Wednesday, 2014-04-30

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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Updated from global requirements
openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed a change to openstack/python-marconiclient: Updated from global requirements
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sriramGood Morning :)13:41
vkmcMorning sriram :)13:42
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alcabreraGood morning. :)13:44
flaper87morning all13:45
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alcabreraflaper87: heeeyyy! How are you? :D13:46
flaper87alcabrera: I'm doing amazingly great, what about you?13:47
flaper87FTR, I hate neutron13:47
flaper87just sayin'13:47
AAzzaalcabrera: Hi-hi) By the way, I'm still reading your Haskell slides) It is not honest to include links to long interesting articles ;-)13:47
alcabreragood to hear. :)13:47
flaper87alcabrera: LOL13:48
flaper87erm, AAzza LOL13:48
alcabreraAAzza: hey! hahaha, I'm glad ypu find them interesting!13:48
vkmcMorning all!13:48
alcabreraflaper87: what's going on with Neutron? :P13:48
alcabreravkmc: good morning!13:48
flaper87alcabrera: it's just... impossible13:48
flaper87next time I'll have to punish someone, I'll just ask that person to install neutron13:49
vkmcalcabrera, o/13:49
sriramflaper87: alcabrera: re lazy queue, on posting messages , I'm doing a does queue exist? if not create queue and post message. (Do you think this is the best approach? I fear this might add some latency on every post)13:49
flaper87sriram: what about doing upserts ?13:49
alcabreraflaper87: I once sat through the last 20 minutes of a neutron tutorial. It looked terribly obtuse. :(13:50
cpallares1hello everyone o/13:50
flaper87sriram: that is, just do a queue create regardless13:50
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alcabrerasriram: flaper87 said it first. We don't care if it exists, we just want it created by the time the operation is done. upsert. <313:50
flaper87(using update + upsert:true)13:50
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alcabreracpallares1: heya! :)13:50
flaper87cpallares1: yo girl!13:50
sriramflaper87, alcabrera: makes sense :) thanks13:50
flaper87sriram: 100$ and we're fine13:51
cpallares1hello alcabrera, flaper87!13:51
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flaper87FTR, I still can't access gerrit13:51
flaper87I'm using a proxy13:51
flaper87this is insane and painful13:51
flaper87no idea what's going on13:51
alcabreraI haven13:52
alcabrera't tried13:52
alcabreraIt's been awhile since I've tried to commit anything. :P13:52
vkmcHi cpallares o/13:53
cpallareshey vkmc :) how you doing?13:53
vkmcflaper87, Is that because of the Gerrit update?13:53
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flaper87vkmc: TBH, not sure. It happened to me once but I don't remember how the heck I workarounded this13:54
* flaper87 made workaround a verb13:54
flaper87subtle but smart move :P13:54
vkmccpallares, All good, catching up after another exam! And you?13:54
alcabreraworkaroundedly made it happen13:54
* alcabrera made an adverb of workaround13:54
flaper87vkmc: ++13:55
flaper87the request dies in my router13:55
flaper87I've no idea why13:55
flaper87and... it's just that one13:55
maliniflaper87: I think they moved gerrit to a new server13:56
malinicould tht affect you?13:56
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flaper87malini: if that ip is blocked by my ISP, yeah13:56
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vkmcTalking about Rome...13:56
malini& hello all :D13:57
flaper87no idea why my ISP should block an IP but...13:57
malinilet me ping gerrit & get the IP13:57
alcabreraneutron is a giant monster of a project13:57
alcabrerafind . -name '*.py' | while read f; do wc -l $f; done | cut -d' ' -f 1 | paste -s -d+ | bc => 218881 LOC13:57
alcabrerathat's not counting tests. >.>13:57
maliniflaper87: is
flaper87malini: yeah, that one is the one I can't access13:58
malinitht is weird13:58
prashanthr_Hello all :)13:58
alcabreraprashanthr_: hey! :)14:00
cpallareshi prashanthr_!14:01
prashanthr_Exams are done ! Holidays here ! :) Finally14:02
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sriramflaper87: did you try a vpn? :/14:23
vkmcHi prashanthr_!14:26
prashanthr_Hi vkmc !14:26
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vkmcprashanthr_, Glad to hear your exams are over... I still have a few -.-14:35
prashanthr_ohh .. When is it getting done ?14:36
vkmcMid June, more or less14:36
AAzzavkmc: prashanthr_: hey, i'm now writing about how many people will survive in case of chemical expose near the building) exams are not that exiting)14:40
AAzzavkmc: prashanthr_: hate soviet lagacy in ukrainian rules for master thesis(14:41
vkmcAAzza, Wow, that sounds serious14:41
vkmcAAzza, What is your thesis about?14:41
prashanthr_AAzza: Exams and exciting are known to be antonyms :) Yeah that sounds serious14:41
vkmcprashanthr_, Totally heh14:42
AAzzavkmc: the topic of master thesis is irrelevant) all masters in ukraine should include the chapter about ``labour protection in case of emergency''14:42
vkmcAAzza, It's odd that they make you include that if you are talking about computing stuff14:43
vkmcAAzza, I guess it's a way to spread the word though14:43
AAzzavkmc: yeah, 10 pages for free)14:44
