Thursday, 2014-06-26

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flwangis there anybody using sharding/pool of Marconi?03:38
flwangI'm running into some problems, but I want to confirm what I saw03:39
wpfflwang: yes , I confirm that bug03:49
wpfmaybe we just need to add the mysql = xx like sqlite in setup.cfg03:49
wpfbut seems that today I did not have time to verify it03:49
flwangwpf: I would say no03:49
flwangsqlite is used to backward compatibility03:50
flwangwpf: IMHO, we need a mapping03:50
flwangmap the known sql db to sqlalchemy03:50
wpfflwang:   anyway,  the load storage driver is looking for the "mysql" ,  either by mapping or add the entry in the setup.cg03:50
flwangwpf: no, we should not add entry for setup.cfg03:51
wpfok, then we need to map sqlite ,mysql to sqlalchemy03:51
flwangbecause both sqlite and mysql will be taken care by sqlalchemy03:51
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flwangwpf: so you can reproduce the bug I just opened, is it?03:51
flwangcool, thanks03:52
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prashanthr_flwang: Hi.08:59
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AAzzadoes anyone has problem running tests with mongodb enabled? I get errors, similar to this
AAzzait looks connected to recent patch with mongodb ssl.10:32
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wpfAAzza:  Hi12:45
wpffor the error you paste, I will fix it soon, the code did not check the uri is None or not, you can simply bypass it by add  'if conf.uri and ' before the 'ssl=true' in mongodb/ L3912:50
wpfand even you add it ,there are still some other error in my local env , so I am curious that whether mongodb is enabled in gate12:51
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AAzzawpf: hi13:45
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kgriffswpf, AAzza: mongo is not enabled in gate yet because they only support an old mongo version that doesn't have TTL indexes, which we depend on14:41
kgriffsI'm hopeful that we will have access to a newer mongo in the gate soon14:42
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kgriffswe've been bitten by this in the past, since most devs don't take the time to enable the mongo tests on their local box14:42
kgriffsmalini: ping14:42
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malinikgriffs: pong14:42
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alcabreragood morning. :)14:49
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vkmcmorning all!14:51
prashanthr_Good morning :)14:52
alcabreraheya, vkmc, prashanthr_!14:55
vkmcalcabrera, prashanthr_ how are you? :)14:56
prashanthr_doing good. thanks :). How u ?14:56
alcabrerahungry. I just woke up and I skipped breakfast for the time. >.>14:56
vkmcgood good :)14:56
vkmcoh so we better have a quick meeting14:57
alcabreraI'll be fine. Just when the meeting is over, I'll eat everything we have. :D14:58
vkmcnow I'm hungry too14:58
alcabrerawelcome to #openstack-marconi - we make you hungry. Enjoy your stay!14:59
alcabrerameeting in 10s14:59
alcabreralet's get this started15:00
alcabreraAAzza, prashanthr_, vkmc: meeting! Let's catch up and share updates. :)15:00
alcabreraWe've been GSoC/OPW-ing for some time now. It's the week of midterm evaluations, at least for GSoC.15:01
prashanthr_awesome sure :).15:01
alcabreraI've finished up those evaluations as of two days ago (GSoC-side).15:01
alcabreraIf you all would like to ask me about it, PM me after the meeting. :)15:01
prashanthr_thank you alcabrera :)15:02
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alcabreralet's start in reverse alphabetical order today15:02
alcabreravkmc: what's the latest?15:02
vkmcwell, I've been working on a pylint bug in order to get some distraction from the AMQP transport bp15:03
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vkmcprecisely this bug
* alcabrera clicks15:04
vkmcwe decided with kgriffs to drop pylint due to the massive amount of false positives15:04
alcabrerasounds good to me15:04
alcabrerathere are waaaaaay too many, last I checked15:04
vkmcI'm finishing fixing the fixable ones and I'll be uploading the patch set soon15:04
vkmcyes... it's crazy15:04
vkmcI'll upload a summary with it too... just in case I missed something15:05
alcabrerathank you! I appreciate the summary.15:05
alcabreraI'll give the patch a review soon after it arrives on the queue.15:05
vkmcnow I'm tackling the AMQP transport driver again15:05
