Thursday, 2014-04-24

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flaper87malini: pls :)14:58
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: Use jsonschema for testing queue
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kgriffsflaper87: check this out:
* flaper87 clicks15:44
kgriffsmsgpack is pretty darn speedy15:44
flaper87kgriffs: holy crap15:44
flaper87sounds like we're switching to msgpack15:45
kgriffsit also supports binary fields without having to base64 FTW!15:45
kgriffsI think it would be really easy to add to v1.115:45
flaper87I wonder if we really have to support both15:46
kgriffsgood question.15:46
flaper87I'd prefer to support just 115:46
flaper87json is useful for debugging, you just use the browser and you've your response formatted15:47
Alex_GaynorMaybe someone should write a chrome/firefox/whatever plugin which renders msgpack?15:47
flaper87but we can have some sort of `?pretty=` kwarg on all endpoints15:47
kgriffsyeah, and you can mess around with curl/httpie15:47
flaper87Alex_Gaynor: that too15:47
kgriffssomeone should write a httpie patch to support msgpack if it doesn't already15:48
flaper87kgriffs: httpie uses whatever requests exposes, AFAIK. adding msgpack to httpie would mean kinda hacking that15:49
kgriffsah, yeah, that would make sense15:50
* kgriffs goes off to fork requests15:50
flaper87that said, it wouldn't be hard to support both, it's just a matter of parsing the content-type15:50
flaper87kgriffs: lol15:50
flaper87actually, ignore my last message15:51
* flaper87 needs vacations15:51
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/python-marconiclient: Don't stream by default
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alcabreraflaper87, kgriffs: (msgpack v5 spec, just to geek out)15:52
kgriffsd00d, I am trying out bpython for the first time and it is creepy awesome15:58
maliniflaper87, kgriffs: are you both here?16:00
* flaper87 looks around16:00
flaper87nope, I'm not here16:00
malinidid you see kgriffs wherever you are, flaper87?16:00
kgriffsmalini: here16:01
flaper87kgriffs <- there you go :D16:01
malinigood - while you are both here, what is the plan for Marconi dinner?16:01
maliniIs it pay your own or somebody picks the tab?16:02
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flaper87malini: I heard kgriffs is going to pay for everything16:02
flaper87including after dinner drinks16:02
flaper87and party16:02
flaper87and all that16:02
flaper87jokes apart16:02
flaper87As of now, it's pay your own16:02
malinicool !16:03
maliniJust wanted to confirm16:03
maliniwe have the list here
maliniDo one of you want to send out an email?16:04
maliniSo far Sunday afternoon is our best bet16:04
maliniEven with that we will be missing one out of towner - The last person flies in on Sunday night16:04
malinikgriffs, flaper87: ^16:04
kgriffssounds like a plan16:08
kgriffsare we going to email people directly (invite-only) or put this out on the ML?16:09
malinikgriffs: Not everybody on tht list watches the ML16:09
maliniSo if there are ppl we really want to be there, we should email them directly16:10
kgriffsmaybe we should do an evite?16:10
malinikgriffs: tht means we need to find a location :D16:11
maliniatl folks have any suggestions?16:13
maliniametts, amitgandhi, jay-atl, alcabrera: ^16:14
kgriffsi'm not terribly familiar with downtown16:17
kgriffsopen to suggestions16:17
alcabreramalini: I have no suggestions. I know nothing of ATL. :P16:17
kgriffsamitgandhi is a bit of a foodie16:18
kgriffsiirc :D16:18
maliniwe could do one of the chinese places in doraville..flwang would love us for tht :-P16:20
malinitht was not a serious suggestion16:21
openstackgerritKurt Griffiths proposed a change to openstack/marconi: feat(api): API v1.1 bulk delete change
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amettsmalini: Dee Dee has names of a few places she's working on for our Thursday night event.  One of the ones we DON'T select might work for Sunday.16:30
mpanettamalini: What I miss?16:30
mpanettaYou guys want a place to eat?16:30
maliniametts: tht is a good idea16:31
malinimpanetta: yes..somewhere downtown16:31
mpanettaDepends on how many people I guess.16:32
amettsVortex might be hard for the people without cars.  That's Little Five Points, right?16:32
amettsNo marta near there.16:32
