Tuesday, 2012-05-22

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ayoungheckj, meeting?18:01
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heckjwho's around?18:01
openstackMeeting started Tue May 22 18:02:41 2012 UTC.  The chair is heckj. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.18:02
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heckj#topic F1 milestone release18:02
*** openstack changes topic to "F1 milestone release"18:02
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heckjmorning morning!18:03
ayoungHow do!18:03
heckjWe've got the F1 milestone release this week18:03
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heckj#link https://launchpad.net/keystone/+milestone/folsom-118:03
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heckjI've kicked back blueprints that I didn't think we'd get18:04
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heckjWe have some bugs pending F1 release that just need reviews18:05
liemmnayoung, the eventlet 2-way ssl stuff should be posted soon ... been distracted with other stuff...18:05
ayoungliemmn, very cool18:05
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ayoungFor the rest of the team:  I got liemmn 's origianal patch ported to the KSL architecture,  but missing things like unit tests18:06
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ayoungalso,  remove the auth piece18:06
heckjso call out to y'all - please take a look at the code reviews18:06
ayounghe's  making it into a proper patch18:06
heckjayoung: sounds great!18:06
ayoungheckj, seems like the right way to do18:06
liemmnyep... with 2-way ssl support for keystone client, too18:06
heckjliemmn: fantastic!18:07
heckjAnyone have anything specific for the F1 release, or hot issues that we should have open a critical bugs18:07
ayoungheckj, the one caveat is that I don't think doing real Client Certificate in SSL is simple enough that we can just slip it in. I looked at the Apache SSL/ModNSS   code base, and client cert requires all this renegotiation magic voodoo18:07
ayoungalso,  I think I misunderstood the original purpose of the auth part of that patch18:07
heckjayoung: understood18:08
ayoungliemmn, gyee that patch didn't do client cert auth,  it used X509s in a way analogous to how tokens are used, right?18:08
heckjmoving on a bit...18:10
heckj#topic V3 API draft18:11
*** openstack changes topic to "V3 API draft"18:11
ayoungheckj, so the other issue is that the PKI Signed Tokens requires gyee's patch18:11
gyeeayoung, not sure if I understand you question, you mean client cert in exchange for a token as opposed to just protecting the comm channel?18:11
ayoungfor keeping the tokens out of the URLs18:11
ayounggyee, yes18:11
ayounggyee, in HTTP,  you can use the client cert to authenticate,  which is how I originally read that patch18:11
ayoungbut It looks like that patch was using X509s some other way.18:12
heckjgyee: how are you coming along with the PKI patch?18:12
liemmnayoung, yes it is doing client cert to authenticate... avoid the need for that admin token we were using18:12
gyeethere are 3 issues here18:13
gyee1) using SSL to protect the comm channel18:13
gyee2) use SSl for client auth, in exchange for a token18:13
gyee3) remove token from URL18:13
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gyeeLiem's patch solved 1)18:13
liemmnWe are still using the token in my patch... (not to be confused with the PKI work ayoung is doing :) )18:14
ayounggyee, yes,  sorry for confusing them...The first patch liemmn submitted 96f2fc18ee2bb562e99cb966d33758b929ec2c60  does 118:15
ayoungI thought it was also doing 218:15
ayoungbut it isn't getting the client cert from the SSL layer18:15
gyeejust 1)18:15
* heckj nods18:15
gyeethere are two aspects of PKI authentication18:15
gyee1) client cert in exchange for a token18:15
gyee2) token signed by Keystone18:15
gyeenot sure which one we are addressing, I presume 2) first correct?18:16
ayounggyee, OK...so to do the token PKI18:16
gyeemeaning token signed by Keystone correct?18:17
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ayoungI need the patch to do 318:17
ayounggyee, correct18:17
ayounggyee, to do 2 requires Apache HTTPD,  I think18:17
gyee2) is a bit more complicated18:17
ayounggyee, right18:18
gyeewe need to figure out how to map cert to user18:18
*** bcwaldon has joined #openstack-meeting18:18
gyeelike cn <=> user name18:18
ayounggyee, well, I think we can do that for Dashboard no problem,  since that uses HTTPD already.18:18
ayounggyee, ah, right18:18
gyeethat's fine, as long as it is configurable and we're clear on that18:19
ayounggyee, OK...so first thing is the signed tokens.  Question for small audience now is "What SSL library is acceptable"18:19
gyeem2crypto? :)18:19
ayoungI was starting with NSS,  but got some input that people would want OpenSSL18:19
ayounggyee, I thought m2crypto was dead18:20
gyeestill alive and kicking in HP18:20
ayoungI was going to use the SSL command line in conjunction with Popen18:20
heckjgyee: we (OpenStack) pulled m2cyrpto because of inconsistencies and build problems.18:20
gyeeheckj, I am aware of it :)18:20
ayounggyee, they just removed M2 Crypto from Nova since the upstream M2Crypto is unresponsive18:20
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liemmnOpenSSL seems like a well-accepted standard in the *nix world...18:21
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gyeem2crypto builds on top of openssl18:21
ayoungSo it looks like using eventlet with Popen calling the openssl command line is acceptable?18:21
ayoungand then we can revisit m2crypto if it is really demanded?18:22
ayoungI think that Popen is actually going to be more eventlet friendly than the native library.  I doubt OpenSSL is async18:22
ayoungIt means individual requests will be slower,  but the overall server should be more responsive18:23
heckjayoung: sounds like a good approach18:24
gyeeyou need openssl to parse the cert?18:25
ayounggyee, yes18:25
gyeeoh ok, yeah, popen should do it18:25
ayounggyee, in Keystone,  openssl will sign the token18:25
ayoungin the other services, openssl will verify the signature18:25
gyeesure, give it a shot, just follow the driver pattern so we can replace popen with something more efficient later18:27
gyeeayoung, you still need a patch from us or you are OK?18:27
ayounggyee, will do.  WRT your patch for "remove token from URL"18:27
ayoungI need the Database schema18:28
ayoungit would be even easier if I had your whole patch to work with18:28
liemmnheckj... What's the window for v3 api feedback?18:28
liemmnnow till?18:28
ayoungThe current code for writing tokens to the DB uses the ID generation to create the secret part of the token,  and that is a pain to work with,  especially since I suspect that it is going to change slightly with your patch18:29
heckjliemmn: waiting until the PKI discussion is wrapped up18:29
*** jk0 has joined #openstack-meeting18:30
gyeeheckj, we'll take the URL discussion offline, I am not working on the "remove token fom URL" BP at the moment18:30
heckj#link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1s9C4EMxIZ55kZr62CKEC9ip7He_Q4_g1KRfSk9hY-Sg/edit <-- Draft v3 API available18:30
heckjsent email to the mailing list.18:30
heckjWould like initial feedback by the end of this week so I can wrap it together and make another draft next weekend18:31
heckj#action: review draft API for end of week for another revision...18:31
heckjtermie hasn't had time to dig in there either - so I'm expecting significantly more feedback in another week or two when he's back in the US18:32
heckjliemmn: do you need more time?18:33
liemmnUntil Monday would be good.18:33
liemmneven though we will try to get everything in by EOD Friday18:33
heckjliemmn: no problem, I'll refrain from making another draft rev this next weekend and push it back a few days18:34
liemmnthx...  I will try to get all in by Friday though18:34
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ayoungheckj, I'll push the Fedora world to try and get all input in by Friday as well18:37
heckjayoung: thank you.18:37
heckjayoung: do you work with any of the guys in the OpenShift world? Would love to just have their general eyes on it as well18:38
ayoungheckj, I can hunt a few of them down, yes18:38
*** lloydde has joined #openstack-meeting18:38
heckj#topic open discussion18:42
*** liemmn has quit IRC18:42
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion"18:42
rafaduranI've uploaded a new version for #link https://review.openstack.org/7239 trying to solve some people concerns (middleware, audit)18:42
*** liemmn has joined #openstack-meeting18:42
heckjradaduran: I'll try and get some time to review today18:42
rafaduranit's still unfinished, but I would like to know if this approach looks better18:42
rafaduranbefore going further18:42
ayoungrafaduran, please use a more descriptive title than "Fixes bug x"18:42
rafaduranayoung: I know I was on hurry since I couldn't work on this and just sent the git review for being available for the meeting18:43
chmouelrafaduran: yes probably want to address dolph review so would be easier for reviewer to look at it18:43
rafaduranthis #link https://review.openstack.org/7127 needs review18:44
chmouelrafaduran: you can use gerrit draft feature if you want to just show to other people18:44
dolphmthat was all feedback from last week's meeting, as i recall18:44
rafaduranchmoul: I know about that feature, but I don't know how to use it very well18:45
rafaduranchmoul: las week I sent a link that wasn't public...18:45
dolphmrafaduran: i think you just have to add people's names explicitly?18:46
dolphmrafaduran: i haven't created a review with that feature myself18:46
*** devananda has joined #openstack-meeting18:46
heckjyeah, not entirely sure about how that works myself...18:46
* heckj needs to read up on the gerrit/git-review stuff a bit more18:46
*** liemmn_ has joined #openstack-meeting18:47
*** liemmn has quit IRC18:47
*** liemmn_ has quit IRC18:47
chmouelthe draft feature?18:47
chmouelyou basically add -D to git-review18:47
chmoueland it will upload as draft and you can share the link and work on it before click Publish it (or something like  that)18:48
mtaylordraft reviews are good crack18:48
*** liemmn has joined #openstack-meeting18:48
mtaylorthey are invisible to other people unless you explicitly request review from them18:48
heckjmtaylor: word18:48
ayoungmtaylor, +118:48
heckjrafaduran: so just explicitly add the individuals you want to share with18:48
dolphmmtaylor: can you "demote" a regular review to draft status by re-uploading with -D?18:49
mtaylordolphm: you can not - it's a one-way transition18:49
heckjmtaylor: can you have a generally available public draft, or is that synonymous with a review request?18:49
rafaduranheckj: that was my problem, I publish it instead of adding reviewers/people on demand18:49
mtaylordolphm: however, we're working on adding work-in-progress state right now18:49
