Wednesday, 2011-11-23

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donaldngo_hpare we having a qa meeting now?16:18
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ttxdonaldngo_hp: Jay deferred it to the next hour.16:38
ttx(recent message sent on the ML)16:38
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donaldngo_hpttx: thanks last week it was at 8 am pst wasn't sure what time it was this week16:39
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ttxdonaldngo_hp: should be starting in 18 min.16:42
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jaypipeshi folks... ready to start QA meeting?17:00
dwalleckYup yup17:00
openstackMeeting started Wed Nov 23 17:01:02 2011 UTC.  The chair is jaypipes. Information about MeetBot at
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jaypipes#topic nati2 to give quick status update on forward-porting unit test bug fixes to trunk17:01
*** openstack changes topic to "nati2 to give quick status update on forward-porting unit test bug fixes to trunk"17:01
jaypipesnati2: ?17:02
nati2Yes Jay, Donald, Ravi helps forward-porting. And Jay also make a document how to forward-port17:02
jaypipesnati2: how many are left?17:03
Ravikumar_hpnati2: It is only one tranaction that I and Donald did17:03
nati2Some problems occurs. At first, Essex code changes, so many logical conflicts occurs, especially for test cases17:03
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nati2ok hold on17:03
nati239 branch left17:04
jaypipesnati2: however some of those branches are crazy big ;)17:04
jaypipesnati2: not sure some of them will be able to be done in a single patch...17:04
nati2Ah for test case branch17:04
nati2But patch branch is small, but test case branch is large.17:05
nati2So let's start bug patch branch17:05
jaypipesnati2: well, let's deal with them one at a time, eh?17:05
nati2at a time?17:06
jaypipesnati2: the process I outlined in that email should work for most things... it's just that during reviews (example:,1834), we need to be sure to respond to folks17:06
jaypipesnati2: I was just saying that most of the branches are small... we should just press forward with the smaller ones and try to get some momentum17:06
nati2Yes I agree17:07
jaypipesnati2: OK, well, please do respond to Mark McLoughlin on that review above... I'd like to get that smallish patch forward-ported so we can look to a good example going forward.17:08
nati2jaypipes: I got it! Thanks17:08
jaypipesnati2: even for 4 of us working on this, it's going to be a stretch to get this forward-porting done by start of December...17:08
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jaypipesok, let's move on to functional/integration testing...17:09
nati2jaypipes: hmm, I agree17:09
jaypipes#topic westmaas and dwalleck to give status on openstack-integration-tests progress17:09
*** openstack changes topic to "westmaas and dwalleck to give status on openstack-integration-tests progress"17:09
westmaaswe have a name, and jeblair is doing prepwork on the git/gerrit migration17:10
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dwalleckStill working on bringing new branches of tests in. I'm holding off on the whole domain name concept until we have more content17:10
westmaaswe do need to find a time to do the migration -anything proposed during that time will be confused, apparently17:10
jaypipesdwalleck: domain name concept?17:10
anotherjessedwalleck: for those who want to work on writing tests - what is the recommended process/examples?17:11
westmaasdwalleck: do we have a public list of what needs to be migrated yet, and/or are you already working on things?17:11
rohitkdwalleck: would there be a lot of rework with the existing tests after bringing in domain?17:11
westmaaser, working with others on things*17:11
dwalleckjaypipes: The objected orietented reference we talked about last time17:11
dwalleckrohitk: Not much, but some17:11
jaypipesdwalleck: so, I set up and started some initial documentation for integration testing...17:12
rohitkdwalleck: thanks17:12
dwalleckanotherjesse: I was supposed to get with jaypipes in the last week to find somewhere to put the offical docs up that I have my team working from17:12
dwalleckSo I can add to that17:12
