Wednesday, 2014-05-28

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openstackgerritPrashanth Raghu proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Adding dependencies for redis support in marconi.
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openstackgerritNataliia Uvarova proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Fix sqlalchemy storage driver for Python 3
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vkmcHi all!10:45
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vkmcflaper87, if you have a moment time later, could you give me your opinion about using in Marconi?11:06
flaper87vkmc: heeeey :D11:06
vkmchehe :)11:07
flaper87vkmc: Did I reply to your email?11:07
* flaper87 thinks he did but he could be wrong11:07
flaper87vkmc: we can't use oslo.messaging. Oslo messaging is an RPC library11:07
flaper87and ofers an abstraction we don't need for marconi11:08
vkmcflaper87, I didn't receive it11:08
flaper87vkmc: mmhh11:08
flaper87let me check, I swear I wrote it but I was on the road so probably something went wrong11:08
flaper87I'm so sorry about that11:08
vkmcnp! :) I was double checking11:09
flaper87and my stupid client says it was sent11:09
flaper87vkmc: sent11:09
flaper87actually, FW'd11:10
vkmcflaper87, thanks :)11:10
vkmcso we can't use it... but we still are doing something alike11:10
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flaper87vkmc: yeah11:12
flaper87to be precise11:12
flaper87we can use the library and engine being used for that blueprint11:12
flaper87what we can't use is oslo.messaging itself11:12
vkmcflaper87, great, so I will take the useful discussion in the mailing list and some comments in that bp report and base my implementation :)11:13
vkmcthen I'll have to ask you about how we will be implementing the storage support for it... but that is another stage/story11:14
flaper87vkmc: that sounds like a good idea. Re the amqp1.0 discussion. Lets hold that for a bit. I'm part of the team working on that for oslo.messaging and I need to sync with the other 2 guys to check the status of it11:15
flaper87also, get some feedback and ideas from tehm11:15
vkmc(your email didn't arrive... maybe my email address is wrong?)11:15
vkmcflaper87, sure :)11:15
flaper87vkmc: re planning and designing, what do you think about having a G+ hangout?11:15
flaper87I'll throw all the things I've thought about on you11:16
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vkmcflaper87, that would be great! :)11:16
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openstackgerritAlex Bettadapur proposed a change to openstack/marconi: V1.1 Homedoc
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alcabreragood morning. :)13:28
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malinigood morning alcabrera!!13:28
malini& everybody :)13:28
prashanthr_good morning :)13:29
vkmcgood morning malini, alcabrera, prashanthr_!13:29
alcabreramalini, prashanthr_, vkmc: :)13:29
vkmcwell, afternoon for prashanthr_ :)13:29
maliniheyy vkmc, prashanthr_!13:29
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prashanthr_vkmc: actually night :) it's close to 10pm now ! :)13:30
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maliniCan I get a few +1s on please?13:30
vkmcoh we have 12 hours of difference :o13:31
maliniprashanthr_: where are you located?13:31
prashanthr_i am currently pursuing my master's in singapore13:31
sriram1good morning everyone! :D13:31
*** sriram1 is now known as sriram13:32
prashanthr_sriram1 : good morning :)13:32
prashanthr_malini: I live in singapore :)13:32
alcabreramalini: +1 incoming!13:32
* sriram my other IRC personality caught up with me.13:32
malinisriram1: which sriram are yu?13:32
alcabrerawhich reminds me that I have other reviews I want to do this morning13:32
alcabrerasriram: good morning!13:33
malinisriram: should have read first :D13:33
srirammalini: heh13:33
sriramalcabrera: morning!, how goes?13:33
alcabrerasriram: happy! you? :)13:34
srirammorning prashanthr_ :)13:34
flaper87gooooood morning13:34
sriramalcabrera: good! I'm well :)13:34
vkmcmorning sriram!13:34
sriramwow so many greetings!! :D13:34
sriramgood morning vkmc :)13:34
sriramgooooooood morning flaper8713:35
sriramhas more o's :P13:35
flaper87Fuck Yeah! :D13:35
flaper87how was the meeting ?13:36
prashanthr_flaper87: was good ! :) mainly revolved around shaping v1.1 of the API !13:37
flaper87I'll read the logs in a bit13:38
prashanthr_malini: had a small question. Is tempest like a single system to run all unit tests for Openstack ?13:39