mpanettaThere are 2 of them16:33
mpanettaThe one I know is in L5P16:33
maliniI think we will have ~ 20 ppl16:33
mpanettaOh that is too many for that Vortex anwya...16:33
mpanettaWhat about a Thai place? heh16:33
malinimpanetta: which one?16:34
mpanettaI donno16:34
maliniok :D16:34
mpanettaUnfortunately I don't know many places in ATL16:34
amettsThere's always the Varsity. :D16:34
mpanettaI do know that there are some down town tho.16:34
maliniI love the places in Doraville area - but will be hard to get without a car16:34
amettsThe Varsity Two MARTA stops north of the ATL hotel district. :D16:35
maliniametts:  you mean our break room?16:35
amettsNo... the REAL one!16:35
maliniametts: Is that a serious suggestion?16:35
mpanettaSure why not? heh16:35
mpanettaEveryone should have some grease in their lives :P16:36
amettsI like it -- it isn't the fanciest place, but it'd be a true ATL cultural experience.16:36
maliniI think that is a good idea16:36
maliniIs it ok for 20 of us to just land there?16:36
mpanettaThey have lots of space16:37
mpanettaSo probably16:37
maliniametts: You are referring to the one in Spring St, rt?16:37
amettsIt seats 800+, according to Wikipedia.16:37
mpanettawow 800?16:38
malinitht is a lot !!16:38
mpanettaWe could eat at ikea too :P lol16:38
amettsGotta feed all those people going to the Tech football games...16:38
malinimpanetta: I like tht too ;)16:38
maliniikea members get free coffee :D16:39
maliniI hope they dont have a game tht Sunday16:39
mpanettaThat would be bad16:39
amettsNo MARTA to IKEA, plus those exist all over the world.16:39
mpanettaYeah Varsity is unique16:39
malini& they are ok with groups
amettsCollege football season happens on Saturdays from September to December.  I think we're safe. :)16:40
amettsCool -- a place for a group makes it even better.16:40
mpanettaOk Varsity sounds good to me!16:41
mpanettaShip it! :P16:41
malinibalaji & sriram will hate this16:41
mpanettaOh crap, does varsity not have vege?16:41
malinithey have grilled cheese :)16:42
maliniwhat is a cheese dog? hotdog with cheese?16:42
mpanettaI think so16:42
mpanettaI'm surprised they don't have veggie dogs16:42
malinithey have a petition site
malinimaybe if we act fast enough , it will work16:43
mpanettaI know of a home style cooking vege place, but again, it does ot have easy marta access.16:43
maliniSo far Varsity is our best bet16:44
mpanettaBut it is oh so GOOD16:44
mpanettaMmm corn bread and pea soup.16:44
mpanettaYeah I think so, unless we have a large # of vegies...16:44
maliniThere is Fried Apple Pie, Frie Peach Pie, Icecream (16 Flavors)16:45
maliniwhat else do you need?16:45
mpanettaThey have a chicken salad, I suppose you could just order it without chicken :P16:46
malinikgriffs: All 3 of us agree on Varsity16:47
maliniAs our brave leader, I think you should send the invite16:47
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kgriffswell, I hate to go some place without good vegetarian options for cpallares and balaji16:56
maliniLets start the search again16:58
malini1. Close to MARTA16:58
malini2. Cheap16:58
malini3. Decent Veg options16:58
kgriffswhat about mary mac?16:59
kgriffsthat's a cultural experience16:59
mpanettawhats that?16:59
amettskgriffs: not close enough to MARTA16:59
amettsFolks without cars would have to take a cab17:00
mpanettaMaybe we should carpool heh17:00
kgriffsah, too bad17:00
mpanettaThere are some good places in there17:00
mpanettaI go every year when I go to Dragon Con17:00
mpanettaThey ahve Thai, Greek, Japanese, etc etc17:00
amettsThere's also pittypats porch, sundial (not cheap), and a german place -- we might use one of these on Thursday though.17:01
maliniBut we wont have a decent place to sit down & have a conversation17:01
maliniabt the mall*17:01
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mpanettahmm maybe17:01
kgriffswell, if someone is willing to drive and meet some out-of-towners in the hotel district, that would give us more iptions17:01
kgriffsor, we could share a cab over there and back17:01
maliniwht abt some place in the perimeter?17:02
malinitht will be marta accessible too17:02
kgriffs1. Close to MARTA17:02
kgriffs2. Cheap17:02
kgriffs3. Decent Veg options17:02
kgriffs4. (if possible) Cultural experience17:03
kgriffsis this place anywhere near marta?