vkmcAAzza, Haha well that's good :P14:44
AAzzaby the way, do anybody suggest, who to manually play with marconi-server? because if i try to post message using curl, it argues, that i Client-Id header is not set(14:45
AAzzajust what to see by myself how it behaves when14:46
prashanthr_Yeah set the client id to any valid UUID14:46
AAzzaprashanthr_: hmm) will try) thanks14:46
sriramopen up ipython, import uuid, uuid.uuid4() - that should give you a valid UUID14:49
vkmcThanks sriram14:53
sriramnp :)14:54
cpallaresvkmc: oooh exam time, good luck with those!15:10
cpallaresvkmc: Btw every time we talk you mention you have exams, either I only talk to you during exam times or you have exams all semester round.15:10
cpallaresvkmc: or both :P15:10
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vkmccpallares, Thanks! It's just that... they don't want me to get bored :)15:14
cpallaresvkmc: hahaha15:14
vkmccpallares, Nah truth is I'm taking as much exams I can so I can end sooner and be able to focus only on GSoC15:15
vkmcSo it has been madness15:15
vkmcBut I know it worths it15:15
cpallaresvkmc: good planning, when does GSOC start? May or June?15:18
vkmcMay 21st15:18
vkmcJust with OPW15:18
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kgriffsAAzza: uuidgen is a common UNIX tool that should work as well for generating that15:20
kgriffsalso, httpie is pretty awesome, although curl isn't a bad choice either15:21
kgriffsflaper87: ping15:22
AAzzakgriffs: cool, never heard about uuidgen, thanks)15:22
kgriffsrock on15:22
cpallaresvkmc: ohh so close :D15:23
vkmccpallares, It is yeah! :)15:26
kgriffsmalini: ping15:27
kgriffsvkmc: are you a computer science major or EE or ?15:29
kgriffsI thought I remembered CS, but wanted to confirm15:29
cpallareskgriffs: vkmc is a licentiate student in CS. I think that's the equivalent of grad school, but I could be wrong.15:32
flaper87kgriffs: pong15:33
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kgriffsflaper87: what do you think about my last comment on this patch?
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: Updated from global requirements
kgriffscpallares: thanks, gtk!15:34
vkmckgriffs, Yes I'm! :) Precisely, I'm licentiate... which is between a MSc and a BSc15:34
vkmccpallares, Thanks, I was distracted heh15:35
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* flaper87 clicks & reads15:43
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kgriffsmalini: can you take another look at this client patch?
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/python-marconiclient: Updated from global requirements
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malinikgriffs: checking now16:12
malinialcabrera gave us a deep dive on Marconi -we are still floating :)16:13
sriramnice talk alcabrera :)16:13
malinikgriffs, flaper87: w.r.t
malinimy concern was around using just list, create, delete etc. instead of list_queues, create_queue, delete_queue etc.16:15
maliniHow will we differentiate b/w openstack queuing list (queues vs messages etc)16:16
malinior a ' openstack queuing delete' queues/messages/claims ?16:16
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flaper87kgriffs: I agree with that16:20
kgriffsflaper87: ok, I will go ahead and update the v1.1 spec accordingly16:21
flaper87malini: that's a good point16:21
flaper87brb, dinner16:23
alcabreramalini, sriram: thanks for the kind words. :)16:23
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malinikgriffs: I just forwarded you a mail19:12
maliniI sent a mail & followup via IRC :D19:12
kgriffsmalini: kewl, thanks!19:18
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balajiiyer1kgriffs: what if I told you , I can give you two more interns to work on Marconiā€¦19:44
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alcabreragood night, all!20:01
*** alcabrera is now known as alcabrera|afk20:02
kgriffsbalajiiyer1: I would weep with joy20:04
balajiiyer1its time to weep. I will have two interns starting next week. May 5th.20:05
balajiiyer1get ready kgriffs20:06
balajiiyer1Added it to next week's meeting agenda20:07
* kgriffs rubs eyes and blinks20:08
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flaper87wait, WAT?20:14
flaper872 more ppl ?20:15
* flaper87 is crying20:15
cpallaresattack of the interns \o/20:20
* cpallares plans for world domination20:20
kgriffsI was like
kgriffsAnd now I'm like...20:24
-openstackstatus- NOTICE: the gate is backed up due to broken nodepool images, fix in progress (eta 22:00 utc)20:25
*** ChanServ changes topic to "the gate is backed up due to broken nodepool images, fix in progress (eta 22:00 utc)"20:25
flaper87kgriffs: lol20:25
mpanettakgriffs: Did you break openstack gate again? :P20:26
flaper87mpanetta: I heard it was amitgandhi20:27
cpallareskgriffs: lol!20:27
flaper87if only gerrit would work for me20:27
mpanettaOh, probably.  He gets a bit out of hand at times.20:27
flaper87mpanetta: swapping the polarity didn't work20:27
mpanettaflaper87: Damn20:27
flaper87it's soooo weird20:28
flaper87I mean, just that fucking IP and it gets stuck in my router20:28
flaper87sorry for cursing but this thing is pissing me of20:29
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jffariaanyone online?23:30
jffariajoin #openstack23:33
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