Wednesday, 2011-11-02

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nati2Hi all16:01
nati2hi bcwaldon16:01
bcwaldonwestmaas is here, too, just busy talking to somebody16:01
nati2:bcwaldon gotcha16:02
dwalleckGigi is out of town today, so it's just myself and KenWhite-RAX from San Antonio16:02
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rohitkHi stackers!16:02
nati2dwalleck: Yes I know. Gigi is coming SF office16:03
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nati2rohitk:  hi rohit16:03
nati2ok let's get started16:04
rohitkim in a different timezone :-)16:05
nati2I wanna report unit test progress16:06
nati2Our team almost finished unit test working. And code is now on our repos.
nati2My team starts bug fixing work16:06
openstackMeeting started Wed Nov  2 16:06:52 2011 UTC.  The chair is bcwaldon. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.16:06
nati2bcwaldon: thanks16:07
bcwaldonno problem :)16:07
nati2Our team reported 49 bugs
nati2Some of it is already fixed for essex but not for diablo. I'll reqeust backport merge them in next week.16:07
nati2That's all from me :) Any questions for unit testing.16:08
nati2 Our team almost finished unit test working. And code is now on our repos.  (including about 1400 test cases)  #paste again16:09
nati2ok let's go to next topic.  bcwaldon: Thanks again16:10
nati2#topic integration-tests16:10
nati2: westmaas would you report current progress?16:10
dwalleckwestmaas: Are you there? Or do you want me to give the update?16:10
westmaasnati2: sure thing16:10
westmaasdwalleck: please do16:10
dwalleckSure. This morning I merge propped the tests from the Zodiac suite into the integration suite16:11
dwalleckThere's still quite a few more to bring in, but I ran out of time :)16:11
bcwaldondwalleck: I'll be looking at your review later today16:11
dwalleckI just wanted to make sure I got something in before the meeting today16:12
dwalleckbcwaldon: sounds good16:12
westmaasdefinitely looking for input on how this merge lines up with the goals I outlined and rohit added to16:12
KenWhite-RAX  dwalleck: do you have a count on how many you merged?16:13
dwalleckDefinitely. There's also some directory shifting that I still may want to do. I'll have to talk with bcwaldon and westmaas16:13
bcwaldonI'll be here :) I definitely want that done asap16:13
dwalleckKenWhite-Rax: I think it ended up being about 25? And another 35 are pending16:14
KenWhite-RAXdwalleck:  thanks16:14
rohitkdwalleck: I would like to contribute to the o-i-t branch, but i don't think the tests are in 'runnable' state, we now have kong+zodiac style tests right? Can we zero in on zodiac style tests16:15
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates16:16
donaldngo_hpi had to do quite a bit of modifications to get the kong tests to run on our system16:16
dwalleckrohitk: I'm fine with that. I verified this morning that they were runnable via nose this morning (given that you have a valid config file)16:16
dwalleckWhich is just an auth endpoint and some valid image/flavor ids16:16
dwalleckRight now it also assumes you are using keystone for auth, but I can easily add a feature flag to make that switchable16:17
nati2dwalleck: Do you mean , we can use nose style for test writing?16:17
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dwallecknati: You could, but I meant that using the nosetest runner, my tests work (I think nose is the test runner for everything under the hood)16:18
dwalleckI can add to the README and send an email with more details once the inital commit gets hammered out16:18
dwalleckwestmaas, bcwaldon: Does that sound sane?16:19
*** nati2_ has joined #openstack-meeting16:19
bcwaldonyeah, we can get rid of run_tests16:19
rohitkdwalleck: after your review #1251 gets merged how can I run the zodiac tests16:19
bcwaldondwalleck: we do need to figure out test skipping based on config variables, though16:19 nova should do it, It hink16:19
nati2_dwalleck: gotcha thanks16:20
dwalleckbcwaldon: Can do16:20
westmaasI think we still might have value in the runner, depending on how we set up options and the like16:20
*** nati2 has quit IRC16:20
westmaasbut I'm not married to that notion16:20
nati2_do we have any coding standard for integration-test tool? something like pep816:21
