Wednesday, 2011-12-14

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Ravikumar_hpDo we have a meeting ?17:01
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Ravikumar_hpI know Jay is in offsite17:02
vandanadaryl walleck will be joining shortly17:02
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dwalleckHey everyone :)17:03
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rohitkjaypipes: has the meeting started?17:07
Ravikumar_hp Jaypipes is in offsite17:08
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dwalleckHaven't heard a peep from him yet17:08
rohitkRavikumar_hp: oh, ok do we have an agenda?17:08
Ravikumar_hpwe can discuss tempest17:09
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dwalleckI'd also like to discuss the test cases that are being entered in Launchpad. I think I must've missed a discussion on that, so I want to make sure I'm up to date so my team can enter issues correctly17:10
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rohitkdwalleck: I would refactor my last merge, i thought of a corner case where the a user would forget putting one of the 'optional' parrma17:10
Ravikumar_hpdwalleck - We are adding boundary/ negative tests to the framework17:11
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Ravikumar_hpbugs are logged in launchpad as tasks and assigned so as to avoid duplicates17:11
dwalleckBut the tagging and entering of test cases that were already developed is something new to me17:11
dwalleckI'm just seeing some tests cases which I believe are either done, or are somewhat unclear as to what they are testing17:12
Ravikumar_hpyes . We may have to document . as Robit suggested , we use tags so as get the counts17:12
dwalleckBut when did we have the discussion about tagging?17:12
rohitkRavikumar_hp: tags are used in the filters, but the description and summary could be made more accurate17:13
dwalleckI just want to make sure my team is up to date17:13
dwalleckI didn't know anything until my email box filled up on Friday :)17:13
rohitkif "more tests" need to be added to, say rebuild server, then the summary could say that "Add tests to existing rebuild suite"17:13
Ravikumar_hpYes. I thought about it . so that every one use same tags17:14
Ravikumar_hpwe just started tags to see how far it is useful , and also using Testcase: in description17:14
dwalleckrohtik: But what test are you adding? It could just be me, but I was thinking in terms of concrete test cases, such as "Add a rebuild test that includes using an admin password", or things along that line17:15
Ravikumar_hp@rohitk : agree17:15
dwalleckJust "add tests" doesn't tell me much, and will certainly lead to duplication of effort at some point17:15
rohitkdwalleck: Most of the new tests are negative tests,17:15
rohitkdwalleck: Yes, so I guess the description of the bug needs to specify that17:16
Ravikumar_hpdwalleck: all details  of test cases are provided in LP bug17:16
dwalleckthanks, that would really help with understanding the scope of the work17:16
Ravikumar_hpdwalleck: sure17:16
rohitkRavikumar_hp: We could drill down on specific test scenarios and use that in the bug report, make them more specific17:16
Ravikumar_hprohitk: yes. that makes sense17:17
Ravikumar_hpdwalleck: we started writing tests , and will update assignee17:18
rohitkdwalleck: The tags were added with the intention of future work to be tracked in launchpad as bugs17:18
Ravikumar_hprohitk: yes . tags help in count .17:19
Ravikumar_hpdwalleck: right now tests are added in tests folder. we should have sub folder like compute , storage,keystone to group tests17:20
dwalleckand that's fine, it makes sense. It just seemed to have started suddenly, so I didn't know if there was a conversation I missed, or if groups on their own started adding tags17:20
rohitkRavikumar_hp, nati2: Could you send out an email on the qa ML with this info, the wider community should know about it17:21
Ravikumar_hprohitk: ML and also need to add in qa wiki page17:22
nati2Sorry I'm late17:22
rohitkHi nati17:23
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Ravikumar_hpnati2: we discusses tags used in bugs in LP and we need to notify Mailing list17:24
nati2Ravikumar_hp: Ah yes absolutly17:24
rohitkdwalleck: I also wanted to discuss the attributes that we've added to certain tests17:24
Ravikumar_hpnati2: can you send email to distribution list17:25
rohitkhave we classified a list of possible attrs?17:25
nati2Ravikumar_hp: sure17:25
rohitkcurrently i see smoke/positive/negative17:25
dwalleckRight now we're using a type field, which is smoke/positive/negative17:25
dwalleckIn the commit I'm working on, I'm adding a category field by request of westmaas. That will say what API request that test is testing, such as category=create-server17:26
dwalleckSo that if someone wanted to run only the create server, list server, or something very targeted, they have that ability17:26
rohitkdwalleck: that would allow fine grained grouping i believe17:26
