Thursday, 2017-01-19

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* gothicmindfood sips tea13:59
gothicmindfoodohhai everyone :)14:00
gothicmindfoodcourtesy ping:14:00
gothicmindfoodamrith, dhellmann, gothicmindfood, ttx, jroll, johnthetubaguy, sdague, mordred, carolbarrett, nikhil, mugsie, thingee, alexismonville, edleafe, EmilienM, harlowja, devananda, bastafidli14:00
gothicmindfoodbonjour EmilienM :)14:00
jrollmorning :)14:01
* fungi was smart and got coffee first this time14:01
gothicmindfood#startmeeting openstack-swg14:01
openstackMeeting started Thu Jan 19 14:01:20 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is gothicmindfood. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.14:01
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: openstack-swg)"14:01
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'openstack_swg'14:01
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gothicmindfoodI am in the noisiest coffeshop ever14:01
* gothicmindfood is thankful for IRC meetings14:01
*** vmahe_ is now known as vmahe14:02
gothicmindfoodshall we cover our action items for last week?14:02
gothicmindfooderr - two weeks ago?14:02
gothicmindfood#topic review/recap action items14:02
*** openstack changes topic to "review/recap action items (Meeting topic: openstack-swg)"14:02
* johnthetubaguy hates video conferencing with noise cancelling headphones, it doesn't work14:02
gothicmindfoodfor those who want a quick link to see those14:03
gothicmindfoodoh no, that's a super old one14:03
fungiyou might want this year14:03
fungibut history is fun too ;)14:03
gothicmindfoodI guess I need an action to close all of my action/meeting summary tabs from 2016 :)14:04
gothicmindfoodso the first two were mine14:04
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gothicmindfoodfinalizing logistics has been interesting, so a couple notes there:14:05
johnthetubaguyso I have failed to attend the TC due to a combination of illness, and rehearsals, and it being a 9pm meeting :( but sent out things on email14:05
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gothicmindfood1) the Foundation has agreed to fund the April 10 training costs, so attendees will only need to cover their own travel (like last year)14:05
EmilienMcan we book flights and hotel?14:06
gothicmindfoodEmilienM: I'd wait just a second - I'm going to say mid-February for booking if that's okay?14:06
EmilienMit is14:06
gothicmindfoodEmilienM: awesome :)14:06
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gothicmindfoodthe next steps for leadership training are for me to confirm a list of attendees, finalize the specific dates the week of April 10th with those people, and then open up the remaining seats to the community14:07
gothicmindfoodthat will all likely happen in February.14:07
gothicmindfoodso 2) is that the Foundation is interested in funding a day long visioning session14:07
gothicmindfoodhowever, ttx and I have been discussing how crazy-over-scheduled folks will be at the PTG14:08
gothicmindfoodand we are loathe to exclude people just because they're leading sessions they need to lead14:08
gothicmindfoodmy understanding is there's a potential for a TC & Board get together after the PTG14:08
* fungi wonders if it should be tacked onto the two-day tc/board powwow14:08
fungiyeah, that14:08
johnthetubaguyso the joint board/tc meeting that coming up, could we fund an extra day there?14:09
ttxI fear we'll have facilitation in a room with 4 people14:09
ttx+1 to tacking to something already existing14:09
ttxbecase the next months are madness14:09
EmilienMyes +1 too, too much travels otherwise14:09
johnthetubaguynow I can't see me getting budge to attend that meeting, but thats a different battle14:09
gothicmindfoodso we're looking into adding a day to that, but I haven't heard about dates confirmed so we're a little on hold there until we do14:10
EmilienMbackup plan: videoconference?14:10
gothicmindfoodjohnthetubaguy: is it possible that getting funding gets easier if you say the TC is going to plan the vision of what OpenStack will be there?14:10
gothicmindfoodbut also EmilienM is right - videoconference would be great.14:11
ttxLast time I looked Boston the week of March 6th still led14:11
gothicmindfoodalso, it's important to keep in mind we'll likely come out with a draft that will be edited a LOT before Boston14:11
ttx-1 to using location names to describe events thanks to Boston overloading14:11
johnthetubaguygothicmindfood: unsure, sadly14:11
gothicmindfoodttx: hahaha. Yes. I will refrain from that in the future now14:11
ttxEvent Codename: The Kraken14:12
gothicmindfoodjohnthetubaguy: okay. we'll do everything we can to be inclusive if you can't make it.14:12
