Friday, 2014-03-14

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oz_akan__flwang: hi01:08
flwangoz_akan__: did you see my submit? :)01:08
flwangoz_akan__: hope it make some sense for you01:08
flwangoz_akan__: you can run 'sudo python build_sphinx' to build the doc, then you will see the output under doc/build01:08
oz_akan__yes, thank you!01:08
flwangoz_akan__: I changed "a lot" to make it like a real rst and the output will be better01:08
flwangoz_akan__: feel free let me know if there is any question01:08
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flwangoz_akan__: you can try, it's a good city except the bad air01:20
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flwangflaper87: so how about create a new rst file to doc the client? like we did for Glance, see
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flwangflaper87: i mean let's get the doc in today and complete it later15:13
flaper87flwang: but replacing curl with the client is as simple as copying this:
flaper87or just a small part of it15:14
mhartycpallares: hi! malini said you might know something about this. were you able to work around the tox 1.7.0 ConfigError: substitution key 'posargs' not found'? i'm having a problem with that.15:14
malinimharty: cpallares used an older version of tox to get around this15:15
malini1.6.0 maybe?15:15
cpallareshey mharty, I had to downgrade tox to 1.6.115:15
cpallaresmalini: close enough 1.6.1 :)15:15
flwangflaper87: okay, I can do that :)15:16
mhartycpallares: okay, thank you!15:17
maliniflwang, flaper87: do you know why we have two times for each job in ?15:19
flwangI think it's more than two for some projects, IIRC, it's for different releases, pls correct me flaper8715:21
flwangbut as for the link you posted, i think it's for different patches15:22
flwangis that what you want to ask?15:22
flwangflaper87: how about adding keep the curl and adding the client approach?15:23
maliniIam referring to the 0 min/6 min etc. that each job has15:25
maliniit looks like time elapsed /time left15:25
malinibut wanted to make sure15:25
flwangmalini: sorry i'm not sure which part are you saying :)15:26
maliniwish..I could share a screenshot..But nvm15:27
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flaper87malini: one is the time it has been queued15:31
flaper87and the other the time it's been running15:31
maliniflaper87: that makes sense15:31
malinisince there is no way they can tell us how much time is left15:31
flaper87flwang: sure, I really don't like having curl examples around, TBH.15:31
flaper87malini: there's no way the can actually know that15:32
flwangflaper87: ok, got it15:32
flwangoz_akan_:  ping15:32
maliniflaper87: its hard to have great minds , right ;)15:32
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oz_akan_flwang: yep15:34
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flwangoz_akan_: per flaper87's suggestion, i'm going to replace the curl with Marconi client, agree?15:36
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openstackgerritFei Long Wang proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Marconi Operations Document
flwangflaper87: alcabrera|afk: oz_akan_: ^^^15:42
openstackgerritFei Long Wang proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Marconi Operations Document
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oz_akan_flwang: in general you made the document like 10 times better than it was ;)15:48
oz_akan_I will have a look in detail later today15:49
oz_akan_flwang: about curl, I don't agree15:49
flwangoz_akan_: cool, let's make it happen15:49
oz_akan_that is the simplest tool to any ops person will use15:49
flwangoz_akan_: haha, you need to convince flaper87 :D15:49
maliniwe have to trust the ops person on this ;)15:49
flwangoz_akan_: that make sense as well15:49
oz_akan_assuming this is a document for operations teams, I think curl is more friendly15:50
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oz_akan_we might include both though15:50
oz_akan_yes, why not both..15:50
flwangoz_akan_: so i suggested above, how about keep both?15:50
oz_akan_flaper87: has to convince me on that :)15:50
flwangoz_akan_: flaper87: I will submit a new ps to contain both :)15:51
oz_akan_thank you sir15:51
mhartycpallares: did you run into this after reverting? error: testr failed (1) ERROR: InvocationError: '/home/meag/marconi/.tox/py27/bin/python testr --slowest --testr-args=--concurrency 115:57
openstackgerritFei Long Wang proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Marconi Operations Document
