Monday, 2014-03-17

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jqiuif someone has a chance, could you help me set up marconi? :)02:42
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flwangjqiu: I assume there is a guide associate with the source code04:23
anamalagonflwang: hi! I think jqiu is out right now but I was having the same problem - yes, we were following the Readme on github but were getting a "couldn't connect to host" error when doing a curl command04:31
anamalagonspecifically - this is the guide we were following and got the error when we input the curl command (step #8). Sorry for the newbie question and thanks for replying!04:33
flwanganamalagon: what's your problem?04:34
anamalagonhi flwang, I'm getting a "couldn't connect to host" error when doing this command:04:35
anamalagon curl -i -X PUT -H04:35
anamalagon"Content-type: application/json"04:35
flwangwhat's the result with 'ps -ef | grep marconi-server'?04:37
anamalagonana 5487 3403 0 00:37 pts/0 00:00:00 grep --color=auot marconi-server04:38
flwangseems your marconi server failed to start04:40
anamalagonI see..04:41
flwangyou can drop some break point in the source code to debug what's wrong04:43
anamalagonah, I'm not up to speed with using a debugger yet; sorry, I'm also realizing that marconi-sever -v isn't giving me any output so I must have set something up incorrectly in the config files04:48
flwanganamalagon: maybe04:48
anamalagonflwang: sorry, basic question -do you know if I should sett the mongodb port to 27017 or 28017? I'm guessing (since is the only thing that was changed) that the uri is incorrect.04:50
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flwang27017 is default IIRC04:51
anamalagonalso is there a way to find out the mongodb_host from the command line? I put in the default but not sure how to double check this is correct04:54
prashanthr_Hi flwang,04:54
prashanthr_Thanks for your review of
flwangprashanthr_: np04:56
flwanganamalagon: if you have installed/started mongodb, you can use command 'mongo' to login it04:56
prashanthr_In the comments i saw that you have suggested me to run the test cases for py27.  is running tests for py27 sufficient ??04:56
flwangprashanthr_: as you saw, the gate is checking py26,py27, py33 and pypy, but generally, you can just run py27 locally and let the gate tell you if there is anything wrong with the other compilers04:58
prashanthr_Okay. Will do so and get back. thank u.04:59
flwangprashanthr_: np04:59
anamalagonflwang: hey, sorry - I checked the localhost, it's, mongo (version 2.4.9) command runs fine, it's just that marconi-server doesn't start. I looked up how to use pdb; do you have any advice on where to put the breakpoint?05:16
prashanthr_can i know why MySQL-python dependancy exists ? I browsed through the source code but could not identify any place where it was being used05:16
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prashanthr_flwang: All unit test cases are working f9 now also fixed the code styling issues.05:59
flwangprashanthr_: cool06:06
prashanthr_flwang: I observed that the unit tests creates a queue called "asteriskinheader" which i observed during a REST call : ""06:13
prashanthr_is this expected behavior ??06:13
flwangprashanthr_: what's wrong with that?06:14
prashanthr_also if this queue is already present the unit test fails.  So this requires me to delete this queue manually every time before running the tests.06:14
flwangyou got a failure like 204!=201, is it?06:15
prashanthr_yes precisely the same06:15
flwangso you mean the after the test, the queue has not been removed, right?06:16
prashanthr_yes the queue is not getting cleaned up.06:16
flwangprashanthr_: I see, I opened a bug against this, but I can't recreate it after that. so I can reinvestigate it again. thanks for raising this again06:18
prashanthr_welcome :)06:20
prashanthr_Can i give  a brief writeup on how to reproduce this bug in the description ?06:20
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flwangprashanthr_: sure, go ahead06:30
prashanthr_Did that.06:38
flwangprashanthr_: great, thanks06:39
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AAzzaflaper87:  Hi! Do you have time to discuss the project?11:56
