Monday, 2012-08-20

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danwenthi folks20:59
danwentlooks like we have a good crowd :)21:00
amotokigood morning21:00
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danwenti'm proud to report that my baby planned her birth perfectly around the quantum IRC meeting :)21:00
danwentwe went to the hospital on tuesday night, got back on sunday night21:00
openstackMeeting started Mon Aug 20 21:00:56 2012 UTC.  The chair is danwent. Information about MeetBot at
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nati_uenoHi all21:01
danwent#link agenda:
danwentnati_ueno: hi21:01
nati_uenodanwent: Congrat!!21:01
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edgarmaganahello world!21:01
danwentok, just want to congratulate the team again on a huge effort for F-321:01
annegentledanwent: wow congrats!21:01
ewindischdanwent: congrats!21:01
danwentmade a ton of progress :)21:01
danwentthanks all, sorry, didn't mean to throw the meeting off.21:01
danwentrelease info is here:
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SumitNaiksatamHi All!21:02
danwent#topic folsom-rc121:02
*** openstack changes topic to "folsom-rc1"21:02
danwentSince a lot of quantum developers are new in folsom, I wanted to spend some time explaining how feature freezes + RCs work in openstack projects21:03
danwentso we're all on the same page, as there has been some confusion21:03
danwentright now, the launchpad pages track things that we are considering for RC121:03
danwentbut being on that page is not a guarantee that the feature will be in RC121:03
danwentor a bug fix21:03
danwentif we don't make sufficient progress and it is not deemed absolutely critical to teh release, it will be dropped.21:04
danwentSo the goal of this RC phase is to stabilize and release the EXISTING quantum feature set21:04
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danwentpeople should be spending their time testing existing features, fixing bugs to those existing features, and helping to document the use of those existing features.21:05
danwenton tricky aspect is that there is no single date for RC121:05
danwenteach project will set their own date, based on how the bug-fixing is going.21:05
garykis there no deadline?21:05
danwentgaryk: well, it needs to be well in advance of the main openstack release at end of september21:06
danwentMy thinking is to target Quantum RC1 for the week of 9/321:06
danwentwhich is two weeks from now21:06
danwentas for our first release, stability needs to be paramount, so we need a good amount of time between the first RC and the final.21:06
* cdub notes 9/3 is us holiday21:07
danwentcdub:  yup.  my guess is that release will be later in the week21:07
danwentin an RC, no new features can be added unless there is a 'feature freeze exception'21:08
cdub*nod* any thought on irc mtg on 9/3 (perhaps helpful to discuss readiness of code for rc1)21:08
danwentthis needs to be cleared by PTL (me) and Thierry (openstack release manager)21:08
danwentcdub: good point.  i wonder if we should reschedule if we think people will be traveling21:08
danwent#todo #danwent look into whether we need to reschedule 9/3 team meeting due to holiday21:09
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danwentcore devs are responsible for enforcing feature freeze with reviews21:09
danwenti have already -2'd a few reviews, as they should not merge until we pull the RC1 branch and open master for grizzly21:10
danwentif there is doubt, send a not to thierry and I (or the whole list if you think there's a need for broader discussion)21:10
danwentone key point on FFEs: the goal is not JUST minimizing code churn.  its also to free up cycles of team members for testing, docs, and reviews of critical bug fixes.21:11
danwentanother point: python-quantumclient and devstack are not subject to these rules, as they are not part of the main release cycle21:11
salv-orlandodanwent: I think relevant launchpad bps for patches you -2'ed were already deferred post folsom21:11
danwentphew… ok, questions before we dive into specific FFEs?21:11
danwentsalv-orlando: yes, they were, but there's nothing to stop some reviewers from accidentally merging them into folsom, so I -2'd to be safe21:12
salv-orlandonevertheless it's better the way you did, so they will not accidentally slip21:12
garykdanwent: why is the client an exception?21:12
nati_uenoUpdating L3 function on each plugin could be FFE or not?21:12
danwentgaryk: to put it more clearly, we can define the release schedule for python-quantumclient.  we could choose to enforce our own feature-freeze21:12
garykdanwent: ok. i think we should try and sync these.21:13
