Monday, 2014-06-02

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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: setuptools upstream has broken the world. it's a known issue. we're hoping that a solution materializes soon08:31
*** ChanServ changes topic to "setuptools upstream has broken the world. it's a known issue. we're hoping that a solution materializes soon"08:31
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openstackgerritPrashanth Raghu proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Implements Queue and Message Controllers for Redis
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alcabreragood morning!13:06
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vkmcalcabrera, good morning! o/13:13
alcabreravkmc: hey! how are you? :)13:13
vkmcalcabrera, fine, thx, and you?13:14
alcabreraa little hungry, but happy otherwise. I've yet to make breakfast.13:14
sriramgood morning alcabrera,vkmc :)13:15
alcabrerasriram: hey!13:15
sriramhow are you doing! :D13:16
alcabrerahungry, happy, still waking up, sriram. You? :)13:17
sriramheh, I'm doing good. A weekend filled with lots of sleep has energized me :)13:17
vkmcsriram, good morning! :)13:18
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vkmcsriram, yay to sleep!13:18
sriramalcabrera: btw, I uninstalled the sleep monitoring app >.> I didn't want to be reminded I hadn't slept well :P13:19
sriramvkmc: sleep is the elixir.13:19
alcabrerahehe. :P13:19
alcabreraHave some haskell, y'all: (Tony Morris. Parametricity: Types are Documentation")13:20
vkmcsriram, you were using Sleepbot?13:20
vkmcs/you were/were you13:21
sriramNo, its called sleep cycle.13:21
vkmcalcabrera, nothing like a good cup of Haskell for breakfast haha13:21
sriramIt outputs really nice graphs :P13:21
alcabreravkmc: haha, oh yeah. It's just the right Type of breakfast! ;)13:22
vkmcsriram, nice! I see it's for iOS... well, Sleepbot is the Android counterpart :)13:22
vkmcit turned into another responsibility for me... so I ended uninstalling it :o13:23
sriramvkmc: haha! :P similar here.13:24
sriramI tried really hard to increase my sleep quality percentage :P that ended up being more stressful, than just enjoying sleep :P13:24
sriramthis was the bug I was talking about earlier wrt claims in the client.13:29
* alcabrera clicks13:29
alcabreraah, that's troublesome13:30
alcabrerait looks like a fix shouldn't be too bad13:30
sriramyeah, I've fixed it.13:30
sriramThe only thing, I'm a bit confused by, is where should the unit test go.13:31
sriramunder tests/claims or tests/messages13:31
sriramwe are deleting a message here, so i'm inclined towards messages.13:31
alcabreraI feel that's correct13:32
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sriramalcabrera: The other thing is that we have two tests directories.13:33
sriramone outside the package, and the other inside.13:33
alcabreraI'm not sure what's being kept in each13:34
alcabrerait's strange13:35
alcabrerataking a quick look13:35
sriramboth of them seem to have unit tests, why do we have two of them?13:35
alcabreraI couldn't tell you why some tests live in there and some live elsewhere13:35
alcabreraflaper87|afk: would know best on this one.13:35
sriramalcabrera: alright, thanks!13:35
alcabreranp. :)13:36
sriramflaper87|afk: ping13:36
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prashanthr_hi alcabrera , malini, vkmc , AAzza ! Good morning :)14:05
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alcabreraprashanthr_: hello! :)14:06
mpanettamorning prashanthr_14:07
prashanthr_mpanetta : Good morning to you as well :) Start of a new week ! :)14:07
mpanettaThank goodness :)14:07
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alcabrerampanetta: heya. :)14:08
mpanettaHi alcabrera :)14:08
malinihello all!!14:08
mpanettamornin malini14:08
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vkmcprashanthr_, malini, mpanetta hi! :)14:10
mpanettaHiya vkmc14:10
AAzzaGood day,  all)14:11
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alcabreraso lively - everyone must be well-rested after the weekend!14:13
