Thursday, 2014-07-17

openstackgerritFei Long Wang proposed a change to openstack/marconi: (WIP)feat(v1.1): Implement new /health endpoint for v1.1
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openstackgerritPrashanth Raghu proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Implements Queue and Message Controllers for Redis
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Imported Translations from Transifex
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vkmchello all o/11:50
flaper87vkmc: very very good morning to you11:51
flaper87hope you're doing great11:51
vkmcflaper87, hi Fla! I'm fine thx, and you?11:55
flaper87vkmc: doing great11:55
vkmcglad to hear!12:01
vkmcflaper87, EuroPython is around the corner :o12:01
flaper87vkmc: YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!12:01
flaper87ykaplan: is going to speak about Marconi12:01
vkmcohh that's so great!12:04
* vkmc checks out the schedule of EuroPython 12:07
vkmcgo ykaplan \o/12:07
flaper87vkmc: Europython is a week full of great alcohol^Wtalks12:08
ykaplan:) :D12:09
vkmcyeah I heard about it12:10
vkmcit must hard to keep up the last couple of days12:10
vkmcflaper87, not for you of course, you are a robot12:11
flaper87vkmc: right, right. I just drink oil12:11
vkmcgrog xd12:12
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* flaper87 should stop signing up for painful things12:30
flaper87I really hate the fact that our message controller relies on the queue's controller12:45
flaper87that just sounds like we don't have the right level of abstraction there12:45
vkmcwell... but in v1.0 we messages relied on queues12:47
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flaper87right, what I don't like is that the message_controller needs an instance of the queue_controller to work12:52
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vkmcyeah, for our current abstraction that's odd12:55
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vkmcflaper87, could you check out Azure's Message Bus?13:06
flaper87vkmc: not really, I'm sorry. But why would I anyway? I played with your implementation yday and that's way better13:06
vkmcflaper87, haha ok, just asking so I can cancel it13:07
flaper87vkmc: yeah, go ahead. I'll open one if needed13:07
flaper87thanks a lot13:07
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vkmcflaper87, will do, thanks you!13:08
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vkmccancel subscription reason -> too expensive13:14
*** catherin_ is now known as Catherine_13:15
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flaper87vkmc: other: I'm a marconi fan13:19
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vkmcI'll subscribe and unsubscribe again with that reason 'Oh, and another thing, I'm a Marconi fan!'13:23
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sriramGood morning all :)13:23
vkmchey sriram, good morning!13:24
sriramgood morning vkmc :)13:24
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flaper87sriram: good morning13:33
flaper87sriram: FYI, all this suffering is your fault13:33
flaper87just sayin'13:33
sriramgoooooood morning.13:33
* sriram evil smile :P13:33
flaper87sriram: don't worry, I just needed to blame someone for 3mins13:34
sriramI watched a documentary on space yesterday by NOVA.13:34
sriramit was amazing! :)13:34
sriramanother one on kepler space telescope was also very interesting :)13:37
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flaper87damn, we can't just move queues to the control API13:46
flaper87The data driver is too tightly coupled13:46
* flaper87 kicks his desk13:46
malini1THUD THUD THUD13:48
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prashanthr_Good morning :)14:20
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vkmchelloooooooo prashanthr_14:34
prashanthr_Helloooooooooooooooo vkmc :)14:34
vkmcprashanthr_, how are you?14:36
prashanthr_i am doing good. Redis dependancy into Marconi today.14:36
prashanthr_So feeling happy14:37
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vkmcyes I saw that! :D congrats prashanthr_14:40
prashanthr_vkmc: Than q :) How are you ?14:40
vkmcI was reviewing your patch, queue and messages controllers for Redis14:42
vkmcprashanthr_, all good here! seeing some progress with the AMQP thing, so I'm happy too14:43
prashanthr_vkmc : tat's really awesome.14:43
prashanthr_Do you work on a private forked repo ?14:43
vkmcprashanthr_, yes :)
prashanthr_vkmc: awesome :) I will have a look today.14:45
vkmcprashanthr_, cool, thanks!14:45
prashanthr_vkmc: Are you using a event loop ?14:46
