Monday, 2014-03-31

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flwangflaper87: ping08:02
flaper87flwang: pong08:02
flwangflaper87: I'm still working on the client test though it may be late for you, sorry about that.08:03
flwangflaper87: I'm running into some problems against keystone auth08:03
flaper87flwang: no worries, it's all for good!08:03
flaper87thanks a lot08:03
flwangflaper87: did you try the keystone auth for marconi server?08:03
flaper87flwang: yup, Marconi's keystone should work unless something changed08:04
flwangflaper87:  is it necessary to create service catalog in keystone for marconi server before keystone auth?08:05
flaper87flwang: if you use devstack, it should do everything for ya'08:08
flaper87enable_service marconi-server08:08
flwangI know08:08
flwangjust wanna to confirm if it's a potential reason, I will devstack my laptop again08:09
flwangflaper87: I assume you have not released client yet, is it?08:11
flaper87flwang: don't devstack your laptop :P08:11
flaper87flwang: not yet, I'll do that this week08:12
flwangflaper87: ok, ^good^, I really want to give a hand08:12
flwangflaper87: may I ask a question about cinder+oslo.messaging at here? or in a private window?08:15
flaper87flwang: priv, pls08:15
flaper87or openstack-dev08:15
flaper87or openstack-cinder08:15
flwangprivate window08:17
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* flaper87 wonders where the folks of this channel are14:41
flaper87kgriffs|afk: alcabrera|zz malini ?14:41
flaper87sriram: hey hey :D14:43
flaper87sriram: how was your weekend?14:43
sriramflaper87: It was awesome.14:43
sriramHad lots of marathon badminton sessions :)14:44
sriramflaper87: I was wondering if there was any blueprint or bug-fixes that I can start out with?14:44
sriramto start becoming a proper contributor.14:44
flaper87sriram: cool, glad you had a great weekend14:45
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flaper87sriram: hehe, you asked for it! :D14:45
* flaper87 gets a long list of bps for sriram14:45
flaper87sriram: this one should keep you busy for a bit :P14:50
flaper87we won't be able to merge it until the Juno dev cycle starts but it shouldn't take long14:50
flaper87I hope marconi's rc will be cut this week or the next one14:51
sriramthanks! flaper87. I'll start working on this soon :)14:51
flaper87sriram: awesome :D14:51
flaper87and thanks a lot14:52
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flaper87tellesnobrega: hey, welcome to the most amazing channel ever :D15:02
flaper87tellesnobrega: shoot, what can we help with ?15:02
alcabrera|zzgood morning! :D15:05
tellesnobregaflaper87: i'm starting to think about making sahara available for real time processing15:05
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tellesnobregaand one possible solution that I'm thinking is using marconi as the queue to send the process into the ESP application15:06
tellesnobregado you think marconi will suffice for this situation ?15:06
cpallaresalcabrera, malini: o/15:07
alcabreracpallares: heeeey! :)15:08
cpallaresalcabrera: how was your weekend?15:08
alcabreraawesome, cpallares! I colored, spent time with friends, and got to write. :)15:09
cpallaresnice alcabrera, did you write on Sunday? I remember you and flaper87 had some sort of writing Sunday planned :P15:10
flaper87tellesnobrega: that sounds really great! Yeah, I believe marconi is perfect for that task15:10
cpallaresalcabrera: I saw your painting on twitter :)15:10
flaper87cpallares: ssshh we fail at really doing things15:10
tellesnobregaflaper87: thanks. I'm still at the thinking phase, once I have more concrete stuff and need some help with marconi, i will sure be back here15:11
alcabreracpallares, flaper87: yeah, not that writing. Mostly some personal reflection. :)15:12
flaper87tellesnobrega: pls, let us know if we can help with some guidance, coding or support from a client perspective15:12
tellesnobregaflaper87: i will for sure, thanks for the quick feedback :)15:12
alcabreracpallares: how was your weekend?15:13
cpallaresalcabrera: it was pretty good :) I got lots of sleep and took lots of naps. It was warm enough so I went kayaking :)15:15
cpallaresalcabrera: Also I watched the spin-off of Carl Sagan's Cosmos, it was pretty good :D15:15
* flaper87 is not human15:16
alcabreracpallares: sounds lovely. Things have been warming up here, too. I felt at peace with the world Sunday morning because it wasa so warm, and there was so little traffic.15:16
* flaper87 wonders where Kurt is15:20
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kgriffssorry, forgot to sign in earlier. :p15:36
alcabrerakgriffs: o/15:36
kgriffsflaper87: hey, do you know whether any work is planned to get keystone auth_token middleware to use oslo cache?15:44
flaper87kgriffs: I've no idea, TBH. AFAIK, one of the keystone guys wanted to make oslo.cache use dogpile.cache or something like that15:45
kgriffsflaper87: do you want to talk about the FAQ in tomorrow's meeting, or maybe schedule a special meetup just for that?15:53