flaper87AAzza: heyyy12:00
flaper87AAzza: I've got to figure out what's wrong with that gate12:01
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AAzzaflaper87:  Oh, good. Can I ask you questions somewhere about project proposal etc?  Just not to spam here)12:08
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flaper87AAzza: private message :)12:25
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rashrag93Hi, I am interested in applying to the marconi project through the outreach program.Are there any mentors to guide me?12:37
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flaper87rashrag93: hey :)12:41
flaper87rashrag93: sure thing!12:42
flaper87rashrag93: have you submitted a patch already?12:42
rashrag93flaper87: no,not yet.12:42
flaper87rashrag93: tell me, what have you done so far?12:44
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rashrag93@flaper87: As of now, I have only read the documentation, both of v1.0 and v1.1 .12:48
flaper87rashrag93: ok, did you check the project proposals for Marconi?12:50
rashrag93@flaper87: No, I have not.12:52
rashrag93@flaper87: Yes, I just went through them.12:59
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flwangprashanthr_1: what's up?13:14
flwangflaper87: hey man13:14
prashanthr_1I was trying to dig into the
prashanthr_1and the behaviour seems very strange13:14
flwangprashanthr_1: i have worked out a fix13:15
prashanthr_1ohh okay. gr813:15
flwangprashanthr_1: i think we just need clean up the queue after created/verified it13:15
prashanthr_1i noticed that the cleanup code was being executed13:16
prashanthr_1all the other queues which were created are destroyed13:16
prashanthr_1but not this particular one13:16
flwangprashanthr_1: ah interesting, any findings?13:17
prashanthr_1the storage driver also does not report any errors13:17
prashanthr_1while trying to purge / delete13:17
prashanthr_1even the queues.on_delete executes successfully.13:18
prashanthr_1But at the end of it the API call v1/queues still shows the presence of asteriskinheader13:18
flaper87flwang: hey, 'sup with that bug?13:19
flwangflaper87: sometimes the queues is not cleaned up13:20
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flwangflaper87: so we will see the failure like 204!=20113:20
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flaper87flwang: ohh, is that it?13:25
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flaper87flwang: is that related to the request utils we have for tests?13:25
flwangflaper87: i'm not really, only this case failed13:26
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alcabreraGood morning, all. :D13:32
prashanthr_1Good morning :)13:33
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flaper87alcabrera: HEEEEYYY13:40
alcabreraflaper87: hey!!! :D13:41
alcabreraflaper87: I wasn't expecting to see you after that email. How are ya?! :S13:41
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flaper87alcabrera: hehehe, I'll be around for 1 more hour :D13:45
flaper87alcabrera: all good my friend, how was your w/e ?13:45
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alcabrerait was lovely, flaper87. I played Magicite with the household, and then soaked in Types and Programming Languages (another 100 pages), and the first 50 pages of Homotopy Type Theory13:46
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flaper87alcabrera: aaahh, nothing like reading or messing with type theory during the weekend13:50
flaper87I've never dug into hott, I'll get the book and read it13:51
alcabrerait's beautiful, flaper87. I recommend going through most of TAPL (Benjamin Pierce) and having some modern algebra theory before tackling it. It's intensely and satisfyingly mathematical, though well-written enough that it isn't obscure.13:52
alcabreraby modern algebra, I mean, enough to know what associative, distributive, reflexive mean, + monoids, and maybe groups.13:52
alcabreraI bet I'll need some geometry half-way through, since it maps the notion of type equivalence to points in space.13:53
alcabreraIt's a very different take on types!13:54
flaper87alcabrera: wow, that sounds... amazing! I already got the hott book. I've quick-read TAPL in the past, I'm sure I'll need to revisit it13:55