jaypipesdwalleck: I believe jeblair has openstack-qa set up in Gerrit and we can make a job that populates the same way as ci.openstack.org17:12
jaypipesdwalleck: is the official docs :)17:12
dwalleckwestmaas: I only have additional test cases setup in Launchpad. I should also mark test suites in progress to bring over so there's no extra work done by folks17:13
Ravikumar_hp will map qa site?17:13
dwalleckI can bring everything over in one swoop, or I can keep going test suite by test suite. I just thought going one at a time might be easier for reviews17:13
jaypipesdwalleck: yes, please do that. I know that Ravi's team is eager to contribute tests and the last thing we want is duplication of effort of course..17:13
jaypipesRavikumar_hp: yes17:13
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jaypipesRavikumar_hp: or at least the /doc/ folder in there will be...17:14
anotherjessejaypipes: the openstack-qa is going to talk about the strategy / format for adding tests to openstack-integration-tests?17:14
jaypipesanotherjesse: yes17:14
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anotherjesse <- there?17:14
jaypipesanotherjesse: heh, yes.17:14
anotherjesselook forward to "Adding a New Integration Test"17:15
jaypipesanotherjesse: I just rushed up a quick starter doc...17:15
westmaasdwalleck: is integration test the right name there?17:15
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westmaasshould that file be moved to something else? functional.rst or something else?17:15
donaldngo_hpwill be be discussing on general framework issues like running tests in parallel and how reports will be generated?17:16
dwalleckwestmaas: Integration is fine for right now17:16
anotherjessedonaldngo_hp: ++17:16
dwalleckdonaldngo_hp: Paralleziation can be achieved through the nose parallel execution plugin. It's a bit strange, so the option to develop a better plugin is on the table with my team17:17
donaldngo_hpon our project we are producing a junit style report from nosetest from the xmlunit plugin17:17
dwalleckReports can easily be generated with the xunit nose plugin17:17
jaypipesdonaldngo_hp: we can discuss whatever you'd like, however I ask that we approach the issues from a "how do we improve the existing storm test suite" instead of "let's rewrite the test framework to support X:17:17
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dwalleckThat's what our team has been using internally17:17
dwalleckBut of course, writing a new plugin is also always an option :)17:17
jaypipesdwalleck: parallelization cannot, unfortunately, be achieved using the nose parallel execution plugin.17:18
donaldngo_hpjaypipes: i've ran some parallel tests last night its working fine. can you clarify?17:18
jaypipesdwalleck: I run into this virtually every time I attempt it:
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dwalleckjaypipes: Since we're using class setup/teardowns, I believe nose asks you to set some fields in each test to make it aware so it doesn't stumble over itself17:19
donaldngo_hpi created 4 sample test that ran in 4 minutes. set the processes=4 and reran and they ran in 1 minute17:19
jaypipesdonaldngo_hp: can you clarify what "on our project" means? :) I want to make sure we aren't duplicating more work...17:20
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jaypipesdonaldngo_hp: ?17:21
donaldngo_hpjaypipes: i invision our team being able to drop in "tempest" and running something like nosetest -v tempest/ --with-nosexunit --proccesses=517:21
jaypipesdonaldngo_hp: what is tempest?17:21
nati2_jaypipes: Is'nt that new name?17:22
donaldngo_hptempest is a subset of "our project" meaning we will run this suite along with our web gui tests, some jcloud tests, rubby wrapper test17:22
dwalleckThe new project name17:22
Ravikumar_hpno more storm17:22
donaldngo_hpstorm was a good name :(17:22
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jaypipesgotcha... sorry, wasn't aware of that17:22
nati2_donaldngo_hp: yeah it have already taken17:23
nati2_donaldngo_hp: So basically, you cloud run the tempest with  nosetest -v tempest/ --with-nosexunit --proccesses=5 ?17:24
nati2_And result was correct?17:24
jaypipesdonaldngo_hp: OK, so is your team writing additional tests, or is your team compiling other test suites and running them?17:24
donaldngo_hpnati2_ no thats why i brought it up :)17:24
