Wednesday, 2016-11-09

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soichi#startmeeting taas05:31
openstackMeeting started Wed Nov  9 05:31:43 2016 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is soichi. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.05:31
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: taas)"05:31
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'taas'05:31
soichi#topic Feedback from Barcelona Summit05:32
*** openstack changes topic to "Feedback from Barcelona Summit (Meeting topic: taas)"05:32
soichiAction Items and Next Step05:32
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soichireedip: thank you for sharing the summary of our discussion in Barcelona05:33
soichiKaz will submit source code of dashboard in this week05:35
soichicurrently we trying to test, but we have a problem that we can not log in to deployed VM05:36
reedipoh ok05:36
reedipI talked to few members and found out some patches for the L2 extension which we can use for migration of TaaS to L2 extension05:39
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reedipnothing else to specify from my side05:43
soichiKaz: The item "DB and Migrations" seems it should includes several error cases.05:43
soichiKaz: it looks we need to make a list of error cases05:44
kazsoichi: yes05:44
kazreedip: could you tell me what is "Migration" means? DB migration? VM migration?05:46
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soichiKaz: i guess DB migration05:49
soichiVM migration is one of the scenario we need to be care05:50
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kazsoichi: i see05:52
soichi#topic Open Discussion05:52
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion (Meeting topic: taas)"05:52
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soichiany topics for today?05:53
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kazi have no more topics.05:54
soichiokay, i'd like to close today's meeting05:55
soichiKaz: please submit rebased taas dashboard then request reviwe and test to taas team05:56
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"05:56
openstackMeeting ended Wed Nov  9 05:56:51 2016 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)05:56
openstackMinutes (text):
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claudiub#startmeeting hyper-v12:59
openstackMeeting started Wed Nov  9 12:59:54 2016 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is claudiub. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.12:59
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: hyper-v)"12:59
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'hyper_v'13:00
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claudiubhello :)13:00
claudiubanyone here?13:00
claudiubhey :)13:01
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claudiubsagar_nikam: is anyone else from your team joining us?13:02
sagar_nikamclaudiub: no.. we can start13:02
claudiub#topic nova status13:03
*** openstack changes topic to "nova status (Meeting topic: hyper-v)"13:03
claudiubso, first of all, os-vif was released, meaning that the Hyper-V OVS vif plug patch can finally merge on master13:03
claudiubwhat i'll still want, and we'll probably be required to, is have a full tempest run on that patch with ovs13:04
claudiuband, after the patch merges, I'm thinking about switching the hyper-v ci on nova to use neutron-ovs-agent, instead of neutron-hyperv-agent13:05
claudiubbut that's just an idea for now13:05
sagar_nikamgood idea13:06
claudiubthe PCI passthrough blueprint was approved13:06
claudiubit didn't require a spec13:06
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claudiubsome code bits were sent for review13:06
claudiubexpecting more code bits to be submitted13:06
lpetruthi guys13:07
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claudiubafaik, spawning vms with pci devices attached works13:07
claudiubother blueprints that were approved since last meeting are:13:08
sagar_nikamhow does the user specify passthrough ? as a glance image property or flavor extra-spec ?13:08
*** haleyb_ has joined #openstack-meeting-313:08
claudiubI've previously mentioned those bits in the previous meetings, but they're approved now, their respective patches are unblocked.13:08
claudiubsagar_nikam: flavor extra-spec13:09
sagar_nikamok. got it13:09
sagar_nikamso how are the patches getting reviewed upstream by nova cores ? any hyperv patches getting merged13:10
claudiubgetting to that. :)13:10
claudiubso, I don't remember anything merging in the past few weeks, and I'd say that's mainly because of the summit13:10
claudiubbut we've got a couple of reviews on the hyper-v ovs vif plug patch and the os-brick in nova hyper-v driver patch13:11
sagar_nikamhow about FC patches ?13:11
claudiubthe fibre channel support is included in that os-brick in nova hyper-v driver patch :)13:11
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claudiub#link HyperV: use os-brick for volume related operations
claudiubanyways. I still have a blueprint in mind, that i'll want to propose to nova, and it'll be accepted as a specless blueprint13:13
sagar_nikamas far is can remember, this is the only patch required to support FC. Am i right ?13:13
claudiubit is about creating hyper-v instances with nested virtualization enabled13:13
claudiubsagar_nikam: that is correct. :)13:13
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sagar_nikamok... lets hope it gets merged in this release. it is long pending BP, I guess 3 releases back we started it13:14