flaper87quick-read => just what I was interested in at that moment13:55
alcabreraread all the things, flaper87! :D13:55
alcabreraif you were 2000 miles closer, I'd pull you in to start a "Books We Love" meetup group. :)13:56
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flaper87alcabrera: man, I'd totally attend that meetup. Not that we can't do G+ or something, though.13:57
alcabrerathat's true13:57
alcabreraor even mumble13:57
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AAzzaflaper87:  you forgot about me :'(13:59
flaper87AAzza: I didn't :( I replied and you wen't offline :(14:00
flaper87I think you had some network issues :/14:00
AAzzaflaper87: oh(14:00
AAzzaflaper87: pls, resend answers14:01
flaper87AAzza: ok, I think it was even worse, I didn't even get your questions14:01
flaper87I just got your message about the gate still failing14:02
AAzzaflaper87: oh, then i tried to resend the questions)14:02
AAzzaflaper87: I think it is my laptop don't want for me to talk with people while cooking)14:03
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openstackgerritCatherine Richardson proposed a change to openstack/marconi: adds docs directory with dev guide
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flwangflaper87: seems there are something wrong with pypy gate14:23
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alcabrerakgriffs: hey!15:45
cpallareskgriffs, alcabrera: o/15:47
cpallareskgriffs: How was your vacation?15:48
kgriffswe went camping and it did *not* rain15:52
alcabreracpallares: o/15:52
alcabrerakgriffs: nice!15:52
cpallareskgriffs: haha awesome :)15:52
cpallareshow was your weekend alcabrera? :)15:52
kgriffsbalajiiyer: ping15:52
maliniflaper87: this one might interest you :)15:53
cpallaresvkmc: o/15:54
cpallaresmalini: o/15:54
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malinihello cpallares!!15:54
alcabreracpallares: lovely! I read even further in Types and Programming Languagues (Pierce, 2002) and started reading Homotopy Type Theory (Univalent Foundations Program, 2013)15:54
alcabrerahow about yours, cpallares?15:55
cpallaresalcabrera: It was lovely. I took a trip to the lake and had a picnic :)15:55
cpallaresalcabrera: and I didn't get much reading done :P15:55
alcabrerasounds like a fair trade to me! picnics and lakes sound pleasant, too, cpallares. :)15:56
balajiiyerkgriffs_afk: pong15:58
kgriffsbalajiiyer: got a minute to chat about the eval?15:59
balajiiyerkgriffs: sure15:59
kgriffsok, so first off thanks!15:59
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kgriffsI owe you lots of pop-tarts15:59
balajiiyerkgriffs: you are welcome. I apologize it took so long to get this to you. wasnt expecting this to go down the wire16:00
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vkmcHi cpallares! It sounds you had a great weekend :)16:01
kgriffsbalajiiyer: no worries, I understand you have other stuff going on16:02
malinibalajiiyer: you shudnt apologize after all the great work - You took over the monster of a task :D16:02
kgriffsbalajiiyer: ok, so the one thing I was going to recommend was breaking out the metrics in the graphs16:02
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kgriffsthe autobench graphs16:02
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kgriffsI would just have two sets of graphs, one for latency and one for throughput16:03
kgriffsfor latency, resp_time16:04
kgriffsfor throughput, I'm trying to remember which one was best16:04
saikrishnaHi marconi team, Just a small update. I have unassigned this bug(marconi/+bug/1239834) , since prashathr_ has shown some interest in this in the meanwhile and also sent for a review.16:04
kgriffssaikrishna: thanks for letting us know!16:04
saikrishnano problem :)16:04
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balajiiyerkgriffs: ok. I tried doing that last night, took a while, so wanted to put together this first. I will add it to the list of things to do.16:05
kgriffsbalajiiyer: I think I used a script last time I had to do that16:05
kgriffsI specified which column to pull out of the data file16:06
kgriffs(to the script)16:06
kgriffslet me see if I still have that16:06
balajiiyerkgriffs: I see, that will be handy. thanks!16:06
