Tuesday, 2012-12-18

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primeminsterp#startmeeting hyper-v15:58
openstackMeeting started Tue Dec 18 15:58:35 2012 UTC.  The chair is primeminsterp. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.15:58
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.15:58
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: hyper-v)"15:58
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'hyper_v'15:58
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primeminsterpGood day everyone15:58
primeminsterptry to keep it short and sweet today15:59
primeminsterpwe'll wait a couple more minutes for others to join15:59
primeminsterpociuhandu: ping16:00
*** jcru|away is now known as jcru16:00
primeminsterpociuhandu: is alex coming?16:00
ociuhanduyes, he'll be here in a minute or so16:01
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ociuhanduhello all, btw :)16:01
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primeminsterpociuhandu: great16:02
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primeminsterpwe'll wait a couple more minutes then16:03
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alexpilottihi guys!16:06
primeminsterpalexpilotti: hey now16:06
primeminsterpgreat let's begin then16:06
primeminsterpluis_fdez: hi luis16:06
alexpilottihi luis_fdez !16:06
primeminsterplifeless: howdy16:06
primeminsterpluis_fdez: thanks for the help testing bits16:06
primeminsterp#topic updates quantum16:06
luis_fdezthat´s the least I can do!16:06
*** openstack changes topic to "updates quantum (Meeting topic: hyper-v)"16:06
alexpilottilifeless: nice to see you here!16:06
alexpilottiprimeminsterp: I guess I  go with this one :-)16:07
primeminsterpso alexpilotti and pnavarro have done some work on the hyper-v/quantum vlan support16:07
primeminsterpwe need to get some additional testing coverage16:07
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alexpilottiyep, VLAN stuff is almost done16:07
alexpilottiwe need people helping out with tests16:08
*** jrodom has joined #openstack-meeting16:08
primeminsterpluis_fdez: are you deploying quantum yet on the linux side?16:08
alexpilottialso unit tests need to be written :-)16:08
primeminsterpthat's key16:08
primeminsterplifeless: any interest in helping test hyper-v/quantum vlan support?16:09
luis_fdezprimeminsterp: not yet, for the next version of our system starting on january, so that's close16:09
*** bencherian has joined #openstack-meeting16:09
primeminsterpluis_fdez: is there a timeframe for hyper-v integration?16:09
alexpilottiluis_fdez: are you guys interested in the Hyper-V NVGRE Quantum plugin?16:10
alexpilottiluis_fdez: or you prefer old school VLANs?16:10
*** patrocinio has joined #openstack-meeting16:10
luis_fdez2013 Q1 we should be able to provide a proper pre-production hyper-v integration16:11
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primeminsterpluis_fdez: nice16:11
primeminsterpluis_fdez: please let me know if there is anything i can do16:11
*** ryanpetrello has joined #openstack-meeting16:11
primeminsterpluis_fdez: during that process16:11
primeminsterpalexpilotti: anything additional updates on the quantum bits16:12
luis_fdezprimeminsterp: thanks :)16:12
primeminsterpluis_fdez: please pass that on to jan and tim as well16:12
alexpilottiprimeminsterp: that's it for now: VLAN almost done, tests required16:12
luis_fdezprimeminsterp: ok :)16:12
primeminsterpnext, then16:12
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primeminsterp#topic cinder16:12
*** openstack changes topic to "cinder (Meeting topic: hyper-v)"16:12
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primeminsterpalexpilotti: have you been tracking downloads/usage on the cinder installer?16:13
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primeminsterpalexpilotti: also are you providing nightly's as w/ the nova bits?16:14
alexpilottiI have no data at hand, I can fetch the download stats16:14
primeminsterpno worries16:14
alexpilottithat' in the works16:14
primeminsterpjust wondering16:14
alexpilottiI'm waiting to get a commit approved16:14
alexpilottiwhich is tuck on gerrit16:14
primeminsterpanyone I can poke?16:16
primeminsterpalexpilotti: ^16:16
alexpilottithey are asking to change a line on a comment! I have to recommit16:16
*** martine has joined #openstack-meeting16:17
primeminsterpalexpilotti: hehe16:17
primeminsterpalexpilotti: so cinder/fc support16:17
primeminsterpalexpilotti: any more on that discussion16:17
primeminsterpi know we're thinking H16:17
primeminsterpunless other step in16:17
primeminsterpto help16:17
primeminsterpalexpilotti: have you done any research yet?16:18
primeminsterpalexpilotti: into what it would take?16:18
alexpilottiwe have preliminary talks with HP, IBM and more about fiber channel support16:18
primeminsterpalexpilotti: that's what I'm talking about16:18
primeminsterpalexpilotti: now is the time to coordinate efforts16:18
alexpilottiI'm going to work on that post G2, as now it's hell on earth with the deadline :-)16:18
primeminsterpalexpilotti: i know sorry16:19
primeminsterpalexpilotti: and I haven't been helping much lately16:19
alexpilottiI'm going to partecipate on the meting (on the 20th) I think, with HP, Brocade, IBM and so on16:19
primeminsterpoffice move is killing me16:19
primeminsterpalexpilotti: great16:19
primeminsterp#topic ci update16:19
*** openstack changes topic to "ci update (Meeting topic: hyper-v)"16:19
primeminsterpso i finished the fixes on my pxe stuff and am going to start verifying everything works properly so we can start testing the first ring puppet manifests16:20
primeminsterpi'll be working with ociuhandu during that process16:21
primeminsterpstill need to sync up w/ mordred16:21
primeminsterpand get some time time in16:21
primeminsterpbut that's going to probably be after the holidays now16:21
primeminsterpalexpilotti: ociuhandu my goal is to work on spinning up the ring  week between xmas and new years16:22
primeminsterpif possible16:22
primeminsterpalexpilotti: ociuhandu although we can discuss if that's even feasable16:22
primeminsterpafter we start testing16:22
primeminsterpour puppet16:22
primeminsterp#topic cloudinit16:22
*** openstack changes topic to "cloudinit (Meeting topic: hyper-v)"16:22
primeminsterpcloud init testing16:23
alexpilottiprimeminsterp: if we are lucky (as in finishing the G2 stuff) we were planning a few days off between xmas and newyearseve16:23
primeminsterpluis_fdez: you found some bugs16:23
primeminsterpalexpilotti: i was hoping so16:23
primeminsterpalexpilotti: i'll be doing the same16:23
primeminsterpalexpilotti: so let's realistically say16:23
alexpilottiprimeminsterp: cool :-)16:23
primeminsterpweek after newyears then16:23
*** Mandell has quit IRC16:23
primeminsterpalexpilotti: i'm doing killing myself in this process16:23
primeminsterper done16:23
primeminsterpnot doing16:23
primeminsterpalexpilotti: ok16:24
primeminsterpluis_fdez: cloud init bug?16:24
luis_fdezprimeminsterp: yes16:24
primeminsterpluis_fdez: are you finalizing the image w/ a sysprep on the first boot?16:24