claudiubwell, from experience, 3 releases isn't that long. :)13:14
claudiubbut we don't have a lot of remaining patches remaining, so I'd say that there's a good chance it'll merge in ocata13:15
claudiubalso, I'd like to mention that ocata is a veeery short cycle13:15
claudiubthe 1st milestone is next week already13:16
claudiuband the release in february 201713:16
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claudiubwhich means, that pretty much all we have submitted, will have to get in by the 2nd milestone13:17
claudiubwhich is in 16 dec.13:17
claudiubmoving on13:18
claudiub#topic monasca status13:18
*** openstack changes topic to "monasca status (Meeting topic: hyper-v)"13:18
claudiubso, a couple of patches merged already13:18
claudiubmonasca-agent can now start on windows. :)13:18
sagar_nikamwow !!! nice13:18
claudiubbut there are still plenty of patches remaining13:18
claudiubother than that, not many other news13:19
claudiubI've met Roland at the summit :)13:19
sagar_nikamok. was about to ask that13:20
sagar_nikamhow are his plans for merging the code13:20
*** krtaylor has joined #openstack-meeting-313:20
claudiubyeah. apparently they're testing the monasca patches on windows13:20
sagar_nikamand what about monasca-log ?13:21
sagar_nikamstill lower priority ?13:21
claudiubAndrea Adams is the one that is testing those patches, and he basically relies on his / her +1 to merge them13:21
claudiubi'm afraid so13:21
claudiubthere are too many things we want to do this cycle13:22
claudiubis there anyone from your team willing to help with monasca-log on windows, perhaps?13:22
sagar_nikamwhat happened to the freerdp issue we had raised ?13:22
sagar_nikamclaudiub: let me check13:23
claudiubwe'll talk about freerdp in the open discussion topic :)13:24
claudiubso, anything else on this topic?13:25
claudiub#topic Ocata plans13:27
*** openstack changes topic to "Ocata plans (Meeting topic: hyper-v)"13:27
*** julim has joined #openstack-meeting-313:27
claudiubsoo, other than merging the already proposed blueprints / features in nova / monasca, we have a couple of plans for this short cycle13:27
claudiubas far as features go, we've talked with the trove guys about adding support for Windows SQL Server in trove13:28
*** bks has quit IRC13:28
claudiubit'll take some time to implement it fully, as the driver interface is quite extensive13:29
claudiuband the trove agent will have to work first on Windows, since it has quite a few Linux-specific bits in its code13:29
sagar_nikamnot tried trove... dont know much about it13:29
*** baoli_ has quit IRC13:29
claudiubit's basically database as a service13:29
sagar_nikamyes i know13:30
claudiubsecondly, we'd like to add some tempest tests for all sorts of hyper-v features that we've added during the years13:32
*** baoli has joined #openstack-meeting-313:32
claudiublike remotefx, shielded vms, secure boot, etc.13:32
claudiuband future features13:33
claudiubthirdly, we still want to increase the hyper-v driver's performance. :)13:33
claudiuband of course, windows containers13:34
sagar_nikamok... can you elaborate on how the perf will be improved13:34
sagar_nikamon containers ... did you see this ?13:35
*** reedip_outofmemo has joined #openstack-meeting-313:35
sagar_nikamkubernetus support in azure13:35
claudiubwell, my plan is to add os-win objects. at the moment, when we're creating a hyper-v instance, we basically query the same hyper-v WMI VM object multiple times (modify memory, cpu count, add drives, add nics, etc.). with this, all those extra queries can be avoided.13:36
sagar_nikamok nice13:37
claudiubno, i haven't seen it yet. i see that it was posted 2 days ago13:37
claudiubanything else on this topic?13:37
claudiubmoving on13:38
claudiub#topic open discussion13:38
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: hyper-v)"13:38
claudiubfirst of all, sagar_nikam, do you have a link to that freerdp issue?13:39
sagar_nikamlet me check13:39
claudiubalso, I might not know the answer, and cosmin, the freerdp guy, is currently on vacation13:39
claudiubbut i'll ask him when he's available13:39
*** klkumar has quit IRC13:40
*** jdwald has joined #openstack-meeting-313:40
claudiubsecondly, any news from your side, sagar_nikam?13:40
sagar_nikamok no issues13:41
*** klkumar has joined #openstack-meeting-313:41
claudiubsagar_nikam: yeah, I'll have to ask cosmin :)13:41
claudiubanother nice thing that we're looking forward to this cycle would be the nova resource providers work being done, or at least almost done13:42
claudiubespecially the storage providers part13:43
*** stanzgy has quit IRC13:43
claudiubwhich will help with the compute node's shared storage scenario13:43
claudiubthey say that it'll be done in about a month.. so, curious about it :)13:44
*** lpetrut has quit IRC13:44
claudiubsagar_nikam: anything else you wish to discuss?13:44
sagar_nikamno.. nothing much from my side13:45
claudiubok, well, I think we can end this meeting then. :)13:45
*** ^Gal^ has joined #openstack-meeting-313:46
claudiubthanks for joining, see you next week!13:46
*** yamamoto_ has quit IRC13:46
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"13:46
openstackMeeting ended Wed Nov  9 13:46:33 2016 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)13:46
openstackMinutes (text):
*** sagar_nikam has quit IRC13:48
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rhochmuth#startmeeting monasca15:01
