Monday, 2014-04-21

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alcabreraGood morning, all. :)13:53
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maliniGood Morning!!!13:59
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alcabreramalini: hey! :D13:59
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sriramhey hey hey :D14:00
alcabrerasriram: o/14:00
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saikrishnaGood morning Alej:)14:08
alcabrerasaikrishna: good morning!14:09
AAzzamalini: hi14:10
malinihello AAzza!!!14:10
maliniThank You for the patch14:10
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AAzzamalini: want to ask you about jsonschema) current patch does allow extra fields in the result. Maybe better to add 'addinionalProperties' = False, to the  object's declaraction?14:11
AAzzamalini: no problem) glad to do smth useful)14:12
maliniAAzza: Let me chk the schema..1 min14:12
malinisounds good..We can use the 'addinionalProperties' = False14:13
maliniWe could probably update the other test tht uses scehma validation with 'addinionalProperties' = False too14:13
AAzzamalini: yes, then i could add it also there)14:14
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alcabreraI like the idea of setting 'additionalProperties = False' => stricter checking14:14
alcabrerait'll help us catch inadvertent schema changes14:15
alcabreraor if they were intentional, serve as a double-check that the change needs to be communicated14:15
malinivalidating using jsonschema is cool14:15
alcabrerait's a programmable spec. :)14:16
alcabrerabetter than wiki/api/v1.114:16
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: Adds command line option "daemon" to Marconi
alcabreramarconi-server is now optionally daemonic14:17
alcabrerathanks, Obulpathi14:17
AAzzamalini: by the way, it feels a li-i-ittle bit ugly, every time to do 'schema = get_schema' and then next line assertSchema. maybe think some other way, while there is not so many tests use it.14:18
ObulpathiNow working on devstack patch to add daemon option to marconi script14:18
AAzzamalini: if it is only me, then i will just shut down and change it back)14:18
maliniAAzza: good point14:19
maliniLet see how we can make it beautiful14:19
maliniWe can just pass in the schema name like you did in your patch & do the get_schema inside assetSchema14:20
maliniObulpathi: wooot14:20
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AAzzamalini: yes, could be good way. then self.response should be set in the BaseTestClass14:21
maliniAAzza: tht sounds a lot cleaner14:21
AAzzamalini: then i should change it with this commit also)14:23
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maliniAAzza: cool..Thanks!!14:24
AAzzamalini: no problem, any way i need smth to do during flight to Oslo)14:26
maliniAAzza: Any chance you will be at the ATL summit?14:27
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AAzzamalini: no chances for me to get visa)14:29
AAzzamalini: oh, flight boarding is started). will update commit tomorrow, i think) have a good day)14:30
maliniAAzza: have a safe trip!!14:30
malinijchai: ping14:33
malinijchai: I was checking out your tempest patch now14:34
maliniI see the compute folks are using jsonschema to do their validations in tempest14:34
maliniThey are the only ones who use jsonschema now14:34
maliniBut tht definitely is a better way to do the validation14:35
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malinijchai: The only thing I didnt like there is their validations are buried in the clients14:35
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jchaiOK. I'll take a look at that.14:36
flwangmorning guys14:38
alcabreraflwang: o/14:38
cpallaresflwang: o/14:38
malinihello flwang!14:38
cpallaresalcabrera: o/14:38
maliniThanks jchai!14:38
flwanghello from Beijing :D14:38
maliniflwang: how much longer are you in Beijing?14:41
flwangmalini: until now?14:41
flwangalmost 9 years14:41
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alcabreracpallares: hey! how goes? :)14:44
cpallaresalcabrera: pretty good and you?14:54
alcabreralovely. It was a good weekend and it's been fun today, so far, cpallares!14:54
alcabreraI played a whole bunch of Secret of Grindea with Jess and friends on Sunday. It's still early-access, has quite a few bugs, but lots of fun.14:55
cpallaresalcabrera: good to hear :)14:55
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cpallaresalcabrera: Secrets of Grindea? I've never played it, what is it about?14:55
