Wednesday, 2011-11-09

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salvdolphm: We took out Keystone integration from Quantum's diablo release. So I don't think we need it in stable/diablo. Essex-1 should be fine.00:07
dolphm_salv: cool00:07
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bcwaldonanybody here?16:07
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jaypipessorry, damn daylight savings...16:08
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* ttx wonders if putting the gCal iframe on the meetings page would help.16:09
westmaasspeaking of the meeting page, how can we get logs from previous meetings to show up here?
ttxwestmaas: by copying the link MeetBot gives you at the end of the meeting -- into some wiki page16:10
westmaasttx got it16:10
ttxLike on
westmaasnati2: here?16:12
westmaasrohitk: ?16:12
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jaypipeslooks like a number of folks aren't around... daryll, gigi, nati, nayna, ravi16:12
jaypipeswestmaas: want to try in 1 hour?16:13
jaypipeswestmaas: I think daylight savings has messed with people a bit.16:13
bcwaldonat least one16:13
westmaassure, that's fine16:13
jaypipesbcwaldon: :P16:13
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rohitkno DST for me :)16:15
ttxrohitk: yay!16:15
westmaasrohitk: think we are just gonna start in 4016:17
rohitkwestmaas: sure16:17
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jaypipesHey all QAers, are we ready for the weekly meeting?17:00
jaypipesRavikumar_hp: is Nayna available?17:00
jaypipesdwalleck: is Gigi around?17:01
Ravikumar_hpjaypipes: Nayna is in offsite17:01
jaypipesRavikumar_hp: ok, no worries17:01
Ravikumar_hpNext week she will join17:01
dwalleckjaypipes: I haven't seen her this morning. I'm not sure where she is17:01
jaypipesdwalleck: ok. no probs, just curious17:01
jaypipeswestmaas: ready?17:01
jaypipespvo or jkoelker: is Aaron around? please let him know QA meeting is now.17:02
nati2Hi folks17:02
nati2Sorry! I'm late17:03
jaypipesno probs17:03
*** wwkeyboard has joined #openstack-meeting17:03
jaypipeswaiting a short time longer for gabe and/or Aaron17:03
jaypipeswwkeyboard: aha :)17:03
nati2gotcha :)17:03
* annegentle lurks :)17:03
dwalleckI also have a few of my team members here as well17:03
jaypipesannegentle: :)17:04
jaypipesdwalleck: awesome.17:04
jaypipesOK, let's get started. Gabe will join shortly I'm sure17:04
openstackMeeting started Wed Nov  9 17:04:17 2011 UTC.  The chair is jaypipes. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.17:04
jaypipes#topic Bug fixes and unit tests going into stable/diablo17:04
*** openstack changes topic to "Bug fixes and unit tests going into stable/diablo"17:04
nati2Yes, we are almost finished to write unit test.17:04
jaypipesnati2: OK, we need to discuss how the bug fixes/new tests are being proposed into stable/diablo17:05
jaypipesnati2: so...17:05
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nati2Yes..  I got the point. Essex first , Diablo second17:05
jaypipesnati2: Fixes/patches should FIRST be proposed to Essex trunk.17:05
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jaypipesnati2: Ah, OK, good17:05
nati2jaypipes: yes. I got it17:05
jaypipesnati2: sounds like someone got to you already :)\17:05
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nati2jaypipes: problem is man power. X(17:05
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jaypipesnati2: understood.17:05
jaypipesnati2: what can this team do to assist you?17:06
nati2jaypipes: we have very strict milestone on December17:06
jaypipesnati2: is the problem that it's just you doing the translation from Japanese?17:06
nati2jaypipes: It is very helpfull who helps merge cherrypick our commit to Essex17:06
nati2jaypipes: Because we write test based on dialblo/stable17:06
jaypipesnati2: hmm...17:06
nati2jaypipes: no no japanese translation problem occured17:06
jaypipesnati2: so, is there any chance of getting those bug fixes targeted at Essex first?17:07
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nati2jaypipes: hmm, my team have not enough man power now to do that. We wanna fix it following way. stable/diablo internally first -> modify it for Essex. -> review request for Essex -> review request for Diablo17:08
jaypipesnati2: but wouldn't it be more efficient to do the fix against Essex and have Mark and his team do the backports to stable/diablo?17:09
jaypipesnati2: that way your team doesn't have to do double work17:09
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nati2jaypipes: Ah, however we need all bug fixed internally on this week, and my team already start working.17:11
nati2jaypipes: And I couldn't make it merged on this week.17:11
jaypipesnati2: k, understood.17:11
jaypipesnati2: OK, so we need a plan for when your team will switch from working on Diablo directly to working on trunk.17:11