dwalleckIt was also mentioned that it might be good for tracking purposes17:26
Ravikumar_hp#action: Nachi to send information about tags for bugs logged in launchpad for tempest to distribution list .17:27
rohitksounds good17:27
dwalleckBut for now, those are the only attributes we've come up with. Always glad for suggestions though :)17:27
nati2dwalleck: How about to use resource api path for category?17:27
nati2dwalleck:  /v1.1/{tenant_id}/servers_POST  like this17:28
nati2dwalleck: We need constant way for new API17:28
dwallecknati2: Hmm...but what about cases like /server/server_id/actions, which has many differing types of functionality at that path?17:28
nati2dwalleck:   /server/server_id/actions#ACTION=reboot  ?17:29
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vandananati2: but wouldn't it be easier to just give 'reboot' as a category?17:30
dwallecknati2: true, but that's a lot to type out. What you're suggesting is more precise, but a bit verbose17:30
nati2dwalleck: ok let's use simple one17:30
dwalleckIt's something we can easily change in the future. But I think having that attribute period will give us a lot of flexibility17:31
Ravikumar_hpdwalleck: sure.17:31
Ravikumar_hpdwalleck: Is that attribute not enabled yet right? Like running only smoke ..17:32
dwalleckIs there any other ways we may want to tag our tests to add more flexibility?17:32
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dwalleckRavikumar_hp: that should work now. It's a part of nose. You should be able to do "nosetests -sv tempest -a type=smoke"17:33
Ravikumar_hpdwalleck: Thanks17:33
nati2dwalleck: there are difference of supported API between hypervisors17:33
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nati2XEN support AAA, but KVM didin't17:33
nati2something like this17:34
nati2how about @XEN @KVM17:34
nati2Or there are also difference between Network managers17:34
dwallecknati2: Good point. I know we're controlling some of the hypervision specific functionality with feature flags in the config, but we certainly could also do it from attributes17:34
nati2@flat_manager @quantum_manager etc17:35
nati2dwalleck: OK let's add hypervisor tag and network manager tag17:35
dwalleckBut right now nose is greedy, so it will take anything you specify17:36
nati2hopefully, I wanna know coverage of API and params17:36
nati2tag function could be used?17:36
dwalleckSo how would you want that to work? Say if I pass hypr=XEN, I'm trying to think how it will handle it17:37
nati2dwalleck: it will run API which could be used with XEN17:37
vandananati2: would it be a problem when we have a new hypervisor to update all the tests with this new hyppervisor tag?17:37
rohitkwe can add multiple categories to a test right?17:37
dwalleckBecause if I do that, then I have to tag every single common functionality test with XEN also17:37
dwalleckOr else they won't be run17:37
nati2vandana: It right.  not_impremeted_kvm or like this?17:38
nati2add @common tag17:38
nati2and run common and XEN17:38
nati2only put @XEN for xen specific API17:39
dwalleckSo the effect we want is that given some input of your hypervisor, tempest should only run the tests that will work with your hypervisor. Correct?17:39
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nati2dwalleck: Yes17:39
vchethan@nati2: the problem with this aproach is to make sure the new hypervisor has all the @common features... if not then we need to revisit all the tests with @common tag17:40
Ravikumar_hpdwalleck: yes.17:40
nati2vchethan: Ah yes17:40
dwalleckvchethan: Good point17:40
rohitkbut there would'nt be 'actual checks to see if compute is running on that hypervisor, the tests would fail if it isnt so17:40
nati2But I think new hypervisor should say17:40
nati2I support this API and Tests17:40
vchethanI had faced a similar problem in my previous projects17:40
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vchethanwhere there were too many tags coming up on every test17:41
nati2vchethan: Ahhh17:41
vchethanto solve this we actually wrote our own testrunner17:41
dwalleckI'm trying to think of a clever solution for this. The feature flags we have now do help some17:41
nati2How about create test list functions?17:41
dwalleckHas an analysis been done for what features do and do not work between hypervisors?17:42
vchethanwhere we only mention the api we are testing as tags17:42
nati2specify test list fron external ocnfigs17:42
vchethanhave a separate mapping file which will say which api's are availabe in a particular hypervisor17:42
dwalleckvchethan: That's an interesting solution17:43
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vchethanthe test runner would be intelligent enough to pick up the tests based on the hypervisor passed as a config value17:43
dwalleckI like the idea that the framework itself understands what tests it should run17:43
rohitkand raise NotSupported exceptions if a test tries to run on the wrong hypervisor17:43
