Thursday, 2014-03-13

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flwangmpanetta: ping00:15
mpanettaHey, whats up?00:15
mpanettaflwang: pong :)00:15
flwangmpanetta: i'm review the the patch for marconi daemonize00:16
flwangmpanetta: just curious, what happened if it's running on Windows?00:16
mpanettaHmm, I'm not sure actually.00:17
mpanettaI don't have windows to test either :(00:17
mpanettaflwang: fork is technically unix I believe.  It may be emulated on windows?  I don't know.00:18
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flwangmpanetta: AFAIK,  the Marconi server can run on windows before.00:18
mpanettaShould not have, it had termios specific things in it until about a week ago.00:18
flwangmpanetta: but with this patch, I don't know what will happened either :)00:18
mpanettaI'm pretty sure windows does not have termios.00:19
mpanettaEither way it could work in windows with mingw ;)00:19
mpanettaHmm, I wonder if python compiles againts mingw00:19
mpanettaDo you know what compiler was used for windows python?00:20
flwangmpanetta: haha, ok. but anyway, it's a great patch, thanks for working on this00:20
mpanettaflwang: No problem :)00:20
maliniHAs anybody ever run OS in windows?00:22
mpanettaHmm, it does not say flwang :(00:23
flwangmalini: I don't know, just raise the question, since we're introduce *nix specific code :)00:23
mpanettamalini: Hmm, good question!00:23
mpanettaflwang: technically that code does not have to be used at all, you can use your own wsgi server, gunicorn perhaps?00:24
maliniflwang: good point00:24
mpanettaOr whatever is more appropriate on windoes.00:24
mpanettaer windows...00:24
mpanettaI guess marconi-server is really just for testing right malini?00:25
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flwangmpanetta: I would say nope :)00:26
mpanettaNo?  Why not?00:26
mpanettaAre you saying someone uses that in production?00:27
flwangmpanetta: I don't want to mislead, I'd like confirm with balajiiyer00:27
flwangor kgriffs_afk00:27
flwangfor now, seems only RAX is using it in prodcution env00:27
mpanettaOh, sorry, I mean to say the executable 'marconi-server'00:28
mpanettaNot marconi itself.00:28
mpanettaI think most people will deploy it on a wsgi server of some sort.00:28
mpanettaWell, I hope so.  They have not said very happy things against wsgiref hehe00:29
flwangmpanetta: haha, yep00:29
flwangmpanetta: I think this can answer your question :)00:30
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mpanettaSorry, I don't understand?00:34
malinih…marcobi-server was indeed meant for testing00:35
mpanettaThat is what I thought.00:35
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flwangmpanetta:  yes00:36
flwangmpanetta: so your patch is ok which just prevent to test Marconi on windows easily :)00:38
mpanettaAh, yes :)00:38
mpanettaNow I understand00:38
flwangmpanetta: FWIW, your patch is getting our out the devstack issue which may block our graduation00:39
flwangmpanetta: I believe malini will be very happy :)00:39
mpanettaI think so :)00:40
malininow only if I can get the mongo part working <sigh/>00:40
flwangmalini: flaper87|afk can't help you?00:41
mpanettamalini: What is wrong with it?00:41
flwangmalini: I know he is a master of mongodb00:41
maliniI am working with flaper87 on it00:42
maliniBut this is not as bad as mpanetta's fix00:42
maliniatleast we know what is going on with mongo00:42
mpanettaoh cool00:44
malini is the patch00:46
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flwangmalini: using sqla as default backend and disable the journal of mongo?00:50
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flwangmalini: may I know why enabling journal will cause problem? and what's the problem?00:53
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maliniflwang: AM trying a diff backend in tht patch, just to make sure mongo journal is the problem00:58
maliniWith journaling enabled it takes too long to start up00:58
malinilonger than the devstack timeout :(00:58
flwangmalini: ah, I think that's the problem00:59
maliniI have started the experimental job with a diff backend to make sure tht is the problem01:00
flwangmalini: because mongo need to initialize the space for journal and it need long time on ext3 fs01:00
maliniBut my original patch tht disabled mongo didnt work either :(01:01
malinitht was patch set 4
maliniI am hoping  the syntax is wrong or something like tht01:02
flwangmalini: did you verify the sed command ?01:05
maliniit worked locally it must be right :(01:05
maliniwonder if ceilometer uses mongo in devstack01:06
mpanettawhy did you use sed -i -r when the other seds were sed -i -e ?01:06
malinioversight :-$01:08
malinilet me try with -i -e , after my current experimental job is done01:08
malinitht is, if I stay awake01:09
mpanettaahh yes, awakeness heh01:10
mpanettaI am slowly loosing mine as well :P01:10
flwangmpanetta: may i know your timezone? :)01:13
flwangmalini: and yours?01:13
flwangcool, thanks01:15
flwangmy tz is UTC+8:00 you're curious :)01:15
maliniflwang: me too01:16
malinime & mpanetta work in the same office01:16
maliniyayy..the job works on a non mongo backend01:17
flwangBlacksburg or Austin or  San Antonio ?01:17
malininone of the above :)01:17
maliniwe are in Atlanta01:17
flwangI assume there is a RAX office, right?01:18
maliniI am going to try getting rid of the workaround to see if mpanetta's fix really fixed it :)01:18
flwangmalini: nice, let's see01:18
mpanettaWorkaround?  Oh you are devstacking01:18
flwangcross fingers :D01:18
maliniagainst gate01:18
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mpanettaAh, Zuul the overlord of the underworld, or something? :P01:19
mpanettaSomeone likes Ghostbusters :)01:19
maliniI got rid of the workaround 2>&1 in the latest patch set
flwanggod bless you :D01:27
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flaper87what's up PEEEEOPLEEEEEEEE?????????????????08:15
