Monday, 2017-02-06

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* jroll taps his foot16:59
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* dtantsur too16:59
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jroll#startmeeting ironic17:00
openstackMeeting started Mon Feb  6 17:00:03 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is jroll. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.17:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: ironic)"17:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'ironic'17:00
jrollhey everyone17:00
jrollthe agenda, as usual17:00
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jroll#topic announcements and reminders17:00
*** openstack changes topic to "announcements and reminders (Meeting topic: ironic)"17:00
jrollbig week this week17:01
jroll#info ptl voting has 35 hours left. go vote!17:01
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*** crushil has joined #openstack-meeting-317:01
jroll(side note, this is my last meeting as ptl!)17:01
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csmart\o morning all17:01
jrollalso, we plan to release stable/ocata for ironic, ironic-python-agent, and ironic-inspector this week17:02
jrollas well as bifrost, ironic-ui.... I think that's it17:02
joannajroll: did you bring cake?17:02
lucasagomesjoanna, ++ for cake17:02
rloothx jroll, for all your meetings as PTL! bring on the bubbly.17:02
jrollwe're shooting for thursday on those releases, but can be flexible17:02
jrolllet's be sure to focus and finish things out strong17:02
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jrolljoanna: that's ptl-next's job17:02
jrollrloo: :)17:02
TheJuliajoanna: And to give jroll a beer :)17:03
jrollanyone else have announcements or reminders?17:03
* JayF notes that he's running on an anti-gluten platform17:03
JayFno beer or cake ;)17:03
mat128JayF: we can get some no-gluten cake for you17:03
clarkbJayF: they make gf beer that isn't too bad :P17:03
jrollalright, subteam stuff17:04
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jroll#topic subteam status reports17:04
*** openstack changes topic to "subteam status reports (Meeting topic: ironic)"17:04
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jrollalso the last one of these for the cycle17:04
jrollstarts at line 6617:04
rloothere's a hi nova bug. anyone know if it needs to be looked at asap?17:05
* jroll looks17:05
jrollif it's the one I'm thinking of, it's mostly mitigated17:05
* lucasagomes looks too17:06
openstackLaunchpad bug 1661258 in OpenStack Compute (nova) "Deleted ironic node has an inventory in nova_api database" [High,In progress] - Assigned to Chris Dent (cdent)17:06
rlooi know that we don't view docs as important but... portgroups folks, i hope you have docs written soon!17:06
JayFDocs are important :)17:06
jrollthere's a band-aid on it by now, the real fix is going to take some work (as in, let's do it soon"ish" and backport, but not a huge rush)17:06
vdrokrloo: writing right now :)17:06
rloojroll: it is being addressed, good.17:07
rloovdrok: thx!17:07
jrollrloo: yeah, on my radar, have somewhat of a plan for 'real' fix by now17:07
jroller, already17:07
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rloonice that we have non-voting UEFI job! thx to all!17:08
JayFWhere is the image coming from for that job, if anyone knows?17:08
*** Swami has joined #openstack-meeting-317:08
jrollJayF: daily builds, iirc17:08
lucasagomesJayF, yeah, it's a cirros image from daily builds17:08
jrollit's pinned though17:08
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jrollso, looking at these things, I think we can leave priorities as is17:09
jrolland hopefully add some bugs there17:09
rloojroll: so looks like soft power off/NMI support is done!17:10
jrollrloo: tis :)17:10
rloojroll: wrt driver comp, are there any that *have* to merge in ocata?17:11
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jrollrloo: other than saving backport work, I don't think so. if I was going to pick one it'd be devstack/CI17:11