johnthetubaguydid we want to try something like two weeks after the PTG on videoconference?14:12
EmilienMgothicmindfood: if we pick VideoConference, I can offer Bluejeans (with my Red Hat account) - it scales very well, and features are awesome; just fyi.14:12
gothicmindfoodYou know - I'm going to go ask the ZingTrain folks about whether they've ever done it via videoconference.14:13
fungior if we pick conference call, we already have for sip and dial-in14:13
gothicmindfoodI personally have never done an 8 hour videoconference14:13
gothicmindfoodand it sounds kind of terrible14:13
ttxit probably is14:14
gothicmindfoodbut I will ask them to see how they've accomodated such things in the past to investigate that option14:14
fungii have done 8+hour conference calls, and i can say that's plenty terrible14:14
gothicmindfood#action gothicmindfood to find out about remote options for vision facilitation14:14
EmilienMlike I said, it's a backup plan, we need to consider not everyone wants/can travel (budget or family reasons)14:15
johnthetubaguyfungi: honestly, where possible, faces makes a big difference14:15
johnthetubaguyyeah, 8 hour conference calls suck, I would say at a minimum, two 4 hour stints would be better14:16
* EmilienM would make the trip FWIW14:16
johnthetubaguyalso, no groups of folks joining together from a room14:16
gothicmindfoodI'm not sure how structured the facilitation is around actually being in a room, though, so I just need to check on whether that's even a thing that's possible14:16
fungiproper telepresence facilities that bridge two remote conference rooms aren't that bad. i've had good experiences there but it's very expensive14:16
gothicmindfoodone plus is that if I'm there, I can act on behalf of anyone who's remote as my only job, since I don't really have a ton of opinions on the content of the vision14:17
johnthetubaguyfungi: yeah, that can work14:17
EmilienMfungi: Red Hat has bluejeans accounts for employees, we could use it, in case.14:17
gothicmindfoodok - it sounds like we're all in favor of this *not* being at the PTG and trying to find another time14:18
gothicmindfoodwe'll continue to look into remote options for either part of the group or all of it.14:18
* fungi finds brady-bunch-style videoconferencing just as bad as voice-only, but maybe that's just me14:18
gothicmindfoodmy next action item was to look up some visions and get links for folks. I only could find two, but I'm still searching14:18
ttxWell I think that's athing we can have /out/ of the PTG week and at this stage I think everythingf that can happen elsewhere should14:18
EmilienMit sounds like next time we should organize a 2 weeks event :-) PTG + the rest14:18
johnthetubaguyit was the all remote option that seemed interesting to me, the half and half never really works for me14:18
gothicmindfoodpart of the problem is that a lot of companies keep detailed visions as proprietary and don't want to publish them14:19
gothicmindfoodso a lot of "vision statements" read more like "mission statements"14:19
jrollfungi: some of our non-native-english contributors have told me they prefer video because body language and such helps get the right meaning of their words across14:19
gothicmindfoodI put some of the vision links I did find at the bottom of that etherpad ^^14:20
gothicmindfoodI'll keep adding as I get more to share14:20
EmilienMjroll: that's true14:20
ttxyes, I would be useless through videconf14:20
ttxyou need to se my hands to understand wth I'm trying to say14:20
gothicmindfoodttx: just hold them up high and be more dramatic!14:21
fungijroll: interesting point. i'd never heard that, but i can see it being the case14:21
ttxfor 8 hours ?14:21
gothicmindfoodttx: you'll have to train for leading up to that long, I'm sure.14:21
fungijazzercise to the rescue14:21
alexismonvilleremote and visioning seems really hard :)14:21
johnthetubaguyjroll: honestly I find the same thing, even as a native speaker, but not as extreme I guess14:21
gothicmindfoodttx: I'm assuming bringing up vision facilitation at open discussion at the TC meeting happened?14:22
* gothicmindfood hasn't trolled logs this week yet14:22
fungias someone who maintains nearly all his personal relationships and conversations through text media, i'm mostly blind to intonation and facial expressions/body language14:23
ttxgothicmindfood: johnthetubaguy mentioned it in a thread instead14:23
gothicmindfoodah cool.14:23
ttxfungi: you use more subtle signals like absence or presence of final punctuation.14:23
fungiso true14:24
fungithis thread?14:24
ttx"thread" might be an overstatement but yes14:24
jrollgothicmindfood: nice links, those are the ones we went over in training, yeah?14:24