flaper87kgriffs: uuhh, that'd be a good first topic for a G+ session15:53
flaper87kgriffs: great idea15:53
kgriffsflaper87: will you be in the mtg tomorrow, btw?15:54
flaper87yup, I'll be there15:54
kgriffsflaper87: iirc, auth_token requires memcached right now, correct?15:55
flaper87kgriffs: it's optional15:55
flaper87if you want to cache the token then yeah15:56
kgriffsflaper87: optional, but if you enable cache, it is memcache only15:56
flaper87kgriffs: correct15:56
* flaper87 hates this timezone15:56
flaper87it's 18:00 here already and you guys are still waking up15:56
kgriffsflaper87: re the mtg, maybe we can take a minute to set up a G+ time for going over the faq, then you could propose the mtg on the mailing list for whoever isn't in the mtg to get confirmation - I think there is some tool for voting on a time slot15:57
kgriffsflaper87: lol. But you get to eat amazing pasta and live by a lake15:57
flaper87kgriffs: doodle15:57
kgriffsthat's it15:57
kgriffscouldn't remember the name off the top of my head15:57
flaper87kgriffs: yeah, ok, lets do that!15:57
kgriffsrock on15:57
flaper87kgriffs: btw, re G+, it does have a limit on the number of participants (10 people)15:57
flaper87but the livestream is unlimited15:57
flaper87so folks could still watch the stream15:58
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kgriffsok, and we can monitor IRC for questions and stuff16:04
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boris-42malini hi16:50
malinihello boris-4216:50
boris-42malini I just saw your email about performance of marconi16:51
maliniyes, I havent been able to get to it with some other stuff going on16:51
boris-42malini And I am working on standard OpenStack benchmark tool16:51
boris-42malini probably you heard
maliniare you referring to rally?16:52
boris-42malini yep=)16:52
maliniyou type faster boris-42 ;)16:52
boris-42malini and I would like to coopearate=)16:52
maliniyayyy..I have been meaning to look at rally16:52
maliniWe currently use tsung to do the benchmarks16:52
boris-42malini so actually I can make some short live demo presentation)16:52
maliniboris-42: tht would be cool !!16:53
boris-42malini of rally so we will be able to discuss how to cover cases that you need16:53
boris-42malini is there anybody interested as well?)16:53
boris-42malini I mean to make 1 live demo not 10 =)16:53
boris-42malini (I mean for marconi team)16:53
maliniA lot of us in the team are interested in benchmarking16:53
kgriffsboris-42: +116:53
maliniI cant think of anybody who is not interested16:53
maliniboris-42: Can we plan a g+ hangout?16:54
boris-42malini so could you organize (as you are more familiar with team) proper time to make 1-2 live demos for all members16:54
kgriffsboris-42: fwiw, we have been using Tsung mostly for benchmark engine.16:54
boris-42malini sure sure16:54
kgriffsbut IMO the real value add for Rally would be continuous testing and graphing over time16:54
boris-42kgriffs yep16:54
maliniboris-42: This is what we have today
boris-42kgriffs actually we are starting work on Operators case in rally16:55
boris-42kgriffs so we would like to be even more heavy integrated with OpenStack16:55
kgriffsboris-42: wrt benchmark engine, HTTP benchmarking tools seem to be be biased toward web apps, not APIs. Do you have a particular tool in mind already for Rally?16:55
boris-42kgriffs e.g. profiling / health checks / periodic perfromance testing / ...16:55
kgriffsboris-42: cool, that would be great16:56
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* kgriffs wants flame graphs16:56
maliniboris-42: Do you think you can use one of the Marconi API's in the Rally demo?16:56
* kgriffs is jealous of node community16:56
boris-42malini kgriffs so 1 sec16:56
kgriffsboris-42: we obviously don't care much about this. ;)16:57
boris-42kgriffs malini so Rally has common apporach16:57
boris-42kgriffs malini  it uses std python clients of project16:57
boris-42kgriffs malini as I see you have one of them=)16:57
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boris-42malini would you like to cooperate to build base for marconi?)16:59
boris-42malini it should take more then 1hrs16:59
maliniboris-42: of course!16:59
maliniI got a lil worried over tht typo ;)16:59
malinidoes rally have an IRC channel?17:00
maliniI will add a bp in Marconi to start adding tests in Rally17:00
boris-42malini kgriffs  actually I am happy to see project in OpenStack that is worried of perfromance=)17:01
malinimeanwhile we'll continue with Tsung for the benchmarks till we have enough tests in Rally17:01
boris-42malini let me help you (probably here or in rally chat)17:01
kgriffsI suppose this will also be a benchmark of the client librarty17:01
boris-42kgriffs yep cause it will go through it17:01
boris-42kgriffs we have as well plans of adding profiler17:01
boris-42kgriffs to see what is happening under hood of project17:02
maliniboris-42: we have had the Tsung tests for a long toime, but we didnt want them in the marconi repo, for obvious reasons17:02