rloojroll: given how big a change it is, if we don't get docs in in time, we should backport17:11
rloojroll: the node.resource_class doc has been deferred, right? i'm going to delete from our priorities17:12
jrollrloo: yeah17:12
*** stevejims has quit IRC17:13
rloojroll: gone. should we just review the doc patches that are in the priorities?17:13
jrollrloo: as in "only those doc patches"?17:13
rlooi'm not sure we'll get to the nice-to-have's17:13
jrollsure, let's do what we can17:14
rloojroll: yes, as only those doc patches.17:14
*** Patifa has quit IRC17:14
rloojroll: we should put bugs in there too. vdrok listed some under the Bugs section.17:14
rloovdrok: at this point, maybe we should only focus on high bugs?17:15
vdrokthese are the ones that are open and were reported since last april or so, was not able to go further17:15
jrollrloo: yes, added a pointer17:15
rloohigh bugs with a chance of merging soon :)17:15
vdrokyeah, no objections :) as we have only like 3 days17:15
rloovdrok: exactly. maybe we can look at bug patches at ptg if we have nothing else to do :)17:16
vdrokeverything else can be backported later if needed17:16
dtantsur"if we have nothing else to do" LOL17:16
TheJuliadtantsur: +117:16
* dtantsur counts the number of proposed topics17:16
rlooI mean, i know beer is a high priority...17:16
TheJuliabut not everyone drinks beer....17:16
dtantsur22 topics for 2.5 days, hmm :)17:17
rloooh. side track from this subteam thing -- should we review ptg proposals next meeting?17:17
TheJuliaI think we should17:17
dtantsurmaybe even start today, if we have time left17:17
rlooI guess that is up to new ptl...17:17
jrollI think we should just prioritize and cut17:17
jrollso maybe leave comments on that sort of thing17:17
jroll(since we don't have a fixed number of sessions)17:17
*** dims has joined #openstack-meeting-317:18
TheJuliamaybe just prioritize, and generate a short high priority list, and go to the lower priority stuff if we have time?17:18
rloofwiw, i'm good with subteam reports, since i seem to have caused us to side track :)17:18
jrollyeah that was my thought17:18
jrollyeah we should move on, have a couple of topics this week, can come back in open discussion17:18
jroll#topic Making [DEFAULT]cleaning_network obligatory for flat network interface17:19
*** openstack changes topic to "Making [DEFAULT]cleaning_network obligatory for flat network interface (Meeting topic: ironic)"17:19
openstackLaunchpad bug 1661082 in Ironic "Raise DriverLoadError if using flat network with cleaning enabled and cleaning_network is not set" [Low,Triaged] - Assigned to Vladyslav Drok (vdrok)17:19
jrollvdrok: this is you17:19
*** Patifa has joined #openstack-meeting-317:19
vdrokyup, so, in the last release, I added a todo to make cleaning_network parameter to be required for flat network interface17:19
dtantsurjust don't do it in Ocata please :)17:19
dtantsurwell, I've *just* switched tripleo to using a dummy network name by default, in case we land that..17:20
rloomy question is why do we want to make it mandatory?17:20
*** mariannelm has quit IRC17:20
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rlooif eg someone uses flat network but doesn't do any cleaning17:20
*** harlowja has joined #openstack-meeting-317:20
vdrokwe have a way to disable automated clean, but not manual, so to guarantee it works, it may be better to fail loading flat network interface, or fail on some pre-validation17:20
TheJuliaor they don't need a separate network in their flat network configuration...17:21
rloovdrok: can we fail on start of manual cleaning?17:21
JayFDoes manual cleaning fail if unset17:21
dtantsurwell, it also assumes everyone is cool with creating network in the middle of openstack deployment, which I'm not17:21
JayFor do you just clean on the provisioning network?17:21
dtantsurhence I wrote "dummy" network, I have to invent a non-existing name just to make ironic happy on start up...17:21
