Thursday, 2012-12-06

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jaypipes#startmeeting qa17:00
openstackMeeting started Thu Dec  6 17:00:29 2012 UTC.  The chair is jaypipes. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.17:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: qa)"17:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'qa'17:00
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sdague<- here17:00
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davidkranzdavidkranz: present17:01
mtreinishI'm here17:01
chunwangChun Wang (April) is here.17:01
* afazekas here17:01
* dwalleck is sort of awake17:01
jaypipeschunwang: hi! :) welcome!17:01
* sdague hands dwalleck virtual coffee17:02
chunwangjaypipes: thanks :)17:02
* jaypipes grabs coffee from sdague 17:02
davidkranzAny one else here for the meeting?17:02
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donaldngohere as well17:02
jaypipesdonaldngo: hi there17:02
*** davidkranz has joined #openstack-meeting17:03
*** rnirmal has joined #openstack-meeting17:03
jaypipesOK, welcome back davidkranz17:03
jaypipes#topic Open reviews17:03
*** openstack changes topic to "Open reviews (Meeting topic: qa)"17:03
jaypipesShall we discuss from bottom to top?17:03
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jaypipesFirst one (not WIP):
jaypipesmordred: ping17:03
jaypipesand fungi ^^17:04
jaypipesYou guys want to comment on that review? afazekas was able to do soem factoring that just went in to tempest this morning.17:04
*** asalkeld has joined #openstack-meeting17:04
jaypipesI think you just need to revisit that patch and see if a) it's still relevant and b) if so, if it needs a few changes17:04
jaypipesmordred, fungi: ^^17:05
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jaypipesafazekas, sdague: Next review is the boto versioning one:
jaypipesafazekas: any status on that one regarding updates to glance and nova for updated boto?17:06
afazekasnova done, glance missing17:06
sdaguejaypipes: yeh, my only comments remain. I don't think we want commented out lines of code in the tree17:06
jaypipesafazekas: +2'd that glance review... should be merged shortly.17:07
sdagueif someone else wants to override me, I'm cool with that :)17:07
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afazekassdague: Workaround must be look like a workaround, which is wrong17:07
jaypipessdague: I agree with you, but I think afazekas can abandon once 17256 gets merged.17:07
jaypipesafazekas: correct?17:07
afazekasjaypipes: yes17:08
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sdagueok, so not really an issue then?17:08
jaypipesok, cool, then we'll just wait to see if 17256 gets through the gate, and then afazekas can mark that tempest patch abandoned.17:08
jaypipesalright, next one!17:08
jaypipesis Rohan here?17:08
jaypipesI believe he's in India, so probably not :)17:09
jaypipesanyone from NTTDATA here?17:09
mordredjaypipes: aroo?17:09
davidkranzjaypipes: The comment says he is waiting for a cinder bug fix. But the link in the review is broken.17:09
jaypipeslooks like Rohan is waiting on a Cinder bug...17:09
jaypipesdavidkranz: yeah.17:09
sdaguedavidkranz: remove the .17:10
sdaguegerrit is detecting the link incorrectly17:10
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davidkranzsdague: Heh. So that one is just in process.17:10
sdagueupdated the review17:10
*** woodspa has quit IRC17:10
sdaguethe bug isn't actually being worked as far as I can see17:10
jaypipesafazekas, sdague: I believe should be abandoned now that afazekas's work on the devstack lib/tempest is done.17:11
afazekasjaypipes: yes17:11
sdagueafazekas: that lib/tempest work was quite cool btw, cleans stuff up a lot17:12
jaypipesafazekas: ok, cool. if you could ping jaroslav to abandon at his convenience, that would be great17:12
jaypipessdague: ++17:12
jaypipesvery cool indeed.17:12
*** littleidea has joined #openstack-meeting17:12
jaypipesOK, I believe all the remaining merge requests are in the process of working through the gate.17:13
afazekasjaypipes: done17:13
jaypipesexcept for dwalleck's server actions one, which I conveniently skipped over (we'll discuss later)17:13
chunwangmay I know what lib/tempest is doing? which blue print is it for?17:13
*** jcru is now known as jcru|away17:13
jaypipeschunwang: sure, let me explain17:13
sdaguechunwang: it's a cleanup on devstack17:13
jaypipeschunwang: so prior to afazekas's work, we had an /etc/tempest.conf.sample and a /etc/tempest.conf.tpl17:14
