Tuesday, 2011-05-31

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primeministerp1greetings programs!20:49
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ttxwaiting for jaypipes...21:00
* Vek waves to be different21:01
ttxVek: being different is important.21:01
* Vek tries to be as different as possible :)21:01
ttxok, let's start, hopefull Jay will join us.21:02
* primeministerp1 giggles21:02
openstackMeeting started Tue May 31 21:02:11 2011 UTC.  The chair is ttx. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.21:02
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.21:02
ttxWelcome to our weekly OpenStack team meeting...21:02
ttxNew URL for the agenda, due to proliferation of meetings:21:02
ttx#link http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings/TeamMeeting21:02
ttx#topic Actions from previous meeting21:02
*** openstack changes topic to "Actions from previous meeting"21:02
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ttx* ttx to create webnumbrs for all core projects: NOT DONE21:03
ttxBeen a bit busy setting up the milestone release process, so deferred21:03
ttx#action ttx to create webnumbrs for Swift/Glance21:03
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ttx* dabo to bridge the gap with jacobian and work towards a common client21:03
ttxjaypipes: welcome !21:03
ttxdabo: I saw the email for this, and Jacob just answered very positively.21:03
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ttxdabo: I suspect you'll answer and progress towards merging the two projects ?21:04
ttx* jaypipes to confirm the nobottle unblocking21:04
ttxjaypipes: did you confirm that mysteriously-named action ?21:05
jaypipesttx: that is done.21:05
ttx* jaypipes to create removal of local image service blueprint21:05
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* vishy grabs a bottle to help unblock...21:05
ttxjaypipes: still TODO ?21:06
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jaypipesttx: hmm, I *thought* I made a bug report about that... still looking for it.21:07
ttx#action dabo to make progress towards merging the nova python client library projects21:07
dabottx: I'll follow up with him21:07
ttxdabo: cool21:07
ttxlet's move on21:07
ttx#topic General release status21:07
*** openstack changes topic to "General release status"21:07
ttxSoren and I worked on the milestone release process...21:08
dabottx: wait - you got a response? I didn't see it21:08
ttxin particular the Jenkins automation around release branches ("milestone-proposed")21:08
ttxdabo: verry recent.21:08
jaypipesttx: https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/723947 dprince marked it Invalid.21:08
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 723947 in nova "Remove the local image service (nova/image/local.py)" [Undecided,Invalid]21:08
ttxjaypipes: it was not valid by that time but becomes more valid now.21:09
ttxjaypipes: feel free to reopen it rather than make your own21:09
jaypipesttx: k21:09
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ttxThis automation was applied to Swift and will be applied to Nova/Glance tomorrow.21:09
ttx#topic Swift status21:10
*** openstack changes topic to "Swift status"21:10
notmyname1.4.0 released today21:10
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/swift/diablo/1.4.021:10
ttxThere are also Ubuntu packages here:21:10
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ttx#link https://launchpad.net/~swift-core/+archive/milestone-proposed21:10
ttxWe'll set up a specific "last milestone" PPA soon to hold pure "1.4.0" packages.21:10
ttxnotmyname: how is 1.4.1 looking so far ? Any feature planned, or proposed date ?21:10
notmynameno date yet. I hope to have one soon (within a week or so)21:11
ttxnotmyname: Other announcements or comments ?21:11
notmynameas for new features, I'm currently working on the existing blueprints21:11
notmynameswauth and stats/logging stuff will be removed21:11
notmynameto their own respective projects21:11
ttxnotmyname: will there be doc pointers in core swift to find them ?21:12