openstackMeeting started Wed Nov  9 15:01:48 2016 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is rhochmuth. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.15:01
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: monasca)"15:01
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'monasca'15:01
rhochmutham i in the right time-zone15:02
witekyou must know :)15:02
rhochmuthbklei: you are here, so maybe15:02
bkleii believe so15:02
rhochmuthlooks like i made it on time15:02
shinya_kwbtrhochmuth: You are right15:02
rhochmuthwe just switched the clocks in the usa15:02
rhochmuthdaylight savings time15:02
rhochmuthmaybe trump can get rid of daylight savings time15:03
*** zhurong has quit IRC15:03
rhochmuthsorry meant "the trump"15:03
rhochmuthSo our agenda is at,
rhochmuthand there is nothing in it15:04
*** kamil has joined #openstack-meeting-315:04
rhochmuthfor today15:04
rhochmuthanyone have any topics to discuss15:04
witekhaad1 asked for grafana-datasource working with stable/newton15:05
bkleihow's cassandra?15:05
*** hosanai has joined #openstack-meeting-315:05
rhochmuthso, let's take grafana-datasource first15:05
rbakwhat's not working with newton?15:05
rhochmuthat onetime grafana-datasource did work on stable newton15:05
witekstable/newton does not have new endpoints15:06
rhochmuthso, it looks like grafana datasource was update to use the new dimensions names/values endpoints15:06
witekbut older commit should work, I think15:06
rhochmuthbut that wasn't on newton15:06
rhochmuthi don't think i can merge adam's change to newton15:06
witekno, I don't think either15:07
rhochmuththat is new functionality that wasnt't in newton15:07
rbakSo changing the change to the new dimensions api broke newton?15:07
rhochmuthwe tried to get it in, but missed the window15:07
witekwe should tag the grafana-datasource though15:07
rhochmuthrbak: correct15:07
rbakWell we can't exactly role that back now.  We've got it in production here.15:07
rhochmuthno, i don't think we shoudl roll it back15:08
rbakAny suggestions on how to handle that?15:08
rhochmuthso we can't take adam's review and merge it15:08
witekin the perfect world we should have stable/newton for grafana-datasource15:08
witekbut I think it's enough to make a tag15:08
*** vhoward has joined #openstack-meeting-315:09
rhochmuthyes, that seems like the best alternative15:09
rbakthat works for me.15:09
rbakthis won't be a perfect solution though15:09
witekrbak: would you prefer the branch?15:10
rbakGrafana is also changing versions and so the datasource version will need to match roughly a version of grafana or some features may be broken15:10
rhochmuththat commit hash says "switch templating to use dimension values endpoint"15:10
rhochmuthand it is for ocata15:10
rhochmuththat doesn't help newton15:10
rhochmuthso for newon we would have to do something similar, with the commit tag one commit/review earlier15:11
rbakwitek: I think the tag idea is fine, but any solution won't be perfect since Grafana isn't using Openstack versions15:11
*** lpetrut has joined #openstack-meeting-315:11
rhochmuthyeah, that too15:11
rhochmuthseems like the best we can do is to release the grafana datasource for the newton release15:12
rhochmuthwould you want to use a 1.0.0 version number for ocata then?15:12
rhochmuthshould we have 1.0.0 for newton, and 2.0.0 for ocata15:13
rhochmuthsince they are incompatible15:13
rbakI think 1.0.0 for Newton is fine.  That was the first release to include the grafana datasource.15:13
rhochmuththen 2.0.0 for Ocata, since it is a incompatible change15:14
rbakworks for me15:14
witekwe still have to tag on master first, right?15:14
rhochmuthi don't think so15:15
rhochmuthocata is master right now15:15
rhochmuthso, your review,, would be modified to be 2.0.015:16
witekand we don't have any other branch15:16
rhochmuththen we would create a release for newton, if they let us, that is 1.0.015:16
rhochmuthwith a commit tag prior to the one in your current review15:16
rhochmuthbasically a commit tag that doesn't have the new dimensions and names changes15:17
witekmy review puts the tag with the code for newton, so it should stay 1.0 in my oppinion15:17
rhochmuthRelease monasca-grafana-datasource 1.0.0 for Ocata15:17
rhochmuthit says ocata and is in the ocata directory15:17
*** matjazp has joined #openstack-meeting-315:18
witekyes, I don't have other place for it at the moment15:18
*** spotz_zzz is now known as spotz15:18
rhochmuthi think it needs to the newton directory15:18
rhochmuthand say newton15:18
witekI'll move it then15:19
*** VW has quit IRC15:19
rhochmuthwell, i think what you want is two reviews15:19
*** VW has joined #openstack-meeting-315:19
witekanother one with HEAD, you mean?15:19
*** kamil___ has joined #openstack-meeting-315:20
*** paul-carlton2 has quit IRC15:20
*** kamil has quit IRC15:20
rhochmuththe current one is valid for ocata, it just needs to be for a 2.0.0 version number15:20
rhochmuththen, on the newton release15:20
rhochmutha similar review15:20
rhochmuthbut it needs to be 1.0.015:20
rhochmuthand it needs to use a commit tag earlier in time15:20
witekfor Ocata I would take newer state then15:20
*** yamamoto has quit IRC15:21
rhochmuthat some point that didn't have the names/dimensions changes15:21
rhochmuthocata will pull top of master branch15:21
witekalso, jenkins complains "no release job specified for openstack/monasca-grafana-datasource, should be one of ['nodejs4-publish-to-npm', 'openstack-server-release-jobs', 'publish-to-pypi', 'puppet-tarball-jobs'] or no release will be published"15:21