gothicmindfoodjroll: yup14:24
fungiand the dev message linked from it i guess...14:24
gothicmindfoodthanks for those fungi :)14:25
*** lblanchard has joined #openstack-meeting-314:25
gothicmindfoodawesome. So that's our action items14:25
*** reedip_ has joined #openstack-meeting-314:26
*** alij has quit IRC14:27
gothicmindfoodI wanted to talk a bit about the Pike Summit in Boston and what our plans might be for there, esp. since the CFP is closing soon-ish14:27
gothicmindfooddoes anyone else have any topics they need to cover before that?14:27
*** MarkBaker has quit IRC14:28
gothicmindfood#topic Pike (Boston) Summit plans for SWG14:28
*** openstack changes topic to "Pike (Boston) Summit plans for SWG (Meeting topic: openstack-swg)"14:28
gothicmindfoodokay - so, we should also write a vision for this, but first I wanted to get feedback on what we might want to get done there before I start drafting my (80 bajillionth) vision14:29
*** alij has joined #openstack-meeting-314:30
gothicmindfoodwhich reminds me - since we're also no longer doing a vision draft at the PTG, we probably want to rethink our session at the PTG. but we can talk about that in a sec14:30
gothicmindfooddoes it still seem realistic that we could have a draft to the community of the TC Vision by the time May rolls around?14:30
* jroll is unsure if he'll even be at the forum14:30
gothicmindfoodif we wait to facilitate until March, that still gives us a couple of months14:30
* johnthetubaguy has similar worries to jroll14:31
*** alij has quit IRC14:31
gothicmindfoodjroll: yeah, I think one of the first things we should assume is that not a ton of people will be there14:31
gothicmindfoodfrom the -dev world anyhow14:31
*** alij has joined #openstack-meeting-314:31
gothicmindfoodbut we will have produced this vision, and does the (theoretical) list of people who *will* be there matter in terms of presenting that vision?14:32
jrollprobably? hopefully?14:32
jrollguess it depends who shows up :)14:32
gothicmindfoodI'm definitely on the hopefully side :)14:32
* alexismonville will probably be able to join this time as he lives in boston :p14:33
jrolland, well, do users/ops care about the TC vision, or just the overall openstack vision?14:33
gothicmindfoodI think they'll care about it14:33
johnthetubaguydepends whats in it, planing to create an openstack vision might be the main news that interests them, maybe?14:34
*** dimtruck is now known as zz_dimtruck14:34
gothicmindfoodI guess this deadline thing re: CFP could focus us in on things - do we think presenting something in the context of the panel makes sense, or is this better as a team presentation/slide talk?14:34
*** alij has quit IRC14:35
gothicmindfoodI'm happy to write the most vague things in the submission because frankly I think we won't know exactly how best to present the content until we have it14:35
jrollI think a talk could be interesting - present the vision and what it might mean for the next <timespan>14:35
gothicmindfoodbut I'm still unsure about whether panels or presentations are best here.14:35
fungiyeah, my employer isn't going to let me skip the summit/forum without a really good reason, so i expect to be there if help is needed14:36
gothicmindfoodjroll: dyou think a talk would give enough room for lots of feedback from the audience?14:36
*** mlavalle has joined #openstack-meeting-314:36
gothicmindfoodor whether we need that?14:36
jrollstart with a big grand "imagine you're at the T forum, in <imaginary location>, and blah blah "14:36
gothicmindfoodyeah, there is a storytelling element to it14:36
jrollgothicmindfood: you could leave room for a long Q&A14:36
fungiwrite the presentation in vision tense14:36
jrolland specifically ask for feedback as well14:36
gothicmindfoodokay. So maybe a talk, but a half-time one so there's plenty of Q&A14:36
jrollquestions/comments and answer14:37
* jroll thinks we need morgan freeman's voice doing this talk14:37
gothicmindfoodso, while I am also uncertain about funding to go to Boston, I'll go ahead and submit this14:37
fungiwe could probably get patrick warburton. he's always eager for work ;)14:37
gothicmindfoodif for some reason I can't go, it's totally okay to pass it off to whoever on the TC or SWG can I think14:37
jrollso I guess the half-time talk thing is kind of a cross between a talk and a panel, 20 minutes of each14:38
jrollwhich could be fun14:38
gothicmindfood#action gothicmindfood to write Pike Summit submission for a presentation on the TC's vision14:39
* fungi loves panel format anyway14:39
gothicmindfoodI love panels too14:39
gothicmindfoodwe can always turn it into one14:39