jrollTheJulia: that config isn't necessarily about a separate network, just so ironic knows what network things should be on (since nova won't pass us a cleaning port)17:21
rloodtantsur: how do you feel about that? i mean, having to write dummy network etc? do you think operators will be happy about doing that too?17:22
vsaienk0jroll: I wondered why flat network interface  requires cleaning_network to be set?17:22
vdrokrloo: yeah, we can fail on start of cleaning17:22
jrollvsaienk0: so ironic knows what network things should be on (since nova won't pass us a cleaning port)17:22
lucasagomesJayF, I would prefer it to fail if not set, to fallback to provisioning seems dodgy (unless cleaning_network also points to the same network as provisioning, so that should be ok)17:22
dtantsurrloo, I'm definitely not overly happy.. I had to write quite detailed documentation on this bit in TripleO17:23
rloodtantsur: so would it be better to leave the warning that we have now, and for cleaning to fail when (if) cleaning is invoked?17:23
dtantsurwell, I'm not happy with putting openstack object UUIDs in configuration files at all17:23
dtantsurbut it seems to be my personal thing :)17:23
TheJuliajroll: I know, but I'm not really sure it should be required in the configuration17:23
lucasagomesrloo, I like that17:23
TheJuliadtantsur: I think this goes back to make it configurable at the node level17:23
lucasagomeswarning + fail upon a request (if not set)17:24
jrollTheJulia: just pointing that out for clarity, not agreeing or disagreeing with you17:24
dtantsurTheJulia, this is my view on it17:24
mat128dtantsur: I understand where you're coming from, mixing config and data17:24
mat128lucasagomes: +117:24
dtantsurmat128, exactly, at least this is how I see it17:24
rloovdrok: you ok with that? we'll just delete the TODO then?17:24
JayFif automatd clean enabled; fail at startup if cleaning network unset, if automated clean disabled; fail manual cleaning when attempted17:24
JayFis that's what's being proposed?17:24
vdrokok then, a warning in init, and fail to start cleaning if requested17:24
mat128JayF: I would just fail whenever the cleaning network is required, to keep it simple17:25
dtantsurJayF, this is the previous plan, that not everyone likes17:25
rloovdrok: do you know if it will fail cleaning as described here?17:25
rloovdrok: or do we need to add code to do so? (i guess we should check)17:25
JayFI am not sure I'm fond of allowing the conductor to fail late if automatic cleaning is enabled17:25
vdrokOK yeah, what JayF proposes is better17:26
lucasagomesJayF, for automatic I think we should fail at startup too17:26
JayFbecause you could be in for a nasty surprise as a deployer when your entire capacity is in clean failed after deletes17:26
lucasagomesbecause we know it's going to fail17:26
rlooJayF: the conductor won't fail? just cleaning will fail. or did i miss something?17:26
dtantsurfor the record: for me it's mostly the same as deploy kernel/ramdisk, so I'm not sure why we treat them differently..17:26
vdrokrloo: condcutor17:26
vdrokif auto clean is enabled17:26
dtantsurJayF, you won't end up with nodes in "available" state, if cleaning is broken, right?17:26
JayFit's a DoS17:26
JayFbecause your nodes all get stuck in clean failed17:26
rloovdrok: what? the conductor should never fail *after* it has been started up?17:26
mat128JayF: presuming you haven't even tried it once17:26
vdrokrloo: it is going to happen in that init_host bit :)17:27
rloovdrok: that's ok, that's part of the start up of the conductor.17:27
mat128What happens if the network uuid referenced is deleted after startup?17:27
dtantsurJayF, I mean, you can't have "a nasty surprise as a deployer when your entire capacity is in clean failed after deletes" because you won't have instances to delete17:27
mat128dtantsur: he meant you wont have available nodes afterwards17:27
JayFdtantsur: ooooh. because you have to traverse cleaning to get to available17:27
vdrokmat128: that is handled by validate() method of the interface17:27