jaypipeschunwang: his work gets rid of the redundant/duplicate tempest.conf.tpl file and uses the ini_set bash library routine in devstack to construct the tempest configuration file used in the continuous integration gate tests17:15
*** jcru|away is now known as jcru17:15
jaypipeschunwang: afazekas's patch cleaned up a bunch of duplicate code and made the generation of tempest's configuration file match how the generation for other OpenStack projects is done in devstack17:15
jaypipeschunwang: it didn't change the configuration file options itself, just the way it was generated.17:15
chunwangthanks, got it.17:16
jaypipesjhenner: ah, cheers!17:16
jhennerwith a pleasure17:16
sdaguetempest in devstack is now getting clean enough that we might want to enable it by default17:16
jaypipeschunwang: sticking with you, I was going to change topic to discuss the tenant isolation issues we were discussing on Is that OK with you?17:17
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1087298 in tempest "Request rate too high during test_security_group_rules running" [Undecided,New]17:17
chunwangsure. we can discuss it here...17:17
jaypipes#topic How tenant isolation works (and possible bugs/inconsistencies)17:17
*** openstack changes topic to "How tenant isolation works (and possible bugs/inconsistencies) (Meeting topic: qa)"17:17
jaypipesif everyone could give a quick read through the above bug, that would be great17:17
* jaypipes executes sleep 6017:18
afazekas is it needed ?17:18
chunwangyes, let me introduce the background. The issues found in our deployed enviornments, both E & F version openstack.17:18
chunwangmany instances/image snapshots/security groups are seens after the test running in dashboard. Seems the teardown function is not working properly.17:19
*** juice_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:20
sdagueso there is also a real bug in that code17:20
jaypipeschunwang: do you have details on which tests? the tenant will be named for the test...17:20
*** thingee_zz is now known as thingee17:21
chunwangerr..actually many cases are using rand_name('tenant‘) as tenant name in the script17:21
jaypipesafazekas: AFAICT, yes, since the devstack install of tempest will now create the config file.17:21
chunwangI suppose the script name I mentioned in bug. If it's really necessary, I may duplicate the issue and figure it out17:22
jaypipeschunwang: any test that derives from the base test classes should not be doing that... so it is a bug if they are not doing so.17:22
chunwangok, then there is another bug...17:23
*** nati_ueno has quit IRC17:23
*** garyk has joined #openstack-meeting17:23
*** nati_ueno has joined #openstack-meeting17:23
*** adjohn has joined #openstack-meeting17:24
jaypipeschunwang: I think we'll need to do some deeper investigation into this and figure out if any tests are leaving side effects if tenant_isolation is enabled (none of them should, and it is a bug if they do...)17:24
chunwangso the error may happens when the test instance/imagesnapshot is not created in base classes?17:24
jaypipeschunwang: you mean if/when a fixture gets created in the setUpClass() methods, I presume?17:25
sdaguechunwang: that execption you see in the logs is going to mean the final stages of cleanup don't happen17:25
chunwangI understand the teardown won't happen when case got errors17:25
chunwangbut the tenant not delete issue I saw is when cases all passed17:26
jaypipeschunwang: right, and that's the one I'm concerned about...17:26
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack-meeting17:27
*** ryanpetrello has joined #openstack-meeting17:27
jaypipeschunwang: OK, I will do a deeper investigation this afternoon on this issue, ok?17:27
jaypipeschunwang: and I'll update the bug report with my findings.17:27
chunwangsure. if any help or information needed, I will provide17:27
jaypipesOK, so, shall we move on to discuss dwalleck's server actions patch? or is there any other topic folks would like to discuss before that?17:28
afazekasjaypipes: this was the second time when the ./tools/ called, first it is called by, you can see in the log the double config:   search for example this sting  'source /opt/stack/devstack/lib/database'  , here
davidkranzjaypipes: We should discuss how to get the full (or at least almost full) gate on all prjojects.17:29
davidkranzjaypipes: Another nova bug slipped through yesterday.17:29
*** flash1 has joined #openstack-meeting17:29
davidkranzThe biggest issue, other than some slow tests, is