bcwaldonwe do need to commit to one or the other, though16:21
*** KumarKR has joined #openstack-meeting16:21
rohitknati2_: I think any openstack python code must comply with pep816:21
bcwaldonnow that I think about it, nose won't be good enough for us if we want to support tags like we have from kong16:21
dwallecknati2_: I started a HACKING file for that. There was a bit of controversy, so I trimmed it down a bit16:21
dwalleckbcwaldon: Nose supports tags16:22
nati2_dwalleck: rohitk: gotcha thanks16:22
bcwaldondwalleck: ah, excellent, I'll talk to you later about that then16:22
dwalleckI think nose is the under the hood testrunner for kong16:22
dwalleckSounds good16:22
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westmaasnati2_: we should use pep8, that should get added to the hacking file16:23
bcwaldonwestmaas: ++16:23
westmaasnati2_: but we don't gate on that yet, I don't think16:23
westmaaswe can ask monty to set that up for us once we are sure there are no errors16:23
nati2_So current merge request  should do pep8 also #link,sidebyside,1251,2,nova/services/nova/json/images_json_client.py16:24
nati2_westmaas: cool16:24
bcwaldonwestmaas: do you want me to get rid of all the existing pep8 errors and lock that down?16:24
westmaasbcwaldon: sure16:24
bcwaldon#action bcwaldon to establish pep8 gating on master16:24
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*** KenWhite-RAX has joined #openstack-meeting16:25
westmaasand I'd like comments from everyone on dwalleck's merge prop, whether you are core or not, thanks!16:25
westmaasok, so I was supposed to make a poll last week16:25
westmaasfor the name of these tests16:26
bcwaldon#topic Name Change16:26
*** openstack changes topic to "Name Change"16:26
westmaasI will actually do that today16:26
rohitkwestmaas: how will the kong+stacktester configs and other core stuff be affected after zodiac merge? asking so that i can be clear what kind of tests the branch should produce16:26
bcwaldon#action westmaas to send out poll for changing the suite name16:26
rohitkin the current o-i-t branch, like will kong/ be removed?16:26
westmaasrohitk: that merge only adds, so nothing should change16:26
westmaasrohitk: I don't want to remove until we move the tests over16:27
westmaasrohitk: does that seem reasonable?16:27
rohitkwestmaas: yup16:27
westmaasrohitk: at that point we should just go through the gong tests and pull tests over and delete them until there are none left in kong, or at least only ones that we don't want to support16:27
rohitkwestmaas: got it but i was also thinking about and other stacktester stuff, will there be rewrite/merge/replace-with-zodiac for such things too16:29
*** hggdh has quit IRC16:29
westmaasrohitk: there should be, yes.  however we want to get in the config and tagging should be done next16:29
dwalleckrohitk: I think that merge should be very smooth16:29
rohitkwestmaas: dwalleck: will stay updated with the merges, thanks16:30
donaldngo_hpare we having one config file for both kong and zodiac?16:30
*** reed has joined #openstack-meeting16:31
nati2_donaldngo_hp: for next step. I suppose16:31
westmaasdonaldngo_hp: yep, with kong directory just going away as quickly as possible16:31
dwalleckdonaldngo: That would be the goal. The long term goal is that everything is quickly merged16:31
nati2_Our team want to start adding new test cases for integration-tests16:32
nati2_Is there anybody goint to add new test cases now?16:32
nati2_We wanna use zodiac now. Do you have comment on that?16:32
dwallecknati2_: myself and my team are going to be adding many in the next weeks16:32
nati2_dwalleck: Could you share the list in order to avoid depilation works?16:33
rohitknati2_ ++16:33
nati2_dwalleck: and which test framework will you use?16:33
dwallecknati2_: Sure. Actually, westmaas had an idea to use bugs against the openstack-integration-test project to track test development16:34
dwalleckWhich could be another possibility16:34
nati2_ah it is cool16:34
rohitkdwalleck: I think thats consistent with the way nati2_ is doing for unit-tests16:34
dwallecknati2_: I'll be developing under what was the zodiac tests. The goal is to move anything that was in kong over16:34
nati2_dwalleck:  ok would you report bug?16:35
