Wednesday, 2012-08-01

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jgriffithLooks like a few folks are here ready to go :)16:00
openstackMeeting started Wed Aug  1 16:00:47 2012 UTC.  The chair is jgriffith. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.16:00
jgriffithHey everyone16:01
chalupaulhi there16:01
jgriffithOk... so the first item on the agenda was last weeks action items16:01
jgriffithWe didn't have any, so that's pretty easy :)16:01
thingeeship it16:02
jgriffith#topic status16:02
*** openstack changes topic to "status"16:02
jgriffithLots of activity the past week as you've all probably noticed16:02
jgriffithMostly bug finding/fixing16:02
jgriffithdtynan: Hey there16:02
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jgriffithWe've got most of the ones that creiht found handled16:03
jgriffithMost of the critical ones are in process and should land in the next couple of days16:04
jgriffithcreiht: I'll expect to see more bugs in the coming days :)16:04
jgriffithI'd like to go through and do some triage on the list at some point as a team rather than do it arbitrarily myself16:05
chalupaulgood idea16:05
jgriffithFolks up for doing that now?16:05
jgriffith#topic bugs16:06
*** openstack changes topic to "bugs"16:06
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jgriffithSo in terms of ones that don't have fixes committed...16:07
jgriffithGood progress is being made on that one and I think it will land today or tomorrow16:07
jgriffithUnfortunately unit tests are failing so that will need to be addressed16:08
jgriffithRongze are you around?16:08
winston-di guess not16:09
jgriffithhehe... sorry, had a phone call16:10
jgriffithQuotas management 102331116:10
jgriffithI haven't worked on this for a bit16:10
jgriffithIt's closer but still not gettting the extension loaded for some reason16:10
jgriffithI'll be tied up trying to get some migration stuff figured out for the next few days so won't get back to this16:11
jgriffithThe code is still in my repo and j-griffit/python-cinderclient16:11
jgriffithIf anybody is bored and what's to take a shot at finishing it up :)16:11
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jgriffith944383 and 97040916:12
jgriffithAnybody working on these?16:12
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jgriffithHow about this...16:13
jgriffithAnybody want to sign up to work on recover/cleanup volume in attaching state?16:13
jgriffithThat will be a nova and cinder fix16:13
jgriffithOk, we'll let it sit for a bit16:14
jgriffithThe second one is the allow backends to delete volumes with snapshots16:14
jgriffithThere was a lot of interest from this group in having that16:14
jgriffithAnybody planning to work it?16:14
winston-dI can do 944383 after i finish az work, maybe next week.16:15
jgriffithwinston-d: thanks16:15
DuncanTWe were looking at snapshots16:15
jgriffithwinston-d: If you would assign yourself to the bug in launchpad that would be great!16:15
DuncanTNot sure of the status ATM16:15
jgriffithDuncanT: Same on your side, if you want to assign an owner that would help alot16:15
winston-djgriffith, sure.16:15
jgriffithWe can always defer/close them if need be, but right now we have a bunch of stuff with no owner :)16:16
DuncanTBug #1004328 - Known old KVM issue, I don't expect we'll be fixing it in any near timescale16:17
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1004328 in nova "mountpoint doesn't work when a volume is attached to an instance" [High,Confirmed]
jgriffithDuncanT: Would you mind stepping through the list, I need to leave for a moment16:17
DuncanTUnless somebody is way more clever than me, 1004328 is goign to end up as 'by design'16:18
DuncanTWe could look at taking the device name out of the API maybe?16:19
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DuncanT1004382 - Stuck to attached when a volume is detached from an instance16:20
*** Vincent_Hou has joined #openstack-meeting16:20
DuncanTBasically saying that there is no detaching state to match attaching16:20
cian_taking the device name out seems like best option till we can fix kvm16:20
*** matwood has joined #openstack-meeting16:20
DuncanTSeems like a reasonable state to add if somebody has time to fix16:20
jgriffithDuncanT: I'm for taking it out, unless vish or somebody else has a solution16:21
creihtyeah, I've been wanting a deatching state for a while16:21
creihtit would help a lot of issues16:21
DuncanTMaking it optional is back-compatable I think?16:21
cian_we'll have to generate the device name and pass to libvirt16:22
jgriffithOk, I changed it t Confirmed/Medium for now16:22
jgriffithIn Cinder16:22
cian_as you have to supply a device name to libvirt when doing attach16:22
DuncanTcreiht: Are you vollenteering for the detaching state? ;-)16:23
creihtI have no time to work on it right now sorry :/16:23
jgriffithSo back to #100432816:24
jgriffithI think the answer is we leave it as is and push to a fix in libvirt16:24
jgriffithThat way if it is ever fixed in libvirt we have the capability16:24
jgriffithWe just need to document it somewhere really well that it doesn't *work* and why16:25
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chalupaulI agree16:25
DuncanTSeems reasonable, though making the field optional in the API also seems like a good idea16:26