witekis it OK to add 'nodejs4-publish-to-npm'?15:22
rhochmuthi guess15:22
witekrbak: ?15:22
rbakDoes that really make sense though?15:22
rbakThe only place it needs to be published is the grafana site15:22
rbakAnd installing it is just git cloning it to the right place15:23
rbakIt won't hurt to specify a release job, I'm just not sure it does any good either.15:23
*** VW has quit IRC15:24
witekJenkins returns error otherwise15:24
rbakAlright, if it's required then add it.15:25
*** kamil has joined #openstack-meeting-315:25
witekok, I think that's all for this topic15:25
rhochmuth#topic cassandra15:26
*** openstack changes topic to "cassandra (Meeting topic: monasca)"15:26
bkleijust wondering how that effort is going15:26
rhochmuthso, we haven't completely given up on cassandra15:28
*** rbrndt_ has joined #openstack-meeting-315:28
*** ianychoi has joined #openstack-meeting-315:28
rhochmuthbut, it is not looking good15:28
witekrhochmuth: do you have some news?15:28
rhochmuthyou can look at,
*** baoli has quit IRC15:28
*** kamil___ has quit IRC15:29
bkleithat's a big list of problems15:29
rhochmuthyeah, it might be difficult piecing together from all the notes15:29
rhochmuththat were starting to get a little haphazard15:29
rhochmuthi would start at Issue 6.215:30
rhochmuthbut i'll try and summarize15:30
witekLanguages, Python vs Java and insert rates ?15:31
rhochmuthcassandra has a 2B row limit, but the15:31
rhochmuthyes witek15:31
rhochmuthcassandra has a 2B row limit, but the effective limit is around 100K15:31
rhochmuththis means that series will have to be split across multiple partitions15:31
*** kamil___ has joined #openstack-meeting-315:32
rhochmuthwhich implies that you can't do in-database user-defined functions/aggregations15:32
rhochmuthwhich implies you have to query everything into the API, then do statistics functions, ...15:32
rhochmuththe other main problem is in the areas of secondary indices15:32
*** zz_dimtruck is now known as dimtruck15:33
rhochmuthbasically inverted index tables to get a meric ID from a metric name and dimensions15:33
rhochmuthyou end up creating a lot of paritions15:33
rhochmuthwhich you can't easily search across15:33
*** absubram has joined #openstack-meeting-315:33
rhochmuthinsert performance was not very good either15:34
witekother solutions seem to overcome that problem by indexing in different DB15:34
witekrelational or ES15:34
*** absubram_ has joined #openstack-meeting-315:34
*** kamil has quit IRC15:34
rhochmuththat is an option we considered15:35
rhochmuthi'm not keen on it, as it adds a lot of extra complexity15:35
rhochmuthin addition, the other problems aren't addressed15:35
*** korzen has quit IRC15:36
rhochmuthall the stitching together of time-series in the API would be a major problem15:36
rhochmuthadditionally, for every query, you need to first query the DB with the indices, get the response, then query cassandra for the time series15:36
rhochmuthso, there is a bit of latency in the data path15:37
rhochmuthwe could also store indices in other places too15:38
*** absubram has quit IRC15:38
*** absubram_ is now known as absubram15:38
*** gouthamr has quit IRC15:38
rhochmuthbut the show-stopper for me is the limits on row sizes, which leads to all the "client" side processing15:38
*** gouthamr has joined #openstack-meeting-315:39
witekI think KairosDB should have this implemented, I'm not sure about performance though15:39
*** matjazp has quit IRC15:39
rhochmuthnot sure what else to day15:40
rhochmuth hpe spent a huge amount of time on this15:40
rhochmuthboth deklan and i spent about 5 weeks lf late nights and weeks looking into this15:40
rhochmuthand we had others of the hpe monasca team involved too15:40
rhochmuthplease, prove us wrong15:40
*** yamamoto has joined #openstack-meeting-315:40
*** yamamoto has quit IRC15:40
rhochmuthi don't see anyone else stepping up to do the grunt work15:41
*** yamamoto has joined #openstack-meeting-315:41
rhochmuththis is after there were a lot of statements that folks would be pitching in15:41
rhochmuthas far as i'm concerend kairosdb is on cassandra15:41
rhochmuthif you understand cassandra then there is no way kairosdb could solve the problems15:41
rhochmuthbut please, do the work15:41
rhochmuthset-up a three node cluster15:42
rhochmuthcreate the schemas15:42
rhochmuthwrite the benchmarks15:42
rhochmuthdo the analysis15:42
bkleiwe at charter are grateful for the work hpe has done on this, for sure15:42
rhochmuthin the near future i will be removing all the cassandra stuff from monasca15:43
*** yamamoto has quit IRC15:43
bkleiwe don't have the resource to pick this up though -- just wanted an update15:43
rhochmuthi get commits from folks that have never looked at performance15:43
bkleiso hpe's strategy is continue to ship w/vertica then?15:44
rhochmuthfor the time being we will use vertica15:44
witekwe did look at performance, not with kairosDB though15:44
rhochmuthwhat did you do15:45
witekwe tested the complete monasca installation and compared influx and cassandra rates15:45
rhochmuthwe are looking at alternatives to vertica which include incfluxdb, ES, and other15:45
rhochmuthbklei: the problem for vertica is that it will be going to microfocus15:47
rhochmuthso, at some point in time, we expect that we will require a license too15:47
bkleiaah.  losing your baby.15:47