flaper87flwang: hey ehy08:19
flwangflaper87: as for this the doc patch, do you think we need more stuff to support sphinx build? such as, a index.rst, etc08:21
flaper87flwang: probably yes, but we'll get there. We haven't sync our doc generation with oslo.sphox08:24
flaper87this has more things:
flaper87flwang: if you want to take care of that, pls do08:25
flwangflaper87: yes, but I'm wondering why these kind of doc is placed in source code. I mean 7200108:25
flwangflaper87: i'm just afraid if the TC will challenge the doc stuff08:26
flaper87flwang: they will. This docs were autogenerated and show the API. They're using openstack-doc anyway so, they're still compliant08:27
flaper87flwang: it shouldn't be hard to pull the doc/source in08:27
flaper87pretty much that08:27
AAzzaflaper87:  Hey :) I do small fixes in your README file, just minor commit to start with.  How do i properly hmm... do it? I read this , but you know... I have questions)08:28
flaper87AAzza: hey hey hey! So happy to see you here08:28
flaper87AAzza: ok so, the process in a nutshell is (assuming you already signed the CLA and stuff)08:28
flaper87$ git commit -m "My README fixes"08:29
flaper87$ git review08:29
flaper87and that should submit a patch to gerrit08:29
flaper87flwang: are you going to do it? Otherwise I can stab it08:29
flwangflaper87: I can do that08:30
AAzzaflaper87: Hmm, I can try) So I just do commit to master?)08:30
flaper87flwang: cool, as in, now? :P08:30
flwangflaper87: I think for now we just need a and index.rst08:30
flaper87AAzza: ideally, you do changes in branches because you don't want to break your master but in this case it doesn't matter08:31
flwangI would say today but not now and hope we can make it merged by Friday08:31
flaper87flwang: ok cool08:32
flaper87malini_afk: why using sqlite ?08:32
AAzzaflaper87:  Hmm... give me some time to paranoia and check everything, and I will come back) I'm not sure I have everything signed|installed08:33
flwangflaper87: malini_afk just want to try to verify the root cause08:33
flwangflaper87: but I still can't get the answer of 'why these kind of doc is placed in source code. I mean 72001'08:33
flwangflaper87: I didn't this kind of doc in any other projects08:34
flwangit should be a part of api-site, IMHO08:34
flaper87AAzza: hehe, ok. Feel free to ask if you need something08:35
flaper87flwang: what doc?08:35
flaper87the one in the review is not in source08:35
flaper87it's just under doc/08:35
flwangflaper87:  so it means it will be moved to api-site after we graduated?08:36
flaper87it's not under doc/source08:36
flwangflaper87: got it, thanks for the clarification :)08:36
flaper87that's temporary :D08:36
flwangflaper87: i see08:36
flaper87flwang: I should've probably started there08:36
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prashanthr_Hi ,09:45
prashanthr_can i know the significance of the common folder in marconi ?09:45
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flaper87prashanthr_: sure, marconi/common contains code that is common *just within marconi*09:47
flaper87whereas openstack/common contains code that is common throughout openstack09:47
flaper87we never modify openstacl/common directly, instead we do it in oslo-incubator and then backport it09:47
flaper87but we do change things in marconi/common09:48
flaper87prashanthr_: does that make sense?09:48
prashanthr_yes it does. thank you.09:49
prashanthr_Also is ZMQ being added tp the transport layer to support AMQP ?09:50
flaper87prashanthr_: nope, something amqp specific will be added at some point but it's likely not going to live within Marconi's codebase09:52
flaper87prashanthr_: zmq is intended to send msgpack message through normal tcp sockets09:53
flaper87AAzza: I updated the projects page:
flaper87let me know if one of those sound interesting to you09:53
openstackgerritNataliia Uvarova proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Improve README file.
AAzzaHey, I managed to done this)09:55
prashanthr_Got it. Thank you. Can you point me towards some bugs which i could start contributing towards ?09:56
flaper87AAzza: AWESOME!09:56
flaper87prashanthr_: sure thing, gimme one sec09:56
flaper87or probably 209:56
flaper87or well, maybe 309:56
flaper87or just hang on there a bit, I'll be back with something09:56
prashanthr_awesome more the merrier ! :)09:57
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flaper87prashanthr_: does this sound like something you can work on?10:06
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prashanthr_This looks good. I think I will have to do a complete code exploration :) which helps.10:09
prashanthr_can i also know the time i can have a conversation with you on the channel ?10:11
flaper87prashanthr_: I'm based in Italy but I'm pretty much always here10:13
flaper87prashanthr_: if you don't find me, you can talk to kgriffs_afk alcabrera or whoever is around10:13
AAzzaflaper87:  about your comment to commit: if I change there, then it will be the same in the text: ".. in separate TESTS_README". If it is not ugly, then i commit)10:39
flaper87AAzza: that's fine. I mean, do the change10:42
flaper87explicit better than implicit10:43
openstackgerritNataliia Uvarova proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Improve README file.
AAzzaflaper87: and I looked at your ideas. I think we can discuss py3k support. I think it is more suitable for me.10:50
flaper87AAzza: sounds really good!10:51
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flaper87malini_afk: FWIW, I just tried the latest patch and it works out of the box :/10:52
AAzzaflaper87: And maybe I should do some real commit, maybe fix some bug, or write some tests)10:53
flaper87AAzza: sounds good, there are some bugs that mention adding tests11:02
flaper87AAzza: specifically, there's one related to sqlalchemy11:02
AAzzaflaper87: do you mean this?