jgriffithDuncanT: thoughts?16:26
DuncanTIt is meaningless so why require it...16:26
jgriffithOk, I can live with optional16:26
jgriffithThat seems like a good compromise16:26
jgriffithOnly question is does the choice of default matter?16:26
DuncanTNot sure how xen et al will cope with the optional though16:26
DuncanTPing Renuka I guess?16:27
jgriffithrenuka: around?16:27
renukaI am here16:27
jgriffithAny thoughts on making the mount point optional on the attach call?16:27
jgriffithie how it might impact xen?16:27
Vincent_HouI guess I raised this bug.16:27
renukaI think we could generate one ourselves16:28
creihtI don't think that will work for xen16:28
creihtbut dunno16:28
renukawe basically convert it to a device number underneath16:28
*** shang has joined #openstack-meeting16:28
creihtgotta run.... sorry16:28
jgriffithrenuka: So do you *care* what it is?16:28
jgriffithcreiht: cya16:29
renukai probably dont16:29
renukabut by *what* do you mean we will have the same defaults across?16:29
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renukaor do you mean we let the virt layer find the next available mount point16:30
renukacos a default will not work for attaching 2 volumes, say16:30
jgriffithSo something like: attach_volume(xxxxx, mount_point='/dev/none')16:30
DuncanTI think we mean 'let the virt layer find an available mount point'16:30
chalupaulI would assume the virt layer should find next available if its unspecified16:30
jgriffithrenuka: Yeah, that would be the problem16:30
jgriffithchalupaul: good point, that's what it's actually doing anyway16:31
jgriffithTrouble here is now this is a *nova/compute* change, not a cinder change16:31
DuncanTShall we pencil in making it optional as the proposed solution then get as many hypervisors as possible to test?16:31
*** bencherian has joined #openstack-meeting16:32
jgriffithDuncanT: I'm good with that but we'll need to provide some details on how this works as renuka's question pointed out16:32
DuncanTYup, it looks like a suck it and see bug...16:32
renukawhat is the problem with fixing this directly in libvirt?16:32
jgriffithSo we'd actually leave it as a None in the api call as default and let the virt layer decide what to do if it's None16:33
DuncanTjgriffith: I'd suggest so, yes16:33
chalupaulthat's the way i'd like to see it, and make it optional in the api.16:33
DuncanTjgriffith: Might require libvirt patches16:33
DuncanTI'll update the bug with this proposal if you want?16:34
renukajgriffith: it will still be a libvirt bug, right? I mean what if the user does specify the mountpoint16:34
creihtso I'm not gone yet, from the xen side, it is nice from the api to know what nodes are mounted where16:34
creihtperhaps kvm could be patched to update the actual mount point if it uses a different one?16:34
DuncanTkvm has no way of getting at that information16:34
creihtthe other odd one in the case is windows instances16:35
DuncanTrenuka: I guess we just document that specifying the mount point is broken on kvm but works on xen (and maybe others)?16:35
renukaDuncanT: in that case, we dont need an API change at all, if we are documenting16:35
DuncanTrenuka: We can still make it optional - many people will do probe by label or uuid anyway I guess, whatever the hypervisor16:36
chalupaulheh good point16:36
renukaDuncanT: sure, that change is good to have. Just saying it doesnt fix the bug16:36
DuncanTOk, looks like we have a vague agreement, I'll update the bug and see how libvirt reacts to 'none'...16:37
DuncanTWe have a reasonable explaination of the kvm behaviour that I can propose for the docs too16:38
annegentleDuncanT: will look for the doc patch16:38
renukaIs it possible to hack around it? Like attach a dummy at the in between points16:38
jdurginif you look at the libvirt docs, they explicitly state that it's a hint, not necessarily the target used16:39
DuncanTFrom a kvm point of view, it must be unique but can otherwise be anything you like16:39
renukaDuncanT: was that in response to what I asked?16:41
jgriffithOk, I'm leaning towards deferring it16:41
jgriffithNoting it's a libvirt issue and leaving it at that16:42
creihtthough if you make it optional, would it force an api version bump?16:42
jgriffithcreiht: optional shouldn't in my opinion16:42
DuncanTNot sure... it is fully back compatable16:42
renukajgriffith: So we are sure we cant hack around it then?16:42
DuncanTrenuka: That was at jdurgin16:42
creihtjgriffith: yeah same as my opinion, but the ppb was just voting on api versioning stuff yesterday right?16:43
jgriffithI think we can but I wonder if it's the *right* thing to do at this point16:43
renukaDuncanT: no wonder I couldn't make sense of it :P Anyway, what do people think about putting a dummy device in the in-between mountpoints16:43
DuncanTrenuka: Not sure what you mean?16:43
renukai guess the question is can we16:43
chalupauli feel like if we tried to hack around it, we'd just be unhappy with the results16:44
DuncanTWhat do you mean by a dummy device?16:44
jdurginno, because we can't guarantee that it gets put in-between16:44
renukaDuncanT: That way, the next mountpoint will be the one requested16:44
jgriffithcreiht: Yeah, we might get hammered on that16:44
renukajdurgin: Doesn't it take consecutive ones?16:44