alcabrerahurray! How are you feeling about it, vkmc? :)15:05
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vkmcI've stucked a bit because I was a bit confused on how to map our current way of doing things with AMQP15:06
alcabrerait's a change all around. I'm assuming existing clients offer enough abstraction that you won't have to drop to the TCP level15:06
vkmcis like... I think of Marconi and I think 'PUT messages' 'GET messages' (...)15:06
vkmcand with AMQP all of this doesn't apply15:07
alcabrerayeah. :/15:07
vkmcso well, I already decided a way to make this work15:08
vkmcand I'm putting it all together15:08
kgriffsmalini: btw, saw the email about trusty. hooray!15:08
vkmcflaper87|afk was also investigating, so maybe we can discuss further next week :)15:08
alcabrerayeah, let's talk amqp transport design this coming tuesday15:08
alcabreraoh - one thing I just remembered!15:09
alcabreraI won't be around next tuesday. I'll be in Austin, TX looking for a new home.15:09
alcabrerafeel free to catch me later today or friday and I'll share my thoughts on the amqp transport design15:09
vkmcalcabrera, thanks, will do15:09
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alcabreraother thoughts/updates, vkmc? :)15:10
vkmcnothing else alcabrera :) thanks15:10
alcabreraalright, prashanthr_ - how's redis coming along? :)15:10
prashanthr_Redis is taking good shape15:11
prashanthr_comments and reviews are coming into the code :).15:11
prashanthr_I had a small doubt15:11
prashanthr_while organizing the imports flwang mentioned about the order of imports15:11
prashanthr_but when i changed it as he mentioned15:11
prashanthr_pep8 was throwing in errors15:12
alcabrerait's a two-level sorting algorithm for the import order15:12
alcabreraas flwang said, first they're group by [stdlib, third-party, marconi-specific]. then, they must be in alphabetical order within groups15:13
alcabrerathey must also be split by a single newline between groups15:13
alcabrerathat should keep pep8 happy15:13
prashanthr_He he okay sure. Wil  do that.15:13
prashanthr_That should take care of round 1 of comments :).15:13
alcabrerait's subtle, for sure! It's gotten me several times. :P15:14
prashanthr_he he surely.15:14
prashanthr_I am almost done with the blueprint for redis in oslo cache15:14
prashanthr_I talked with the oslo team15:14
prashanthr_today morning and obtained the relevant blueprint15:14
prashanthr_Sorry i meant spec.15:15
prashanthr_They had made a blueprint in 2013 and forgotten about it.15:15
prashanthr_so I digged it up from google15:15
alcabreracould you rebase this patch when you get a chance, prashanthr_?:
prashanthr_That's my brief update for this week. Sure I will do that and there is one more. Will do both tomorrow :).15:17
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alcabreraAAzza: hello. How is the py3 effort coming along? Last I heard, the py3 gate was passing. :)15:18
vkmcit was, she made a great job15:20
alcabrerait seems AAzza is not here at the moment15:21
alcabreravkmc, prashanthr_: any thoughts/questions/concerns you'd like to share before we bring this meeting to a close?15:22
prashanthr_alcabrera: Nothing from my side.15:22
vkmcalcabrera, nothing from my side either... :)15:23
alcabrerathanks all for joining in. I appreciate your efforts!15:23
vkmcalcabrera, thanks you too15:24
prashanthr_thank you :)15:24
alcabreraI'll be back in a little bit. breakfast awaits. :)15:24
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AAzzaalcabrera:i'm here)15:42
AAzzaalcabrera: maybe your read it later. Yes, py33 gate is passing. currently, i'm looking for and making small fixes in oslo-incubator (only one for last days) and will do smth unrelated to py3 for marconi (of course, when there will be need i will do py3 related staff)15:45
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AAzzakgriffs: i know, that mongo driver is not working on gate and it is really-really sad. but locally for me all tests were passing a week ago, but now I have the problem, mentioned in the paste
AAzzait looks like problem with config for tests or similar15:50
kgriffsbtw, ubuntu trusty is now available in the gate, so we will be setting up mongodb there ASAP.15:51
kgriffsAAzza: is anyone working on the fix yet?15:51
AAzzaprobably no15:51
AAzzakgriffs: I need to create bug, maybe :)15:52
kgriffsok. we need to get that fixed ASAP. I don't have time today, but maybe tomorrow if someone else doesn't beat me too it. Let me know what the bug link is and I'll triage.15:54