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1079687 in nova "Flaky failures of instances to reach BUILD and ACTIVE states" [Undecided,New]17:30
jaypipesafazekas: unless I'm mistaken, I believe you should be able to remove all calls to tools/ after your devstack patch lands17:30
davidkranzwhich fails the hourly tempest build several times per day.17:30
jaypipes#topic Blockers for enabling the full gate on core projects17:30
*** openstack changes topic to "Blockers for enabling the full gate on core projects (Meeting topic: qa)"17:30
*** thingee has left #openstack-meeting17:30
davidkranzjaypipes: There has not been any progress on this bug as far as I can see.17:30
jaypipesdavidkranz: one sec, reading into bug17:30
dwalleckdavidkranz: I don't know if I'd say those are Tempest issues. In my experience, servers going into error status have always been Nova issues17:31
davidkranzdwalleck: Yes, the bug if a nova bug ticket.17:31
dwalleckahh, sorry17:31
* dwalleck is not fully awake yet17:31
sdaguedavidkranz: is that related to any of the other nova bugs?17:31
davidkranzsdague: I don't think so.17:31
sdagueI thought the blocker was a different issue17:31
jaypipesdavidkranz: strange that all those failures are the XML server tests, not the JSON ones...17:31
*** dwcramer has quit IRC17:31
davidkranzjaypipes: I am not sure that is true. The failures are flaky.17:32
davidkranzjaypipes: They happen in various places.17:32
jaypipesdavidkranz: oh, ok...17:32
davidkranzjaypipes: You can ssee a lot of stuff at if you want.17:33
davidkranzIMO, this should be the highest priority for some one on the nova team.17:33
jaypipesdavidkranz: k, will look further into it. do we have the rabbit logs somewhere?17:33
jaypipesdavidkranz: agreed about priority.17:33
davidkranzjaypipes: Yes, all the logs are at
jaypipesvishy_zz: can we get some prioritization on ?17:34
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1079687 in nova "Flaky failures of instances to reach BUILD and ACTIVE states" [Undecided,New]17:34
*** adjohn has quit IRC17:34
davidkranzjaypipes: Whether there is enough info in them is a different issue.17:34
*** egallen_ has left #openstack-meeting17:35
jaypipesperhaps russellb would be able to look into the RPC issues and help us investigate17:35
davidkranzjaypipes: More instrumentation may need to be added.17:35
sdagueok, I'll talk to mtreinish about it, he was chasing what I thought was the blocking bug for tempest gate :)17:35
jaypipesdavidkranz: sure, agreed. I'm hoping russellb or vishy_zz can tell us what info they would need to diagnose...17:35
sdaguebut i'll ask him to dive in on it17:35
davidkranzsdague: Which did you think it was?17:35
davidkranzsdague: The log error bugs are desirable for better test monitoring but things ca proceed without that.17:36
sdaguedavidkranz: I don't know at the moment17:36
mtreinishsdague, davidkranz: I was having trouble reproducing it. But, I got sidetracked on coverage extension stuff for a while so I haven't put much time into it.17:36
mtreinishvishy_zz: had a theory that it was related to the instance getting deleted during bring up17:37
jaypipesactually, eglynn is also a good resource for digging into these tricky issues... Eoghan, feel like helping out? :)17:37
davidkranzmtreinish: It only fails maybe 10-15% of the time.17:37
dwalleckjaypipes: I was going to do this but forgot. I should be able to report the reason the server went into error status as well. The reason is in the GET response, so it should be easy to tag on to the fault. I have it partially done, just having some issues with the text population17:37
sdaguedavidkranz: the issue is making nova the right amount of slow for it to show up17:37
sdagueit's definitely a race17:37
eglynnjaypipes: yep, I can look later on or tmrw (on a train ATM, dodgy wifi coverage ...)17:38
davidkranzsdague: OK. I just wanted to make sure some one was looking at it with nova smarts.17:38
jaypipeseglynn: :) thx man!17:38
davidkranzjaypipes: I think we can move on then.17:39
jaypipesdavidkranz: I will write a mailing list post about the above bug and try to get priortization.17:39
davidkranzjaypipes: Great.17:39
jaypipes#action jaypipes to write ML post about bug 107968717:39
sdaguewe can take that into the nova meeting this afternoon as well17:39
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1079687 in nova "Flaky failures of instances to reach BUILD and ACTIVE states" [Undecided,New]
jaypipes#topic dwalleck patch for refactoring server actions tests17:40
