Wednesday, 2015-09-02

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david-lyle#startmeeting horizon12:00
openstackMeeting started Wed Sep  2 12:00:41 2015 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is david-lyle. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.12:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: horizon)"12:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'horizon'12:00
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david-lylehi folks12:02
david-lylewe are at L-3 tomorrow12:02
*** matrohon has joined #openstack-meeting-312:02
david-lyle is what it's looking like so far12:02
david-lylethat's a fair departure from
*** jacobtrvl has quit IRC12:04
david-lylebut significant progress was made on made items in the priority list12:04
david-lyleI expect a few FFE12:05
david-lylebut I don't know which yet12:05
*** stevemar has joined #openstack-meeting-312:05
david-lyleOne thing that is almost finished is Django 1.8 support12:05
david-lylewe have support in both d-o-a and horizon and g-r now allows 1.812:06
david-lyleI'm going to release d-o-a one more time to pull in the requirements.txt changes12:06
david-lyleand hopefully get a little WebSSO refresh12:06
david-lylethat should happen in the next couple of days12:07
david-lyleI would also like to advertise trove and sahara reviews12:07
david-lyleI've spent a fair amount of time merging several of those12:08
*** jaypipes has joined #openstack-meeting-312:08
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david-lyleI start on the first trove patch but it's 1700 lines12:09
david-lylebut has been around for over a year now and still not merged12:09
r1chardj0n3s1700 lines is never going to be reviewed :/12:09
tsufievclose eyes and merge ))12:09
*** stevemar has quit IRC12:09
david-lyler1chardj0n3s: I'm still working through it12:09
david-lylehonestly I'd rather see 1700 lines and a complete feature than 200 lines of a stub12:10
*** mwagner_lap has quit IRC12:10
david-lylebut maybe that's  just me12:10
david-lylebut 1700 lines is difficult to review for sure12:10
*** mwagner_lap has joined #openstack-meeting-312:10
r1chardj0n3sscientists (well, this one guy) have proven that patches over 400 lines don't get reviewed12:11
r1chardj0n3s(I saw it on twitter, it must be true)12:11
bradjones___speaking of patches that have been around for a while it would be great to get the curvature work in liberty12:11
david-lyleand doc patches get over reviewed12:11
*** irenab has quit IRC12:11
tsufievdavid-lyle, should Horizon cores just ensure that the contrib/ stuff doesn't break Horizon and that's all? (with the rest being checked by service team)12:11
*** jcoufal has joined #openstack-meeting-312:11
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*** JeanBriceCombebi has joined #openstack-meeting-312:13
fnordahlthe fact that doc patches get over reviewed probably has to do with the bikeshed-theory ( :-)12:13
david-lyletsufiev: I like to do a little more diligence than that, but some things I can't test really well12:13
david-lylebradjones___: I've been watching that, had a couple -1s for a while12:14
*** ducttape_ has joined #openstack-meeting-312:14
david-lyleI think that may be worthy of a FFE, should it come to it12:14
bradjones___david-lyle: have been moving house past week but addressed those issues this morning so I hope it is good to go now12:14
david-lylebradjones___: no worries12:14
david-lylelife happens12:14
bradjones___david-lyle: :)12:15
david-lyleany thing else people have on their minds that would warrant a FFE?12:15
david-lyle(Feature Freeze Exception)12:15
david-lylea bp merging after L-312:16
*** ajmiller has quit IRC12:16
david-lyleOther release item: translations12:17
david-lyleunlike other services, our string freeze will be RC-112:17
david-lyleand then merge the final strings in RC-212:17
david-lyleas we do very little without string changes12:18
*** lexholden has quit IRC12:18
david-lyleSo as a reminder, once we tag L-3, master will be closed to features not granted a FFE12:18
david-lyleI will most likely go -2 a ton of patches as usual because the tools are inadequate to control this12:19
david-lylebug fixes are still ok12:19
david-lylefor RC-2 the criteria for merging a bug fix will be higher12:19
tsufievdavid-lyle, this is a bugfix, but most likely it will include a minor UI change12:20
tsufievpiecharts for disabled quotas12:20
david-lyleonce RC-1 is tagged, a release branch will be made and master will be open for Mitaka work again.12:20
tsufievwould love to land it in Liberty because as of now it's one of our blockers for Launch Instance NG12:21
*** witek has joined #openstack-meeting-312:21
*** rhochmuth has joined #openstack-meeting-312:22
david-lyletsufiev: I've added it to my list, will add to RC-1 as well12:22
tsufievdavid-lyle, thanks12:22
*** jcoufal has quit IRC12:22
david-lyleok, I think that covers release items12:22
david-lyleany questions/concerns?12:22
*** lexholden has joined #openstack-meeting-312:23
*** witek has left #openstack-meeting-312:24
mrungewhat about enabling new launch instance as default?12:24
mrungeif it's not already?12:24
mrungeI haven't checked it lately12:24
* ducttape_ can of worms12:24
tsufievmrunge, btw, the above bug is the exact reason we didn't so in our distro :)12:25
mrungetsufiev, we don't either12:25
ducttape_I think we'd want more time to flush out bugs and ux issues before it is the default12:25
*** ivar-lazzaro has joined #openstack-meeting-312:26
tsufievducttape_, is there some kind of actual bugs and ux issues for Launch Instance NG?12:26
mrungethe issue is, we're sending quite unclear signals to projects basing on horizon12:26
tsufiev*some kind of list12:26
mrungetsufiev, I'd say, that depends on who you're asking ;-)12:27
ducttape_tsufiev - coworkers that have complained to me, I asked for bugs.  I *think* there are bugs for items12:27
*** david-lyle has quit IRC12:27
mrungeI don't think launchpad supports something like tracker bugs12:27
ducttape_mrunge - unclear signals just b/c of launch instance?12:27
*** dansmith has quit IRC12:28
*** haleyb has quit IRC12:28
mrungeducttape_, uhm, unclear about the direction12:28
tsufievmrunge, well, we could use tags for maintaining this list12:28
mrungeI have been asked again and again, what happens with plugins based on python code12:28
*** david-lyle has joined #openstack-meeting-312:28
ducttape_mrunge - I think that is unfortunate, but probably natural.  we are still trying to find the best way to add ng based features12:28
