Thursday, 2014-05-29

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AAzzaflaper87: Hello)09:32
flaper87AAzza: hey :)09:32
AAzzaI'm finishing another patch, and have some concerns about using jsonutils. I use it whenever it is possible, but in one place for example, i should use plain json + strutils, because jsonutils.loads doesn't accept kwargs to be passed to json.loads09:34
prashanthr_flaper87: Hello ! :)09:34
AAzzaAAzza: soo... I fill it disturbing)09:34
AAzzaflaper87: oh, i wrote to myself:)09:35
flaper87mmhh, is that just 1 case?09:35
flaper87What kwargs do you need to pass?09:35
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: Synced jsonutils from oslo-incubator
AAzzaflaper87:  yes, one place in this patch, cannot pass `parse_int`. it is used in some utils, will find now)09:37
flaper87prashanthr_: hey :)09:37
flaper87AAzza: ok, what I'm thinking is. You could use json+strutils in that case then propose a patch to improve jsonutils and then come back and update that one case there09:38
AAzzaflaper87: oh, yes, will try it)09:40
* AAzza nervous to propose patch to oslo-incubator a little bit09:41
* flaper87 gives AAzza some tea and encourages her to do it09:42
prashanthr_flaper87: How u doing ? I had a small doubt. Have you ever added a new requirements into the global requirements list of Openstack ?09:43
* AAzza drinking tea09:43
AAzzaflaper87: by the way, did you read my answer to your comment about jsonutils on patch for sqlachemy driver?09:44
flaper87prashanthr_: yup, I have. What's your doubt?09:44
flaper87prashanthr_: also, I'm doing great :D you?09:44
* flaper87 acts like he did read the comment. In the meantime, he opens the patch and reads it09:45
flaper87AAzza: oh, just read it09:47
flaper87AAzza: safe_encode/safe_decode should take care of the bytes<->object thing09:48
AAzzaflaper87: yes, they do, but i cannot use jsonutils.dumps, because it doesn't use safe_encode:)09:51
flaper87AAzza: o_________0 I swear I saw it before writing my comment... You're right :(09:52
flaper87mmh, in that case, we should probably let this land as is, contribute to jsonutils and then update our code09:52
AAzzaflaper87: jsonutils.dumps actually cannot use safe_encode because it then will produce `str` on Python2 and `bytes` on Python3, which underirable behavior. i suppose09:53
flaper87I agree. Ok, lets keep this patch as-is09:58
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flaper87AAzza: I guess we just need to use jsonutils in json_encode and json_decode09:59
flaper87and we should be good09:59
AAzzaflaper87: okey, will update patch:)10:00
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flaper87AAzza: awesome, I commented on the patch10:01
flaper87great discussion, keep them coming10:01
prashanthr_1flaper87: Me dng great as well :) Have you ever added a new requirements into the global requirements list of Openstack ?10:02
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openstackgerritNataliia Uvarova proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Fix sqlalchemy storage driver for Python 3
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alcabreragood morning, everyone. :)13:16
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srirammorning alcabrera :D13:16
flaper87morning all13:19
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AAzzaalcabrera: morning!13:19
alcabrerasriram, flaper87, AAzza: heya! :D13:19
sriramhey hey hey flaper87,AAzza :)13:20
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flaper87sriram: 'sup man? How ya' doin ?13:22
sriramflaper87: I'm good :)13:22
alcabreralet's see - I have a certain jsonutils patch to +2~13:27
alcabrerareviews and all13:27
alcabreraI'm going to go do those before the rest of the day rushes past me. :P13:27
alcabreraAAzza: +2'd :)13:27
openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Rename shards to pool
AAzzaalcabrera: (happy) thanks13:31
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alcabreragood morning, vkmc! :)13:34
alcabreraflaper87: will you be available in about an hour?13:35
flaper87alcabrera: yup13:36
alcabrerawe're having our OPW/GSoC Marconi meeting then, and i'll need your input on amqp-related matters. :)13:36
alcabreraI'm headed out for about an hour.13:37
alcabreraI'll see you all soon.13:37
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openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/python-marconiclient: Initial support for openstack-client
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Updated from global requirements
