Tuesday, 2014-01-28

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flwangflaper87: ping08:20
flwangflaper87: I'm reading this https://bugs.launchpad.net/marconi/+bug/124292608:20
flwangflaper87: given it only happens randomly in pypy, so i'm trying to recreate it in my local env08:21
flwangflaper87: however, when I run 'sudo tox -e pypy', I got a lot of errors08:21
flaper87flwang: yeah08:22
flaper87what OS are you using?08:22
flaper87I'm not going to say I'm happy to hear that...08:22
flaper87so, re-creating in ubuntu is the best thing you can do. The gate uses ubuntu08:22
flaper87ubuntu-precise would be more "precise" :P08:23
flaper87anyway, enough bad joks08:23
flaper87what errors are you getting?08:23
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flwangwait a min08:24
flwangmany the Cursor issues08:25
flaper87what version are you using ?08:26
flaper87pypy 2.1 ?08:26
flaper87and yoy're using pypy not pypy3 right ?08:26
flwangflwang@flwang-ThinkPad-X230:~/MyWorkSpace/workspace_community/marconi$ pypy --version08:27
flwangPython 2.7.2 (1.9+dfsg-1, Jun 19 2012, 23:45:31)08:27
flwang[PyPy 1.9.0 with GCC 4.7.0]08:27
flaper87I like the fact that you've a workspace_community dir08:27
flwanghaha, since I have a workspace for IBM internal version :D08:28
flwangI mean another workspace08:28
flaper87TBH, that's a new one. I hadn't seen that error before08:29
flaper87I can imagine why it is happening08:30
flaper87but mmh08:30
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flwangflaper87: can it be recreated in your env?08:34
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flaper87flwang: mmh nope :(08:35
flaper87I did get it working the other day08:35
flaper87and all tests just passed08:35
flwangwhat's your pypy version?08:35
flaper87oh you're using 1.908:35
flaper87that's old08:35
flaper87you need pypy >=2.108:35
flaper87there's a ppa repo you can use08:36
flaper87flwang: https://launchpad.net/~pypy/+archive/ppa08:36
flaper87I just noticed it08:36
flwangflaper87: ok, let me try08:37
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alcabreraGood morning!14:38
flaper87alcabrera: cpallares hey :)14:38
flaper87damn, you were faster14:38
flaper87alcabrera: hey, I have to head to the office now so I'll probably be late for the meeting14:38
cpallareshaha hey guys! good morning!14:38
flaper87feel free to start w/o me14:38
flaper87Python Meetup tonight!14:39
* flaper87 that's the only reason I'd go to the office.14:39
flaper87don't get me wrong, our office is AWESOME14:39
flaper87it's just that my house is even more AWESOME!14:39
alcabreraflaper87: hahaha, alright. :)14:42
alcabreraand about the house - totally agreed. ;)14:42
cpallareshow are you doing alcabrera? :)14:45
alcabreraI'm doing great, cpallares!14:46
alcabreraHow about you? How go things? Keeping warm, I hope? :)14:47
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cpallaresalcabrera: haha yeah I'm trying to. I feel like it's so cold here!14:48
* cpallares doesn't like the cold14:48
alcabreraI'm fond of the cold, but not at all of iced roads. :P14:49
alcabreraTherefore. I decided to work from home today, where I can have the best of both worlds by stepping aside for a refreshing winter breeze.14:49
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cpallaresalcabrera: ah that's nice :) is it snowing over there or is it just icy?14:51
alcabreraNo snow, just maybe-icy. There's a winter warning out, so things are supposed to get icy at some point in the day, cpallares.14:52
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alcabreraMeeting in 3 minutes over at #openstack-meeting-alt. :)14:57
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alcabreranew bp: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/marconi/+spec/heat-marconi-shard-template15:24
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kgriffsflwang: ping16:01
kgriffsbalajiiyer: ping16:01
flwangkgriffs: i'm here16:01
kgriffsbalajiiyer, can you help flwang spec out some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to return in the v1.1 health endpoint?16:02
kgriffsflwang: balajiiyer sits next to several sys admins / devops guys16:02
flwangkgriffs: cool16:02
flwangbalajiiyer: thanks in advance16:02
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kgriffsbalajiiyer: ping16:04
flwangkgriffs: based on my understanding, we will add a new endpoint named as /ping which doing the similar thing like current /health16:05
flwangand then extend current /health to provide more KPI, correct?16:05
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kgriffsflwang - pretty much16:06
kgriffsbasically, just leave everything as-is for api v1.116:06
kgriffsi mean16:06
kgriffswe need to clone everything for v1.116:06
kgriffsand then start making changes16:07
kgriffs1. rename current /health route to /ping16:07
kgriffs2. add a new /health route that will return PKI and you must have the admin role to access (policy is handled in middleware by the operator, so you don't need to worry about that for now)16:07
kgriffswe also need to make the new /ping route only accessible when you have x-forwarded-for16:08
kgriffsalcabrera should be able to help with that last bit16:08