dolphmmtaylor: i have a review that would be useful for :)18:49
heckjmtaylor: nice18:49
mtaylor(we have the state done, working on adding the button to the UI...)18:49
*** dwcramer has quit IRC18:50
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*** mattray has quit IRC18:51
heckj10 minutes left… Anything else, or should I wrap this up?18:51
chmouelwe probably want to look over a unified way to cache token18:51
chmouelfor ec2/s3/auth token18:51
chmouelauth_token has it but ec2/s3 doesn't18:52
ayoungheckj, can I get https://review.openstack.org/#/c/7156/ merged in?18:52
*** Shrews has joined #openstack-meeting18:52
chmouelI was thinking about adding another middleware or use common functions to share between18:52
*** kevin-lewis-9 has quit IRC18:52
heckjchmouel: sounds sensible18:54
heckjI don't know if middleware makes sense there (haven't thought about it), but common functions certainly does18:54
*** liemmn has quit IRC18:54
*** liemmn has joined #openstack-meeting18:55
chmouelwell i am not sure since those middleware are supposed to be dropin18:55
dolphmif nothing else, they should share common code18:55
dolphmthere's too much overlap otherwise18:56
heckjchmouel: sounds like we're all in general agreement18:56
liemmnAn idea is to create a separate middleware for caching tokens.18:56
chmouelheckj, dolphm: cool will add something like a common.py in middleware to make it easy for packagers to don't include everything but the middleware adn that file18:57
*** pcrews_ has joined #openstack-meeting18:57
chmouelliemmn: yeah was thinking about that, but I think there is quite a bit of middleware profileration ATM in the pipeline and I am not sure if it will be as flexible18:57
chmouelliemmn: but we could definitively look to do something like swift.cache does18:57
liemmnyeah... just separation of concerns18:58
chmoueli'll dig a bit more about this and would come back to you guys next week18:59
heckjchmouel: word18:59
notmynameheckj: we also need to talk about moving the keystone middleware piece into swift18:59
heckjnotmyname: ohai! Definitely - unfortunately out of time for this meeting18:59
*** liemmn has quit IRC18:59
*** liemmn_ has joined #openstack-meeting18:59
notmynameheckj: we don't need to solve it here :-)18:59
notmynameheckj: just needs to be done18:59
heckjnotmyname: can I swing by the #swift meeting tomorrow and chat about that?19:00
notmynameheckj: there's not a standing meeting, so there's nothing scheduled for tomorow19:00
notmynameheckj: either email me or ping me on IRC19:00
LinuxJedimtaylor: meeting?19:00
*** openstack changes topic to "Status and Progress (Meeting topic: keystone-meeting)"19:00
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mtaylorLinuxJedi: that's what they tell me19:00
openstackMeeting started Tue May 22 19:00:52 2012 UTC.  The chair is mtaylor. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.19:00
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heckjnotmyname: okay - I'll kick you email and we'll grab some time. Sorry for slow/lack of responses, have been a bit under the gun lately19:01
* mtaylor punches heckj for his laziness!19:01
notmynameheckj: no worries. no rush19:01
mtaylorthat's the kind of discipline we hand out during the CI meeting ;)19:01
* heckj throws pies back at mtaylor19:01
* mtaylor goes to take a quick shower...19:01
jeblairthat makes it sound like used pied.19:02
dolphmthese meeting transitions can be rough19:02
jeblairand messy19:02
mtaylordolphm: make sure you always wear body armor19:02
clarkband give mtaylor lots of room19:02
* mtaylor begins krumping19:02
* dolphm switches to heavy armor19:03
* LinuxJedi has no idea what krumping is but it sounds dirty19:03
* mtaylor waits while people google krumping so they realize is a verb mtaylor could never pull off19:03
mtaylorand with that ... who'd like to talk about CI stuff?19:03
* clarkb is here19:03
mtayloryeah. that's what I thought19:04
mtaylorLinuxJedi: why don't you start us off ...19:04
mtaylor#topic stackforge updates19:04
*** openstack changes topic to "stackforge updates"19:04
LinuxJediso, Stackforge....19:04
LinuxJedifirst up mail...19:04
LinuxJediif you were following last week you will know I spent some effort moving the Gerrit server to a new node19:05
mtayloryup. fun times19:05
LinuxJedithis is because outgoing mail was getting blocked19:05
LinuxJediafter I did that we found it was happening again19:05
LinuxJediit turns out that HP Cloud has rate limiting on port 25.  This is to stop people using it as spam bots19:06
LinuxJediwhich is awesome, except for us19:06
*** edygarcia has quit IRC19:06
LinuxJediwe are working with teams to fix this for us, but it isn't going to be overnight19:06
LinuxJediso in the mean time Stackforge probably won't send you notifications for code review19:06
LinuxJediIn other news we managed to add Heat to Stackforge and as of about 6 minutes ago it was green lighting on Stackforge Jenkins too19:07
LinuxJedimtaylor: Jenkins Jobs next?19:07
mtaylorwell, I was just going to mention for the folks following along at home...19:07
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack-meeting19:07
*** ttrifonov is now known as ttrifonov_zZzz19:07
mtaylorLinuxJedi: what is it that's different about heat there LinuxJedi ?19:08
LinuxJediah!  I'm glad you asked (almost as if we scripted it!)19:08
* mtaylor bows19:08
* jeblair is still working on his script19:08
LinuxJediwell, heat doesn't use a stackforge/project URL in github.  It is using the repo it was born with (heat-api/heat)19:08
LinuxJediwhich caused a few minor issues which I have just fixed19:09
LinuxJediso in theory we could do this with other projects in the future19:09
LinuxJedi(other Stackforge projects at least, Openstack has the CLA complication stopping us)19:09
*** liemmn_ has quit IRC19:09
clarkbso no changes to github?19:09
sorenWhat the heck is heat?19:10
mtaylorthe bug links in gerrit are, of course, not correct... so we may want to eventually get that per-project bug-tracker feature coded up19:10
LinuxJediclarkb: the only change to github is the Stackforge org doesn't own the repo19:10
* soren is late to the game19:10
*** liemmn_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:10
clarkbLinuxJedi: I see19:10
jeblairI don't believe we should do that for openstack projects.  we chose not to for good reason.19:10
LinuxJedisoren: it is an api: https://github.com/heat-api/heat19:10
mtaylorclarkb: they had to add the gerrit user to their repo with push access19:10
mtaylorI agree with jeblair19:10
mtaylorI think it's more relevant for stackforge projets19:10
* LinuxJedi was going to explain that bit better but didn't finish the script in time19:11
mtaylorwhere they may not as much be using launchpad, etc.19:11
LinuxJedisoren: they have #heat IRC channel if you want to chat to them19:11
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates19:11
mtaylorthe question of allowing any openid for stackforge also came up ... which also seems like it might be a more relevant choice, but isn't super high prior right now19:11
LinuxJedimtaylor: oh yea, I had that down to bring up in this meeting19:12
* mtaylor keeps stepping on LinuxJedi's toes19:12
*** mattray has joined #openstack-meeting19:12
LinuxJedihehe, no its ok, I should read my notes :)19:12
LinuxJediso, what mtaylor said.  I don't know if we got to a consensus on this yet19:12
LinuxJediand I haven't figured it if there will be technical problems with it19:13
LinuxJediand it has been low priority for me to figure it out to be honest19:13
*** heckj has quit IRC19:14
mtayloryup. I think we might get space to think bout that in a few weeks19:14
mtaylorany questions on stackforge stuff?19:14
LinuxJedioh, one minor other thing with Stackforge, the sync and expire scripts work without manual intervention now19:14
mtayloroh good19:14
mtaylor#topic job filler19:15
*** openstack changes topic to "job filler"19:15
LinuxJedimy notes are completely out of order for this meeting so I all probably miss something somewhere19:15
* mtaylor should probably do the whole agenda thing again now that we have, you know, people19:15
LinuxJediok, Jenkins Job Filler is a magic pony (or Python script as us devs call it) which given a bit of fairy dust (YAML) will spray Jenkins with jobs for projects19:16
LinuxJediit now actually works properly and is being rolled out onto real Openstack projects19:16
LinuxJediI've been assisting mtaylor with that (fixing what he breaks)19:17
mtaylorcinder, python-cinderclient and python-swiftclient are all using it at the moment ...19:17
* mtaylor can break things good19:17
*** liemmn_ has quit IRC19:17
LinuxJediand also making sure it is working on Stackforge too.  99% of Stackforge uses this and the 1% can probably be sorted tomorrow19:17
*** liemmn_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:17
LinuxJediand the custom Jenkins library has been ditched now since everyone but me can get the stock library working ;)19:18
* mtaylor is excited... it's getting us much closer to our consistent jobs goal19:18
clarkband the yaml fairy dust can be found in openstack-ci-repo?19:18
clarkbya that19:19
LinuxJediclarkb: absolutely, in the modules/jenkins_jobs/files dir19:19
*** hggdh has quit IRC19:19
mtaylorfor instance: https://github.com/openstack/openstack-ci-puppet/tree/master/modules/jenkins_jobs/files/projects/openstack19:19
*** sarob has joined #openstack-meeting19:19
LinuxJediit can do templating for projects that fit a box or it also supports oddities like Heat19:20
*** sarob has quit IRC19:20
LinuxJediat some point it will support doing both at the same time for a project19:20
LinuxJedimtaylor: only other thing I got is on the Openstack Jenkins slave upgrades19:21
mtaylorso, we're holding off on rolling it out for the rest of the openstack projects until we get something sorted with our pypi mirror (I need to test how bad the external links thing is with nova)19:21
*** liemmn_ has quit IRC19:21
*** hggdh has joined #openstack-meeting19:21
*** liemmn_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:21
mtaylorLinuxJedi: let's come back to slave upgrades19:21
mtaylor#topic pypi mirror19:21
*** openstack changes topic to "pypi mirror"19:21
mtaylorShrews: you around?19:22
LinuxJedioh, awesome.19:22
LinuxJedimtaylor: sure thing19:22
LinuxJedihe is asquare19:22
*** edygarcia has joined #openstack-meeting19:22
Shrewsso, it turns out the pypi mirror software is not doing some things that we expect it to do, and doing some things that we don't expect it to do19:22
mtaylorI love software19:22
Shrewse.g.) doesn't appear to follow links, and only pulls the latest versions of packages19:23
Shrewsso that needs sorting out19:23
*** zigo has quit IRC19:23
Shrewsbut it can still be used with the proper pip.conf19:24
Shrewsinstallation via distutils/easy_install will likely be fail19:24
Shrewsend communication19:25
mtaylorcool. thank ya19:25