luis_fdezI found something while first run of cloudinit16:24
alexpilottiluis_fdez: did you get my latest email about sysprep?16:24
primeminsterpthought i read something re: causing a reboot at the end16:24
primeminsterpwmi subsystem initialization...16:25
luis_fdezalexpilotti: yes... but I can figure out what could be the problem... maybe waiting for wmi some way could be ok16:25
primeminsterpalexpilotti: you think it's not up at that poing16:25
primeminsterper point16:25
alexpilottiluis_fdez: we did a lot of tests with rebooting the vms w/o issues, what we didn't test is to do that i conjunction w sysprep16:26
luis_fdezbut there is a difference between the boot after specialize the image and a normal boot16:26
alexpilottiluis_fdez: as you know the sysprep boot is not a regular one as a lot of initialization is going on under the hood16:27
luis_fdezalexpilotti: yeps16:27
alexpilottiluis_fdez: but I'd say that this definitely an important use case16:27
alexpilottiluis_fdez: I mean sysprep + cloud-init16:27
primeminsterpalexpilotti: definately16:27
primeminsterpalexpilotti: probably the default use case16:27
primeminsterpif would say so16:27
alexpilottiluis_fdez: can you please do a test like this:16:28
alexpilottiluis_fdez: install cloud-init as usual16:28
alexpilottiluis_fdez: set the service as disabled16:28
alexpilottiluis_fdez: sysprep16:28
*** ayoung has joined #openstack-meeting16:28
alexpilottiluis_fdez: reboot16:28
alexpilottiluis_fdez: set the service as manual and start it16:28
alexpilottiluis_fdez: if it works fine, it means that we simply have to start the service after all the sysprep is done, by simply add a dependency16:29
luis_fdezalexpilotti: ok! I'll let you know as soon as I test it16:29
alexpilottiluis_fdez: tx!!16:29
primeminsterpok then16:29
alexpilottiBTW, thanks to mirantis we have EC2 metadata support16:29
primeminsterpalexpilotti: on the cloudinit for windows bits?16:30
alexpilottithey contributed the code on our cloudbase-init project16:30
primeminsterpalexpilotti: great!16:30
primeminsterpthat's awesome news16:30
alexpilottiprimeminsterp: and they take care on supporting it16:30
primeminsterpeven better16:30
primeminsterpi owe them a beer16:31
primeminsterp#topic general updates16:31
*** openstack changes topic to "general updates (Meeting topic: hyper-v)"16:31
alexpilottiI spoke with the cloud-init guys, integration in the Canonical Linux cloud-init should'nt be far away16:31
primeminsterpalexpilotti: how long16:31
*** dwcramer has quit IRC16:31
luis_fdezI have to go guys... I'll take a look at the minutes for the rest of the meeting16:31
alexpilottiprimeminsterp: hard to tell, depends on when they do the refactoring16:31
luis_fdezthanks for the help!16:32
primeminsterpluis_fdez: thanks16:32
alexpilottiprimeminsterp: anyway "H" timeframe16:32
primeminsterpluis_fdez: have a good holiday if i don't catch you before16:32
primeminsterpalexpilotti: ok16:32
alexpilottiluis_fdez: tx again man!16:32
luis_fdezprimeminsterp: you too :)16:32
luis_fdezalexpilotti: I don't forget one beer!16:32
*** luis_fdez has quit IRC16:32
alexpilottiluis_fdez: one? you already deserve a full box!16:33
primeminsterpanyone have anything else to add?16:33
primeminsterpre: hyper-v/windows/ad16:33
primeminsterpalexpilotti: ok then16:33
primeminsterpcalling it if there there's nothing else16:33
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henrynashHi all…18:00
heckjkeystone meeting?18:00
dolphmheckj: welcome back, btw!18:00
heckj#startmeeting keystone18:00
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*** brich1 has joined #openstack-meeting18:00
heckjdolphm: thanks18:00
heckjAgenda updated at http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings/KeystoneMeeting18:01
heckj#link http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings/KeystoneMeeting18:01
heckjegallen: welcome!18:01
heckjNot sure what you guys hit last week - nobody updated the wiki with the keystone meeting notes, so some of the agenda topics may be moot18:01
ayoungHey Ho18:02
*** mrunge is now known as mrunge_meeting18:02
heckjayoung, dolphm : Anything remaining from last weeks' agenda that's still relevant today? I just appended on Henry's requests to the list up on the wiki18:02
ayoungheckj, we need to keep around the old Agenda's...18:02
dolphmayoung: http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/keystone/2012/keystone.2012-12-04-18.00.html18:04
heckjI've been pasting the meeting notes into the wiki at the end, but it looks like last week we missed that - not sure what you covered and what you didn't.18:04
*** markwash has joined #openstack-meeting18:05
heckjAh, found it: #link http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/keystone/2012/keystone.2012-12-11-18.00.html18:05
ayoungheckj, so the old action items are all on the agenda for this week.18:06
ayoungwith the exception of #318:06
heckjayoung: cool, thanks18:06
*** vipul|away is now known as vipul18:06
heckj#topic burning issues?18:06
*** openstack changes topic to "burning issues? (Meeting topic: keystone)"18:06
heckjI haven't triaged any bugs in a couple weeks, so haven't even looked18:06
ayoungheckj, neither have I.  Lets just make that a #action18:06
dolphmbugsquash day was last week, so i went through a few18:07
heckj#action heckj, dolphm, and ayoung to triage through new bugs and review open high priority bugs18:07
heckjdolphm: any standing out that need immediate attention?18:07
*** egallen has quit IRC18:07
dolphmheckj: not that i'm aware of18:08
*** egallen has joined #openstack-meeting18:08
heckjmoving on...18:08
heckj#topic Groups/Attributes18:08
*** openstack changes topic to "Groups/Attributes (Meeting topic: keystone)"18:08
ayounggyee, anything to add on " write up strategy is for implementing keyring, covering (at least) 3 uses: automated , HTTPD, CLI"18:08
heckjayoung, dwchadwick ?18:08
ayoungactually, table that18:08
gyeeayoung, I haven't get to it yet18:08
gyeeprobably this week18:09
ayoungheckj, gave it a first pass18:09
*** spzala has joined #openstack-meeting18:09
henrynashso on groups/attributes, we have had the reviews of the api, client and wii server code this week18:09
heckjayoung, henrynash : what are the next steps there?18:09
henrynashI think the action for this week as to endorse (or not) the action to submit a reference design based on RBAC as per the blueprint18:10
ayoungheckj, I think it is relatively close in impl.  We have an approach that will work for LDAP, but a SQL only version can go in first18:10
*** lloydde has joined #openstack-meeting18:10
*** nijaba has quit IRC18:11
heckjdolphm: you were providing overall feedback in there as well - any concerns on your end, otherwise general tone sounds like "move forward with it"?18:11
henrynashayoung: +118:11
*** jd__ has left #openstack-meeting18:11
ayounghenrynash, actually, can you open a ticket for LDAP backend?18:12
dolphmheckj: i like where it's headed... i think the API & client are both pretty close to being mergeable, but i haven't completely reviewed the latest patches18:12
