Friday, 2014-06-27

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flaper87flwang: ping07:00
flwangflaper87: hey man07:01
flaper87flwang: hey hey, how are you doing?07:01
flwanggood, how are you07:01
flwangas for the bug i opened, do you have any comments about decoupling the pool management config?07:04
flaper87wait, I haven't seen that bug07:06
flaper87flwang: do you remember I pingged you to figure out a time that would work for you?07:06
flaper87(meeting time)07:06
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openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Add flavors support to mongodb
openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Start scratching Queue Flavors api
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flaper87kgriffs|afk: lemme know when you're around to talk about flavors14:27
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flaper87(queue flavors) :P14:27
flaper87that was quite ambiguous :D14:27
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AAzzasriram: ping14:41
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sriramhey AAzza, sorry I just noticed this.15:11
AAzzasriram: definetely we need to talk about benchmarking)15:12
AAzzasriram: what is your progress and plans, so we can decide, what can I do)15:13
AAzzasriram: as far as I can see the commit is still on the review15:14
sriramAAzza: yes15:14
sriramSo there is a blueprint out there.15:14
sriramone sec15:15
sriramthe next part is getting the original patch merged, then setting up a benchmarking cluster.15:16
sriramI can setup the cluster and you can work on a stats reporting patch.15:16
AAzzasriram: yes, we can do like that15:17
sriramNow, I had setup a cluster before, but I had it torn down.15:17
sriramI'll setup one that is similair next week15:17
sriramand we can start working on that15:17
sriramhow does that sound?15:17
sriramAAzza: ^15:18
AAzzasriram: I'm ok with it)15:18
sriramcool :)15:18
sriramI'll get in touch again soon.15:18
AAzzasriram: basically i need to run you benchmark N times and plot it somehow?)15:19
sriramyes, we can discuss with kgriffs|afk again when he is around, he had some ideas as well.15:19
AAzzasriram: course, so we smth around Monday-Tuesday we should decide on what we are doing15:20
AAzzasriram: what is your tz?15:20
sriramEastern Time Zone (UTC-05:00)15:21
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AAzzasriram: aha, got it, thanks) (mine is eastern europian summer time) utc+315:27
flaper87malini: ping15:44
maliniflaper87: pong15:45
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flaper87malini: hey, thanks for stabbing the mongodb thing15:45
flaper87malini: Someone pointed me to this change:
flaper87I was thinking we should probably do the same for marconi15:46
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flaper87we currently run it using marconi-server but we should probably use mod_wsgi to avoid dying under parallel requests in the gate15:46
maliniflaper87: it will be cool if we can run the functional tests against devstack15:47
maliniI guess some projects do tht15:47
malinineutron maybe?15:47
flaper87mmh, most projects run functional tests as part of the python gate tests15:51
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maliniflaper87: yeap..We'll have the functional tests running at the gate against devstack (with the latest marconi code)16:38
flaper87but why w/ devstack?16:39
flaper87I don't understand that16:39
flaper87I mean, they are normally run on the python-* gates and then tempest on devstack16:40
flaper87I may be missing something, though.16:40
flaper87(gtg, dinner)16:40
flaper87malini: tty in a bit16:40
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vkmcflaper87, hiiiiiiiii18:18
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vkmcflaper87, if you have a moment later, let me know :)19:09
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kgriffsbbl (lunch)19:22
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vkmckgriffs, do you have a moment?21:14
vkmcI have a newbie doubt about the WSGI driver21:15
kgriffssure thing21:15
kgriffsI'll do my best to confuse you more. ;)21:15
vkmchaha :)21:15
vkmcwell, I'm trying to map the logic of how we process collections and items for AMQP21:16
vkmcin WSGI we have on_get, on_post, ..., functions21:16
vkmchow are those functions called? are those handled by Falcon?21:16
kgriffsthey are called "responders" in Falcon-speak21:17
kgriffsbasically, Falcon looks for methods in your class that have names corresponding to the HTTP method (GET, PUT, etc.) you want to handle21:18
vkmcI'll dig into that21:18
vkmc:D thanks21:19
vkmcI'm afraid the AMQP driver won't be so neat21:21
vkmcthe available API is quite primitive... I had to set up the server with a infinite loop21:21
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vkmckgriffs, btw... how those responders work? I mean, it doesn't look like they are overridden functions or implementing some abstraction21:30
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