*** MarkBaker has joined #openstack-meeting-314:40
gothicmindfoodanything else with an SWG-theme we could do at the pike summit, besides presenting the vision?14:40
* gothicmindfood is so focused on PTG stuff it's hard to think about what Pike will be like14:41
fungithere was some discussion of mini-leadership-training tips/tricks for community leaders, though that maybe shoud wait until more of us are on the same page about that kind of stuff i guess14:41
gothicmindfoodfungi: yeah, I'd love some more workshop-focused stuff that we could sponsor14:42
fungipike forum seems soon, queens forum maybe14:42
gothicmindfoodfungi: ++14:43
gothicmindfoodokay - so I think we're settled with the pike stuff we need at the moment14:43
gothicmindfood#topic PTG vision revisit14:43
*** openstack changes topic to "PTG vision revisit (Meeting topic: openstack-swg)"14:43
*** bobmel has joined #openstack-meeting-314:44
gothicmindfoodso we have this vision written and some of it can still apply, though we should probably get more specific14:44
* gothicmindfood is going to update so that it's clear we're not going to do vision facilitation at the PTG now14:45
johnthetubaguyso if we don't the vision facilitation, what do we want to do instead?14:46
gothicmindfoodwell, my initial plan before there was interest in doing the full vision there, was to have sessions introducing some of the concepts from leadership training14:46
gothicmindfoodwhich include stuff about visioning, stuff about principles/culture, servant leadership, and potentially change management14:47
gothicmindfoodthat's just a list off the top of my head though - anyone have any other ideas?14:48
*** bobmel has quit IRC14:48
gothicmindfoodthe idea for smaller sessions per concept came from the interest that was at our cross project session at the ocata summit14:49
gothicmindfooda lot of people were really curious about what servant leadership was, for example14:49
johnthetubaguydo we know if they will be there for that day at the PTG?14:50
johnthetubaguyand in the SWG room14:50
gothicmindfoodjohnthetubaguy: it's unclear to me who will be at the SWG sessions, but if we take Monday, I imagine we're risking some of the folks who are arriving later not being able to attend14:51
gothicmindfoodttx: Monday is infra/release and which other cross-project days?14:51
ttxgothicmindfood: see
gothicmindfoodoh wow. That's a lot of people.14:52
ttxit's always a lot of people14:53
*** rbak has joined #openstack-meeting-314:53
ttxWe could try to place our day on the Friday, but it's a bit late to try to change14:53
gothicmindfoodttx: truer words have never been spoken14:53
ttxI probably won't be able to attend the whole day in the SWG room tbh14:54
gothicmindfoodwell - I'm comfortable staying with Monday, but I think the question is what can we do that's useful that day for the portion of the community that might be able to attend14:54
ttxespecially if I end up having to retake RelMgt PTLship14:54
jrollyeah, I'll likely be bouncing around as well14:54
gothicmindfoodthat's why I was thinking of breaking up the time into smaller themes14:54
ttxwe could say "only in the morning" and try to get more people at the same time14:54
ttxwe could say afternoon is open door complaints day14:55
ttxlike have a governance issue you would like solved, come complain to COlette14:55
gothicmindfoodhaha. "therapy hour, hosted by gothicmindfood"14:55
ttxyou'll need some speaker to play relaxing music14:56
*** rossella_s has quit IRC14:56
gothicmindfoodI think I need to do some reaching out to folks to see what they might like to see14:56
persiaIf the morning "more people at the same shorter time" period was also used for organisation, if people have compatible schedules, some folk could start some subtasks for the ML later in the week.14:56
gothicmindfoodcan I ask everyone to have a think about this and brainstorm in the etherpad with the vision - even if it's just sentence fragments/ideas?14:56
ttxpersonally I'd like us to make /some/ progress on one of the initiatives. A bi-weekly meeting doesn't trigger that much momentum forward14:57
ttxso if we need F2F to make progress, let's try to make some at the PTG14:57
gothicmindfoodI will too, and I'll also start maybe a -dev list ask of folks to see what they might be interested in14:57
gothicmindfoodttx: agreed14:57
johnthetubaguyttx: +1 thats my preference, decide what to move forward14:57
gothicmindfoodok - so a planning session for the next months with the SWG14:57
*** rossella_s has joined #openstack-meeting-314:57
ttxI would do a couple of hours brainstorm on the TC vision14:58
johnthetubaguywell, and progress, resolve things in person14:58
gothicmindfoodokay - these are all great ideas! I will get to the etherpad and the mailing list to discuss in the next week14:58