kgriffs"99%<1MS @ 1MTPS + 100% UPTIME."15:55
kgriffsI like the sound of that15:55
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alcabreraAAzza: thanks for the update!15:57
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AAzzaalcabrera: sorry for missing the meeting (again).  I will remember at what time it (i moved to +1 tz and a little bit confused now),  (or add the reminder) :)16:04
alcabrerano worries!16:04
alcabreratechnically. you were still in the time range. :)16:04
kgriffsBTW, everyone, if you haven't seen this recently, it has been updated, complete with a highly technical diagram16:04
alcabreraand I appreciate the update, in any case, AAzza.16:05
alcabrerakgriffs: "sooooo fast" :)16:05
alcabreravery technical16:05
AAzzakgriffs: so many tasks for juno-216:06
kgriffsyep. there's always more work than we have time for. :p16:07
kgriffswe'll get the highest priority stuff done and the rest will slip16:07
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kgriffsbut shhhhh16:08
kgriffsdon't tell anybody16:08
kgriffsp.s., in honor of our new project name...16:08
* AAzza silent forever16:10
kgriffsthink that16:12
kgriffsnot this:16:12
AAzzakgriffs: bug report
kgriffsBAM! Triaged.16:13
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kgriffsbbl (lunch)16:47
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malininobody +1 it yet :)16:53
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maliniWe need to have the experimental job pass16:54
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maliniwoot wooot..18:44
malini tempest tests are passing with mongo enabled18:44
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vkmcalcabrera, if you have a moment... one tiny question19:52
vkmcalcabrera, what's the difference between and helpers.py19:53
alcabreravkmc: good question. Lemme check the modules. :)19:53
vkmcalcabrera, in
alcabreraso honestly19:54
alcabreramy take on it is that there's no difference19:54
alcabreraand the split into two files was arbitrary19:54
vkmcoh ok :)19:54
vkmcI was thinking in add the socket's management in a for AMQP19:55
alcabrerait seems like...19:55
alcabrerait'd be a good idea to rename helpers -> hooks19:55
alcabrerasince helpers consists entirely of falcon hooks19:55
vkmcyeah :)19:56
alcabreravkmc: I like the idea of adding helper functions for managing amqp socket details. :)19:56
alcabrerathey might benefit from living in, say, marconi/common/transport/amqp/*.py19:56
alcabrerasince they'd be amqp-specific19:56
alcabreraor possibly marconi/transport/amqp/*.py19:56
vkmcyes, I'm considering the possibility of adding support for AMQP < 1.0 in the transport layer in some future19:57
vkmcwe would also need sockets for that19:57
alcabrerayup, yup19:57
vkmccool, will do that19:58
vkmcanother thing... a neighbour of you will be coming to my city in October19:58
vkmcwe just get the confirmation19:58
alcabreraa neighbour?19:58
vkmcTravis Oliphant of numpy19:59
vkmcwe are organizing a scipy19:59
vkmcit would be crazy to have him19:59
alcabreraI'm not familiar with Travis personally, but that's exciting!20:00
alcabreragetting to hear about scientific computing w/ python20:00
alcabrerachallenges, advances, progress20:00
alcabreranumba and all20:00
alcabreraauto-JIT and possibly leveraging type/shape information for optimizations20:00
vkmcyeah there is a whole world in that area20:01
vkmcI'm just getting involved with it too20:01
vkmcit sounds like fun... I'll let you know in October20:04
vkmcbtw, you are really close to OSCON!20:04
alcabreraoh yeah!20:05
alcabreraand hurray for October! :)20:05
alcabreraso I'm a little anxious and excited about OSCON20:05
alcabreraI pretty daydream daily about what I want to say and share come then20:06
alcabrera**pretty much20:06
vkmcI can imagine that... you will be great, I know it :)20:06
alcabrerathank you!20:06
vkmclet me know if you make a presentation20:08
alcabrerafor sure20:09
alcabreraI've been outlining for some time20:09
alcabreraI'll produce at least a set of slides to match up with the talk20:09
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* kgriffs beeps20:23
* kgriffs boops20:23
kgriffsseems like there hasn't been much activity in the patch queue today20:24
kgriffsactually, none. :p20:24
* kgriffs wonders20:25
vkmckgriffs, !!!20:29
vkmcwe are all having fun with bps20:29
* kgriffs feels better20:29
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flwangflaper87: kgriffs: hey there21:10