rhochmuththe details aren't completely known, but that is a potential outcome, and probably the more likely15:47
*** VW has joined #openstack-meeting-315:48
*** numans has quit IRC15:48
*** iurygregory has joined #openstack-meeting-315:49
*** rajinir has joined #openstack-meeting-315:49
*** prateek has joined #openstack-meeting-315:49
bkleiwell, thx for the update15:50
rhochmuthnot sure it has been a great update15:50
*** VW has quit IRC15:50
rhochmuthi was really hopeful when starting15:50
rhochmuthwe actually did hit 150K inserts per second on a single node15:50
*** VW has joined #openstack-meeting-315:51
rhochmuthbut then when we went to a 3 node cluster, the performance remained at 150K15:51
rhochmuthand inserts per second don't translate into metrics per second15:51
rhochmuthsome of the schemas requires multiple tables, and therefore multiple inserts15:51
bkleias an operator, we are more concerned about getting data out, than in.  there's so much buffering anyway on the write path...15:51
rhochmuthyou can try and be smart about inserts then, but that adds a lot of complexity15:51
rhochmuthwhich i didn't mind15:52
rhochmuthbecause it is only software and presented some challenges15:52
rhochmuthbut, in the end the performance was not acceptable15:52
rhochmuthInfluxDB can hit 300K metrics/sec15:52
rhochmuthi don't really want to spend time developing something that is not competitive15:52
rhochmuthalso, the influxdb team have done their analysis15:53
rhochmuthand come to a similar conclusion15:53
rhochmuthso, we've validate some of their competitive analysis15:53
rhochmuthi pretty much spent 5 weeks trying to prove them wrong!15:53
rhochmuthor prove we could do it15:54
rhochmuththat doesn't align with a lot of the rest of the cassandra community using it for time-series15:54
rhochmuthbut, if you dive into the example that are shown15:54
rhochmuthsensors, weather stations, iot, ...15:54
witekso you want to go with InfluxDB, what about clustering?15:55
rhochmuththey are a lot more specific and they don't have the same problems we do15:55
rhochmuthinfluxdb is an option15:55
rhochmuththere are several options15:55
shinya_kwbtSo MonfluxDB forked from past InfluxDB.15:56
rhochmuthhow about we have another meeting on the influxdb question and alternatives15:56
witekyes, I think we need it15:57
rhochmuthok, i'll setup something ASAP15:57
rhochmuthshinya_kwbt: possibly15:58
rhochmuthok, i need to end the meeting15:59
rhochmuthbye everyone15:59
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*** donghao has quit IRC15:59
*** danielaebert has joined #openstack-meeting-315:59
eglute#startmeeting defcore16:00
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*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: defcore)"16:00
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*** kamil___ has left #openstack-meeting-316:00
*** hosanai has quit IRC16:00
eglute#topic agenda16:00
*** openstack changes topic to "agenda (Meeting topic: defcore)"16:00
egluteHello everyone, here is our agenda for today:
eglutelet me know if you are here for the defcore meeting16:00
*** marst has joined #openstack-meeting-316:01
eglutehogepodge and Mark wont be able to attend today16:01
*** bklei has quit IRC16:01
egluteI guess this time change is not working out for us.16:02
*** rhochmuth has left #openstack-meeting-316:02
egluteHello Rockyg!16:02
egluteLooks like so far it is just you and me here!16:02
egluteLets give a few minutes for others to join16:03
egluteRockyg is this time ok for you in general? it works for me, but i wonder if it is bad for others16:03
Rockygit could be better, but better than the interop challenge16:06
egluteI agree!16:07
eglutewell, looks like it is just you and me.16:07
egluteWe dont have quorum. I think some people are at a conference16:08
egluteif you could review this, would be helpful:
egluteother than that, I think i will end the meeting, unless you want to discuss anything :)16:09
*** spzala has quit IRC16:09
*** spzala has joined #openstack-meeting-316:10
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openstackMinutes (text):
Rockygill take a look...16:11
*** belmoreira has quit IRC16:11
Rockygthanks fot being here, eglute16:11
*** danielaebert has quit IRC16:12
eglutethanks Rockyg!16:12
*** matjazp has joined #openstack-meeting-316:14
*** spzala has quit IRC16:14
*** absubram has quit IRC16:17
*** shamail has joined #openstack-meeting-316:18
*** rbrndt_ has left #openstack-meeting-316:20
*** shamail has quit IRC16:20
*** Marcellin__ has joined #openstack-meeting-316:20
*** galstrom_zzz is now known as galstrom16:20
*** mjturek has left #openstack-meeting-316:23
*** mjturek has joined #openstack-meeting-316:23
*** haleyb_ has joined #openstack-meeting-316:26
*** yamamoto has joined #openstack-meeting-316:29
*** yamamoto has quit IRC16:30
*** yamamoto has joined #openstack-meeting-316:30
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*** markvoelker has joined #openstack-meeting-316:31
*** prateek has quit IRC16:31
*** anilvenkata has quit IRC16:32
*** gema has joined #openstack-meeting-316:32
*** kbaikov has joined #openstack-meeting-316:33
*** catherineD has joined #openstack-meeting-316:35
*** spzala has joined #openstack-meeting-316:38
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*** Swami has joined #openstack-meeting-316:52
*** yamahata has joined #openstack-meeting-316:53
*** caboucha has joined #openstack-meeting-316:56
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*** gouthamr has joined #openstack-meeting-316:56