kgriffsbalajiiyer: the trouble is, the scale for each metric is so different, it makes it hard to see what is going on16:06
balajiiyerkgriffs: yeah, I agree16:07
kgriffsbalajiiyer: I want to say we should use max_rep_rate16:10
kgriffssince you usually want the best rate to account for system noise16:10
kgriffs(vs. avg or min)16:10
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kgriffsbalajiiyer: one more think I forgot to mention16:18
kgriffsbalajiiyer: ping16:18
balajiiyerkgriffs: *listening*16:18
kgriffsbalajiiyer: In the decision matrix doesn't the weight need to be fractions that sum to 1?16:19
kgriffsor are you normalizing the scores another way?16:19
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balajiiyerkgriffs: I gave weights on a scale of 10, and scores are also on a scale of 10. Does that make sense?16:21
kgriffsbalajiiyer: hmmm16:26
kgriffsbalajiiyer: that doesn't sound quite right to me16:26
kgriffsthe weights are relative to eachother16:26
kgriffsbut the scores aren't relative across criteria16:26
kgriffsmaybe that is ok. hmmm16:28
kgriffsbalajiiyer: ah, ok, so I think it is fine, but you will want to explain that your weighting scale is 1-1016:30
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kgriffsbasically, the scale is arbitrary for the weight, as long as you stick to it16:31
balajiiyerkgriffs: yup, just added that note.16:31
malinianybody has a marconi.conf, proven to work with mysql ?16:31
kgriffsbut, what about the idea that they should add up to 10?16:31
kgriffsI'm trying to figure out where I got that idea16:31
balajiiyerkgriffs: I looked at the link sometime back when I wanted to do the decision matrix16:32
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balajiiyerkgriffs: lunch, brb16:36
*** balajiiyer is now known as balajiiyer_afk16:36
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alcabreramalini: I don't have one, but...16:39
alcabrerashould do it, according to
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kgriffsmalini: ping17:33
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malinikgriffs: pong17:36
kgriffshey there, I saw that mike came to the rescue last week - what was the fix?17:36
malinikgriffs: YES!! mpanetta was right all along17:37
kgriffsoh, I see17:37
malinimarconi-server was not daemonized correctly17:37
kgriffswe needed to daemonize17:37
kgriffsI blame flavio17:38
kgriffs(since he isn't here)17:38
mpanettaIt still isn't :P17:38
malinimpanetta: we are on the way to ;)17:38
kgriffssrsly., I was going to make marconi-server daemonize but he said "nah, operators should just use supervisord for that"17:39
mpanettaI did the minimum work required to get it working as fast as possible :P17:39
mpanettakgriffs: Who said that?17:39
malinikgriffs:& then flaper87 went on to introduce sqlalchemy to devstack , which broke everything :-P17:39
mpanettaHe was joking surely :P17:39
kgriffsI'm just talking shmack cause he isn't here. :)17:40
maliniright now our issue is marconi wont start up with mongo17:40
kgriffsmalini: oh boy17:40
kgriffsnothing can be easy, can it.17:40
maliniall is good with sqlite17:40
malinibut not with mongo/mysql17:40
malinithe gate has an ancient mongo version - 2.0.417:40
alcabreraquite old17:41
kgriffsthat was before you had TTL indexes iirc17:41
maliniI chked @ #openstack-ceilometer & they are not running devstack on mongo either17:41
kgriffsso what do we do if we require a newer version of mongo?17:42
maliniinterestingly we have a new patch at the right time
maliniceilometer requires >2.417:42
kgriffswell, nice work anyway getting to this point17:44
kgriffsI still think it is lame that you can't just run a regular process but whatever17:45
kgriffsmaybe this problem will magically go away if/when devstack moves to docker17:45
kgriffsalcabrera, malini, mpanetta: does the README need to change now that marconi-server is backgrounding itself?17:46
alcabrerakgriffs: yes, and also - the README needs to indicate that mysql_config must be installed prior to installing marconi17:48
kgriffsmalini: can we make the gate job voting now?17:48
kgriffsalcabrera: can you take care of that?17:49
malinikgriffs: not yet17:49
maliniwe'll have tio use sqlite to do tht17:49
