Thursday, 2011-05-12

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jbrycewho's here?19:02
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jbrycehi ewan19:03
jbrycelooks like there are 4 of us so far19:04
anotherjessevish is going to be a few minutes late19:04
notmynamePPB meeting?19:04
notmynameI had that on my calendar in an hour19:04
notmynameoh well. I'm here19:04
ewanmellorI've got calendar entries for both now _and_ in an hour!19:05
johnpurme too!19:05
eday2 hour meetings ftw!19:05
jbrycelooks like it's only on there once. not sure why the invite didn't get updated properly for you.19:06
jbryceanotherjesse: vish was planning on coming?19:11
anotherjesselet me text to see eta19:12
anotherjessesince he is answering mailing list questions ;)19:12
openstackMeeting started Thu May 12 19:12:33 2011 UTC.  The chair is jbryce. Information about MeetBot at
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jbryce#topic Action items from last week19:12
*** openstack changes topic to "Action items from last week"19:12
jbryceI had 2 items from last week. Publish the project designations and getting community asset managers to publish processes for use19:13
anotherjesse2 minutes19:14
jbryceThe project designations will be up today, and I'll hit the mailing list with them. I was hoping to have them published before the meeting, but my travel back from Interop was screwed up by Dallas weather.19:14
edayI had one item with ttx, not gotten to it yet since ttx is at UDS and I've been busy with burrow things and taking care of a sick wife. should have it for next week.19:15
jbryceStill working with the community asset managers to get a full list of who has access to what. I'm hoping to have progress on it by early next week.19:15
vishyi was answering from mah phone19:16
edayyou need to get irc on your phone :)19:16
jbrycevishy: how'd the ptl meeting go?19:17
vishywe made some progress19:18
jbryceprogress is good19:19
jbryceany particular next step for it? just continue discussions?19:19
johnpurif it is *forward* progress...19:19
vishyjbryce: i posted an email to the mailing list19:20
vishywith the action items that we took19:20
jbryceok. i'm a couple days behind.19:20
jbrycewill read that19:21
jbryce#topic communication channels19:22
*** openstack changes topic to "communication channels"19:22
jbrycewe had one thing left over from last week's marathon meeting that we didn't get to19:22
jbrycejohnpur: do you want discuss this one?19:22
johnpurahhh, remind me what the topic is?19:23
jbryceDefine communication channels (IRC channels, StackExchange, LP Answers, Forums). Is it time to start specializing; targeting to dev, devops/sysadmins, users? (johnpur)19:23
johnpurlast week we gave the go ahead for user support forums19:24
johnpuri just pinged the url and nothing has been set up19:24
johnpurthe open questions are a) do we want to consider moving away from LP Answers to a Q&A style for dev/devops issues?19:25
johnpurwho would own this, etc.?19:25
vishya) Yes!19:26
johnpurthe last issue was the setting up of additional irc channels... we setup #openstack-dev... it has almost 0 traffic to date19:26
vishyI have answered the same questions in Q&A a whole bunch of times19:26
johnpurstarting from the top19:27
johnpurfor the forums site, do we want to nudge jordan/chad to get going after they made such an issue on the ml, or just let it lie?19:28
jbrycei'll shoot jordan an email just to see what's going on19:28
jbrycei don't want it to be confusing for people in the community who are expecting something to happen19:28
jbryce#action jbryce to ping jordan on openstack forums19:29
vishyjohnpur: i think he was going to make a poll to decide on software19:29
johnpuranyone besides vishy want to weigh in on Answers vs Q&A?19:29
jbryceseems like there was pretty broad agreement on a stack style q&a setup19:30
johnpurif we go to a Q&A i am an advocate of using an open source project, to emphasize our commitment to being open19:30
edaymp strong opinions either way here, but certainly not opposed. my main concern is who would own/moderate it19:30
notmynameeday: ditto19:31
johnpuri think i can find someone to do the setup/sysadmin... we need to discuss moderation19:31
johnpurperhaps a call to the community?19:32
jbrycewill there be additional moderation beyond what already happens in launchpad answers?19:33
johnpuridk, is there a need to clean spam, off-topic, etc.?19:33
johnpurwould this be a good task for a technical community manager to own?19:34