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notmynameI certainly hope so :-)21:12
ttxok :)21:12
ttxQuestions for the Swift team ?21:12
notmynameI know there will be other things in 1.4.1, but I don't have anything else targeted yet21:12
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devcamcarnotmyname: what is timeframe for removing swauth/keystone support?21:13
notmynamethe goal is to not have an auth system in swift21:13
notmynameswauth will be removed in 1.4.1 (likely in about 6 weeks)21:14
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* ttx likes negative goals21:14
devcamcarnotmyname: excellent, thanks21:14
ttxno other question ? moving on then21:14
notmynameI don't know if keystone will be in 1.4.121:14
notmynamethat is,21:14
notmynameit won't be part of the project21:14
notmynamebut I don't know if pointers, etc will be there21:14
notmyname(or if keystone will be ready then)21:15
notmynameit's a matter of docs, mostly21:15
ttx#topic Glance status21:15
*** openstack changes topic to "Glance status"21:15
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ttxjaypipes: hi! Looking at https://launchpad.net/glance/+milestone/diablo-121:15
ttxAll targeted features are in. You have one open targeted bug left...21:15
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jaypipesttx: yes, I've been waiting for dprince to do a final check on that.21:16
ttxNote that if this one doesn't get in today (and doesn't get retargeted) we'll have to push it to the release branch *and* to trunk, tomorrow.21:16
jaypipesttx: yes, understood.21:16
ttxjaypipes: Other announcements, comments ?21:16
jaypipesttx: nope.21:16
jaypipesttx: I'll do a release announcement on thursday.21:16
ttxAny Glance question, raise your hand21:16
jaypipesttx: been working on fixing myriad Keystone unit test issues today.21:16
ttxprimeministerp1: a Glance question ?21:17
primeministerp1nope, stuff to add to misc21:17
ttxok, wait for open discussion then21:18
primeministerp1sorry slip of the sausage hands21:18
ttx#topic Nova status21:18
*** openstack changes topic to "Nova status"21:18
ttxvishy: yo! Looking at https://launchpad.net/nova/+milestone/diablo-121:18
ttxA few planned features are still missing -- let's see what can still make it and what should be deferred:21:18
ttx* integrate-nova-authn: no code linked21:18
ttxBeen trying to get updated status from westmaas, apparently this was between Titan and RCB21:19
vishythere is code in keystone for integration21:19
vishythat works - ec2 api21:19
vishyminus the ec2 api that is21:19
devcamcarvishy: no ec2 api with keystone?21:19
vishythe spec included a middleware for ec2 that is not done21:19
ttxso this should be retargeted to diablo-2 ?21:19
vishyso yes21:20
ttxok will do21:20
ttx* xs-ovs: branch proposed, no review yet21:20
ttxLooks like time is running short for this one21:20
jaypipesvishy: that's interesting, considering I can get virtually no tests to pass in keystone...21:20
ttxoh, it got one approved recently21:20
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jaypipesvishy: remove the stubs and it falls apart...21:20
vishyrick reviewed it needs another +1.  I've looked at it21:21
vishyjaypipes: hmm, we are using it successfully21:21
ttx* provider-firewall: branch proposed, one review missing21:21
jaypipesvishy: simple little things like you can create a user with no password, then try it again and the server dies.21:21
vishyit is very hard for anyone to test the ovs branch, but apparently it has gone through qa inside of rs21:22
vishyi think provider will make it in21:22
ttxok, let's keep both targeted atm21:22
ttx* administrative-vms: not proposed yet21:22
vladimir3pstill working on it21:23
vladimir3pjust changed its target to diablo-221:23
ttxvladimir3p: makes sense, thanks21:23
vishythe testing one titan said they need a couple more days21:23
vishyit doesn't really affect any production code so we can merge it if it makes it21:24
vishyit is essentially just docs21:24
ttxand reference-architectures doesn't land in code, so we can keep it in21:24
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ttxOn the bugs side, we have no bugs targeted to diablo-1 yet. Any candidate ?21:24