flaper87AAzza: yeah, that one11:13
flaper87AAzza: it's assigned to Yeela but feel free to take it11:14
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openstackgerritNataliia Uvarova proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Improve README file
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oz_akan_hey team12:26
oz_akan_flaper87: hi12:26
oz_akan_how are you/12:26
flaper87oz_akan_: hey hey?12:28
flaper87oz_akan_: I'm doing well12:28
oz_akan_I am doing great thanks12:28
oz_akan_I changed publisher/subscriber to publish/subscribe12:28
oz_akan_and about your comment on "store"12:28
oz_akan_I think store doesn't impose the duration12:29
oz_akan_even if in memory, we can stay stored in memory12:29
oz_akan_and in queues case I think it is more like a logical term to say a message is stored in a queue12:29
oz_akan_so I didn't change it12:29
oz_akan_and about more details on TTL, yes we can add it later on12:29
oz_akan_this is the documents for graduation12:30
oz_akan_so I wrote it with minimal effort, it sure can be / will be improved12:30
flaper87oz_akan_: re store, That's exactly my point, I think it's wrong to assume the driver is store->forward. For instance an amqp 1.0 driver won't store the message12:32
flaper87in that case, the message is not exactly stored, it was just sent through a queue12:32
flaper87which is true for store->forward drivers too12:33
flaper87hope that makes sense12:33
flaper87oz_akan_: re ttl, sure, lets do that later12:33
openstackgerritOz Akan proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Marconi Operations Document
oz_akan_I forgot to change publisher in a line, fixed that12:34
oz_akan_lets make that change on store once we have an ampq driver12:34
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oz_akan_would you agree?12:35
flaper87oz_akan_: nope :D, I think it's wrong to assume that :/12:35
oz_akan_if not please change that section as you like12:35
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oz_akan_I am not sure if we should provide an amqp driver, I am not sure we should support everything possible12:37
oz_akan_before making marconi something that can be more scalable or manageable12:38
oz_akan_amqp support is asked for, that is for sure...12:39
flaper87oz_akan_: we won't support everything possible. We discussed at some point which drivers would make sense to have in the code base and what should be left to the community12:39
njirapflaper87 am setting up marconi from the instructions on its github page but 'marconi-server -v' in my terminal says 'marconi command not found'12:39
flaper87imho, some things should move in parallel12:39
oz_akan_when you have it in production, you start to believe otherwise :)12:40
openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Marconi Operations Document
njirapflaper87 ping12:41
oz_akan_thanks for the change flaper8712:42
oz_akan_I just approved it12:42
flaper87oz_akan_: I'm not saying Marconi is completely scalable / managable but we also need to cover other requirements in the overall community. Obviously, if it doesn't scale or it is hard to maintain then there's no point on keep moving forward with a new driver. I fully agree here12:42
flaper87njirap: pong12:42
flaper87so, what did you do exactly?12:42
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njiraphahaha flaper87 i did everything as instructed on the github but am stuck at marconi-server -v12:44
flaper87njirap: weird thing is that it says 'marconi command not found' but the command is marconi-server12:44
flaper87so, that makes me think probably something wen't wrong12:44
njirapsorry its actually marconi-server command not found.. am also worried12:45
njirapsorry if this question sounds ignorant but where can i find like the bin folder for marconi commands i check them out maybe export them to my path or something12:45
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alcabreraGood morning! :D12:51
njirapalcabrera its evening in Kenya but good morning anyways12:52
alcabreranjirap: it's a whole wide world. :)12:53
njirapalcabrera: yeah but its nice to know WE are ahead timewise  :)12:53
alcabrerayup, definitely. I lose track if timezones, tbh, but I appreciate the information.12:54
njirapalcabrera are you like a marconi geek i need help12:54
alcabreraI am, on good days. How can I help, njirap?12:55
njirapthe github instructions for setting up marconi, am stuck at marconi-server -v, terminal complain command not found12:56
alcabreraI'm going to check out that README12:56
alcabreraI know it's a little dated.12:56
alcabrerahmmm... did 'pip inistall -e .' succeed, njirap?12:57
njirapi believe it did coz it had like warnings and stuff12:58
njiraplemmie post12:59
njirapCommand /usr/bin/python -c "import setuptools;__file__='/tmp/pip_build_perci/e/';exec(compile(open(__file__).read().replace('\r\n', '\n'), __file__, 'exec'))" install --record /tmp/pip-daPSjS-record/install-record.txt --single-version-externally-managed failed with error code 1 in /tmp/pip_build_perci/e12:59
njirapStoring complete log in /home/perci/.pip/pip.log12:59
alcabrerathat doesn't look like success. :(12:59
njirapthere's also error: /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/ Permission denied13:00
alcabreracould you 'pip install -e .', copy the output, and paste it to a
njirapyes i could13:00
sriramtry within a virtualenv, and perhaps use sudo?13:01
alcabrerathanks! I'll help you through the next steps based on how 'pip install -e .' fails13:01
njirapnow trying with sudo13:03
alcabreraflaper87: ping13:03
njirapok so with sudo marconi-server -v command is found but nothing is returned13:04
alcabrerathat sounds right - if the command just hangs, it's supposed to do that13:04
alcabreranext up - test with curl13:05
flaper87alcabrera: pong13:05
flaper87good morning my friend13:05
njiraphi 5 to alcabrera and sriram you two are my favourite people in the world for the next like 20 minutes13:05
flaper87alcabrera: I updated the OPW page with 2 projects13:05
oz_akan_please have a look13:05
flaper87and got rid of websocket13:06