*** openstack changes topic to "dwalleck patch for refactoring server actions tests (Meeting topic: qa)"17:40
jaypipesdwalleck: OK, I want to understand better your overall plan for these patches.17:40
jaypipesdwalleck: starting with the impetus behind the patches17:40
jaypipesdwalleck: more specifically, I'm curious about this in the commit msg: "next patch will break the singe test method into each test class into distinct test methods"17:42
*** krtaylor has joined #openstack-meeting17:42
dwalleckAnd this is where I wish I had a whiteboard17:43
jaypipesjust do your best17:43
sdaguedwalleck: etherpads work pretty well :)17:43
dwalleckLet me go for the direct answer first and try to hit the whys along the way17:43
dwalleckGood call! There's an OpenStack etherpad, right? Anyone have a link so we could pop one open?17:43
*** glenc has quit IRC17:45
dwalleckOkay, so this is test_server_actions right now....17:45
*** eglynn has quit IRC17:45's doing well17:46
dwalleckso there's a few of the test methods, along with the assertions in one test17:46
jaypipesdwalleck: are you referring to the existing smoke test (test_basic_server_ops)? or something else that currently is not a smoke test -- /tempest/tests/compute/
jaypipesafazekas: glance boto patch merged...17:47
dwalleckThe problem I'm trying to solve is that there are many differing assertions in one test. Let me give you a larger scale, what I'd like to get in Tempest problem...17:47
*** glenc has joined #openstack-meeting17:47
dwalleckSo if one small part of test_resize_server_confirm fails, I don't want the whole test to fail17:49
*** sarob has quit IRC17:49
dwalleckI want the specific part that is invalid to be documented, but let the reports show that everything else is fine17:49
jaypipesdwalleck: ah, I see... so my next question would be, why not use the smoke.SmokeTest base classes for these, since the test methods for these test cases will be order-dependent?17:49
dwalleckjaypipes: Actually in this case they wouldn't be. Let me draw...17:50
jaypipesdwalleck: it seems you just want more detailed test methods, in a specific order.17:50
dwallecknot necessarily in a specific order, but more detailed, yes17:51
*** littleidea has quit IRC17:52
dwalleckI see your point, this is something Sam and my guys have gone back and forth about....the point he made to me is not that I was trying to test the change password request itself, but the results17:52
*** patelna has quit IRC17:52
dwalleckSo the fixture prepares the scenario and test verifies the results17:53
*** littleidea_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:53
*** patelna has joined #openstack-meeting17:54
jaypipesdwalleck: and what happens when something errors in preparing the scenario (building the fixture)?17:54
dwalleckjaypipes: And you're right, you can do that with ordered tests, which once we ditch nose and move to plain unit test you can do by overloading the load_tests method of the class17:54
dwalleckSo this is one way (without having that) that my guys devised a way to work around it17:54
dwalleckjaypipes: The fixture fails, so none of the tests for it run. This makes sense because if the server failed to create, that's something different than the password failing to change17:55
dwalleckSo, back out of the solution I proposed. The problem I'm trying to solve is precise failure of tests, which makes working with results easier17:57
jaypipesdwalleck: ok, I'm getting you... I guess it's difficult to see without the code, but I'm open to the direction you're going.17:57
dwalleckHow about this. Lets hold off, and let me get a full, real example for folks to look at17:57
chunwangseems the change is too large if it's only for get more detailed test results.  <-- just my opinion...17:58
dwalleckWe can discuss on the mailing list and get into more details17:58
jaypipesdwalleck: yeah, how about this:17:58
jaypipesdwalleck: focus on a complete example for just *one* of the actions (change_password for example)17:58
jaypipesdwalleck: and complete it out17:59
*** jrd has quit IRC17:59
dwalleckcan do17:59
jaypipesdwalleck: then we can see the whole picture for a full scenario17:59
jaypipesdwalleck: kk.17:59
dwalleckI'll get something out before the weekend17:59
jaypipesdwalleck: bottom line, I definitely support the goal of getting more detailed results, decoupling results processing from fixture setup, and parallelizing stuff... just need an easier-to-consume-and-review patch :)18:00