kgriffsanyway, I will get balaji to meet with his guys and spec out some basic PKIs for you16:08
kgriffsand then soon, we will need to do a patch that all it does is set up the plumbing for v1.1, which in the first patch will be a clone of v1.016:09
kgriffsok, I gotta run16:09
kgriffsthanks, and I'll chat with you later16:09
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flaper87I missed the whole meeting16:12
kgriffsIt's OK. We still love you.16:13
kgriffsI gotta run for a bit. bbl16:13
flaper87kgriffs: ha!!16:13
flaper87we'll still love you16:13
flaper87there's one thing I have in the office that I don't have at home16:14
flaper87free food, drinks and candies16:14
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flwangflaper87: kgriffs: may i get your attention on this https://review.openstack.org/#/c/66787/ ?16:22
flwangkgriffs: so the /ping is no auth, given the bug, and /health needs admin permission,  right?16:22
balajiiyer*catches up*16:23
balajiiyerflwang:  sure, I can help you get KPIs. my main ops guys is out this week, but I have someone else I can talk to.16:25
flwangbalajiiyer: cool16:25
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flwangbalajiiyer: I think 3-5 is ok for the 1st stage, is it? kgriffs?16:26
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balajiiyerflwang: can you send me the link to the bp?16:27
flwangsure, wait a min16:28
flwangbalajiiyer: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/marconi/+spec/detailed-health16:28
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balajiiyerflwang:  thanks! what is this 3-5 you are referring to?16:29
flwangbalajiiyer: i mean 3 or 5 KPI16:30
balajiiyergot it. I will let kgriffs answer that. IMO, should be ok.16:31
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balajiiyerflwang:  Based on our dicussion sometime ago regarding KPIs, here are the important ones16:36
balajiiyer1) CPU utilization16:36
balajiiyer2) # of active shards16:36
balajiiyer3) # of queues/shard16:36
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balajiiyer4) response time / reqs/sec16:37
flwang# means number/quantity?16:38
balajiiyeryeah, 'number of active shards'16:39
flwangbalajiiyer: cool, thanks16:40
balajiiyerflwang: Those four are important metrics, you could start with those for stage 116:40
balajiiyerIm sure there are more, lets handle those in near future16:40
flwangbalajiiyer: yep, 1) CPU util means the CPU util of marconi server, is it?16:40
flwangdo we support multi server now?16:41
balajiiyermpanetta: ^^16:42
mpanettawhat do you mean by multi server?16:42
mpanettaDo you mean multiple databases?16:43
mpanettaOr multiple marconi web heads?16:43
balajiiyerI dont think you can have multiple marconi instances on a server. However, Multiple marconi webheads are supported via a LB.16:44
mpanettaAnd you can have multiple marconi instances on a server.16:45
mpanettaWe do that with uwsgi, technically every vassal is a marconi instance16:45
alcabreraflwang: marconi supports multiple shards (storage endpoints). as balajiiyer said, the marconi server logic supports multiple WSGI server instances out of the box, since the application is mostly stateless.16:45
alcabreraso, yes on both counts16:45
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balajiiyeralcabrera: I think i said it wrong. Multiple marconi instances can run on a box, right?16:47
alcabrerabalajiiyer: that's correct. :)16:48
alcabreraa marconi instance == a marconi-server process16:49
flwangbalajiiyer: so as for the cpu util, what kind of server we're talking about?16:51
balajiiyerflwang: cpu utilization of the underlying linux / windows / freebsd server where marconi is running.16:54
flwangso it sounds like the the wsgi server marconi is running on, is it? or the webheads?16:56
flwangsorry for those stupid questions16:56
alcabreraflwang: I'd say the CPU utilization of the reporting marconi process. So if you were to launch 'marconi-server' -> <MarconiServer pid:12123>, I'd like to know the CPU utilization of that instance. Whatd o you think, balajiiyer, mpanetta?16:57
mpanettaThat sounds good to me.16:58
balajiiyeralcabrera:  Agreed.16:58
alcabreraAlso, for the sake of capturing this information, it's good to know that psutil is already part of openstack/global-requirements, flwang: https://github.com/openstack/requirements/blob/master/global-requirements.txt#L5716:58
alcabreraflwang: and they're not stupid questions at all! All the better to get things clarified early on. :D16:59
flwangalcabrera: thx17:02
alcabreranp. :)17:03
balajiiyermpanetta: do you see value in getting the cpu stats for the underlying server? (webhead)17:03
flwangbalajiiyer: as for 4) response time / reqs/sec, can you clarify? thx17:03
mpanettabalajiiyer: I can for us, not 100% sure we want to expose that to an end user though.17:04
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balajiiyermpanetta: ok17:05
flwangmpanetta: it's an admin api17:05
mpanettaOk cool17:06
flwangi'm going to drop, see you guys17:08
balajiiyerflwang:  I need to think about how to measure response times, reqs/sec, will get back to you in a few.17:09
flwangsure, thx17:09
balajiiyerping me tomorrow when you get a chance17:09