alcabreranjirap: yaaaay, I'm glad. Glad to hear it's working for you!13:06
sriramhaha. well done njirap :)13:06
alcabreraflaper87: check this out -
alcabreraand now for reviews13:06
flaper87alcabrera: waait, did I miss that email?13:06
alcabrerait arrived in my inbox this morning13:07
flaper87oh I did13:07
alcabreraalong with two other OS digests. :P13:07
flaper87fun part, I marked it as read13:07
njirapso the results for the curl command "HTTP/1.0 201 Created13:07
njirapDate: Thu, 13 Mar 2014 13:08:46 GMT13:07
njirapServer: WSGIServer/0.1 Python/2.7.413:07
njirapcontent-length: 013:07
njiraplocation: /v1/queues/samplequeue13:07
sriramnjirap: yes, a queue has now been created.13:08
alcabreraflaper87: heh, I don't usually get even that far - DELETE. :D13:08
njirapclap clap13:08
sriramNow you can do some operations on it. check out
njirapthanks sriram13:10
flaper87alcabrera: LOL13:12
flaper87alcabrera: that thread is quite scary and exiting at the same time13:15
alcabrerayes, very13:15
*** jcru has joined #openstack-marconi13:15
alcabreraopenstack-gsoc is having its first meeting at the moment13:18
alcabrerait's so very lively. :)13:18
alcabreraflaper87: regarding OPW, I'm going to look now. Thanks for updating that! I've been swamped.13:18
*** nidhi has quit IRC13:18
flaper87alcabrera: no worries, that's what a team is for, right?13:19
flaper87alcabrera: now go and get some poptarts for me13:19
flaper87alcabrera: I know you applied as a mentor for GSoC13:19
flaper87would you be willing to mentor on OPW too ?13:19
flaper87or you prefer to have just 1 mentee ?13:20
* vkmc !13:20
flaper87or would you be willing to mentor for OPW if your GSoC project is not accepted?13:20
flaper87vkmc: hello girl!13:20
alcabreraflaper87: I'd be happy to mentor both. :)13:20
vkmcflaper87, Hi you :)13:20
flaper87vkmc: gotta talk to you13:20
* alcabrera shares poptarts with flaper8713:20
flaper87alcabrera: glad you said that because I was already counting you in13:21
vkmcflaper87, Sure, whenever is ok for you :)13:21
alcabreravkmc - I'm also looking to talk to you when you have some spare time. :D13:21
flaper87alcabrera: I'm serious, I was all like: "Yeah sure, there are 2 mentors for OPW in Marconi, don't worry"13:21
flaper87then I thought, WAIT A SECOND, alcabrera said GSoC not OPW13:21
alcabreraflaper87: yeah, it's cool. I was interested in helping.13:22
flaper87awesome, then poptarts for ya'13:22
vkmcalcabrera, Same thing! We should organize a meeting :)13:22
* alcabrera noms on pop tarts13:23
alcabreravkmc: yes! We could figure out what time works best with a doodle13:23
alcabreraI think that's what they're called, anyway - that scheduling app/site/thing13:23
*** nidhi has joined #openstack-marconi13:23
flaper87(not a password, just /buffer 48)13:27
flaper87so don't try to access my banck account)13:27
* alcabrera closes flaper87's mismatched parens13:27
flaper87(and yes, I've more than 48 IRC buffers)13:27
alcabreraoh, wow - I prune mine down to a critical 10 once a month, roughly. @_@13:27
flaper87(and also, yes, I'm using weechat)13:27
* alcabrera also uses weechat13:28
flaper87(and also, yes, I'll STFU now)13:28
flaper87alcabrera: w0000t13:28
flaper87great minds thinks alike13:28
flaper87I'm just sad I don't have a brain so, you're the only one with a great mind :D13:28
alcabrerayou have a wonderful positronic brain, robo-flaper87. :)13:29
alcabreraI have proof!13:29
flaper87alcabrera: YOU STOLE MY BRAINNN13:29
flaper87alcabrera: wow, I haven't written anything there13:29
flaper87in a while13:29
flaper87I should start doing less code13:30
alcabreraI borrowed your brain. I am no brain thief. ;)13:30
alcabrerabut yeah - I haven't written in any of my journals/blogs in over a month13:30
alcabreraI've been tweeting along, mostly13:30
alcabrerawe need to have a write-a-thon, flaper8713:30
flaper87alcabrera: that would be AMAZING!13:32
alcabreraoh yes13:32
flaper87alcabrera: I'm serious, we should organize a sunda-writeathon13:32
flaper87or saturday13:33
alcabrerayeah, a full day of writing in any form13:33
flaper87yeah, a squiz-your-rational-brain-day13:33
flaper87or just s/rational/13:33
alcabreraI'll bug jess about it - maybe we can all make a day of it, one of these saturdays or sundays13:34
alcabreraI'm totally stoked for the idea13:34
vkmcNo code writting allowed Sundays?13:35
flaper87vkmc: hold on there, lets not get that far! :P13:36
flaper87We're talking about 1 sunday without coding13:36
flaper87just 1 every N sundays13:36
alcabrerathat's most of my sundays, at this point - though I end up reading research papers and tech books on those days, anyway. :P13:37
flaper87alcabrera: I'm up for it. It sounds like a really exiting thing. I'll grab my GFs brain too13:37
vkmcHaha ok, lets reformulate that... no code writting per month Sunday haha13:37
flaper87vkmc: you almost killed me13:37
flaper87alcabrera: FWIW, I think you're doing it right and I'm doing it wrong13:37
flaper87but I'm masochist, we know that13:38
flaper87jokes apart, lets do it. Blogging sunday13:38
vkmcflaper87, Boo, didn't mean that haha13:38
*** AnastasiosAndron has joined #openstack-marconi13:39
alcabrerawait, what am I doing right? :P13:39
alcabreravkmc: lol13:40
vkmcalcabrera, Would you have some spare time tomorrow afternoon to have a quick meeting?13:41
*** njirap has quit IRC13:42
alcabreralemme check my calendar13:42
*** balajiiyer has joined #openstack-marconi13:42
alcabrerapersonal calendar says yes13:42
alcabrerawork calendar says...13:42
*** AnastasiosAndron has left #openstack-marconi13:42
vkmcYay :d13:43
alcabreraso, vkmc - anytime from noon EDT - 1:30pm EDT, and then again from 3pm EDT - 4pm EDT13:43
*** ametts has joined #openstack-marconi13:43
*** flwang has joined #openstack-marconi13:44
*** oz_akan_ has quit IRC13:44
*** oz_akan_ has joined #openstack-marconi13:45
vkmcalcabrera, Both times work for me, which is better for you?13:45
vkmcI'm one hour ahead only, that's cool13:46
alcabreravkmc: (it was green and early - I love early) :)13:46
flwangmorning, guys13:46
vkmcalcabrera, Green and early it is then! :)13:47
