Wednesday, 2014-07-09

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openstackgerritFei Long Wang proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Closes-Bug: 1338907
openstackgerritFei Long Wang proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Primary key for pool in catalogue table is unreasonable
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flaper87flwang: ping08:08
flaper87flwang: can I get your review here as well?
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maliniflaper87: ping11:27
maliniflaper87: Can you plz review ?11:31
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flaper87malini|afk: pong11:43
* flaper87 does that11:43
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flaper87malini|afk: reviewed12:06
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vkmcmorning :)12:29
flaper87vkmc: morning young lady12:35
flaper87or should I speak to you in AMQP?12:35
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vkmcflaper87, haha12:37
vkmcflaper87, how is it going?12:37
flaper87vkmc: allllll goooood, you?12:38
vkmcflaper87, great :) it's a local holiday so things are really quiet around here12:40
vkmcand digging into some more on AMQP, some of the functionality gsim suggested me is not directly accesible from the Proton Messenger12:42
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flaper87I'm still trying to figure what the fuck happened yday w/ that game12:43
flaper87I mean, seriously,
vkmcBrasil vs Germany?12:44
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vkmcI really feel from them... til now that world cup has been all suffering for them12:47
sriramvkmc: yesterday's match was ming boggling12:47
sriramdid you see it?12:47
srirambtw good morning all :)12:48
vkmcsriram, yup! I did12:48
vkmcsriram, morning :)12:48
sriramIt was surreal12:48
sriram4 goals in 8 minutes? :O12:48
flaper87I was and then and then
sriramflaper87: you saw it as well? I though you werent going to see it :P12:49
vkmcflaper87 doesn't like football?12:50
sriramhe said he had a python meetup12:50
vkmcto watch the match12:50
vkmcs/to watch/for watching12:51
flaper87I was on my way home when the match started12:51
* vkmc is suffering from dyslexia today12:51
sriramtoday is going to be interesting. I'm rooting for argentina :D12:52
vkmcoh thx :)12:52
vkmcfor the good vibes?12:52
vkmcI'm Argentinian :p12:53
sriramI didnt know that, I was confused for some time.12:54
vkmcthere was some piece missing12:54
sriramYes, I was trying to figure out that part.12:54
vkmcthe Netherlands are an impressive team so this will be a real challenge12:55
vkmcnot to tell if we win and have to play with Germany :p12:55
vkmcget the ready12:55
* flaper87 won't say anything because he likes vkmc12:55
sriramyeah they were the finalists last time.12:55
vkmchaha speak your mind!12:56
vkmcwe reached semi because we were lucky... with a coach like Sabella I don't know how that happened12:56
sriramhaha they are a lot of  Sabella memes out there.12:57
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denis_makogonhey, guys, i've got question about NaaV backends13:10
vkmchi denis_makogon! just ask :)13:12
denis_makogonvkmc, hello, i saw that your docs are telling that you had battle-tests mongo drive, right?13:14
denis_makogonvkmc, are there any plan to support other backends (cassandra, postgresql, etc.) ?13:15
vkmcdenis_makogon, yes, there is a redis driver being developed, currently in review13:16
denis_makogonvkmc, do you have any backend implementation policies for new drivers ?13:17
denis_makogonand do you have some sort of blueprint review process ?13:17
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vkmcdenis_makogon, iirc there is no implementation policy13:20
vkmcflaper87 ^^13:20
denis_makogonvkmc, am i able to take cassandra/postgresql driver implementation ?13:21
denis_makogoni'd like to contribute into marconi, and seems, implementing new drive is a good thing for the beginning13:22
* flaper87 back13:22
flaper87denis_makogon: hey :)13:23
flaper87Glad to know you're around and that you'd like to contribute13:23
flaper87The only policy is that new drivers need to be implemented as third-party drivers13:23
denis_makogonflaper87, hey, thanks =)13:23
* flaper87 gets some links for denis_makogon13:24
denis_makogonflaper87, cool =)13:24
flaper87While my other self gets those links, lemme add13:24
flaper87There's an sqlalchemy backend that we want to keep just for the control API and remove the messaging support for it13:24
denis_makogonactually, i'm open for any tasks =)13:24
