Tuesday, 2014-06-03

vkmckgriffs|afk, tjanczuk_ hey! :) let's catch up with AMQP tomorrow00:04
vkmcpeoplemerge, o/00:10
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flaper87kgriffs|afk: mmhh, FWIW, last time vkmc and I talked, we discussed the AMQP 1.0 implementation and I think we'll go down that road.08:49
flaper87kgriffs|afk: what vkmc is doing now, AFAIK, is helping us with figuring out what endpoints are actually supported by the AMQP driver08:50
flaper87since we won't be able to fully-support Marconi's API08:50
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: V1 Tests JsonSchema  https://review.openstack.org/9421209:56
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: Fix sqlalchemy storage driver for Python 3  https://review.openstack.org/9550409:56
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sriramkgriffs|afk: ping13:19
abettadapursriram: so what kinds of things are we putting in these base classes13:22
abettadapurim thinking enforcing headers there is not good, because then we can't test the absence of headers13:22
sriramalright, lets look at whats currently there in our current base class.13:25
abettadapurall the request methods13:25
abettadapurmock response, app, configs13:25
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sriramabettadapur: are we talking about this? https://github.com/openstack/marconi/blob/master/marconi/tests/base.py13:27
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sriramis this what we are gonna split in two? and make them inherit from a single base class?13:30
abettadapurok, first let me see if my refactoring is ok13:31
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abettadapurwait sorry,13:32
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abettadapurthe base file /we/ are modifying is /marconi/teests/queues/transport/wsgi/base13:32
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sriramyeah, I think so. since its the transport that has v1 and v1.113:34
abettadapurso i have split up marconi/tests/queues/transport/wsgi in to v1 and v1.113:34
abettadapuri have made four new base classes, v1base v1faultydriverbase v1_1base v1_1faultydriverbase13:35
abettadapurand put them in marconi/tests/queues/transport/wsgi/base.py13:35
abettadapurand made everything inherit accordingly13:35
abettadapuri think that is what we want, yes?13:35
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sriramyes that is correct, and one way to check is to make sure that it works is running test_v1_0.py and test_v1_1.py13:37
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sriramafter making changes in each.13:37
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sriramthey do not affect each other.13:37
abettadapuryeah, good idea13:38
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abettadapursriram: they are well separated13:54
abettadapurwhat was the problem you were having with tests?13:55
sriramI couldnt make changes to the tests without tests for v1 breaking.13:55
abettadapuroh ok13:55
abettadapurnothing specific then?13:56
sriramif you see both test_v1_1 and test_v1_0 both inherit from the same base class. so essentially there is just one set of tests.13:56
abettadapur^(also no longer true)13:57
abettadapurok, so i'm just going to put the headers in for every request in the v1_1 tests13:57
abettadapurand we can figure out what to put in the base classes13:57
sriramI would say go ahead and submit a patch, we can work our way through based on the comments.13:58
sriramso do we have 2 sets of tests now?13:58
abettadapuryeah, they are identical13:58
sriramthats how the functional tests are as well, correct?13:58
abettadapurfunctional tests inherit from the same base class13:59
abettadapurbut its much less of an issue13:59
abettadapursince its just api calls13:59
abettadapur(but there are two sets, yes)13:59
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sriramand lets get you assigned to the bp14:00
sriramabettadapur: whats your launchpad id?14:00
srirammalini: ping14:00
sriramalrighty then, reassigned the bp abettadapur :)14:01
abettadapurill get some patches up14:02
sriramwoohoo :D14:02
malinisriram: pong14:03
sriramI was just wondering if one needed to be a core to reassign bp, I was able to do it. thanks malini!14:03
sriramalso were you following the conversation we now have 4 baseclasses.14:04
maliniI was not..14:05
* malini scrolls up14:05