*** dubsquared has joined #openstack-meeting21:24
ttxany critical regression we missed ?21:25
ttxvishy: anything else you wanted to mention ?21:25
ttxQuestions for the Nova PTL ?21:26
vishyI would love help tomorrow with testing21:26
sorenI'll certainly help test.21:26
vishyif everyone could just try to install and run the trunk code to pick up any last minute issues before we cut milestone 1 that would be great21:26
ttxvishy: I'll try to throw some spare cycles at basic testing, been some time since I last refreshed my install.21:27
ttxok, moving on in 10 seconds if nobody raises their hand.21:27
primeministerp1on the nova side21:27
ttxprimeministerp1: yes ?21:27
primeministerp1how's about hyperv bits21:28
ttxprimeministerp1: you mean, do they work ? As far as we know, yes, but that doesn't mean much.21:28
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primeministerp1i'm trying to understand how it fits in21:28
primeministerp1and how we can help21:28
*** AlexNeef has joined #openstack-meeting21:28
ttxvishy: you take this one ?21:29
primeministerp1to bring everyone here up to speed21:29
primeministerp1if i may21:29
primeministerp1we have an 8 node hyperv compute cloud running on 4xnehialm(sp?) machines21:29
primeministerp1we would like to make sure21:29
dabooops - wrong window21:29
primeministerp1we are testing all the latest stuff21:30
ttxprimeministerp1: did you get the contacts that were promised to you ?21:30
primeministerp1to help w/ the advancement of hyperv/openstack21:30
primeministerp1o yes21:30
primeministerp1i did21:30
mtaylorprimeministerp1: I was actually _just_ in the middle of writing some email about that :)21:30
primeministerp1however i would like to invite others to our cause21:30
ttxprimeministerp1: integrate the testing sounds like the best way to achieve that21:31
ttxmaybe we can come back on that at the end of the meeting, time permitting21:31
primeministerp1is there anyone out there currently who has done anything w/ hyperv/nova21:31
ttxwe have a few more topics to cover.21:31
primeministerp1fair enough21:31
ttxand this is an open-ended question :)21:31
ttx#topic Nova review backlog21:31
primeministerp1i love thos21:31
*** openstack changes topic to "Nova review backlog"21:31
ttxI wanted to quickly discuss what we can do to reduce the Nova review backlog (again).21:32
ttxI'm under the impression that since ReviewDays were set up, we have less opportunistic reviews than we used to...21:32
ttxDoes that mean we should move to two core reviewers per day ?21:32
ttxThere are 23 members. At this point that means one review day every month.21:32
ttxSounds like two review days per month wouldn't be too much.21:32
devcamcari prefer the idea of assigning areas to people21:32
devcamcarmaking people responsible for specific reviews and not specific days21:33
jk0assigning areas++21:33
ttxdevcamcar: that hasn't really been working well so far21:33
devcamcarttx: i wasn't aware we were even formally doing that21:33
devcamcarmaybe thats the problem?21:33
jk0there is just too much that particular core members may not be able to fully test21:33
ttxvishy, soren: opinions ?21:34
sorenWhen we first started this, the reviewer of the day didn't have to actually do all the reviews.21:35
sorenThey were supposed to do reviews, click the approve button, and/or poke more appropriate people to review.21:36
ttxsoren: I haven't seen that happening so far.21:36
ttx(the poke more appropriate people to review part)21:36
sorenI think we still need review duty. Otherwise things will inevitable fall through the cracks between people's designated areas of expertise.21:36
VekI've had a merge prop languishing for a week since last review/update21:36
sorenttx: Nor have I. I've not even done it myself. :)21:36
ttxsoren: the question is, should we double the number of reviews per day ?21:37
sorenttx: follow-on question is: should this be permanent?21:37
ttxi.e. review duty once or twice per month ?21:37
ttxsoren: I think it would. If the number of pending reviews goes sown, the duty becomes lighter21:38