jdurginnot necessarily16:44
jgriffithcreiht: My view on it however is that the signature can be used exactly the same16:45
jdurginthe guest can do anything it likes with it's block devices16:45
DuncanTNone-kvm guests usually get told what the hypervisor hinted at... kvm guests don't16:46
creihtyeah I agree, I'm just pointing out that it would be worthwhile to check to make sure16:46
jdurginyou can't assume the guest will respect the hint though16:46
creihtthe other wonky thing with the device for attach is that for windows instances the device means nothing but it still has to be there16:46
renukajdurgin: surely it is following some logic, not picking an arbitrary mount point (here, it seems like consecutive). Have you seen it do otherwise?16:46
*** anniec has quit IRC16:47
DuncanTThere is a windows-style device ID you can use rather than /dev/[sv]d*16:47
jgriffithOk, here's my prop16:49
jgriffithIf somebody feels strongly enough about changing this they can grab it and propose a solution16:49
jdurginrenuka: I don't think it's worth trying to hack around the lower-level api that doesn't guarantee naming - it can be done by udev if you really want guaranteed names16:49
jgriffithOtherwise I say it's out of scope for F316:49
DuncanTjgriffith: Fair16:49
jgriffithWe have bigger fish to fry as they say :)16:50
renukamakes sense16:50
jgriffithI don't like the behavior but I don't know that it warrants all of the time and effort to change it right now16:50
DuncanTIt is also not a regression16:50
chalupaulthe api always gets discussion deep into the weeds  ;)16:51
jgriffithchalupaul: that's for sure16:51
jgriffithDuncanT: Good point, it's not a *bug* really but an enhancement request16:51
jgriffithAt least from cinder's perspective16:51
DuncanTDocument the limitation, stick it on the wishlist, Next :-)16:51
jgriffithDuncanT: That's my proposal16:52
*** shang_ has joined #openstack-meeting16:52
DuncanTI'll even volenteer to do the  docs patch16:52
jgriffithDuncanT: Sold!16:52
jgriffithModify the bug, assign it to you and resolve it via docs16:52
DuncanTDoing so now16:53
jgriffithOk, I'll just quickly sumamrize some of the remaining issues incase folks want some open floor time16:53
jgriffithbug #101726616:54
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1017266 in cinder "Building docs fails" [Undecided,In progress]
*** Mandell has joined #openstack-meeting16:54
jgriffithThere was a proposed fix for this one that failed jenkins16:54
jgriffithI've asked the author to resubmit with no luck16:54
cian_have hit an issue with my volume usage metering blueprint16:54
cian_if we have a sec16:54
jgriffithI'll just duplciate the work and resubmit myself16:54
jgriffithcian_: Yes, I'll hurry up :)16:54
jgriffithbug #102160516:55
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1021605 in horizon "Is cinderclient being used by horizon?" [Undecided,Invalid]
cian_the periodic task in compute/ nova16:55
jgriffithI think this is a non-issue and should be closed16:55
*** kindaopsdevy has joined #openstack-meeting16:55
cian_calls self.volume_api.get_all(context)16:55
cian_passing in an admin context16:55
*** shang has quit IRC16:55
jgriffithThe big one still out there is Bug #102375516:55
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1023755 in cinder "Unable to delete the volume snapshot" [Undecided,New]
cian_but an admin context doesn't have a keystone token or service catalog16:56
cian_so cannot generate a python-cinderclient to talk to cinder16:56
jgriffithcian_: Just a sec16:56
jgriffithVincent_Hou: I'd like to take another look at this one after the tgtadmin changes land16:57
jgriffithVincent_Hou: I'm concerned because it sounds like you didn't see this on nova-vol?16:57
Vincent_Houi see it in nova -vol16:57
jgriffithOh... ok16:57
jgriffithbetter news16:58
jgriffithAnyway, we'll keep looking at it16:58
Vincent_Houjust different ubuntu versions give different results16:58
jgriffithOk... I'll wrap up the bug talks for now16:58
jgriffith#topic open discussion16:58
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion"16:58
jgriffithcian_: Ok16:58
cian_so what i can see we have no way currently of talking to cinder internally in nova without going through KS16:58
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cian_glance talk to swift by having a admin user created in KS16:59
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cian_glance then fetch all their images from swift using this user17:00
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jgriffithcian_: Can you add the admin user to ks/cinder in the same manner?17:01
cian_I can have a look17:02
jgriffithcian_: TBH I'll have to look at it later to better understand what you're seeing17:02
jgriffithcian_: If you want to send me some more info on exactly what you mean I can have a closer look17:02
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jgriffithanything else?17:03
cian_jgriffith: will do17:03
jgriffithOk, thanks everyone17:03
jgriffithSorry I was pulled back and forth out of the meeting today17:04
jgriffithDuncanT: Thanks for covering for me17:04
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack meeting channel. See for schedule and for meeting logs"17:04
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