maliniprashanthr_: it is the the test suite for openstack - i.e covers all Openstack components13:41
maliniBut these are not unit tests13:41
malinithey are more at the API level13:41
prashanthr_malini: Ohh okay.  thanks :)13:42
malinithey also have scenario tests (covers interaction b/w different OS components) & CLI tests (for testing the client)13:42
vkmcmalini, is there an easy way to run those tempest in a local deployment?13:43
malinivkmc:  you can run it against devstack13:44
vkmcs/tempest/tempest tests13:44
malinilet me know if you need help setting up13:44
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vkmcI have it setted up, I just noticed the tempest folder13:45
vkmcso... just running does the trick?13:45
malinimaybe it does …I am just interested in the marconi tests..13:46
maliniSo I usually just do nosetests in the queuing directory13:46
vkmcoh that's what I want :)13:46
malinihave never used tht script13:46
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malinijchai: any luck with tempest reviewers?13:52
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maliniflaper87: ping13:56
flaper87malini: pong, about to jump into a call but go ahead13:56
maliniflaper87: I am thinking abt the best way to implement pop
maliniI like the get + delete idea - but isnt it possible for another worker to claim tht message b/w the get & delete?13:57
jchaimalini: didn't really try to contact people yesterday13:59
jchaiI tried once at the end of the day, but probably too late.14:00
jchaiTook a look at the tempest inbox and looked like there were several patches with +2 with an earlier date14:00
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malinijchai: their review queue us very loong :(14:01
maliniSo our only chance of getting another review is to keep pinging ppl in IRC14:01
maliniI am worried something will change again in tempest & we'll get back to jenkins -114:01
maliniespecially since we have conf file change14:02
prashanthr_alcabrera : should we support any compression such as google snappy b4 loading queu data onto  redis ?14:08
prashanthr_because RAM space is limited14:08
alcabreraprashanthr_: I'd say - let's not tackle that yet.14:09
alcabreraIt sounds good, and should be optional, but let's finish the core functionality first.14:09
alcabrerawhat do you think, prashanthr_?14:09
prashanthr_alcabrera: i think that's correct. I think to add compression would involve very minimal changes later.14:11
alcabreraI agree. It should be just a transform on the values when the time comes. :)14:12
alcabreraI'd love to see it as optional14:12
alcabreraso deployers can make the trade off between using more CPU/less space (compression on) and using less CPU/more space (compression off)14:12
prashanthr_alcabrera: that's true. Was just looking at some stuff when i stumbled across google snappy which is like real quick in compression. so i just made a note about asking it to you today :)14:16
alcabreraprashanthr_: thanks for checking with me! Yeah, Snappy is pretty cool. :)14:17
alcabrerathere's another one that's interesting named l4 zip14:17
alcabreraI believe14:17
prashanthr_alcabrera: This is even faster than snappy:)14:19
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kgriffsmalini: ping15:26
*** ametts has joined #openstack-marconi15:26
flaper87malini: I'm back, so sorry15:50
flaper87kgriffs: what's up?15:50
flaper87how are you doing?15:51
flaper87kgriffs: dude, stop ignoring me :(15:53
flaper87I'm a good guy15:53
flaper87I mean, robot15:53
kgriffshey, doing OK. last week was pretty crazy. My parents were in town, I got sick, my wife had surgery, baby was sick... saturday everyone was doing better, so we went down town for a day trip. All's well that ends well, I suppose. :)15:54
kgriffsPlus, I had pancakes for breakfast. It's hard to have a bad day when pancakes are involved.15:54
flaper87hehe, I'm glad to know things are getting better and back to normal!15:55
flaper87I want to have an IHOP in Italy15:55
flaper87In Como to be precise15:55
malinikgriffs: pong15:58
malinitht sounds like a crazy week :(15:58
flaper87kgriffs: btw, since vkmc is going to work on the AMQP 1.0 driver, I think I'll work either on flavors or queue's migration or both. Based on the schedule we talked about, the work there should start on Juno-2. I'll rename shard->pool15:58
kgriffsno, you want to have a Kerbey Lane in Italy.15:59
* flaper87 has never been there15:59
* flaper87 trusts kgriffs15:59