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alcabrerahey all. Turns out my appointment is tomorrow. :P14:21
alcabreraprashanthr_: hey!14:21
prashanthr_alcabrera: Hi :) good morning !14:21
alcabreraAAzza, vkmc, prashanthr_: will you all be free in about 30 minutes to meet about how things are going with your efforts? :)14:23
prashanthr_alcabrera: Sure. I will be free ! :)14:23
AAzzaalcabrera: sure)14:23
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alcabrerait's that time14:59
alcabreraof the week14:59
alcabrerawe'll go in this order, if there are no objections: AAzza, prashanthr_, vkmc15:00
alcabrerathoughts? :)15:00
AAzzaalcabrera: agree)15:00
prashanthr_sure !15:00
alcabreraalright, let's get started. :D15:01
AAzzaso, one of my patches is finishing its review, as alcabrera probably remembers, and the next one I think will be tomorrow15:01
AAzzait is almost done, just some cleanup15:02
alcabrerathanks for the fixes, AAzza15:02
AAzzait should reduce number of failting tests from 740 til 39 for sqlalchemy driver)15:02
alcabreraand I also just reviewed the oslo-incubator patch15:02
alcabreraoh wow15:02
alcabreraThose numbers make me happy.15:02
alcabrerait's almost enough so that all the errors fit in my terminal scrollback buffer! ;)15:02
alcabrerawith the fixes applied, I'll bug flaper87|afk to get it merged in15:03
alcabrerawhat are you thinking of tackling next, AAzza?15:03
AAzzaafter that patch, i'm thinking of finishing with small bugs, like iterables problems or smth like that15:04
alcabreragreat, sounds good to me. :)15:04
alcabreraanything you'd like to discuss before we move on, AAzza?15:04
AAzzahmm, no)15:04
alcabreraalright, prashanthr_ : how goes redis support? :)15:05
prashanthr_redis support is going great in my private forked branch15:05
prashanthr_kinda done with all the controllers needed for v1.0 and v1.115:05
prashanthr_with some minor bugs15:05
alcabreraI need you to start submitting patches to gerrit15:06
prashanthr_i just started with that yest.15:06
alcabreracould you abandon this one:  -- and update this one: :)15:06
prashanthr_Sure I will do that :). I wanted to add hiredis to the list15:07
prashanthr_but i noticed that the dependancy is not present in the global-requirements of openstack15:07
prashanthr_which would cause the jenkins to report failure.15:07
alcabreraoh yeah, good catch15:07
alcabreraI had forgotten to check that15:07
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prashanthr_so wanted to ask how to go about the process ? so i just add to the global-requirements file and submit a patch ?15:08
alcabrerafor now, however15:08
alcabreraI'm happy with +2-ing your current patch15:08
alcabreracould you add a comment indicating the global-reqs problem to gerrit?15:09
alcabrerawe can work on getting hiredis added in to global-reqs in parallel, since it isn't a blocking issue15:09
alcabrerajust an optimization15:09
AAzzaby the way shouldn't we add new reqs also to reqs-py3?15:09
*** jchai is now known as jchai_afk15:09
prashanthr_sure. i will do that. I will add hiredis and send a patch tmrw. Sorry for taking some time on this issue.15:09
AAzzaif it is py3 compatible, of course15:10
AAzzabut should be15:10
alcabreraAAzza: I believe it is, and good point. :)15:10
alcabreraprashanthr_: no worries!15:10
alcabreraprashanthr_: could you also add to py3-reqs.txt/15:10
*** jchai_afk is now known as jchai15:10
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prashanthr_i will add to it as well. thanks AAzza ! :)15:11
alcabreragreat. :)15:12
prashanthr_i just had one doubt about shards15:12
prashanthr_so when we delete a shard should we also remove all associated data from the catalogue related to the shard ?15:12
alcabrerathat sounds right15:13
alcabreraand I hope the current shard implementation does that. >.>15:13
alcabreraand... it doesn't. I think we have a bug.15:14
prashanthr_i tried  to look up into mongodb's catalogue controller, but could not find any such deletions.15:14
alcabreraprashanthr_: could you review the sharding implementation (shards, catalogue) for mongodb and verify this? If so, could you submit a bug indicating that this is a problem?15:15
prashanthr_alcabrera: Sure. I will go through it again and confirm it.15:15
alcabrerathanks so much~15:15
prashanthr_no problems. also i noticed a couple of more bugs15:16
alcabrerasure thing - what are they?15:16
prashanthr_the limit value for listing queues and messages from a sharded context are being passed to the storage layer as None instead of the default values15:17