mrungeit's somehow clear we're deprecating that12:29
ducttape_python is a known thing, and I think it will be around for M and maybe N releases even12:29
*** lexholden has quit IRC12:29
ducttape_(my $.02)12:29
mrungeducttape_, yes; that's my understanding, and I agree12:30
david-lyleok my connection failed silently I believe12:30
ducttape_we are in the middle right now, and have a mix.  it's weird12:30
tsufievducttape_, like the whole thing with python2 and python3?12:30
mrungedavid-lyle, when did your connection drop?12:30
ducttape_exactly tsufiev ;)12:30
david-lyleI think about 12:24 UTC12:31
mrungedavid-lyle, we were unclear about new launch instance becoming default12:31
ducttape_talking about python vs ng - what do plugins do12:31
mrungeyes, exactly that12:31
david-lyleI don't think the new launch instance is ready12:31
ducttape_right, I think most people in the room agree then12:32
* tsufiev feels guilty for not paying enough attention to reviewing angular stuff in horizon12:32
mrungedavid-lyle, I believe, we agree here12:32
mrungeI would expect a different picture at 20:00 UTC12:32
david-lylethere was a fix to static_url that made some progress, but otherwise it was largely neglected after the late Kilo push12:32
tsufievdavid-lyle, it would be great to define some criteria of 'readiness' for it12:32
david-lyleI probably haven't recorded that tsufiev12:33
*** dansmith has joined #openstack-meeting-312:33
mrungeand I think we need to talk about deprecation of plugins in python12:33
*** ivar-lazzaro has quit IRC12:33
david-lyleThere are is a couple of areas where we lack parity with the existing interface12:33
*** dansmith is now known as Guest9133912:33
david-lylethe first page needs to be split12:34
david-lylethe transfer tables could use a redesign (wish list)12:34
david-lyleand support for add network should be added12:34
ducttape_I think we want to look at tables again, to see if what we have is ideal.  before we go follow that pattern 20 times12:35
david-lylewhile add network is above existing functionality that's one of the main reasons we started the rewrite road12:35
david-lylealleviating dead ends in the wizard12:35
david-lylewe still have all the same dead ends12:35
david-lyleI think part of what's missing is, we aren't rewriting to prove it can be done, of that I have no doubt12:36
david-lylewe are rewriting things to improve on them12:36
*** bharathm has joined #openstack-meeting-312:37
david-lyleas far as plugins, I think angular only as a plugin path is going to be a tough sell12:37
david-lyleunless we have a great story around how easy it is to build them12:37
david-lylewe are not there yet12:37
david-lyleI probably echoed other people because I dropped12:38
*** witek has joined #openstack-meeting-312:39
*** irenab has joined #openstack-meeting-312:40
david-lyleducttape_: I think the tables are getting closer, the transfer tables are still a work in progress12:40
mrungewould that be a topic for next summit?12:40
david-lyleand overused I think12:40
david-lylemrunge: which?12:40
ducttape_how to move a table to ng12:41
ducttape_that would be like 80% of the work12:41
mrungedavid-lyle, readiness of new launch instance? etc?12:41
david-lylemrunge: definitely12:41
*** haleyb has joined #openstack-meeting-312:41
*** bharathm has quit IRC12:41
* ducttape_ has to drop, thanks all12:41
david-lyleducttape_: I think we'll have a story by then12:41
david-lylethanks ducttape_12:42
ducttape_good :D12:42
*** ducttape_ has quit IRC12:42
mrungewhen putting this up, I've been asked several times, how to deal with plugins based on python12:42
mrungewe need to have something like a deprecation timeline12:42
tsufievmrunge, +112:42
mrungeor how we'll act on that, even if we don't know exact dates12:43
zhenguoagree, many plugins use python now12:43
tsufievother PTL need to plan in advance12:43
david-lylemrunge: do we need to deprecate python plugins? I think we're a long way off from that being a need12:43
tsufievso they need to allocate some time for rewriting horizon-based plugins12:43
david-lyleand if I tell Sahara to go rewrite all their stuff in angular, I think they may tell me to go stuff myself12:44
mrungedavid-lyle, it's more the message, we need to deliver to dependent projects12:44
mrungeand to give them some timeline12:44
tsufievdavid-lyle, I suspect that if python in horizon is going to be deprecated in some _indefinite_ time, Horizon users will postpone learning NG for the same _indefinite_ time :)12:44
tsufievor, sorry, not Python, I meant Django views12:45
*** ivar-lazzaro has joined #openstack-meeting-312:45
*** sigmavirus24 is now known as sigmavirus24_awa12:45
david-lylemy problem is, I can't in good faith tell someone to start an angular based plugin now12:46
*** cloudtrainme has joined #openstack-meeting-312:46
david-lylethere are a couple who have started12:46
mrungeI have the feeling, if we had a message, krotscheck wouldn't started something completely new12:47
*** cloudtrainme has quit IRC12:47
david-lylemrunge: no the use case is different12:47
david-lyleironic wants standalone12:47
david-lyleyou can run ironic without openstack12:48
david-lylelike swift12:48
*** dims has joined #openstack-meeting-312:48
zhenguoyeah, I propose an ironic-dashboard, but finally droped :(12:48
david-lyleso a pure horizon plugin doesn't meet their needs12:48
*** pauloewerton has joined #openstack-meeting-312:49
zhenguofor ironic, should we support that in horizon, like disable some unsupported ironic hypervisor actions?12:50
mrungezhenguo, not sure.12:50
zhenguoby default, ironic devstack not enable horizon now12:50
mrungethis was discussed more than once, zhenguo12:51
mrungeit's likely the same as with tuskar-ui12:51
mrungeyou'd be configuring underlying hardware12:51
mrungethis is not horizons focus12:51
david-lyleI think the aim was for the ironic webclient work to have reusable bits that might be leveraged in Horizon, but I'd like to know the use case where the ironic driver in nova doesn't meet the needs of users12:52
zhenguomrunge: ok got it12:52
mrungethat being said, I still believe we have some experience or knowledge around that12:52
mrungeand it will probably fit better in horizon than ... zaquar?12:53
zhenguodavid-lyle: please have a look at
mrungenot trying to fingerpoint to a specific project12:53
*** e0ne has quit IRC12:53
david-lylezhenguo: that makes sense to me12:53
david-lylebut  again that's an interaction with nova12:54
zhenguodavid-lyle: yeah12:54
david-lyleadded to my list12:54