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danwentbut the point is we are not forced to by main openstack release.  we can actually release a new version of python-quantumclient whenever we want.21:13
salv-orlandonati_ueno: my view is that this could be done as a bug fix, unless it turns out to be a rearchitect of the plugin or require changes to 'common' parts21:13
danwentgaryk: agreed.  we will want target a release of python-quantumclient to be "paired" with folsom, in my opinion.21:13
garykdanwent: ok. understood.21:13
nati_uenosalv-orlando: I got it.21:13
danwentnati_ueno: I wanted to talk with you about that.21:14
andrewsmedinadanwent: xml support is a FFE?21:14
danwentGiven how late the main L3 stuff dropped, if we're able to wrap up other plugin work on it this week, I'm ok with putting it under the main L3 FFE.21:14
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danwentandrewsmedina: see agenda21:14
danwentwe'll discuss specific features and their FFE status in a second21:15
danwenti first wanted to make sure people understood how things work in general.21:15
danwentany other general questions or opinions?21:15
nati_uenodanwent: OK I got it. Thanks21:15
amotokihow can we track BP defered to Grizzly? grizzly series on launchpad is now created.21:15
rkukuradanwent: is there an office FFE list core devs can check against?21:15
amotokiare defered BP marked to G?21:16
danwentamotoki: deferred blueprints shoul have their series set to grizzly, not folsom21:16
salv-orlandorkukura: I think you should look for "approved" bps on folsom-rc1 page21:16
danwentsalv-orlando: correct21:16
amotokii see.21:16
danwentif something is not linked to a bp that is approved for folsom and on the folsom-rc1 page, definitely ask for more details.21:17
danwentOk, granted FFEs21:17
danwentwe got an FFE for the main L3 + Floating IPs branch, as it didn't merge in time for F-321:17
danwentthat main branch is now merged, but there will be some more "fixes" coming in.21:18
danwenteach new fix should be tracked as a bug, and linked to the blueprint.21:18
danwentprovider networks (rkukura)21:18
rkukuraworking on getting agent to wire up flows for vlans and flat networks now21:18
danwentwe decided to mark the main BP done as of F-3, but there was one final patch that did not merge yet.  Bob is working on this.21:18
garykdanwent: rkukura we should open a bug for the flat networks and linux bridge. the appliance hangs when this is configured.21:18
danwentrkukura:  patch is pretty big.  what's an eta on a non-WIP version?21:19
rkukurathursday, since I'm on vacation next two days, but hope to have more complete version today21:19
danwentok, good.  I'm trying to get all FFE items under real review (not just WIP) by end of week.21:20
rkukurasounds doable21:20
danwentgreat, thanks.21:20
danwentnati_ueno:  test-agent for quantum21:20
nati_uenoI'll add unit test for that in this week. ( Sorry I'm also take off in this week )21:21
danwentreviewed this a couple times.  seems pretty far along now.  still needs unit test coverage in my opinion21:21
danwentI was just about to say that getting this in and getting devstack gating set up for quantum was probably the most important thing we could be doing right now.21:21
nati_uenodanwent: I got it. At first, I thought test is not needed. But I'm also don't want to decrease coverage21:21
danwentperhaps we could get basic devstack gating working by running dhcp in non-namespace mode?21:22
danwentI really wanted to focus on that this week21:22
nati_uenodanwent: It is possible in this week ( this means until sunday )21:23
danwentnati_ueno: does the new rely on the test-agent alread?21:23
nati_uenodanwent: Not yet21:23
nati_uenodanwent: ping is not working so it is comment outed.21:23
danwentnati_ueno: ok, perhaps then we get that merged in, so we have at least a basic gate that can run with dhcp in non-namespace mode.21:24
danwentnati_ueno: ok, will send you mail.  do you have least have mail access this week?21:24
nati_uenoYes. I'll check review and mail everyday21:24
danwentnati_ueno: cool, thanks.21:24
danwentok, if others are available to pitch in on devstack exercise scripts and gating, that would be great as well, as this is really important21:25
danwentok, next topic21:25
danwentis john here?21:25
jrd-redhatI hear somebody calling my name :-)21:25
danwentgreat, was just looking up your handle :)21:25
jrd-redhatI tried to be jrd, but it was taken21:26
jrd-redhatI uploaded corrected patch with corrected changeid21:26
danwentjrd-redhat: is this WIP, or ready for final review?21:26
danwenti haven't had a chance to review yet21:26
