreturn json.loads(, parse_int=_json_int)20:52
kgriffsseems that we are assuming a byte stream given by the WSGI server20:53
kgriffsI'm pretty sure WSGI apps are supposed to assume binary because the body may not be text, after all20:55
kgriffsso, if we are trying to simulate a WSGI input stream (wsgi.input) we should be constructing a binary stream20:56
kgriffs"An input stream (file-like object) from which the HTTP request body bytes can be read"20:56
kgriffs(from PEP 3333)20:56
alcabreraas per pep 3333, we should be importing/exporting binary at the boundary.20:57
alcabreraInternally, it's a little trickier. Exception construction and/or 4xx/5xx level returns are the trickiest part, IMO.20:58
flaper87mmh, interesting20:59
flaper87IIRC, there's a way to get the unicode body out of the request21:00
flaper87ah no, that's for responses21:00
flaper87not requests21:00
alcabreraflaper87: fancy - llvm intrinsics. :D21:01
kgriffsA true test will be using a byte stream, not a text stream21:01
kgriffstrue as in - closest to how that filter stream method is used in production with a real WSGI box21:02
kgriffsso, I propose a helper testing util21:02
kgriffsthat serializes a dict or array to io.BytesIO21:03
kgriffsor something along those lines, anyway21:03
* kgriffs sits down21:03
alcabrerasounds reasonable to me. I'm +1 for bytes-based testing.21:06
flaper87kgriffs: thanks for digging into that. I had a busy crazy day today and I didn't have time21:09
kgriffswell, that should give you some ideas for where you want to go next21:10
flaper87but it's a scary bug, that sound's like will block all our future patches21:10
alcabreraI'm out for the day. We21:10
alcabreraLet's clear out that bug asap.21:11
alcabreraCheers, everyone. Have a good night!21:11
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