jaypipesalright, we're at one hour right now...18:00
davidkranzjaypipes: I think we are out of time, but we should discuss the blueprints next week.18:00
jaypipesdavidkranz: kk, agreed.18:00
dwallecksounds good18:00
jaypipesdavidkranz: I think we made some good progress today, though... I will send out a status report to the ML18:00
*** Mandell has joined #openstack-meeting18:01
jaypipesdavidkranz: sorry for being absent the last few weeks...18:01
davidkranzjaypipes: NP. It happens to all of us :)18:01
jaypipesalright folks, see you all next week!18:01
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack meetings || Development in #openstack-dev || Help in #openstack"18:01
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russellbnova meeting time21:00
russellb#startmeeting nova21:00
openstackMeeting started Thu Dec  6 21:00:28 2012 UTC.  The chair is russellb. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.21:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: nova)"21:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'nova'21:00
russellbGreetings, all.21:00
russellbwho's around21:00
dansmith<- here, with really bad bug stats, fair warning.21:00
*** markmc has joined #openstack-meeting21:00
comstudhere, but sick.21:01
russellbcomstud: bummer, sorry :(21:01
comstudya, sux.. i'm out of town too21:01
russellb#topic project updates21:01
*** openstack changes topic to "project updates (Meeting topic: nova)"21:01
sdague<- here21:01
russellbcomstud: let's hit cells first21:01
russellbcomstud: what's the latest on cells21:01
comstudso close to done, but.. i've done nothing but slept the last 2 days :)21:02
russellbyeah, priorities :)21:02
comstudi mean, done reworking21:02
comstudbut it's looking much better to me21:02
*** EmilienM has quit IRC21:02
russellbgrizzly-2 is January 10th, i think we should aim for that21:02
comstudtests might be a pain to re-work21:02
russellbstill a good amount of time, but holidays will eat some of that21:03
comstudi'm not going anywhere21:03
comstudbut i might not get reviews21:03
russellbheh, i'm not going anywhere either, but technically i'll be off21:03
russellbi can review anyway21:03
comstudso dedicated21:03
mikalI'll be around too, not that I've reviewed much cells stuff. The 3,500 line one scares me.21:03
russellband they don't have christmas in the southern hemisphere, so mikal can review too21:03
comstudthe 3500 line one may be more lines when i'm done here21:04
dansmithis that because the trees don't stand upside down well?21:04
comstudbut easier to follow21:04
comstudnot sure, haven't diffed it yet21:04
comstudbut hey, that one started out at 4500 i think21:04
russellbcomstud: cool, i saw you have a lot of reviews on later patches21:04
mikaldansmith: don't make me kangaroo you up the billabong21:04
russellbsome approved already, which is kind of odd21:04
*** martine_ has quit IRC21:04
comstudhaha yeah21:04
russellbnot sure how you can approve something that depends on something you didn't review :)21:05
dansmithmikal: heh, you all have kangaroos as pets, right?21:05
comstudi wasn't going to complain about it21:05
russellbso next week updated patches perhaps?  if you're feeling better?21:05
russellbcomstud: heh, i wouldn't either..21:05
russellbok, cool, anything else you want to discuss?21:05
*** jcru has quit IRC21:05
comstudnothing on my mind other than baremetal has caused a lot of pain :)21:05
comstudbut that's just a comment.21:06
russellbthat's the other big project we've been hitting in this meeting21:06
comstudcontinue on21:06
russellbanyone care to comment on the status there?21:06
comstudi'm good21:06
dansmithI'm afraid to go near baremetal because most of them have one green check21:06
russellbcomstud: what kind of bugs have hit you?21:06
*** dendrobates has quit IRC21:06
russellbso we know what to watch out for better21:06
*** dendrobates has joined #openstack-meeting21:06
*** dendrobates has joined #openstack-meeting21:06
russellbin the context of cells, or you mean in general?21:07
russellbi remember a resource tracker issue, delaying setting 'node' until after resources were claimed21:07
russellboookay.  :)21:08
russellbso couple other specific projects ...21:09
russellbboot from volume improvements21:09
comstudrussellb: reisze stuff and resource tracker stuff21:09
russellbcomstud: ah ok21:09
comstudboth might hav been resource tracker21:09
comstudhas to do with adding of 'node'21:09
russellbsorry :)21:09
comstudto compute_nodes21:09
russellbso boot from volume ...