*** jckasper has quit IRC12:54
zhenguodoes it make sense to use another policy file to disable some unsupported ironic actions?12:55
david-lylezhenguo: I don't think policy is the right mechanism12:55
david-lyleas you need an API call result to determine support12:55
david-lyleI think logic in the code is the best answer12:56
zhenguook, agree12:56
david-lyle4 minutes left, any other topics12:56
tsufievintegration tests again broken, now because of some change in cinder (most likely)12:58
* tsufiev starting to think about testing horizon against less fluid openstack12:58
r1chardj0n3sugh, yeah12:59
david-lylewhat changed in cinder? the client?12:59
tsufievdavid-lyle, some issue related to getting the quotas, fixes that12:59
fnordahlwell, actually. I beleive the fault is our error checking13:00
fnordahlI am working on it right now.13:00
fnordahlcoming with a new patchset with a more specific except line13:00
*** Aish has joined #openstack-meeting-313:00
tsufievfnordahl, but it was working before, which implies that something changed in cinder as well13:00
david-lyleok, time's up, but the fragile nature of the integration tests is something we need to discuss at the summit13:01
*** mwagner_lap has quit IRC13:01
david-lyleI know tsufiev has already been working on it, but we may need something more drastic13:01
mrungecan we get horizon integration tests running in other projects?13:01
david-lyleThanks everyone!13:02
mrungelike another gate job in e.g keystoneclient and other?13:02
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"13:02
openstackMeeting ended Wed Sep  2 13:02:12 2015 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)13:02
openstackMinutes (text):
*** jcoufal has joined #openstack-meeting-313:02
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david-lylemrunge: maybe?13:02
*** r1chardj0n3s has left #openstack-meeting-313:02
david-lylereally they could be scenario tests in tempest13:02
*** pauloewerton has left #openstack-meeting-313:02
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fabiogrhochmuth: start meeting?14:06
*** bharathm has joined #openstack-meeting-314:06
*** markvoelker has quit IRC14:06
rhochmuthin an hour14:06
*** cloudtrainme has quit IRC14:06
bklei_i get confused during daylight savings, i think it's only 1400 UTC14:06
rhochmuth1500 UTC14:06
*** iben has joined #openstack-meeting-314:06
bklei_right, i meant now14:07
fabiogrhochmuth: ok, thanks14:07
*** mrmartin has joined #openstack-meeting-314:09
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rhochmuth#startmeeting monasca15:00
openstackMeeting started Wed Sep  2 15:00:18 2015 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is rhochmuth. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.15:00
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack-meeting-315:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: monasca)"15:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'monasca'15:00
*** matrohon has quit IRC15:00
rhochmuthRoll call15:00
*** mwagner_lap has quit IRC15:00
*** lexholden has joined #openstack-meeting-315:01
rhochmuthdon't follow me, my typing skills are bad15:01
rhochmuthhi everyone15:01
bklei_good morning15:01
rhochmuthwelcome to irc15:01
rhochmuthi've added some agenda items at
*** cloudtrainme has joined #openstack-meeting-315:01
*** qwebirc66876 has quit IRC15:02
*** s3wong has quit IRC15:02
rhochmuthplease add, but we'll also have an open discussion too15:02
*** julim_ has joined #openstack-meeting-315:02
rhochmuthso first topic is that fujitsu code15:02
rhochmuthcongratulation fujitsu15:02
witekthank you! :)15:02
*** yamahata has quit IRC15:02
Martin____thanks :)15:02
rhochmuthDeklan got that all tested and merged yesterday15:02
jimbakerrhochmuth, sounds good. maybe we can talk briefly about blueflood, our opensourced time series cassandra integration at rackspace, but alex scammon is on vacation this week15:03
Martin____that's great news15:03
fabiogMartin____: great work!15:03
rhochmuthok jim15:03
*** yamahata has joined #openstack-meeting-315:03
rhochmuthnote, there was a bug that craig found with timezone conversion15:03
ddieterlyyea, the caveat is that there was some bugs in the code concerning time zones and dates15:03
Martin____@fabiog actually I didn't do a single line of coding :)15:03
witekwe will investigate that15:03
rhochmuthok, let us know if you need more info15:03
rhochmuthi'm not sure if  bug was opened in launchpad15:04
bklei_question on fujitsu merge -- should i wait to pull in for timezone fix, or are those bugs only logging related15:04
rhochmuthbut we should do that15:04
rhochmuthi'm not sure of the details.15:04
rhochmuthdeklan do you have more info15:04
ddieterly@bklei_ only hibernate related; should not impact twc15:04
*** kro_afk is now known as krotscheck15:04
*** nkrinner has quit IRC15:04
*** julim has quit IRC15:05
rhochmuthcorrect, sorry brad, misunderstood the question15:05
bklei_so only related to new code, i'm itching to pull in the new schema and get that out of the way15:05
ddieterlyyea, only new code path15:05
rhochmuthyes, you should test first, and look at the migrations that were done15:05
bklei_so question -- new monasca-api, persister and ?15:05
rhochmuththreshold engine and monasca common15:05
ddieterlynot persister; just thresh and api/common15:06
bklei_ok perfect15:06
rhochmuthyes, don't forget monasca-common15:06
bklei_will do15:06
rhochmuthnote, the nofication engine, Python code, was done a while ago15:06
rhochmuthi'm guessing you've already picked that up15:06
bklei_not for about a month15:07
bklei_or more15:07
rhochmutheverything should be compatible, so no config changes should be required15:07
*** ameybhide has left #openstack-meeting-315:07
bklei_will pull in ^^ this week and test15:07
rhochmuthare we done with that topic15:07
bklei_are for me15:07
witekfor me too, thanks15:08
Martin____ok.. Brad, just let us know if you encounter any problems15:08
bklei_will do, thx for the migration path15:08
rhochmuthok, i think there is a way to do topics in irc, but i don't know it yet15:08
rhochmuthlet's talk about performance at twc15:08
bmotzsorry - bit late to this, but which projects has the Fujitsu code gone into15:08
rhochmuthbrad, what would you like talk about15:08
rhochmuthbmotz, monasca-api, thresh, common15:09
*** dlfryar has joined #openstack-meeting-315:09
ddieterlybmotz: monasca-api, monasca-common, ansible-monasca-schema, monasca-thres15:09
ddieterlyit is all java code with compatible schema changes15:09
rhochmuthbklei_ what would you like to do to address performance in terms of planning15:09