alcabreracpallares: it's an action/rpg that makes fun of (adoringly) and that whole genre. You start in a town, and are given a mystical, sentient, infinitely deep bag with a snarky personality, and your quest to Collect all of the things in the land of Grindea14:58
alcabrerait's multiplayer, too14:58
alcabreramany slimes were squished this weekend14:58
alcabrerapumpkins, too14:58
* cpallares *clicks*14:59
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malinicpallares: are you going to be at the ATL summit?15:22
cpallaresmalini: yes15:23
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* cpallares is tired of airports15:24
alcabreraoh yeah, especially after the issue at the Montreal air port. Didn't you have to stay overnight at that one because of flight scheduling issues. cpallares? >.>15:24
cpallaresalcabrera: yeah :C15:24
alcabreraI hope that doesn't happen again15:25
alcabrerasounds awful. :(15:25
cpallaresalcabrera: I didn't have very good luck on my trip to montreal.15:25
cpallaresalcabrera: Although flying international is different than flying domestic15:25
alcabrerathat is true, though I've never flown international!15:26
* alcabrera believes cpallares15:26
malinicpallares: when do you fly in?15:26
maliniSat/ SUn?15:26
cpallaresmalini: On Thursday night.15:26
malinicpallares: awesome!!15:26
cpallaresmalini: oh no wait, on Sunday night15:27
cpallaresmalini: I'm not sure why I said Thursday.15:27
cpallaresmalini: I hope to see you there :) I'm attending the design stuff for marconi.15:27
malinicpallares: of course!! we will meet then :)15:28
maliniI had the weirdest dream y'day15:28
alcabreramalini: oh?15:29
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alcabreracpallares: looking forward to seeing you there. :)15:29
maliniThe OS summit is big & huge & crowded, so I couldn't fine my way to the Marconi session  :D15:29
malinitht was my dream *15:29
mpanettaI hope it did not involve devstack :P15:29
alcabreraoh no!15:29
malini& the funnier thing was the summit was happening in a Rackspace office15:30
alcabreraoh wow15:30
maliniBut I definitely did not recognize the place15:30
alcabrerathat sounds like an anxiety dream15:30
cpallaresmalini, alcabrera: Yeah that sounds like an anxiety dream.15:31
alcabrerasometimes, they're unrelated to the content of the actual dream, and reflect what's going on in a related aspect of life. Whether or not that's the case, I can relate to the feeling of anxiety in large, crowded places15:31
maliniAfter spending 3 days in the mountains, I know why I got anxious of crowded places :D15:33
cpallaresmalini: Or you can have a fear of conferences :P15:33
malinitht might be it, cpallares!!15:33
mpanettaThe mountains sound so nice15:33
cpallaresmalini: I have test anxiety dreams where I dream I'm sitting down in class and the professor announces that we have a test because it's the middle of the semester.15:33
malinicpallares: I had the test dreams till recently !15:34
cpallaresmalini: They're horrible!15:34
cpallaresmalini: PTSD that school gives :P15:34
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malinicpallares:they are worse than conf dreams15:34
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alcabreraschool ptsd, for real15:36
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alcabrerafear of being wrong, fear of experimentation, fear of being questioned, tested...15:37
alcabrerait's so bad. :P15:37
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Obulpathimalini: here is the link to the devstack patch:
malinithanks Obulpathi!15:45
Obulpathialcabrera: fear is bad15:45
Obulpathimalini: welcome :)15:46
mpanettaFear is the mind killer :P15:46
alcabreranow I've got "the spice must flow"15:46
alcabreraassociation jumps are fun15:47
mpanettahahah yes15:47
maliniFear is needed for survival - or I would be fighting a lion ;)15:47
malinibut not too much of it15:48
alcabrerafear itself is not bad, I think. I agree with the notion that it makes reasoning difficult ("mind killer")15:49
maliniit must be those fear hormones getting into the wrong part of the brain15:50
alcabreraTIL: Python allows hashing on None, e.g., d = {None: 'value'}; d[None] => 'value'  #python15:50
mpanettaThat is kinda scary...15:50
alcabrerasomehow, this seems terribly perverse, but I'm okay with the idea in that it unifies None as a value15:51
alcabreraafter all, Maybe a => Nothing | Just a, where Nothing is just a value15:51
mpanettaHrm, what happens when you iterate the hash though?15:52
Obulpathisounds like dividing with zero to me15:52
Obulpathihashing None, I mean15:52
alcabrerad.items() => {None: 'value'}15:53