russellbnikola wanted to discuss it, but i don't see him here21:10
russellbprobably because his first big patch has been merged since asking for it to be on the agenda21:10
russellbbut i think there is still more work planned there21:10
russellbso, if you're interested take a look and respond to the ML thread about it21:10
comstudmerge and flee21:10
comstud(that's what i'm going to do when cells lands)21:10
russellbalexpilotti requested discussing get-password (vishy's branch)21:10
dansmithdrive-by patching?21:10
russellbbut since vishy is out today, let's push it to next week21:11
russellbor you can always post to the ML in the meantime21:11
*** maurosr has joined #openstack-meeting21:11
russellblots of stuff in progress on
*** danwent has joined #openstack-meeting21:12
russellbonly 2 not started21:12
russellb1 is a lie, because i started it this week21:12
russellbi think the block device handling one may still be looking for a volunteer21:12
russellbso, take a look if you're not busy enough already :)21:12
russellb#topic nova bugs21:12
*** openstack changes topic to "nova bugs (Meeting topic: nova)"21:12
*** afazekas has quit IRC21:13
russellbabout where we've been hovering21:13
* russellb awards mikal with the nova-bugs gold star of the week21:13
markmcah come on, I triaged 2!21:13
russellbhurrah mikal21:13
markmcbefore making the tragic mistaking of fixing one :)21:13
russellbmarkmc: bug in the script!21:13
russellbit's rigged!21:13
markmcwhich ended the triaging session21:13
mikalThere are a bunch of bugs I haven't had a chance to get to21:13
dansmithrussellb: I have something for grizzly-2 I think,21:14
mikalrussellb: its on github! Fix it!21:14
russellbdansmith: ok one sec21:14
dansmithrussellb: would it be okay if we have a blueprint for removing all direct db calls from manager? presumably to be complete around then...21:14
dprinceman. I feel like a slacker.21:14
russellbdansmith: oh, um ... yeah, as a child blueprint under no-db-compute?21:14
russellbdansmith: that makes sense.21:14
russellbdansmith: that's going to be tight, but a good goal, and we better make it if we want to finish by grizzly-3 ...21:15
dansmithrussellb: just trying to have enough steps in the process so we can point to public blueprints to show status21:15
sdagueon the bugs topic, is the last thing which is blocking tempest gate on nova. And given that a nova bug that tempest would have caught slipped in last week, it would be nice to get more eyes on it.21:15
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1079687 in nova "Flaky failures of instances to reach BUILD and ACTIVE states" [Undecided,New]21:15
russellbdansmith: good idea, file away21:15
dansmithrussellb: okay, thanks21:15
russellbdansmith: and link me so i can press buttons21:15
russellbi hate "flaky" bugs, heh21:16
*** aldridge has joined #openstack-meeting21:16
sdagueyes, agreed21:16
dansmithrussellb: do I need to do something to make it a proper child?21:16
sdagueit appears nova has to be a very specific kind of slow to trigger it21:16
dansmithno-db-virt never got to be related in that way21:16
russellbdansmith: there is a dependencies section somewhere ... down lower on the page once it's filed I think21:16
russellbmay have to be done from no-db-compute?  i can't remember21:17
russellb#help need eyes on this bug, the last thing blocking the tempest gate on nova -
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1079687 in nova "Flaky failures of instances to reach BUILD and ACTIVE states" [Undecided,New]21:17
russellbdansmith: thanks, i'll get it in grizzly-2 after meeting21:18
dansmithrussellb: I think you need to edit the deps on no-db-compute, because I can edit deps for the one I filed, but not the main one21:18
dansmithrussellb: and if you do, can you add no-db-virt as well?21:18
russellbsdague: let's push through remaining discussion, and if there's time left we can group-analyze the bug some :)21:18
russellbdansmith: ack, fine with me21:19
sdagueI'm fine with that21:19
russellbanything else on bugs?21:19
markmcbug day next week?21:19
markmcsquashing day21:19
mikalThat sounds like a good idea21:19
dansmithdang, I was hoping for a bug-writing day21:19
russellbyeah, i like that21:19
markmcI think ttx is organizing one21:20
sdaguesure, we're due for one21:20
russellbmarkmc: oh?  ok great ... yeah, we've got a bunch we can work through21:20
russellbi'm seeing good legit stuff every time i go triage some21:20
markmc#info Doc Bug day December 6, Regular Bug day December 1321:20
markmc#link Doc Bug day December 6, Regular Bug day December 1321:21
russellbnice, so we can check out our progress in the next nova meeting :)21:21
russellbso everyone put it on your calendar to block out unnecessary meetings :)21:22
sdagueand mikal will be asleep while the rest of us are working, so someone might beat him21:22