jaypipesnati2: and then I can work on the "forwardports" of your existing fixes to the essex trunk.17:12
jaypipesnati2: but we need a hard date that your team will stop developing against Diablo17:12
jaypipesnati2: can we decide on a hard date for that?17:12
jaypipesnati2: because I need to coordinate with MarkMc on it17:12
nati2jaypipes: hmm, I couldn't decide hard date now... If QA of diablo/stable succeed, and it is no problem. We can move Essex.17:14
jaypipesnati2: unfortunately, that won't work :) We will need a hard date so that we can plan the switch. Because up until that hard date, someone is going to have to responsible for forwardporting all those fixes to Essex17:15
jaypipesnati2: doesn't have to be decided right now, but before the end of this week a decision  should be made IMO17:15
jaypipesnati2: I will take this conversation offline with you and markmc17:16
nati2jaypipes: OK. I got it :)17:16
jaypipesnati2: alrighty, want to give us a quick status report on the progress your team has made on bug fixes and unit tests in diablo/stabl?17:16
nati2jaypipes: Thanks for your coordination17:16
nati2our team wrote 1000 bugs , and found 60 bugs on that.  Exception handling and input value checking policy applied.17:17
nati2Exception message is more helpful now.17:18
nati2nnnoo I made typo17:18
nati2ur team wrote test case17:18
Ravikumar_hpnati2 : 1000 bugs or 1000 unit tests?17:18
nati21000 unit tests17:18
nati2I pushed about half of it for review.17:18
nati2Another our branch is under my team review.17:19
jaypipeswow, that is a lot :)17:19
nati2Take a look
nati2you can see all branch here17:19
nati2And also it is linked with bug report on openstack-qa team.17:19
jaypipesOK, excellent. That will be very helpful in the process of forward-porting17:20
jaypipesalright, anybody have question for nati2 before we move on?17:21
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jaypipesOK, moving on.17:21
nati2Thanks. There are about 60 branched. And I think 1 branch takes 10-20min at average to forward-port17:21
nati2so 1200 min man power needed.17:22
jaypipes#topic dwalleck, bcwaldon and wwkeyboard to give status report on integration tests17:22
*** openstack changes topic to "dwalleck, bcwaldon and wwkeyboard to give status report on integration tests"17:22
jaypipesand westmaas if he's around ;)17:22
westmaashello :)17:22
dwalleckThere he is17:22
mtayloro/ btw17:22
westmaasat the moment we are waiting on the one review:,125117:23
westmaaswhich we agreed last time would be the basis for future tests to go in17:23
westmaaslooks like we are close on that one17:23
jaypipesyep, I'll add a review on that too, shortly.17:23
westmaasdwalleck: I think its waiting on one last comment from you, no more code necessary17:23
westmaasjust see if you agree with the general path, and then we can push that through17:24
jaypipeswestmaas: did we finalize a new name for the project?17:24
westmaasjaypipes: no :(17:24
jaypipesoh, poop.17:24
westmaasstorm is taken on launchpad, so thats a no go17:24
westmaaswill make a new poll today17:24
dwalleckwestmaas: From bcwaldon? I think I replied to that. But I can reply again and agree :)17:24
westmaasdwalleck: from blamar17:24
dwalleckAhh, gotcha17:24
westmaaswill make a new poll today with a new pre-checked list of names17:24
westmaasif anyone has any suggestions, email them to me17:25
bcwaldonwhat's your email address17:25
jaypipeswestmaas: what about the patch from blamar?17:25
westmaasbcwaldon: gabe.westmaas@rackspace.com17:25
westmaasjaypipes: that can make it in, the test will be migrated over17:26
jaypipesk, cool17:26
jaypipesmtaylor, jeblair: want to give a quick status update on the state of the CI job that should be kicking off the openstack-integration-tests against the RAX CI ccluster?17:26
westmaasI think daryl's should make it in with the name storm, and when we get the final name in we can do a quick change, does that seem reasonable?17:27
bcwaldonwestmaas: ++17:27
jaypipesI know that dean troyer has done some legwork to make it possible to fire openstack-=integration-tests against a devstack17:27
jaypipeswestmaas: ++17:27
jaypipeswestmaas: stackstorm? :)17:28
bcwaldonjaypipes: yep, I've been talking to him a bit17:28
westmaasjaypipes: will add it :)17:28
dwalleckAnd I just called blamar blamer in my comments, so sorry about that :)17:28
jaypipesbcwaldon: talking to Dean?17:28
westmaasdwalleck: thats what we call him17:28
bcwaldonjaypipes: yep17:28
nati2westmaas: openstuck17:28
blamardwalleck: no worries, it's happened a couple times in my life17:28
jaypipesnati2: LOL, that17:28
jaypipesis awesome17:28
nati2jaypipes: :p17:29
dwalleckraid: it kills bugs :)17:29
nati2Ah I wanna discuss about CI stuff17:29
nati2I heard jenkins team will use devstack17:29
jaypipesnati2: I think mtayloris giving an update...17:29