bklei_my perf issue is a straightforward use case, just display the default libvirt metrics in a graph, on a project with more than a couple instances, unusable15:09
rhochmuthby couple, do you mean 2, or 2015:10
bklei_i'm out of 'low hanging fruit' ideas, would like to do a focused whiteboard session, demonstrate the use case15:10
ddieterlycan u just set up a meeting?15:10
rhochmuthbesides deklan and me does anyone else want to attend?15:11
*** jckasper has joined #openstack-meeting-315:11
bklei_sure, can do desktop share meeting15:11
*** ddieterly is now known as deklan15:11
*** qwebirc17300 has joined #openstack-meeting-315:11
rhochmuthif it is just deklan and me, we could to a physical meeting, but if others want to be invovled, can do desktop sharing15:11
*** qwebirc17300 has quit IRC15:11
*** qwebirc37161 has joined #openstack-meeting-315:12
*** dims_ has quit IRC15:12
bklei_ok -- if others want to join, ping me. what day is good for roland and deklan?15:12
Martin____NICK mroderus15:12
*** smialy_ has joined #openstack-meeting-315:12
*** Martin____ is now known as mroderus15:12
*** qwebirc37161 has quit IRC15:12
deklanthis friday15:12
bklei_got it Martin____15:12
*** evgenyf has quit IRC15:12
bklei_friday works15:12
rhochmuthafter 11, hp or twc15:13
rbakbklei_: I wouldn't mind being part of that meeting, but I could always come down for that if you want to have the meeting in person.15:13
rhochmuthok, let's take this off-line then15:13
rhochmuthand discuss separately15:13
bklei_in person would be better, will do15:14
fabiogrhochmuth: I am interested15:14
fabiogrhochmuth: please15:14
bklei_ok - can share desktop for fabiog if we meet physically15:14
rhochmuthok, sounds good15:14
rhochmuthtime for next topic?15:15
bklei_good for me15:15
rhochmuthTokyo sessions:15:15
rhochmuthCongrats to Fabio and Martin!15:15
bklei_+1 for roland too15:15
mroderusthanks! looks like Monasca is well represented this time15:15
deklanthey're just in it for the sushi15:16
bklei_and sake15:16
witek# /topic Update on Tokyo Summit sessions that were accepted and preparation.15:16
rhochmuthyes, there is quite a bit of momentum15:16
fabiogyes, we have a good representation15:16
rhochmuththree session in total15:16
rhochmuthmartin, you and i should start preparing15:16
bklei_wish i was going, will watch online15:16
rhochmuthi've got some slides in my head,15:16
rhochmuthmaybe get together to discuss soon off-line15:17
jimbakersome chance i will go. but otherwise look forward to seeing online15:17
mroderusyes, let's have that discussion off-line15:17
rhochmuthok, sounds good15:18
mroderusMonasca is also mentioned in two other sessions15:18
rhochmuthwhat sessions were those15:18
rhochmuthCool, looks like a TWC session15:19
bklei_adam's been pushing swift data into monasca for a swift service dashboard here at TWC, very cool15:19
rhochmuththe auto-scaling one i believe is from hp15:19
bklei_nice, sweet feature15:20
mroderusyes, Matt Young. That sessions also sounds interesting15:20
rhochmuthok, next tpoic?15:20
rhochmuthgovernance application15:20
rhochmuththere have been some recent updates15:21
deklancan we ask that people please +1 the submission if they already have not?15:21
*** Sukhdev_ has joined #openstack-meeting-315:21
rhochmuththey are doing a roll call, and it is up for discussion at the next governance meeting i beleive15:22
rhochmuthi'll need to check the agenda15:22
rhochmuthif anyone has comments to add, i think that is ok too15:22
bklei_good responses thus far roland15:23
bklei_for reading after this meeting
rhochmuthso, i plan to address Hay's other comments with an update today or tomorrow15:23
rhochmuthwe have an eweek article?15:23
rhochmuthno way15:23
bklei_not mentioned explicitly, but definitely relates to our current submission15:24
rhochmuthdo you guys want my autograph15:24
bklei_signed headshot15:24
*** peristeri has quit IRC15:25
rhochmuthok, unless anyone has further questions on governance, then let's move on15:25
bklei_thx for keeping that moving15:25
mroderusyeah, great work Roland!15:25
*** Aish has quit IRC15:26
rhochmuthnext topic is collaboration with Ceilometer15:26
rhochmuththere are two promosing areas right right now15:26
rhochmuthalarm engine (Aodh in Ceilometer land) and data collection componetization15:26
*** hinnant has joined #openstack-meeting-315:26
jimbakerrhochmuth, are they planning to rewrite aodh?15:27
jimbakerin terms of a new streaming engine?15:27
rhochmuthi think it is a start15:27
rhochmuthyes, they want to support streaming15:27
rhochmuthso, i review Aodh last week15:27
*** zz_natorious is now known as natorious15:27
rhochmuthin general, for a pure python implementation, it seems like a good start15:28
fabiogrhochmuth: Gordon mentioned that NEC is pushing for this solution15:28
rhochmuthbut not streaming.15:28
rhochmuthyes, NEC is very interested15:28
jimbakeri went through the existing codebase last week and it does seem to have some hard coded dependencies15:28
rhochmuthwe need to meet with them15:28
rhochmuthcorrect, jimbaker15:28
fabiogrhochmuth: did NEC already submitted a patch somewhere? cdent ?15:28
*** mwagner_lap has joined #openstack-meeting-315:28
*** lazy_prince has quit IRC15:28
cdentthere's is event based alarming pending15:28
jimbakerwe need to move away from an eventlet model at the very least15:29
rhochmuthfabiog, i'm not aware of anything15:29
* cdent locates the review15:29
rhochmuthso, jimbaker, you are interested in this topic?15:29
jimbakerrhochmuth, yeah, sorry i saw the email, but i didn't have a chance to respond15:29
jimbakerbut definitely15:29
*** cloudtrainme has quit IRC15:29
cdenthere's one of them:
fabiogcdent: thanks15:30
rhochmuthcdent, ok, i'll review off-line, if that's ok15:30
*** cloudtrainme has joined #openstack-meeting-315:30
cdenthere's the whole set:,n,z15:30
cdentall merged up now15:30
rhochmuthgreat, will look at that too15:30
rhochmuthi think my clone of the repo predates this15:31
jimbakerrhochmuth, so any streaming design should be supportable on map/reduce; support multiple tenants; and be able to globally consolidate information15:31
*** absubram has joined #openstack-meeting-315:31
*** puranamr has quit IRC15:31
rhochmuthjimbaker, yes that is what i think would work too15:31
jimbaker(ie, what we see in storm and the current monasca work)15:31
rhochmuthyeah, but i'm not pushing storm15:31
rhochmuthi would like to see a new python alarm engine15:32
jimbakersure, only as supporting infrastructure. although on spark streaming ideally15:32