vkmcright now it's a dummy server... it receives messages, sends an ack and closes the connection14:46
prashanthr_vkmc: Cool :)14:46
vkmcprashanthr_, yeah, currently it's single threaded14:47
prashanthr_vkmc: most event loops are single threaded i guess.14:47
vkmcprashanthr_, yeah, we will have to look for a way to remove that event loop and a multithreaded implementation14:50
vkmcI'll run away when the time comes14:51
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prashanthr_vkmc: ha ha :D14:55
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prashanthr_vkmc: Meeting today ?15:05
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flaper87kgriffs: there15:08
flaper87kgriffs: when you get a chance, I'd like to cycle on the queues thing again15:08
flaper87I'm afraid our current queue controller is too tight to the message controller (and the other way around15:09
flaper87I kinda have an idea to workaround this issue15:09
flaper87I think refactoring this code is a K thing15:09
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prashanthr_flaper87, kgriffs: can you please have a look at when you are free ?15:13
flaper87prashanthr_: sure thing15:13
prashanthr_flaper87: thanks a lot :)15:13
vkmcdo Marconi messages have other attributes than id/href, ttl, age, body?15:15
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flaper87vkmc: href is build by the API15:23
flaper87I mean, it's not actually an attribute of messages15:23
flaper87kgriffs: yo15:23
flaper87kgriffs: dude, don't lie to me, you said you were back15:24
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kgriffsso... a couple things on queue thing15:26
kgriffsdo you think this is an essential thing for flavors?15:27
*** sriram has joined #openstack-marconi15:27
kgriffsif not, how much technical debt will we create in the short term if we move forward on flavors without the queue refactor15:27
flaper87it's essential to find a way to route messages/queues to the right pool15:28
flaper87which is why we started discussing this crazy idea in first place15:28
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flaper87I've another idea that should help us get flavors working w/o this refactor15:28
flaper87and that shouldn't add any technical debt15:28
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flaper87I'm thinking about changing the controllers under pooling and making them "flavors aware15:29
vkmcflaper87, awesome, thx15:29
flaper87vkmc: 100 euros, thanks!15:29
flaper87vkmc: paypal works for me15:30
* kgriffs prefers dogecoin - harder to track15:30
flaper87if we "hack" the lookup method, we should get around this, hopefully easily15:31
vkmcflaper87, fair enough haha15:31
vkmcflaper87, can I pay you with coffee?15:31
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flaper87vkmc: mmhh, coffee and gummy bears15:33
kgriffsflaper87: yeah, that could work. You can give it a try and see how it looks15:34
vkmcflaper87, one of this
flaper87kgriffs: we should discuss this refactor at the project pod during the K summit15:35
kgriffsmalini: is this all done?
kgriffsflaper87: I think one of the themes of K is going to be refactoring15:36
flaper87uuu, I didn't know
flaper87kgriffs: agreed15:36
kgriffstests, control plane vs. data plane, etc.15:36
kgriffsgot to fix those broken windows before they get out of hand. :D15:36
flaper87and I've a major refactor proposal for the K summit: "storage-less marconi"15:37
flaper87I'd like to get all those stores out of the code base15:37
kgriffsflaper87: POP is done, right?
*** cpallares has joined #openstack-marconi15:38
* kgriffs thinks we should submit an RFC for adding POP as an HTTP verb15:38
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flaper87kgriffs: yup, AFAIK15:38
* kgriffs is only kind of joking15:38
kgriffsflaper87: w00t15:38
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*** sriram has joined #openstack-marconi15:47
kgriffsteam, we are doing great on j-215:48
kgriffsthanks for helping get things reviewed and updating your patches15:48
kgriffswe only have a few more days15:48
kgriffswe need to wrap things up by EOD next tuesday15:49
flaper87kgriffs: what's missing?15:50
flaper87I haven't looked much at LP this week15:51
kgriffswe are looking pretty good15:56
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kgriffshey, if you could take this bug that would be cool. I don't think I will have time15:56
*** cpallares has quit IRC15:56
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kgriffsmalini said she will start on her remaining blueprint today or tomorrow15:57
flaper87kgriffs: can you remove your -2 ?