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prashanthr_alcabrera : Haha yeah :) I had a small doubt.  Can I ask u now ?14:15
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*** ChanServ changes topic to "OpenStack Queuing and Notification Service || Smile :D || Meetings every Tuesday @ 15:00 UTC || Wiki: || Paste: || Send messages and make some noise :D"14:16
-openstackstatus- NOTICE: setuptools issue was fixed in upstream in 3.7.1 and 4.0.1, please, recheck on bug 132551414:16
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alcabreraprashanthr_: sure thing14:17
prashanthr_alcabrera: I submitted a patch for Queue and Message controllers for Redis today .14:17
prashanthr_I am able to pass the tests14:18
prashanthr_locally but it fails on Jenkins14:18
prashanthr_I explored the log files14:18
prashanthr_but unable to spot the errors14:18
AAzzaprashanthr_: oh it was problem with all tests for all patches14:19
openstackgerritSriram Madapusi Vasudevan proposed a change to openstack/python-marconiclient: Enable deleting of message with claim id
prashanthr_AAzza: Ohh okay !14:19
alcabrerayeah, that looks like one of those occasional infra bugs that affects all of OS14:19
prashanthr_alcabrera: Ohh okay. Will re-submit the patch again later.14:21
alcabreraprashanthr_: no need14:21
sriramwhenever you have the time. :)14:22
alcabreraprashanthr_: when the bug is resolved, we can just do 'recheck no bug' as a comment and jenkins will check it again14:22
alcabreraI'll review the patch later today, probably in about six hours. :)14:22
prashanthr_alcabrera: that is nice. Did not know that.  Thank you :)14:23
AAzzaalcabrera: i suppose it is fixed now, you see that notice from openstackstatus :) prashanthr_: i think you can try to recheck14:24
alcabreraah, I tuned out the red text, AAzza, hahaha14:24
alcabreranice catch!14:24
prashanthr_AAzza: Will do that :) thanks !14:25
alcabreraprashanthr_: I just asked jenkins to run another build. we'll see soon. ;)14:25
prashanthr_alcabrera: thanks :)14:26
prashanthr_alcabrera: I had a small idea. Would it be nice if marconi could support redis as a cache as well ?14:32
alcabreraprashanthr_: that'd be lovely. it's been talked about, along the lines of adding redis support to oslo.cache14:33
prashanthr_alcabrera: Actually I am kind of done with Redis for sharding , catalogue and claims controllers as well in the private branch14:34
prashanthr_So was thinking if I can add redis as a cache :)14:35
alcabreralet's bring it up in tomorrow's meeting, prashanthr_14:35
alcabrerai'm sure malini, flaper87|afk, and kgriffs|afk will have thoughts to share there14:36
prashanthr_alcabrera: Sure.14:36
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alcabreraprashanthr_: if there's ever anything you'd like brought up during the openstack marconi meeting, the place to add the item is here: /cc vkmc, AAzza14:36
alcabrerait's *the* place for proposing new ideas14:37
prashanthr_alcabrera: Got it :)14:37
prashanthr_alcabrera: Also observed that deleting a non existant queue returns 503 when the storage layer returns a QueueDoesNotExist error.14:39
prashanthr_is this expected behaviour ?14:40
vkmcalcabrera, thanks14:43
alcabreraprashanthr_: 500-level errors are never expected behavior, to be sure. Something sounds wonky in there. :/14:44
prashanthr_alcabrera: Hmm. yeah same opinion here as well. just came across it accidentally today.14:50
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sriramwoo, hello there flaper87|phone :)15:59
flaper87|phoneHow  are you doing?16:00
flaper87|phoneHow's life in this channel?16:00
mpanettaFeeling kind of phoney right now :P16:00
sriramlife is humming along :)16:00
sriramflaper87|phone: we discovered a bug in the marconi-client, there's a patch out for it.16:01
kgriffssriram: nice work! that was fast. :)16:02
flaper87|phoneThanks to whoever worked on that. :)16:03
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sriramthat's me :P16:03
sriramI have some questions wrt tests in marconi-client16:03
sriramthere seem to be two directories, why do we have 2?16:04