rhochmuthi think spark is a good basis15:32
deklanjimbaker: why spark ideally?15:32
rhochmuthi was goiing to prototype a very crude alarm engine in Spark, just to see what it looked like15:33
jimbakerdeklan, better integration with kafka, cassandra; exactly once processing for reliable dashboards15:33
rhochmuthi could possible even use the Aodh in that, ideally15:33
rhochmuthdeklan says i'm all talk15:33
jimbakerrhochmuth, there might be some core that we could extract15:33
rhochmuthyes, that is what i'm hoping for15:34
*** puranamr has joined #openstack-meeting-315:34
rhochmuthok, action items then is to follow up with gordon, Ildikó, nec and others15:35
jimbakerrhochmuth, do you want to spend a day working on this together? i have some availability next week (tues or wed). of after i get back from vacation15:35
*** Aish has joined #openstack-meeting-315:35
rhochmuthyes, i could do that,15:35
rhochmuthhow about the following week15:35
rhochmuthcdent are you interested in working on aodh too?15:36
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC15:36
*** geoffarnold has joined #openstack-meeting-315:36
jimbakersounds good. next wed is probably best, but tues is also workable15:36
rhochmuthi can't to wed, let's talk off-line, and see what works bext then15:36
cdentrhochmuth: I already do, at least from a review standpoint. I haven't done much in the way of features, but I tend to manage all its devstack-related stuff.15:37
rhochmuthcdent ok15:37
jimbakerrhochmuth, ack15:37
rhochmuthcdent i'll send an email and we can coordinate with ceilometer folks too15:37
* cdent will look out for it15:38
rhochmuthand will review the nec stuff off-line15:38
rhochmuthcdent ok15:38
*** geoffarnold has quit IRC15:38
jimbakerrhochmuth, do you have blueprints or other info on NEC?15:38
rhochmuthjimbaker, sorry i don't15:38
cdentjimbaker: this of any use:
rhochmuthbut, the reviews posted are for NEC, i beleive?15:39
*** geoffarnold has joined #openstack-meeting-315:39
jimbakerrhochmuth, that looks useful. i will have to read in depth!15:39
*** armax has joined #openstack-meeting-315:40
jimbakeri rather not have to speculate on what they might do. easier to read the ideas :)15:40
rhochmuthok, any other pressing agenda items, before jim talks about bleflood?15:40
rhochmuthbugs, code commits, reviews???15:40
rhochmuthjimbaker i believe the floor is yours, unless someone has got anything else15:41
deklanrhochmuth: please +2
jimbakerrhochmuth, thanks15:41
jimbakerblueflood is a timeseries database for metrics that wraps cassandra. it is opensourced under an apache license15:41
jimbakerwe are currently ingesting 100K metrics/second15:42
jimbakerwe support kafka, scribe, statsd, and REST for metrics15:42
rhochmuththat's pretty good15:42
bklei_how's query performance?  any numbers there?15:42
jimbakerthen also support auto aggregation at 5 min, 60 min, 240 min, and 1 day intervals15:43
*** stendulker has joined #openstack-meeting-315:43
deklanjimbaker: are you suggesting that we incorporate blueflood into monasca?15:43
jimbakerbklei_, i don't have that at my  fingertips... would like to have alex scammon here to discuss, and he will be here next week15:43
jimbakerbut it is quite reasonable15:44
bklei_sweet, very interested in that15:44
rhochmuthyes, he was interested in doing this15:44
jimbakerwe also have grafana integration15:44
jimbakeralthough not yet 2.x15:44
bklei_what's the authentication story for grafana/blueflood integration?15:45
jimbakerso it's a pretty straightforward wrapping of cassandra. but deklan, i think we have done some nice value add15:45
*** cdent has quit IRC15:45
deklanjimbaker: what is the value add?15:45
jimbakerwe have the ingesters, the rollups, the use of elasticsearch to support globbing metrics15:46
jimbakerso it's not just raw cassandra. but we don't slow cassandra down :)15:46
rhochmuthdoes blueflood support something similar to dimensions in monasca?15:46
deklanis anyone else in openstack using blueflood currently?15:46
jimbakerbklei_, re the specific auth - i don't know details. i believe it starts with repose. could readily find details15:47
bklei_k, would hope we integrate with keystone to support project level access15:48
jimbakerdeklan, not to my knowledge. but the 100K metrics/second that i quote is what we are currently supporting for our customers15:48
*** JeanBriceCombebi has quit IRC15:48
jimbakerbklei_, it's multitenant. just don't know specifics on how we integrate with keystone15:49
bklei_understood, that sounds good15:49
fabiogjimbaker: bklei_ the big tend requirement is that is at least integrated with Keystone :-)15:49
deklanjimbaker: any movement to make it an official openstack project?15:50
bklei_+1 fabiog15:50
jimbakerso it's not perfect. we plan to add support for metrics 2.0. but cassandra helps with collection columns. i have also started work on spark/spark streaming integration15:50
jimbakerdeklan, i don't know. the code base is completely in java15:51
jimbakerthis is for people who care about scale15:51
rhochmuthjimbaker is the proposal to add blueflook as another bvackend option to monasca15:51
*** dims has joined #openstack-meeting-315:51
jimbakerrhochmuth, exactly15:51
rhochmuthjimbaker so, i don't see any problems with that15:52
mroderusjimbaker: do you know for how long the blueflood project has existed so far?15:52
jimbakeryou should be able to use blueflood to get the most scalable, globally distributed support for monasca15:52
bklei_would like to experiment with that for sure15:52
jimbakermroderus, it was a key part of rackspace's acquisition of cloudkick iirc15:52
jimbakerthen we opensourced it in 201315:53
rhochmuthjimbaker so if rx is interested in this then i think we would support15:53
rhochmuthdefinitely woudl like to discuss further15:53
rhochmuthwe would like to add to the Python API implementation15:53
rhochmuthif proceed15:54
*** bharathm has joined #openstack-meeting-315:54
rhochmuthjimbaker next steps?15:54
jimbakersure, not certain what a python api here means. i guess one could have a python equivalent to the blueflood code, but that sort of defeats its goal of all-out performance15:55
jimbakeragain that's why i describe it as being a possible backend15:55
fabiogjimbaker: can you post a link with documentation/design info on blue flood, please?15:55
fabiogjimbaker: thanks15:55
mroderuswould adding blueflood replace our existing Cassandra plans?15:55
*** jschwarz has quit IRC15:56
jimbakermroderus, yes, that's my suggestion15:56