vandanavchethan:++. This will remove the tedious task of tagging tests and maintaining the tags17:43
vchethanthis requires some work on the test runner side but makes maintainance of tags very smooth17:43
nati2When we add new hypervisor, we can copy paste exisiting one17:44
nati2I like this idea17:44
dwalleckI agree17:44
dwalleckSo maybe we should make a blueprint for how to implement this?17:44
nati2dwalleck: yes17:44
vchethandwalleck :yes17:44
nati2Who can implement this?17:45
Ravikumar_hpdwalleck: yes.17:45
dwalleckI can verify, but I think we can17:45
dwalleck(we being chethan and vandana and I)17:45
nati2dwalleck++ chaethan++ vandana++17:45
dwalleckWe're already looking at extending nose some. Since Chethan has done this before, he might have some good insight17:46
Ravikumar_hpnot only hypervisor . we also need to identify any thing else ...17:46
vandanayeah chethan seems to have worked extensively on this17:46
nati2If we could have mapping function17:46
Ravikumar_hplike network based .. Flat or vlan .. if tests are depended on that17:46
dwalleckRavikumar_hp: Definitely17:46
nati2We can specify test list for the specific configs17:46
nati2 Flat  + KVM + Ubuntu (something like this)17:47
dwalleckThat seems like a good approach17:47
nati2yap :)17:48
nati2And also the config is very important for users17:48
Ravikumar_hpdwalleck: i have question about tests folder17:48
nati2User can know which feature's are supported for specific configs17:48
dwalleckRavikumar_hp: Sure, what's your question?17:48
donaldngo_hpi like the idea of having the configs drive the suites17:49
Ravikumar_hpgrouping of tests in sub folder .like tests/compute , test/storage17:49
Ravikumar_hpright now nova tests are in tempest/tests folder17:49
dwalleckRavikumar_hp: Yes, good point. I think we should definitely split them up17:50
rohitkthat may come eventually, since right now there are very limited tests17:50
dwalleckSo that there is a clear functional distinction17:50
Ravikumar_hpas we add Swift and keystone tests , we need to distinguish17:51
dwalleckI know our Keystone team is working on getting involved as well as our Swift team, so it would help for clarity17:51
Ravikumar_hpis swift team is working on porting kong tests to tempest?17:52
dwalleckAnd we can still logically group tests with attributes too, regardless of directory structure17:52
rohitkdwalleck: Keystone has a huge number of functional tests, can we think of bringing them into tempest?17:52
dwalleckRavikumar_hp: They have a series of test they've been using internally. They're working on porting it to tempest17:53
Ravikumar_hpdwalleck: I want to know if they need any help ?17:53
dwalleckI'm not sure who submitted the swift tests for kong. But whatever functionality is tested there should be carried over for certain17:53
dwalleckrohitk: Definately17:53
dwalleckRavikumar_hp: Any help is always good :)17:54
dwalleckIt may be a good start to just port over the kong swift tests17:54
Ravikumar_hpdwalleck: Who works on swift ? is it Rick ?17:54
dwalleckRavikumar_hp: Yeah, for now I think he's the best point of contact for that test team17:55
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rohitkdwalleck: Since you brought up kong, we should be deprecating/removing that folder, there's no dev on that so there's really no need for it to exist17:55
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Ravikumar_hprohitk: yes. after we migrate Swift tests17:56
dwalleckrohitk: Yes, we should. I'd like to do a brief gap analysis to make sure that there are tempest tests that cover everything kong does. Then we can remove it17:56
nati2OK is there any other topics?17:57
dwalleckI was also considering adding a series of tests for horizon, but I'll finish what's on my plate first17:58
dwalleckNo, I think I'm done. Just lots of work to do :)17:58
AntoniHPhas thing about structuring tests being decided? like creating fixtures per class or per test method?17:58
nati2dwalleck: absolutly!17:59
nati2AntoniHP: not yet17:59
dwalleckAntoniHP: No, I don't think we've had that discussion yet. I think jaypipes was going to send something out, but I think he's swamped17:59
Ravikumar_hpAntoniHP: i think jay to send sample code and write up for us to ote17:59
Ravikumar_hpdwalleck: yes17:59
AntoniHPok, that means I'm reading right discussion list17:59
dwalleckSo maybe we can each code up some examples and have a discussion from the mailing list?17:59
dwalleckThen we can hopefully have enough information to discuss the topic better next time18:00
nati2dwalleck: That's good way18:00
AntoniHPI can try to look at it and send something this week18:00
Ravikumar_hpAntoniHP: that will help18:00
dwallecksounds good. I think we can find a way that will make everyone happy, just needs some talk18:01
dwalleckOkay, off to my next meeting then. I just realized this wasn't recorded, so I'll save this chat log and send it out to the list18:02
Ravikumar_hpdwalleck: ok18:02
dwalleckThanks everyone!18:02
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