ttxcurrently it's going a bit in every direction so we are stalled14:58
*** mtanino has joined #openstack-meeting-314:58
ttxwith limited ideas on how to make progress14:58
*** bobmel has joined #openstack-meeting-314:59
gothicmindfoodoh a quick FYI and link, btw, superuser wrote up the SWG:14:59
*** srobert has joined #openstack-meeting-314:59
*** janzian has joined #openstack-meeting-314:59
ttxthat said it's the type of exercise that works best in distraction-free setting, and with so many things running at the same time on Monday we will be distracted14:59
johnthetubaguywell, no progress now the facilitating doesn't have a date, I was assuming we pause for the facilitation really14:59
gothicmindfoodjohnthetubaguy: for the vision, yes15:00
*** stevelle has joined #openstack-meeting-315:00
gothicmindfoodbut there are other things we can start to get to work on15:00
gothicmindfoodokay - we're at time15:00
*** john-davidge has joined #openstack-meeting-315:00
gothicmindfoodlet's take this to #openstack-swg15:00
*** alij has joined #openstack-meeting-315:00
*** baoli has quit IRC15:00
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openstackMinutes (text):
mlavalle#startmeeting neutron_l315:00
openstackMeeting started Thu Jan 19 15:00:43 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is mlavalle. Information about MeetBot at
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*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: neutron_l3)"15:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'neutron_l3'15:00
*** salv-orlando has quit IRC15:02
mlavalleAgenda for today is here:15:02
mlavalle#topic Annoucements15:03
*** openstack changes topic to "Annoucements (Meeting topic: neutron_l3)"15:03
*** stevelle has left #openstack-meeting-315:03
mlavalleFirst, Ocata-3 is next week. We made it to the end of this short cycle15:04
john-davidgeTime sure does fly15:04
*** alij has quit IRC15:04
mlavalleThe PTG on February 24th is approaching fast15:05
john-davidgeI'm still waiting for my travel to be approved.. Not sure if I'll make it15:05
mlavalle82 spots remain open15:05
mlavalleas of 30 seconds ago15:06
mlavallejohn-davidge: hopefully you'll get approved. Looking forward to see you there15:06
john-davidgemlavalle: You too, keeping my fingers crossed :)15:06
mlavalleAny other annoucements?15:07
*** baoli has joined #openstack-meeting-315:07
mlavalleok, moving on15:08
mlavalle#topic Bugs15:09
*** openstack changes topic to "Bugs (Meeting topic: neutron_l3)"15:09
mlavalleFirst one is
openstackLaunchpad bug 1610483 in neutron "Pluggable IPAM rollback mechanism is not robust" [High,In progress] - Assigned to Aliaksandr Dziarkach (aliaksandr-dziarkach)15:09
mlavalleThis bug has a solution proposed here:15:10
mlavalleIt is in my list of things to review. Hasn't gotten there yet :-(15:10
mlavalleEncourage others to take a look15:11
mlavalleAny comments?15:11
haleybi reviewed but wasn't super familiar with the sql stuff, so i added kevin benton tot he review15:11
mlavallehaleyb: great. thanks!15:11
haleybit seemed good though15:12
mlavalleyeah, I have the same impression15:12
mlavalleok, next one is
openstackLaunchpad bug 1570122 in neutron "ipv6 prefix delegated subnets are not accessable external of the router they are attached." [High,In progress] - Assigned to John Davidge (john-davidge)15:13
*** zz_dimtruck is now known as dimtruck15:13
john-davidgemlavalle: So haleyb has raised a good point in his latest review15:13
mlavalleyeap, you reviewed it15:13
john-davidgemlavalle: Going to need to jump down the rabbit hole a bit to fix it15:14
john-davidgemlavalle: I expect to have a newer, better, shinier patch by the end of tomorrow15:14
mlavallejohn-davidge: Thanks!15:14
mlavalleNext one is
openstackLaunchpad bug 1627424 in neutron "FlushError on IPAllocation" [High,Confirmed] - Assigned to Miguel Lavalle (minsel)15:15
*** psachin has quit IRC15:15
mlavalleI've continued looking at this one and have noticed a few things that have drawn my attention:15:15
*** baoli has quit IRC15:16
mlavalle1) when the problem arises as a consequence of deleting subnets, it is triggered by the db plugin when removing ips from ports. That leads to this exception being caught:
mlavalleNotice the comment about port update and subnet delete interleaving. Does anyone have further insight?15:18
john-davidgemlavalle: looks like armax wrote it15:19
mlavallejohn-davidge: that's actually good insight... I'll ping him15:19
john-davidgemlavalle: git blame to the rescue :)15:20
mlavalleyeap, I should have thought of that :-)15:20
