Thursday, 2011-11-03

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renukaHello, shall we start the openstack volumes meeting?17:00
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vishyis anyone else here?17:01
renukaI was trying to find out... I didn't get many responses for the email17:01
DuncanTI'm here (Duncan from HP)17:01
driccoI'm here (Cian from HP)17:01
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renukaDuncanT: have you had the chance to hash out the design of volume affinity?17:02
renukaif you think that you have something to discuss on that front, we could have the meeting now17:03
DuncanTI put up a blueprint... the brief discussion I had with Vladimir last week seemed to suggest that it causes him no problems and basically just appears as a key-value pair at volume create time17:04
DuncanTI'm happy to discuss anybody else's thoughts on it17:05
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vishyif there isn't a meeting17:05
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renuka#topic Volume Affinity17:05
*** openstack changes topic to "Volume Affinity"17:05
renukaIt might be useful to have your thoughts online, so anyone else can read it later17:06
DuncanT has the details I've put up so far17:06
renukaSo what do you expect will go as key value pairs?17:07
renukaHave you decided how you will extend the volume create API?17:08
DuncanTYes, it looked like "affinity:volume1,volume2,volume3 anti-affinity:volume4" notation could express what we are thinking of17:08
DuncanTNo, the API was an open issue17:08
DuncanTvolume-types doesn't allow key-value pairs at create time as it stands17:08
renukavishy: Should API related things be taken up in the nova api meeting or should we come up with extensions here17:09
vishyextensions here17:09
DuncanTVladimir and I couldn't see a reason not to add an 'extras' field, that can contain key-value pairs, with only affinity and anti-affinity being defined for now17:09
vishyvolume api will be separated out so you guys will be responsible for it17:09
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vishyultimately affinity to computes would be interesting as well17:10
renukavishy: right, thanks17:10
vishybut that seems like a good start17:10
renukavishy: I agree. That will likely help boot from volume17:10
DuncanTShould we call it 'volume-affinity' and volume-anti-affinity' to avoid ambiguities later then?17:10
vishyor perhaps it could be affinity:volume-<id>17:11
renuka Do you think we should have something as generic as extras in the API?17:11
vishyand we could use instance-<id> for computes17:11
renukaIf this has structure, why not make it an actual option?17:11
renukavishy: +!17:12
renukaI meant +1 :P17:12
vishyleaving room for other types in the future without having an explosion of keys17:12
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DuncanTI'm thinking we're likely to want to add other options in future17:12
renukaI don't understand. (Potential noob question). If someone has to use the option, they would have to know the key affinity17:13
renukaSo anyone using specific things in extras needs to know the keywords17:13
renukaBy adding extras, we have to add the parsing for it.. doesn't that get more complicated later?17:14
DuncanTkey:value pairs end up being a json dictionary, which has a standard parsing17:16
renukaPlus the API is not self explanatory.. because there could be all sorts of features that go in as "extras"17:16
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vishythis is the general idea behind api extensions17:16
vishyextensions can be added to support specific features17:16
renukavishy: but that is exactly why I would think we need not have another layer of generic options... unless we think we need them. Like in the case of connectivity, there is no way we can support all the options that all storage types have17:17
vishykey value do seem like undocumented features17:17
vishyinternally they make sense17:18
vishybut i think what is exposed to the api should attempt to be actual options in the request17:18
renukabut in case of affinity/anti-affinity, we seem to have the keywords nailed. Anything else like compute that gets added later, can go in, as you said affinity: volume-id, compute-id, etc17:18
DuncanTI'm not wedded to the idea, it just seems cleaner than having to make structural changes to clients to support some minor API feature17:18
vishyso that they can be documented.17:18
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vishyif it is an optional parameter17:19
vishyclients can ignore it17:19
vishyi guess i see where you are going though17:19
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vishyif a vendor wants to add a new parameter, they would have to go and modify the client to know about it17:20
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DuncanTvish: Quite17:20
vishythat seems like something that is useful to bring up in the nova-api meeting17:20
renukaWhy in this case, in particular?17:20
vishyscheduler hints17:21
renukawouldn't affinity and anti-affinity keywords be sufficient?17:21
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vishyrenuka: in this case, but what if there are other scheduler hints17:21
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vishyor something along those lines17:21
renukavishy: I thought we agreed that types should be used for that17:22
vishyevery new hint would have to be added to the client17:22
vishyrenuka: types are great for requirements but not hints17:22
vishyoptimize:latency vs optimize:bandwidth17:23
renukamakes sense17:23
DuncanTIf we rename 'extras' as 'hints' and define it as information the volume driver/scheduler is free to ignore, does that help?17:23
renukaright, so I like the renaming. Just to ensure that we don't end up adding other functionality there, just because we can17:23
vishyin any case, i think we should discuss it in the api meeting.  What should be codified into a documented option, and what is ok to stick in as key value pairs17:23
vishymy rough pass would be ignorable data (like hints) are ok as key/value pairs17:24
DuncanTvish: That makes good sense17:24
vishy#action vishy to bring up key-value pairs vs extensions in the nova-api meeting17:25
vishy#action vishy to bring up separate-volume-api in the nova-api meeting17:25
