Tuesday, 2014-01-14

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openstackgerritDirk Mueller proposed a change to openstack/python-marconiclient: Let Hacking choose the right dependencies on its own  https://review.openstack.org/6652609:39
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balajiiyerMorning, Im offsite today, and will not be online for most of the time14:25
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alcabreraGood morning!14:42
sebasmagriMorning folks...14:42
flaper87alcabrera: sebasmagri gooooood morning!14:42
sebasmagriflaper87: Hey! How are you?14:43
sebasmagriare you guys going to meet today?14:43
flaper87sebasmagri: I'm doing weel, doooooing well!14:43
flaper87Yes, sir!14:43
flaper8716:00 UTC14:43
sebasmagriOk, I need to update my reminders then... ;D14:43
flaper87sebasmagri: btw, did I tell you the client a01 was released on pypi ?14:43
sebasmagriflaper87: no you did't, but cool to know anyway!14:44
flaper87erm sorry14:44
flaper8716 my time14:44
alcabreraIn 15 minutes. :)14:44
flaper87alcabrera: that was easier14:44
alcabreraI'm going to grab some breakfast, then head back to my desk in preparation for this meeting.14:45
flaper87alcabrera: you've 13min to do all that14:46
flaper87alcabrera: tic toc tic toc14:46
cpallaresflaper87: which channel is the meeting at?14:48
flaper87cpallares: meeting-alt14:48
cpallaresah thanks14:48
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alcabreraflaper87: heh, made it back in time. It's lovely that the fridge is only 10 steps away. :D14:52
alcabreracpallares: o/14:52
cpallaresalcabreara: \o14:52
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* flaper87 wonders where kgriffs_afk is14:59
flaper87ykaplan: want to join openstack-marconi-alt ?15:01
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amitgandhianyone see the note on the openstack-dev mailing list regarding notifications15:15
amitgandhiby Greg Hill15:15
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alcabreraflaper87: see you later! :D15:56
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flaper87kgriffs: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/65708/17:53
flaper87pls, it's very simple review17:53
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: Remove __MARCONI_SETUP__  https://review.openstack.org/6570818:19
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flaper87kgriffs: thanks18:51
flaper87sebasmagri: dude, you missed the meeting :D18:52
sebasmagriflaper87: I was reading... But I was attending some work tasks at the same time... :)18:52
flaper87sebasmagri: oh ok! I shouldn't have made any assumption :D18:53
flaper87sebasmagri: awesome, thanks for being around18:53
flaper87sebasmagri: btw, any progress in the client thing ?18:53
sebasmagriflaper87: sort of... I'm gonna try to send the first batch for review tonight or tomorrow...18:54
flaper87sebasmagri: awesome, no preassure, I just want to make sure you're not blocked by anything18:54
sebasmagriflaper87: I will tell you if I am, be sure... :D18:55
alcabrerasebasmagri: thanks for your help! I'll review them along with flaper87 soon after your patches land. :)18:59
sebasmagrialcabrera: thanks! :-)18:59
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flaper87sebasmagri: awesome, thanks buddy18:59
alcabreraout for a meeting, brb.19:00
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flaper87kgriffs: what happened with the project review?21:26
flaper87they never called21:26
kgriffsprobably good anyway, since I got my time zone messed up21:26
kgriffsi have a recurring mtg on my calendar from last year, but didn't realize the TZ on it was CST instead of UTC21:29
kgriffswe have 7 days to get all that i-2 stuff DONE21:30
kgriffsi-2 release is the tuesday before the milestone date21:30
flaper87kgriffs: yo yo, #openstack-meeting21:39
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