alcabrerad[1] = 215:53
alcabrerad.items() => {None: 'value', 1: 2}15:53
alcabrerarespect for types in the above example -- 015:53
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alcabreramalini: It;'s going to take some refactoring16:42
alcabreramalini: re - pop + validation16:42
alcabreraI saw this: has nothing wrt message_deletion, and instead utilizes message_listing validation16:43
malinialcabrera: do you think the XOR check shud be somewhere else?16:43
alcabrerain queues:CollectionResource.on_delete16:43
alcabreramalini: yes16:43
malinialcabrera: Tht is probably because we didnt need any validations for delete16:43
alcabreraa new method16:43
alcabrerayup. :)16:43
maliniexcept making sure the listed id count < allowed limit16:44
alcabreraso, I feel the right way to go16:44
alcabrerais to make a new check in validation.py16:44
maliniI was thinking of adding a new meesage_delete16:44
alcabrerayup! we agree. :D16:44
maliniok deletion :d16:44
alcabreraeither way, haha16:44
malinieverything else is a noun16:44
maliniso I'll be consistent ;)16:44
alcabreraah, yes, that's true16:44
alcabreraso yes, have that enforce the XOR of ids|pop16:45
alcabrerathen perform validation on ids|pop depending on which one is given16:45
malinigood idea16:45
alcabrerait's very likely you'll be able to leverage message_listing for the branch where only ids is present16:46
alcabrerathe pop|validation branch will be all-new16:46
alcabrera100% malini16:46
malinithts what I was thinking too..Just need to make sure it doesnt get too IFfy ;)16:46
alcabreraas long as it isn't nested IFfies. :D16:46
alcabreraI'm actually okay withup to 3 distinct if-checks in most functions16:47
alcabreraI judge it by: "Does it still fit on the screen? Are they all heavily-related checks?"16:47
maliniI will make sure to get you a big screen before reviewing this16:48
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openstackgerritBalaji Iyer proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Removes host header from functional tests, this header will be set automatically by webservers
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openstackgerritBalaji Iyer proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Removes host header from functional tests
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maliniObulpathi: Its a MIRACLE!!!!  the mongoDB backend appears to be working - atleast in ur experimental result19:06
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maliniObulpathi: Can you check once again with the exp job, if it is consistently working?19:06
maliniIf it consistently succeeds, we dont need to do the sqlite thing19:07
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vkmcHi all :)19:20
cpallaresvkmc, AAzza: Congrats!19:23
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cpallaresYay for the new marconi interns :D19:23
vkmcThanks cpallares :D19:24
vkmcI'm so so so happy right now19:24
cpallaresvkmc: \o/19:25
vkmc\o) \o/ (o/19:26
vkmcThere are not enough emojis for this19:26
vkmcHahaha totally!19:27
vkmcHey AAzza :D19:27
AAzzait is cool)19:28
vkmcTotally is!19:29
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maliniI missed something!!19:35
maliniAAzza, vkmc: what happened?19:35
vkmcOPW and GSoC accepted students has been announced... and we will be working in Marconi this summer :DDD19:36
kgriffseveryone knows we are the funnest OS team. ;)19:37
malinicongratulations vkmc & AAzza!!!19:38
alcabreracongrats, vkmc, AAzza!19:38
vkmckgriffs, There is a rumour going around that there are poptarts and gummybears around here...19:39
vkmcThanks malini, alcabrera :)19:39
* vkmc will code for poptarts19:40
kgriffsYeah, we all gained about 20 virtual pounds this year from all the virtual goodies.19:40
kgriffswe are so totally going to have REAL poptarts and stuff in Atlanta19:40
kgriffsbalajiiyer: you can expense that, right? :D19:41
sriramcongrats AAzza and vkmc :)19:41
mpanettaspeaking of expensing things...19:42
balajiiyerkgriffs: totally. Expenses paid back in poptarts and gummy bears.19:42
vkmcThanks sriram :D19:42
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AAzzathanks to all)19:43
cpallareskgriffs: "we all gained about 20 virtual pounds this year from all the virtual goodies." LOL19:56
alcabrerathat is accurate. :)19:56
alcabreraI'm out for the night. see you tomorrow, all. :)19:58
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balajiiyercongrats vkmc and AAzza, welcome to the team20:00
vkmcThanks balajiiyer! :)20:00
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