kgriffsboris-42: fwiw, we have been thinking about adding first-class async support into the client. Not sure how that factor's into the way rally works17:02
boris-42kgriffs so client instance should be thread safe17:02
boris-42kgriffs it's very important (other thing are not important)17:02
boris-42malini so let me help you to start with rally17:03
boris-42malini cause it should be very simple17:03
kgriffsflaper87: ^^^17:03
boris-42malini so are you using keystone for authentication?17:04
maliniboris-42: yes17:04
boris-42malini nice nice17:04
boris-42malini it is very important lol=)17:04
kgriffsboris-42: kk. I was just thinking, using green threads may be a way to generate more load than you could with regular threads.17:04
boris-42kgriffs so actually we have in plans to build distributed load generator17:04
boris-42kgriffs cause in MagnetoDB we would like to produce load of 100k requests/sec17:05
boris-42kgriffs so it will be very interesting task=)17:05
kgriffsI imagine Swift and Marconi will need really high loads as well17:05
boris-42kgriffs yep so distributed load generator17:05
maliniboris-42: newbie question on Rally. WHy did you choose to build a new tool over using any of the existing ?17:05
kgriffsboris-42: I'm sure nobody has ever asked you that question. ;)17:06
boris-42kgriffs ^_^17:06
boris-42malini so the answer is simple17:06
maliniI am sure you guys did your homework17:06
kgriffsboris-42: I'm sure there are good reasons, we are just trying to understand the background17:06
boris-42malini I would like to make simple tool for OpenStackers17:06
boris-42malini where you have a lot of OpenStack specific stuff17:07
malinilike say, handle authentication etc. by default ?17:07
boris-42malini like do everything=)17:08
boris-42malini ^ this is config of task17:08
boris-42malini it creates environment for benchmark with 3 tenants and 2 users per tenant17:08
boris-42malini these users will be transperatly used in benchmark scenario17:09
boris-42malini and you are able with new "benchmark context" stuff to build any environment for these users and tenants, setup networks/ create vms/ upload images set quotas17:09
boris-42malini as well input config will be fully checked17:09
boris-42malini e.g. there is such benchmark, there is such load generator, image-id and flavor-id are valid17:10
maliniboris-42: can you easily do multiple (thousands) tenants? tht is one of our current pain points17:10
boris-42malini so specify 1k tenants17:10
boris-42malini and you'll get 1 tenants17:10
boris-42malini more then you are able to specify "amount threads" that are creating them17:11
maliniso Rally would take care of creating all the needed tenants in keystone?17:11
boris-42malini yep17:11
boris-42malini and then delete all of them17:11
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malinitht is great17:12
maliniIs Rally meant to be run against devstack?17:12
boris-42malini so there is a long list (and it will be even longer) why I chose to make one more tool17:12
boris-42malini actually nope17:12
boris-42malini at this moment we have 3 parts17:12
kgriffs<random> malini: I just tweeted something that I'd like to dedicate to you. </random>17:12
kgriffsmalini: "Show me your bug-free code and I'll show you a missing test."17:12
boris-42malini lol=)17:13
maliniI am flattered kgriffs17:13
boris-42malini so about rally parts17:13
boris-421) Deployment part - deploy or use existing cloud17:13
* flaper87 back17:13
boris-422) Verification - use tempest to verify cloud17:13
flaper87holy crap, all the fun happens when I'm not around17:13
boris-423) Benchmark part - use our stuff for benchmarking17:13
boris-42flaper87 lol=) yep=)17:13
flaper87there are like too many messages for me to digest, I'm starting to digest my dinner17:14
boris-42flaper87 ^ it's just crap about perfromance=)17:14
maliniboris-42: 1 & 2 happens outside of Rally , & Rally can run against any OpenStack cloud17:15
maliniboris-42: flaper87 & kgriffs are our perf tuning gurus ;)17:15
boris-42malini rally can be run against any cloud17:15
flaper87If something can be faster then that's not crap at all :P17:15
boris-42malini including rackspace public cloud lol17:15
boris-42malini but in future=) when we actually finish support of procreated users17:15
maliniboris-42: tht is very important ;)17:16
boris-42malini btw there is a core from RackSpace in Rally17:16
boris-42malini hughsaunders17:16
malinitht is good to know17:16
boris-42malini so if you are from England he can describe you everything=)17:17
maliniboris-42: thanks for reaching out to us & all the explanations17:17
boris-42malini so let me describe how to get for couple of minutes benchmark for marconi17:17
boris-42malini probably in rally chat to avoid spamming here=)17:17
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malinifyi..I will be offline for most of the afternoon - have some personal stuff to take care of17:38
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kgriffscpallares: I commented on your latest pull for Falcon. So close!