donaldngo_hpwhat i did run was a proof of concept of creating 4 tests running them in parallel17:24
nati2_donaldngo_hp:  Ah, but many actual tests have dependencies.17:25
donaldngo_hpjaypipes: yes but these tests are not valuable to the community. for example our web gui tests run on selenium and hit our website17:25
jaypipesdonaldngo_hp: I've found as long as the tests don't import eventlet, everything is fine with the parallel testing... once you import eventlet, it dies... but let's move on. If you have the parallel stuff running the integration tests, then that's good...17:25
donaldngo_hp------------------------------------------ TEST AUTOMATION FRAMEWORK --------------17:25
donaldngo_hpWeb UI <----------------------------->17:25
donaldngo_hpJCloud Wrappers <-------------->17:25
donaldngo_hpRuby Wrappers <---------------->        Jenkins    <------> Gradle --->JUnit Report17:25
donaldngo_hpTempest <------>17:25
donaldngo_hpCLI <---------------------------------->17:25
donaldngo_hpTBD <--------------------------------->17:25
donaldngo_hpthis is what our framework looks like17:25
dwalleckHe's just injecting tempest into the middle of a larger project17:26
jaypipesdonaldngo_hp: and you are saying that running nosetests /tempest does not work, right?17:26
donaldngo_hpjaypipes: right now out of the box no17:27
jaypipesdonaldngo_hp: OK, then let's get a bug reported and have that fixed :)17:27
donaldngo_hpi have been able to run some of the tests in kong17:27
jaypipesdonaldngo_hp: sounds like a pretty important thing to fix to me...17:27
dwalleckYou have to run nosetests tempest/tests17:28
jaypipesdonaldngo_hp: the kong tests, IIRC, were eventually going to go away, as they were replaced with identical tempest ones.17:28
dwalleckSince the /tests directory is where everything lives17:28
rohitki had reported a similar bug last week, and it was fixed after dwalleck's missing files were brought in17:28
AntoniHPI think it might be more useful to run larger groups of tests in pararell, rather than executing single tests in that manner - this will bring best of two worlds, deterministic execution of series of actions that might depend on each other and fast execution times - equivalent of running multiple nosetest process on each file containing tests17:28
jaypipesdoes the tempest/ directory have an if not, just add it and nosetests tempest/ should just work...17:28
dwalleckdonaldngo_hp: Are you setting your storm.conf with values for your environment?17:28
AntoniHPhowever even then it does require maintaining plenty of configuration details, which is head ache17:29
donaldngo_hpdwalleck: i haven't touch the new tempest folder yet, i have an old code that still uses kong17:29
jaypipesAntoniHP: could you elaborate on what you mean with "rather than executing single tests in that manner"?17:29
donaldngo_hpthats why i wanted to have a discussion so that we are all aligned on how the tests will run and report17:30
dwalleckdonaldngo_hp: Then why did you say you couldn't get them to run? I'm confused17:30
jaypipesdonaldngo_hp: tempest is the suite we are using going forward. kong is a dead-end.17:30
AntoniHPnosetest would search for tests, and for each test do processs that will execute setup, test, teardown17:30
donaldngo_hpwell the kong tests out the box i had to modify the endpoints to use ssl since we go through an apigee loadbalancer17:30
jaypipesAntoniHP: but with --processes=4, you get parallelism in execution (not collection of tests, but execution is parallelized...)17:31
dwalleckAntoniHP: I think that was always the plan. The short term goal though was on test coverage, so that's what I've been focused on17:31
jaypipesdwalleck: ++17:31
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jaypipesdonaldngo_hp: OK, so what's your plan? Are you going to update to the recent tempest stuff?17:32
AntoniHPit will run every test in pararell, so every test has to be completely self contained - usually a _sequence_ of tests is self contained17:32
dwalleckjaypipes: Would the correct action be blueprints for parallel execution and perhaps better logging output beyond the xunit plugin?17:32
AntoniHPand can be run together with other _sequences_17:33
donaldngo_hpjaypipes: yea i plan to do that. right now we are using kong which is working well for acceptance tests of apis17:33