*** zigo has joined #openstack-meeting19:25
mtaylorwhile we're bugging you ...19:25
mtaylor#topic work in progress19:25
*** openstack changes topic to "work in progress"19:25
ShrewsWe will have a Work In Progress change state in Gerrit "real soon now"19:25
mtaylorthat's so exciting19:26
jeblairsounds like it's a work in progress19:26
Shrewsa change in WIP will not appear in any reviewer's Review Requests19:26
Shrewswe can currently set it with "gerrit review", but can't do it through the UI quite yet19:26
Shrewsdamn java19:26
*** annegentle has joined #openstack-meeting19:26
mtaylorShrews: but gwt makes things easier!19:27
*** liemmn_ has quit IRC19:27
*** liemmn__ has joined #openstack-meeting19:27
Shrewsso "gerrit review --workinprogress <id>"19:27
Shrewsmtaylor: uh huh, sure19:28
*** edygarcia has quit IRC19:28
*** edygarcia has joined #openstack-meeting19:28
mtaylorexcellent. when we have that, I want to have our jenkins do --workinprogress when it sets a -1 VRFY review...19:28
clarkbcan you push to a WIP ref as well? so that it can start as a work in progress?19:28
LinuxJedimtaylor: we should make the expire script do that once it is done19:28
Shrewsclarkb: no19:28
Shrewsoh, and also19:28
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk19:28
Shrewsit will automatically go back to Review in Progress on a new patchset push19:29
jeblairit sounds like we may need an extra acl, if we want some users to be able to WIP something, but not everyone19:29
jeblairso we can give it to jenkins and project-core19:29
Shrewsjeblair: right now, if you can abandon a change, you can WIP it19:29
Shrews"WIP it good!"19:29
LinuxJedijeblair: ++19:29
jeblairShrews: i believe that's sysadmin+owner19:29
* Shrews forgets offhand, but that sounds right. project owner too19:30
*** adjohn has quit IRC19:30
mtayloryeah, I think jeblair is right - one of the problems with abandon has been that more people can't use it. if we can grant perms to core team and to jenkins, that would be stellar19:30
Shrewsmtaylor: i'll figure that out… after the button fiasco19:31
mtaylorShrews: ++19:31
* LinuxJedi will buy Shrews a mug of Java when he finishes19:31
Shrewsdie. k thx19:31
mtaylor#topic better dashboard19:32
*** openstack changes topic to "better dashboard"19:32
mtaylorclarkb: how's that?19:32
clarkbI think the first basic version is working19:32
mtaylorsweet. is it worth popping into review status and landing in its current state?19:33
clarkbbasically it gives you three lists of patchsets. Changes you have submitted, changes you have starred + changes you are a reviewer on less patches whose latest patchset you have reviewed19:33
clarkbfinally you get a list of the patchsets for open changes that you have recently reviewed19:34
*** markmcclain has quit IRC19:34
clarkbif you think that functionality is worthwhile then sure19:34
mtaylorhonestly, even just the list of things I should be reviewing without the things I've reviewed is a great step forward19:34
clarkbThere are two missing pieces (potentaily just one though). Do we want to include watched changes in the second list?19:35
mtaylorclarkb, Shrews: once WIP is landed, we might want to add "list of my WIP patches" somewhere (I know I always had trouble finding my WIP branches in lp)19:35
clarkbthe issue I have with that is projects are watched not individual changes so I htink that could get noisy19:35
mtaylorclarkb: well, I think watched projects is currently used more than individual review requests19:35
mtaylorclarkb: so I'd vote for yes ... anybody else?19:36
*** dwcramer has quit IRC19:36
jeblair"changes you are a reviewer on less patches whose latest patchset you have reviewed"19:36
jeblairthat seems like the new thing here, yeah?19:37
*** liemmn__ has quit IRC19:37
jeblairbut since we don't normally add people as reviewers, instead, relying on watched changes19:37
*** liemmn__ has joined #openstack-meeting19:37
jeblairthat's not exactly what we need right now, right?19:37
clarkbno, the watched changes should be added19:38
clarkbbut it will help as you become a reviwer when you submit comments19:38
jeblairok, i see you said that up there19:38
jeblairso i think if that's added, i'm in support of giving it a test drive19:38
clarkbthe other missing piece is sorting the resulting list like ttx proposed19:39
clarkbso that the most important changes show up first19:39
mtayloryeah, I definitely think we can land it before we get ttx sorting. that seems like a v2 feature19:39
jeblairclarkb: if the "patches whose latest patchset you have reviewed" can be generalized and made into an item that can be generally used in gerrit queries, that could be really useful19:39
clarkbjeblair: so that you could do status:open is:reviewed ?19:40
clarkbor something like that19:40
jeblairyeah, you can already do a lot of things like:19:40
jeblairso your last pane could be something like "reviewer:corvus and not latestreviewed" or something.  i forget the grammar.  :)19:41
clarkbso it sounds like leaving it as a draft is probably good for now. I will work on adding watched changes and look into the query stuff19:41
*** liemmn__ has quit IRC19:41
*** liemmn__ has joined #openstack-meeting19:41
mtaylor#topic new devstack-gate madness19:42
*** openstack changes topic to "new devstack-gate madness"19:42
mtaylorjeblair: so you've been busy ...19:42
jeblairi'm going to combine that and zuul, because that's how i wrote my script19:42
jeblairi have a wall of text.  i will try to paste it in such a way that i'm not kickbanned.19:42
jeblairi've been working on speculative execution of jenkins jobs19:42
jeblairthe idea is to be able to run gating jobs in parallel, but still have them merged in series.19:42
jeblairso they are still tested in a strict order19:42
jeblairi completed a simple proof of concept for most of the ideas using the gerrit trigger plugin19:42
jeblairbut in writing that, i realized that some of the things we wanted to do might be a little out19:42
jeblairof scope for the gerrit trigger plugin, and further, some of the ideas are quite difficult to19:42
jeblairimplement in the trigger plugin, because its data structures aren't exactly set up in a way19:42
jeblairthat facilitates this.19:42
jeblairso i thought it would be easier to implement this idea if the control for running tests and19:43
jeblairmerging changes was moved outside of gerrit trigger plugin, and into a new system that's19:43
jeblaireasier for us to maintain.  i'm working on a python daemon that will monitor gerrit, trigger19:43
jeblairjenkins jobs, report back, and merge changes as appropriate.  it's actually going to give us19:43
jeblaira lot more flexibility in the gating system, in that it will be able to make decisions about19:43
jeblairwhether to merge changes based on input not available to the gerrit trigger plugin, for example,19:43
jeblairwhether another change has been merged.  it also will have fabulous logging.19:43
jeblairi've made very good progress on this system.  it's working name is "zuul".19:43
jeblairany questions about that?19:43
* mtaylor supports our new zuul overlords19:43
LinuxJedijeblair: Ghostbusters?19:44
Shrewsi'm against the fabulous logging (/me prefers just-ok-logging), but ++ !!!19:44
jeblairShrews: it'll be configurable.  i'll look into adding an option to randomly drop important entries.19:45
Shrewsjeblair: awesomeness19:45
jeblairokay, moving on to devstack-gate madness:19:45
jeblairsince the end goal is that we should be able to fire LOTS of tests in parallel in jenkins19:45
jeblair(if we turned this on today, assuming enough nodes, we could see upwards of 50 tests running in parallel)19:45
jeblairthere's a problem with the way devstack-gate has been running.  if we allowed it to run19:45
jeblairin parallel, it would run as many jobs as there were executors for, and we might quickly run19:45
jeblairout of nodes (which would fail tests).19:45
jeblairso i took a page out of the jclouds playbook19:46
jeblair(which is working toward being able to replace devstack-gate, but isn't there yet), and made19:46
jeblairdevstack-gate spin up machines built as jenkins slaves instead of dumb nodes.  when they19:46
jeblaircome online, devstack-gate adds them to jenkins as first class slaves (with a 'devstack-oneiric'19:46
jeblairnode tag).  the devstack integration test job is now configured only to run on 'devstack-oneiric'19:46
jeblairnodes.  when the job starts, the node is disabled so that no further jobs run on it.19:46
jeblairthe test itself now runs on the slave, rather than ssh-ing to the devstack node.19:46
jeblairand when it is complete, the node is removed from jenkins and deleted.19:46
jeblairthe upshot of that is that in the near term, we should never get another error due19:46
jeblairto being out of jenkins nodes, because jobs that need them will just queue up.19:46
jeblairand in the long term, we'll be able to trigger lots of runs of the integration tests19:46
jeblairand execute them in parallel as fast as we can spin up nodes.19:46
*** liemmn_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:47
*** liemmn__ has quit IRC19:47
mtaylorthe first thing about zuul was cool19:47
jeblairoh, and i should add, the switch from gerrit trigger plugin to zuul will have to happen all at once, so having, the jenkins job filler in place will make that much nicer.19:47
mtaylorthe second thing about jenkins slaves is really great19:47
jeblairyes, in a couple weeks, all these things are going to come together, and we will have a very shiny machine.  :)19:48
mtaylorany more questions for jeblair?19:48
LinuxJediever wonder by creating fantastic machines if we are going to make ourselves redundant? ;)19:49
mtaylorLinuxJedi: I hope so19:49
LinuxJediyay!  rise of the machines!19:49
jeblairi don't want my job to be "merge changes".  i'm happy to have a machine do that.  :)19:49
clarkbskynet will run on jenkins?19:49
mtaylorrelated to that ...19:50
LinuxJediclarkb: Nova is Skynet, didn't you get the memo?19:50
mtaylor#topic jenkins slaves19:50
*** openstack changes topic to "jenkins slaves"19:50
*** ewindisch has joined #openstack-meeting19:50
mtaylorLinuxJedi upgraded the slaves, yeah?19:50
LinuxJedioh, so yes...19:51
LinuxJedione of the Jenkins slaves (oneiric5) started failing jobs overnight19:51
LinuxJediit was due to OOM19:51
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack-meeting19:51
LinuxJediI've upgrade oneiric 4,5,6 to have double the RAM.  The others I'll probably do tomorrow now19:51
*** heckj has joined #openstack-meeting19:52
LinuxJedisince I'm in meetings until I sleep19:52
LinuxJediit shouldn't affect anyone but we will only have half the nodes for an hour tomorrow19:52
*** liemmn_ has quit IRC19:52
*** liemmn_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:52
*** mnewby has quit IRC19:53
mtaylorrelated to that ... I've been working on getting jenkins slaves spun up via jclouds19:53
LinuxJediyay! :)19:53