nati2jaypipes: gotcha  mtaylor: please17:30
jaypipesor jeblair :)17:30
mtayloryes. we've got devstack successfully running in cloud servers now and running against stable/diablo17:30
mtaylorwe're working on getting a few things done so that it's possible to safely build a gating job that uses that17:31
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mtaylorand then next week jesse and rcb are going to get devstack working on trunk17:32
westmaasmtaylor: what's
westmaasis that devstack script?17:32
nati2mtaylor: great. Is that single node configration?17:32
mtaylorwestmaas: it's a placeholder script for testing in devstack. it's intended to be replaced by stormstack17:32
westmaasmtaylor: got it17:32
jaypipesmtaylor: is that a single node configuration?17:33
mtaylorit is17:33
jaypipesmtaylor:  what happened to the 10-machine cluster? is that not being used now? :(17:33
nati2mtaylor: Do you have any multinode milestone?17:34
mtaylorjaypipes: it's still there and still in service - but getting devstack working on it in that context is a little more work17:34
jaypipesmtaylor: I'd like to point out that we *had* puppet-based deploy jobs already working on that...17:34
mtaylorno. we did not17:35
jaypipesmtaylor: how so? openstack-deploy-rax?17:35
mtaylorwe had puppet based jobs that installed software. that installation did not actually _work_17:35
mtaylorand we still have those jobs, and at the moment they deploy using devstack17:35
jaypipesOK, so we have a different deploy method now that also doesn't work.17:35
Ravikumar_hpmtaylor: jaypipes: o! - we want to try chef and puppet in hp cloud server17:36
mtaylorbut the openstack that they install can't run the simple test case17:36
jaypipesRavikumar_hp: yes, I know :)17:36
nati2so what's next milestone? extend devstack for multinode?17:36
mtaylorRavikumar_hp: yes. so - we'd love to have a cloud that deploys using chef or puppet as well17:36
nati2Ravikumar_hp: Both of puppet and chef?17:36
jaypipesmtaylor: working with Ravikumar_hp and Nayna on that... we'll discuss offline.17:36
jaypipesnati2: chef first, then later puppet...17:36
Ravikumar_hpalternate in CI . one time puppet deploy next time chef17:36
nati2jaypipes: Gotcha.17:37
mtaylorI do not want to do that...17:37
jaypipesmtaylor: do what?17:37
mtaylorI would rather have two sets of machines and deploy them the same way everytime17:37
nati2Ravikumar_hp: ah do you wanna puppet first?17:37
mtaylorthere isn't really a good way to express "one time use puppet then next time use chef" in jenkins17:37
Ravikumar_hpnat2: chef first17:37
jaypipesmtaylor: yes, that's fine... I was just saying that HP prefers Chef, so that is what they will be working on firest.17:37
nati2ok let's use chef17:37
mtaylorbut I'd LOVE to deploy using both every time17:37
mtaylorah. sure. that's fine17:38
mtaylorso, from CI perspective, we're just working on getting SOMETHING gating on integration tests, which at the moment is devstack based17:38
nati2So chef based CI will be multinode test17:38
jaypipesas I've always said, let us please just get SOMETHING running in a production-similar environment, then iterate for other deployment methods...17:38
nati2And also it can test deployment test and packaging test17:38
mtaylorwe'd LOVE to get some labs hooked in doing chef or puppet deploys/tests17:38
mtayloryes. I think we all agree there :)17:38
jaypipesmtaylor: OK, so final word on this: where are you with the devstack-based multi-node installation? how many more days do you think?17:39
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mtaylorjaypipes: the multi-node deploy _works_ ...but it seems there are some config issues with the cloud that is deployed and thusfar we've been unable to get those resolved17:40
mtaylorso once that's sorted, we'll be in good shape there - although then we'll still be waiting on devstack to be ported to trunk17:40
jaypipesmtaylor: are there bugs logged (or issues on GH)?17:40
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mtaylorwe chatted with jesse about getting devstack sorted, and we'll have a stable/diablo branch of it for gating stable/diablo and then a trunk branch for trunk17:41
jaypipesmtaylor: where can I go to see the progress of devstack and what's coming up in the next few month?17:41
mtaylorjaypipes: no bugs yet, because we don't know what's wrong17:41
mtaylorjaypipes: right now nowhere that I know of. as soon as we turn on the trunk gating job we'll also be taking over the home of devstack and gating it as well17:42
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mtaylorbut for now, you just have to look at
mtayloroh - I should mention...17:42
mtaylorthe client libs decision yesterday is going to allow us to clean up a few install issues... so that will be nice :)17:43