JayFdtantsur: so it is still an "early" fail17:27
dtantsurkind of17:27
mat128vdrok: but the case described by JayF will still happen17:28
dtantsurmat128, and I'm reminding that we run cleaning after enrolling nodes before they're available the first time in their life17:28
TheJuliaBut if validate fails, then the node can't be deployed in the first place17:28
dtantsurso for this case to be real, you have to drop cleaning_network from ironic.conf after the instances are provisioned17:28
JayFif automatic cleaning is enabled and can't succeed, you'd never have available nodes to schedule to17:29
jrollTheJulia: oh it can :)17:29
JayFthat makes sense, and I hadn't thought about it17:29
jrollTheJulia: I think nova only checks deploy interface validate()17:29
vdrokTheJulia: network interface validate is not called all the time I think17:29
TheJuliajroll: unless the explicit validate call has been removed from our nova plugin, nova instances shouldn't be deployed.17:29
TheJuliavdrok: okay, that makes me sad17:29
JayFso I'm OK with failing on attempt in both cases, with that in mind (I'm also OK with failing at startup in the automated_clean=True case), either way is fine17:29
TheJuliajroll: I could have sworn it was the same as node-validate on the command line17:30
vdrokTheJulia: in nova, I think only power and deploy are validated17:30
jrollyeah, deploy/power17:30
dtantsurwe should also decide if we want cleaning_network to be set per node. if we do, we can't make it mandatory in configuration, I guess.17:30
jrollI'm okay with doing this at runtime and not startup17:30
jrolldtantsur: I think we've agreed that before, but nobody did the work17:30
TheJuliajroll: thx, I feel sad now17:31
dtantsurjroll, yeah, we have an RFE hanging around17:31
rloojroll, dtantsur: do we have an rfe for that?17:31
TheJuliatruthfully, we need to add network to that list :(17:31
rloodtantsur: thx :)17:31
dtantsurI remember creating one :)17:31
jrollTheJulia: ehhh, we should add network maybe, but we don't want to give up if e.g. inspect fails validation17:31
TheJuliajroll: yeah17:31
openstackLaunchpad bug 1614876 in Ironic "[RFE] Allow setting {provisioning,cleaning}_network_uuid in node driver_info" [Wishlist,Confirmed]17:31
* mat128 reocates17:32
*** mat128_ has joined #openstack-meeting-317:32
jrollok I feel like we should timebox this a bit17:32
*** lucashxu has quit IRC17:32
rlooi think we're done.17:32
jrolldoes anyone loudly disagree with failing things at runtime and not failing at startup?17:32
* rloo can't parse that but thinks she understands17:32
vdroki'd still prefer startup if auto clean enabled, but fine with both17:33
*** lucas_ has joined #openstack-meeting-317:33
mat128_+1 to failing at runtime, ideally In validate17:33
JayFvdrok: yeah, I'm less worried about that TBH now that I remember it won't work anyway :)17:33
jrollokay cool, let's move on17:33
jroll#topic do we need microversions/deprecation for this patch?17:33
*** openstack changes topic to "do we need microversions/deprecation for this patch? (Meeting topic: ironic)"17:33
rloosince we have to change something, it is simple enough to do what vdrok suggested (fail if auto clean enabled)17:33
vdrokthat's me again. rloo and JayF  were concerned about that patch17:34
*** rama_y has joined #openstack-meeting-317:34
vdrokthis one was done a while ago bu we didn't get to the other two17:34
JayFrloo: the thing is apparently we want to eventually support per-node provisioninig || cleaning uuid (bug #1614876), which would mean we can't fail at lack of the config opt without omitting other possible valid configs17:34
openstackbug 1614876 in Ironic "[RFE] Allow setting {provisioning,cleaning}_network in node driver_info" [Wishlist,Confirmed]
mariojvwhat's the disadvantage to the version bump?17:34
rlooJayF: good point!17:35
JayFmariojv: == my opinion about it. a new version is cheap, so I don't understand why we shouldn't bump it on even a minor change17:35