jrd-redhatWell, I think that's up to Bob and Chris21:26
jrd-redhatPer the latest comment, it does *not* change the default in the various agent .ini files.21:26
danwentok, but you're saying there are no known issues.21:27
jrd-redhatCould be we should pull the trigger on that.21:27
jrd-redhatI know of no issues causing things to break.21:27
rkukuraOther than not having tested it myself, my only reservation is that some agents aren't covered yet with the new mechanism.21:27
jrd-redhatYes, was gonna say that too.21:27
cdubright, and that's noted in the review21:28
danwentwhich ones?  i'm guessing l3?21:28
danwentas its news?21:28
jrd-redhatI didn't do ryu either21:28
garykdhcp agent also needs interfcace support21:28
rkukuraAnd iptables-firewall-agent21:29
danwentok, can we collect info on what is outstanding in one place?  maybe on the bug?21:29
jrd-redhatOk, I'll do that.21:29
jrd-redhatI pushed as is partly to get feedback, and partly because one person suggested that the turnon and test of the rest of the agents could be done after the fact.21:30
danwentjrd-redhat: as I mentioned before, all FFE stuff should be targeting end-of-week for a non-WIP review.21:30
rkukuraFor things jrd-redhat can't easily test, does it make more sense to have someone else update?21:30
*** EmilienM has joined #openstack-meeting21:30
jrd-redhatIf that's icky, I have no quarrel with that.  I can work with other folks to help test21:30
danwentyes, it could be done after the fact, but i'd also want to break things earlier, rather than later.21:30
jrd-redhatdanwent sure, no argument from me21:30
danwentok, let's get all outstanding items collected in teh bug.  then perhaps we'll split off separate bugs for items that he isn't able to test21:31
*** kindaopsdevy has quit IRC21:31
danwent(e.g., split a bug out for L3/Floating IP related agents)21:31
jrd-redhatI have another question on this thing:  I wrote a test which tests the mech by faking a command and executing it as root.21:31
danwentor ryu agent21:31
jrd-redhatThat bug breaks tox, so I took it out.21:31
jrd-redhatBut I'd like to see it live someplace.  Where's a good place to put it?21:32
amotokinec plugins also uses agent. I'll check it.21:32
danwentamotoki: k, thanks21:32
*** nati_ueno_2 has joined #openstack-meeting21:32
danwentjrd-redhat: is test available for viewing in your code review?21:32
danwentI'd have to look at it more concretely.21:32
jrd-redhatdanwet no, I took it out.  I can post it as a separate changeset.21:32
danwentperhaps ask reviewers to comment on it as part of the review.21:32
danwentjrd-redhat: sounds like a good idea21:33
jrd-redhatdanwent ok, I'll find a way to publish it without blowing up tox.21:33
danwentwell, you can even post something for WIP that fails unit tests.21:33
danwentif all you're doing is looking for feedback on how to do it in a better way21:33
rkukuraWe don't really want unit tests doing anything as root, do we?21:33
jrd-redhatReally?!?  Hmm.  I thought of that, but it seemed bad form.21:33
danwentrkukura: i wouldn't think so, but I haven't put as much thought into it.  have we looked at what other projects with rootwrap do here?21:34
jrd-redhatrkukura the test relies on sudo being set up, then uses rootwrap to test that it can correctly sudo a no-op command.21:34
danwentjrd-redhat: not sure… i think its OK as longs as its clearly marked WIP.21:34
cdubthey just test the filters (like jrd's current patchset does)21:34
markmcclaincan't we just mock subprocess and check the results?21:34
rkukuraMaybe the test should go in tests rather than tests/unit21:35
jrd-redhatdanwent ok, I'll come up with something to get it published.21:35
danwentok, let's take this discussion to gerrit, so we can keep the meeting moving21:35
danwentOk, let's move on to our "under consideration FFEs"21:35
jrd-redhatThanks for feedback everybody...21:35
danwentthis is where a fair amount of discussion will be21:35
danwentjrd-redhat: thanks for you work on this!21:35
danwentfirst up, multi-host21:35
*** nati_ueno has quit IRC21:35
jrd-redhatdanwent my pleasure21:35
danwentnati_ueno_2: you here?21:36
nati_ueno_2danwent:  yes21:36
danwentok, saw your other nick drop21:36
nati_ueno_2danwent: year network disconnected at while21:36
danwentok, so multi-host is one reason why the openstack docs may need to point users toward using the old nova-network code, rather than quantum for Folsom21:36
danwentin general, we'd like as many people as possible to move on to quantum.21:37
nati_ueno_2I agree21:37
danwentmulti-host also fixes some issues around the scalability of dhcp + l3/Floating-ips (though it introduces some other issues).21:37
nati_ueno_2Yusuke updated patch