kgriffssomebody just told me about the place and I went on saturday. awesome pancakes. and stuff.16:00
malinikgriffs made us some really great pancakes one hackday..16:00
kgriffsflaper87: sounds like a plan16:00
malinimaybe you can open shop?16:00
flaper87waaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiit a minute16:00
flaper87kgriffs prepared pancakes for the crew and he didn't invite me....16:00
flaper87Now I've seen it all16:01
kgriffsflaper87: d00d, that was ages ago. :)16:01
malininext summit we shud have a pancake stall16:01
kgriffsgood idea16:01
kgriffsnow I'm getting hungry again16:01
kgriffsthanks a lot malini16:01
malinilets change our project name to pancake16:01
flaper87probably a crepes one since it'll be in Paris16:01
mpanettaI want pancakes :(16:02
vkmc+1 malini16:02
flaper87mpanetta: I'm sorry, I really had to eat them all. I'll leave some for you next time16:02
*** ykaplan has joined #openstack-marconi16:02
malinimpanetta: but we are planning to have crepes in 6 months16:02
* flaper87 will have homemade pizza in a bit16:02
* Alex_Gaynor might have some cold cereal when he gets to the office16:03
Alex_GaynorWhy do I feel like I'm not winning at this.16:03
kgriffs1 cup fresh-ground flour. 1 tbs brown sugar. 1/2 tsp salt. 1/2 tbs baking powder. 1 egg. 3/4 cup milk. 2 tbs oil.16:03
* flaper87 puts Alex_Gaynor cereal in the microwave to heat it a bit16:03
flaper87Alex_Gaynor: does that make you feel better ?16:03
flaper87(probably worse)16:03
kgriffsmix the dry ingredients and wet separately, then combine. careful not to overmix (a few lumps are ok)16:04
kgriffsthere you go, now nobody needs to be hungry16:04
maliniyou didnt cook it!!!!!16:04
mpanettamalini: we are?16:04
malinimpanetta: only if we graduate..else its going to stale dry bread16:05
kgriffswell, you know the rest. hot griddle about 350 F, flip when bubbles start popping and making little holes around the edges16:05
* kgriffs is making himself *really* hungry now16:06
* kgriffs gets back to work16:06
kgriffssooooo, malini16:06
kgriffsI was just curious what you were working on this week16:06
* malini smells something new coming16:07
mpanettaI donno what malini is working on this week, but you are going to fly to ATL and cook me some pancakes :P16:07
mpanettaAfter all that description16:07
malinikgriffs: am working on the pop bp now..But will switch to tempest as soon as jchai's patch gets merged16:07
kgriffsok, cool. any blockers?16:07
kgriffsother than waiting for the merge?16:07
flaper87malini: you asked me something about that patch, right?16:08
malinikgriffs: still waiting for the reviewers to +216:08
malinijchai is going to try pinging some folks on IRC16:08
maliniAfter jchai's patch, we'll have
maliniThis one needs reabsing - but I am holding off on it till jchai's patch lands16:09
malinidont want to do it twice16:09
maliniflaper87: w.r.t  your comment in, I was wondering if the message can be claimed by another worker, b/w the get & delete16:13
flaper87malini: it really depends on the storage16:13
flaper87malini: for example: The sqlalchemy would do it in a single transaction16:13
kgriffsmalini: ok, thanks for the update!16:13
flaper87the mongodb store would update the messages and then get them16:13
flaper87we could also use find_and_modify16:14
flaper87which should get the messages and delete them in one shot16:14
flaper87(obviously return them too)16:14
flaper87However, the amqp 1.0 driver will probably have some issues here :(16:14
malinithanks for the suggestion, flaper87!16:16
flaper87my pleasure. Let me know if you've some doubts16:16
flaper87now, brb for realz :)16:17
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kgriffssriram: ping16:43
sriramkgriffs: pong16:43
kgriffsso, I thought it might be faster to wrap up our EOM discussion in here now that we have recorded the main thoughts on GH for posterity. :)16:44
kgriffsI like the idea of putting settings under eom:governor16:44
kgriffshowever, now redis_pool is specific to eom:governor16:45
kgriffsbut we probably want to keep it generic?16:45
kgriffsthe way around that is to pass in the config object16:45
kgriffsbut then, we run into the issue that the current patter for wiring up EOM middleware doesn't include loading up config objects outside the functions and passing them in16:46
kgriffsFWIW, openstack as a whole is moving away from using global config objects (cfg.CONF)16:46
sriramno more global configs?16:47