russellbso, as usual, if everyone could triage something this week, that'd be a great help21:23
russellbstill not enough names on the bug triage reports21:23
russellbespecially important this week if we're going to squash next thursday21:23
russellbthe better the bug list, the more productive we can be21:23
russellband with that ...21:23
comstudyes sir21:23
russellb#topic open discussion21:23
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: nova)"21:23
russellbopen discussion until we have nothing left, and then whoever wants to stick around, we can spend some time trying to troubleshoot this tempest gate blocker21:24
russellbeveryone is happy!21:25
dprincewhat is the tempest gate blocker?21:25
dprinceI'm not. Python-keystoneclient ruined my day.21:26
russellbdprince: sdague brought up this bug earlier, said it was the last bug blocking being able to gate on the whole tempest suite -
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1079687 in nova "Flaky failures of instances to reach BUILD and ACTIVE states" [Undecided,New]21:26
comstudi don't understand 'to reach BUILD' part of that21:26
comstudinstances are created in BUILD state.21:26
sdaguedprince: it's a race in tempest which gets triggered by exactly how slow the ci nodes are about 15% of the time21:26
dprincesdague: I run similar tests on the hour on bare metal and get fairly consistent results.21:27
dprincesdague: passes.21:27
sdaguedavidkranz has been running hourly gate jobs on ci, and it fails about 15% of the time21:27
dprincesdague: How do we know this isn't some sort of IO bound... public cloud type failure?21:27
*** ayoung has joined #openstack-meeting21:28
sdaguedprince: we don't, however, we can't light the gate on CI if it isn't repeatable on CI21:28
dprincesdague: I'm happy to take a closer look at it offline.21:28
russellbthanks dprince21:29
*** sarob has quit IRC21:29
dprinceYep. Sunil might also be able to help look into this as well (I'll point it out to him here shortly)21:29
russellbwell, sounds like we have some eyes on it then ...21:30
russellbanything else before we #endmeeting?21:31
dansmithdo it!21:31
russellbanyone want to shamelessly plug their review of choice?21:31
*** harlowja has joined #openstack-meeting21:32
sdagueoh mtreinish's coverage patch should get a review21:32
dprincewhat about ones we don't like?21:32
*** sarob has joined #openstack-meeting21:32
russellbdprince: that's fair too21:32
*** lifeless has quit IRC21:32
sdagueplug for review21:32
russellbdprince: you can have on the record that you really don't like something :)21:32
dansmithnow I'm curious...21:32
russellbah yes, that's a good one21:32
mtreinishsdague: thanks for the plug21:32
mtreinishtoo fast21:33
dprinceI'll stay quiet... :) for now.21:33
russellbdprince: oh come onnnn21:33
russellbstir the pot21:33
sdaguedprince: plug for -2 ?21:33
dansmithdprince: come on, I wanna see if it's the same one I'm thinking of :)21:33
dprinceit is a secret21:34
russellbheh, ok..21:34
*** jog0 has joined #openstack-meeting21:34
*** lifeless has joined #openstack-meeting21:34
sdagueI'd also plug clarb's testr -
sdaguewhich is close, he might have the last fix in a different review now21:34
dansmithsdague: you've had enough21:34
sdaguehey, I like running the unit tests in 42 seconds21:34
*** jhenner has quit IRC21:34
russellbsdague: +121:35
russellbi'm very happy about that ...21:35
russellbthe time part anyway21:35
comstudi don't like that our clients do caching and use keyring by default.21:35
comstudit's extremely annoying and has bitten me a number of times.21:35
comstud(just noticing some of dprince's patches to fix that somewhat for keystoneclient)21:36
sdagueactually, specifically other eyes on this one - which is the fix, would be good21:36
sdaguethen the testr one should pass21:36
comstudwas trying to find a patch of dprince's to pick on21:36
comstudbut can't find one :-/21:36
dprincehold on... I'l give them to you:21:37
comstudoh no, i found those21:37
dprinceAnd... FTR that is why python-keystoneclient ruined my day.21:37
comstudi meant i can't pick on them21:37
comstudbecause i agree21:37
*** EmilienM has joined #openstack-meeting21:38
comstudi want novaclient to have cache/keyring off by default.21:39
russellbalright, well guess we're wrapped up21:39
russellbor not21:39
comstudit's not important21:39
russellbcomstud: propose it and see what happens?  :)21:39
comstudhehe ya21:39
russellbwe can continue ranting over in -nova :)21:40
russellbthanks for coming all21:40
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack meetings || Development in #openstack-dev || Help in #openstack"21:40
openstackMeeting ended Thu Dec  6 21:40:31 2012 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)21:40
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*** cp16net|away is now known as cp16net21:51
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