Friday, 2014-04-25

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prashanthr_hi can i know what's the  name for the next upcoming release of  openstack ?02:49
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vkmcHi all :)12:56
AAzzavkmc: hi)12:57
vkmcAAzza, o/12:58
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alcabreraprashanthr_: Juno. :)13:51
alcabreraGood morning, all. :)13:51
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maliniHello prashanthr_, vkmc, AAzza!!13:55
prashanthr_Hi malini, Good morning all ! :)13:56
maliniWe have all the three smart interns together for the first time!13:56
maliniWhen does the internship officially start?13:56
prashanthr_ha ha13:56
prashanthr_thanks to all of you for the help to get into Gsoc13:56
prashanthr_it officially kicks off from May 21st13:56
prashanthr_and goes until 21st of Aug13:57
maliniWe are excited to have you on-board :)13:57
alcabreracurrently, we're all community bonding-ish. :D13:59
alcabreramalini, prashanthr_: o/13:59
prashanthr_yeah bonding-ish period on now. :)14:02
prashanthr_I am unable to see flwang since a couple of days now ? is he on a vacation ?14:03
alcabreraprashanthr_: last I've seen him, according to my chat logs, was Apr. 23 around 1600 UTC14:05
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prashanthr_Ohh okay ! Wanted to thank him 4 ! :)14:10
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sriramGood morning prashanthr_ :)14:16
sriramwelcome to the team :)14:16
prashanthr_good morning sriram :)14:16
vkmcMorning malini, alcabrera, prashanthr_, sriram!14:21
malinihello vkmc!14:21
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alcabreraheya, vkmc. :)14:22
alcabreragood morning, sriram!14:23
sriramwhoa, so many good mornings :P :D14:23
prashanthr_i was just reading a bug report where it said: " Since we're not willing to promote sqlalchemy as the recommended driver,14:24
prashanthr_    it makes sense to remove the mysql dependency from the dependencies14:24
prashanthr_    list."14:24
alcabreraI agree with this bug report14:25
alcabreraremoving mysql as a dep also makes it easier to install marconi, overall14:25
alcabrerasince users don't need access to mysql_config on their path14:26
vkmcSounds good!14:26
prashanthr_Ohh okay. I thought using SQLAlchemy was being proposed to support a fleet of SQL Databases.14:27
alcabrerait was prashanthr_, but...14:27
alcabreraSQL stores/relational DBs are pretty terrible for queuing systems. :P14:27
vkmcBut we are keeping the driver for compatibility reasons, right?14:28
alcabrerayup, for now, I'm not sure it'll stay in the tree forever. It might shift to third-party status at some point, vkmc.14:29
vkmcIt makes sense14:30
prashanthr_ohh okay. Just on a curious note, would the perforamance be bad even if  SQLLite / MySQL is used in the main memory mode ? caz i believe both of them support it.14:31
alcabrerain that case, it might be do-able14:32
alcabreraand it would fall in line with Redis14:32
alcabreraso it's an interesting perspective14:32
alcabreranon-durable queues14:32
alcabrerawhich is something we'd love to support over the coming 6 months14:33
prashanthr_that's a really interesting case .. to support it will queues also have a TTL & grace like messages ?14:35
alcabreraprashanthr_: no. queues will still be just a storage abstraction. Messages are the main thing that matter. :)14:36
alcabrerain fact14:36
alcabreraqueues will be secondary citizens in the future. We're aiming to transform them into "topics"14:37
alcabrerathey're created lazily when you post a message14:37
alcabreraand a message may be associated with multiple topics14:37
alcabrerathe design discussions on this have yet to begin14:37
prashanthr_this is really really interesting :) "On demand Queues"14:38
alcabreralazy queues, even14:39
vkmcWhere will be posted the summit etherpads?14:41
vkmcIt would be cool to follow the sessions remotely :)14:42
malinivkmc: The etherpads will get updated as the session goes on14:44
maliniwonder if we can do a G+ ?14:44
vkmcmalini, That would be great!14:45
maliniI have no idea if we can do that, but we should give it a try14:46
vkmcThough I'm not sure if the internet connection in the summit will be able to support the load14:46
malinihmmm.. :(14:47
malinitht would be lame14:47
vkmcHaha I'm thinking on 5k people connected14:48
vkmc5k++, because this summit probably will even gather more people14:48
vkmcs/even gather/gather even14:49