alcabrerahmmm, oh yeah15:18
alcabreraI see it for the MessagesController in sharding.py15:18
alcabreraI wonder what the behavior is when None is passed down?15:19
alcabrerait's definitely an inconsistency15:19
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alcabreracould you list it as a bug and we can go through and verify later, prashanthr_?15:20
prashanthr_sure will do it.15:20
alcabreraother thoughts/concerns, prashanthr_? :)15:21
prashanthr_last thought: also when the request content-type is set to x-form-encoded instead of 'application/json' the server does not reply an invalid format exception for quite a long time.15:21
alcabrerawhat wsgi server are you using, or is it the 'marconi-server' executable, prashanthr_?15:22
prashanthr_marconi-server executable15:22
alcabreraand particular endpoint? I'm trying to repro locally.15:23
alcabrera*and -> any15:23
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prashanthr_hmm i am using advanced rest client plugin of google chrome as it saves all requests to replay15:23
malinijchai: woooooot!!!!!!!!!! is merged now15:23
alcabreraprashanthr_: interesting - I've just been trying locally with httpie. :)15:24
prashanthr_is a similar behaviour seen ?15:24
alcabrerano, not yet15:24
alcabreraI tried15:24
alcabrera http -v get localhost:8888/v1 content-type:x-form-encoded15:24
alcabrera http -v get localhost:8888/v1/queues content-type:x-form-encoded15:25
alcabrerait seems as speedy as ever15:25
AAzzamalini: what a long patch history :)15:25
alcabreramalini: nice!15:26
alcabrerajchai: congrats!15:26
alcabreraprashanthr_: for that slow down, let me know if you are able to repro with another client15:26
maliniAAzza: tht history is a testimonial to jchai's patience!15:26
alcabreraalright - any other thoughts, prashanthr_? :)15:26
prashanthr_alcabrera: Sure will try with httpie ! Nope. thank you :)15:27
malinijchai: great job!!  this moves us closer to meeting the grad reqs15:27
alcabreravkmc: heeeeyyyyy. :D15:27
* alcabrera sets timeout @ 5 minutes15:27
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alcabreraI'll catch up with vkmc later, and I'll need some help from flaper87|afk, too.15:32
alcabreraAAzza, prashanthr_: How do you all feel about writing a weekly blog post or something along those lines chronicling your efforts and/or experiences?15:33
alcabrera ** open discussion **15:33
prashanthr_alcabrera: That's a really nice idea. :)15:33
vkmcHi all! :)15:34
vkmc(forgot to set my away status)15:34
prashanthr_there are so many stuffs i am getting to learn and blog would be a good summary of the learning and the experience.15:34
alcabrerano worries, vkmc15:34
AAzzavkmc: Nice to see you)15:34
vkmcAAzza, o/15:34
prashanthr_vkmc: Hi !15:34
vkmcprashanthr_, Hi :)15:34
* vkmc catches up 15:36
prashanthr_alcabrera: reported the bug
alcabrerathanks, prashanthr_!15:36
vkmcso you were having the OPW/GSoC meeting and I just arrived in my turn15:36
AAzzaalcabrera: yeah, blog posts) I have two drafts written while tests were running, will fix them after tomorrows exam)15:37
alcabreravkmc: yup, just in time! :)15:37
prashanthr_AAzza: All the best 4 xams !15:38
alcabreraas for blogging, I want you to know that it's not required, but I encourage all of you to do so if you're inclined. :)15:38
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vkmcso, I have been working on and in parallel with a research about AMQP, which I'll working on on the future months15:39
AAzzaprashanthr_: thanks)15:40
alcabreravkmc: thanks for working on those!15:40
vkmcfor 1243752 I found there is more to do and to discuss15:40
alcabrerayes, it seems there's some discussion to be had15:40
vkmcfirst, we have to find a way to refactor tests in order to cover v1.0 and v1.1 in a decent way15:40
vkmc(not the way I did it in my WIP patch... with ifs :x)15:40
vkmcsecondly, we have to decide if we want to change the behaviour of an already shipped API... we have to be careful15:42
alcabrerathis sounds like an item we need to bring up on Tuesday's meeting15:42
vkmcI have been working on the first one... and the second one has to be discussed with the rest of the team15:43
vkmcsure :)15:43
alcabreraalright, I'll make sure that's on the agenda15:43
vkmcthanks alcabrera15:44
alcabrerahow goes the amqp research, vkmc?15:44
vkmcand for 1257391 I have an idea in mind but I want some feedback too... so maybe it is something to discuss later15:45