*** mnewby has joined #openstack-meeting19:54
mtaylorI'm working on getting a base image built that we can use to spin up nodes - because running puppet from scratch, well, takes some time19:55
mtaylorwe've also got a couple of patches that need to land in jclouds plugin - because right now puppet is creating the jenkins user...19:56
mtaylorand the jclouds plugin is ALSO trying to do this :)19:56
*** johnpur has joined #openstack-meeting19:56
mtayloranyhow - I've submitted some patches to try to take care of that, and hopefully we'll have that going soon19:57
*** liemmn_ has quit IRC19:57
*** liemmn__ has joined #openstack-meeting19:57
mtayloradditionally, the auto image creation code is in jclouds 1.5 beta... so as soon as that gets released, it should be available for the plugin19:58
mtaylorI tihnk that's all i've got there19:58
mtaylorand we're about out of time - anybody else got anything real quick?19:58
LinuxJedimtaylor: time to wrap up anyway, call in 1.5 minutes19:58
*** openstack changes topic to "Status and Progress (Meeting topic: keystone-meeting)"19:58
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mtaylorthanks everybody!19:58
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*** pcrews_ has left #openstack-meeting19:59
* notmyname steels himself for the next meeting19:59
ttxnotmyname: you don't even know where the charge will be coming from ;)20:01
notmynameno kidding :-)20:01
notmynamettx: btw, did you see I set a tentative date for 1.5.0?20:01
*** liemmn__ has quit IRC20:01
notmynamenext thursday (31st)20:01
*** liemmn__ has joined #openstack-meeting20:01
ttxnotmyname: I saw that. Still on track for that ?20:01
notmynamettx: ya, I think we've got a lot to do this week, but I think we can do it :-)20:02
*** Shrews has left #openstack-meeting20:02
*** devcamcar_ has joined #openstack-meeting20:02
notmynamettx: we'll try to build internal packages on friday or monday for additional qa to certify by then20:02
ttxnotmyname: sure, will discuss details during the release meeting20:03
*** zigo has quit IRC20:03
*** zigo has joined #openstack-meeting20:04
* ttx wonders if we actually have someone to present the case, if any20:04
notmynameis there a case? I thought it was "discuss"20:04
ttxnotmyname: I don't know20:04
ttxlast time we had a generic "we should make sure Core stays complete" and it degenerated20:05
ttxbut most of the arguments raised ended up being false alarms, afaict20:05
*** liemmn__ has quit IRC20:05
ttxlike keystone integration20:06
notmynameI agree with that summary :-)20:06
*** liemmn__ has joined #openstack-meeting20:06
notmynameand FWIW, swift will be taking over the keystone middleware piece (details TBD)20:06
ttxso i'm not sure we have anything to discuss, unless anotherjesse or devcamcar have something specific20:06
bcwaldonanotherjesse and vishy are afk this week20:07
devcamcar_I have no topics today20:07
ttxso unless someone present has a specific issue he'd like to raise, we should call that one off.20:07
heckjI'm good20:08
heckj(no topics)20:08
notmynameheckj: would this be an opportunity to discuss the middleware? (if there is no PPB meeting)20:08
*** zigo-_- has joined #openstack-meeting20:09
heckjnotmyname: yeah, it'd be great20:09
danwentgeneral question:  I'm guessing there's a PPB document on what it means for something to be called "openstack", "nova", "quantum", etc.  Can someone point me to that?20:09
*** zigo has quit IRC20:09
ttxdanwent: there should be a trademark document somewhere. Though I can't wait until the foundation is set up and a separate board handles that20:10
notmynameheckj: our plan is to release swift 1.5.0 next week. so it certainly won't happen before then. (just to give my timeframe)20:10
heckjdanwent: the closest is a trademark policy20:10
notmynameheckj: do you think swift devs should pull the changes into swift or keystone devs should push the changes to swift?20:10
danwentok, thanks.20:10
ttxdanwent: let me see if I can find it20:10
heckjnotmyname: yeah, not a problem. I'd be happy to post a change review (or work with Chmouel) to open a review on swift to move it in there20:11
notmynamedanwent: I remember many spirited discussions about just that topic :-)20:11
heckjnotmyname: woudl that work for you?20:11
danwentnotmyname: I figured that all happened before I was on the PPB, so I didn't want to re-open a can of worms :)20:11
notmynameheckj: how long does it need to live in keystone for migration purposes?20:11
ttxdanwent: that definitely covers openstack. I don't think anyone filed trademark for project codenames20:11
*** liemmn_ has joined #openstack-meeting20:12
*** liemmn__ has quit IRC20:12
heckjnotmyname: as soon as it's in swift, I think we update devstack and docs, and then we can remove it from Keystone20:12
notmynameheckj: ya, I'd prefer that you push what's needed into swift. then we can run with it for 1.5.1 and your next milestone. then pull it out of keystone?20:12
danwentttx: ok… there are some questions coming up about whether quantum is an API, a codebase, both, etc…  Maybe something to handle at some point.20:12
notmynameah ok20:12
heckjnotmyname: that's fine by me20:12
notmynameheckj: my goal is to have it moved by folsom. I'm happy to help with any migration issues that come up20:12
ttxdanwent: what is the "OpenStack" name for Quantum ? Like "Nova" is "OpenStack Compute"20:13
notmynameheckj: really it depends on how likely it will be that a keystone deployer will deploy your version w/o the middleware w/o upgrading swift to have the middleware20:13
danwentttx: right now I think its "OpenStack Network" or "OpenStack Network Connectivity"20:13
*** dolphm has quit IRC20:13
heckjnotmyname: K - I'll explicitly put you as a reviewer on the gerrit thingy to help guide. I'm expecting to shift over s3_token and swift_auth at a quick glance. I'll grab chmouel and make sure that's a reasonably cut to do though20:13
danwentbut commonly, people just say "the Quantum API".20:13
johnpurOpenStack Network20:14
notmynamedanwent: ya there also was a big discussion on "is openstack the api or the api + implementation". I don't think there was agreement on an answer20:14
ttxdanwent: because the API is named "OpenStack Compute API", and Nova is just an implementaation of it20:14
heckjnotmyname: there might not have been agreement, ubt I definitely proposed an answer. ;-)20:14
notmynameheckj: s3_token may not be appropriate to move (didn't know until just now that that exists)20:14
ttxnotmyname: ah? I thought there was agreement. Maybe that's because I don't care that much.20:15
notmynameheckj: we are removing all s3 support from swift (per the PPB decision)20:15
danwentttx: yeah, that's definitely one view.20:15
notmynamettx: could have been just me ;-)20:15
heckjnotmyname: yeah, not entirely sure myself. That's why I was going to grab chmouel - he has the most knowledge of where the various pieces/parts lay20:15
danwentnotmyname: ok, don't want to open up a can of worms here.  happy to participate in the discussion when it happens.20:15
* heckj hands danwent a can opener. Make it a good one sir!20:15
notmynameheckj: ya, ok. my initial reaction (without looking at it) is to say that the s3_token piece should not move (or move to the swift3 middleware project) and the other should move20:16
danwent* ducks out20:16
johnpurnotmyname: this is an interesting point... S3 compatibility is being removed from Swift, but is it removed from OpenStack Object Storage?20:16
chmouelheckj: s3_token should prob stays in keystone20:16
chmouelheckj: like ec2_token20:16
heckjchmouel: yeah!!!20:16
notmynamejohnpur: PPB decided that 3rd party APIs shouldn't be in openstack20:16
notmynamejohnpur: so I'd say it's out20:16
ttxjohnpur: I think it would be fair to say that S3 never was in OpenStack Object Storage20:16
johnpursame idea on the implementation for EC2 support for OpenStack Compute20:16
notmynamejohnpur: ya, and CDMI and CIMI and etc20:17
ttxand that Swift accidentally supported it for some time.20:17
ttxsince what we call the "OpenStack Object Storage API" in our docs is not S3.20:17
johnpurdoes Nova == OpenStack Compute? or is Nova an impementation of an API/codebase that makes part of what the OpenStack community presents as "Compute"?20:17
johnpurthis will be important as we look at core projects splitting functionality off20:18
*** liemmn_ has quit IRC20:18
*** liemmn_ has joined #openstack-meeting20:18
notmynameheckj: cool, so I think we have an answer for that (at least enough to get started). if nothing happens by a few weeks from now, one of us should bug the other ;-)20:18
ttxdanwent: if you look at https://github.com/openstack you will se repos for "nova" and "compute-api"20:18
*** devcamcar_ has quit IRC20:18
ttxjohnpur: I'd say the latter20:18
notmynamejohnpur: indeed it's a good question (I think openstack == API + implementation, but that's just me)20:19
heckjnotmyname: word20:19
ttxdanwent: and for "quantum" and "netconn-api"20:19
danwentyeah, just noticed that.20:19
notmynamejohnpur: for example, is gluster "openstack" since they took the swift API?20:19
danwentI guess that's from back when quantum was scoped to be just L2, and we wanted a name to differentiate from melange20:20
notmynamesame for ceph20:20
ttxI'd say we have implementations of choice as the openstack core product20:20
heckjIM(NS)HO: API only == "openstack compatible", API+Implementation == "openstack"20:20
notmynameheckj: I like that :-)20:20
johnpurnotmyname: or is SOS part of Swift? Does Object Storage include CDN integration?20:20
ttxbut someone should mine the old meetings, I definitely remember discussing that and coming to a conclusion.20:20
notmynamejohnpur: SOS is not part of swift. it's a value add (that our 2 companies happen to be collaborating on), but CDN integration is not an object storage feature--it's a product feature20:21
*** zigo-_- has quit IRC20:22
ttxthis was discussed just before the *-api projects were created on github20:22
ttxso that the name would be right20:22
danwentheckj: I think that makes sense.  The question then becomes what if the developers of a project decide that to keep things "simple" they want to prevent someone from doing something with the project implementation.   If the vendor then modifies the project codebase to do that thing and uses it, is that no longer "openstack" and is instead "openstack compatible"?  i.e., is a single change of code to the project ma20:22
danwentthat project?20:22
notmynamedanwent: implementation == the version of the (distributed) repo that is gated and managed by openstack20:23
*** liemmn_ has quit IRC20:23
*** liemmn_ has joined #openstack-meeting20:23
danwentnotmyname:  ok, so folks like nebula and piston aren't necessarily shipping nova, they are shipping an nova-compatible solution that may or may not be based on nova code?20:24
danwentsorry, openstack-compatible version of the compute API, might be the better way to say it.20:24