*** dwcramer has quit IRC18:12
henrynashayoung: will do - we need to do something to the current server code, since the test_backend fails since it calls the ldap stuff anyway18:13
heckj#action henrynash to open a ticket on making an LDAP backend for groups/attributes18:13
ayounghenrynash, put skip tests in the LDAP backend for now18:13
ayounger, test_backend_ldap18:13
henrynashayoung: yep, that was the plan18:14
dwchadwickfrom my perspective I dont know what the LDAP design is. I have not seen it written down anyway18:14
dolphmheckj: if you do that ^ cite the bug number in the test skip message18:14
dolphmhenrynash: **18:14
ayoungdwchadwick, yes you have, we ahve been batting it back and forth in email.18:14
*** shmcfarl has quit IRC18:14
heckj#agreed: continue review of groups/attributes and drive towards a SQL-first implementation18:14
heckjdolphm: heh, autocomplete, eh?18:14
dwchadwickSo it is hard to comment on whether you have the right approach or not18:14
dolphmheckj: +118:14
*** nijaba has joined #openstack-meeting18:15
*** nijaba has quit IRC18:15
*** nijaba has joined #openstack-meeting18:15
dolphmheckj: typing more than two characters of anyone's name is beyond my muscle memory18:15
heckj#topic keyring18:15
*** openstack changes topic to "keyring (Meeting topic: keystone)"18:15
dwchadwickayoung. But it is not finalised is it? At least you have not responded to the latest emails on it18:15
heckjsorry, going in order on the agenda list so I can keep things straight18:15
ayoungdwchadwick, there was one small question in the last email you sent which I haven;t responded to, but it is close.  Anyway, we can nail down all the details prior to impl....I fel like we are on the right track.  My concern is really mapping this sto someonerunning AD....18:16
dwchadwickMy concern was primarily mapping the groups to roles/project, not how the groups are stored18:17
ayoungheckj, 2 agenda additions:   1 mapping  2 register modules.  We can discuss those at the end?18:17
dwchadwickAs I have said before, I think we should try to maximise code re-use not write code to be discarded next release18:18
heckjayoung: yep18:18
ayounglets move onto keyring.  We can close out the LDAP impl in email18:18
dwchadwickayoung. agreed18:19
heckjgyee: you were answering about keyring earlier - sounds like theres still a pending "write up strategy?"18:20
gyeeheckj, yes, I will work on that this week18:21
heckj#action: gyee to write up strategy on keyring - HTTPD, CLI, automated18:22
heckjanything else on keyring? ayoung? gyee?18:22
gyeeI need to do some research on how to use keyring with automation18:22
heckjcool, moving on...18:23
gyeewhich rst file should I add the stuff to?18:23
ayoungheckj, just that I think keyring is going to be strategic18:23
ayoungwe are going to need it for anyone that is the least bit paranoid18:23
ayoungcleartext passwords are a no no18:24
heckjayoung: yep, it's a good idae18:24
ayoungto use an industry term18:24
heckj#topic module refactoring - where to put controllers?18:24
*** openstack changes topic to "module refactoring - where to put controllers? (Meeting topic: keystone)"18:24
ayoungheckj, I haven't investigated, but I would like to see if we can use keyring to front nss18:24
ayoungheckj, resolved18:24
ayoungthat was merged18:24
dolphmayoung: i prefer the industry term "Very Bad Idea(tm)"18:24
*** gordc has quit IRC18:24
heckjayoung: excellent18:24
ayoungdolphm, ISO versus NIST18:25
heckj#topic trusts18:25
*** openstack changes topic to "trusts (Meeting topic: keystone)"18:25
heckjayoung: status?18:25
ayoungtrusts keep falling behind refactorings18:25
ayoungso right now...18:25
ayoungnot sure this is 100% the end state, but we need something like this18:26
dwchadwickI still have one issue on the design which is, the default trust should be to delegate a role to delegate so that he is your full delegate. Then you can optionally add restraints to this18:26
ayoungit grew out of the "controllers" question from last week18:26
heckj#action review https://review.openstack.org/#/c/18269/18:27
ayoungdwchadwick, I understand why you say that, but the way that we are enforcing token access won't permit that18:27
ayoungtokens have signed in them the allowed attributes18:27
ayoungwe can't say "anything not signed in the token is allowedd"18:27
ayoungSo anything that is going to be used as an attribute has to be explicitly enumerated already18:28
dwchadwickayoung thinks that the default trust should be a constrained trust, whereas I think it should be unconstrained by default. then you add all the constraints you want as extra parameters. Otherwise if you have a constrained trust as the default, you will need to add some parameters to remove some constraints and other parameters to add other constraints. Which is not a good design in18:28
dwchadwickmy opion18:28
ayoungIn order to do what you are suggesting, we would need to go back to online verification18:28
ayoungdwchadwick, so....18:28
ayoungI think we can make that happen, but it would require a different API...let me think if we can make it not "either-or"18:29
*** mrunge_meeting has quit IRC18:30
dwchadwickI dont follow your argument anyway, since what is being delegated is a role. Pure and simple.18:31
dwchadwickYou need to add parameters to constrain that so that the delegation is role plus constraints18:31
dwchadwickso the simple delegation is unconstrained delegation of a role18:31
dwchadwickthe delegate is then the role holder and has the same privileges as the delegator18:32
ayoungdwchadwick, tokens are signed documents.  That is what is used to enforce authorization.  In order to delegate something not in the signed document, you wqould have to ask a neutral broker "is this OK"18:32
ayoungWhen a trustee goes to get a token, that token has a set  the roles/attributes assigned to it.18:33
dwchadwickBut what you delegate is the role. So the signed document says "I the delegator delegate this role to this delegate"18:33
dwchadwickand then you can add additional constraints if you want to18:33
ayoungIf some action required an attribute not in that list, then the remote system would have to ask "is this OK"18:33
*** derekh has quit IRC18:34
dwchadwickI dont follow that, since all actions are authorised based on the role arent they?18:34
dolphmayoung: wouldn't it just be denied, since its not in the list?18:35
dwchadwickSo what other attribute are you talking about?18:35
ayoungdwchadwick, if all you are asking is that when a user creates a trrust, by default they get all roles, we can do that.  I was more thinking that there would be a deliberate option saying "all roles for this tenant"  as that is just as usable, and more deliberate18:35
ayoungdolphm, right now, absolutlety18:35
ayoungdwchadwick, whatever ones we come up with in the future...you've gotten me sold on ABAC18:36
dwchadwickNo I am not saying the delegate gets all roles. On the contrary, the delegate only gets the role or roles the delegator wants to give him18:36
dwchadwickThis gives minimum privileges18:36