alcabreraflwang: good morning!13:47
flwangalcabrera: how you doing? :)13:47
vkmcalcabrera, Oh wait, is that 9am your time?13:47
alcabreravkmc: yup!13:48
alcabreraflwang: happy - it's a pretty good day so far. You? :)13:48
vkmcalcabrera, Hm I won't be able at that time (I have an exam!), 1.30pm is ok for you?13:49
*** mharty has joined #openstack-marconi13:50
vkmcalcabrera, Ok, cool!13:50
*** prashanthr_1 has joined #openstack-marconi13:50
vkmcalcabrera, Is still green... not that early though13:51
alcabrera1pm still works for me, vkmc. I'll add it to my calendar. :)13:51
vkmcalcabrera, Great, will add it too... thanks!13:52
alcabrerathanks, vkmc!13:52
*** amitgandhi has joined #openstack-marconi13:53
*** amitgandhi has joined #openstack-marconi13:54
oz_akan_sriram: thanks13:54
flwangalcabrera: i'm good, working on a doc patch for marconi :)13:54
*** jeremyh28 has joined #openstack-marconi13:54
flwangoz_akan_: I will drop some comments on that patch soon13:54
oz_akan_lets get this approved then we can improve13:55
oz_akan_if you see something fundamentally wrong (like flaper87 did) sure lets fix it13:55
flwangoz_akan_: yep, agree13:55
flwangoz_akan_: but I prefer to put it under doc/source so that we can compile it with sphinx_build13:56
flwangI will submit a  patch in 5 minutes so that we can build the rst docs13:56
alcabreraflwang: +113:56
oz_akan_got it, sure makes sense13:56
alcabreraoz_akan_: review in progress. :)13:56
*** jqiu has joined #openstack-marconi13:57
oz_akan_alcabrera: tks13:58
oz_akan_maybe you can wait for flwang patch13:58
flwangoz_akan_: it's ok13:58
flwangoz_akan_: I think you may need a rebase13:58
oz_akan_flwang: would you like to do it for me?13:59
oz_akan_I don't really have much time13:59
flwangsure, no problem13:59
oz_akan_thank you13:59
flwangI can handle it13:59
flwangthanks for the trust :D13:59
oz_akan_hehe sure13:59
*** malini_afk is now known as malini14:00
alcabreraoz_akan_: -1, but close!14:01
alcabreraflwang: thanks for volunteering to take on improving the operations docs!14:01
flwangalcabrera: my pleasure14:01
oz_akan_alcabrera: why didn't you mention that curl wasn't mentioned as well14:03
oz_akan_I am not sure if it is there by default in all linux distress14:03
oz_akan_uwsgi one especially, good catch14:04
alcabreraI think curl is available by default - I could be wrong. :P14:04
alcabreralemme check my cloud server14:04
alcabrerait's mostly fresh14:04
oz_akan_lets assume it is :)14:04
alcabreraseems it comes with ubuntu 13.10 out of the box14:04
oz_akan_it is not TLS14:04
flwangstupid git-review14:05
oz_akan_but I would guess it would come with 12 TLS as well14:05
alcabreraeasy mix up. :)14:06
alcabreraTLS gives you security, LTS gives you stability14:06
oz_akan_flwang: once you are done, I can make changes for alcabrera's comments14:07
openstackgerritFei Long Wang proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Enable the basic dev doc for Marconi
flwangalcabrera: oz_akan_: ^^14:07
flaper87flwang: finally, thanks for working on that14:08
alcabreraflwang: -1 on that, but it's the tiniest nit14:08
flwangflaper87: my pleasure14:09
flwangoz_akan_: please add your doc at here line 5514:09
alcabreraflaper87: quick patch that improves marconi py3k compat:
alcabrerawhich reminds me14:09
flwangalcabrera: I'm not really sure if I should put 2010 or 2014, since 2010 is the start year of OS, flaper87?14:10
flaper87flwang: I think we'll need a documentation gate too14:10
flaper87flwang: could you double check and add one if so?14:10
flwangflaper87: yep14:10
flaper87I can do it, it's just that if you're working on that, it makes sense for you to take care of it14:10
flwangflaper87: add the doc gate?14:10
flaper87flwang: yeah14:10
alcabreraI feel like opw:py3k compat for marconi might not be a very substantial project. It's hard to say. In marconi itself, we're pretty close. Third party deps have mostly caught up, except for py-memcached14:11
flwangflaper87:  I can do that to take care the whole flow :) thanks14:11
flaper87flwang: thank YOU14:11
alcabreraflwang - makes great things happen!14:11
maliniI bring good news this morning!!!14:11
maliniGuess what?14:11
flwangalcabrera: let's do it14:11
oz_akan_guys I consumed the amount of time I dedicated to marconi documentation for today.14:11
flaper87malini: it works :D14:11
flwangmalini: it works14:11
flaper87malini: at least it worked for me14:12
maliniYESS!!! atleast the stderr bug is fixed14:12
oz_akan_if one can refactor operations guide, it would be awesome, otherwise, I will get back to it sometime in the near future14:12
maliniit works in gate too !!!!!!!!!!14:12
flwangmalini: big step :)14:12
flaper87malini: but but but, you didn't make sqlite default, did you?14:12
maliniflaper87: I did ;)14:12
malinidont spoil the party14:12
flwangoz_akan_: I can take care it if you don't mind14:12
alcabreramalini: yaaaaaay14:12
maliniflaper87: BUT we know that mongo is the issue now14:13
*** jqiu has quit IRC14:13
flaper87malini: mmh, that's my point14:13
malini& the bad stderr thing is gone14:13
oz_akan_flwang: you are my hero14:13
flaper87malini: mongodb worked just fine for me today14:13
flwangoz_akan_: :D14:13
oz_akan_thanks, bye for now14:13
flaper87I'm a bit hesitant to make sqlite the default, TBH.14:13
maliniflaper87: maybe gate has slower vms?14:13
flaper87malini: not sure :/14:13
maliniflaper87: no..I am not suggesting to do tht14:13
maliniBut the stderr was the BIG monster & it is dead14:14
flaper87malini: oh yeah, that for sure!!!!14:14
flaper87I've been partying the whole morning because it is gone14:14
flaper87but you were afk so I couldn't invite you to my party14:15
*** Kuwagata has joined #openstack-marconi14:17
*** jqiu has joined #openstack-marconi14:18
maliniflaper87: I was really excited & couldnt sleep last night :D14:18
maliniflaper87: I was thinking of opening a bug for mongo-devstack & switch to sqla like you initially suggested14:19
openstackgerritFei Long Wang proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Enable the basic dev doc for Marconi
maliniflaper87: what do you think?14:19