malinisounds good14:07
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kgriffsmalini: will you be able to make the mtg today?14:14
malinikgriffs: I will be around for the first 15 minutes14:15
maliniThen need to leave for the airport14:15
openstackgerritSriram Madapusi Vasudevan proposed a change to openstack/python-marconiclient: Enable deleting of message with claim id  https://review.openstack.org/9724614:16
malinikgriffs: & FYI..I am not so keen on the Specs idea. But just wanted us to give it a thought, since most of Openstack seems to be moving in tht direction.14:17
maliniSo I am perfectly fine if we don't use it :)14:17
sriramhey kgriffs,malini: could I get a review on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/97246/14:17
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sriramflaper87: hey14:18
sriramflaper87: I have addressed your comments on the patch for the client . Thanks for reviewing it! :)14:18
flaper87sriram: yo yo yo14:20
kgriffsmalini: we could try it with one bp and see how it goes14:20
* flaper87 opens the request14:20
kgriffsflaper87: when you have a sec, I wanted to ask about your comment on my oslo cache patch (https://review.openstack.org/#/c/95303/)14:21
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kgriffsI didn't realize there was somewhere else to submit patches. Where is that?14:21
flaper87mmhh, no wait14:22
flaper87your patch is actually correct. I somehow thought you proposed it on marconi14:22
flaper87damn, I feel stupid14:22
kgriffsno worries... it's not like you are involved in, like 10 different OS projects or anything. ;)14:23
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flaper87kgriffs: +214:23
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kgriffsflaper87: btw, what's the status on the memcached patch?14:25
flaper87kgriffs: bryansd was working on it. I know he had an almost working/updated version back in the summit14:26
flaper87but I don't recall seeing it on the oslo reviews14:27
malinikgriffs: Specs will have a lot of overhead..All specs go to a different repo & will need +2s before it is merged to the specs repo14:27
kgriffsyeah, I didn't see it either, so was wondering where it went.14:27
flaper87malini: re specs, I like the idea of we adopting the process but I've this feeling we're not there yet14:28
flaper87if you guys think we should, I'm happy with it14:29
kgriffsI think it becomes more useful the larger your team. With a smaller team it is easier to keep everyone on the same page just through the mailing list and IRC14:29
kgriffsand meetings14:29
flaper87kgriffs: agreed14:29
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malinikgriffs, flaper87: +1..I don't think we meed to start using specs yet14:32
maliniflaper87: Can you respond to the ML with your thoughts -so the wider community knows why we are not using it ?14:33
flaper87malini: yup, I'm on it ;)14:33
malinigreat..thanks :)14:33
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maliniabettadapur: Congratulations on your first merge :)14:46
sriramwoot :D14:48
sriramkgriffs: ping14:54
sriramshall I submit a patch for marconi-bench with the producer and consumer? or should we wait until client patch makes it through?14:56
sriramkgriffs: ^14:56
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kgriffssriram: hmm. did you modify the producer and consumer to check for errors?14:58
sriramnot yet, I'll get to that now.14:59
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alcabreraare we having our meeting now: kgriffs, malini, flaper87, flwang?15:01
kgriffsyeah one sec15:01
abettadapurmalini: Thanks!15:08
openstackgerritAlex Bettadapur proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Decoupled Unit Tests  https://review.openstack.org/9753415:11
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kgriffsvkmc: can you summarize some notes around "why 1.0" and some of your initial design thoughts on the wiki page link that I added here? https://blueprints.launchpad.net/marconi/+spec/storage-amqp-1.016:04
vkmckgriffs, sure, I'll update it soon16:05
vkmcI'm currently mapping AMQP 1.0 core functions with Marconi API and already finding some design issues we will have to solve16:05
vkmcI'll add it to the whiteboard16:07
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prashanthr_kgriffs: I wanted to ask you if there are any plans of adding Redis as a cache backend to marconi along with using it as a storage backend ?16:08