annegentledanwent: good to know re: multi_host21:38
danwenti'm planning on contacting thierry and talking to him about this one.21:38
danwentfrom a dev perspective, i think we should keep polishing the patch and get it to the point that we're happy with it, so we're ready for it to go in, if it gets an FFE.21:38
danwentnati_ueno_2: this is dhcp only though, right?  does not include anything with new L3 agent?21:39
danwent(i guess the L3 agent multi-host stuff could be covered under L3 FFE)21:39
*** zhongyue has quit IRC21:39
nati_ueno_2danwent: Ah multi-host l3 could be more hard problem.. Could you discuss with me today?21:39
danwentnati_ueno_2: ok, will take that offline.21:39
danwentsecond FFE consideration topic is XML support21:40
danwentzhuadl: here?21:40
danwentandrewsmedina: here?21:40
zhuadlyes, and andrews is also here21:40
andrewsmedinadanwent: ys21:40
danwentwhen we talked about this last week, we agreed that zhuadl woudl send out a plan for XML support in folsom, and we'd consider it for FFE.21:40
andrewsmedinadanwent: I'm rewriting the tests to use a base test class21:41
danwentThere's an existing review from andrewsmedina, but there were some concerns around testing (as he noted).21:41
danwentso zhuadl, do we have a clear picture of everything that would need to change to get all API code and existings using XML for Folsom?21:41
andrewsmedinadanwent: I believe that today or tomorrow I send the code to review21:41
zhuadlDan,  Andrews is working on that.21:42
zhuadlI will help him to test21:42
danwentOk, so are you all comfortable with having this finalized by end of thish week?21:42
andrewsmedinadanwent: yes21:42
danwentok.  Then I'm going to ask ttx to get this confirmed for Folsom, assuming it is in final review (i.e., all major concerns addressed) by our meeting next monday, sound reasonable?21:43
danwenti can't promise you ttx will agree21:43
danwentbut i'll ask.  and if it doesn't merge for folsom, the work will still be valuable, as it will go into grizzly.21:43
danwentthanks guys21:43
zhuadlyes for me21:43
salv-orlandozhuadl: can you also reply on the XML support thread on the dev list about how you guys are going to address issues such as null values (I guess it's going to be xsI:nil, but sharing in advance with the community might be better)21:44
*** ewindisch has quit IRC21:44
rkukuraIs the XML support addressing extended attributes?21:44
danwentyes, that's a good idea.  do everything you can to make sure any major concerns are addressed by monday21:44
danwentOk, I am not aware of another other outstanding FFEs.  Did I miss anything?21:45
danwentamotoki: i know we're working with the horizon folks to talk about public network support21:45
danwentis there any answer on that from them?21:45
amotokii got an answer quicker is better.21:45
danwenti'm not sure how much in the GUI we actually have to change21:45
amotokiin Horizon , network list is retrieved by network_id.21:46
danwentamotoki: tenant_id?21:46
amotokiyes. network_id -> tenant_id21:46
amotokii need to change it to support public network.21:46
salv-orlandoamotoki: in this way network_list will return also public networks21:46
salv-orlandounless you have an extra filter in horizon21:47
amotokiin admin role, all network are listed.21:47
danwentok, sounds like amotoki and salv-orlando can coordinate on this21:47
danwentthanks salv-orlando21:47
danwentok, just about 15 mins left21:47
danwentwanted to quickly cover a few other "large" bugs currently targeted for RC121:47
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1028174 in quantum "Tenant cannot delete network when dhcp-agent is running" [Critical,Confirmed]21:48
danwenti believe this is fixed, at least if non-polling is used21:48
markmcclainthere's still a race condition21:48
danwentmarkmcclain: is that the only mode of dhcp supported, or is there still a mode where deleting networks will be broken?21:48
danwentmarkmcclain: ah, ok.. was wondering why it was still open.21:48
markmcclainI'll post a review that lets works around the race condition better21:49
danwentok, thanks.21:49
markmcclainprob be tomorrow before I've got tests finished21:49
*** fss has joined #openstack-meeting21:50
danwentthere's also two bugs that are for nova changes to make nova floating IP calls work with quantum21:50
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1023169 in quantum "update nova to report quantum floating IPs" [High,In progress]21:50
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1031119 in quantum "nova: proxy floating ip calls to quantum" [High,Confirmed]21:50
flaviamissii've done 1023169 bug21:50
danwentflaviamissi: a cool21:51