alcabreravkmc: sure thing. Let's talk about 1257391 after the meeting, if you're free. :)15:45
vkmcthe amqp research... well, I managed to set up a deployment of Apollo
vkmcthis was helpful because I could try some of the amqp features which we will have to map with the Marconi API15:47
* alcabrera clicks15:47
alcabrerait looks exciting!15:47
vkmcit's pretty interesting yeah :)15:47
alcabrerahave you been able to communicate with it using some python client?15:48
vkmcthat's the bad part... I couldn't... with the C++ broker it worked just fine, but with Apollo it breaks15:49
alcabrerathere is where I want to bug flaper87|afk and ask for help15:50
alcabrerawe need an amqp robot. <315:50
alcabrera**there -> this15:50
vkmcI'm certain that it's something related to my deployment, so I was planning to give it some time today and try to fix it15:50
vkmcif it doesn15:50
alcabrerabest of luck, vkmc!15:50
vkmcdoesn't fix... then I'll continue with the C++ one and start coding15:50
vkmcthanks alcabrera :)15:51
vkmcyeah we sure need an AMQP robot :)15:51
alcabrerasounds like a good plan to me, vkmc15:52
alcabreraany concerns you'd like to bring up, vkmc?15:52
*** balajiiyer has left #openstack-marconi15:52
vkmcno, that was all :)15:53
alcabrerawith that15:53
alcabrerathis meeting comes to a close15:53
alcabrerathanks AAzza, prashanthr_, vkmc! :)15:54
*** kgriffs|afk is now known as kgriffs15:54
vkmcthanks you all... sorry I missed the start of it, I wasn't sure about the time15:54
prashanthr_alcabrera: thank you :)15:54
vkmcAAzza, good luck with exams! /me crosses fingers15:56
alcabreraAAzza: yes, good luck! :D15:56
* kgriffs is lurking15:56
* alcabrera unlurks kgriffs15:56
AAzzavkmc: alcabrera: thanks, i will survive this 5 hours, i promise)15:57
* kgriffs ended up being in the office today after all15:57
vkmckgriffs, !! how that happened?15:58
*** malini is now known as malini_afk15:59
*** shakayumi is now known as shakamunyi15:59
kgriffsvkmc: I snuck in when nobody was looking. ;)16:00
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kgriffsI was going to have to be on the road today, but ended up sticking around Austin.16:01
kgriffskeep calm and code on16:01
alcabreraflaper87|afk, malini_afk, kgriffs: our agenda is looking very packed for the next meeting -- any thoughts on how to prioritize these items?16:03
kgriffsalcabrera: I've been thinking about that too... I am thinking some things we can start discussing on the mailing list and then the agenda items becomes a quick summary or vote16:04
alcabrerasounds like a good idea, esp. wrt API changes16:04
kgriffsotherwise, I can go through and move a couple of my own items to "discuss later"16:04
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cpallares AAzza, prashanthr_, vkmc: o/ hello fellow interns16:07
cpallaresalcabrera: hi Alejandro16:07
alcabrerametadata support, amqp, magnetodb, sounds like items that the ML would love, kgriffs16:07
alcabrerav1.1 things, keystone changes, sound like good votes/quick updates16:08
alcabreracpallares: heeeey! :D16:08
vkmccpallares, hey hey o/ :)16:08
alcabreraI'm personally requesting that the code of conduct discussion be maintained as part of the marconi meeting, for now, whether it's next week or the one after16:08
* cpallares is locked away in the glance-client cupboard under the stairs16:08
kgriffssounds good16:08
cpallaresalcabrera: +116:08
alcabreracpallares: oh no!16:09
kgriffsalcabrera: I moved a few things around (refresh)16:09
alcabreraovercome its oppressive grasp!16:09
kgriffsgotta run to a meeting now16:09
cpallaresalcabrera:  haha16:09
alcabrerakgriffs: kk, and thanks!16:09
kgriffsalcabrera: heh, maybe we need a meta-item at the top of the agenda: "please discuss stuff on the ML before the meeting so agenda items don't require as much time"16:10
vkmccpallares, booo, hp style?16:10
kgriffsfeel free to add that to the agenda for this next time. :)16:10
kgriffsk, gotta run for a bit16:10
cpallaresvkmc: yeah :P16:11
*** rossk has joined #openstack-marconi16:11
*** kgriffs is now known as kgriffs|afk16:11
vkmccpallares, I'll send you an owl with poptarts then16:11
cpallaresvkmc: lots of owls with lots of poptarts :D16:12
alcabrerapoptart owl. <316:12
alcabrerasounds like a real hoot16:12
alcabreras/real/real sweet16:12
cpallaresvkmc: this is the glance channel -->
vkmcit sounds like a good idea for Marconi's name16:13
vkmcOpenStack Hedwig!16:13
vkmccpallares, that looks lonely16:14
cpallaresvkmc: it is, like a cupboard under the stairs16:16
*** haoma____ has quit IRC16:58
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* vkmc lurks19:51