vdrokmariojv: as it seems to me, it is a bug, we have not ever advertised it's possible, and it brings issues with naming nodes/ports etc.17:35
rloowrt the bug/microversion. what isn't clear to me, is what APIs are being prevented, and are any of them 'reasonable' apis that someone might have been using17:35
vdrokif microversion, we'll have to support old buggy behaviour forever :(17:36
TheJuliavdrok: +117:36
jrollthey don't appear to be reasonable APIs to me17:36
rloojroll: why doesn't someone put that info in the actual commit?! :)17:36
jrollrloo: ask the committer :)17:36
mariojvvdrok has a decent point about supporting old buggy endpoints i think17:36
JayFFWIW, I'm not strongly opinionated that this should be behind a microversion. I just wanted this conversation to happen with a larger audience :)17:36
rloowhat does/did those invalid urls return?17:36
mariojvforgot about that piece17:36
lucasagomesI think I agree with vdrok here, even if it's cheap to bump the version I don't like the idea of being "backward bug compatible"17:37
rlooalternative is to deprecate them, and delete them in next cycle+3months blah blah17:37
dtantsur++ to question whether they returned something meaningful at all17:37
lucasagomesI would prefer to defects like that to be fixed on all versions17:37
jrolloh, interesting, we're changing a tempest test here17:37
TheJuliaNor do I like the idea of backwards compatible bugs.  I think we should do it without a version bump if we're not changing the prescribed/documented interface17:37
JayFI got the impression from the patch/bug that you could use /v1/nodes/ports the same as /v1/ports17:37
jrollthat means these were tested17:38
vdrokdtantsur: yeah, these endpoints work as the proper ones do17:38
JayFAnd that's a mistake it'd be relatively trivial for someone tomake using the API, and think it was the "right thing" when it worked17:38
dtantsurso, one can e.g. create a port with them? hmm, this is bad17:38
JayFI also think saying "it's not an endpoint we documented" isn't a great argument, because we haven't always had comprehensive API docs17:38
dtantsuryeah, and we even covered one of these with tests :)17:39
TheJuliaThe alternative is to version bump to indicate the change, but break compatability17:39
*** spzala has quit IRC17:39
TheJuliaor, just keep the buggy behavior forever in v117:39
rloono to buggy behaviour. i'd prefer a microversion bump to buggy behaviour17:40
jrollthis assumes that it's a fact that this is "buggy behavior"17:40
jrollit was clearly unexpected to most of us17:40
jrollbut e.g. one thing this changes is disabling /v1/nodes/states/console?node_ident=foo17:41
dtantsurit's not really buggy, just not quite restful17:41
rloois it worth asking the api working group for their recommendation?17:41
vdrokrloo: a problem with microversion is, we change the way routing works there, doing backwards compat may be not trivial there17:41
jrollwhich is only a bug because we didn't intentionally put it there17:41
rloovdrok: sigh.17:41
*** crushil has quit IRC17:41
jrollalso, I take back what I said about these not being reasonable, they seem reasonable to me17:41
JayFI can't imagine we don't break at least a few users of the API if we push this without a microversion17:42
jrolls/they seem/some seem/17:42
rlooJayF: even if we push with a microversion, i suspect we'll break someone. who really looks...17:42
* dtantsur hopes we don't use it in ironicclient :D17:42
JayFrloo: they'll have to request latest || newer microversion for new feature17:42
*** crushil has joined #openstack-meeting-317:43
JayFrloo: and will get the notification then, during development, rather than beings urprised at something not working mid/post upgrade17:43
JayFrloo: that's how we expect all microversion changes to "trickle down" to users, right?17:43
vdroksambetts: are you around?17:43
*** baoli has joined #openstack-meeting-317:43
rlooJayF: right, so if we remove this, we should 'at least' microversion it...17:43
JayFokay, then we agree :)17:43
sambettsvdrok: hi17:44