*** jog0 has joined #openstack-meeting18:36
dwchadwickWhen you move from RBAC to ABAC then you delegate an attribute instead of a role18:37
dwchadwick(providing the attribute can be delegated, which is part of its definition. E.g. Age cannot be delegated)18:37
dolphm(roles are attributes though, correct?)18:37
ayoungdwchadwick, right, but there are likely to be more attributes on heaven and earth than dreamt of in our philosophy...18:37
ayoungdolphm, yes18:38
ayoungroles are attributes18:38
dwchadwickYes, they are a subset of attributes that can be delegated18:38
dwchadwickYou can delegate all roles but not all attributes18:38
ayoungdwchadwick, ok, we are in violent agreement,  I was just trying to future proof18:38
dwchadwickYou can delegate roles, group memberships, project participation, stuff like that. But not personal attributes like age, hair colour etc18:39
ayoungdwchadwick, I will make it such that it is easy to say "this trust delegate all roles for this user/tenant"18:39
dwchadwickBut all can be used for authz18:39
*** gordc has joined #openstack-meeting18:39
dwchadwickI would say that if the delegation has an optional parameter which is a role, then if the role is present only that is delegated, but if it is missing, all roles are delegated18:40
lifelessprimeminsterp: alexpilotti: hi. hyper-v/quantum sounds excellent; my plate is kinda full atm though :)18:40
dwchadwickBut I dont really like delegation of all roles since it is not least privileges is it18:40
ayoungdwchadwick, I think I am more comfortable with "either/or"  either you sepcify "these roles" or "all roles"  or the create fails18:40
*** dprince has quit IRC18:41
dwchadwickThat's trusts done then.18:41
ayoung#topic mapping18:42
ayoungone thing that trusts really needs is18:42
ayoungtokens scoped to endpoints18:42
*** garyk has quit IRC18:42
ayoungwe can do trusts without that, but it is far wiser to plan for it up front18:42
dwchadwickTokens scoped to endpoints is nothing to do with trusts though is it. It should be an orthogonal issue18:43
dolphmheckj: ping ^18:43
dwchadwickIn other words, the original role holder may want a token scoped to an endpoint18:43
ayoungdwchadwick, correct, although what do we do with existing trusts we add it to tokens18:43
heckjsorry, distracted at work too18:43
ayoungI'd rather it be like the roles18:43
brich1ayoung, dwchadwick...and the ability to designate a delegate needs to be under administrative control, else separation of duties is impossible18:43
*** anniec has joined #openstack-meeting18:43
ayoungbrich1, you mean an admin can create a trust for me?18:44
dwchadwickI think we agreed that Keystone becomes a trusted delegation service18:44
ayoungdwchadwick, yes18:44
dwchadwickAll trusts have to go via keystone. If you dont hold a role, keystone wont let you delegate it18:44
ayoungdwchadwick, I'd rather have the token scoped to endpoints nailed down, even if it isn't implemented18:44
ayoungwhen trusts go live18:45
dwchadwickIf you do have the role, keystone will add an entry to the delegation table saying that you have given it to someone els18:45
dolphmayoung: are you proposing changes to identity-api?18:45
heckjayoung: dolphm: do we have a proposal on how to bind tokens to endpoints?18:45
brich1ayoung: and/or preclude you from allowing someone else to become you from an authz perspective18:45
ayoungdolphm, I think it will be a change to the auth_token middle ware18:45
dwchadwickI see that scoping a trust to an endpoint is a useful constraint18:46
ayoungheckj, but also adding an option to scope a token to a set of endpoints18:46
gyee+1 on endpoint scoping18:46
ayoungheckj, it has been discussed, but I don't think we have a blueprint18:46
ayounglet me look18:46
dolphmheckj: i'm not aware of one18:47
ayoungI don't see one18:47
dwchadwickI am happy to contribute to the blueprint on this as I think trusts/delegation is an essential feature for openstack18:47
heckjSounds like that's the first thing we need18:47
ayoung#action write up blueprint scope token to endpoints18:47
dolphmheckj: i see the notion as being valuable, but i'm lost on where that would be enforced18:47
dwchadwickWhilst on endpoints I think we need a new API which is "return me the endpoints for this service"18:47
ayoungdwchadwick, I'll send it to you for review.18:48
dolphmdwchadwick: GET /v3/endpoints?service_id={service_id}18:48
*** mnewby has joined #openstack-meeting18:48
dwchadwickIt should be enforced in the Token Issuing and Token Validation Services18:48
dwchadwickdolph: good18:49
ayoungdolphm, dwchadwick but also scoped to user, no?18:49
*** dprince has joined #openstack-meeting18:49
ayoung GET /v3/endpoints?service_id={service_id}&user_id={user_id}18:49
dwchadwickI did not know you could set an endpoint for a user18:49
dolphmayoung: endpoints don't have users18:49
ayounghowever, that information should be encoded in the token18:50
ayoungdolphm, don't users have a subset of endpoints to which they have access?18:50
gyeeright, should be in the token18:50
ayoungEven if it isn't enforced now?18:50
dolphmayoung: not in the current implementation18:50
gyeewe also need to be able to assign endpoint to projects18:50
ayounggyee, yes18:50
gyeeand filter endpoints on token validation18:50
dolphmayoung: well, either you have is_admin=True and you see adminURL's in your catalog, or you don't, but that's it18:50
dwchadwickmixing up two issues. Enpoints associated with services, and what a user is authorised to access18:51
ayoungdwchadwick, right, but ypou need both in the query stage18:51
gyeeI can start a bp on that if that's OK with y'all18:51
ayounglets blueprint that, even if the implementation for now will be "all users can see all endpoints"18:51
dwchadwickayoung. right I can see that18:51
ayounggyee, can you take that one?18:52
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack-meeting18:52
gyeeright now we are returned everything in the catalog known to mankind18:52
dwchadwickanother way of looking at tokens, is that they are simply pointers to state held by keystone18:52
dolphmgyee: keystone legacy let you map tenants to endpoints, so you had to have a role on the tenant to see the associated endpoint18:52
heckjgyee: tossing up a blueprint and basic design would be great18:52
ayoungdwchadwick, correct18:52
dwchadwickso they dont need to hold all the information themselves, but just be a pointer to it18:53
ayoungdwchadwick, but they are also a load-management mechanism18:53
dwchadwickayoung. Dont follow that18:53
ayoungthe idea is that they should be self verifying, to keep services from having to go back to keystone to verify18:53
gyeeheckj, will do18:53
ayoungdwchadwick, one reason why tokens went PKI was that they were Identitied as the chattiest part of openstack18:53
dwchadwickayoung. Why cant the client cash the result after getting the first verification18:54
ayoungnot necessarily for security, but to decrease network load18:54
ayoungdwchadwick, revocation18:54
ayoungI mean, they do cach for a short time18:54
heckjayoung, gyee: key quandry that might be tricky - how services know which endpoint they're assocaited with - today I do'nt think they do, will need to take that into account18:54
