Sunday, 2014-03-16

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saikrishnaHi, I am trying to "Running a local Marconi server with MongoDB(" I am able to succesfully do the first 6 steps.07:04
saikrishnaafter running marconi-server -v and  ps aux |grep "marconi" does not show marconi service "Running"07:04
saikrishnaso when i run curl -i -X PUT -H"Content-type: application/json" It throws:07:04
saikrishnacurl: (7) couldn't connect to host07:04
saikrishnacan anyone please help me how to get marconi server running07:04
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prashanthr_hi saikrishna did u follow the instructions in the website08:25
prashanthr_did u install mongodb ??08:26
prashanthr_you can also check the log file to see the errors08:27
prashanthr_the logfile will be defaulted in the same directory as marconi or else in any other location you have changed it to08:28
prashanthr_in the file marconi.log08:30
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AAzzaflaper87:  Hey :) Do you have time to discuss the project?11:17
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vkmcHey flaper87, around?16:32
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flaper87vkmc: yeah17:33
flaper87well, 1h later17:34
flaper87but yeah17:34
vkmcHaha its ok17:45
vkmcIt's Sunday, so I leave you a question for tomorrow17:46
vkmcIt's about functional tests in Marconi17:46
vkmcI'm not sure how those are being handled for the storage engines17:47
flaper87vkmc: what do you mean?17:53
flaper87vkmc: I mean, functional tests for storage have to be enabled17:54
flaper87vkmc: also, the functional tests verifies that the *API* works17:54
flaper87so, it runs an embedded marconi server and exercises the API17:54
flaper87now, whether you're using mongo or sqlite is something different17:55
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vkmcI understand :)18:46
vkmcI got confused, thanks for clearing that out18:49
vkmcI was trying to figure out which tests I should provide for the storage driver implementation18:50
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saikrishnaHi I did some code change in marconi source code. and unable to check whether the code change got reflected or not? Please find detail of change in the link.19:01
saikrishnaPlease let me know how do i make a code change and test the same19:01
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