heckjdanwent: I was going more tyranical - suggesting that the "OpenStack reference implementation" that the project provides *IS* openstack. Other projects that provide the API (+/- some bits there) - i.e. gluster or ceph with Swift API for example - are "openstack compatible"20:25
notmynamedanwent: I think it depends on what is changed. plugins, etc don't "count" as substantive changes. is rackspace cloud servers == nova if cloud servers doesn't use the libvirt part?20:25
danwentok, so it really does come down to presence of code in the public repo…20:25
notmynamesee how fun these questions get? :-)20:25
lloyddepiston, isn't a good example for your discussion ;-)20:25
johnpurnotmyname: we should have a forum (maybe contained within the project teams) to surface these sorts of discussions. Things like rate limiting (which I think you are proposing splitting from the Swift API), possible OpenStack * features that the community "needs" (including CDN integration), etc. It is possible that the core team (eg. Swift) is optimizing for their domain, but a more global "OpenStack" view is require20:26
notmynamelloydde: piston == nova + funny hats?20:26
danwentlloydde: sorry… just pulled that out of thin air20:26
notmynamejohnpur: (actually, we're moving most of that stuff back in...)20:26
lloyddeyes, funny hats is our only modification to the nova code20:26
notmynamejohnpur: including rate limiting.20:26
notmynamejohnpur: but the principle is good :-)20:26
johnpurnotmynmae: happy to hear it...20:26
notmynamelloydde: :-)20:26
danwentnotmyname: agreed.  I things get really hairy when you start talking about drivers vs. plugins, and where those boundaries should be.  That's at least the crux of the questions in Quantum, but I assume other projects face this as well.20:27
notmynamejohnpur: http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/openstack-meeting/2012/openstack-meeting.2012-05-16-20.31.html20:27
*** rash has quit IRC20:27
*** liemmn__ has joined #openstack-meeting20:28
*** liemmn_ has quit IRC20:28
ttxjohnpur: that was why I suggested that those changes should always be communicated before being implemented20:28
ttxjohnpur: everyone agreed that it was common sense, so much that we didn't even need a rule for that20:28
ttx(previously on the PPB show...)20:29
*** dwcramer has quit IRC20:31
johnpurttx: not looking so much for the communication plan (agree on the common sense comment) but whether or not we are doing the "right" things in order to ensure a healthy growth  within the OpenStack community and projects. It is possible to get too myopic if you are buried in the code for a project, maybe not having the time (or inclination) to assess if the overall OpenStack project is progressing.20:32
johnpuri think this is part of our roles as the ppb?20:32
ttxjohnpur: raising a thread gives the occasion for stakeholders to voice their opinion, and in case of conflicts, the PPB can definitely mediate20:33
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack-meeting20:33
*** liemmn_ has joined #openstack-meeting20:33
*** liemmn__ has quit IRC20:33
johnpurbtw, is this thread captured if no-one started the meeting?20:34
ttxjohnpur: no, since it's informal :)20:34
* ttx checks20:35
notmynamewell, it's in my client logs....20:35
ttxactually we have channel logs20:35
ttxeverything we say is carved in stone20:36
notmynamettx: and now everyone stopped talking...20:37
ttxnotmyname: generally people react to this in two ways. Talk more or stop talking.20:38
heckjblah blah blah20:38
notmynamejust remembered the little we talked about copyright assignment last week. I'd like closure on that.20:39
*** liemmn_ has quit IRC20:39
*** liemmn_ has joined #openstack-meeting20:39
notmynameperhaps next week when jbryce is back20:39
ttxnotmyname: you mean the famous "we don't require copyright assignment, but do we accept that people assign copyright to us ?"20:40
ttx(by accident)20:41
*** ewanmellor has joined #openstack-meeting20:41
notmynamettx: ya, something like that :-)20:41
johnpuri thought we had standard source code language that covers this?20:41
johnpursource code header20:41
ttxnotmyname: I can pretend to know what I'm talking about and answer that... or wait for someone's lawyer.20:41
notmynamettx: ya, I was part of an internal discussion on that. I don't think I have any better answer after hearing the lawyers answers20:42
ttxjohnpur: from experience i'm pretty sure there is no risk associated to being assigned copyright -- but IANAL20:42
*** joearnold has quit IRC20:42
notmynamejohnpur: turns out, that may not be needed or accurate (or legally binding)20:42
notmynamejohnpur: the header is simply (c) followed by the apache licence boilerplate20:43
johnpurcan we get alice king/eileen evans to weigh in here, as they are officially lawyers?20:43
notmynamejohnpur: ya, they were the ones on the email thread that I saw (with jbryce)20:43
notmynamesuffice to say, I don't have any answers and I'd like one :-)20:44
johnpurso i guess we wait for jbryce to return... when/if :)20:44
*** jbryce has joined #openstack-meeting20:45
johnpurspeak of the devil20:46
johnpuri guess jbryce's return was a "when"!20:46
*** liemmn_ has quit IRC20:46
*** liemmn__ has joined #openstack-meeting20:46
jbryceuh oh20:46
notmynamejbryce: we were just talking about copyright assignment20:46
jbrycenotmyname: ok. are there remaining questions?20:47
ttxjbryce: we are not having the meeting, since nobody had anything pointy to throw at notmyname20:47
notmynamejbryce: ya, you had an action item from the last meeting (and the email thread with alice)20:47
ttxjbryce: so just informal discussions20:47
jbrycettx: sounds good. but boring20:47
notmynamejbryce: actually, it's quite pleasant20:47
ttxjbryce: If I had known I would have sharpen a stone.20:47
* notmyname doesn't like pointy things thrown at him20:48
jbrycebasically, when a file is created, if the author chooses to put a copyright OpenStack, LLC in there it sounds like that it would probably be considered an assignment20:48
*** SumitNaiksatam has joined #openstack-meeting20:48
jbryceotherwise, people should not be adding an OpenStack, LLC copyright notice to files20:48
notmynamejbryce: anything on derivative works? like a new file created from 2 that were previously openstack (or other or mixed)20:49
johnpurwe need a simple and cogent rule for this, right?20:49
jbryceif the OpenStack, LLC copyright is in there, it should stay in there. a derivative work should contain the previous copyrights (including an OpenStack one if it was there)20:50
notmynamejohnpur: it came up when a new (derivative) file was proposed to swift that contained (c) for both openstack and the sumbitting company's (c). it looked weird to me, so I asked the PPB last week20:50
*** marktvoelker has joined #openstack-meeting20:50
*** rkukura has joined #openstack-meeting20:50
*** gabrielhurley has joined #openstack-meeting20:50
*** markvoelker has left #openstack-meeting20:51
*** mattstep has joined #openstack-meeting20:52
*** liemmn__ has quit IRC20:52
*** liemmn__ has joined #openstack-meeting20:52
johnpurso the rule is: new files should not have OpenStack LLC copyright notices. If an existing file has an assignment it is fine. Derivative files should maintain the existing copyright (but should not add an OpenStack LLC notice)?20:52
*** hggdh has quit IRC20:52
notmynamedo the core devs need to bring that up in reviews?20:53
jbrycejohnpur: close. the only exception is that if on the initial creation of a file, an author wishes to just assign the copyright to OpenStack, LLC, they can. not required, but is allowed.20:54
notmynameIOW, do core devs need to be "copyright police"20:54
jbrycenotmyname: i think the basic rule for core devs is that it should not be added to existing files and derivative files need to contain whatever copyright notices were in the source files20:54
johnpurnotmyname: not the police, but a quick scan shouldn't be too hard to see if the simple rules are being followed.20:55
notmynamejohnpur: jbryce: ya, I think it just needs to be communicated to the core devs. I know that we (swift-core) have been ignorant on this front20:56
notmynamea wiki page would be nice...20:56
johnpurfiles should also have the Apache license stuff as well.20:56
ttxlooks like one more thing that russelb should add to his review tips page20:56
ttxnotmyname: russellb proposed to do one, you could push that extra rule in it20:57
*** liemmn__ has quit IRC20:57
*** liemmn__ has joined #openstack-meeting20:57
notmynamettx: I nominate jbryce since he groks it most fully, I think :-)20:57
ttxanyone but me is fine by me.20:58
jbrycei'll let russell know20:58
*** devcamcar_ has joined #openstack-meeting20:58
*** edgarmagana has joined #openstack-meeting20:59
ttxheckj, bcwaldon, devcamcar, danwent: still around ?21:00
*** dolphm has joined #openstack-meeting21:00
ttxbcwaldon: are you standing in for vishy ?21:00
*** jbryce has quit IRC21:00
bcwaldonttx: kinda21:00
ttxshould be fun21:01
*** liemmn__ has quit IRC21:01
*** liemmn__ has joined #openstack-meeting21:01
ttxheckj, devcamcar ?21:01
gabrielhurleyif devcamcar doesn't appear by the time Horizon's turn is up, I can stand in.21:02
ttxok, let's start21:02
openstackMeeting started Tue May 22 21:02:41 2012 UTC.  The chair is ttx. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.21:02
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ttxToday's agenda: http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings/ProjectMeeting21:02
ttxnothing like bot boilerplate noise to attract heckj21:03
ttx#info Last meeting before folsom-1. Will cut the milestone-proposed branch in ~10 hours21:03
ttx#info So in this meeting we'll be updating F1-targeted features and bugfixes.21:03
ttx#topic Actions from previous meeting21:03
*** openstack changes topic to "Actions from previous meeting"21:03
ttx* bcwaldon to follow up on bug 966329 status21:03
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 966329 in nova "RAX-specific auth in novaclient" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96632921:03
bcwaldonttx: westmaas is on it21:04
ttxbcwaldon: should we un-F1-target the bug ?21:04
bcwaldonttx: yes, the bug itself is simple, but we want ot give affected parties time to regroup21:04
bcwaldonor prepare21:04
* ttx removes milestone21:05
ttx* vishy to adjust 'undefined' folsom bp priorities: not done, pushing to next week21:05
ttx#action vishy to adjust 'undefined' folsom bp priorities21:05
ttx* ttx to fix series goal for quantum/folsom bps21:05
ttxdanwent: I did fix them, but there are two new ones there (F2-targeted):21:05
ttxhttps://blueprints.launchpad.net/quantum/+spec/use-common-cfg (unassigned)21:06
*** Gordonz has quit IRC21:06
danwentttx: k, I asked a few people to create bps this week, so perhaps those are new.  will fix21:06
ttxdanwent: You should look at them and set series goal = Folsom if those match your expectations... the second one definitely needs an assignee21:06
ttx#topic Keystone status21:06