ayoungbut role assignemetns changes, etc18:54
*** nati_ueno has joined #openstack-meeting18:54
dolphmdwchadwick: tokens are passed around, each recipient needs to validate each token18:54
dwchadwickthat sounds Ok to me18:55
gyeethe other benefit of endpoint scoping is security18:55
dwchadwickthe alternative is to have an encrypted signed token than anyone can validate but you still have the revocation issue18:55
gyeesay each endpoint have an account in Keystone and have its unique private/public keypair18:55
ayoungdwchadwick, it just puts the onus on the user (or the client) to figure out up front "what should I put in this token"18:55
gyeewe can essentially issue a token for just that endpoint18:56
ayounggyee, yes, that is the "delegation" blueprint...sort of18:56
gyeeonly that endpoint to decrypt the token18:56
ayounggyee, then those endpoints can sign tokens18:56
gyeeayoung, amen brother!18:56
dolphmgyee: how is that different from the "service user" pattern people use today?18:56
ayoungOK,  can we talk mapping in the last 3 minutes?18:57
gyeetoken, if I can capture a user token, I can use for all the services user have access to18:57
dwchadwickyes mapping please18:57
heckj3 minutes left18:57
dwchadwickKristy has put the first code up for QAing18:57
ayoungmapping is posted for review.  I've made minor corrections, but the code looks clean for the most part18:57
ayoungWe need to understand it better, and  part of that is showing how it can be used fro a non-trivial application18:58
dwchadwickWhat we would like to suggest is that groups uses mapping for working out which roles the group members have18:58
ayoungthat might be in the unit tests, I haven't processed that yet18:58
henrynashI owe david/kristy a review of it - will get that done tomorrow18:58
ayoungbut it might be beyond the scope of unit tests.  I would like to see an example, though, of mapping code in use.18:58
dwchadwickAgreed that having good use cases is valuable18:58
dwchadwickHenry should be able to produce use cases18:59
kwssMy next step is to work it into the federated authentication middleware18:59
ayoungkwss, I guess that mapping isnot really usable withou tit, is it?19:00
ayoungDoes mapping somehow stand alone without middleware support?19:00
dwchadwickwe thought Henry was going to use our code but currently he hasnt started19:00
*** marek_ has quit IRC19:00
ayoungcan use use mapping to convert som other attribute to a role?19:00
kwssNot unless the ability to assign internal user attributes is added too19:00
dwchadwickMy plan was that the first use of mappings would be groups19:00
ayoung...I am think that should come before customer middleware19:01
dwchadwickI have explained this migration path several times before19:01
heckjI'm afraid we're out of time...19:01
heckjI'll put this at the top of the agenda for next week, and we can continue in email?19:01
heckj(or just take the conversation to #dev)?19:01
ayoungdwchadwick, kwss write that as a use case19:01
egallenAgenda for next week : Multi factor ?19:01
gyeeI won't make the meeting next week, holiday closure here19:01
ayoungegallen, +119:02
heckjwill add19:02
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jeblairci/infra ppl?19:02
*** dwchadwick has quit IRC19:02
zykes-multi refactor of what ?19:02
ayoungheckj, hoiday clouser, reconvene in 3 weeks?19:02
*** kwss has quit IRC19:02
ayoungzykes-, not multi refactor...multi factor19:02
*** brich1 has left #openstack-meeting19:02
heckjayoung: yeah - will send email19:02
jeblair#startmeeting ci19:03
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*** spzala has quit IRC19:04
jeblair#topic wiki19:04
*** openstack changes topic to "wiki (Meeting topic: ci)"19:04
jeblairRyan_Lane: ping19:04
*** henrynash has quit IRC19:04
jeblairso we were just talking about this in openstack-infra19:04
*** danwent has joined #openstack-meeting19:04
jeblairseems like there are a few things that need sprucing up before we make the switch19:05
Ryan_Lanethe biggest thing I can see is the lack of a theme19:05
Ryan_Laneand rewrite rules19:05
fungiit's always all about aesthetics with some people ;)19:05
Ryan_LaneI don't think we should make any content changes until the wikis switch19:06
jeblairRyan_Lane: what do you mean?19:06
Ryan_Lanedo a straight migration19:06
*** egallen has left #openstack-meeting19:06
Ryan_Lanethen when we switch wikis, do the style fixes and such19:06
Ryan_Laneotherwise we'll have edits occurring in both at the same time19:07
Ryan_Laneand we'll end up losing edits19:07
jeblairRyan_Lane: that makes sense, but there are some things we can take care of before hand, like the theme, right?19:07
Ryan_Lanewiki transitions aren't easy and often take months for everything to be perfect19:07
clarkbcan we make the old wiki read only?19:07
clarkbwould that help avoid losing edits?19:07
jeblairclarkb: i don't think they have to run in parallel for very long or at all19:08
Ryan_Laneyep, but that would mean we've made the choice to switch at the point19:08
clarkbI see19:08
jeblairclarkb: when we are ready for the switch, we can take a short outage to switch the hostnames and then we're done...19:08
jeblairRyan_Lane: how long did the import/fixup take?19:08
Ryan_Laneabout an hour19:09
Ryan_Lanewell, maybe 219:09
*** nachi has quit IRC19:09
jeblairthat might be long enough to leave the old wiki running read only while that's going on19:09
jeblairand then do the hostname switch near the end of that time19:09
jeblairthough i don't think a little bit of downtime is going to kill us.19:09
*** longshot has joined #openstack-meeting19:10
jeblairbut before we make the switch, i think we should have the theme in place, and probably solutions to the major problems...19:10
*** longshot has quit IRC19:10
jeblairie, we should know how we're going to fix big things like the main page19:10
Ryan_Laneyeah. we'll need to find someone to do the theme.19:10
*** ayoung has quit IRC19:11
*** danwent has quit IRC19:11
jeblairRyan_Lane: what's involved in a mediawiki theme?19:11
Ryan_Lanewriting a skin19:11
Ryan_Lanewe may have to pay someone for it.19:11
clarkbI would volunteer but I have zero skill in making things look pretty19:11
Ryan_Lanethat's my problem, too ;)19:11
Ryan_LaneI'm very much not a front-end dev19:12
jeblairRyan_Lane: or ask for volunteers on the list?19:13
*** gyee has quit IRC19:13
clarkbjeblair: looks like he just did :)19:13
Ryan_LaneI can ask the folks who made the webplatform.org skin19:14
Ryan_Lanethey seemed to do a good job, but they were paid contractors19:14
jeblairah.  our current skin doesn't look like much more than a logo and some colors.  it probably doesn't have to be too fancy.  :)19:15
*** SlickNik has left #openstack-meeting19:15
jeblairRyan_Lane: what about image inclusion?19:16
Ryan_Lanethe migration script doesn't handle uploads properly19:16
Ryan_LaneI can pull all the images and upload them via a script19:16
Ryan_Lanebut we'll need to fix all the places they are included19:16