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*** yamahata has joined #openstack-meeting-316:58
*** mriedem has joined #openstack-meeting-316:59
dansmith#startmeeting nova_cells17:00
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dansmithcells peeps say wha?17:00
mriedemis what i say17:00
dansmithokay, I guess it's just us17:01
dansmith#topic testing17:01
*** openstack changes topic to "testing (Meeting topic: nova_cells)"17:01
dansmithanything on this?17:01
dansmithwe have some things pending for cellsv2 in grenade and devstack17:01
mriedemyeah that17:01
mriedemis grenade ^17:01
mriedemi'm good with the nova change on top
mriedemso bauzas melwitt ^17:02
* bauzas looking17:02
mriedemwe kind of need sdague for the grenade change17:02
bauzasheh, it was my question17:02
mriedembut i'm not sure when he comes back17:02
bauzasbut resolved it17:02
dansmithat least another week I think17:02
mriedemi can ping him to see for sure17:02
dansmithwe have some things that can go in before the big ones in nova to get stuff done while we wait for that17:03
dansmithso I'm not too concerned17:03
mriedemthe big issues is going to be,17:03
bauzasokay, I'll dig into those changes17:03
mriedemupgrading/starting api last in grenade/devstack for multicell17:03
mriedembut before tackling that, we can probably deal with non-grenade multinode cells v217:04
dansmithmriedem: yeah, so I had some hacky patches up to try to do that, and have talked to sdague about it.. it's going to be a little tough because of when/where we setup the api endpoints in keystone, etc17:04
mriedemwith we might just automatically get it...17:04
mriedembecause the neutron multinode job will now be running cells v217:04
mriedemso we'll see17:05
mriedemsdague's orientation is the 29th17:05
dansmithmriedem: that won't end up with old api I don't think17:05
mriedemdansmith: no it would be full install multinode all ocata17:05
mriedemwanted to make sure the scheduler changes are working in that case at least17:06
dansmithoh I see what you mean17:06
dansmithwe're kinda bleeding over already so let me just...17:06,17:06
dansmith#topic open reviews17:06
*** openstack changes topic to "open reviews (Meeting topic: nova_cells)"17:06
mriedemsdague is basically out for the rest of the year...17:07
mriedemmaybe a week or two in december17:07
mriedemjust keep that in mind17:07
dansmithI thought we'd get him for beginning of dec yeah17:07
mriedemfor like a week :)17:07
*** catherineD has left #openstack-meeting-317:07
mriedemand he'll be playing catchup17:07
dansmithI'll probably drop off at some point too, haven't planned yet17:07
*** andreas_s has quit IRC17:07
dansmithyeah, I know, but if we can at least get the grenade thing figured out,17:07
dansmiththere are a couple other grenade cores17:07
dansmithif we know what he's okay with and not17:08
mriedemthere are other grenade cores?! :)17:08
dansmithyeah man :)17:08
mriedemtreinish also being out forever17:08
mriedemoh not even17:08
mriedemso dean17:08
mriedemwe can move on17:08
dansmithso, for open reviews,17:09
dansmithI have the big set to work on moving scheduling to the conductor,17:09
dansmithwhich is actually a lot of the work we have planned for this cycle17:09
dansmithit was pretty far off a week ago, but it's actually starting to work a bit now17:09
dansmithwe've discussed some of the sticking points like secgroups this morning17:09
*** gouthamr has quit IRC17:10
dansmithso still some work to do there, but it's going pretty well17:10
dansmithglad to have melwitt back so she can find all the bugs17:10
mriedemso after this morning we have at least 2 changes right?17:10
mriedem1. store uuid in secgroup17:10
*** iurygregory has quit IRC17:10
mriedem2. get the uuid from the name in the api and use that for #117:10
mriedemi'll take a crack at #217:10
bauzasI'm cool with that plan17:10
dansmithmriedem: yeah, so trying to get #2 into its own patch is going to be a little hard I think17:10
dansmithmriedem: because of the changeover that the last patch makes17:10
*** gouthamr has joined #openstack-meeting-317:10
dansmithmriedem: oh okay I was going to do both but that's fine17:11
*** gouthamr has quit IRC17:11
mriedemi need you to review specs :)17:11
mriedemi have to tap out of specs for awhile17:11
dansmithokay so aside from that set,17:12
dansmithwhat else is on the blocks right now?17:12
mriedeminstances going to cell0 is not a thing yet right?17:12
dansmithit is17:12
mriedemand we talked about working that in with the scheudler stuff17:12
dansmithas part fo that set17:12
*** gouthamr has joined #openstack-meeting-317:12
dansmiththere is a lot wrapped up in there17:13
mriedem ?17:13
bauzasthat's in the series17:13
dansmithmriedem: well, yes, but not until the last patch does it actually happen of course17:13
mriedem"- in the case of failure method creates instance in cell0"17:13
mriedemi might just mark that cell0 bp as complete then, or superseded by the scheduler interaction one17:14
dansmithand after this set, we'll be scheduling across cells17:14
dansmithso we kinda have the beginnings of multicell17:14
mriedemsince we're tracking them together17:14
mriedemok so those were the big things on my radar17:14
*** matrohon has quit IRC17:14
mriedemmelwitt is back and can start digging in on this or the quotas stuff if needed,17:14
dansmithwhat I meant above was.. are there other big sets of changes up for review?17:15