kgriffsI think I can get my two bp's done if I focus on them today15:57
flaper87I'll do that now to get over it15:57
*** Catherin_ has left #openstack-marconi15:58
flaper87kgriffs: in that case why are you looking at IRC? YOU GET HEADS DOWN AND CODE, NOOOOOOWWWW!!!15:58
kgriffsflaper87: done15:58
kgriffsheh. :D15:58
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: Imported Translations from Transifex
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malinikgriffs: wrt pop -yes16:07
malinikgriffs: —>my question abt v1.0 - I thought we don't want to change anything in 1.0 & your patch had a couple of changes16:08
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openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Updated from global requirements
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kgriffsmalini: mmm, let me check16:10
kgriffsah, right16:10
*** Catheri__ has joined #openstack-marconi16:10
kgriffsso, my thinking was16:10
flaper87mpanetta_: hey :)16:10
kgriffsfirst I went into filter_stream16:10
flaper87mpanetta_: did you have a chance to test this?
kgriffsand I was like "WHA? who wrote this? why aren't we using jsonschema?!"16:10
kgriffsthen I discovered it was me.16:11
kgriffsand I was like, "crap, I need a way to say parts of the doc can be optional, and jsonschema can do that"16:11
kgriffsso, I was all ready to switch16:11
kgriffsbut then I benchmarked jsonschema and it was like 1ms vs 500 nanoseconds16:12
kgriffsso, I was sad16:12
flaper87malini: are you working on this?
flaper87malini: if you're not, I can stab it quickly16:12
kgriffsplus, I decided not to rock the boat right now... save any major refactoring of doc validation for j-3 or K16:12
flaper87quickly as in now16:12
flaper87sad panda16:13
flaper87jsonschema is slow16:13
kgriffsmalini: so then I decided to amend our home-grown spec schema to support default values when an attribute is missing. I could have made it backward-compatible with the old schema, but that would be a little less efficient, so I opted to go ahead and update the v1.0 specs to include the "None"16:14
kgriffsflaper87: yeah, someone should really fix that slowness16:14
* kgriffs wishes he could clone himself sometimes16:14
flaper87btw, no one replied to my message w.r.t the meetings16:20
flaper87was my idea *that* bad?16:20
kgriffsmalini replied16:21
kgriffswhich is suprising16:21
flaper87wait, what?16:22
kgriffsbecause, like myself, she isn't very opinionated16:22
flaper87I didn't get that email16:22
flaper87oh, she did16:22
flaper87I'm sorry, I take that back16:22
kgriffsyou should stop filtering her emails. shame on you!16:22
* kgriffs ducks16:22
kgriffsflaper87: we could consider alternating meeting times or simply holding two meetings every wed, one at 1900 and one at 2100 or something. Having one meeting time means somebody somewhere has to get on at an odd hour of the day, no matter what we do.16:25
flaper87wait, I wasn't proposing having one meeting time. I was proposing having 1 day and alternate the time16:25
kgriffsthat could work. may be good to clarify that on the ML16:26
flaper87doing that16:26
flaper87kgriffs: done16:27
* flaper87 removes the email filter16:28
flaper87kgriffs: now, go and reply >.>16:30
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*** Catheri__ is now known as Catherine_16:52
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*** amitgandhi has joined #openstack-marconi17:01
malinisorry..was away..17:09
malinimeeting & more important GREEK FOOD..17:09
maliniyummm yummmm17:09
maliniflaper87: I havent started on the remove queue exists yet17:10
maliniFeel free to grab tht17:10
*** tonytan4ever has quit IRC17:13
mpanetta_flaper87: I have not.17:21
*** mpanetta_ is now known as mpanetta17:21
abettadapurkgriffs: Obulpathi said you pinged me earlier?17:24