kgriffsprashanthr_: yes, although the plan is to do that via oslo cache. I've been meaning to write a redis driver for oslo cache for months, but haven't had time to do it yet. If someone <wink, wink> would like to take that on, I think a lot of people in the community would thank them.16:10
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prashanthr_kgriffs: I would love to :)16:11
kgriffsprashanthr_: btw, once oslo cache has a redis driver, we should try to get the keystone middleware to migrate to oslo so it is no longer tightly coupled with memcached. That would mean splitting the middleware to it's own package, separate from the keystone client, since the client can't afford to take on the oslo chain of dependencies. FYI...16:11
kgriffsprashanthr_: the oslo cache lib lives in the openstack/oslo-incubator repo16:12
kgriffsthat would be awesome if you could help us get this done!16:13
kgriffsFWIW, I think bryansd was working on the memcached driver...16:13
kgriffs(I haven't seen it submitted for review yet, however)16:14
prashanthr_Sure. I will start reading a bit into this. Ohh awesome. memcached would also be a great candidate for caching i guess.16:14
kgriffsprashanthr_: thanks!16:15
* kgriffs gives prashanthr_ a box of Pop-Tarts™16:15
prashanthr_Sure :). he he caught it ;)16:15
* prashanthr_ starts munching 16:17
kgriffsFWIW everyone: Blueprints should link to a wiki page where notes and TBD's are captured. The page name should follow this schema:16:18
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kgriffsalcabrera, prashanthr_: as part of that work, we may want to submit a patch to global-requirements for hiredis16:31
kgriffs("that work" meaning redis driver for oslo cache)16:32
prashanthr_kgriffs: ha ha got that :) Sure. Is there any specific process to follow to doing that ?16:32
kgriffsI believe it is as simple as submitting a patch (via git review) to https://github.com/openstack/requirements16:33
kgriffsspecifically: https://github.com/openstack/requirements/blob/master/global-requirements.txt16:33
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kgriffsthe commit comment will need to justify it... basically would like to use redis for caching, and hiredis makes the redis library faster blah blah16:34
kgriffswe are supposed to have any dependency used in an individual project also listed in global-requirements.txt AFAIK16:35
alcabrerakgriffs: that's my understanding, too16:35
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prashanthr_alcabrera, kgriffs: Sure. I will do that first thing tomorrow.16:36
kgriffsif a hiredis patch to global-requirements.txt is accepted, help me remember to circle back and add it to marconi's requirements.txt16:37
prashanthr_kgriffs: Sure.16:37
kgriffsprashanthr_: cool16:37
kgriffsprashanthr_: btw, this needs a rebase - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/96017/16:38
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kgriffsvkmc: we should probably also summarize the email thread wrt Rabbit's 1.0 support in the AMQP 1.0 blueprint wiki page16:46
vkmckgriffs, makes sense, thanks16:47
kgriffsrock on16:47
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kgriffsbbl (lunch)17:14
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vkmclunch brb17:26
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tjanczuk_vkmc: are you online?17:50
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vkmctjanczuk_, I am!17:57
tjanczuk_what TZ are you working in?17:58
vkmcand you?17:58
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tjanczuk_UTC-8 (Seattle)18:01
tjanczuk_Did you have a chance to look into AMQP 1.0 implementation of a storage driver? Do you have any thoughts/issues/design we can discuss? I suppose vast majority of design aspects are going to be the same between AMQP 1.0 and 0.9.18:02
vkmcwell there isn't much done over AMQP 1.0 currently18:04
vkmcso I'm still drafting the storage driver to fit Marconi18:05
tjanczuk_For example, how do you plan to deal with claims, in particular message deletion?18:06
vkmcthe main design aspect we will have to deal with is the fact that queues are not a first class citizen in AMQP18:06
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tjanczuk_Do you think you can get away without introducing additional metadata storage?18:07