malinifor some strange reason mysql doesnt work either17:49
kgriffsmalini: ETA on mongo or mysql?17:49
kgriffsalso, will you be in the TC meeting tomorrow?17:50
malinikgriffs: yes..when is it?17:50
kgriffsfor the graduation review17:50
alcabrerakgriffs: sure thing - updating the rEADME now17:50
kgriffsmalini: ^^17:50
kgriffsalcabrera: thanks!17:50
kgriffsmalini: ok, so we can say we have devstack/tempest integration but non-voting. they will ask about that17:51
malinikgriffs: I have a bug open for the mongo issue. do you want us to use sqlite, till we figure out the mysql?17:51
kgriffsmalini: hmm.17:52
kgriffsso, two concerns there17:52
kgriffsso, I don't know what is best17:52
maliniI dont like having sqlite as the backend either17:53
kgriffsi would say sqlite is OK as long as we have a critical bug filed and we won't suddenly have a bunch of patches blocked once the tempest job is voting, and we try to turn on mongo or mysql17:53
malinibut we need to figure out what going on with mysql17:53
kgriffsI would prefer just leaving it non-voting and failing so we have more incentive to fix it17:54
kgriffsmalini: what is the next step for mysql?17:54
malinikgriffs: get marconi running with mysql locally17:55
openstackgerritAlejandro Cabrera proposed a change to openstack/marconi: docs(readme): update for mysql, daemon server
malinibut as always, I am getting pulled into other priorities..So havent been able to start on tht yet17:55
mpanettaI wish you could use emoticons for process/file names.  Then it really could be a daemon server :P17:55
kgriffsnice idea17:56
AAzzaalcabrera:  hey, by the way, while you are editing the readme, can you pls delete last slash from reference to wiki, I think I accidentally put it, and the link is broken now) (shy)18:04
alcabreraAAzza: sure thing :)18:05
openstackgerritAlejandro Cabrera proposed a change to openstack/marconi: docs(readme): update for mysql, daemon server
alcabreraAAzza: thanks for the pointer! All fixed.18:06
AAzzaalcabrera: now i can sleep well, thanks)18:09
kgriffsmpanetta, oz_akan_: a couple links from NoSQL weekly that are relevant to us here18:13
kgriffsthat second one is directly relevant for couch, but may have some wisdom for Mongo18:14
alcabrera -- this blog entry was removed. >.>18:15
oz_akan_kgriffs: swampiness is a huge topic especially in innodb community. if you disable it your processes will start to be killed under memory pressure18:19
oz_akan_usually good to have something little there18:20
oz_akan_unless you are 100% sure about application18:20
oz_akan_mongodb link is also nice, thanks18:20
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malinikgriffs, alcabrera:
maliniany idea what could cause this?18:33
maliniof courxe..18:33
malinineeds a uri :D18:33
alcabreralooks like sqlalchemy uri18:33
openstackgerritCatherine Richardson proposed a change to openstack/marconi: adds docs directory with dev guide
maliniI am wondering if this needs to be updated
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openstackgerritCatherine Richardson proposed a change to openstack/marconi: adds docs directory with dev guide
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jraimkgriffs: ping19:36
kgriffsjraim: pong19:36
jraimhave you seen this issue for falcon?
jraimsupport service and barbican got bit by that one due to how repose does things19:37
kgriffshmm, looks like that never got triaged19:37
*** malini is now known as malini_afk19:37
kgriffsit's a reasonable request19:37
jraimokay, just wanted to take your temperature on it19:37
kgriffsjust, it isn't very common to have multiple header keys19:37
jraimit's a repose thing19:37
jraimit does that for certain headers19:38
kgriffsLet me schedule it for the next milestone19:38
kgriffspull requests welcome. :)19:38
kgriffsotherwise, I plan to carve out some time to get 0.2.0 issues cleaned up19:38
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alcabreraGood night, all. o/20:12
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openstackgerritJon Bernard proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Include full license text
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balajiiyerkgriffs: ping23:42

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