flaper87that is, we will likely stop supporting messages on SQL databases13:24
flaper87We once talked about cassandra but experience has taught that it13:25
flaper87it's not good for messaging systems13:25
denis_makogonyeah, SQL deployments hard to maintain =/13:25
flaper87but I'm not a cassandra expert13:25
flaper87that said, there are other drivers we'd be interested to see13:25
denis_makogonflaper87, i've been working with cassandra for a long time13:25
flaper87for example, elasticsearch, riak.13:25
flaper87denis_makogon: oh awesome13:26
denis_makogonflaper87, i've developed cassandra support in Trove (from single instance to clusters, etc.)13:26
flaper87then you know better than me for sure13:26
flaper87if you think cassandra is a good fit for Marconi then go ahead13:26
* flaper87 trusts denis_makogon13:26
denis_makogonflaper87, i've been talking about cassandra since, as for me, the easiest backend to maintain/administrate, easy-scalable, etc.13:26
flaper87denis_makogon: this is what I'm based my previous statement on:
flaper87denis_makogon: <- to create third-party store drivers13:28
denis_makogonmarconi, as one of the first wave of PaaS level projects, expects high load (correct me if i'm wrong), so backend should be fast as hell for complex indexes13:28
flaper87denis_makogon: correct13:28
* denis_makogon taking a look at links13:28
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flaper87denis_makogon: I'm very interested to know what your opinion about the cassandra post is13:29
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denis_makogoni've read it, like a year ago, most of those statements are true, but  there are some best-practices/workaround that'll help13:30
flaper87denis_makogon: awesome, then, pls, go ahead and make my day13:31
flaper87I'm so looking forward to see new drivers being implemented13:31
denis_makogonflaper87, i guess, i should follow common policy and file a BP for driver13:32
flaper87denis_makogon: yeah,
flaper87brand new repo13:33
denis_makogonah, i see13:33
flaper87yours will be the first spec13:33
denis_makogonhah, lol13:33
flaper87if you want to play with other things in the mean time, there are lots of bugs/blueprints on launchpad too13:33
denis_makogonbtw, i'm completely new to NaaV, but in Trove we've been using blueprint template for all new features, i guess, it can be shared among all projects, even with new *-specs approvement policy13:34
flaper87denis_makogon: this is what we've got so far:
denis_makogonflaper87, are there any low-hanging fruits that will help me to improve my knowledge in marconi (it's architecture, etc)13:35
flaper87I'm pretty sure it should be extended13:35
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openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Switch over oslo.i18n
flaper87malini: can you pls review this? (feel free to ninja-approve it, flwang +2'd it and I just added Closes-bug to the commit message)13:40
flaper87denis_makogon: looking for one, hang on there :D13:40
denis_makogonflaper87, i'm here, my friend =)13:41
denis_makogonflaper87, btw, in which timezone do you leave?13:41
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flaper87denis_makogon: UTC+1 (but I'm in CEST now so UTC+2)13:41
denis_makogonflaper87, mine UTC +2 =)13:42
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flaper87denis_makogon: in other words, I'm based in Italy13:42
denis_makogonUkraine =)13:42
flaper87denis_makogon: sweeet13:42
denis_makogonprobably =)13:42
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flaper87not exactly low-hanging-fruit and especially not exactly fun13:44
flaper87but in orther to fix that, you'll have to take a look at various part of marconi13:45
denis_makogonflaper87, sounds good, thanks13:46
flaper87denis_makogon: feel free to pick bugs from here:
denis_makogonflaper87, thanks, i'll take a look13:46
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prashanthr_Good morning all :)14:37
malinihello prashanthr_14:38
prashanthr_hello malini :)14:38
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prashanthr_Hi Anyone free to review this ?15:02
vkmchi prashanthr_!15:05
vkmchi malini!15:05
prashanthr_vkmc : Good morning :)15:05
vkmcprashanthr_, you have some pep8 issues, could you fix them first? :)15:06
prashanthr_vkmc : that's kinda strange15:06
prashanthr_it's not reflecting in my local15:06
prashanthr_pep8 on my machine seems fine15:07
vkmchmm... well, maybe you could use Jenkins logs to fix those15:07
flaper87malini: there ?15:07
maliniflaper87: here15:08
vkmcso you don't waste time trying to figure out what is going on with your pep8 env15:08