vkmcI'm working on that today... do you have an idea in mind?18:08
vkmcflaper87, o/18:09
tjanczuk_I read through Mongo implementation yesterday. I am starting to work on this today, I don't have specific ideas at this point. I will drop in questions/ideas back here as I go.18:10
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vkmcawesome! I'll keep working on it so we can share some thoughts later :)18:12
flaper87the design aspects that worry me about the AMQP driver are the changes required to the API. I'd like us to figure that out before we start submitting patches for the driver. We need to evaluate the impact of the driver and how many things we're willing to give up to support this driver18:16
flaper87jenkins is soooo slow today18:18
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vkmcflaper87, I agree with that...18:23
tjanczuk_I agree. For me the best way to flesh out the issues and understand options is to prototype that thing.18:24
peoplemergeflaper87: tell me about msgpack, is this ticket for removing it as a dependency?18:25
peoplemergeI see the Jan review that dropped it but I see the blueprint describes adding it back18:26
flaper87peoplemerge: nope, the idea is to add support for msgpack18:27
flaper87peoplemerge: so, using msgpack instead of json18:28
flaper87well, the idea is not to remove json but to support both18:28
flaper87re AMQP, we know the protocols, based on the protocol capabilities we can start mapping the functionality to Marconi's endpoints18:29
peoplemergeflaper87: got it18:30
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tjanczuk_re AMQP I don't know the full intent behind the endpoints well enough to be confident doing this exercise "on paper". I need to spend some time with code before I know enough to have such discussion.18:36
*** oz_akan_ has quit IRC18:36
tjanczuk_Give me a day or two.18:36
*** kgriffs is now known as kgriffs|afk18:44
vkmcflaper87, if you have a moment later, I would love to hear your comments on this https://gist.github.com/vkmc/1816061a3e601a93a42b18:48
* flaper87 clicks18:54
*** kgriffs|afk is now known as kgriffs18:54
vkmcis a WIP, I'm working on claims now18:56
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vkmckgriffs, alcabrera do you have a minute to discuss some implementation decisions?20:03
alcabreravkmc: sure thing20:03
vkmcalcabrera, :) awesome20:03
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*** sriram has joined #openstack-marconi20:03
alcabrerawhat's on your mind, vkmc?20:04
vkmcalcabrera, I started to write some code for the AMQP driver using the proton lib in my deployment... in the future I'll add the corresponding dependency20:04
vkmcmy main concern is about the way queues are handled20:04
vkmcin Marconi we manage queues as a separate entity from messages whereas in AMQP queues are just another attribute for messages20:05
vkmcsome time ago we were discussing about topics, an idea flaper87|afk suggested, and this is exactly the same20:05
alcabreraI gotcha20:06
alcabreralazy queues20:06
vkmcso... yeah20:06
alcabreraI wonder how we'll make this consistent with marconi 1.1?20:06
alcabrerait sounds like20:06
alcabrerait might not even be possible20:06
alcabreraunless we enforce strict queues from marconi side20:06
alcabrerasince marconi tracks that information20:06
vkmcyeah it will require some thinking20:07
vkmcone possibility is to mimic that behaviour in the controller20:07
vkmcbut is not efficient nor elegant20:07
vkmcand quite error prone :o20:09
alcabrerayes... :/20:09
vkmcfor instance20:10
alcabreraah, yes - marconi wouldn't even be tracking the existence of the queue20:10
alcabrerathat's right20:10
alcabreraso hmmm20:10
alcabrera(since amqp is storage)20:10
vkmcone thought that crossed my mind (I know this is ugly, embrace yourselves)20:11
* alcabrera prepares20:11
vkmcif the user creates a queue, we just return a 200 OK... because nothing changed from the Marconi side20:11
vkmcthe queue is created only when the user sends a message20:11
vkmcwe forget about what to do with the queue creation/deletion... but we are hiding the real behaviour20:12
vkmcso... yeah, we have to find a better approach20:13
vkmcI also thought about sending a dummy message20:13
alcabrerawhat if we always returned a 201/204 for create/delete queue, respectively?20:13
alcabreraor a 204 even, for create queue?20:14