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cpallareshey alcabrera, how do you test just one thing using tox?18:39
alcabreracpallares: hey!18:45
alcabreraTo test just the one thing...18:45
* cpallares needs to write this down on a sticky note18:46
alcabreratox -e <env> -- tests.unit.queues.storage.test_impl_mongodb:ClassName.method_name18:46
alcabrerait's roughly like that18:46
alcabreracpallares: :)18:46
* alcabrera gives cpallares some sticky notes - all of the colors for added awesome18:47
cpallareshaha that'd be great because I am fast running out of sticky notes18:47
alcabreraI have like 300 in my office that I haven't used lately. I used to like collecting them. :P18:49
alcabreraThey're quick and they stand out - great for quick ideas/notes!18:50
cpallaresYeah I used to like doing that to put sticky notes on books, but now I just write in them.18:52
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cpallaresalcabrera: so if I wanted to test something in transport would it be the same?18:52
cpallaresah nevermind18:53
cpallaresI got, I got it :)18:53
alcabreracool. :)18:55
alcabrerayeah, it'd just be a difference in the path. :D18:55
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alcabreraIt's snowing. :D19:18
* alcabrera 's second time seeing snow *ever*.19:18
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chadlungI just finished working on the Barbican scripts required for entry into DevStack. We used the Marconi DevStack scripts as a guide however I did find two issues in y'alls scripts you will want to fix. In fact, as DevStack currently stands enabling Marconi will results in an error installing Marconi. I tried this and logged the error, then made the fixes to Barbican.19:20
chadlungIssue #1: https://github.com/jarretraim/devstack/commit/6948541bc86494ad5b8b9f8a2ba0906c004f8b75  Our fix, but this also exists in Marconi's DevStack script as well19:21
chadlungIssue #2 https://github.com/jarretraim/devstack/commit/380ccf34fad2e0d52f469d041082009088b20955   Our fix, but this also exists in Marconi's DevStack script as well19:21
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alcabrerachadlung: thanks for sharing!19:26
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cpallaresalcabrera: that's awesome. I like snow.20:23
cpallaresbut hate the cold20:24
alcabreracpallares: my car got covered. I stepped outside from my office to play in it just before a meeting. :D20:24
alcabreraIt was definitely very cold.20:24
alcabreraslippery, too20:24
alcabreraI was able to make two snowballs from just the snow-slush on the corner of my back windshield.20:25
cpallareslol snow-slush20:25
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cpallaresalcabrera: this is how we react to cold in Texas http://bit.ly/1i7HwWB21:07
alcabreracpallares: hahaha21:10
alcabreracpallares: my wife (Jess) took this picture of the front lawn a few minutes ago: http://i.imgur.com/xUkCCB0.jpg21:12
alcabrerait's the kind of snow I played in just an hour ago. She mentioned that there were some adorable, snowified squirrels playing out there.21:12
cpallaresalcabrera: wow that's so pretty!21:13
cpallaresalcabrera: squirrels don't come out here in the cold21:13
cpallaresthey're like texans21:14
cpallaresin that way21:14
alcabreraheh. :P21:14
cpallaresalcabrera: that looks pleasant though, here it's cold and very windy :(21:14
*** kgriffs_afk is now known as kgriffs21:15
alcabreraI just noticed what Florida said in the map you linked earlier, cpallares. :P21:15
alcabreraI was showing Jess, and she was like, "What does that say..."21:16
alcabrera"Thanks Obama".21:16
cpallaresalcabrera: the Northeast is Hoth, that ice planet from Star Wars :P21:18
alcabreraooohh, I missed that reference.21:19
* alcabrera has not seen most of Star Wars21:19
cpallaresIt's the second one from the 70s21:20
cpallaresepisode 2, I think21:20
cpallaresno, episode 521:20
* cpallares gets confused with the prequel numbers21:20
alcabreraThat's probably the most I know about Star Wars21:22
alcabreraThat episodes 4-6 were released before episodes 1-3, and most people tend to prefer 4-6. :)21:23
alcabreraOgh, and "Luke... I am your father"21:23
cpallaresalcabrera: My parents really like the old ones so I watched them all when I was little :P I didn't enjoy the prequels as much.21:28
alcabreracpallares: nice! I learned about the movies through friends in high school, and eventually, Jess. I've yet to watch them, though in the past few months, I did finally get to enjoy Star Trek (original and TNG)!21:32
cpallaresalcabrera: Oh nice :) You and Jess should have a Star Wars marathon, but I would recommend to watch the old ones first.21:35
cpallares...And then you should have a lord of the rings marathon, then a matrix marathon, and then a back to the future marathon.21:36
cpallaresJust kidding21:36
alcabreraI'd explode.21:38
alcabreraI can usually handle 1 movie per day, at most. :P21:38
alcabreraI'm out for the day.21:44
alcabreraTake care everyone!21:44
alcabreracpallares: o/21:44
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openstackgerritKurt Griffiths proposed a change to openstack/marconi: fix(wsgi): Cleanup limit config options  https://review.openstack.org/6759722:01
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