flaper87malini: mmh wait, my suggestion was to create a gate for sqla first but not making sqla the default. Is that what you mean?14:19
flwangflaper87: alcabrera: need your bless on my baby :)14:20
maliniflaper87: I was suggesting tht we run tempest tests against sqla driver now14:20
*** nidhi has quit IRC14:20
flaper87malini: for isntance, your patch should only remove the 2&1 and not change -mongodb with -sqlite14:20
maliniflaper87: then add a new job to run against mongodb, after we get it running14:20
maliniflaper87: of course, all those patchsets in 74088 was just to verify with the experimental job running14:21
flaper87malini: ok, then I think we're on the same page14:22
maliniflaper87: let me spend more time playing with the mongo db stuff14:22
alcabreraflwang: I just did. :)14:22
maliniflaper87: I'll chk how ceilomer does it14:22
flaper87malini: cool, so, I tried your latest patch with mongodb enabled and it just worked14:22
flaper87like, right out of the box14:22
*** saju_m has quit IRC14:22
flwangalcabrera: thanks :)14:22
maliniflaper87: it works on a system tht already had devstack with mongo running14:23
maliniit is the very first run on a brand new server that makes it fail14:23
*** njirap has joined #openstack-marconi14:24
alcabreranjirap: pong14:27
flaper87flwang: +2 thanks14:31
flwangflaper87: cool, my baby loves you :D14:32
alcabreraflaper87: we're patch merging machines! ;D14:33
flaper87alcabrera: FUCK YEAH!!!!14:33
flwangalcabrera: you're right ;D14:33
mhartyhi everyone! i'm meag and i'm interested in the marconi project for opw14:34
flaper87alcabrera: the best part is, if something breaks is the patch author's fault14:34
flwangflaper87: haha14:34
alcabreramharty: welcome!14:35
alcabreraflaper87: I subscribe to zmq:c4.1 - make merging and contributing easy, blocking only on obvious issues. If it breaks, someone will fix it. If no one fixes it, it is the case that either no one can, or no wants to fix (that component).14:36
alcabreramharty: you've come to the right place to ask about contributing to marconi for opw. How can we help? :)14:37
malinialcabrera, flaper87: we have a lot of test related tasks pending - adding gate/check jobs against devstack, functional tests for v1.1, jsonschema-izing existing functional you think one of our OPW interns can work on any of these ?14:38
alcabreramalini: great thought!14:39
maliniI can aid them through the process, if needed14:39
flaper87malini: why the sleep 2 ?14:39
flaper87I don't think that's a good idea and it makes people think marconi is slow to boot14:40
flaper87also your patch is still making sqlite the default storage when using devstack14:40
flaper87because now it is necessary to set MARCONI_BACKEND=mongodb14:40
flaper87to use mongodb14:40
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: Keep python 3.X compatibility for xrange
maliniflaper87: the sleep 2 was to make sure that it'll get marconi up & running14:41
malini& the lastest patch set is to use mongo14:41
malini& FI<<its still troubleshooting at this point14:41
malinithese are not meant to be merged14:41
flaper87malini: ah ok, I'll STFU14:42
maliniI am troubleshooting in gate with the experimental job using these patchsets14:42
flaper87(but I'd remove the sleep 2 if I were you)14:42
mhartyalcabrera: i followed the readme to install marconi (and installed a basic mongodb setup), but when i tried to run 'marconi-server -v' it threw me an error about not liking the value MONGODB_HOST.14:42
maliniIt gives more real results than my devstack server14:42
flaper87(I mean, before asking for review)14:42
flaper87but like I said, I'll STFU14:42
maliniflaper87: of course..I want to make sure that with sleep, it starts up ok14:42
maliniso we can make sure that, it is really the slow start up that is the issue14:43
flaper87malini: let me know when the final version is up14:43
maliniflaper87: sure..14:43
maliniit keeps overriding my WIP button on each new patch set :(14:43
alcabreramharty: hmmm... an example of my mongodb uri is 'uri = mongodb://localhost:27017' . What does yours look like?14:44
*** jqiu has quit IRC14:44
flaper87malini: ah yeah, gerrit is quite stupid14:45
mhartyalcebrera: i thought MONGODB_HOST might resolve to localhost on its own..i'll try that14:45
*** pycabrera has joined #openstack-marconi14:50
maliniflaper87: looks like we are not using the config file when we restart :D14:50
*** pycabrera has quit IRC14:50
mhartyalcabrera: woops, that was it, thanks!14:50
alcabreramharty: good to know. The README is getting many fixes lately, so I'll take note of that confusion point. Let me know if it works. :)14:51
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/python-marconiclient: Refactoring iterators
*** pycabrera has joined #openstack-marconi14:53
*** alcabrera has quit IRC14:55
flaper87malini: wait, what ?14:55
*** pycabrera is now known as alcabrera14:56
flaper87malini: you don't need to pass the config file there. That service_restart basically does $ service mongod restart14:56
flaper87and the distro will take care of it14:56
maliniflaper87: we were updating the config file to use no journal..but not telling it to use the file when we restart14:56
*** alcabrera is now known as alcabrera|afk14:57
flaper87malini: restart_service mongodb does this: $ service mongod restart14:57
maliniI was under the assumption tht it'll use default values without the config file14:57
flaper87no need to pass the config file14:57
malinihow does it know where to get the config file?14:58
flaper87malini: gimme ssh and I'll show you14:58
flaper87it uses the distro sysconfig files14:58
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: Enable the basic dev doc for Marconi
flaper87malini: in the case of fedora it's all in /etc/sysconfig/mongod14:58
*** alcabrera|afk is now known as alcabrera15:00
*** chandan_kumar has quit IRC15:02
*** chandan_kumar has joined #openstack-marconi15:03
*** jeremyh28 has quit IRC15:05
*** mwagner_lap has joined #openstack-marconi15:07
*** jqiu has joined #openstack-marconi15:12
mhartyany advice for a first contribution? i'm interested in the shaping the api project (opw) as i have some experience with REST APIs (and think they're cool!). It seems like the 3 labelled lowhanging fruit are assigned.15:16