* alcabrera unlurks vkmc19:53
openstackvkmc: Error: "!!!" is not a valid command.19:54
vkmcok ok haha19:54
alcabreraopenstack doesn't know the meaning of suprise, vkmc. :P19:54
vkmcbots everywhere! haha19:55
vkmcalcabrera, maybe you have a second to share some thoughts about that refactoring bug you reported?19:55
alcabreraI was just about to get off of here, vkmc. Catch me tomorrow morning? :)19:55
vkmcsure :)19:56
alcabrerahave a good night, all. o/19:56
vkmcalcabrera, enjoy your evening o/ ttyt!19:57
*** alcabrera is now known as alcabrera|afk20:00
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flaper87kgriffs: ping20:47
kgriffsflaper87: pong20:47
flaper87kgriffs: hey :)20:47
flaper87how are you doing?20:48
* flaper87 replied to the ML discussion20:48
* flaper87 is glad to see more discussions happening on the mailing list20:48
kgriffsyeah, I am going to bring that up in the next meeting too - try to encourage everyone to participate in ML discussions20:50
flaper87I won't be able to attend next week meeting :/20:51
*** shakamunyi has quit IRC20:51
kgriffsno pancakes for you.20:51
* flaper87 will be in Israel next week20:51
flaper87good thing is that I'll present Marconi at OpenStack Israel20:52
*** jmckind has quit IRC20:52
mpanettaMmmm pancakes20:52
kgriffsah, ok. I guess you will have some yummy falafel anyway. :D20:52
flaper87It'll be a good way to experiment the "new way to present marconi"20:52
mpanettaI think we should rename marconi "pancake tubes" :P20:52
flaper87some? Like TONS of them20:52
*** shakamunyi has joined #openstack-marconi20:52
mpanettaMmmm falafel20:52
kgriffslet's just rename marconi to falafel20:52
* ametts wonders why every time he signs into this channel people are talking about pancakes20:52
mpanettaOk maybe falafel tubes20:52
mpanettaametts: We are a bunch of hungry people I guess. heh20:53
* flaper87 wonders why ametts always shows up when we're talking about food20:53
kgriffsflaper87: jokes aside, it will be good to find a message that resonates with people. you'll have to let us know how it goes.20:53
amettsI'm travelling and only sign in a for a few minutes at a time.  Pancakes.  Every time.  What are the odds?! :)20:53
flaper87 yeah, I'll address it differently20:54
mpanettakgriffs: Make sure that they push the message on a queue20:54
flaper87actually, since you are here, let me share some thoughts20:54
kgriffsametts: exactly 104,429,007.54 to 120:54
mpanettaOr the pancake as the case may be.20:54
flaper87I want to start with a quick run through F.A.Q (Why, what, how)20:54
flaper87Then a detailed intro to the architecture (talk about "pools" not "shards")20:55
flaper87then deployment20:55
mpanettaOh good.  Yeah shards is a confusing term.20:55
flaper87I'll talk about some things as if they existed already (AMQP, redis, pools) for example20:55
mpanettapools already exist as shards no?20:56
kgriffswell, sort of20:56
flaper87At europython last year I focused on the architecture20:56
kgriffsfor the most part, yes, but we have evolved the way we think of them - so wanted to rename to reflect that20:56
flaper87that's nice for a "language conference" but not a "cloud oriented" conference20:56
flaper87In hong kong we presented architecture and deployment + live demo20:57
flaper87but we left some things out20:57
flaper87like basic F.A.Q questions, IIRC20:57
*** mpanetta has quit IRC20:57
*** stritz has quit IRC20:58
flaper87Although I really don't like doing it, I'll say that Marconi is akin to SQS20:58
flaper87that clears many things out w.r.t the API, the service and the fact we just have http for now20:58
kgriffsit would be good to tell people not just what it is up front, but *why* it is designed the way it is20:58
kgriffsso, I like that you are starting out with that before talking about the implementation and deployment20:59
kgriffsflaper87: I agree with the SQS comparison20:59
flaper87coolio, glad we talked about this21:00
kgriffsmarconi is like SQS with some pubsub on the side. And pancakes. With butter and maple syrup.21:01
* kgriffs checks to see if ametts is listening21:01
flaper87and falafel21:01
kgriffsdang, I need to try this stuff.21:01
flaper87with Zatar21:02
amettsI'm still heeeerrrrreeeee....21:02
* flaper87 loves Zatar21:02
* kgriffs wonders where he can get some Falafel in Austin21:02
flaper87Za'atar (to be precise)21:02
flaper87gtg guys, have a good one!21:02
*** cpallares has quit IRC21:03
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