vishyi have to go grab some lunch before it is gone, can I throw in a request before i go?17:25
vishyI would really like you guys to start reviewing all volume related patches that are thrown into gerrit17:26
vishyfor example:,120217:26
vishyeven if it is just to say, that looks fine17:26
renukawill do17:27
tim-at-homeok willn do17:27
DuncanTvish: I've been playing with that code today funny enough17:27
vishy#action volume team to start reviewing volume related code in gerrit17:27
driccoyup will do17:28
renukaRight, so anything else to be discussed for affinity? This blueprint will be implemented by HP, correct?17:29
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DuncanTrenuka: Yes, though it is closely tied to the volume-types work in places17:30
renukaDuncanT: right, so the volume-types work is already in, correct?17:31
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DuncanTrenuka: I'm not certain it is in its final form, but I'll check with Vladimir and make sure we don't cause each other headaches17:33
renuka#action HP to look into volume types requirements and implement Volume Affinity/Anti Affinity17:34
renukaThe next thing i wanted to bring up was the need for an admin API for dynamic storage17:34
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renukaDoes anyone else feel the need for this?17:34
tim-at-homerenuka, what do you mean by dynamic storage?17:35
renukatim-at-home: We do not use storage local to the nova-volume node for volumes17:36
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renukaso we end up having to "add" our storage backends/arrays and remove them when they need to be offline etc17:36
tim-at-homerenuka, gotcha -17:36
DuncanTrenuka: Is this something that will end up generic, or is it better as a vendor extension?17:36
tim-at-homewont this be very specific?17:36
renukaAt the moment, the xen storage manager driver has its own table, and uses the nova-manage command to add/remove this17:37
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renukathis is how the nova-manage command looks at the moment:17:37
renukanova-manage sm backend_add <flavor label> <SR type> [config connection parameters]17:37
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renukaflavor here means type (needs to be refactored)17:38
tim-at-homefor example we have a proprietary API for managing our storage - it is very specific to our particular  archtiectrure17:38
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renukaSo I guess we are leaning towards vendor extensions then17:38
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tim-at-homeI do not feel strongly about it,17:39
DuncanTI think so. We might look at how much commonality there is later, but I don't see any advantage at the moment17:39
rnirmaleach vendor already has existing tools to manage this, should we recreate them within the context of nova17:39
renukawithout a common table that contains the storage available in the zone, would be still be able to function well across various vendors/storage types?17:41
DuncanTSurely the available storage is know dynamically by the scheduler based on what nova-volume servers present themselves?17:42
renukaright, i guess report capabilities can be used appropriately17:43
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renukanext up was the netapp blueprint that robert mentioned on the emails. Is anyone from netapp here?17:44
renukaguess not17:45
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renukaAnything else anyone would like to bring up?17:45
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DuncanTIs boot-from-volume going to be discussed at some point?17:46
renukaWe are certainly interested in that17:46
tim-at-homeis anyone using it?17:46
DuncanTThe current situation, aims and functionality is not very clear, and the current shape of the API is very limiting17:46
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renukaI agree17:47
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tim-at-homeme 217:47
renukaThe code seems to be there for libvirt, but I haven't used it17:47
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tim-at-homeshould we ask Morita-san to come along?17:48
renukashould we bring this up on an email thread for visibility?17:49
tim-at-homeI think that is a good idea. I certainly find it difficult to understand exactly what is there17:50
DuncanTIt would definitely be worth getting all of the interested parties involved, yes17:50
renukaDuncanT: Is there anything in particular you would like to see in the API for example?17:50
DuncanTrenuka: I'd like to see an API for generically plugging volumes onto an instance/server  before it is booted, and setting the boot device17:51
DuncanTRather than limiting it to the ec2 boot-onto-a-cloned-copy only17:51
renukaDuncanT: there is a BootFromVolumeController in the openstack api17:52
DuncanTrenuka: I saw it, it is not clear how it is supposed to work17:52
renuka#action bring up boot from volume on email thread to get an idea of current state/goals17:53
DuncanTFor example, if I have vm1 create & prepare (fill) a volume, then detach I'd like to be able to provision a new vm that boots from that volume17:53
DuncanT(or volumes)17:53
jdurginDuncanT: this exists as an OS api extension, but it could use some cleaning up17:55
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tim-at-homeI think it would be good to consolidate the boot from volume *& the recent autocreatebootvoluems into a logical set of volume & boot capabilities17:55
renukaRight, we have about 3 minutes remaining. Anything else that needs to be brought up in the future?17:57
tim-at-homei'm good17:57
DuncanTI can't think of anything at the moment17:57
driccogood here too17:57
renukaso I noticed we have the nova volume meeting set to happen every Thursday17:58
renukajust wanted to confirm that everyone feels the need for a weekly meeting17:58
DuncanTThere have been things to discuss every week so far17:58
tim-at-homeI think at present it is a good timing,. As it happens I will be AWOL next week17:59
renukaok. let us keep it that way17:59
renukaalright, thanks everyone.17:59
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driccothanks, bye18:00
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