dwalleckAntoniHP: By sequences of tests, do you mean dependent tests?17:33
jaypipesAntoniHP: hold off on that thought for a sec... let's finish this conversation about kong/tempest first.17:33
rohitkdwalleck: ++ on logging, there is practically no logging in the current suite17:33
jaypipesdwalleck: hold off on that... want to get a decision on one thing at a time...17:33
dwalleckrohitk: I have logging implemented locally. I can push a patch for that this week17:34
jaypipesdonaldngo_hp: OK, good to hear. When do you plan to move off of Kong?17:34
rohitkdwalleck: ok17:34
dwalleckIt's just a matter of wrapping logging around the rest client17:34
jaypipesdonaldngo_hp: in other words, what needs to be fixed in tempest to make that transition happen? :)17:34
donaldngo_hpjaypipes: hopefully as soon as i get it working on our env. Maybe the end of next week?17:35
donaldngo_hpjaypipes: I will let the group know next meeting :)17:35
dwalleckdonaldngo_hp: And if you need any help or have any questions, please let me know17:35
jaypipesdonaldngo_hp: Can we aim for next Wednesday instead? Perhaps a follow-up with me, dwalleck and you to hammer out remaining issues?17:35
donaldngo_hpjaypipes: I will let the group know next meeting :)17:35
jaypipeshehe, ok :)17:36
jaypipesalright, AntoniHP, let's discuss dependent tests now...17:36
jaypipesI do know that the original idea was to have test cases be self-contained with no side-effects, making them parallelizable.17:36
jaypipesAntoniHP: are you suggesting that requirement be lifted or loosened?17:37
AntoniHPthere are two requirement IMHO for tests to be self contained, they must not depend on other tests17:37
AntoniHPand they must not depend on same resources17:37
AntoniHPthis is difficult to achieve, because sometimes tes would need a separate project17:38
AntoniHPother cost is if test requires a running VM for example, it takes time to spin it up17:38
AntoniHPso far in testing I tried to group similar tests to reuse resources, if i have tes toPUT into server/id/metadata I can safely use same /server/id/metadata to test reading metadata17:39
nati2_AntoniHP: How about backfire way? It uses @depend decorators17:39
dwalleckTest dependencies will hurt us in the end17:39
jaypipesnati2_: backfire uses DTest, not nose, just FYI. That would really be a complete rewrite of tempest.17:40
dwalleckThen that hurts the ability for us to run tests in isolation17:40
jaypipesdwalleck: agreed.17:40
nati2_jaypipes: I got it.17:40
dwalleckA solution our team has thought of and been working on is a test resource pool module, which holds a "cache" of test data, such as servers, etc17:40
rohitknati2_: proboscis had support for dependent test ordering17:41
* jaypipes not entirely convinced that functional integration tests can be effectively run in parallel against the exact same deployed platform... seems to me that any assertions on platform state would need to be very carefully planned...17:41
dwalleckAnd then you simply ask the cache for the data you want. If a clean object exists, you get it. If not, it creates it17:41
AntoniHPdwalleck: i was thinking about similar solution17:41
nati2_rohitk: proboscis is the library?17:41
nati2_dwalleck: Cache looks good17:41
dwalleckI strongly believe we can get test parallelization working in a sane and clean manner17:42
jaypipesdwalleck: but should that be our *focus* right now? I'm really not sure...17:42
AntoniHProhitk: proboscis is interesting, but a) would it work with multiprocess plugin in nose? b) would it support resource sharing?17:42
dwalleckWell, I thought our original focus was test coverage, so that's where I've been going17:43
rohitkAntoniHP: not sure, need to check17:43
jaypipesI think this group could definitely come up with a good parallelization solution, but frankly, our charter right now is to increase the quantity and quality of the functional integration test cases and get those gating trunk. Speeding up the test suite is a secondary priority17:43
dwalleckThe basis of zodiac also takes into account the idea of parallel execution, so its capable, just not ready17:43
*** rnirmal has joined #openstack-meeting17:44
Ravikumar_hpincrease coverage top priotiry17:44