dtantsurthat's why we introduced microversions in the beginning :)17:44
jrollI almost feel like it isn't worth removing17:44
vdroksambetts: your patch discussed :)17:44
TheJuliajroll: I was just about to say something similar but with way too many words17:44
dtantsurjroll++ maybe just document/test it as a non-recommended alias17:44
vdroksambetts: this chain
vdrokok, so, seems like most people are in favour of microversion.17:45
jrollI'm in favor of just leaving it alone17:45
TheJuliaperhaps we should vote17:45
rlooso the only things we gain with removing those endpoints: 1. cleaner/more understandable code; 2. ??17:45
jrollbut would be fine with a microversion17:45
rlooi'm still trying to understand the pros/cons of this17:46
mat128_Document them as being available since version X and you're done17:46
JayFrloo: if I name a node "port", it will be usable via post-fix but not pre-fix17:46
jrollrloo: 2) less duplicate API paths, 3) you could now name a node "ports", "states", etc17:46
TheJuliamat128_: You know, you have a good point there17:46
sambettsSo I think this ties into the api rework conversations we were having at the summit, I'm not sure where that conversation lead17:46
JayFthe namespace pollution is the worst part of the bug, tbh17:46
jrollJayF: s/worst/only/17:46
*** reedip_ has left #openstack-meeting-317:47
JayFjroll: sure17:47
*** alexpilotti has quit IRC17:47
mariojvis there anything preventing someone from naming a node "ports" today ?17:47
*** rmart04 has joined #openstack-meeting-317:47
rlooso if it is easy to implement (remove) via microversion, i say do that. otherwise, leave as is.17:47
mariojvmaybe the fix is to disallow that and hide behind microversion17:47
vdrokwith the amount of logic we have in api, I think I'd prefer leaving as is instead of microversion :)17:47
dtantsurmariojv, it's sad, but yeah, we should fail early17:47
sambettsI think lucasagomes added code to block that17:48
JayFmariojv: that's a solid suggestion. Just ban names for nodes that overlap "special" ironic api words like node, port, state, etc17:48
lucasagomesyeah there are some names that are blacklisted17:48
lucasagomesbecause they didn't work17:48
dtantsurHTTP 400 "we're brilliant in desiging APIs, so please do not call your nodes 'ports" :D17:48
mat128_500? :)17:48
vdrokthe problem is as I said, routing is changed a bit, so allowing both cdepending on microversion won't be easy17:48
lucasagomeslike ports, it would redirect you to the v1/ports instead of the name called ports :-)17:48
vdrokdtantsur: +++ :)17:49
*** harlowja has quit IRC17:49
TheJuliaNote: 10 minutes remaining.17:50
jrolldo we need to vote on this?17:50
rlooonly if someone thinks we should not leave things as is17:50
dtantsurmaybe first investigate how hard it is to microversion it?17:50
mariojvi think we should at least block colliding node names17:50
mariojvagreed that this is hard to microversion with a glance at the patch17:50
TheJuliaI agree with both dtantsur and mariojv17:51
jrollheh, ditto17:51
mariojvif we voted, what would the options be? leave as-is, keep the patch as-is, hide patch behind microversion, and block colliding node names?17:51
lucasagomesdtantsur, heh yeah it's terrible... but in fairness, we had no idea about rest APIs when we started17:51
lucasagomes(nor wsme for what maters)17:51
vdrokpecan brings surprises as well :)17:52
mariojvthis is something we can fix in v2 api also17:52
lucasagomesvdrok, true17:52
dtantsurmy vote is 1. microversion it, if it's reasonable, 2. block colliding names with a microversion if it's not17:52
mariojvdtantsur: +117:52
mariojv2 can be a compromise until v2 api17:52
TheJuliaI agree17:52
rlooi dunno, can't we just block colliding names, or do we need the microversion in case they already exist?17:53
mariojvyes ^17:53
dtantsurrloo, it depends on how usable such nodes are17:53
mariojvooh, that's a good point actually - what's the behavior today when those nodes are used ?17:53
dtantsurI didn't investigate. if literally everything is broken with them, there is no use in microversioning17:54