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mhartycpallares: nvm, actually, that may be a red herring as i ran 'tox -e py27' first (and that worked?), so tox may have tried that line from tox.ini afterwards which doesn't seem to work.16:00
mhartyi feel like i'm asking too many questions <.<; i'll simmer for a bit on this hah16:01
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AAzzaflaper87: Hi, I'm just looking into tests and the ticket about storage tests, and I have some questions :) Just don't understand what I can do here.16:03
* alcabrera catches up on everything16:03
cpallaresmharty: good to hear it works and don't be shy to ask questions.16:06
flaper87alcabrera: hey hey :D16:06
flaper87AAzza: ^16:06
flaper87alcabrera: I already said hey  to you! Ain't gonna happen twice per day16:06
* flaper87 gives alcabrera a pop tart16:06
flaper87AAzza: so, shoort. What questions do you have?16:06
alcabreralol flaper8716:07
flwangalcabrera: let's get it in today :)16:08
flwangflaper87: after discussed with oz_akan_, I'm keeping both curl and marconi client in the api doc. And I have highlight that the marconi client is recommended :D16:09
alcabreraflwang: +1 - I like having both in there. We can appeal to ops who need to deploy *now* and also advertise that there's a cleaner way with marconiclient16:10
flwangalcabrera: yep, that's what in my mind16:11
AAzzaHmm... first, about adding new tests. There are some changes in that commits, and it was suggested to add new tests to cover changes. I hope I understand correctly. But when I revert the changes, a lot of tests failed anyway :) Maybe I just missing something or tests are already here.16:11
AAzzaflaper87: So.. I'm not sure, what tests to add)16:11
AAzzaflaper87: (shy)16:12
AAzzaflaper87: For example for bulk_delete:  tests.functional.wsgi.v1.test_messages.TestMessages.test_message_bulk_delete.16:13
flaper87AAzza: oh, you haven't missed anything. That's just my fault for not being explicit16:13
flaper87AAzza: could you please paste here the link of the issue you're working on?16:13
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flaper87I'll get the review and let you know exactly what tests should be added16:14
flaper87AAzza: and until the mongodb gate is done, it'll be all malini's fault16:14
* flaper87 hides16:14
* flaper87 runs away16:14
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* flaper87 calls his mom16:14
flaper87HEEELPPP, malini is chasing me with a mongodb in her hand16:15
maliniwho put that sqlalchemy thing in?16:15
* malini I have my mom16:15
* malini mom, I love sqlite ;)16:15
flaper87malini: sqlalchemy is kgriffs_afk fault16:15
flaper87for sure16:15
flaper87if you git log, you'll see that16:15
malinilets chase kgriffs_afk in tht case16:16
flaper87poor boy16:16
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vkmcHi all! o/16:18
cpallaresvkmc: o/16:19
flaper87vkmc: hello girl!16:19
vkmcHow is it going? :)16:19
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flwangalcabrera: flaper87: can you revisit the doc patch ? i think we can merge it and fix the coming bugs if there is any16:47
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alcabreraflwang: +2 :)16:50
flwangalcabrera: thanks, and sorry for the pushing :)16:50
flwangalcabrera: just wanna let the TC know we have a ^basic^ doc now when the graduation review ;)16:50
mpanettaSpeaking of patches...16:51
mpanettaI have a few improvements I would like to do to the marconi-server patch I did.16:51
mpanettaWHen Iget a chance16:51
mpanettaIt needs pid file creation16:51
mpanettaAssuming people use marconi-server all that much16:51
mpanettaI don't know how important it is16:51
flaper87mpanetta: marconi-server is a toy server16:55
flaper87it's used for testing, demoing and making malini mad16:55
flwangflaper87: need your bless on the baby if it's looks good for you16:56
flaper87other than that, I'd expect people to use gunicorn or whatever wsgi container they want16:56
mpanettaThat exact line should be in the docs :P16:56
flaper87flwang: yeah, I'll review in a bit :)16:56
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flaper87mpanetta: I'd be happy to approve that patch16:56
flaper87and write it if needed16:56
flaper87lets file a bug, the next OPW applicant will have a low-hanging-fruit to fix16:57
flwangflaper87: thanks16:57
mpanettamarconi-server: it's used for testing, demoing and making malini mad16:57
flwangflaper87: i'm going to drop16:57
flwangbut I'd like to address any comments from you in 15 minutes :D16:58
flaper87flwang: sorry, I'm a bit stuck now. Lets address them on monday (or tomorrow if you're around :D)16:59
flaper87mpanetta: marconi-server -h should print that16:59
flwangflaper87: sure16:59