jaypipesOK, so I would ask that we backburner efforts to parallelize for right now (maybe we make parallelization a blueprint in the openstack-qa LP project and we have a hackathon to try and do it). But we focus in the next couple months on increasing the quality and quantity of tests in the *tempest* suite.17:44
*** ohnoimdead has joined #openstack-meeting17:45
nati2_To define workflow to add new integration test17:45
jaypipesnati2_: yes, dwalleck and I will get that documentation up on ASAP.17:45
Ravikumar_hpJaypipes: sounds good17:45
nati2_jaypipes: Thanks!17:45
jaypipesdwalleck, westmaas: the second priority is that list of missing tests...17:45
dwalleckRight. I'll talk with jaypipes to understand how best to get docs in. I'll try to get something in today17:45
anotherjesselooking forward to docs on how we should write tests if we want to help coverage17:46
dwalleckjaypipes: by missing you mean not ported in yet?17:46
jaypipesthe third priority is working with donaldngo_hp and AntoniHP to ensure tempest can replace kong in their project...17:46
jaypipesdwalleck: yep17:46
jaypipesanotherjesse: yes, we know...17:46
dwalleckjaypipes: I'll submit all remaining tests today, in addition to making the name change to tempest. Sound fair?17:46
jaypipesalright... let me make some action items here...17:46
*** vandana has joined #openstack-meeting17:47
dwalleckAnd then going forward, I'll make sure my team opens bugs for each new test they are working on17:47
jaypipes#action jaypipes and dwalleck to get "How to Contribute an Integration Test to Tempest" done by EOD Thursday17:47
jaypipes#action dwalleck and westmaas to provide list of areas that are not covered by integration tests *after dwalleck pushes all remaining tests his team has into tempest*17:47
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jaypipes#action jaypipes and dwalleck to schedule meeting with donaldngo_hp to discuss kong migration to tempest17:48
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jaypipesOK, let's open up the discussion.17:50
jaypipes#topic open discussoin17:50
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussoin"17:50
rohitkNati's team at NTT  wants to contribute to an idea for negative tests,
rohitkso we have come up with a supporting spec and High level design17:50
jaypipesrohitk: hmm, very interesting.. :)17:51
dwalleckNice! That looks like a very interesting concept17:51
nati2_Yes we would like to implement very bad monkey for OpenStack17:51
rohitka gorilla would do too17:51
jaypipeslol :)17:51
Ravikumar_hpnati2: Is it unit tests ? Choas monkey?17:52
nati2_Ravikumar_hp:  Is is a library which could be used from tempest17:52
rohitkRavikumar_hp: this would be larger tests17:53
jaypipesRavikumar_hp: basically, it's a library that will kill off important processes and wrreak havoc on a running system..17:53
rohitkthings that would mess up the infrastructure17:53
jaypipesRavikumar_hp: it would be a very bad monkey.17:53
Ravikumar_hpnot to run on production!!17:53
nati2_Using the monkey, we can check error messages and logs17:53
nati2_Ravikumar_hp: :)17:53
rohitkRavikumar_hp: right :)17:53
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*** ohnoimdead_ is now known as ohnoimdead17:54
jaypipesnati2_, rohitk: well, I think you've gotten the official thumbs up on the project :)17:54
nati2_Netflix uses it for production system17:54
nati2_jaypipes: Thanks :)17:54
Ravikumar_hpat hp , we have lot of choas monkey tests . That we can automate17:54
nati2_Ravikumar_hp: Ah really!?17:54
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jaypipesRavikumar_hp: please do collaborate with rohitk and nati2_ on this project, then!17:55
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nati2_Ravikumar_hp: OK TTYL17:55
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jaypipesOK folks, anything else before I close the meeting?17:56
*** rnirmal has joined #openstack-meeting17:57
*** openstack changes topic to "Openstack Meetings: | Minutes:"17:57
openstackMeeting ended Wed Nov 23 17:57:56 2011 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)17:57
jaypipesthx all!17:57
openstackMinutes (text):
rohitkjaypipes: Thanks!17:58
nati2_jaypipes: Thanks!17:59
jaypipesFYI, I'll send a quick status report to the ML17:59
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