vdrokmariojv: they are not usable by name I suppose17:54
mariojvso for dtantsur option 2, condition microversion bump on whether those nodes are usable by name today17:54
*** VW has quit IRC17:54
dtantsurs/by name//17:54
jrollkeep in mind node-create can't be called twice with the same name17:54
rloosambetts: you good with the above discussion? (not that you have to make the changes, just want to be sure you're ok)17:54
TheJulia5 Minute warning.17:55
dtantsurif they can create such node, and can use it with UUID, we should not block it without microversions17:55
jrollso... can't really break a workflow unless someone is constantly doing installations with these names17:55
jrolldtantsur: we should only block setting the name, nothing else, imo17:55
*** iyamahat has quit IRC17:55
dtantsurjroll, this blocks node-create17:55
sambettsrloo: yeah, I think we need to continue the v2 discusions at the PTG though17:55
dtantsureven if they end up never using it by name at all17:55
rloosambetts: ok.17:56
jrollok let's take this to channel to leave room for open discussion17:56
*** ralonsoh has quit IRC17:56
jroll#topic open discussion17:56
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: ironic)"17:56
*** alexpilotti has joined #openstack-meeting-317:56
joannaI have something :)17:56
*** yamahata has quit IRC17:56
openstackLaunchpad bug 1650347 in Ironic "ironic-conductor should not exit 0 on failure" [Medium,Incomplete] - Assigned to Joanna Taryma (jtaryma)17:56
mariojvaNuposic had a fix for that i thought17:57
mariojvlauncher.wait() returns correct status code, i think, so we just have to pass that to sys.exit17:57
mariojvi guess the code for that isn't up yet17:57
*** lpetrut has joined #openstack-meeting-317:57
joannaI started thinking, if it's good that all the processes we start in devstack are actually executed in background and piped so original return codes are overwritten17:57
vsaienk0please review ironic standalone tests so we can remove at least 4 jobs when consider they are stable enough17:57
rlooi humbly request that the new PTL send email to the dev list this week about PTG etherpad, what folks should be putting in that and what we will do in monday's meeting (if anything) wrt that.17:58
*** mgoddard_ has quit IRC17:58
TheJuliarloo: +117:58
jrolljoanna: hrm, dunno, but that's a discussion to have with the qa team, I think17:58
jrollrloo: ++17:58
*** pc_m has left #openstack-meeting-317:58
aNuposicmariojv: yes launcher.waits() returns correct code but return codes are overwritten17:58
rloovsaienk0: is that part of the CI work (in subteam? if so, maybe add that link to our etherpad.)17:59
mat128_When are results going to be announced?17:59
jroll45 seconds for anything last minute17:59
joannamariojv: not really - status code is 1 when exception is raised, yet the whole command returns 0 from echo/tee17:59
mat128_I can just look it up :)17:59
mariojvmat128_: i had that question too17:59
jrollmat128_: after the election ends :P17:59
mat128_Jroll yeeeah17:59
jlvillaljoanna: Might be able to change our devstack code in openstack/ironic/devstack/lib/ironic17:59
vsaienk0rloo yes17:59
mariojvjoanna: oh - i saw the bug as more about the ironic process than devstack17:59
mariojvjoanna: but i agree, that should be brought up with qa team - maybe have a separate bug for it ?\18:00
jrollok we're done18:00
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"18:00
mariojvthx all18:00
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jrollthanks y'all18:00
aNuposicmariojv: i tried calling the return value of launcher.wait() to sys.exit() but no success18:00
openstackMinutes (text):
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TheJuliaThank you jroll18:00
rloodarn, wanted jroll's last meeting to end with a bang...18:00
*** mariojv has left #openstack-meeting-318:00
csmartthanks everyone \o18:00
*** alexpilotti has quit IRC18:00
dtantsurheh, thanks18:00
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