*** openstack changes topic to "Keystone status"21:06
ttxheckj: o/21:07
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/keystone/+milestone/folsom-121:07
heckjLook - more bot noise!21:07
*** devcamcar_ has quit IRC21:07
* heckj runs up 21:07
ttxonly one blueprint is left in F1: draft-v3-api (heckj)21:07
ttxI think it should be considered completed now ?21:07
heckjdraft is published as of today - getting feedback now. Sec for a link.21:07
ttxok, marking complete21:07
oubiwannheckj: btw, nice work on that api draft21:07
heckj#link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1s9C4EMxIZ55kZr62CKEC9ip7He_Q4_g1KRfSk9hY-Sg/edit21:08
heckjoubiwann: thanks, but I know we're not nearly complete here.21:08
ttxheckj: On the bugs side, you still have 6 targeted bugs open21:08
ttxheckj: since there is nothing critical/high in there, ok to defer to folsom-2 anything that is not merged today ?21:08
heckjttx: doing reviews for those today - any we can't get in, we'll defer21:08
ttxOK. Then we'll use folsom-1 targeting to mean "must be backported to milestone-proposed in the day before F1 is published"21:09
ttxi.e. milestone-critical bugs only.21:09
ttx(if any)21:09
ttxQuick glance at folsom-2: https://launchpad.net/keystone/+milestone/folsom-221:09
*** liemmn__ has quit IRC21:09
*** liemmn__ has joined #openstack-meeting21:09
ttxheckj: Could you set the series goal to Folsom for https://blueprints.launchpad.net/keystone/+spec/keystone-ipv6-support if it has your support ?21:09
ttxbtw I'm working on a blueprint inconsistency detection tool that will help you detect oddities like this21:10
*** rash has joined #openstack-meeting21:11
heckjI think blueprints are, by convention, inconsistent21:11
* ttx is gradually replacing himself with launchpadlib scripts21:11
*** dmd17 has joined #openstack-meeting21:11
ttxheckj: On that F2 page: I suspect those "Unknown" status are actually "not started" ?21:11
ttxIf yes, I can adjust them21:11
heckjYes - but what's the difference?21:12
ttx"Unknown" means "nobody knows"21:12
ttxso it can be used to track blueprints where you've lost contact with the assignee21:12
heckjthen they're all "not started"21:13
ttxok, willfix21:13
ttxheckj: anything else ?21:13
heckjnothing form me21:13
ttxQuestions about Keystone ?21:13
ttx#topic Swift status21:14
*** openstack changes topic to "Swift status"21:14
ttxnotmyname: o/21:14
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/swift/+milestone/1.5.021:14
ttxSo you have a tentative release date for it.. May 3121:14
notmynamethe "good progress" ones have pending patches21:14
notmynameya, 5/3121:14
notmynameassuming we can get those merged this week (next week for testing)21:14
ttxnotmyname: when would be the QA cut date ? Friday ?21:15
notmynamefriday or monday21:15
ttxOK, we'll cut milestone-proposed at the same time21:15
notmynameI'll let you know21:15
ttxhmm. Monday is actually a holiday around here21:16
notmynamehere too actually21:16
notmynameso tuesday would probably give us enough time21:16
ttxso I guess we could do Tuesday, yes. QA can start earlier21:16
notmynamedepends on what happens this week21:16
ttxok, keep me posted21:16
notmynamewill do21:17
ttxnotmyname: Anything else ?21:17
notmynamejust a follow up21:17
notmynameto something I said last week21:17
notmynamemost of the "to be removed in 1.5.0" pieces actually won't be removed (after much discussion among swift-core)21:17
*** arosen has quit IRC21:18
notmynameswift3 will come out, but the other pieces will stay in21:18
notmynamemakes more sense in swift (from a community perspective)21:18
ttxnotmyname: would you be interested in participating to a Bug triage day, as outlined on the ML ? If yes, we can push it back to first week of June to not interfere with 1.5.021:18
*** GheRivero has quit IRC21:18
ttx#link https://lists.launchpad.net/openstack/msg12040.html21:19
notmynamettx: let me look in to it21:19
ttxjust let me know by answering the thread21:19
ttxor we'll talk more about it at the end of the meeting21:20
*** arosen has joined #openstack-meeting21:20
ttxso you can take your time :)21:20
ttxQuestions on Swift ?21:20
annegentlettx: what's the proposed date for a bug triage day? (a Tues. I guess?)21:20
ttxannegentle: we'll discuss it in open discussion at the end of the meeting21:21
ttx#topic Glance status21:21
annegentlettx: got it21:21
*** openstack changes topic to "Glance status"21:21
ttxbcwaldon: yo21:21
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/glance/+milestone/folsom-121:21
bcwaldonttx: hey hey21:21
*** dmd17 has quit IRC21:22
ttxapi-v2-image-tags & api-v2-user-properties are left -- will defer to F2 if it doesn't land in the next hours ?21:22
bcwaldonttx: yeah, its no biggie if they dont land in f121:22
ttxOn the F1-targeted bugs side, 6 are still open21:22
ttxhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1001213 -- was wondering if that should be fixed21:22
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1001213 in glance "[folsom-1] Missing files in generated tarballs" [High,New]21:22
ttxif yes, I can certainly push a fix before going to bed.21:23
bcwaldonttx: I'll comment on the bug for you21:23
ttxfeel free to invalidate if those files make no sense21:23
ttxhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/994609 -- is that really critical ?21:23
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 994609 in glance "wsgi.Server() starts but is broken on osx (test_multiprocessing never ends)" [Critical,In progress]21:23
*** johnpur has left #openstack-meeting21:23
*** liemmn__ has quit IRC21:23
bcwaldonttx: it has a partial fix in, so its not anymore21:24
bcwaldonttx: and it only affects certain osx environments21:24
bcwaldonttx: which dont happen to be mine21:24
*** liemmn__ has joined #openstack-meeting21:24
ttxbcwaldon: High and ->F2 ?21:24
bcwaldonttx: sounds good21:24
ttxDo you agree to push back the medium ones to F2 if not landed when I cut milestone-proposed ?21:24
bcwaldonttx: yep21:24
ttxThen, like Keystone, we'll use F1-targeting to mark bugs that should be backported to MP before F1 is finally published.21:25
*** User has joined #openstack-meeting21:25
bcwaldonttx: ok, sounds good to me21:25
ttxLooking at F2... no blueprints were targeted there yet.21:25
ttxWould you agree to target all the remaining "essential" stuff to F2, like promised last week ? ;)21:25
bcwaldonyes, will do21:25
ttxoh, you just added glance-client-v221:25
ttxOne small inconsistency in priorities:21:25
ttxapi-2 (essential) depends on api-v2-anonymous-access (high)21:25
bcwaldonok, thats actually a bad dependency21:26
bcwaldonwill fix21:26
ttxbcwaldon: Anything else you wanted to mention ?21:26
bcwaldonI could use help with glance reviews21:26
bcwaldonbut thats a constant pain point21:26
ttxbcwaldon: you should launch a recruitment campaign21:27
ttxBecome Glance Core, win a T-shirt21:27
bcwaldonttx: you're providing t-shirts?!21:27
ttxbcwaldon: err.21:27
ttxI thought *you* would to encourage *me* to join glance-core.21:27
ttxbcwaldon: Anything else you wanted to mention ?21:28
bcwaldonnope, glance is good to go21:28
ttxQuestions on Glance ?21:28
*** liemmn__ has quit IRC21:28
*** liemmn__ has joined #openstack-meeting21:28
*** jakedahn_zz is now known as jakedahn21:28
ttx#topic Quantum status21:29
*** openstack changes topic to "Quantum status"21:29
ttxdanwent: hey21:29
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/quantum/+milestone/folsom-121:29
ttx2 blueprints still in progress... anything you expect will land in the next hours ?21:29
danwentyes, one is pretty close to end of review.21:29
danwentnot critical though.21:29
danwentthe other is tracking adding multi node setups to devstack21:29
ttxdanwent: OK if I defer anything that's not merged in ~10hours ?21:30
danwentso not really something that will ship with quantum, but important for the project in general21:30
danwentother than that, we've moved two very important items to F-2, which means that F-2 is PACKED21:30
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack-meeting21:30
ttxThat's how we like it21:30
ttx2 targeted bugs left: should they be deferred to F2 ? Or is there anything milestone-critical in there ?21:30
danwentso I'm going to try and just get F-1 out without much drama, and have people start focusing on F-2 already21:30
*** ywu has joined #openstack-meeting21:31
danwenti'm going to make sure at least bug #1000809 is fixed21:31
ttxI should have said "can they be deferred to F2 if not complete tomorrow"21:31
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1000809 in quantum "unneeded import of ovs_models in OVS agent break 2.4 compat" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100080921:31
danwentits a one liner and let's people run agent on xenserver (which requires 2.4)21:31
danwentttx: yes21:31
ttxQuick peek at the folsom-2 plan at https://launchpad.net/quantum/+milestone/folsom-221:32
danwentjust updated it.  good news is that almost all items have people working on them already, in some cases they've been working on it for a while.21:32
ttxoo, lots of last-minute fixes in there :)21:32
ttxSmall inconsistency:21:32
ttxquantum-system-functional-tests (implemented) is marked as depending on quantum-functional-test-environment (not complete)21:32
ttxnot in F2 but in the folsom general plan21:33
danwentok, that's an F-1 item.  I'll just break the dependency21:33
ttxsounds good21:33
*** mnaser has quit IRC21:33
ttxI checks deps to make sure we have the critical path for essential features in plain sight, so don't hesitate to carete them as needed21:33
ttxdanwent: Anything else ?21:34
danwentok, probably worth adding a few deps for F-2, as they definitely are some21:34
ttxQuestions on Quantum ?21:34
*** russellb has joined #openstack-meeting21:35
ttx#topic Nova status21:35
*** openstack changes topic to "Nova status"21:35
ttxbcwaldon: welcome back21:35
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/nova/+milestone/folsom-121:35
*** salv-orlando has joined #openstack-meeting21:35
bcwaldonttx: hey hey21:35
devcamcarttx: i spent this morning reviewing fixed but untargeted bugs21:35
*** ewanmellor has quit IRC21:35
ttxso vishy left us with 9 incomplete bps21:35
devcamcarfound about 100 that were fixed and in master but not tagged for folsom-121:35
ttxdevananda: that's ok21:36
ttxdevcamcar: that's ok21:36
ttxdevcamcar: the release script sets the milestone when it does the FixCommitted->FixReleased transition21:36
russellbeep, you were replaced by a small shell script ;(21:36
devcamcarttx: that's fine, except there were also a ton of fixes that had landed in stable/essex that were not updated21:37
devcamcari fixed those as well21:37
ttxdevcamcar: so all the FixCommitted should actually be folsom-1 fixes21:37
ttxdevcamcar: good21:37
devcamcarttx: i actually look at the milestone views though, so not having them targeted before release is … annoying at best21:37