sriramone inside the package, and one outside.16:04
flaper87|phoneMmh, the one inside the Marconi package has the base clases16:04
flaper87|phoneAnd the one outside the package has the actual tests16:05
flaper87|phoneNot sure how useful that is from a client perspective but I wanted to follow what we were doing in the server16:05
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sriramoh thanks, that consufed me a bit. I think I have my unit test, inside the package :/ . I'll change that.16:07
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maliniflaper87|phone: since we are talking tests, we were considering creating a base class for the unit tests, & then versioned classes for each version of the API (this is for decouple v1 from v1.1 tests)16:07
maliniany thoughts on tht?16:07
sriramyes, we badly need it.16:08
flaper87|phoneThat sounds sensible16:08
flaper87|phoneAnd I agree16:08
flaper87|phoneThat should be our priority for this/next week16:08
flaper87|phoneWant to stab it? Or prefer me to do it?16:08
malinialex /sriram were planning to take on tht one16:09
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flaper87|phoneSounds good16:09
maliniI am going to be out most of this week -but will get the tempest & pop stuff going16:09
flaper87|phoneSounds goos16:09
maliniwe had one tempest patch merged & the last one is fighting jenkins16:10
maliniso we shud be ready to meet devananda/ TC by late this week16:10
flaper87|phoneBy all means, sriram/Alex ping me if I can be of any help16:10
flaper87|phoneOK,I'll ping devananda16:10
flaper87|phoneSounds like a good time16:10
maliniyes !!16:11
malinitht will give us enough time to work on any grad reqs tht have come in since16:11
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kgriffsflaper87|phone: were you still planning on doing msgpack support? if not, we have some other folks who are looking for something to do... :)16:43
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flaper87|phoneI think peoplemerge was going to work on that16:43
flaper87|phoneIf he's nor, then we can give it to anyone interested16:43
flaper87|phoneI'm planing to work on the migration thing16:44
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kgriffspeoplemerge: ping16:45
kgriffsflaper87|phone: ok, I assigned Dave for now - I'll try to get in touch with him, but if you "see" him first, can you verify that he can take this?16:46
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flaper87|phoneAbsolutely, I'd say, let's ping him on the whiteboard, if he doesn't show up in the next couple of days, let's assign it to whoever wants to work on it16:47
kgriffssounds good16:47
flaper87|phoneIs it fine if I take the migration work?16:48
flaper87|phoneWe should probably do flavors first16:48
flaper87|phoneBtw, what if instead of flavors we call it storage capabilities?16:48
flaper87|phoneOr something more related to storage16:48
kgriffsqueue storage policy?16:49
kgriffsthat isn't right16:49
kgriffsthat implies the user is setting the policy, not choosing from a list predetermined by the provider16:50
kgriffsi agree that we can find a better term than "flavor"16:50
kgriffsI think that a cloud operator will likely choose storage pools that either support all of the API, or only a part of it. I don't see them mixing and matching - too confusing for the user, and also more of a pain for operators to manage... I suspect they will choose NoSQL or Broker, but not mix the two.16:53
kgriffsIf that is true (not 100%, but in talking with some people I think there's a good chance it is), then "flavors" will just be things like16:54
kgriffsmax_ttl, durability, max_message_size, etc.16:55
kgriffshmm, I guess you could call it a queue policy16:57
kgriffsthe provider defines a list of policies16:57
kgriffsa client can set a default policy, and also override that default when creating an individual queue16:57
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maliniCan I get a few +1s plz ?18:08
malinijchai: ^18:09
maliniI am going to cheat & skip the config in schema for now :-#18:10