*** nlahouti has joined #openstack-meeting-315:57
*** nlahouti has left #openstack-meeting-315:57
rhochmuthi think we'll need some serious discussion on this topic15:57
rhochmuthok, meeting is coming to a close15:57
*** ivar-lazzaro has joined #openstack-meeting-315:57
jimbakerrhochmuth, sounds good. i guess that was not quite so brief an intro15:58
jimbakerbut alex scammon can say more, hopefully next week?15:58
rhochmuthyes, that was short15:58
rhochmuthok, let's discuss more next week15:58
jimbakerrhochmuth, thanks15:58
rhochmuthany other quick comments in closing?15:58
rhochmuthok, there are some action items, and follow-ups going on15:59
rhochmuthnot sure how to record them all, but please follow-up15:59
rhochmuthi'm not exactly tracking15:59
jimbakerit's in the log15:59
rhochmuthif i do that i'll become a manager15:59
*** bharathm has quit IRC15:59
jimbakerdon't :)15:59
deklana brain is a terrible thing to waste16:00
rhochmuthallright everyone, meeting is closing16:00
witekrhochmuth: thanx16:00
bklei_thx rhochmuth16:00
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"16:00
mroderussee you16:00
openstackMeeting ended Wed Sep  2 16:00:30 2015 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)16:00
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badveliquery sumit19:57
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david-lyle#startmeeting horizondrivers20:00
openstackMeeting started Wed Sep  2 20:00:48 2015 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is david-lyle. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.20:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: horizondrivers)"20:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'horizondrivers'20:00
robcresswello/ I decided to show up for this one20:01
* david-lyle has a feeling there will be 12 different eavesdrop names for this meeting20:01
*** bharathm has joined #openstack-meeting-320:01
* david-lyle and robcresswell20:01
robcresswelltqtran_ ..?20:02
tqtran_im here20:02
*** geoffarnold is now known as geoffarnoldX20:03
*** bharathm has quit IRC20:03
*** bharathm has joined #openstack-meeting-320:03
david-lyleso this weeks meeting is a choose your own adventure20:03
*** jmckind has joined #openstack-meeting-320:04
ducttape_I choose network topology20:04
david-lyle#startvote todays topic ? discuss potential FFEs for Liberty, discuss the linked agenda20:04
openstackBegin voting on: todays topic ? Valid vote options are discuss, potential, FFEs, for, Liberty, discuss, the, linked, agenda.20:04
openstackVote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.20:04
openstackVoted on "todays topic ?" Results are20:05
robcresswellgo for FFEs, makes more sense20:05
hurgleburglerI was gonna vote for the20:05
TravTfastest vite ever20:05
david-lyleI didn't put commas in WTH20:05
david-lylevote informally20:05
tqtran_ffe is fine20:06
tqtran_although, wanted to point out is already done with20:06
*** baoli has quit IRC20:06
david-lyletqtran_: I noticed20:06
david-lyleI was cleaning up bps yesterday20:06
jwyi still have 2 patches for out for review, which is targeted for liberty-3. would that be able to make it in?20:08
david-lylethat's what we are officially tracking right now20:08
david-lylejwy: you need two core reviewers to look at it20:09
david-lyleany volunteers?20:09
TravTtrying to read...20:09
david-lyleI have a list of sahara and trove that I'm slowly working through20:09
robcresswellits 9pm here, can I respectfully decline?20:10
david-lylerobcresswell: not today20:10
TravTdavid-lyle: i can review the import images patches, but not before tomorrow.20:10
david-lyleat this point we're looking at FFEs20:10
*** zz_natorious is now known as natorious20:10
david-lylegate is ~15 hours deep20:10
david-lyleand we'll tag tomorrow20:11
david-lyleso I think we could handle 5-6 FFEs if people sign up to shepherd them through20:11
*** Sukhdev_ has quit IRC20:11
*** cloudtrainme has quit IRC20:11
*** natorious is now known as zz_natorious20:12
david-lyleso the question is what's high importance and who has bandwidth20:12
david-lyleI think curvature is almost there, but I know there were some questions about usability20:12
david-lylejwy: will circle back20:12
*** zz_natorious is now known as natorious20:12
jwydavid-lyle: thanks20:13
david-lyletrying to get a better estimate on load20:13
*** jtomasek has joined #openstack-meeting-320:13
tqtran_theres a also a lot of code to look through, wondering if it make sense to package that externally, otherwise it would have to pass all of our linting rules20:13
*** lhcheng has joined #openstack-meeting-320:13
david-lyletqtran_: which part?20:13
david-lylethe curvature?20:13
tqtran_the curvature code20:13
robcresswellOkay, so there are currently 1 at L-3, and 3 at RC1. One of those at RC1 is just that last docs patch, its pretty minor.20:14
robcresswellI'll look at Curvature. I know it already anyway.20:14
david-lyleI'll have more plugin docs for review in RC-1 as well20:14
david-lylebut docs are easier20:14
robcresswellBut need someone non-cisco to look over too20:14
*** Swami has quit IRC20:14
david-lyletqtran_: curvature is not currently covered by the linting checks?20:15
*** Swami__ has quit IRC20:15
tqtran_it is not, we made an exception for legacy js files20:15
*** sdake_ is now known as sdake20:15
david-lylefor the viewers at home20:16
ducttape_so then let's keep that, and follow on with curvature lint cleanup ?20:16
ducttape_or is lint cleanup more important?20:16
tsufievducttape_, there is a patch to angularize curvature code, might be worth to do this work there20:16
david-lylelooks like some of the usability/visualization issues have been addressed20:17
* david-lyle has not retried20:17
TravTmy concern's on curvature were more usability... I haven't tried latest patches20:17
TravTbut i didn't go through all the code again.20:17
tqtran_tsufiev: can you provide a link to this?20:17
david-lylethis has been a long time coming, I think if it's ready we should put it in20:17
david-lylelooks like it's already targeted20:18
tsufievtqtran_, based on some older patchset, some work to do there20:18
david-lylereminder, targeting is not a guarantee that it will get in, just if the code is ready20:18
tqtran_oh wow, thats a lot farther than i thought, cool20:19
ducttape_the curvature stuff does not always create a great experience for what items are drawn where on first load.... but if you have a large / complex network it makes a HUGE improvement over what we have today20:19
TravTdavid-lyle: should it go in as a full replacement, or configurable alternative?20:19