*** VW has joined #openstack-meeting-315:20
*** lucas__ has quit IRC15:20
*** lucas__ has joined #openstack-meeting-315:21
*** makowals has joined #openstack-meeting-315:21
*** VW has quit IRC15:21
mlavalle2) That exception caught by the db plugin is raised here: It is raised when this query delete return 0 rows:
*** VW has joined #openstack-meeting-315:22
mlavalleReading the sqlalchemy docs, it seems query deletes operate outside the normal transaction / session protection15:23
mlavallethat might be the cause of the flush error. Any comments?15:23
*** galstrom_zzz is now known as galstrom15:26
mlavalleIf there are no comments, I'll continue digging :-)15:26
mlavalleNext one is
openstackLaunchpad bug 1627480 in neutron "create_port can succeed without returning fixed_ips on all requested subnets" [High,Confirmed]15:26
mlavalleIt doesn't have an owner yet. Looking for a volunteer :-)15:26
mlavalleAny takers / comments?15:26
mlavalleok, next one is
openstackLaunchpad bug 1509004 in neutron ""test_dualnet_dhcp6_stateless_from_os" failures seen in the gate" [High,Confirmed]15:27
john-davidgemlavalle: On that note, I have to run! Sorry all, see you next week :)15:27
mlavalleThis one returned last week. haleyb was keeping an eye on it. Any updates?15:28
haleybmlavalle: I guess i don't know the history of that one, since i see there was a fix ?15:28
*** markvoelker_ has joined #openstack-meeting-315:28
haleybsorry, slow response15:28
*** alij has joined #openstack-meeting-315:29
mlavallehaleyb: going back to the previous one, you are right there was a proposed fix15:29
haleybmlavalle: no new info on the dhcpv6 bug though, ^^comment was for the other15:29
*** markvoelker has quit IRC15:29
mlavallehaleyb: again, referring to the previous one, I'll dig a little15:30
mlavalleand see if that takes care of it15:30
*** baoli has joined #openstack-meeting-315:30
haleybmlavalle: ok, as there was a change merged and backported, but i'm thinking there was still something missing15:30
mlavallethat is also my impression15:30
*** markvoelker has joined #openstack-meeting-315:31
*** neiljerram has quit IRC15:31
mlavallebut I'll try to scope the current problem a little better15:31
mlavalleAny other bugs from the team?15:32
*** lucas__ has quit IRC15:32
*** markvoelker_ has quit IRC15:33
mlavalleok, let's move on15:33
mlavalle#topic Prefix Delegation15:33
*** openstack changes topic to "Prefix Delegation (Meeting topic: neutron_l3)"15:33
mlavallebaoli: hi!15:33
*** alij has quit IRC15:34
*** john-davidge has quit IRC15:35
*** anilvenkata has quit IRC15:35
*** marst has quit IRC15:35
*** rajinir has joined #openstack-meeting-315:35
mlavalleI see that baoli updated the etherpad. Let's move on15:35
mlavalle#topic Routed Networks15:36
*** openstack changes topic to "Routed Networks (Meeting topic: neutron_l3)"15:36
mlavalleThe rest client for the placement API patchset was approved last night by kevinbenton:
mlavalleThe second patchset, which is the piece that updates ipv4 inventories using the placement API got some comments from kevinbenton15:37
mlavallelast night. I'll address them today and push an update15:38
mlavalleThanks to haleyb for the thorough reviews :-)15:38
haleybyes, good comments, will review when i see it15:38
mlavalleI don't see tidwellr, so we will skip BGP Dynamic Routing15:39
mlavalle#topic Open Agenda15:39
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Agenda (Meeting topic: neutron_l3)"15:39
mlavalleAny other items we need to discuss today?15:40
haleybi don't have any15:41
*** ccamacho|lunch is now known as ccamacho15:41
*** diablo_rojo has joined #openstack-meeting-315:41
mlavalleok, thanks for attending15:41
mlavalleEnjoy the rest of your days!15:41
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openstackMinutes (text):
*** janzian has left #openstack-meeting-315:42
*** armax has joined #openstack-meeting-315:45
*** mtanino has quit IRC15:46
*** lpetrut has quit IRC15:50
*** elmiko has joined #openstack-meeting-315:50
*** marst has joined #openstack-meeting-315:50
edleafe#startmeeting api-wg16:00
openstackMeeting started Thu Jan 19 16:00:20 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is edleafe. Information about MeetBot at
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*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: api-wg)"16:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'api_wg'16:00
edleafe#chair cdent elmiko etoews edleafe16:00
openstackWarning: Nick not in channel: cdent16:00
openstackCurrent chairs: cdent edleafe elmiko etoews16:00
edleafeSo who's here today?16:00
*** spzala has joined #openstack-meeting-316:01
* edleafe is starting to feel lonely...16:02
elmikosorry, got caught looking at code ;)16:03
edleafeAh! some signs of life! :)16:03
edleafeWell, let's get started. Maybe this will be a quick meeting16:03