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* vkmc lurks the etherpad 18:18
sriramI'll add some details on the changes soon :)18:20
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abettadapurmalini: do you know why all the unit tests would be skipped?19:29
maliniabettadapur: no..are you running them via tox?19:29
openstackgerritSriram Madapusi Vasudevan proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Implement Lazy Create Queue in v1.1 API
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kgriffsswift the language or swift the service? much confusion.20:22
alcabrerakgriffs: and swift the cpu architecture20:23
alcabrerano shortage of ambiguity20:23
*** alcabrera is now known as alcabrera|afk20:25
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tjanczuk_Anyone there?20:47
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kgriffstjanczuk_: a few of us are, but this time of day people start signing off if they haven't already... I'm only going to be around a few more minutes myself. :p22:03
*** flaper87|phone has quit IRC22:03
kgriffsEarlier in the day there seems to be a lot more chatter in here. Just an observation.22:04
tjanczuk_I was out of the loop for ~2 weeks (JSConf), I wonder if any progress has been made on AMQP?22:04
kgriffstjanczuk_: Flavio has been discussing the state of 1.0 in Rabbit with their devs. let me see if I can dig up that email22:05
flwangkgriffs: ping22:05
tjanczuk_But implementation-wise, has there been any progress?22:06
kgriffsotherwise, vkmc has volunteered to start working on the AMQP driver and is just waiting for the 0.9/1.0 issue to be sorted22:06
kgriffstjanczuk_: Vickie (vkmc) is blocked on the 0.9/1.0 discussion last time I checked. We should be able to get an update tommorrow at the team meeting.22:07
kgriffs(minutes/summary will be recorded and posted on Marconi's meeting page, in case you can't make it)22:07
kgriffsflwang: pong!22:07
kgriffshey, how's it going stranger? ;)22:08
flwangI'd like to let you know that, I'm back.22:08
flwangthis is my first working day in NZ22:08
tjanczuk_Got it. Myself, I would like to prototype 0.9. I have a quick question on this: when I start marconi-server, it seems to recognize `mongodb` and `sqllite` as storage drivers in config. What do I need to do to have marconi-server also recognize a new driver I created as a module under marconi\queues\storage?22:08
tjanczuk_Is there some registration necessary?22:08
kgriffsflwang: awesome!22:08
flwangkgriffs: I saw you left a comment said there are some good feedback about the health bp, would you mind introducing a little bit?22:09
kgriffstjanczuk_: yeah, it uses this thing called "entry points"22:10
kgriffsi think that's a distutils thing, but can't remember for sure22:10
kgriffsflwang: yeah, just a moment22:10
flwangkgriffs: sure, thanks22:10
kgriffstjanczuk_: look in setup.cfg22:10
kgriffsunder the section "entry_points"22:11
kgriffsyou can actually register entry points from standalone packages, so you can create drivers outside marconi's repo22:11
kgriffsstevedore knows how to find them and load them up when you specify one in marconi.conf, assuming it is registered via the entry_points section22:11
kgriffsflwang: I updated the blueprint description to try and reflect the new direction that ops folks would like us to take that endpoint22:12
tjanczuk_I think I updated the relevant sections of setup.cfg. After I do, do I need to run something before just launching marconi-server? Despite the changes marconig-server does not seem to be recognizing my new module. steveodore throws an exceptiion.22:12
kgriffstjanczuk_: you'll have to run setup after updating setup.cfg22:13
kgriffsprobably through pip install -e .22:13
flwangkgriffs: ok, looking22:14
kgriffsflwang: let me clarify: ops would like to just use their regular monitoring tools (sensu, nagious, what-have-you) for stuff like CPU, disk, RAM usage22:14
kgriffsflwang: what they would like us to report is app-level data22:14
kgriffsso, stuff those other tools can't check22:14