*** geoffarnoldX is now known as geoffarnold20:19
david-lyleso there was a suggestion to have both views20:19
david-lyleat one point, do others feel there's value in that20:19
robcresswellIf Curvature is available, would the old one be used still? I guess thats the value question.20:20
david-lyleI think that's too much to tackle at this late time, even if people like the idea20:20
ducttape_there's value if not everyone is ok with the change.  it's like launch instance, where it might take a while to get people moved over to using it20:20
david-lyleI really think it should be an all or none20:20
tsufiev+1 for having the both views20:20
TravTthe downside is that then we have two paths of code we're dealing with.20:21
robcresswellThat will really hold the patch up...20:21
*** markvoelker has quit IRC20:21
robcresswellI'm for a clean swap, but if its gonna annoy the deployers, then we should use both.20:21
tqtran_my vote is for clean swap as well20:22
ducttape_I'm one voice, but I would switch to new topology before I switched to new launch instance20:22
tsufievducttape_, +1 :)20:22
*** aarefiev22 has quit IRC20:22
jwyis there any functionality from the old one that's not in the new one?20:23
*** mwagner_lap has quit IRC20:23
ducttape_we might actually carry the topo patch locally and deploy it that way, if it gets held up20:23
robcresswellYeah, so... lets just go for Curvature20:23
david-lyleI think if it's ready, we should merge it20:23
tqtran_my only concern is, once we merge it, thats more technical debt we have to tackle20:23
ducttape_jwy:   there are some anoyances with the UX of the new topo stuff, but features are all the same20:23
robcresswellWe've got a week or so to make sure its right on the mark. And brad is back from moving house, he'll be babysitting the patch through.20:23
ducttape_what is the effort to get lint cleanup on it?20:24
tqtran_ducttape_: not sure, we'll have to enable it on legacy and find out20:25
*** rbrndt has quit IRC20:25
tsufievducttape_, personally I don't see much value in polishing some of the code it uses, especially pop-ups - they'd better to be rewritten completely20:25
tqtran_right now, it all shows up as warnings20:25
tqtran_my vote would be to improve tsufiev20:25
tsufievI mean the legacy pop-up code that was incorporated into network topology from previous view20:25
tqtran_patch's and work from there20:25
*** cloudtrainme has joined #openstack-meeting-320:25
david-lylewhat's wrong with tsufiev?20:25
*** galstrom is now known as galstrom_zzz20:26
tsufievI'm totally fine )))20:26
tqtran_nothing lol, i pressed return by accident20:26
ducttape_it needs more sizzle ;)20:26
tqtran_sorry tsufiev!20:26
tsufievtqtran_, no worries, it was funny )20:26
david-lyleoh, let's leave it out of the linter20:26
tqtran_hahaha ><20:26
david-lyleif the bouncy d3 rendering doesn't drive me crazy, I'd like to see it merge20:27
david-lyleok what's next?20:27
robcresswell`npm run lint` on the curvature patch has about 6 warnings... thats fairly minor20:27
ducttape_maybe we can get those cleaned up and that would be sufficient cleanup ?20:27
tsufievtqtran_, I tend to agree with your decision, not because it's my patch, but also because that way you'll some time by not doing the stuff I already did when Angularized it20:28
tsufiev*save some time20:28
robcresswellThe other 2 bps floating around are jwy one from earlier, and this Sahara one
TravTI'd like to see FFE for both users and images NG table work.20:28
tqtran_plus, the break up of logical parts will make it much easier to review and scrutinize20:28
* robcresswell always forgets to add link :(20:29
david-lylemy preference would be to send in the curvature code without lint fixes unless they are trivial20:29
david-lylesounds like there is work to rework it for M already in progress20:30
david-lyleok, I have the job-binaries one20:30
david-lyleI have a -1 on it20:30
david-lyleif others want to review go for it20:30
david-lyleI think trove clustering should be in too20:31
david-lyleover a year old20:31
robcresswellIs that the 1700 line patch?20:31
*** iben has quit IRC20:31
*** rbrndt has joined #openstack-meeting-320:32
robcresswellsiiigh fine I'll help review it to20:32
* robcresswell sulks20:32
david-lylejust needs one core20:32
david-lyleit's in contrib now20:32
*** absubram has joined #openstack-meeting-320:33
tqtran_whats the link to the patch?20:33
david-lylelhcheng has started looking20:33
david-lyleI have too20:33
tqtran_ok, then i'll leave it to you guys lol20:33
lhchengdavid-lyle: just did a first pass, had to take a break in between20:34
lhcheng1700 line is a lot20:34
david-lylelhcheng: understood, I've taken many breaks :)20:34
david-lylemaybe mostly breaks20:34
*** bradjones___ has quit IRC20:35
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-meeting-320:35
david-lyleangular docs bp is fine20:35
tqtran_so... going back to what TravT mentioned, i'd also like to see FFE on users and images ng work20:36
david-lyleok now NG users and images was the other proposal20:36
TravTthere are a number of patches on images.20:37
*** markvoelker has joined #openstack-meeting-320:37
TravTundergoing review.20:37
david-lyleI'd like to take input before I go. I tend to just jump in and stomp on the conversation, so I'll hold back for a minute20:38
* TravT prepares for the beating he is about to receive20:38
*** iben has joined #openstack-meeting-320:38
robcresswellWould the FFE be in anticipation of making these live at Liberty release?20:38
TravTyou mean enabled by default?20:39
robcresswellpossibly. But really I meant, fully funtional20:39
TravTi think for me, we got a lot of requests in kilo for people wanting to know how to build angular plugins20:39
*** wojdev has joined #openstack-meeting-320:40
TravTthis will continue20:40
TravTand the further we push the effort forward, the better we can answer those questions20:40
robcresswellRather than buried; if they;re intending to be usable in the next 2 weeks, then it should be FFE work. If it won't be finished in that timescale, we should freeze it for now? I thought that was the point of a freeze.20:40
robcresswellSure, makes sense20:40
robcresswellI'm just wondering if adding more new code to something we don't intend to have prod ready, is sensible for an FFE?20:41
robcresswellBut if it will be ready, then yeah, lets do it.20:41
TravTdepends on your definition of ready.20:42
ducttape_if it's not prod ready, I hope it's still in gerrit20:42