jaypipesmtaylor: where are the Jenkins jobs that are attempting to build this multi-node setup with devstack? The only ones I see up there for the old puppet-based stuff are all disabled.17:43
mtaylorjaypipes: those are the same jobs. there are no puppet-based jobs17:43
jaypipesmtaylor: they are all disabled.17:43
mtayloryes. because they don't do anything useful yet17:44
mtaylorthey are still under development17:44
jaypipesmtaylor: how can we see the output of the jobs so that we can help diagnose the issues with them?17:44
mtaylorone sec... lemme give you a link17:44
mtaylorhas syslog output from all three nodes as well as the jenkins console output17:45
jaypipesmtaylor: ok, good.17:46
jaypipesmtaylor: ty17:46
jaypipesmtaylor: what is the timeframe for getting this working?17:46
mtaylorjeblair has a few additional things he's going to do there to get better logging, but we've been focused on getting the cloud-server gating job up and going because that's a short-term possible win17:46
mtaylorjeblair: see jaypipes question above?17:46
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jaypipesmtaylor: cloud-server gating job?17:47
jaypipesmtaylor: link?17:47
mtaylorjaypipes: also still under development :)17:47
jaypipesmtaylor: that's fine... but some of us are interested in helping :) link?17:48
mtaylorjaypipes: and I believe jim is working on the glue needed to build that job17:48
mtayloryay it's jeblair17:48
jeblairthat's the job to deploy devstack on bare metal and run exercise.sh17:49
jeblairit does not work17:49
jaypipesjeblair: and the cloud-server one?17:50
jeblairnot checked in yet, i got it working last night17:50
jeblairit still needs some things:17:51
jaypipesjeblair: k17:51
jeblairit needs to be pointed at the thing that's being gated, and it needs to use a stable/diablo branch of devstack to test stable/diablo changes to openstack17:52
jeblairand it needs to pull logs back to jenkins17:52
jeblairjesse says they'll be ready to move devstack to gerrit for gating early next week17:52
jeblairso that's when i plan to set up trunk gating jobs for stable/diablo17:53
jeblairwe've got a pretty cool feature planned too:17:54
jeblairif the devstack vm gating job fails, it will install the ssh key of the dev who proposed the change and turn the vm over to them so they can log in, resume screen sessions, and figure out what's wrong.17:54
jaypipesvery cool.17:55
jeblairhope so! :)17:56
jaypipesOK, so does anyone have any questions for mtaylor or jeblair on the deployment jobs that openstack-integration-tests will eventually be run against?17:58
nati2I wanna know how to create packages17:58
nati2for chef based test17:59
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mtaylorzul: ping17:59
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zulmtaylor: pongish18:00
mtaylornati2: so, we're still working on mechanics of automated trunk packages (although we are currently producing them)18:00
mtaylorzul: nati2 was asking about making packages so that he can test chef-based deploys based on pacakges18:01
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zulmtaylor: ok18:01
nati2mtaylor: zul: would you share current progress?18:01
mtaylornati2: well, _currently_ we are publishing packages to a PPA on trunk commits18:01
nati2mtaylor: zul: And also if you have any repos, would you please share it18:01
mtaylorI believe we've decided to continue doing this18:01
zulnati2: sure the packaging branches can be found at lp:~openstack-ubuntu-packagers/xxx/ubuntu which xxx is either nova/swift/glance/keystone/etc18:02
mtaylorbut those are only built after commits are made to trunk18:02
nati2Do you have stable/diablo version?18:02
nati2zul: Thanks18:02
mtaylorso if you want to test packages _before_ a commit lands (for gating) you'll need to make a tarball, then grab the packaging branch, then build packages18:03
nati2I got it. I should learn it.18:04
mtayloryes. I believe that's a good idea18:04
nati2mtaylor: zul: Thanks18:05
mtaylorwe might just want to have a script at the beginning of your tests which makes packages for the commit you are testing ... let's keep chatting about that18:05
zulnati2: n18:05
nati2so basically the script branch packageing code. then replace tarball18:06
nati2then run packaging command. right?18:06
mtaylorI'll put something on my list to see if we can have a template job in jenkins that will do this so that it's easy to add in to a jenkins job18:07
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nati2k is there any topics?18:09
jaypipesI think we're good to wrap up :) 9 minutes over..18:09
*** openstack changes topic to "Openstack Meetings: | Minutes:"18:09
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openstackMinutes (text):
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nati2Thanks all! bye!18:09
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