sorenI'm fine with two review days a month.21:38
ttxothers ?21:38
ttxvishy: ?21:38
bcwaldondefinitely agree, but we should also consider removing some from the rotation21:39
vishyI'm ok with it although I think the problem is really scheduling21:39
bcwaldonpeople that may not be as active in the project as they used to be21:39
sorenI can adjust the e-mail that gets sent out to be clearer that merely poking other, more appropriate people to do reviews is perfectly fine.21:39
ttxbcwaldon: names ! names !21:39
sorenvishy: How so?21:39
bcwaldonI will not be that guy21:39
vishysoren: most of the people working on the project have a lot of other responsibilities21:40
vishysoren: our solution seems to be trade with someone else if there is a conflict...21:41
vishysoren: although we don't necessarily have a good way of doing that...21:41
sorenvishy: No?21:41
vishysoren: any way to get your automatic emailer to send out google calendar hits :)21:42
devcamcari never receive emails for review days21:42
sorenvishy: Per-person ical feed?21:42
vishyI've had twice now where i've lost track of my day and suddenly gotten the email on a morning when i have 4 meetings :)21:42
* jaypipes already remove himself...21:43
sorendevcamcar: devin.carlen@gmail.com is you, right?21:43
devcamcarsoren: yes21:43
devcamcarit worked once21:43
devcamcarbut hasn't lately for some reason21:43
vishysoren: in any case, this is a side issue21:43
vishysoren: two times a month is fine21:43
ttxdevcamcar: then you worktime optimizer filter decided to spam it :)21:43
ttxok, time is running out, we need to go to the last topic21:44
ttxsoren: can you take the action of doubling the duty ?21:44
sorenttx: Doing so right now.21:44
ttx#topic Functional testing21:44
*** openstack changes topic to "Functional testing"21:44
ttxso several people raised the issue of lack of progress on the functional testing side21:44
ttxseparate groups are involved in designing/implementing parallel efforts21:45
ttxI was wondering how we could optimize that, reduce duplication of effort and get something usable asap :)21:45
westmaasvek has a good branch out that a decision should be made on21:45
ttxLooks like setting up a regular "functional testing" meeting to coordinate could help.21:45
Vekum...get my merge prop in?  :)21:45
ttxmtaylor: ?21:45
mtaylorttx: I heard mention of perhaps setting up a team/group ... yes. what you just said21:45
ttxmtaylor: may I action you on that ?21:46
mtaylorttx: yes. I will take care of that... and will send a mail to the list about it21:46
*** midodan has joined #openstack-meeting21:46
ttx#action mtaylor to set up a "functional testing" meeting to coordinate efforts21:46
bcwaldonVek: Have you seen the comments on that prop?21:46
Vekbcwaldon: and replied, addressed, etc.21:46
mtaylorttx: also, I'm writing up some notes on what's going on so far to go out to the list - I'll tie that in with the group thing21:46
VekI'm not aware of any outstanding unaddressed comment.21:47
bcwaldonVek: check one more time for me. There are two comments at the bottom21:47
*** sparkycollier_ has quit IRC21:47
ttx#topic Open discussion21:47
*** openstack changes topic to "Open discussion"21:47
ttxFor those interested, two iCal feeds:21:47
ttxiCal for OpenStack milestones and releases:21:47
ttx#link http://tinyurl.com/openstack-releases21:47
ttxiCal for OpenStack meetings:21:47
ttx#link http://tinyurl.com/openstack-meetings21:48
ttxping me for any change21:48
Vekbcwaldon: the one from dietz was in response to the one from blamar, and made at my request to look at it.21:48
bcwaldonVek: gotcha21:48
ttxVek: if you addressed the reviewers comments, they should finally approve it21:49
ttxVek: if they don't, hunt them down21:49
VekYou'd think :)21:49
blamarttx: Or disapprove if it's not something that should go in?21:49
ttxblamar: of course :)21:49
VekI haven't heard anything from termie since I addressed his concerns after the summit21:49
Vekand I haven't heard anything from vishy since I addressed *his* concerns last week.21:50
Vek*poke* *poke*21:50
bcwaldoninappropriate behavior21:50