Ryan_Laneother syntax fixes shouldn't take ages19:17
Ryan_Lanelast time I tried this, it took me 3 hours to clean up almost all of the linked articles19:17
*** dolphm has quit IRC19:17
Ryan_Lanea sprint after we switch over should fix most things pretty quickly19:18
Ryan_Lanewe'll need a youtube extension19:18
Ryan_Lanesince mediawiki doesn't really have one19:18
Ryan_LaneI may be able to write one fairly quickly19:18
jeblairannegentle_: ^19:18
jeblairmaybe annegentle_ could help with the sprint19:19
*** alexpilotti has quit IRC19:20
jeblair#topic things to do before final wiki migration19:20
*** openstack changes topic to "things to do before final wiki migration (Meeting topic: ci)"19:20
jeblair#info openstack theme skin19:20
jeblair#info image upload script19:20
jeblair#info youtube extension19:20
clarkb#info organize content cleanup sprint19:21
jeblair#info figure out how to make the front page look pretty19:21
jeblair#info rewrite rules for content at /19:21
jeblairanything else?19:21
Ryan_LaneI think that's about it19:22
jeblaircool, thanks!19:22
jeblairI have the new cert in hand, i'll try to get it into puppet today19:22
jeblair#topic cla project19:23
*** openstack changes topic to "cla project (Meeting topic: ci)"19:23
fungi#link https://etherpad.openstack.org/cla-maintenance-201219:23
jeblairjbryce is supposed to send me the text of the new cla soon19:23
fungii've got an implementation sequence there19:23
fungiand a few items still to do before we can schedule19:23
fungithe cla text is one of them19:24
fungisince we've muddied this with getting rid of lp group sync, i have yet another question related to that19:24
fungispecifically, what's going to be the duplication in group management at that point?19:24
fungii gather there will still need to be some groups on lp for things which lp needs to use in its own acls19:25
jeblairfungi: basically the -drivers teams has meaning in both places, so likely has duplicate group management.19:25
clarkbI think the only stuff on lp would be things tied to blueprints and bugs19:25
fungiand do we want those handled separately, or do we try to engineer some wort of reverse sync?19:25
*** dolphm has joined #openstack-meeting19:26
fungiclarkb: yeah, those were the only two which came to mind, so they're in the etherpad there19:26
jeblair-drivers changes very slowly, so i think we don't sync, just duplicate manual work.19:26
fungii'm good with that as long as everyone else is19:26
jeblair-drivers gets to set milestone targets.  we don't do anything with the bugs group in gerrit (in lp it can assign bugs).  and we don't do anything with -core in lp19:27
fungimight encourage reddwarf to scale back on their 40+ drivers19:27
jeblairyes, they are doing it wrong.19:27
fungiif they had to maintain that list by hand in two places19:27
jeblairso close!  anything else on this?19:28
jeblairmordred: ping19:28
fungiokay, so -drivers lives in both lp and gerrit, -core is only gerrit and -bugs is only lp19:28
fungii've added an additional e-mail text there, which is the reminder to go out after the maintenance comcludes19:28
fungier, concludes19:28
fungibecause there *will* be devs taken by surprise19:29
*** ayoung has joined #openstack-meeting19:29
fungimany don't read -dev@ either, so it's inevitable anyway19:29
clarkbdo we have a targetted date for the switch? I assume not before the new year?19:29
fungiat this point we're so close to the end of the year it seems likely i'll rename that etherpad to -2013 :(19:29
jeblairheh.  let's get the cla text and everything in hand before we set a date19:30
fungithat's my feeling as well. don't want to go shifting dates on announcements and adding to the already expected confusion19:30
fungii want all the ducks in a row before i send the announcement19:31
fungianyway, that's where we stand19:31
fungipatches have been rebased, keys added in hiera, et cetera19:32
annegentle_jeblair: Ryan_Lane hey I was going to ask if we should just do a wiki format day19:32
Ryan_Laneyeah, we should19:32
*** littleidea_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:32
fungisome remaining doc updates i need to finish muddling through (meant to be working on those last night and this morning)19:32
Ryan_Laneit only took me a few hours to fix most of the glaring issues last time I tried it19:32
jeblairannegentle_: yeah, and probably the closer to the transition the better.  like maybe the day of? :)19:33
jeblairannegentle_: but we probably shouldn't schedule that until we have the other issues we identified worked out.19:33
jeblairfungi: sounds good, thanks!19:34
fungimy pleasure19:34
jeblair#topic askbot19:34
*** openstack changes topic to "askbot (Meeting topic: ci)"19:34
jeblairreed brought my attention to this: https://twitter.com/morganmclean/status/28083363886465433619:34
*** cp16net is now known as cp16net|away19:35
jeblairand suggested that increasing the prioritization of the provisioning of an askbot server might be nice.  :)19:35
jeblairmordred was going to take a first stab at this, but i don't think that has happened.19:35
jeblairi could try to do it later this week19:36
reedthat would be good19:36
clarkbjeblair: are you planning to stand the whole thing up or just provision the host?19:36
clarkbI seem to recall there was a dev type install somewhere19:37
jeblairif anyone else would like to volunteer, that would be swell.19:37
clarkbwhat is the scope of the work that needs to be done?19:37
*** cp16net|away is now known as cp16net19:37
jeblairthat is not clear to me.  i think mordred's plan was to set up a host that installed askbot from a git repo somewhere?19:39
jeblairi don't recall all the details.19:39
clarkbok, so some scoping would need to be done. I don't want to volunteer now as I really need to get on top of reviews and want to be open enough to fight testr fires should they occur19:40
clarkbbut maybe late thursday or early friday we can do a status check and I may be able to start that19:40
jeblairreed: do you know which askbot wants to be installed?19:41
*** darraghb has quit IRC19:41
*** jrodom has quit IRC19:42
reedjeblair, that one19:43
*** jcru is now known as jcru|away19:43
reedI can put you in touch with the people that will customize it19:43
*** jeblair has quit IRC19:46
clarkbI was wondering if something like that happened19:46
clarkbmust've lost power.19:46
fungii guess the weather finally got him19:46
clarkbanything else to go over about askbot?19:46
ttxdid we get to the bottom of the tarball job failures yet ?19:46
fungittx: yes, we did19:47
clarkb#topic tarball job failures19:47
ttxfungi: nova-tarball was still failing 52 minutes ago19:47
fungi#link https://etherpad.openstack.org/ci-issues-log19:47
clarkbneed to be jeblair or meetbot super user :(19:47
fungi#link https://review.openstack.org/1833419:47
fungiclarkb: you want to review 18334 so ttx can haz tarballs?19:48
ttxI hope jeblair will come back in time to #endmeeting :)19:48
clarkbyes, I will move that to the front of the list19:48
ttxfungi: not so much of a hurry19:48
clarkbttx: if he doesn't I can get meetbot suoper user I think19:48