mriedemas noted i looked into the quotas counting thing a bit yesterday17:15
dansmith#topic open discussion17:15
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: nova_cells)"17:15
mriedemthere are some tricky bits with counting rams/cores in the api17:15
mriedemplacement api and resource provider usage might help with that?17:15
mriedembut that's not per-tenant is it...17:15
dansmithalthough they don't know about tenants17:15
dansmithso you'd have to do a pretty big query of them17:15
mriedemi know a guy that likes to write big sql queries17:16
dansmithit can't be a sql query17:16
dansmithwe have to basically get a list of instance uuids and then query all the ram/cores taken by $uuids17:16
mriedemyou'd have to map instances to computes and computes to resource providers right?17:16
dansmithwhich could potentially be yuuge17:16
bauzasdansmith: talking about statistics ?17:16
dansmithmriedem: no we have allocations by instance uuid (consumer)17:16
dansmithbauzas: no?17:16
dansmithmriedem: unfortunately, the data is still in our own db so we could do something super efficient,17:17
dansmithmriedem: but the virtual wall between us an placement prevents it by decree17:17
bauzasdansmith: ?17:17
dansmithwhich is.. kinda the suck17:17
mriedembauzas: that's not tenant specific though17:18
dansmithbauzas: I'm not sure what that has to do with what we're talking about17:18
mriedemwe need tenant specific ram/core usage17:18
bauzasdansmith: okay, me not understanding what you're talking about :)17:18
dansmithbauzas: quotas by counting17:18
dansmithbauzas: as we discussed at summit17:18
mriedemthere are some details in the ML17:18
mriedemi had to talk to dan yesterday afternoon to understand more about that17:18
mriedemi was a bit lost in the session17:18
bauzasas well, I have to admit17:18
mriedemso maybe we don't worry about that today17:19
dansmithlet's let people (i.e. melwitt) stew on options a bit17:19
mriedemwe do have some other things that need to happen for cells v2, like the instance sort/filter spec alex_xu has up17:19
dansmithI will look at that when we're done here17:20
mriedemthat's all i have17:20
melwittthere isn't anything in the allocations table yet, right? I don't know how that all works17:20
dansmithmriedem: have you looked at it?17:20
dansmithmelwitt: there is17:20
dansmithmelwitt: and it's what we need17:20
dansmithmelwitt: but we're not supposed to query it directly from the api, even though we can17:20
mriedemdansmith: not yet17:20
melwittokay. I set up a devstack yesterday and didn't find anything in there so there must be something else I have to do17:20
mriedemit's on my growing list17:20
dansmithmriedem: ack17:21
dansmithmelwitt: you didn't have placement enabled17:21
mriedemmelwitt: right17:21
dansmithmelwitt: which is required for ocata, but probably not defaulted in newton yet17:21
mriedemplacement-api needs to be in enabled services17:21
dansmither, defaulted in devstck17:21
melwittah, okay. I'll redo that then17:21
melwitt*enable it then17:21
bauzasyeah, you need to enable placement-api service17:21
mriedemis the placement job config if that helps17:21
bauzasoh snap17:21
mriedemwhich reminds me i need to get on the scheduler boyz17:22
dansmithokay so sounds like that's most of the status.. good progress and inertia on the important things17:22
mriedemabout plans to make that required in ocata17:22
dansmithanything else we need to discuss here17:22
dansmithgoing once17:23
melwittthere is the consoleauth open question still I guess (sorry)17:23
dansmithmelwitt: say more things17:23
melwittI don't remember seeing PaulMurray at the summit17:23
dansmithI don't think he was there, at least that I saw17:23
melwittbut basically for the console token auth there's an upcall that happens to the consoleauth service that's assumed to be running at the API cell17:24
melwittover rpc17:24
melwittand PaulMurray in the past had some plans to deprecate that service and replace it with some auth that happens in the DB17:24
melwittdirectly, I think17:24
dansmithhmm, an upcall really?17:25
melwittso if that were to be deprecated we could avoid dealing with an rpc call up to the API cell17:25
dansmithI don't think I know about that17:25
dansmithI liked his auth-in-the-db thing anyway,17:25
dansmithso that seems good17:25
melwittI'll re-dig up some details to put on one of our etherpads so you can see in detail what I'm talking about. I looked into it several weeks ago and don't remember everything now17:26
dansmithokay cool17:27
dansmithanything else?17:27
*** baoli has joined #openstack-meeting-317:28
dansmithokay then17:28
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"17:28
openstackMeeting ended Wed Nov  9 17:28:12 2016 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)17:28
openstackMinutes (text):
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r1chardj0n3s#startmeeting horizon20:00
openstackMeeting started Wed Nov  9 20:00:15 2016 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is r1chardj0n3s. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.20:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: horizon)"20:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'horizon'20:00
r1chardj0n3s\o/ started it in the correct channel this week20:00
*** robcresswell has joined #openstack-meeting-320:01
r1chardj0n3swelcome to the rob-and-richard show!20:02
r1chardj0n3sohai ying_zuo :)20:02
r1chardj0n3sOK, not much on the agenda this week20:03