ttxbcwaldon: I guess I'll just move to F2 anything that's not completed in the next hours ?21:37
bcwaldonttx: yeah, I just moved the one assigned to me21:37
russellbmine is done21:37
russellbit was approved once, but i keep having to rebase because of conflicts21:38
ttxdevcamcar: I'll update the buglink magic so that it sets the "next milestone" when it sets FixCommitted21:38
bcwaldonttx: vishy didn't give me anything specific to share with the group, either21:38
russellbhalf of it is in, other half needs to be approved again21:38
ttxrussellb: you have it under control ?21:38
devcamcarttx: if that script ran every day and updated untargeted committed fixes to current milestone, that would be far better imo21:38
ttxrussellb: just set to Implemented when complete21:39
ttxrussellb: or I'll defer it21:39
russellbttx: yeah, was just mentioning it in case someone felt like looking / approving ...21:39
ttxdevcamcar: or both. Would avoid too much bugnoise21:39
ttxbcwaldon: 2 targeted bugs -- anything that should be kept as milestone-critical ?21:39
*** liemmn__ has quit IRC21:39
devcamcarttx: both what? sorry21:40
*** liemmn__ has joined #openstack-meeting21:40
devcamcarttx: nm, i see21:40
ttxOr i'll just defer to F2 if not fixed21:40
devcamcaryea that would be nice21:40
bcwaldonttx: the bug assigned to Philip just needed a little more TLC in the review cycle, I'm pushing that through now21:40
ttxbcwaldon: two F2-targeted bugs21:40
ttxbcwaldon: I'll defer anything that's not completed in the next 10 hours21:41
bcwaldonttx: yep, sounds good21:41
ttxbcwaldon: i won't annoy you with F2 plans21:41
bcwaldonttx: yeah, i dont have any answers for you anyways21:41
devcamcarttx: not to derail this too much, but i assume it's a known issue that backports and "fix committed" status aren't properly handled by jenkins/gerrit?21:41
ttxonly one inconsistency for Russell:21:41
ttxrussellb: no-db-compute (high) depends on no-db-messaging (low)21:41
devcamcarthey still require manual intervention21:41
russellbttx: no-db-messaging should be high then, i guess.21:42
ttxdevcamcar: yes. It should update the Essex task alright. On my list too.21:42
devcamcarttx: cool21:42
ttxMight have the time to do it tomorrow after the MP cuts21:42
ttxrussellb: that's one way to fix it.21:42
ttxbcwaldon: Anything else ?21:42
bcwaldonttx: negative21:42
russellbno-db-compute was set to high very recently, i suspect the other was set long ago21:42
ttxQuestions on Nova ?21:42
ttxrussellb: certainly21:43
ttxjgriffith: around ?how is Cinder going today ?21:43
*** dolphm has quit IRC21:43
ttxlet's do Horizon first, and go back to Cinder if John is around21:44
ttx#topic Horizon status21:44
*** openstack changes topic to "Horizon status"21:44
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/horizon/+milestone/folsom-121:44
devcamcarboth remaining blueprints will most likely land21:44
devcamcarone is held up waiting for this review in devstack: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/7684/21:44
devcamcarthe other is being actively reviewed right now21:44
ttxdevcamcar: ok to defer if that's not the case for any reason ?21:44
*** russellb has left #openstack-meeting21:45
devcamcarttx: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/workflows i could argue should be "essential" since a lot of future dev in f2 depends on it21:45
gabrielhurleyworkflows *will* land today ;-)21:45
devcamcarthe other is fine to defer but workflows really needs to land21:45
ttxdevcamcar: ok, I'll wait for you in case shit happens21:46
devcamcarhowever, if for some crazy reason workflows don't land i think we should slip a day21:46
devcamcarrest of bugs in this milestone are not too terribly difficult21:46
ttxwe can cut milestone-proposed a bit late, and still hit the milestone day21:46
devcamcarttx: ok cool21:46
*** liemmn__ has quit IRC21:46
ttxOn the bugs side... 4 targeted bugs21:46
ttxI'll cut the milestone-proposed branch in ~10 hours...21:46
ttx...and after that the remaining milestone-critical fixes should land in master and be backported to milestone-proposed21:46
devcamcarttx: sounds good21:47
ttxTo reduce the backporting pain, my suggestion would be for me tomorrow to only keep whatever you set to "Critical"21:47
*** liemmn__ has joined #openstack-meeting21:47
devcamcarttx: agreed21:47
ttxand defer the rest to F2 if incomplete. Would that work for you ?21:47
ttxQuick look at F2 @ https://launchpad.net/horizon/+milestone/folsom-221:47
ttxShould the 2 unassigned blueprints be considered Nebula's ?21:47
ttxdevcamcar: Anything else ?21:48
devcamcarstill need to create the quantum blueprint for f2, but it's pretty put together21:48
devcamcarttx: nope!21:48
ttxQuestions for Horizon ?21:48
*** jog0 has quit IRC21:48
ttx#topic Other Team reports21:49
*** openstack changes topic to "Other Team reports"21:49
ttxannegentle, jaypipes, mtaylor: ?21:49
*** jog0 has joined #openstack-meeting21:49
ttxjgriffith (Cinder) ?21:49
ttxand we have a winner !21:49
ttxannegentle: go for it21:50
annegentlewould love input on "Starter docs and articles" at http://www.openstack.org/blog/2012/05/starter-docs-and-articles/ or on the mailing list21:50
ttx#help input needed on "Starter docs and articles" at http://www.openstack.org/blog/2012/05/starter-docs-and-articles/ or on the mailing list21:51
annegentlealso I just moved "deployment templates" blueprint to f2 for openstack-manuals… gathering more input from multiple people about "what do you want to know about other's deployments"21:51
ttx#help Glance reviewers wanted21:51
*** mestery has quit IRC21:52
ttxannegentle: how did your F1 objectives go ?21:52
annegentleAlso starting to work with Javier Cervino to create a "try it out" javascript embed for TryStack.org on the api.openstack.org site… very early stages.21:52
annegentlettx: well by moving the deployment templates out to f2 we didn't have any other blueprints in f121:52
ttxgood job :)21:52
ttxannegentle: anything else ?21:52
annegentleand welcome Tom Fifield to doc-core!21:52
annegentlethat's it.21:53
ttxAny other team lead with a status report ?21:53
oubiwannttx: update from infrastructure21:53
ttxoubiwann: shoot21:53
annegentle#info Welcome Tom Fifield to openstack-doc-core21:53
oubiwannopenstack-dev list is created21:53
oubiwannand I'm currently testing (and adding) topics21:53
oubiwannand the associated regexs21:53
ttxoubiwann: how does that work ?21:54
oubiwannthere are a handful of folks who have volunteered to help out with testing21:54
*** blamar has quit IRC21:54
*** gongys has joined #openstack-meeting21:54
oubiwannttx: you create them in the admin interface for mailman, giving a description, name, and regex21:54
*** dprince has quit IRC21:55
*** liemmn__ has quit IRC21:55
oubiwannthe in-coming emails are then parsed (subject and, optionally, first few lines of the body)21:55
*** liemmn__ has joined #openstack-meeting21:55
oubiwannif an email matches one or more of the topics (regexs), then only those people subscribed to those topics will receive it21:55
ttxoubiwann: ok, no time to explain more, but will follow up21:55
oubiwannotherwise, everyone gets it21:55
ttxoubiwann: any fuzzy ETA for GA ?21:56
oubiwannI think at this point the only thing we're waiting on is reed decision of what to do with some of the sensitive mail lists from the old host21:56
oubiwanncould be as soon as thursday21:56
ttx#topic Open discussion21:56
oubiwannor as late as next wee21:56
*** openstack changes topic to "Open discussion"21:56
ttxAs explained in https://lists.launchpad.net/openstack/msg12040.html I'd like us to spend a day cleaning up our bug database21:57
ttxThis is mostly Nova and Swift, but I guess the exercise can't hurt the others as well21:57
ttxheckj, notmyname, bcwaldon, devcamcar, danwent: thoughts ?21:58
ttxmaybe just follow-up on the thread if you think your project should participate21:58
danwentttx: seems like a good idea.  I did a quick scan for F-1 and saw a lot of stuff that likely can be cleaned up in Quantum, but needed a bit more investigation to confirm.21:58
*** mestery has joined #openstack-meeting21:58
ttxannegentle: target would be a day in the week of June 421:58
ttxI'd say Thursday, at first glance21:59
* heckj reads the link21:59
annegentleyeah thursdays are nicer than Tuesdays. You can quote me on that.21:59
ttxI prepared a number of wikipages:21:59
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates21:59
*** ayoung has quit IRC21:59
ttxAnything else, anyone ?22:00
ttxTime to leave the room for the next meeting22:00
*** openstack changes topic to "Status and Progress (Meeting topic: keystone-meeting)"22:01
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openstackMinutes:        http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/openstack-meeting/2012/openstack-meeting.2012-05-22-21.02.html22:01
openstackMinutes (text): http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/openstack-meeting/2012/openstack-meeting.2012-05-22-21.02.txt22:01
openstackLog:            http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/openstack-meeting/2012/openstack-meeting.2012-05-22-21.02.log.html22:01
danwentok, quantum team….22:01
danwentno time to waste :)22:01
openstackMeeting started Tue May 22 22:01:41 2012 UTC.  The chair is danwent. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.22:01
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* mtaylor wastes time22:01
danwentmtaylor: damn you!22:01
danwenthi folks22:02
*** s0mik has joined #openstack-meeting22:02
danwent#link agenda: http://wiki.openstack.org/Network/Meetings22:02
danwenthi gongys22:02
SumitNaiksatamHi All!22:02
danwentgongys: what time is it for you?22:02
gongys6:00 in the morning22:02
*** User has quit IRC22:02
danwentyikes… appreciate you making the meeting :)22:02
gongysYes. not easy.22:03
danwentbetween you and garyk, maybe we should be consider a new time.22:03
danwentits not easy for salv-orlando either22:03
*** mattstep has left #openstack-meeting22:03
danwentok, let's bring it up during open discussion22:03
*** hggdh has joined #openstack-meeting22:03
*** liemmn__ has quit IRC22:03
danwent#topic F-1 Release22:03
*** openstack changes topic to "F-1 Release"22:03
danwentbranchpoint will be tonight.  anything other than important bug fixes should be in by tonight.22:04
*** liemmn__ has joined #openstack-meeting22:04
danwentany critical bug fixes found between now and release on thurs should be pushed to master, then send me a note and I can pull them to the milestone proposed branch22:04
danwentjkoelker: here?22:05
danwent_cerberus_: ?22:05
danwentbig update is that we're not going to try and push v2 API code in F-122:05
_cerberus_What's it worth to you?22:05
danwentthere's been a lots of good progress, but there's still some more work to be done, and I want to make sure folks have ample time to review22:05
danwent_cerberus_: I think plan is to get a spec of sorts out quickly for feedback though?22:06
danwentas many items in F-2 require people to start writing code against the v2 API22:06
