Monday, 2016-05-30

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flwang#startmeeting zaqar17:59
openstackMeeting started Mon May 30 17:59:29 2016 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is flwang. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.17:59
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: zaqar)"17:59
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'zaqar'17:59
flwang#topic roll call17:59
*** openstack changes topic to "roll call (Meeting topic: zaqar)"17:59
flwangvkmc: ?18:01
flwang#topic code review18:02
*** openstack changes topic to "code review (Meeting topic: zaqar)"18:02
flwangthough i don't want to be pushy, i'm always doing that, what a shame ;)18:02
flwangour review performance is low18:02
flwangTotal reviews: 122 (4.1 per day) Total reviewers: 17 (0.2 per reviewer per day) Total reviews by core team: 104 (3.5 per day) Core team size: 8 (0.4 per core per day)18:04
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Eva-iyes... I did less reviews lately18:04
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flwangif somebody's patch isn't reviewed after a long time, he/she will be very sad, especially when he/she is the PTL of the project ;)18:05
flwangbecause that means he/she is losing somebody he/she loved :)18:06
flwanganyway, i assume you guys got my  point, pls review review review18:06
flwangat least 1 per day18:06
flwangand pls keep cruising in irc channel18:07
flwangok, now some critical/important patches i would like to highlight18:08
flwang1.  tempest gate job18:08
flwangpls pls pls review it18:09
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flwangwe take a long time to prepare it and i think it's ready now18:09
flwangand it's very important for us18:09
Eva-ialright, I'll will review it after the meeting18:10
flwangEva-i: cool, thanks18:11
flwangand this one PATCH(update) queue
flwangEva-i: i need your help on that one18:12
flwangsince you're one of the original reviewers18:12
Eva-iokay, that one too18:12
Eva-iit's hard patch18:12
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flwangEva-i: yep, i see.18:13
flwangand the api ref patch18:14
flwang# link
flwangabove link is the basic architecture, and you can see the style
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flwangafter we complete all the work, we will add a publish job so that our api ref can be published on docs.openstack.org18:16
Eva-ithe style... I can see only "API versions" section on that page18:17
Eva-ifor the full api-ref content I should go somewhere else?18:18
flwangbut i haven't done all the content18:19
flwangi need some help to add contents18:19
Eva-iWhen I click "Messaging Service API v2 (CURRENT)" link, I see no useful content18:19
Eva-ijust a blank section18:20
flwangEva-i: yep, since i haven't done anything at that part18:20
Eva-iAha, okay18:20
flwangversions is just a sample18:20
flwangflwang is working on queues,  kevin_zheng is working on messages and claims, wxy is working on subscriptions, wanghao is working on pools and flavors18:20
flwangi hope we can merge the basic frame if we're happy with that18:21
Eva-iSo this init commit is ready for reviews? Alright, let's add content later.18:22
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flwangEva-i: yep, it's ready to go18:23
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flwangok, those are the patches i want to highlight18:24
flwangEva-i: vkmc: flaper87: anything else?18:24
Eva-inot from me18:24
vkmcnot from me either18:25
flwangok, cool18:25
flwang#topic specs/features18:25
*** openstack changes topic to "specs/features (Meeting topic: zaqar)"18:25
flwangdo you guys have a chance review the 'subscription confirmation' spec?18:26
Eva-iprobably, but no promise18:27
flwangi mean have you reviewed it?18:27
Eva-iI revieved it few times in the start18:27
Eva-iI don't know how it looks now18:28
Eva-ineed to check18:28
flwangEva-i: yep, i see. for me, it's almost ready and i hope we can get it in asap, and we can polish the details when doing the code reivew18:28
flwangEva-i: pls focus on the api part18:30
Eva-iflwang: do you like how api part is described in the spec?18:30
flwangbased on current design, only one new api endpoint will be added,   which looks like this PUT /v2/queues/{queue_name}/subscriptions/{subscriptions_id}/confirm?signature=xxx18:30
flwangEva-i: no, i have commented that18:30
flwangi would like to see a clear api desgin, which includes    request, api url and response18:31
flwangand the possible HTTP code18:31
Eva-iflwang: I would like too18:34
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Eva-iflwang: except http code. Http code will be described in patch.18:37
Eva-ior we end polishing http code.18:37
flwangEva-i: that's fine18:38
flwanganything else before you give it another shot?18:39
flwangok, next one18:40
flwang#link  Mistral notification
flwangi really like this spec, since it's opening a windows to trigger the other services of openstack18:41
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flwangthat said, we can implement a Senlin subscriber support after the Mistral one18:42
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flwangi had a lot offline chat with Zane Bitter as well18:46
flwangi think that spec is very clear and ready to go18:47
Eva-iI will read it18:47
Eva-iI guess today will be review day for me18:48
flwangeveryday is a review day :D18:49
flwangin other words, review is the daily work for a core reviewer :)18:49
flwangok, let's move on18:50
Eva-iI just wanted to say, I'll not complete install guide today18:50
flwangEva-i: haha, no worries18:50
Eva-iAnd spend my time for reviews18:50
flwangwould you mind talking about the install guide status? given the next item 'deprecate v1.1' is still in planning, i mean no spec for review18:50
flwangEva-i: from the patch, i saw you already figured out how to do the install guide, right?18:51
Eva-iInstall guide is working, but it's not in a format defined by a doc team. We will host it in our repo.18:51
Eva-iflwang: yes18:51
Eva-i*the format18:52
Eva-iI'll just modify it to comply with doc team specs and it will be ready to go.18:55
flwangwe can disscuss in zaqar channel18:59
flwangthank you for joining the meeting guys18:59
flwangEva-i: thank you!18:59
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"19:00
Eva-iflwang: thank you too19:00
openstackMeeting ended Mon May 30 19:00:02 2016 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)19:00
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