alcabrerasaddest Java code: if (x < 5); { x = 5; }  -- the assignment is always performed14:53
vkmcalcabrera, Does that compile? o_O14:54
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alcabreravkmc: yup. :P14:54
alcabreraref: -- Practical Types System Benefits14:56
kgriffsalcabrera: OH in #falconframework "There was such a great slide show about Falcon (one of the best explanations of plain http I've seen)"14:57
alcabrerakgriffs: oh yeah? :)14:57
alcabrerawas this about "The Definitive Introduction to Falcon", kgriffs? :P14:58
kgriffsyeah, you should hang out in the channel more often to hear people praising your slides and stuff. ;)14:58
malinitht sounds like a bait ;)14:59
alcabrerathanks for passing on the love, kgriffs. :D14:59
alcabrerakgriffs: I had actually forgotten that I detailed HTTP so thoroughly in the slides.15:01
* alcabrera forgets what he presents about a month after the fact15:01
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alcabreraA reminder of the things that are really important in life:
alcabrera /cc kgriffs15:10
malinianybody knows if the python marconiclient supports command line options?15:20
malinikinda like 'marconi list-queues' ?15:21
alcabreramalini: not yet. I don't think marconiclient has a CLI yet. It's more like an SDK, atm. /cc flaper87|afk15:22
kgriffsmalini: I want that too!15:22
kgriffs'marconi tail'15:22
maliniwe need that done, if we have to add tempest cli tests :(15:22
malinikgriffs: Can you take a look at this - it is incomplete, but want to make sure I am going in the right direction.15:24
malinikgriffs: The Tempest API tests are ok , with what we have now15:24
maliniI was just trying to add CLI tests15:24
malininobody said it is needed to graduate, but I am afraid it'll pop up as a req in the last minute15:25
kgriffssure thing15:25
kgriffs(re the review)15:25
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kgriffsmalini: one more thing that I just thought of re 9020215:48
* malini listening15:48
kgriffsthere may be an opportunity to improve performance by creating a "pop" method for the storage driver15:48
kgriffshaving two discrete steps may not be the most efficient way to claim + delete. We may be able to make it faster by doing the claim and delete within a single method15:49
kgriffsmalini: that being said, that is an "iteration 2"15:49
malinitht is a good suggestion..I was worried it would be slow15:49
kgriffsthis first patch would be "get it working"15:49
kgriffsmalini: speaking of performance, I never did hear back from Paul Q. about his hackday project to build some kind of autobench thing in Go15:50
maliniI didnt know Paul Q was planning on it15:51
malinime & sriram are planning to do some benchmarks next week - but it'll be good to see results from other folks15:51
kgriffsmalini: somebody mentioned he had been working on some kind of benchmarking project but I can't find any info. Doesn't seem to be on github. I don't know yet whether it would be useful for us.15:52
malinithe plan is to 'create a plan' :D , share it with the marconi team first15:52
kgriffsI'm getting itchy to just write something myself15:52
malini& then OS ML too15:53
kgriffsmalini: cool, sounds good15:53
maliniwe need some feedback on the plan, before we just throw the numbers15:53
kgriffsawesome, Jay got elected to TC15:54
kgriffsFlavio didn't make the cut, too bad. Seems like he did better this time than last, though15:55
maliniThe Ironic PTL made it in15:59
malinior is it Trove?15:59
malinione of the incubated projects15:59
maliniI hope tht will help bring more clarity to the graduation process16:00
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malinikgriffs: w.r.t overloading max_messages_per_claim with the pop limit, do you think it would be cleaner to just specify a new config option16:59
maliniI thought abt it, but didnt add a new one because it should essentially be the same limit as claim16:59
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kgriffsyeah, I know what you mean. I think it is ok to leave it as-is and just do our best to document it, since adding a new option may not actually be any less confusing.17:01
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alcabreramalini, kgriffs: in that case, renaming the option might make it more apparent that this limit serves a dual purpose, or perhaps it can unify the purposes17:09
alcabrerawe're trying to limit the number of messages returned17:09
alcabrerain both cases17:09
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