kgriffssriram: yeah, the idea is to pass the config option to classes and functions that need it.16:47
kgriffswe've started doing that in Marconi already16:47
sriramkgriffs: brb16:48
sriramI see, so we restrict the granularity of access per conf object that way.16:53
kgriffsyeah, you basically pass the conf object around, and each class registers it's own options before looking them up17:04
kgriffssriram: so, what about this plan17:05
kgriffsgo ahead and let these patches land. we will incur some debt.17:05
malinisriram, abettadapur, flaper87: w.r.t decoupling the tests, what abt something similar to ?17:05
kgriffsthen, circle back in another iteration and rework two things of EOM:17:05
kgriffs1. get rid of global conf (no more CONF = cfg.CONF)17:06
kgriffs2. use stevedore to load up a pipeline of middleware - separate instantiation from wrapping17:06
sriramYes, lets add these in github issues as well.17:06
malinisriram, abettadapur, flaper87: But instead of  Step 3 in the specs, we'll inherit the v1 & v2 classes from the same base class17:07
sriramI really love part 2.17:07
kgriffsif marconi could take advantage of a generic stevedore-based WSGI middleware pipe, that would also allow deployers to inject post-auth middleware such as for RBAC17:07
abettadapurso part 2 is where we handle most of the differences right?17:07
maliniabettadapur: the differences will be in the respective versioned classes17:08
sriramkgriffs: yes, it makes sense. let's do that.17:08
srirammalini: +117:08
kgriffsyeah, 2 enables 1 and also decouples instantiation from the wrapping process, to aid in debugging and maintainability17:08
kgriffssriram: with this plan, you can release a 3.2 and people can start using that in production sooner rather than later17:09
sriramkgriffs: yes when things get pluggable, it gets much easier to handle.17:10
sriramkgriffs: let me create the issues, and we'll tackle them soon.17:10
srirammalini: I think we will need to focus on step 2. but how much of a switch in behavior will be going on here?17:12
*** Obulpathi has quit IRC17:13
kgriffssriram: I've been wanting to have a simple WSGI pipeline builder thingy for a long time. I am going to create a new org on GH where falcon and possibly talons can live. I think this middleware builder thing could be maintained as part of that org, since it is isn't specific to either EOM or openstack17:13
kgriffsotherwise, we could stick it under /rackerlabs or something17:14
sriramwoot! awesome.17:15
abettadapurso should we figure out exactly what needs to be changed?17:16
maliniabettadapur: yes17:16
*** Obulpathi has joined #openstack-marconi17:17
maliniflaper87 might also have some thoughts on this17:17
maliniflaper87, sriram, abettadapur: I am also starting to think we shud keep our v1 tests separate from  v1.1 ?17:19
abettadapurmalini: was that not the plan?17:20
sriramIt will be a lot cleaner.17:20
abettadapuri see17:20
sriramabettadapur: part 2 inherits from a common base class and change behavior based on a class variable.17:21
*** ykaplan has quit IRC17:21
sriramso they would be seaprate whenever they needed to be separate.17:21
* sriram not seaprate17:21
maliniI think we'll have a better idea on how to tackle this, after we figure out waht needs to change17:21
maliniglance folks have something similar
maliniI wonder if they just have the changed behavior tests in the versioned directories?17:26
kgriffsflaper87: were you still planning to do this one?
*** stritz has joined #openstack-marconi17:28
abettadapurso the two changes that I worked on that broke tests were 1. required headers and 2. non-relative location headers17:30
abettadapur(wrt 2. in the response)17:30
abettadapur1 shouldn't require baseclass changes17:31
abettadapur2 might?17:31
*** jamie_h has quit IRC17:45
kgriffsfolks, I gotta run. food plus meetings and stuff. ttfn. o/17:52
kgriffsmalini: btw, I am going to be out of the office tomorrow. Can you keep everyone in line while I am away. :D17:53
kgriffs...esp that crazy flaper87 guy.17:53
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*** kgriffs is now known as kgriffs|afk17:54
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Updated from global requirements
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flaper87kgriffs|afk: re msgpack: Yeah! I think peoplemerge wanted to work on that. If he doesn't, I'll19:56
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vkmcalcabrera, I was checking this bug, did you have particular special in mind?20:30
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