edleafe#topic previous meeting action items16:03
*** openstack changes topic to "previous meeting action items (Meeting topic: api-wg)"16:03
elmikocould be16:03
*** salv-orlando has joined #openstack-meeting-316:03
edleafeThere were 2 items last week:16:04
edleafeedleafe, scottda, mordred to drive some dicussion about api versioning at ptg16:04
edleafeAdded the topic to the Architecture Workgroups PTG etherpad:
edleafePlease add your names to that page if you plan on attending the discussion16:04
scottdaHi. Yup I sent a ML post on that16:04
edleafescottda: ah, I was just going to add:16:05
edleafeSecond: scottda to send out email to get things started for consistent versioned endpoints16:05
edleafeSo it looks like we're good on those16:05
* gouthamr didn't reply to scottda's email but will definitely join 16:05
edleafeCool; thanks gouthamr16:06
edleafe#topic open mic and new biz16:06
*** openstack changes topic to "open mic and new biz (Meeting topic: api-wg)"16:06
*** david-lyle has joined #openstack-meeting-316:06
edleafecdent posted a thing in response to the TC's discussion on "Updating stability/compatibility guidelines"16:07
edleafeAnd the review that people should comment on / tear apart:16:07
edleafeChris comments: "I wanted to be sure that the guideline got a rewrite to express that goal zero is to make users happy and that trumps everything"16:08
edleafeSo please read the email, and add your thoughts to the review16:08
edleafe#topic guidelines16:09
*** openstack changes topic to "guidelines (Meeting topic: api-wg)"16:09
edleafeAccurate status code vs. Backwards compatibility16:09
edleafeThis is clarifying that changing a returned status code is an API change16:09
edleafeIt's new, so not a lot of discussion on it yet16:09
rosmaitait's an offshoot of a glance patch,
edleafeClarifying that changing a returned status code is an API change16:10
edleaferosmaita: yes, thanks16:10
* edleafe has to get his copy/paste working better16:10
*** iyamahat has joined #openstack-meeting-316:10
mordred++ to clarification16:11
edleafefix no sample file in browser16:11
edleafeSome concern whether this is needed, or just a GitHub artifact16:11
edleafeDefine pagination guidelines16:11
edleafeGetting closer... please review comments on the 'last' link language16:12
edleafeOnce that's settled, I think it's good to go16:12
edleafeAdd API capabilities discovery guideline16:12
edleafeStill no consensus on what this is supposed to be doing.16:12
edleafeIn general, should this always be scoped to the user? And should it take into account the state of the resource?16:13
edleafeSo if you have an opinion on this, please add it to the review16:13
edleafeRemoves unnecessary utf-8 encoding16:13
elmikothat discussion on capabilities is daunting, to say the least16:14
edleafeThis is a no-brainer. Unless there is objection, I will just merge it.16:14
edleafeelmiko: agreed.16:14
edleafeelmiko: I don't think we are all using the word in the same way16:14
elmikoedleafe: agreed16:14
elmiko+1 on the utf-8 merge too16:14
*** chopmann has joined #openstack-meeting-316:14
edleafeAdd guidelines for boolean names16:15
*** chopmann has quit IRC16:15
edleafePlease weigh in on your preferences for naming: 'enabled' vs. 'is_enabled', etc.16:15
edleafeAs I mentioned to mordred yesterday, these guidelines were culled from a quick review of code in several projects, and are meant to be strawmen for people to beat up on16:16
edleafeSo get out your sticks and pound away! :)16:16
* mordred has hit with sticks alread! :)16:17
* edleafe knows that mordred can hit much harder16:17
edleafeThe following guidelines seem to have no issues, and should be ready for freeze16:18
edleafeClarify the status values in versions16:18
edleafeAdd guideline for invalid query parameters16:18
edleafeAdd guidelines on usage of state vs. status16:18
edleafePlease give those a review, and unless an issue surfaces, they will be frozen for general review16:19
edleafe#topic bug review16:19
*** openstack changes topic to "bug review (Meeting topic: api-wg)"16:19
edleafeMost are guideline/doc omissions, so if you have the time, that's a great way to contribute16:20
edleafe#topic weekly newsletter16:21
*** openstack changes topic to "weekly newsletter (Meeting topic: api-wg)"16:21
edleafeSince cdent is on PTO, anyone want to volunteer to do this?16:21
* elmiko looks around nervously16:21
*** lucas__ has joined #openstack-meeting-316:22
*** yamahata has joined #openstack-meeting-316:22
edleafeelmiko: If not, I'll do the etherpad update, and ping you later for review16:22
*** absubram has joined #openstack-meeting-316:22
elmikoedleafe: that would be best, i'm under a deadline for conference stuff =(16:22