flaper87malini: Did you see my comment on the POP patch?15:08
maliniyes..I am working on those..15:08
maliniThanks for the review :)15:08
maliniI had a question on ur flavors patch15:08
maliniAfter the summit discussions, I thought we wanted to keep the ability to set queue metadata etc. , right?15:09
flaper87malini: is that revenge or just an actual question?15:09
* flaper87 is messing with malini15:09
prashanthr_vkmc: Hmm will do tat15:09
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maliniits revenge pretending as an innocent question :-P15:09
flaper87I should stop saying when I'm joking and instead say when I'm being serious15:10
flaper87I think 90% of the things I say are just jokes15:10
prashanthr_flaper87 : just a small question15:10
flaper87and obviously, most of them are really bad15:10
flaper87prashanthr_: shoot15:10
prashanthr_ Given most of the other components are moving the DB backend dependencies out of requirements.txt to test-requirements.txt, so are we sure we should depend on redis in requirements.txt?15:10
flaper87malini: re metadata, yup. We want to keep it15:10
flaper87malini: did I remove it ?15:10
maliniflaper87: no15:10
maliniBut flavors will get rid of queues, rt?15:11
maliniSo where does the metadata go?15:11
flaper87prashanthr_: I'm fine with moving it to test-*.txt15:11
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flaper87malini: oh no no, flavors won't get rid of queues15:11
prashanthr_flaper87: Cool. thank you.15:11
flaper87malini: actually, a queue's flavor will be stored in the queue's metadata15:11
maliniflaper87: so queue flavors will just be a superset of queues?15:12
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prashanthr_vkmc: thank you :)15:13
flaper87malini: queue flavors are a way to describe the store where the queue message's will be kept15:15
flaper87I'd like to stop calling them flavors and start using the term storage-type15:15
flaper87it's just that storage-type is too long for methods, files and CLI15:15
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prashanthr_flaper87: Did you get some time to look into the spec for redis oslo cache ?15:18
flaper87prashanthr_: mmh, did you send me the link?15:19
flaper87I swear I don't remember that15:19
maliniflaper87: thanks for the brain was in a time warp15:19
maliniI was still thinking of the old queues flavors15:19
flaper87I remember we were talking about it but I don't recall having a link to read15:19
flaper87malini: you were probably confused with topics15:20
maliniaah is not even time warp :(15:20
prashanthr_flaper87: Yes I did send it :). Here it is
flaper87prashanthr_: ah, the etherpad, yeah. I thought you were talking about an actual spec15:23
prashanthr_flaper87: I actually had a couple of doubts. Taught i could clear that before a review.15:24
prashanthr_I have marked them as #HELP15:24
flaper87prashanthr_: I'm actually a bit worried about this proposal. Have you looked at ?15:25
flaper87The current idea is to make oslo.cache just a dict-like API on top of dogpile.cache15:25
flaper87instead of working on a driver for each cache technology out there15:26
flaper87What are your thoughts about that?15:26
prashanthr_flaper87: No i have'nt checked it out.15:26
flaper87prashanthr_: pls do and let me know what you think15:26
prashanthr_flaper87: Ahh so the plan is to move the cache to a single backend15:29
prashanthr_which is the dogpile.cache15:29
prashanthr_rather than having different DB backends15:29
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flaper87Would you be interested in contributing to that?15:31
*** tonytan4_ has quit IRC15:31
prashanthr_Definitely. Can i know at what stage of development it is ?15:31
flaper87prashanthr_: there's just an RFC (which I just pointed you at)15:32
flaper87you should probably talk to morgan15:33
flaper87(he's usually in #openstack-keystone or #openstack-oslo15:33
*** jay-atl has joined #openstack-marconi15:33
flaper87let him know you're interested15:33
prashanthr_flaper87: Sure. I will. thanks a lot :)15:33
flaper87you could address the comments on that RFC and work on it if he's ok with that15:33
flaper87prashanthr_: np :)15:33
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: Switch over oslo.i18n
openstackgerritNataliia Uvarova proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Make storage/pooling reflect storage/base
prashanthr_flaper87: Why are v moving all DB depedencies from requirements to test-requirements ?15:38