ttxIt's ok if it's under control19:48
*** jcru|away is now known as jcru19:48
fungittx: it was an unintended outcome of the zuul move over the weekend19:49
ttxno need to super-prioritize it, I don't need tarballs just now19:49
fungifairly quickly rooted out once jeblair got online19:49
fungii was looking in the right place, but the fix was a bit beyond me19:49
clarkbwhat else have we got? nova testr happened19:49
*** dprince has quit IRC19:49
fungiboy howdy did it19:50
clarkboverall seems to be going relatively smoothly. jog0 discovered testr didn't run on OS X, lifeless quickly sorted that out19:50
clarkbthere were also a few, previously undiscovered, inter test conflicts19:50
clarkblifeless and I have fixed two of those19:50
fungione nova dev found a nice way to persistently dos our jenkins slaves with it19:51
fungithough i think similar forkbombs would have been possible before19:51
*** davidh_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:51
clarkbfungi: I am not completely sure the same wouldn't happen with nosetests though19:51
fungihowever, we upgraded their pistols to rocket launchers19:51
fungistill not certain what the best resource limit fix is there19:52
clarkbthere has been some feedback about whether or not defaulting to --parallel is what everyone wants. It will definitely need to grow and mature as we use it. I think that jumping into the deep end was the only real sane way to sort these things out though19:52
clarkbin addition to the OS X + testr problem lifeless discovered that python discover does not return test lists in a deterministic order19:53
*** davidh_ has quit IRC19:53
fungino argument there. but i believe (for example) sdague pointed out that having tests launch multiple vms in parallel will be resource-swamping19:53
clarkbthis makes local test reproduction difficult, so he has it on his plate to work around that and has submitted a bug to upstream discover19:53
lifelessI've also put a workaround in testtools19:54
clarkblifeless: has that been released to pypi? eg will rebuilding venvs at this point result in deterministic test reproduction?19:54
*** davidh_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:54
clarkb(its ok if it hasn't just trying to keep on top of it)19:55
lifelessno :)19:55
clarkbthats all I had for nova testr19:55
lifelesswill be either late today or first thing tomorrow, I may have other testtools things to land first19:55
clarkbI am going to start trying to escalate my meetbot permissions19:55
lifelessand its not a panic-thing, though good to have.19:55
clarkbfungi: ttx mordred any other things we want to go over?19:56
*** jeblair has joined #openstack-meeting19:56
fungii guess we're at open discussion now in jeblair's absence. nothing else from me19:56
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jeblairfeel free to keep talking.  :)19:56
lifelessclarkb: for reference - http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~testtools-committers/testtools/trunk/revision/30119:57
jeblairjust wanted to make sure i didn't inconvenience anyone by not doing that.19:57
fungiappreciated, jeblair19:57
clarkbjeblair: I was in the process of trying to figure out how to auth against meetbot19:57
fungiplug: reviews for git-review would be appreciated. i know nobody has time19:58
clarkbI have done it before, but I never remember how it works19:58
*** davidh_ has quit IRC19:58
clarkbfungi: those are high on the priority list19:58
fungiclarkb: awesome19:58
*** davidh_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:58
*** rnirmal_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:59
*** rnirmal_ has quit IRC20:00
ttxWho is around for the TC meeting ?20:00
bcwaldonttx: I am20:00
*** AlanClark has joined #openstack-meeting20:00
ttxannegentle, russellb, markmc, heckj, notmyname, jgriffith, vishy, gabrielhurley, danwent: around ?20:01
*** rnirmal has quit IRC20:01
ttxwe need 3 more to hold the meeting20:01
ttxmordred: ?20:02
*** markmc has joined #openstack-meeting20:02
ttxmarkmc: around ?20:02
ttxThat's 720:02
ttx#startmeeting tc20:02
openstackMeeting started Tue Dec 18 20:02:53 2012 UTC.  The chair is ttx. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.20:02
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*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: tc)"20:02
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'tc'20:02
ttxAgenda for today is:20:02
ttx#link http://wiki.openstack.org/Governance/TechnicalCommittee20:03
ttx#topic Update on the "Future of Incubation / core" joint committee20:03
*** openstack changes topic to "Update on the "Future of Incubation / core" joint committee (Meeting topic: tc)"20:03
*** vipul is now known as vipul|away20:03
ttxmarkmc: quick update ?20:03
*** vipul|away is now known as vipul20:03
*** jeblair has quit IRC20:03
*** maurosr has quit IRC20:03
markmchad quite a productive meeting actually20:03
*** anniec_ has joined #openstack-meeting20:03
markmcgot more into the incubation process20:03
*** anniec has quit IRC20:04
*** anniec_ is now known as anniec20:04
markmchow projects are "trained" to follow our processes20:04
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack-meeting20:04
markmchow CI starts taking more of an interest in helping incubating projects20:04
ttxalso raised an interesting question about trademark analysis20:04
*** jog0 has quit IRC20:04
markmchow incubating projects being part of the devstack gate should become more of a hard requirement20:04
ttxon project codenames20:04
markmcindeed, trademark20:04
*** ayoung has quit IRC20:05
markmchow the legal committee could provide kind of consultative help when choosing new project names20:05
*** jog0 has joined #openstack-meeting20:05
markmchow part of a project graduating is a qualitative analysis20:05
markmci.e. we should have some sort of quality level we require20:05
markmcand how we go about making that call20:05
markmcand then we started getting into the whole "what does core mean"20:06
markmcjbryce had a nice summary of core vs "part of the release"20:06
markmcthat core is a label the board can attach to projects in the integrated release20:06
markmcand then we were out of time20:06
ttxwe have one more this Thursday.20:07
markmcwe'll get more into the "what does core mean" on thursday20:07
ttxquestions before we move on ?20:07
russellbsome of that seems a little tangential, but good discussion anyway, i guess20:07
russellbthanks for the update20:08
annegentle_markmc: were there notes?20:08
annegentle_markmc: was there another invite sent out for this Thurs?20:08
markmcannegentle_, yes to both20:08
markmcone sec20:08
ttxannegentle_:  https://etherpad.openstack.org/IncUp20:08
markmcactually, yes and no20:08
*** jrodom has joined #openstack-meeting20:08
markmcttx, notes moved from etherpad to http://wiki.openstack.org/Governance/Foundation/IncubationUpdate201320:08
ttxoh, great20:08
ttx#link http://wiki.openstack.org/Governance/Foundation/IncubationUpdate201320:09
*** TheEstablishment has joined #openstack-meeting20:09
ttxany other question ?20:09