dwalleckAnd add many additional things. nati2_: Sure. I'll have them in by end of tomorrow.16:35
nati2_Ah, if all of new test implementer will use zodiac, how about make zodiac offical one?16:35
nati2_and all test will be merged for zodiac style16:36
rohitkdwalleck: If I want to write a test case for o-i-t (after zodiac merge), am I right by saying only the relative imports of the configs, clients and other stuff will change?16:36
rohitkand the rest of the style- requests, object creation would stay same?16:36
dwalleckrohtik: That should be right. The interfaces for the services shouldn't be changing really16:37
dwalleckJust some possible shuffling of directory structure and naming16:37
rohitkdwalleck: awesome16:37
KenWhite-RAXnati2_: ++16:37
dwalleckAnd if we can get enough feedback, I'd love to get that sorted out as fast as possible so we can reach a point of architecture stability16:38
nati2_ok let's vote. please #agreed for zodiac as openstack-qa official framework.16:38
rohitk#agree (agreed in the last meeting too)16:38
*** KumarKR has quit IRC16:39
nati2_donaldngo_hp: Do you have any thought>16:39
donaldngo_hpwe are merging kong into zodiac right?16:39
donaldngo_hpso  zodiac is just the new name for the combined framework?16:40
bcwaldonhold on, yeah, what are we agreeing on here?16:40
dwalleckdonaldngo_hp: No, that's not the name of the final suite16:40
nati2_I think if new test implementer will use zodiac, let's zodiac style as default style16:41
donaldngo_hpso what are we voting on ?16:41
dwalleckI would say before everyone votes, take a look at the merge prop first16:41
rohitki agreed for the test writing style :-)16:41
bcwaldondwalleck: ++ that's why I #disagree16:41
dwalleckMake sure this is what you want to sign up for16:41
westmaasI think we can agree that what gets merged is the example and path we should follow16:41
nati2_ok let's vote next meeting16:42
dwalleckBecause once I get started, I'm running :D16:42
nati2_Until next meeting, each member should check the merge prop16:42
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk16:42
*** AntoniHP has joined #openstack-meeting16:43
westmaassounds good16:43
dwalleckAnd make comments, and we can discuss this on the mailing list as well16:43
nati2_OK any other topics for integration tests?16:44
rohitkwe should be integrating the framework than just copying over16:44
dwalleckrohitk: Right16:44
nati2_rohitk: yes I agree16:44
dwalleckThat's the plan16:44
nati2_If we can decide test framework, it will be very effective.16:45
donaldngo_hpwould it make sense to start from a single test and have everyone get on board with what there invidual needs are16:45
nati2_donaldngo_hp: Yes it make sence. So this is long time goal.16:45
rohitkI just feel the service layer from zodiac is a good feature for flexibility into the o-i-t16:46
bcwaldonwell we've already proposed several tests w/ this merge prop, so it's *not* long term16:46
donaldngo_hpive only played with the kong tests but i had to do a lot of changes like reworking the endpoint calls so that it uses an ssl16:46
nati2_donaldngo_hp: And also, we should have official recommendations for new test implementer.16:46
donaldngo_hpi suggest we start with a simple test like the swift auth call to get the token and have that as the first test inside this "framework"16:47
donaldngo_hpthen have everyone look at what we have and decide on what we need like config files, nameing conventions, coding style ect16:47
donaldngo_hponce we all agree then its a checking, review, drop and run type of framework16:48
donaldngo_hpwhat do you guys think?16:48
nati2_donaldngo_hp: I think you can see the simple example on each test frameworks.16:48
donaldngo_hpi can see the examples but my concern is that we want to make everyone happy16:49
donaldngo_hpand having so much tests being merged and added just doesnt make it easy16:49
nati2_donaldngo_hp: IMO, Test implementer's will is most important16:50
donaldngo_hpwhat's test implementer?16:50
nati2_donaldngo_hp: test senarios16:50
westmaasdwalleck: can you identify 1-5 tests that highlight the important parts of your proposal?16:50
rohitknati2_++, If I can design a complex integration test quickly and easily then i have the vote for the framework16:51