*** kindaopsdevy has joined #openstack-meeting21:51
danwentok, will check out review and link it to the quantum bug21:51
flaviamissidanwent: it's missing a review (and some tests improvement)21:51
garykdanwent: are these an ffe for nova?21:51
danwentflaviamissi: great to see its started though.  i can ping the right nova devs once the quantum team has reviewed it.21:51
flaviamissidanwent: thanks!21:52
flaviamissidanwent: I could start 1031119, too, but I'll probably need some clarifications21:52
danwentgaryk: i'll be talking to vish about these changes.  he has a general heads up that there will be some changes to quantum/nova integration still.21:52
danwentflaviamissi: ok, great.  please post questions on the bug, and I will follow-up21:52
*** ewindisch has joined #openstack-meeting21:52
amotokiflaviamissi: the review is not linked from launchpad. could you add a pointer to the review.21:52
danwenti just did21:53
flaviamissidanwent: I'll do it, thanks21:53
danwentcarlp:  metadata service + overlapping ips21:53
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1038098 in quantum "Metadata service does not function when there are overlapping network address spaces" [High,Confirmed]21:53
markmcclaindanwent: he's in another meeting21:53
markmcclainI've in the office with him this week21:53
markmcclainwe'll get a fix posted21:54
danwentmarkmcclain:  ok, great.21:54
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1022737 in quantum "host route distribution by DHCP" [High,In progress]21:54
nati_ueno_2danwent: This is blocked by database side fix21:54
danwentnati_ueno_2: we already have per-subnet hosts routes merged though, right?21:54
nati_ueno_2danwent: Final code should be per-port21:55
danwentnati_ueno_2: I think the original API proposal was per-port, but simon's fix only did it per subnet?21:55
nati_ueno_2danwent: Yes. So I'm fixed per-port by 1132421:56
nati_ueno_2typo ( fixed -> fixing )21:56
danwentok, and it seems like there are several other key bug fixes in need of review21:57
nati_ueno_2danwent: I'm also fixing to let the code use quota21:57
nati_ueno_2# fixing means under review21:57
danwentI just wanted to call out the ones that seemed "large"21:57
danwentin terms of code change.21:57
danwentonly 3 mins left21:57
danwent#topic open discussion21:57
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion"21:57
garykdanwent: can core reviewers please update rebview days21:57
danwentI wanted to point out that salv-orlando is working with docs team to publish v2 API21:58
cdubdanwent: is there a current list of reasons users would need old nova-network code (i.e. missing parity like the earlier multi-host discussion)?21:58
salv-orlandoreview days page was updated this morning21:58
danwentgaryk: good point, we're back to our standard review days starting today21:58
garyksalv-orlando: tx21:58
markmcclaindanwent: don't forget still 2 parts left to this bug
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1022804 in quantum "Address re-allocation before DHCP lease's expire" [High,Fix committed]21:58
markmcclainI'll post the next part in a few minutes21:58
*** lloydde has joined #openstack-meeting21:58
danwentmarkmcclain: ah, then we should switch it back to 'in progess' or file other bugs, please21:59
markmcclaindanwent: will do21:59
danwentcdub: of the major features, its really multi-host and making sure quantum is compatible with nova security groups.21:59
nati_ueno_2Is security groups FFE?22:00
danwentthe nova work we're doing for floating ips is to be able to let them use the legacy nov a commands to set and view floating ips.22:00
cdubok, fedora is planning another openstack testday, and would like to test accordingly (quantum preferred, but nova-networks as needed)...22:00
danwentcdub: though there are probably a lot of smaller things that got wriggled into nova-network at one point or another that won't work the same in quantum22:00
danwent(e.g., notion of a "dmz" cidr, etc.)22:00
danwentnati_ueno_2: no, we considered that too big22:00
nati_ueno_2danwent:  I got it22:01
danwentso the plan is just to make sure nova's existing security groups play nicely with quantum22:01
danwentok, one minute over22:01
danwentunless someone has a major concer, i'll wrap up meeting22:01
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack meeting channel. See for schedule and for meeting logs"22:01
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openstackMinutes (text):
danwentok, thanks folks22:01
danwentnight folks.22:01
flaviamissisee you!22:01
amotokithanks. have a good week.22:02
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andrewsmedinazhuadl: yes22:17
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