abettadapursorry i haven't been too involved in the channel lately17:25
*** mpanetta_ has joined #openstack-marconi17:28
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peoplemergemorning all!17:42
*** amalagon_ has joined #openstack-marconi17:44
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kgriffsabettadapur: oh hai18:16
abettadapurhai dere18:17
kgriffsI was just pinging you about one of your patches18:17
kgriffshomedoc one, iirc18:17
kgriffsit has some comments on there18:17
abettadapuryou had posted some comments18:17
abettadapurlet me get that in now18:17
kgriffsit would be cool if you could do that. I just didn't want the patch to expire before it got updated.18:18
abettadapuryeah sorry about that18:18
abettadapurbalaji has been giving me other work lately18:18
kgriffslet's get these loose ends tied up18:19
abettadapurwill do18:19
openstackgerritAlex Bettadapur proposed a change to openstack/marconi: V1.1 Homedoc
abettadapurkgriffs: ^18:29
*** amalagon has joined #openstack-marconi18:37
*** amalagon_ has quit IRC18:39
*** Obulpathi has quit IRC18:40
kgriffsabettadapur: thanks, I'll take a look ASAP18:47
*** itisit has joined #openstack-marconi18:58
*** Obulpathi has joined #openstack-marconi19:09
* vkmc lurks19:22
* peoplemerge reads reviewer guides19:35
*** itisit has quit IRC19:35
*** itisit has joined #openstack-marconi19:36
vkmcpeoplemerge, hi!19:36
vkmcpeoplemerge, did you find where to put the msgpack tests?19:36
peoplemergevkmc: I thought the place they are now was ok for those ones :D but that the debate was about reusing related tests19:38
peoplemergedid I get that wrong?19:38
vkmcno, you are right!19:38
vkmcI just wanted to know for future reference19:38
peoplemergevkmc: Thx for pointing out the other testclass, I'll probably need to use that for unit testing on this ticket19:39
*** amitgandhi has quit IRC19:39
peoplemergevkmc: Do you know by any chance if it's valid to test the msgpack impl for mongo?19:40
vkmcpeoplemerge, sure np!19:40
peoplemergecheck out
peoplemergearound l.52019:41
peoplemergether is a test for sqlalchemy, one for mongo, ....19:41
peoplemergebut msgpack is just at the transport layer19:41
vkmcoh I see19:42
peoplemergeI suspect it's not necessary to test different backends19:42
peoplemergesince this is higher in the stack19:42
peoplemergebut I haven't gotten into the details to be sure19:42
peoplemergeI figure what I have is a good start19:42
peoplemergethough for the tests in the superclass to work, maybe I should use one backend... like the sqlalchemy19:43
peoplemerge(it's dfl)19:43
peoplemergehey I think I'm gonna start there, thx for your help
peoplemergeoops I mean
vkmcfor what I understand, it's using inheritance just to specify the environment in which the tests are running19:44
peoplemergeyes, and that there is different behavior19:44
vkmcmsgpack is being used at the transport layer, but it's not a transport layer itself19:44
peoplemergeunder test for19:44
vkmcso that's why I was thinking on something more 'utils' related19:45
vkmckgriffs, thoughts? ^^19:45
peoplemergevkmc: what's the difference?19:45
peoplemergea case might be made for calling any binary protocol a transport19:45
peoplemergeit's not a protocol like REST19:46
peoplemergeit's orthogonal to that19:46
*** malini has quit IRC19:46
peoplemergebut serializing/deserializing is more efficient with it than text json19:47
vkmcpeoplemerge, exactly that's what I meant19:47
peoplemergevkmc: k19:47
* peoplemerge is looking at utils again19:51
vkmcpeoplemerge, I'm a bit confused with where to put those tests because we don't have tests for json19:52
peoplemergevkmc: I see there are tests here that do jsondumps19:52
vkmcright know the code only tests wsgi transport with mongo or sqlalchemy, both for v1.0 and v1.119:53