vkmcbut the problem with it is that we are wasting resources20:14
vkmchmm... we are not doing anything and the "queue" has no content20:14
alcabrerawhich resource is being wasted?20:16
vkmcthat applies to the second idea.... if we send a dummy message just for queues creation20:16
alcabrerain that case20:17
alcabrerathere's two ways to look at it, I think20:17
alcabrerain both cases, we let users know: "Hey, AMQP + Marconi 1.1 queue ops are really no-ops. No need to use them."20:17
alcabreraso POV 1) if users keep this in mind, they won't send those messages20:18
alcabreraPOV 2) we return some code that indicates that this operation is not implemented, some 4xx level code20:18
alcabrerain both cases, we can translate it at the storage layer as a no-op that just bubbles back up to the transport layer as a success20:19
vkmcmaybe a forbidden? 50420:19
alcabreraoh wow, hmmm20:20
alcabreraI'd forgotten that existed20:20
alcabrera500s - The Codes We Do Not Speak Of20:20
alcabreraoh wait20:20
alcabrera504 Gateway Timeout20:20
alcabreraI think 403 is Forbidden20:20
alcabreraand that refers to refusal based on authentication considerations20:21
alcabreraso that's a no-go for us20:21
vkmcsounds like a better approach... we don't lie of what's going on underlying (200 OK yeah you have a queue!) and we get away from changing the queues handling in our API20:21
vkmcnow that I'm thinking... the error code for not allowed operations were 40520:27
vkmcAny http operation , other than the specified will return a 405 (?) <--20:27
alcabreralemme check20:27
alcabreramethod not allowed20:27
vkmcyes :)20:28
alcabreraa tricky thing here is20:28
alcabrerait sounds like it'd take some transport-level modifications to achieve that20:28
alcabrerawhich owuldn't be applicable to the other storage drivers20:28
vkmchmm >:|20:29
alcabrerait's another reason I'm leaning towards the 201/204 approach. what do you think?20:29
vkmcyeah that sounds better20:29
vkmcit's still semantically correct20:30
vkmcok then, I'll tackle messages and queues20:31
vkmcafter that we have to deal with claims20:31
alcabrerayup! :)20:33
alcabreraI gotta run, vkmc.20:33
alcabreracatch you tomorrow morning!20:34
vkmcttyl alcabrera, thanks for the feedback :)20:34
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flwangkgriffs: ping21:43
flwangkgriffs: a quick question, as for a typical marconi deployment, seems there are only the web server and the backend DB server, am I right?21:46
kgriffsmore or less21:47
kgriffsa minimal deployment would look something like:21:47
kgriffsload balancer ---> 2-3 web servers ---> DB21:48
mpanettaIs that really minimal? heh21:48
kgriffsmpanetta: really small machines. ;)21:48
mpanettaAhh ;)21:49
kgriffsi guess you'd want a couple LB boxes for HA too21:49
kgriffsanyway, I'll defer to mpanetta. :)21:50
kgriffsI gotta run21:50
mpanettaHave a good night :)21:50
mpanettaAnd yeah... haproxy type LB would be good.21:50
*** kgriffs is now known as kgriffs|afk21:51
flwangmpanetta: so haproxy (LB server) -> uwsgi + memcached  (web server) + mongodb (DB server), is it?21:54
mpanettapretty much21:55
flwangmpanetta: cool21:55
mpanettano requirement to use uwsgi, but it is pretty fast21:55
flwangmpanetta:  is the memcached a best practice?21:56
flwangfor Marconi?21:56
mpanettaIt helps speed up queue lookups in a sharded deployment21:57
mpanettaand it is used to cache auth tokens.21:58
mpanettaSo in that respect, I suppose so :)21:58
flwangmpanetta: thanks for info, I'm trying to setup marconi in a pre-production env21:58
flwangso you're tips will be very helpful for me21:59
mpanettaAh cool!21:59
flwangreally appreciate that :)21:59
mpanettaWell I will offer any assistance I can :)21:59
flwangmpanetta: i will definitely bug you in the future about Marconi deployment :D22:00
mpanettaok :)  not a bother though :)22:00
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tjanczuk_anyone there?22:21
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/python-marconiclient: Initial support for openstack-client  https://review.openstack.org/8793723:42
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/python-marconiclient: Updated from global requirements  https://review.openstack.org/9682623:42
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: Fix handling of request/response body for Python 3  https://review.openstack.org/9709623:47
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