kgriffsoh, looks like they have 3 locations17:05
amettskgriffs:  Don't think so.  If  you want Southern, look at pittypat's porch17:05
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amettsOh, they have a downtown location.17:05
ametts529 Peachtree is pretty close to the North Avenue station (and the Varsity. :D )17:07
maliniPittyPats - Price range: $15 - $30.17:07
maliniWe cannot get too expensive - tht might reduce our attendance17:08
kgriffsGladys seems more reasonable price-wise17:08
amitgandhii veto varsity17:08
amitgandhii am not taking flavio to a mcdonalds wannabe17:08
maliniamitgandhi meant to tupe vote17:09
* ametts wonders who gave amitgandhi veto power...17:09
malinilets take flavio to maggianos little italy17:09
amettskgriffs: Any experience with this Gladys?  I've never heard of it.17:09
amitgandhigladys has good fried chicken17:09
amitgandhibut ive only been to their lithonia location (which i heard was nicer than downtown one)17:10
amitgandhisome ppl might find chicken and waffles to be a rather odd combo tho17:10
amitgandhiwhat price range do we want to be in per person?17:11
* flaper87 back17:11
maliniamitgandhi: this is a 'cultural' experience17:11
flaper87malini: LOL17:11
amitgandhiwaffle house?17:11
maliniamitgandhi: <15 , ppl will be paying out of pocket17:11
amettsamitgandhi: Can't put 20 people in a waffle house17:11
malinilets have it catered to centennial park17:12
amettsThe Varsity caters. :D17:12
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malini& there is hotdog stand with soydogs across the street from the park17:12
maliniwill the varsity kick us out, if we bring in soy dogs?17:13
amitgandhiand you only want downtown area?17:13
maliniamitgandhi: yes, or somebody should pick up the out of towners17:13
amitgandhihow about loca luna17:14
amettsamitgandhi: Need to be in hotel district or on the marta line for the out of towners17:14
amitgandhiits a tapa's place17:14
flaper87gtg again, damn!17:15
amitgandhiim guessing marta doesnt go to buckhead?17:16
amettsIt does17:16
amettsFinancial center station17:16
amitgandhireally, they let marta in ?17:16
amitgandhidoesnt it devalue the area?17:16
amettsActually, quite the opposite, but I'm not bitter.17:16
amitgandhibenihana (japanese) is supposed to be good17:17
amettsThat's a chain.17:17
amettsAnd expensive17:17
maliniit is a chain17:17
malinimarta goes to buckhead17:18
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cpallaresBlossom Tree looks good.17:22
cpallaresAh nvm closed on Sundays.17:22
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amitgandhihow about teds?17:24
maliniteds montana grill?17:26
amitgandhibtw (and ametts can prob answer this) - are we going to be competing bookings with prom season?17:26
amitgandhimalini: yes17:26
cpallaresAlso vegetarian friendly options
amettsNot on Sunday afternoon.17:26
amettsamitgandhi ^17:26
amettsTed's House o' Buffalo for the vegetarians?! :)17:28
ametts(they may have veg options -- I didn't look.)17:28
amitgandhii think they have veg options17:29
amitgandhibuffalo's are vegan arent they?17:29
cpallaresametts, amitgandhi: haha I think the query returns "friendly" whether it's vegetarian friendly or not.17:31
malini is good , but dont know if its MARTA accessible17:32
maliniit is not :(17:34
mpanettaWe should just rent one of those bus limos :P17:35
cpallaresmpanetta: or a party bus, nothing says party like a sunday afternoon.17:36
mpanettaEven better17:36
cpallaresmalini: LOL!17:37
alcabreramalini: :D17:37
mpanettaLets do it! :P17:38
cpallaresmalini: that is the greatest.17:38
cpallaresmpanetta: +117:38
mpanettaI can get my nails did :P17:38
maliniI actually so one of these the other day & was wondering who rents them :D17:38
mpanettahaha that is so cool17:38
mpanettaHmm do they have an MLP limo? :P17:39
cpallares"How many friends can ride with me in the limo?"17:39
cpallares"Most limos seat 10 guests under the age of 12."17:39
mpanettaOh poo17:40
mpanettaENOT_ENOUGH_MAGIC :P17:40
mpanettaThere are no MLP limo services17:41
* cpallares wants the sweet and sassy limo17:42
cpallareshey marconi team, so my birthday is coming up...17:42
cpallaresmpanetta: LOL fur bus.17:42
mpanettaI've seen the outside of that one around town17:43
cpallaresmpanetta: Nothing says classy like a fur party bus.17:43
mpanettaNever been in it tho17:43
mpanettacpallares: LOL17:43
mpanettaOhhh You want classy?17:43
alcabrerafur bus...17:44
alcabreraride once, and your memory will be kind of fuzzy forever-more17:44
cpallaresalcabrera: You could do really great marketing.17:44
alcabrerapossibly. Mostly, I'd amuse listeners with terrible puns17:46
cpallareswhat I expected the fur bus to look like:17:47
cpallareswhat is actually looks like:
mpanettaOh wow17:47
mpanettaOh that is much newer then17:47
mpanettaThey used to have old school busses.17:47
cpallareswell I think our best bet is the sweet and sassy limo.17:48
mpanettaProbably heh17:48
mpanettaI'm disappointed that they don't have an MLP limo :P17:49