*** somik has joined #openstack-meeting21:50
ttxprimeministerp1: back on the Hyper-V question. What are you expecting exactly ?21:51
ttxprimeministerp1: I think the key is to get the setup integrated so that we can actually test trunk on Hyper-V.21:51
ttxprimeministerp1: not sure there is much more to it ?21:52
mtaylorttx: ++ ^^21:52
ttx<primeministerp1> however i would like to invite others to our cause21:52
mtaylorso, the idea there is to make sure we have a story for deploying in general that we can apply to the machines we have now or to machines we get access to from primeministerp121:53
primeministerp1o yes21:53
ttxI think you won't gather momentum until that first rthing is done21:53
mtayloror from anyone else21:53
primeministerp1i'm in21:53
primeministerp1i can prob offer up some linux(xen/kvm) nodes as well21:53
primeministerp1to assist in the total cause21:53
mtaylorthen the thing that's in parallel to that is ensuring we have dev resources also provided so that if a dev hits a snag on a branch going in due to hyperv - that there is somewhere they can go to look at it21:53
ttxprimeministerp1: so watch for mtaylor's announcement of that functional testing group21:54
primeministerp1so i have a full class c21:54
primeministerp1that's currently unused21:54
primeministerp1if we coordinate21:54
primeministerp1i can make this thing fully public21:54
ttxprimeministerp1: looks like you should be part of that group :)21:54
primeministerp1does that mean i get a new email addr?21:54
mtaylorha. no email address for you!21:55
ttxno, but you may get a bumper sticker21:55
primeministerp1fair enough21:55
primeministerp1I'll work on the email addr21:55
ttx"if you can read this you should be doing QA instead"21:55
* Vek has too many email addresses as it is...hard to keep track of them all21:55
primeministerp1i love shockwaves21:55
ttxanything else before I close this meeting ?21:55
primeministerp1any new discussion of location for the upcoming summit21:56
ttxprimeministerp1: last I heard it would be east coast.21:56
jk0sounded like it was between Boston and NYC21:56
ttxprimeministerp1: potentially very close to you.21:57
primeministerp1i'm up for lobbying for boston21:57
jatsrt++ Boston21:57
* Vek would be too, actually...21:57
westmaasblacksburg, va21:57
ttxok, that's a sign this meeting came to an end.21:57
*** openstack changes topic to "Openstack Meetings: http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings | Minutes: http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/openstack-meeting/2011/"21:58
openstackMeeting ended Tue May 31 21:58:01 2011 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot . (v 0.1.4)21:58
openstackMinutes:        http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/openstack-meeting/2011/openstack-meeting.2011-05-31-21.02.html21:58
openstackMinutes (text): http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/openstack-meeting/2011/openstack-meeting.2011-05-31-21.02.txt21:58
openstackLog:            http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/openstack-meeting/2011/openstack-meeting.2011-05-31-21.02.log.html21:58
ttxThanks everyone !21:58
ttxI think we should do it east of east coast, in Europe.21:58
jk0Europe++, but not in Amsterdam anymore21:58
sorenEurope's East coast, perhaps? :)21:58
westmaasjk0: haha, just get your citizenship21:59
sorenNot sure if that would be around the Ural Mountains or Japan.21:59
dragondmMore like east spain, or perhaps somewhere on the baltic :>22:00
somikI guess its netstack meeting time..22:01
*** jk0 has left #openstack-meeting22:01
*** BinaryBlob has quit IRC22:01
sorensomik: Cancelled, wasn't it?22:01
somikoh.. then i guess so..22:02
jamesurquhartrick and dan both travelling. Looks like no meeting today.22:02
SumitNaiksatamsame time tomorrow, then?22:02
somikoh.. well..22:02
somikhave we confirmed same time tomm.?22:03
bhallrick proposed it on the mailing list22:03
bhallsalvatore said he can't make it, but it doesn't look like anyone confirmed22:03
somikI may not be able to make it but if we have quorum thats cool22:03
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