flaper87prashanthr_: because database engines are optional. You're not forced to use one or the other, you're free to use whichever store you want which means you're responsible to install the dependencies for that store15:38
prashanthr_Ahh okay. if you use redis then all dependencies come in even if not required.15:39
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flaper87prashanthr_: right15:44
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vkmcflaper87, one question about address syntax for AMQP in Marconi16:05
flaper87vkmc: shoot16:05
vkmcflaper87, are we going to support domains usage?16:05
vkmcI'm trying to say... if this amqps://fred:trustno1@example.org16:05
vkmcis valid for us16:05
vkmcit should be because it's valid for AMQP brokers, but I'm having some problems to stablish the mapping with our API16:08
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*** malini has left #openstack-marconi16:24
vkmcand also... something else to think about later16:25
flaper87ops, back16:26
vkmchow are we going to keep track of subscriptors?16:26
vkmcany feedback is welcome... as always16:26
vkmcif you have a moment of course16:26
flaper87as for the first question16:27
flaper87I'm not sure I follow16:27
flaper87It's valid for amqp 1.0 and proton16:27
vkmcflaper87, yes it is16:27
vkmcthis is the schema  [ amqp[s]:// ] [user[:password]@] domain [/[name]]16:28
*** reed has joined #openstack-marconi16:31
vkmcnevermind, I'm a bit confused... it should work as long as the domain correspond with the server running the Marconi server16:32
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flaper87vkmc: mmh, I'd like to undestand better your confusion16:34
flaper87I mean, why does the amqp uri schema worry you?16:34
vkmcflaper87, because I'm parsing it and I want to do it right :p16:35
* vkmc needs to reboot 16:35
vkmcwell, worst case scenario its a simple fix16:36
vkmcI'm more worried about the subscription thing16:36
flaper87vkmc: oh ok, I don't think you should worry about the URI. First of all, everyone should use it to talk to Marconi using amqp16:37
flaper87vkmc: also, isn't there a helper to parse the URI ?16:37
flaper87I think there's one in proton16:37
flaper87vkmc: re subscription, could you explain a bit better the problem?16:38
flaper87If I parsed it correctly, the answer is that proton will take care of that16:38
vkmcflaper87, last time I looked for such helper I didn't found it, but probably I missed it... I'll look for it again16:39
flaper87vkmc: ping kgiusti or gsim16:39
vkmcflaper87, about the subscription thing... we are handling the storage backend, so we are the responsables of listening when some client sends a message to some queue and then sending that message to all the other clients16:40
vkmcall those events are triggered when a client 'post' a message16:40
vkmccorrect me if I'm wrong though16:41
vkmc(I wish I'm wrong)16:41
flaper87vkmc: ah ok, got what you mean. You're not wrong but we won't support that for now. That's part of the notification code we haven't worked on yet16:41
flaper87lets focus on prod/consumer for now16:42
*** Hao has joined #openstack-marconi16:42
flaper87we'll expand this whole thing later16:42
flaper87does that make sensE?16:42
flaper87what do you think?16:42
vkmcit doeS16:42
flaper87stop copying what i dO16:42
* flaper87 pulls vkmc's chair16:43
* flaper87 runs a way16:43
* flaper87 can see vkmc throwing the chair at him16:43
vkmcwe should make sure to document this16:43
* vkmc gets a bags of delicious gummybears and won't share with flaper87 16:44
* flaper87
vkmcfor now AMQP will support prod/cons pattern only16:45
flaper87vkmc: yup16:45
flaper87I'd say so16:45
vkmcthanks flaper87 :)16:50
flaper87vkmc: my pleasure16:51
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openstackgerritDave Thomas proposed a change to openstack/marconi: WIP: Sending this test in for review, please help clarify the scope of the blueprint.  There are many references to json, please help to isolate just those that need an update per this requirement.
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peoplemergeflaper87: can you help me scope this ticket?
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openstackgerritNataliia Uvarova proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Make storage/pooling reflect storage/base
openstackgerritNataliia Uvarova proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Run storage unit tests in pooled context
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openstackgerritSriram Madapusi Vasudevan proposed a change to openstack/marconi: feat(benchmarking) : Producer-Consumer scenario
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