edleafeelmiko: understood. No worries16:23
edleafeSo with that, we've covered the agenda. Anyone have anything else to discuss?16:23
elmikonothing here16:23
edleafeOK, thanks everyone!16:24
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"16:24
openstackMeeting ended Thu Jan 19 16:24:33 2017 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)16:24
openstackMinutes (text):
*** salv-orl_ has joined #openstack-meeting-316:24
elmikothanks edleafe !16:24
*** rosmaita has left #openstack-meeting-316:24
*** salv-orlando has quit IRC16:27
*** elmiko has left #openstack-meeting-316:27
*** rmart04 has quit IRC16:31
*** rhochmuth has joined #openstack-meeting-316:33
*** salv-orl_ has quit IRC16:34
*** VW has quit IRC16:36
*** lblanchard has quit IRC16:37
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*** absubram has quit IRC16:47
*** ccamacho has quit IRC16:48
*** absubram has joined #openstack-meeting-316:49
*** david-lyle has quit IRC16:55
*** absubram has quit IRC16:55
*** spzala has quit IRC16:56
*** salv-orlando has joined #openstack-meeting-316:57
*** rossella_s has quit IRC16:57
*** rossella_s has joined #openstack-meeting-316:57
*** alij has joined #openstack-meeting-316:58
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*** ccamacho has joined #openstack-meeting-317:06
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*** Patifa has joined #openstack-meeting-317:08
*** aarefiev is now known as aarefiev_afk17:14
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SumitNaiksatamrkukura: hi18:01
SumitNaiksatam#startmeeting networking_policy18:01
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*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: networking_policy)"18:01
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'networking_policy'18:01
SumitNaiksatamhad a couple of things things to discuss today18:02
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SumitNaiksatam#topic QoS from feature branch to master18:02
*** openstack changes topic to "QoS from feature branch to master (Meeting topic: networking_policy)"18:02
SumitNaiksatamno sure if igordcard is around18:02
SumitNaiksatamhe added the agenda item, but i forgot to ping him over email18:03
SumitNaiksatamanyway, i think this would be a good thing to do before we move from mitaka to newton18:03
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rkukuramakes sense to me18:03
SumitNaiksatami just havent had a change to do it18:04
SumitNaiksatamrkukura: yeah18:04
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SumitNaiksatami forget how i did it the last time, i think we will just have to do the merge in a local repo and push the patch to gerrit18:05
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SumitNaiksatamigordcard, in case you happen to check the logs here, you can also give it a shot18:06
SumitNaiksatam#topic neutron-lib sync patches18:06
*** openstack changes topic to "neutron-lib sync patches (Meeting topic: networking_policy)"18:06
SumitNaiksatamlast i checked we have about 3 open patches on this topic:18:06
SumitNaiksatamthe latter two got added over the last couple of days18:07
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rkukuraI haven’t reviewed any of these yet18:07
SumitNaiksatamrkukura: i just quickly skimmed throug, mostly imports changes18:08
rkukuraDo we think it makes sense to merge these before moving to newton?18:08
SumitNaiksatamrkukura: i think so, but the first and 3rd fail the integration job, so need to figure out why18:08
SumitNaiksatamrkukura: other than that i think it makes a lot of sense to to merge any mitaka related changes before moving to newton18:09
SumitNaiksatam#topic Open Discussion18:10
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion (Meeting topic: networking_policy)"18:10
rkukuranothing from me18:11
SumitNaiksatamrkukura: anything else we wanted to discuss today?18:11
SumitNaiksatamrkukura: while we are at it, can you take a quick look at this: ;-)18:12
*** MarkBaker has quit IRC18:12
rkukuraSumitNaiksatam: I will18:12
SumitNaiksatamrkukura: thanks, small change, so hopefully should be quick18:13
SumitNaiksatamalrighty, lets wrap up for today then18:13
rkukurajust need to get to it, among several others18:13
SumitNaiksatamrkukura: :-)18:13
SumitNaiksatamyeah, there is amit’s patch as well18:13
SumitNaiksatamyou can process this patch under shortest job first policy ;-)18:14
SumitNaiksatamrkukura: thanks for joining18:14
rkukurano problem18:14
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"18:15
openstackMeeting ended Thu Jan 19 18:14:59 2017 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)18:15
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