flwangflaper87:  I will be online a while :)16:59
flwanghave a nice day guys16:59
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alcabreraflwang: good night!17:02
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mhartyflaper87: speaking of OPW (heh!)...could that new low-hanging-fruit be my first contribution, or should i be planning to contribute some v1.1 fxnal tests (from v1) as my first?17:06
mhartyi'm not sure if the fxnal test idea was a first contrib idea or a possible project during the internship etc (that I could make headway on now).17:08
flaper87mharty: Working on a test should be fine. We can't do anything for v1.1 because the code base is now frozen until the end for the cycle17:09
flaper87mharty: one more thing you could do (perhaps a bit boring) is find typos in the code and fix them17:10
flaper87mharty: or adding new docstrings to methods that lack of17:10
mhartyflaper87: when's the end of the cycle? and i don't mind boring for now :)17:11
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flaper87mharty: the release is on April 17th17:13
mhartyflaper87: oh i see. that's helpful thku17:14
maliniflaper87: This is getting weirder17:16
malinichk out the patch set 13 in
malinitht always succeeds..17:16
malinibut I thought I was doing the same thing in patch set 1717:17
flaper87malini: looking17:17
malininot ps 17,17:17
flaper87the weirder the better17:17
malinibut why does patch set 13 work?17:18
flaper87malini: wait, which PSs should I check ?17:18
flaper8713 and 17 ?17:18
malini13 is supposed to be bad17:18
flaper87malini: nojournal=true <- shouldn't this be journal=true ?17:19
flaper87malini: why is 13 supposed to be bad?17:19
flaper87erm, journal=false *17:20
maliniflaper87: 13 is the 'good' one-in the sense tht is the only one that passes in gate17:23
maliniBut I dont understand why my later patch sets fail17:24
flaper87malini: probably mysql's fault ?17:24
flaper87what's the error17:24
maliniflaper87: forget everything else I said17:26
flaper87malini: :D17:26
malinido you see any diff b/w patch sets 13 & 14 ?17:26
flaper87malini: in 14 you commented the journal replacement ?17:28
flaper87malini: remember that in mongodb 2.0 journal was *off* by default17:28
maliniSo I brought tht back in patch set 15
flaper87getting rid of `journal=true` disables journal17:29
malinithe only other change in 15 was I got rid of the if mongo condition17:29
maliniBut tht shud still make it identical to 1317:29
flaper87malini: except for s/healt/queue/17:30
flaper87is health giving troubles ?17:30
flaper87brb dinner17:30
maliniSO - I tried patch set 16 in the hopes tht wud work
malininow you know why I am confused :D17:33
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maliniflaper87: I am feeling better now19:34
maliniPatch set 13 does not consistently succeed19:34
malinithere is something wrong in start up19:34
maliniI'll dig into this more later19:35
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AAzzaflaper87: will you look into bug about tests today|tomorrow, so I can spend weekends doing smth?  at least you can tell me smth approximate, so I can start reading the code, experimenting :) Because deadline for application is almost here ;)19:53
flaper87AAzza: hey, sure, I checked something and forgot to get back to you19:56
flaper872 secs19:56
flaper87so, there's a get method there19:57
flaper87that is not being tested as it should19:57
flaper87the return type of get is not being checked19:58
flaper87and it should19:58
AAzzaflaper87: yeah, i see it.19:58
flaper87AAzza: ok, one of the test case improvements is to check the return type of that get20:00
flaper87AAzza: let me know if you need some help20:00
AAzzaflaper87: no, it is not a problem, i will do it tomorrow)20:00
flaper87AAzza: awesome, looking forward to your patch and having you officially in the team ;)20:01
alcabreraout for the weekend. Take care all! Enjoy your π!20:02
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AAzzaflaper87: and one more question, do you like me (of course in case I submit the patch)? :-D if yes, then I can start preparing my application. Maybe then during the next few days, we can discuss smth about the project?20:05
flaper87AAzza: absolutely, there's no time to loose!20:06
flaper87AAzza: and I know you'll submit the patch ;)20:07
AAzzaflaper87: :), then good night)20:12
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jraimkgriffs_afk: balajiiyer - hey guys, did the pecan stuff get posted yet? Or still WIP?21:07
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dstufftHow do I do credentials with marconiclient?23:24
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