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kgriffs(flaper87 was traveling home from MongoDB World today)21:29
*** Obulpathi has quit IRC21:29
kgriffsgotta hit the road... ttfn21:32
*** kgriffs is now known as kgriffs|afk21:42
flwangkgriffs|afk: still around?21:59
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kgriffsflwang: back22:40
flwangkgriffs: just wanna have a short discussion about the mysql pool bug22:41
flwangkgriffs: I saw your comments22:41
flwangkgriffs:  IMHO, I think the root cause is we're mixing the pool management (storage driver) with the basic data store driver22:43
kgriffscould be. that has caused some problems in the past.22:43
flwangkgriffs: my test env is like this: a sqlite db as the pool management db, and two pools, one is mysql db, the other one is mongo22:44
kgriffsah, ok22:44
flwangthen once I'm adding the mysql pool, in our code, we will caching all the data connection info in conf, IIRC, then the db info to pool management(catalogue) db and the pool db info will mess22:46
flwangso basically, I agree with your suggestion, we may need to split the pool management db info from the pool's db info22:47
flwangkgriffs: in other words, we can keep to use sqla driver, but we should separate the pool management db info and the pool's db info to avoid any mess, any concern?22:48
kgriffsI think that makes sense. I mean, we can decide what to do about sqla backend later, but the important thing is to decouple the two concerns22:49
flwangkgriffs: yes22:50
kgriffsI would say the decoupling should happen in config as well as the driver model22:50
kgriffsone sec22:50
flwangdriver model, did you mean we need an separate model for pool?22:51
flwangI don't think so22:51
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kgriffsactually maybe that is already done22:51
kgriffsI was just looking at setup.cfg entry points22:51
flwangyep, technically22:51
kgriffsthere is22:51
flwangyep, so the root cause is pool management and pool itself are sharing the same entry point22:53
flwangwe need to decouple from this view22:53
* kgriffs looking22:55
kgriffssorry, it has been a while since I've looked at this part of the code22:55
flwanghehe, no worries, me too :)22:56
kgriffsok, so I'm looking at marconi/queues/storage/mongodb/driver.py22:56
flwangbtw, do you think the priority of this bug is make sense?22:56
kgriffsthere is controldriver22:56
kgriffsand datadriver22:56
flwangI'm using critical, I'm ok to downgrade it to high22:56
kgriffsflwang: not sure, I need to think about it/discuss some more22:57
flwangkgriffs: ok, meanwhile, I will do some test to see how to decouple it22:57
kgriffsre "the root cause is pool management and pool itself are sharing the same entry point"22:57
flwangthen we can discuss it later22:57
kgriffsaren't they different entry points?22:58
kgriffsi guess I'm not following what you mean by "sharing"22:58
kgriffsI see that both DataDriver and ControlDriver use the same config section22:58
flwangconfig section in setup.cfg?23:01
flwangyep, so what's why I say the problem maybe just related to data storage part23:03
flwangnot related to the control part23:03
flwangwhen the next weekly meeting? still the same time? I can do some research in this weekend and discuss that with you guys23:04
kgriffsok, as you learn more, you can post some more comments to the bug.23:06
kgriffsI am going to be on holiday next week, but Flavio will be arounrd23:06
kgriffsWe are going to try moving to an alternating meeting schedule23:06
flwangkgriffs: cool, got it23:06
flwangkgriffs: yep, I have discussed that with flaper87, it would be awesome, thank you, kgriffs23:07
kgriffsFlavio should be pinging you to figure out a good time for meeting23:07
flwangI don't want to be far away from this fantastic team :)23:08
kgriffsbtw, I think "high" is probably better for priority. Mostly because pool does work if you deploy everything with mongo, so it isn't totally breaking deployments. :p23:09
flwangkgriffs: make sense for me, I will update it, thanks for the confirmation, boss23:09
kgriffsnice catch, btw. we need to set up more gates to test different configurations23:10
flwangkgriffs: I can't agree more, I think we're missing lot test cases, both unit test and functions test23:12
kgriffsyeah, that too. there is test coverage and also running the tests we already have, just with different configurations23:12
kgriffsas in, different marconi.conf's23:13
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