*** jergerber has joined #openstack-marconi15:21
alcabreramharty: I'm looking around for a good entry point. :)15:22
alcabrerait's good to know that you've an interest in API-side development. That helps narrow the search.15:22
*** sballe has joined #openstack-marconi15:22
flwangGUYS, can you start marconi-server with the latest code?15:25
alcabreralemme test, flwang15:25
*** rektide has quit IRC15:25
flwangalcabrera: i can't, i feel nervous now :(15:26
*** rektide has joined #openstack-marconi15:26
alcabreraflwang: it's running, but marconi-server now immediately daemonizes15:26
alcabreraI just tested it - marconi-server; http get localhost:8888/v1 -> homedoc15:27
alcabreraps -ef | grep marconi-server also demonstrated that it is running15:27
flwangalcabrera: ah, yes, i debug it in Eclipse15:27
flaper87flwang: d00000d, stop saying bad words in here15:28
flwangit start and exit soon on the console, but yes, it's running in the background15:28
flaper87what's that thing called eclipse ?15:28
alcabreraoh goodness, auto-censored15:28
flaper87alcabrera: ah, I want that weechat plugin15:29
flwangflaper87: I use it and plus your mongo plugin15:29
alcabrerawe likely need to update teh README to reflect marconi-server's daemon powers15:29
*** sballe has quit IRC15:29
flwangso don't say you don't know what's eclipse ;D15:29
flaper87flwang: WHAT? my WHAT?15:30
flaper87flwang: :D15:30
flaper87flwang: does that even work?15:30
flaper87I never finished it15:30
flaper87I'm busted now15:30
flwangflaper87: a little bit15:30
flaper87people know I know java15:30
flaper87or used to15:30
flaper87damn, flwang you're not my friend anymore15:31
*** sballe has joined #openstack-marconi15:31
flwangflaper87: haha15:31
alcabreramharty: I found something is low-hanging fruit, and is of great interest to current marconi development:
alcabrera**that is15:33
alcabrerait's a proper blueprint, rather than a bug fix, but the scope is very focused and the effort would be API-related15:34
alcabrerawhat do you think, mharty?15:35
flaper87alcabrera: that bug should wait until junos code dev is open15:35
alcabreradang. :/15:36
mhartyalcabrera: ah, was about to say that looks good, but, :-/15:36
alcabreraschedules get me all confused15:36
njirapalcabrera are there any high hanging fruits.. i like mesmerizing people15:36
malinimharty: are you interested in working on functional tests for v1.1 ?15:36
alcabreranjirap: this one comes to mind every time: (though that's also slated for Juno)15:37
mhartymalini: well, I'm not experienced in designing tests, but i'd give a shot!15:38
*** rossk has joined #openstack-marconi15:38
malinimharty: we have a test suite for's going to be implementing the same thing for v1.115:38
mhartymalini: oh ok so that should give me reference15:39
maliniSome of the api's have changed, so you'll need to update the tests accordingly15:39
malinimharty: I hope this is aligned with what you want to do :)15:39
maliniSince you should do whatever excites you the most15:40
njirapalcabrera anything that doesnt require waiting for Juno?15:42
alcabreraflaper87: what kinds of patches are we allowed to take in prior to Juno-dev?15:43
flaper87alcabrera: things that don't add new features or change existing features drastically15:43
flaper87so basically, just bug fixes15:43
flaper87like real things that don't work15:43
flaper87alcabrera: in our case, also things required for graduation15:44
* alcabrera is looking forward to icehouse closing soon15:44
flaper87alcabrera: hahaha15:44
flaper87we don't have many low-hanging-fruits :(15:45
mhartymalini: yeah it sounds fun to me! i think i would come out with a basic understanding  of how Marconi works (on a lower level), which is sorta my goal tbh hah15:45
alcabrerayeah... I'm seeing one for the README15:45
alcabreraI see one for improving storage driver tests15:45
alcabreramaking cache TTL dynamic in a sharded context15:45
malinimharty: You will get a good understanding of marconi functionality through the tests :)15:46
alcabreralots of refactoring15:46
njirapalcabrera: ok15:46
*** jamie_h has quit IRC15:47
*** jamieh has joined #openstack-marconi15:50
*** jamieh is now known as Guest8959615:50
*** Guest89596 has quit IRC15:51
*** jamieh_ has joined #openstack-marconi15:51
alcabreramalini, flaper87: I went and did this - :P15:54
maliniI bow before you bold alcabrera!!15:55
alcabrerahaha :P15:55
alcabrerathat paste was crazy - shellcheck is thorough15:56
alcabreraand a screenshot:
mhartymalini: re: first submission, what's the next step?  should i informally research to get a better understanding of the test suite, or should I try to get assigned to ?15:59
flaper87alcabrera: hahaha15:59
mhartysorry for the newb questions :)15:59
malinimharty: no worries..thts how you get started16:00
alcabreramharty: no worries. I was asking the same questions about a year ago when I first joined up with marconi. :)16:03
malinimharty: you could start with getting familiar & running the v1 functional tests16:07
mhartymalini: okay, that's straightforward, thanks16:08
flaper87alcabrera: a year already?16:10
flaper87damn, time flies by16:10
malinimharty: the next step would be going through & writing tests based on 1.116:10
flwangoz_akan_: ping16:10
flwangoz_akan_: may i know which company are you from?16:10
alcabreraflaper87: just about! I think I joined in April 2013.16:12
*** AAzza has joined #openstack-marconi16:13
openstackgerritNataliia Uvarova proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Improve README file
*** alcabrera is now known as alcabrera|afk16:16
*** alcabrera|afk is now known as alcabrera16:25
*** njirap has left #openstack-marconi16:26
*** cpallares has joined #openstack-marconi16:33
*** jqiu has quit IRC16:35
*** saikrishna_ has joined #openstack-marconi16:36
*** jqiu has joined #openstack-marconi16:36
*** mharty has quit IRC16:43
*** mharty has joined #openstack-marconi16:45
cpallareshey mharty, where you able to get the environment working?16:57