kgriffslike, how many total queues, number of messages, average lifetime of each message, etc.22:15
flwangmetrics about Marconi itself, right?22:15
kgriffsI would just pick one of those for the first implementation22:15
kgriffsflwang: yep22:15
flwangkgriffs: got it22:15
kgriffsflwang: oh, also, I had one sys admin ask for us to do a deep "alive" check.22:15
*** Joe_knock has joined #openstack-marconi22:15
kgriffshe would like us to actually try to produce a message, claim it, delete it22:15
kgriffsto fully excercise everything22:15
kgriffsbasically a mini functional test, then report that as OK or ERROR22:16
flwangkgriffs: interesting view22:16
tjanczuk_kgriffs: I run ` build` followed by ` install` and still get `ERROR stevedore.extension [-] Could not load 'rabbit': No module named rabbit`. Did I miss anything else?22:16
kgriffsapparently, they do that anyway from the outside, and it would be nice if we helped them a little there22:16
flwangkgriffs: yep, I can see the point22:16
kgriffstjanczuk_: hard to say. can you paste the [entery_points] section of setup.cfg?22:17
tjanczuk_I think I found a typo, sorry for confusion.22:17
Joe_knockWhat does marconi mean?22:18
kgriffsflwang: so, I'd say, do the deep "is alive" check plus one metric for the first iteration. Then we can discuss other metrics to add by the end of J-2. I'd like to freeze the v1.1 API by the end of that milestone.22:18
kgriffsJoe_knock: are you asking about the project, or specifically why it is code-named "marconi"? :)22:19
tjanczuk_Joe_knock: The dude designed radio transmission.22:19
flwangkgriffs: +1, for the first one metric, how about num of queue or num of msg per queue?22:19
flwangkgriffs: btw, any progress about the new project name?22:19
kgriffsJoe_knock: about the project:
kgriffsflwang: number of messages per queue would have to be an average since we wouldn't want to try and list every queue in the system. :p22:20
Joe_knockkgriffs: why is it code-named marconi?22:20
kgriffsso, I vote for total number of queues per pool22:20
kgriffsJoe_knock: the thought was that it afforded a variety of communication patterns, just like Radio did. Radio was successful because it was so flexible.22:21
*** jchai has quit IRC22:22
kgriffsJoe_knock: that being said, we are in the process of renaming the project, since someone owns the trademark on the Marconi name and the declined to share. :(22:22
kgriffsflwang: we have a short list of possibilities that OpenStack legal is checking now22:22
Joe_knockkgriffs: Perhaps you guys should also consider renaming Falcon, as Phalcon exists too.22:22
flwangkgriffs: ok, then I will work on the num of queues per pool. Does that the 'pool' means shard?22:24
tjanczuk_kgriffs: thanks, it was a typo on my part, things work now.22:27
kgriffsJoe_knock: Falcons abound, it seems.
kgriffstjanczuk_: cool. If you can catch vkmc, it would be good for your two to sync22:28
kgriffsflwang: right - see Flavio's pending patch. We decided to change the name to give us a better mindset of what we wanted to achieve.22:28
*** mwagner_lap has joined #openstack-marconi22:28
Joe_knockkgriffs: I will try building a simple API with falcon and PR it to you somehow, as seeing actual application code in the form of a tutorial may be useful22:29
kgriffsflwang: also, to reduce confusion around terminology22:29
kgriffsJoe_knock: definitely. BTW, feel free to discuss Falcon-specific questions/suggestions in #falconframework. There are folks using it outside OpenStack who could benefit from the discussions.22:30
kgriffsIn fact, most of the PRs these days come from folks outside OpenStack and Rackspace22:30
kgriffsI gotta run folks22:30
Joe_knockalright. Take care.22:31
kgriffsI've got ZNC running, so you can ping my username and it will highlight that part of the log when I next sign in.22:31
*** kgriffs is now known as kgriffs|afk22:31
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peoplemergekgriffs|afk: flaper87|afk: pong!23:22
peoplemergeflaper87|afk: might need to refresh my memory on this msgpack one, I'm down to start hacking it tho!23:37

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