dwalleckwestmaas: Sure. Want me to just send that out to the list with some explanation?16:51
westmaaswell I think donaldngo_hp would prefer those be the only tests in this particular merge prop, since the goal here is to define what we will use for everything else16:51
westmaaswe don't necessarily have to do it that way, but it might focus the discussion a bit16:52
dwalleckOkay, I can do that. I'll pull all tests from my merge prop except for those16:52
westmaasnati2_: do you buy that?16:52
dwalleckI'll get that done today and then send something out when it's done16:52
nati2_westmaas: gotcha16:53
westmaasdonaldngo_hp: work for you?16:53
donaldngo_hpsounds good16:53
westmaasthanks dwalleck!16:54
dwalleckwestmaas: No problem. I'll hustle16:54
nati2_Ok any other topics for integration-tests?16:54
westmaaswhat names should be on the poll I create later?16:54
westmaasI've heard...16:55
nati2_StackTester ?16:55
bcwaldonstorm is an awesome name16:55
*** jog0 has left #openstack-meeting16:56
bcwaldonjust 'storm', not openstack-storm16:56
westmaasok, will make the poll right after lunch16:56
bcwaldonor thunder16:56
westmaasanything else?16:56
bcwaldonI'll get back to you16:56
rohitkopenstack-storm sounds like a cool 'project' name16:56
rohitkwe have horizon now16:56
nati2_We should construct a strong openstack which win the storm :)16:56
nati2_Ahh, tsunami is very horrible... personally, i don't see the world16:57
rohitkstacktester sounds simple and relevant16:57
bcwaldonyeah, maybe not that one16:57
rohitkopenstacktester would be good but looong16:58
donaldngo_hpstorm is cool it relates to cloud computing. i guess we have to take it to a vote16:58
rohitkvote, vote, poll!16:58
nati2_yep storm is cool :) Short16:58
westmaaswill make it soon promise!16:58
nati2_and cool16:58
westmaasready to end?16:58
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openstackMinutes (text):
nati2_Thanks all!!16:58
westmaasthanks :)16:58
*** mattray has quit IRC16:58
rohitkcheers all!16:58
dwalleckthanks everyone!16:59
donaldngo_hpthank you16:59
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debo_os#topic Donabe21:00
*** openstack changes topic to "Donabe"21:00
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debo_osI guess everyone is busy at UDS this week21:02
zykes-debo_os: do you know where to go to get a "skeleton" for a project ?21:02
debo_osI am actually in the oVirt workshop :)21:02
*** glenc_ is now known as glenc21:02
zykes-i've tried asking x times but noone seems to be wanting to answrer21:03
debo_oswhere did you ask?21:03
debo_osMaybe I missed your emails ..... sincerely apologize21:03
zykes-i haven't emailed, just irc21:03
debo_osbrb in 1min21:04
zykes-i'm playing around with a idea for a dns service kind of like the reddwarf project just for spawning dns instances instead for tenants and on public networks21:04
debo_osok ... so since last time I looked at the db models21:07
debo_osI think 2 DBs seem good - neo4j and mongo21:07
zykes-debo_os: for ?21:08
debo_osto store the container descriptions21:08
debo_osif you remember donabe is a container graph21:08
zykes-i was talking about another thing ;)21:08
debo_osso tenants have containers21:08
debo_osoh sorry I was out for 1min ...21:09
debo_oswere we on dns service?21:09
zykes-i'm just thinking of a addition to quantum / melange21:09
debo_osthe dns service?21:09
debo_osIt should ideally be in melange21:10
debo_osif you had to make a choice21:10
debo_osor a separate one21:10
debo_osthats just a gut feel21:10
debo_osI guess we dont have much to talk about Donabe then21:10
debo_osthen we can go to dns service stuff and end the donabe meeting21:11
glenci'm cool - I have to leave soon anyway for an appointment21:12
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openstackMinutes (text):
zykes-i was more thinking of a reddwarf alike service where you can make openvz instances with powerdns in them and deploy to tenant networks for people who want that and also have public instances for public records21:13
zykes-i think that could be pretty ok for many situations, like autogenerating dns recoreds like <inst>.<tenant>.supercloud.com21:14
zykes-any suggestions from you netfolks +21:15
zykes-debo_os: or a bad idea ?21:17
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