peoplemergevkmc: agreed19:53
peoplemergepart of the reason is that current impl is json only19:53
vkmcexactly yeah :)19:53
peoplemergethere hasn't been a reason for making an abstraction till now... YAGNI19:54
peoplemergenow we need it :)19:54
peoplemergeit's good for me 'cause I have a job19:54
peoplemergeWhen I got started on the ticket I was wondering if there already was something that sent json documents19:55 was the first thing that came on my radar19:55
vkmchaha of course19:55
peoplemergeas a test19:55
*** kgriffs is now known as kgriffs|afk19:55
peoplemergethe test_utils could be refactored so the documents are used in its functions19:56
vkmcit's not a trivial thing, where to locate those tests19:56
peoplemergefor the v1_1 tests I can replace them /retest them with the other transport19:56
peoplemergeI didn't know about this test, but now that I know it's there it'll save me a lot of work !! THX vkmc !19:57
* peoplemerge goes do to that now19:58
vkmcpeoplemerge, yay! so good you could find how to make it work19:59
itisitHi, a newbie question, currently which companies are the main contributor for Marconi development?20:00
vkmchi itisit!20:01
itisitHi vkmc20:01
vkmcitisit, why does that matter?20:01
itisitvkmc: just curious, actually doesn't matter:-)20:02
peoplemergeitisit: I don't know for sure but I see kgriffs and flaper87 doing a lot of leadership here20:02
peoplemergeIIRC rackspace & redhat respectively...20:03
vkmcitisit, mostly Rackspace and Redhat20:03
peoplemergePeoplemerge is doing some development too20:03
vkmcthere are some contributors that work on other companies too20:03
* peoplemerge that's me :)20:04
vkmchaha peoplemerge is rocking msgpack!20:04
peoplemergeitisit: so if you need a fast marconi implementation transport I'm at your service!!20:04
peoplemergeI'm sure we're leaving other compaines out20:05
* peoplemerge ducks, who threw that?20:05
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itisitpeoplemerge: thanks a lot!20:06
itisitvkmc: thank a lot!20:06
vkmcitisit, np!20:06
vkmcomg flaper8720:07
itisitso why OS thinks of leaving AMQP for messaging? ISO just approved AMQP 1.0 as standard in May… Isn't better for openstack and other commercial messaging brokers share same protocol so have a better chance to communicate if one day we need.20:08
peoplemergeitisit: I'm not an expert but IIRC AMQP 1.0 is on our roadmap20:09
peoplemergemarconi also offers admin tools for creating hereogeneous brokers20:10
vkmcitisit, we were planning to add AMQP as a storage backend, but we had to step out from that because our messaging system is quite different from AMQP20:10
*** tonytan4ever has joined #openstack-marconi20:11
peoplemergeit's worth noting that marconi is mostly for userspace messaging20:11
vkmcitisit, AMQP follows a strict queue semantics (prod/cons, pub/sub) whereas we offer a fined-grained management for messages20:11
vkmcitisit, now we are giving a try to AMQP in the transport side :)20:11
peoplemergeopenstack services use oslo-messaging20:11
* vkmc is working in AMQP 20:11
vkmcs/working in/working on20:15
itisitvery informative. thanks, guys:-)20:15
vkmcnp itisit!20:16
peoplemergeitisit: our pleasure :)20:19
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* vkmc pokes flaper87 20:29
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flaper87vkmc: :D21:17
flaper87hey, sorry. I wasn't around21:17
flaper87mmmhhh, who told itisit that OS is leaving AMQP ?21:18
flaper87we'll never get over those questions21:18
flaper87gtg guys, ttyt21:19
*** tongli has quit IRC21:19
*** flaper87 is now known as flaper87|afk21:19
* vkmc tackles flaper87|afk 21:20
vkmcI'm kidding, enjoy the rest of the evening21:21
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