kgriffscpallares: thanks for your help with this, btw. :)19:51
cpallaressooo close19:51
cpallareskgriffs: I'll update the patch.19:51
kgriffsrock on, thx!19:51
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dmitrymeHello Marconi folks21:31
dmitrymeI'd like to propose a topic for tomorrow team meeting21:31
*** turbi0 has joined #openstack-marconi21:31
dmitrymeit is about using Marconi for guest agent21:31
dmitrymeif you don't yet familiar with that topic, you can find a brief description on the wiki here:
dmitrymebasically the idea is that an agent running on VM executes commands coming from OpenStack service21:33
dmitrymeso essentially that is an RPC from the service and 'into' the VM21:34
dmitrymeit is supposed to be useful for PaaS kind of projects21:36
dmitrymelike Savanna, Trove, Solum and Murano21:37
dmitrymealso Heat folks are interested21:37
kgriffsdmitryme: sure, let me add you to the agenda21:38
dmitrymekgriffs: great, thanks!21:38
flaper87dmitryme: wow wow wow, exiting! Looking forward to hear what you've to say :D21:41
flaper87thanks :D21:41
kgriffsdmitryme: I added you at the bottom of "extra stuff" - I think it will take 10-15 minutes to get to that item (the other items are pretty much just FYI's)21:42
dmitrymekgriffs: nice, thank you21:43
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kgriffsdmitryme: btw, Rackspace Cloud Backup uses something very similar to Marconi to communicate between the service and individual backup agents on servers. It has been working well.21:45
dmitrymeflaper87: no sensation here :-) . As it was discussed in the mailing thread, seems like Marconi is the best fit for the agent. Initially we thought to implement RPC on top of standard oslo.messaging backends: RabbitMQ, QPid, ZeroMQ21:45
dmitrymebut the thing is such solution will be limited by design as it is really hard to implement tenant isolation with these21:46
flaper87kgriffs: something similar to marconi != marconi21:46
flaper87shame on you, kgriffs21:46
kgriffsI think the team will be interested in your thoughts on that21:46
kgriffsdmitryme: also, users often have iptables restricting stuff and HTTP is more likely to get through.21:47
kgriffsflaper87: heh, I think they have it on their roadmap to migrate.21:47
kgriffsthe "something similar" is code-named RSE21:47
kgriffsit predates marconi by quite a bit21:47
dmitrymekgriffs: nice point21:48
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dmitrymeas for the other stuff, these are just details. I'd like to preserve them for the meeting, otherwise I will have nothing to talk about ;-)21:50
kgriffsdmitryme: you should be using this instead:
flaper87kgriffs: ok ok, as long as they migrate, that's fine :P21:50
kgriffsdmitryme: yep, let's discuss in the mtg21:50
dmitrymekgriffs: BTW, are Rackspace Queues based on Marconi, right?21:51
kgriffsdmitryme: yes21:51
kgriffsRackspace tracks marconi trunk closely.21:52
dmitrymekgriffs: API makes it pretty obvious21:52
kgriffsIMO, the closer an operator tracks upstream code and behavior, the better21:52
kgriffsif one operator has to patch the code to make it work, chances are other people could use that patch, so let's submit it upstream instead.21:54
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