robcresswellI think we should rename the project to Quokka and see if anyone notices20:03
robcresswellSorry, please continue :)20:03
* r1chardj0n3s is looking up how to hold a vote20:03
r1chardj0n3s#topic Priority patches for review20:03
*** openstack changes topic to "Priority patches for review (Meeting topic: horizon)"20:04
r1chardj0n3s#link lists the priority patches for Ocata-1 which is next week20:04
r1chardj0n3splease focus your review attention on those patches20:05
robcresswellWill do. Went through profiling the other day, had a couple nits, otherwise fine20:06
r1chardj0n3ssame here, I think it's probably good to go (I saw my -1 has disappearered from the list, so that probably means Timur's addressed my nits)20:07
r1chardj0n3sI am going to revisit my approach in the initScope removal patch to be less distruptive. It will mean we'll have to be extra vigilant that future patches don't use scopes in actions though.20:08
*** vhoward has joined #openstack-meeting-320:08
*** armax has quit IRC20:08
r1chardj0n3sOn the xstatic packages, most of them look good but we need to ensure that upper-constraints will protect us against the angular-bootstrap update, which breaks Horizon horribly (and upper-constraints is supposed to protect us against that)20:09
robcresswellyes, yes it does20:09
robcresswellThey renamed everything20:09
r1chardj0n3sJust needs a little more testing ... and the retirement of ;-)20:09
robcresswellI'm getting there :)20:10
r1chardj0n3sIn other news, the xstatic-angular-ui-router package is now under OpenStack auspices, and  in global-requirements, ready for integration into Horizon in O-220:12
david-lyle3 more JS packages and we'll have the full set ;)20:12
r1chardj0n3s3 more *and their dependencies*, please ;-)20:13
robcresswellEvery function should be its own library right?20:13
r1chardj0n3sThat's about it from my list of things. Does anyone else have anything they'd like to bring up?20:14
*** mickeys has quit IRC20:14
ying_zuowhich ticket is for the retirement of
robcresswellNothing from me. My brains melting a little.20:15
robcresswellying_zuo: ^^20:15
ying_zuoThanks Rob20:16
robcresswellIt wont be until Q, so no rush20:16
r1chardj0n3sThe key is getting tox up to full capability first20:16
robcresswellWithout it being just as hacky as run_tests20:16
r1chardj0n3sBut with the introduction of the new angular-bootstrap people are going to find they're going to *have* to use tox in place of run_tests20:16
robcresswellr1chardj0n3s: We might want to look at that20:17
robcresswellCause it'll break things in Mitaka amongst others20:17
*** m-greene has left #openstack-meeting-320:17
robcresswellWait, ignore me, I'm being dum20:18
r1chardj0n3syeah, mitaka should be pinned already20:18
robcresswellDo we pin stables?20:19
r1chardj0n3sthat was my understanding20:19
robcresswellMy understanding was the opposite20:20
david-lyleupper-constraints is the only pinning20:21
robcresswellI'm pretty sure requirements is never pinned20:21
david-lyleand since we didn't support that in mitaka20:21
r1chardj0n3soh, I thought mitaka supported it20:21
david-lyleopenstack did20:21
david-lylefor production it shouldn't be problematic20:22
david-lyletest runs may get more interesting20:22
r1chardj0n3sOK, so we might need to fix mitaka before releasing that library20:22
robcresswellYeah, I was thinking more of people doing L -> M20:22
robcresswellAnticipating some "hey guys Horizon is f*cked" in IRC20:23
r1chardj0n3syep. so we probably have a couple of potential approaches to protecting Mitaka from that release20:24
david-lyleI don't think people will proactively update xstatic packages20:24
david-lyleonly if they are forced to20:24
r1chardj0n3s"forced" through a "pip install"?20:24
r1chardj0n3sexisting installs won't have to worry, no20:25
r1chardj0n3sbut new installs, yes20:25
david-lylenew installs yes20:25
*** spotz_zzz is now known as spotz20:26
robcresswellAnything else to go over?20:27
*** VW has quit IRC20:28
david-lyleno, maybe just drop a link to the etherpad for the keystone-horizon meetings20:28
*** VW has joined #openstack-meeting-320:28
r1chardj0n3s#link Keystone / Horizon joint meeting20:29
r1chardj0n3sneed to update that with the correct time / room20:29
david-lyleso other interested folks can find20:29
robcresswell#openstack-meeting-cp, Thursday 2000 UTC wasnt it?20:29
*** claudiub has quit IRC20:29
r1chardj0n3sI thought it'd moved from -cp20:30
*** haleyb_ has joined #openstack-meeting-320:30
r1chardj0n3soh well20:30
r1chardj0n3sall good20:30
david-lyleoh, PTG signup is open to all now20:30
r1chardj0n3sOK, I think we're done. Thanks all :-)20:30
david-lylejust an FYI20:30
robcresswellWho's going?20:31
david-lyleI signed up20:31
r1chardj0n3sI am planning on going, yes.20:31
robcresswellMe too20:31
robcresswellwell thats all of Horizon in attendance then20:31
r1chardj0n3sthanks for the PTG reminder david-lyle20:31
r1chardj0n3s#link PTG signup has opened, and there's limited spaces20:32
david-lyleHorizon is first 2 days20:32
r1chardj0n3sHorizon will have sessions on the first two days20:32
r1chardj0n3sAre we done? david-lyle? :-)20:33
david-lyleI am20:33
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"20:33
openstackMeeting ended Wed Nov  9 20:33:26 2016 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)20:33
openstackMinutes (text):
* r1chardj0n3s awaits final message from robcresswell that missed the cutoff20:33
robcresswelloh fs20:33
robcresswell(I kid)20:34
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