vgridnevHey, folks! What about one more FFE for Sahara staff on ? It just an simple re-org, and actual patch-set is ready on review20:42
TravTcurvature seems to mostly get a "looks cool" let's ship it level of review.20:42
*** Aish has quit IRC20:43
ducttape_TravT - current topo has a bug, and new one does not.  so feature wise it is more than just sizzle20:43
ducttape_at least for us20:43
*** julim has joined #openstack-meeting-320:43
tqtran_i think functionality-wise, the users panel is all there. but the code quality is not quite where we want it. there are a few patterns we think we can abstract out20:43
tqtran_and since the images panel is base off the users panel, i would say in 2 weeks time, functionality-wise, it can be pretty solid and usable as well20:44
*** matrohon has quit IRC20:44
ducttape_but still laking good generalized patterns ?20:44
lhchengif it is not quite ready, why do we want people to follow that pattern?20:44
tqtran_we have a pretty good general pattern20:44
TravTI do believe there is opportunity to abstract some reusable code with other ng tables doing batch delete, which will ultimately reduce boilerplate looking code and make it a bit more configuration oriented. However, I also believe you need to get a couple concrete, working examples in order to find a pattern.20:45
*** Piet has quit IRC20:45
ducttape_so would it make sense to have test cases driving some core classes - to flush this stuff out ?20:45
*** kzaitsev_mb has joined #openstack-meeting-320:46
*** egallen has quit IRC20:46
ducttape_and not try to implement users or something that people might pick up and use?20:46
tqtran_heres the general pattern we are using for table actions20:46
tqtran_all the ones with jigsaw puzzle are extensible20:46
*** puranamr_ has quit IRC20:48
tqtran_hm... that one isnt working for me:
ducttape_I don't think there is consensus on this stuff, could be from lack of understanding or reviewing the state of things20:48
*** markvoelker has quit IRC20:48
tqtran_basically, i took what we talked about in the ML and applied it to make it more extensible and pluggable20:48
* ducttape_ can see both links20:49
tqtran_ducttape_: right, i think thats part of the problem. i'm doing my best to try and engage people20:49
TravTi don't believe we'll have it all perfect in two weeks.20:49
TravTbut i think we can improve upon what is there with a few patches.20:49
ducttape_would it make sense for those less familiar (like lhcheng) to wait for those patches?20:50
ducttape_or review what is there now ?20:50
TravTanybody can review at any time20:50
* ducttape_ likes volunteering lhcheng for work20:50
* lhcheng got volun-toss20:50
*** macio-fu has quit IRC20:51
*** macio-fu has joined #openstack-meeting-320:51
lhchengdavid-lyle: got a DOA patch needed for L too:
lhchengkeystone patch being merge atm20:52
lhchengafter waiting 10 hrs, the patch needs a recheck..20:52
*** macio-fu has quit IRC20:52
david-lylelhcheng: ok, that one's on my radar20:52
TravTi hate to change subjects, but also want to ask lhcheng: david-lyle: how are the domain patches going?20:52
david-lyleok, I'm torn. I would absolutely like to see progress made on the angularized tables20:52
david-lyleso funny  you should ask20:52
*** macio-fu has joined #openstack-meeting-320:52
david-lylewe're going to hold them until post Liberty20:53
* ducttape_ thinks there is nothing funny for domains20:53
david-lylebecause they won't be useful to horizon in Liberty20:53
lhchengTravT 1 of the main DOA patch is ready, but not merged.  It doesn't make sense to merge without the 2nd half from Dan.20:53
david-lyleand merge them in 1.5.0 when the stable branch is cut20:53
david-lylethe second patch needs more, but even if both are ready, at this late point, more risk to destabilize20:54
david-lyleand that's the goal of the FF20:54
lhchengonce M opens up, we can merge it, so Dan can start working on the horizon side early.20:54
david-lyleget ready stuff in, while maintaining stability20:55
david-lylethe NG items have the benefit that if they are disabled then they aren't very destabilizing, but again, is there value in that20:55
david-lyleand I fully understand getting things in particular releases means more to some than others, we all have day jobs20:56
*** vgridnev has quit IRC20:56
lhcheng same logic why we haven't merge Dave's patch on domain scoping.20:57
*** julim has quit IRC20:57
*** iben has quit IRC20:57
david-lyleI'm tempted to give the 1-2 NG items a FFE and see where it gets to, but if it's not ready not merge it20:57
TravTthey are broken down into smaller chunks.20:58
david-lylebecause I think it's existence has value if it's a reusable pattern20:58
TravTso we could look at pieces of it at a time.20:58
*** rbrndt has left #openstack-meeting-320:59
lhchengwould the work kfox have, is a better model for NG plugin? Since it is really an external plugin which operator would do..20:59
* lhcheng not sure what20:59
robcresswellSo... lets give the ng work FFE then? It seems enough people are happy with it being allowed to proceed, see where it gets to, then merge or not.20:59
* lhcheng not sure what the state right now20:59
david-lylelhcheng: true, builds on the infrastructure developed as a by product of the NG content bps21:00
*** bryan_att has quit IRC21:00
*** armax has quit IRC21:00
tqtran_kfox's work is based on what we are doing, its really just a simple extension of our current plugin model21:00
*** stevemar has quit IRC21:00
robcresswellJust trying to judge community decision21:00
lhchengand focus on making that working on L.21:00
*** armax has joined #openstack-meeting-321:00
lhchengtqtran_: ah got it21:01
TravTmaybe we could just avoid this whole hassle and go to more frequent releases21:01
david-lyleTravT: that's a possibility, but brings it's own complications21:01
tsufieviterations, agile, scrum - all that stuff21:02
david-lyleok out of time, what's the consensus21:02
robcresswellI say FFE. I don't have strong views either way, and its disabled by default so I suppose unlikely to break.21:02
robcresswellMore patterns is good and clearly something desired by community, right?21:03
david-lylealright, I will grant FFEs, but I want the core group wider on those21:03
david-lylerobcresswell: do you have time?21:03
robcresswellYeah, sleep is for the weak21:04
robcresswellI kid, I have time.21:04
david-lylewe have the better part of 3 weeks21:04
*** btully has quit IRC21:04
david-lylebut it better not be landing at the end21:04
david-lyleI will look to21:04
david-lyleThanks everyone21:05
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