SumitNaiksatamis there a github repo that we call look at in the interim?22:06
danwentSumitNaiksatam: yes22:06
SumitNaiksatamfor the v2 API that is22:06
danwentjkoelker has a branch22:06
danwentone sec22:07
danwentI think its linked from BP22:07
danwentyeah, at bottom of BP22:07
SumitNaiksatamoh ok22:07
SumitNaiksatamI did not notice it22:07
danwentjkoelker is sly like that :P22:07
SumitNaiksatamor I was lazy to scroll :-)22:08
garyksilly question: is the nova code also being taken care of? this may also take time to get through22:08
gongysis this one: https://github.com/jkoelker/quantum/tree/melange22:08
danwentgaryk: which nova code?22:08
danwentgongys: yup22:08
danwentgaryk: I guess i'm not sure what you mean by "being taken care of"… do you mean maintained?  most of the quantum manager code will go away in Folsom22:09
danwenttr3buchet has a BP in F-2 to rework nova code to work with new v2 API (and some other cool changes, like eliminating nova-network)22:09
danwentat least when running with quantum22:09
garykok, that makes sense22:09
jkoelkerhttps://github.com/jkoelker/quantum/compare/openstack:master...melange that's the current diff with trunk so far22:10
jkoelkeri havn't merged trunk though in a few days, so it might be behind a bit22:10
danwenthere's link to tr3buchet's work : https://blueprints.launchpad.net/quantum/+spec/improved-nova-quantum-integration22:10
danwentjkoelker: thanks22:10
salv-orlandodoes the v2 api amounts to quantum + melange or is there something new as well? Just asking, not been following closely lately.22:10
*** rafaduran has quit IRC22:10
danwentsalv-orlando: trying to keep it very simple… I think its actually less than quantum + melange22:10
danwenta lot of the other stuff will be extensions in this version22:11
salv-orlandogot it22:11
*** joearnold has joined #openstack-meeting22:11
danwentincluding a lot of the stuff for nova parity22:11
danwentits hard enough just focusing on the simple things :)22:11
danwentOk, any other F-1 topics that we need to discuss?22:12
gongysSo We still need an standalone melange in the folsom?22:12
danwentgongys: no, not once the v2 API is complete and the corresponding back-ends have been completed.22:12
*** dwcramer has quit IRC22:13
danwenttwo reviews that are currently targeted for F-1:22:13
danwentgongys: looks like this just needs a bit of pep-8 love?22:13
danwentwould be good to get another core approval on this one-liner: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/7685/22:13
danwentand I need to refresh the following review to incorporate feedback: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/7460/22:14
salv-orlando(and the reviewer new specs for missing it :))22:14
danwentthat last branch is not really needed for F-1, its more about laying groundwork for things in F-2, so I'm fine with it not going in F-122:14
danwentok, any other issues people are tracking for F-1?22:15
gongysAbout 7685.ok.  I will do it as soon as possible after this meeting.22:15
danwentgongys: great, thanks.22:15
*** liemmn__ has quit IRC22:15
*** liemmn__ has joined #openstack-meeting22:16
danwentOk, hopefully F-1 will wrap up without too much drama, as we really need to focus on F-2… there's a lot of essential stuff there, with a lot of interdependencies22:16
danwentF-2 is due start of July22:16
danwentso really just over a month away...22:16
danwentand that is our target for demonstrating nova-parity with the new v2 API.22:17
danwent#topic community topics22:17
*** openstack changes topic to "community topics"22:17
danwentjust wanted to put out a "help wanted" ad for people to work on developer docs (thanks to garyk for getting things kicked off).22:18
marktvoelker#help danwent22:18
danwentalso, if someone out there is interested in helping me maintain an essex-stable branch, let me know, as there's definitely a set of fixes from F-1 that we'll want to backport22:18
danwentmarktvoelker: that's a tag?  never knew :)22:19
salv-orlandodanwent: this means adding security groups, floating ips, and all the other network-related bits of the OS api on the Quantum API?22:19
danwentsalv-orlando:  yes, though as extensions.22:19
salv-orlandoplease send Dan as many amphetamins as you can22:20
marktvoelkerdanwent: Yep, just learned that in the last meeting =)22:20
salv-orlandohe is not going to sleep for the next month.22:20
danwentsalv-orlando: haha… yeah, my wife will love that :)22:20
*** ewindisch has quit IRC22:20
*** joearnold has quit IRC22:20
*** ewindisch has joined #openstack-meeting22:20
danwentok, also wanted to draw attention to ttx's comments about Bug Triage day: https://lists.launchpad.net/openstack/msg12040.html and http://wiki.openstack.org/BugTriage22:20
danwentI think they are talking about doing this on June 7th22:21
danwentgoal is to clean up our bug tracker, identifying real issues, classifying them, and getting rid of the rest.22:21
danwentand final topic: meeting time22:21
*** joearnold has joined #openstack-meeting22:21
danwentso there are two things that aren't great about our current meeting time.  Its very inconvenient for some people salv-orlando, garyk, gongys, at least.22:22
garykcan me move it a few hours forward or backswards it is 1:22 here22:22
*** markmcclain has quit IRC22:22
*** liemmn__ has quit IRC22:22
danwentand also, its right after the main meeting, so I don't have fresh info to report during the main openstack meeting.22:22
*** liemmn__ has joined #openstack-meeting22:23
danwentdoes anyone know where the irc channel calendar is?  I think openstack-meeting is booked a lot of tuesday, but perhaps we could meet on a quantum-dev channel or something?22:23
danwentdo people that attend this meeting have conflicts earlier in the day on tuesday?22:24
* marktvoelker digs for that link22:24
rkukuraif I do, they can be rescheduled22:24
* marktvoelker would favor earlier in the day22:24
edgarmaganadanwent: I am fine earlier22:24
rkukuraseems we'd need to be at least 6 or 7 hours earlier for gongys22:25
danwentOk, I will send out a propsed time change to early tuesday to the netstack and main openstack lists.22:25
salv-orlandoIf u want to keep tuesday 17UTC sound reasonable for US and EU22:25
gongysnow is 6:30 Wed.22:25
danwentrkukura: good point.22:25
marktvoelkerSee iCal link there22:25
danwentI think this is the problem we always get to with scheduling these meetings….22:25
danwentoften people propose to alternate, but alternately weekly seems tough.22:25
danwentgongys: do you have a preference between late and night vs. early in morning?22:26
gongysnow is good time for me.22:27
danwentgongys: it seems like no US time will be good for you, is that right?22:27
danwentgongys: ok.22:27
salv-orlandois garyk the only in eastern EU tz?22:27
gongysI mean current scheduling is fine with me.22:28
gongysone hour earlier will be also ok for me.22:28
*** reed has quit IRC22:28
danwentok, well, I will start a thread about this on nestack with some options.  having a time that works across the world clearly isn't feasible.22:28
gongysthat will help garyk. I think22:28
danwentgongys: unfortunately, one hour earlier is openstack meeting on tuesday, though we could switch to monday .22:28
garykmonday is better for me - i am fine with the middle of the night on a monday22:29
gongysYes, we can switch our meeting to wed,  11 hours after main meeting.22:29
danwentgaryk: ok, so an hour earlier and a day earlier?22:29
danwentmmm.  that might conflict with doc team.22:30
danwentwould that be 2000 UTC?22:30
gongysWed 21 UTC?22:31
danwentok, there's a nova-subteam meeting at that point.  but perhaps we could us another channel.  I'll also check with vish to make sure that is active22:31
danwentgongys: I'd prefer to do it before the main openstack meeting if possible.22:31
gongysMon 21 UTC?22:31
danwentgongys: Ok, let's have Mon 21 UTC as an option, possibly doing that on another channel if needed?22:32
danwentis that at least a better option for people?22:32
garykworks for me22:33
rkukuraworks fine for me22:33
gongys21 UTC if fine with me  on any day.22:33
edgarmagana21UCT is 12:00 PST?22:33
danwentOk, send me email soon if you have concerns with this timeslot.22:33
*** liemmn__ has quit IRC22:33
*** liemmn__ has joined #openstack-meeting22:33
danwent#todo #danwent revise meeting time to be 21 UTC on monday.22:34
danwentedgarmagana: no, its same time as main openstack meeting, I believe22:34
danwentso 2pm pacific22:34
danwenti'm just going by this: http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings22:35
danwenti'm terrible at timezone calculations :)22:35
*** jaypipes-afk is now known as jaypipes22:35
marktvoelker21 utc = 2pdt = 1 pst22:35
sorenPDT is 7 hours behind UTC.22:35
edgarmaganadanwent: sounds good to me!22:35
danwentok, let's go forward with this.22:36
sorenI'm good at timezone stuff, I just can't subtract.22:36
danwentonly possible hiccup I see is if doing it on another published IRC channel is OK.22:36
danwentsoren: :)22:36
jkoelkerso always count forward then ;)22:36
danwent#topic open discussion22:36
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion"22:36
garykanyone want to run tomorrow morning? :)22:37
gongysregarding my change:22:37
danwentok, thanks folks.  Please help wrap up the last few reviews for F-122:37
rkukurafeedback on updates/discussion on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/quantum/+spec/provider-networks would be welcome22:37
danwentrkukura: great, will do.22:37
danwentok, have a good week folks!22:37
*** openstack changes topic to "Status and Progress (Meeting topic: keystone-meeting)"22:37
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openstackMinutes (text): http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/openstack-meeting/2012/openstack-meeting.2012-05-22-22.01.txt22:37
openstackLog:            http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/openstack-meeting/2012/openstack-meeting.2012-05-22-22.01.log.html22:37
danwentgaryk, run where?22:37
*** reed has joined #openstack-meeting22:38
*** edgarmagana has quit IRC22:38
marktvoelkerG'night gang22:38
danwentmarktvoelker: later22:38
garykdanwent: in the park22:38
danwentgaryk: haha… k, night!22:39
salv-orlandogaryk: have a good night. I'll think of you running while I'm sleeping :)22:39
*** jdurgin has quit IRC22:39
*** jk0 has left #openstack-meeting22:41
*** marktvoelker has left #openstack-meeting22:42
*** liemmn__ has quit IRC22:42
*** liemmn__ has joined #openstack-meeting22:42
*** liemmn_ has joined #openstack-meeting22:48
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*** jakedahn is now known as jakedahn_zz22:59
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*** mattray has quit IRC23:04
gongysDanwent, are you here?23:06
*** anderstj_ has joined #openstack-meeting23:07
*** joearnol_ has joined #openstack-meeting23:07
*** joearnol_ has quit IRC23:09
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