openstackgerritFei Long Wang proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Marconi Operations Document
openstackgerritFei Long Wang proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Marconi Operations Document
flwangalcabrera: flaper87: ^^^^^^17:02
alcabrerasaw it - thanks, flwang!17:02
flwangflaper87: alcabrera: just refactored the whole operation doc due to it's not a real rst document17:03
alcabrera<3333 the glossary document!17:03
flwangand split it into 4 to fit into different targets17:03
flwangpls feel free beat me if you have any comments :D17:03
alcabrerathis is wonderful17:03
alcabrerait's much easier to review now17:03
alcabreraI've caught one error so far17:04
flwangalcabrera: cool, you can download it and run 'sudo python build_sphinx' to get the built result17:04
flwangalcabrera: i believe it would be better to review :)17:05
alcabrerais the sudo necessary?17:05
alcabreraI see17:05
alcabrerait isn't if I run it in a venv17:06
*** prashanthr_1 has quit IRC17:06
flwangflaper87: pls review it when you're available, i'm going to drop17:09
flwangalcabrera: thanks for the reviewing17:09
*** jamieh_ has quit IRC17:09
*** jqiu has quit IRC17:09
flwanghave a nice day, guys. I will address your comments tomorrow and hope we can merge it by Friday17:09
alcabreraflwang: good night!17:10
cpallaresbye flwango/17:11
alcabreracpallares: hello! have you purchased all the books yet? :D17:13
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: Improve README file
*** saikrishna_ has quit IRC17:15
cpallareshey alcabrera haha only two at the moment. I'm trying to decide which ones I'm going to read.17:17
cpallaresalcabrera: how are you?17:18
alcabreraI'm doing *greeeattt*, cpallares! :D17:20
cpallaresthat's good to hear alcabrera :)17:20
*** jamieh has joined #openstack-marconi17:21
openstackgerritFei Long Wang proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Marconi Operations Document
*** jamieh is now known as Guest6321517:21
flwangok, fine, i'm not really dropping before addressed alcabrera's comments :D17:22
alcabreraflwang: get some sleeo. ;)17:22
flwanghaha, yes, sir17:23
flwangoffline now17:23
* flwang is offline now17:23
*** sballe has quit IRC17:24
*** sballe has joined #openstack-marconi17:26
alcabreracpallares: which books did you end up getting? :)17:35
cpallaresSo far I've gotten th elements of computing systems because I want to do the nan2tetris course :D17:36
cpallaresalcabrera: and I've gotten the haskell book (the hard copy)17:36
alcabreraoooh, LYAH?17:38
alcabreraand this one, cpallares?:
cpallaresalcabrera: yes to both questions17:38
alcabrerayou've got some awesome reading ahead17:39
alcabreraI haven't heard of EoCS before today17:39
cpallaresyeah. I'm also thinking about reading choose yourself next. I know you recommended that to me a while back.17:39
alcabreraEoCS looks like a more approachable version of P & H's Computer Organization and Design:
alcabreraChoose Yourself is amazing17:40
alcabrerabest non-tech book I read last year17:40
alcabreralow price tag, too17:40
cpallaresalcabrera: yeah :D17:40
cpallaresalcabrera: oh I've never seen that one before. The EoCS one has little projects on the site that you can download. They're simulators.17:41
* cpallares wants to build a calculator out of switches :P17:41
maliniflaper87: the nojournal thing had no effect..too bad your memory is good17:41
alcabrerasweet. The CO&D one is the one they used to teach CPU architecture at my univeristy. :)17:41
cpallaresalcabrera: oh sweet, I'll bookmark it for future reference17:42
*** sballe has quit IRC17:42
* alcabrera provides cpallares with all the NAND gates17:42
* cpallares takes all the nand gates and builds a robot army that can only calculate bits17:42
alcabrerabit by bit - they will change the world17:43
cpallaresalcabrera: brb ganna go get some grub17:44
*** jeremyh28 has joined #openstack-marconi17:46
malinialcabrera: /v1 call involves a DB query, rt?17:55
alcabrerano, malini17:55
alcabrerait's statically generated json17:55
malinineither does /v1/health17:55
alcabrera/v1/health might17:56
alcabreraGET /v1/health does17:56
alcabreraHEAD /v1/health does not17:56
maliniI was hoping that was the reason devstack mongo fails17:57
alcabrerahmmm. what;s the failure looking like?17:57
maliniIt appears that marconi is back up, but the DB is not17:58
maliniwe make /v1/health calls to chk if marconi is up17:58
alcabrerareturn (falcon.HTTP_204 if self.driver.is_alive() else falcon.HTTP_503)18:00
alcabrerathat's what GET health looks like18:00
alcabrerawhat's up with mongo? :/18:00
maliniit takes too long to come back up18:00
maliniI am working with flaper87 to figure tht out18:01
maliniin case flaper87 isnt aware ;)18:01
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maliniflaper87: ping19:11
*** jeremyh28 has quit IRC19:12
flaper87malini: pong19:12
maliniflaper87: I am thinking we need a check here to make sure mongo started & is available19:14
maliniflaper87: what would be a good check?19:15
* flaper87 clicks19:16
flaper87malini: are we sure this is mongodb's fault?19:18
flaper87malini: anyway, we could try to connect to mongodb19:19
flaper87`mongo --port 27017`19:19
maliniflaper87: it works with other storage & also if I add a sleep19:19
*** mwagner_lap has quit IRC19:19
flaper87mharty: another good check could be: `mongo --eval "db.version()"`19:20
flaper87malini: ^19:20
malinithanks! I like tht better :)19:20
flaper87malini: mmh, that's probably related to mongo 2.019:20
flaper87have you tried running it on a non-precise ubuntu19:21
maliniflaper87: no19:21
flaper87malini: that should be an interesting experiment19:21
flaper87It worked on a f20 out of the box19:22
*** malini has left #openstack-marconi19:28
mhartycan anyone help with me running the marconi fxnal tests? I used the readme to try both tox and nosetest but ran into issues with both..:-X20:16
*** sriram has quit IRC20:34
mhartynvm, i changed something in tox.ini and it seems to be working now.20:38
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