alcabreraoh yeah, Totoro bus!17:49
maliniback to serious part discussion -we have chatted for 2 hours, & we still dont have a place17:51
alcabrerawoooo, victory17:54
alcabreraHaskell refactoring is sweet. <317:54
malini& now I killed a conversation !17:58
alcabreraheh -- choosing a food place is difficult.17:59
alcabreratbh, I'd be super happy at a waffle house18:00
alcabrerathough I remember the space argument against it18:00
maliniif only it can seat 20 ppl18:00
alcabrerawe could just grab some food from place X and eat soemwhere else comfier18:00
alcabreraan open space18:00
alcabreraor something18:00
alcabreraI actually hate eating at Tikki's locally, because it restricts where I sit and who I talk to18:01
alcabrerait isn't conducive to just being able to hang out18:01
alcabreramingling, etc.18:01
maliniWe should just have a picnic at the park18:01
alcabrerayes, please. <318:01
cpallaresmalini: that sounds awesome :)18:04
malinimaybe the mall foodcourt idea was good after all?18:07
malinithere is a pretty big food court at the CNN center18:07
ametts... and CNN center is right next to centennial park18:07
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amitgandhiand we can queue for our food ;-)18:13
amitgandhijust no one claim the salmonella burger =P18:14
wirehead_I intend to show up with a trenchcoat lined with cronuts, coaxing hungry stackers into dietary ruin.18:15
maliniI would prefer tht the cronuts be in a box18:16
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openstackgerritMalini Kamalambal proposed a change to openstack/marconi: [WIP]-Implement POP in v1.1 API
kgriffsflaper87: what relies on posix_ipc ?19:46
*** malini is now known as malini_afk19:48
kgriffsoh, looks like oslo.cache19:48
*** cpallares has joined #openstack-marconi19:48
kgriffsclang doesn't like building it under py26 - workaround is same as needed for Cython19:54
kgriffsexport CFLAGS=-Qunused-arguments19:54
kgriffsexport CPPFLAGS=-Qunused-arguments19:54
* flaper87 back19:55
flaper87kgriffs: mmhh19:56
flaper87kgriffs: I'd like to get rid of that posix_ipc dependency19:56
kgriffsit's that pesky -mno-fused-madd' option19:56
flaper87I think lockutils depends on that19:56
alcabreragood night, all. o/19:57
*** alcabrera is now known as alcabrera|afk19:57
openstackgerritKurt Griffiths proposed a change to openstack/marconi: feat(api): API v1.1 bulk delete change
flaper87kgriffs: d00d, stop working20:11
flaper87code is bad20:11
flaper87programming is awful20:11
flaper87patches are mean20:11
* flaper87 STFU and gets back to coding20:12
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kgriffsi know, i know: "who let kgriffs touch the code?!"20:18
kgriffsflaper87: ready to cut a new python-marconiclient release?20:19
flaper87kgriffs: did the patch land?20:19
kgriffslooks merged to me20:19
flaper87then yeah20:20
flaper87I'd like to cut it before the CLI support lands20:20
kgriffsgo go go!20:20
openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/python-marconiclient: Bump client version to 0.0.1
flaper87kgriffs: ^20:23
kgriffsBTW, if people on IRC start wondering if I am an ESL speaker, I am blaming you.20:28
* kgriffs is too impressionable20:28
kgriffsMaybe I can just claim to be German oder etwas.20:29
* kgriffs likes to keep people guessing20:29
* flaper87 likes to keep people guessing on the worng things20:30
flaper87btw, I won't be around tomorrow, it's a holiday here20:30
flaper87and by I won't be around I mean, I'll be around20:30
flaper87but you know me already20:30
kgriffsgot it20:31
kgriffshave fun. take some awesome pictures. party on.20:31
* flaper87 will party-coding, take some awesome screenshots and make fun of people on IRC20:33
flaper87kgriffs: is that what you meant ? ^20:33
kgriffsflaper87: what's your flickr page again?20:38
kgriffsI was trying to find it, and it was like
kgriffsflaper87: nice!20:39
* flaper87 is flaper87 everywhere20:39
flaper87I'm thinking to change my passport20:39
flaper87even my family calls me flaper20:40
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kgriffsflaper87: have you experimented with HDR?20:48
flaper87kgriffs: not yet, my nikon doesn't have built-in support for it so, I'd have to always carry a tripod with me and play with the exposure. I could do it offline too but that's not as fun.20:50
flaper87kgriffs: do you own an SLR ?20:51
flaper87or some sort20:51
kgriffsnope, by my sister in law has one and does some cool stuff20:52
kgriffsI think it would be fun to get into photography, but I have too many hobbies as it is. :p20:53
flaper87yeah, I'm really far from being a good photographer. I'm a complete newbie but it's fun to do it from time to time20:53
flaper87kgriffs: it is fun. I bought that camera to do something different than programming20:53
flaper87it worked the first couple of days20:54
flaper87I sometimes take the time to go out and take some pictures20:54
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kgriffsit's alive!21:02
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