jbryceprobably some, but i'd imagine it would be pretty similar to how the answers process is working currently.19:35
jbrycesounds like it19:35
johnpuri am looking to find one now19:35
johnpurok, for now leave this on my plate... but we agree that we want to move off of Answers?19:35
jbrycejohnpur: i'd send an email to the list just to make sure everyone (thierry, josh, rick) can all way in as well19:36
vishythe great point of QA sites is that most of the moderation is done by users19:36
johnpurjbryce: can you set an action to get feedback from the other ppb members?19:36
jbryce#action johnpur to verify QnA approach as replacement for Launchpad Answers19:37
johnpurlastly, the question of additional IRC channels19:37
johnpuri'm wondering if we need to contract, not expand?19:38
johnpur*-dev isn't being used19:38
edayjohnpur: I'd say lets see how dev works out for a bit19:38
johnpureday: ok by me19:39
johnpurdone on this topic19:39
jbryce#topic other discussion19:40
*** openstack changes topic to "other discussion"19:40
jbryceanyone have anything else they wanted to cover?19:40
johnpurquestion regarding non-core projects19:40
johnpurshould we have a specified meeting where the non-core projects can discuss progress, issues, etc. like we do in the release meeting for core?19:41
jbryceare you thinking weekly in terms of frequency?19:42
johnpuri am a little concerned that there is no visibility to naas, lunr, redwarf, keystone, burrow, etc.19:42
johnpurjust throwing it out there19:42
jbryceright...i think the idea makes sense19:42
notmynamebut since they aren't officially openstack projects, should we be the ones to establish that process for them?19:43
notmynameor is this to see where they are to see when they will be ready to become part of the official project?19:43
johnpurnotmyname: good point. how should we handle?19:43
edayI think we should encourage more frequent mailing list updates or something (somehting I've been meaning to do for burrow)19:43
johnpursince the DS there has been little to no discussion on IRC or the ML on these projects19:44
notmynamesince we know they are interested in being part of openstack (although we should have them apply--what happend to that?), they should keep us all up to date on how things are going19:44
notmynamenot an oversight thing, just a "how's it going" thing19:44
johnpurso, is this outside the purview of the PPB?19:46
notmynameIMO, yes. but we are interested in general status19:46
jbrycelike eday said we can encourage them to provide more information19:47
jbrycei think we've almost got the steps published on how to apply to incubate19:47
jbryceand then we could have an official regular update time for incubated projects19:47
johnpurnotmyname: the danger is that some of these are tightly coupled (such as naas) and key to the objectives of the overall project (federation).19:47
edaymore open they are along the process, easier it will be to approve them later one, that ca be the PPB's position19:47
notmynameI like what eday says19:48
edaywe don't want to approve things that are thrown over the wall, we want demonstration that projects are community driven19:48
* notmyname will now let eday speak for him because he agrees with everything eday is saying19:49
johnpurOK, for the more strategic projects i think we should be more actively involved to ensure alignment with the overall project goals. Outside the scope of the PPB, but within the scope of being senior leaders and PTL's.19:49
johnpurI know anotherjesse agrees with this as he is mentoring the keystone project :)19:50
anotherjessekeystone is reaching out the the PTLs19:51
anotherjessesince we need them to adopt keystone as an auth mechnism19:51
johnpuranotherjesse: exactly. we need to ensure that projects such as naas understand how to engage the community and other projects.19:53
johnpurand *why* they should19:54
jbrycei think it makes sense, but should just be informal until the incubation process gets rolling19:56
notmynameso do we have other things to talk about?19:57
johnpurjbryce: ok. we don't want to wait too long to get the ball rolling, i would suggest that the diablo midpoint should be a drop dead date19:58
jbrycejohnpur: that is fine with me19:58
jbryceanyone have anything else?19:58
jbryceall right20:00
jbrycetalk to you guys later20:00
*** openstack changes topic to "Openstack Meetings: | Minutes:"20:00
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