markmcno invite for this week yet20:09
*** alexpilotti has joined #openstack-meeting20:09
AlanClarkI'll go check to see why the invite didn't go out20:09
ttx#topic Discussion: Potential Grizzly schedule changes to match probable summit date20:09
*** openstack changes topic to "Discussion: Potential Grizzly schedule changes to match probable summit date (Meeting topic: tc)"20:09
ttxThe Foundation events staff is busy securing a location for the next summit...20:09
ttxOn the dates side, 40% chances it's Apr 15-18, 60% chances it's Apr 29 - May 220:10
ttxThe issue for us is that it's a week before or later than the "ideal" week20:10
*** danwent has joined #openstack-meeting20:10
ttx(ideal week being the one which leaves two full weeks between release week and summit week to prepare, like we did in Folsom)20:10
ttxIn the case it's one week before, no big deal, we'll just have less time to prepare for summit20:10
ttxBut if it's the week after, we have 3 full weeks between release week and summit week.20:10
ttxI think that's too late in the cycle to have good design discussions at the summit.20:10
ttxPeople would either get started way earlier in implementation, or lose too much time waiting for summit sessions to happen.20:11
ttxideally I would like to limit the amount of time between Grizzly feature freeze and H summit to 8-9 weeks max to avoid that20:11
ttxIf we don't change the release schedule (and the summit happens Apr 29-May 2, that will be 10 weeks for Grizzly.20:11
ttx(in comparison, we had 7 weeks in Essex and 9 weeks in Folsom)20:11
ttxSo I would like us to look into potential adaptations, so that if we need any, we can push them during the holiday period rather than wait for next year's meetings20:12
jgriffith+1 for adjusting to fit the summit20:12
ttxThose options are mostly around pushing back final Grizzly release date, in the case Apr29-May 2 ends up being chosen20:12
ttxNote that it's probably a one-off thing, next times we should know the date well before the release schedule is set up20:12
russellbsounds good to me ... and push the freeze out a week too?20:12
ttxI have a PDF showing various options for this scenario:20:12
ttx#link http://ubuntuone.com/25a7M1o3jyNAjBUTOfZkHx20:12
markmcI don't love that are schedule is driven by event planning considerations, in general20:12
markmcbut no real issue with pushing it out a week or two20:13
markmcif planned well in advance20:13
ttxOption A is the "no change" option, just accept having three full weeks between release week and summit week, and 10 weeks between feature freeze and summit20:13
ttxOption B1 is pushing back G3 and release one week away. Main issue with this one is that I'm skiing that week.20:13
*** jrodom has quit IRC20:13
ttx(so someone else would have to handle the final push toward feature freeze and publish that milestone)20:13
ttxOption B2 is the same as B1, but taking the opportunity to push back G2 as well20:13
ttxOption C is solving the skiing issue by pushing G3 *two* weeks off and have "only" 5 weeks of RC period between G3 and release (like we did for Essex)20:14
ttx(means 8 weeks between feature freeze and summit and also pushing back G2 one week off)20:14
ttxFinally, option D pushes back *both* G3 and release two weeks off.20:14
annegentle_ttx: and others is it your instinct that people would appreciate a Jan 17th milestone based on how much they're trying to get into G2?20:14
ttxannegentle_: that's one nice side-effect of B2, C and D20:14
ttx(option D leaves only one full week between release week and summit week, and I know we all appreciated having two full weeks after Folsom release)20:15
ttxThoughts ?20:15
markmcyeah, I'm sure there'd be general happiness with pushing g2 out a week :)20:15
ttxMy slight preference would be to go with option C with a pretty anal feature freeze20:15
annegentle_B2 or C seem good to me20:15
bcwaldon+1 to annegentle_20:15
ttxso the shortebed Rc period does not have adverse effects20:15
*** gordc has quit IRC20:15
russellbB2 or C seem fine ... but it's C of those 2 unless someone wants to drive the release of grizzly-3, right?20:16
markmcdid much happen in the last week of rc in folsom?20:16
bcwaldonC it is!20:16
ttxrussellb: yes20:16
*** stevebake has quit IRC20:16
russellbbcwaldon: +1 :)20:16
ttxmarkmc: not so much20:16
ttxmarkmc: I think if we are more careful with the feature freeze and landing all stuff by G3... we have less of an issue with 5 weeks of RC20:17
ttx6 weeks was kinda nice but we also had a lot of Feature Freeze abuse after Folsom-320:17
markmcyeah, C it is - don't imagine anyone too eager to be ttx for grizzly-3 :)20:17
*** stevebake has joined #openstack-meeting20:17
ttxOK, so we don't change anything if summit is the week of Apr 1520:18
ttxAnd we use option C if the summit ends up on the week of Apr 2920:18
russellbhm, really?  what about shorten RC to 5 weeks if summit moves up?20:18
russellbif we think 5 is enough?20:18
russellb2 weeks before summit is really nice ...20:18
ttxThat's one option yes. I'd like to only change the release date for a good reason though20:19
jgriffithttx: when would we *know* WRT the summit dates?20:19
*** sarob has joined #openstack-meeting20:19
ttxso.. are we more attached to keeping release date or to two full weeks of summit prep ?20:19
ttxjgriffith: they promised me in the next 72 hours20:20
* jgriffith votes 2 weeks of summit prep20:20
ttxjgriffith: but last week they promised the final decision for today20:20
russellb2 weeks of summit prep personally20:20
jgriffithttx: hehe20:20
ttxrussellb: that means releasing on March 2820:20
ttxand rewriting all those slides that say "in April"20:20
russellbwho ever got in trouble for finishing a project early20:21
ttxI'm fine with it, I like to confuse everyone20:21
ttxvishy: opinion ?20:21
markmchow about we aim for a very quite last week of rc20:21
markmcquiet, dammit20:21
ttxdanwent: same -- you're the most RC-busy projects20:21
vishyI don't like shortening the schedule for sure20:22
ttxmarkmc: +120:22
ttxLet's aim for a quiet release week if summit is on Apr 1520:22
vishyextending g2 1 week and g3 1 week seems fine20:22
vishywhich option was that?20:22
ttxvishy: oh, we are exploring the case if the sumit is on Apr 15 now20:23
ttxWe settled for option C in the case the summit is on Apr 2920:23
vishyApr 15 i say no change20:23
heckjvishy: +120:23
vishysorry i was behind :)20:24
ttxvishy: OK -- and we'll try to make a calm release week to have a bit more time to prepare summit20:24
* annegentle_ lights calm candles20:24
ttx#info If summit is on Apr 15 -- no change in schedule20:24
russellbany info you can leak on location?  :)20:25
ttx#info If summit is on Apr 29 -- push back G2 one week, G3 two weeks, release one week.20:25
ttxrussellb: not yet :)20:26
markmcI heard it's in europe20:26
ttxit's in the US for sure20:26
ttx(the April one)20:26
markmcheh :)20:26
mordredttx: also, they're working on getting the I summit scheduled/booked so that we know where it is by the H summit, right?20:26
* markmc tries to get vicious rumours started :)20:26
ttxmordred: yes. It should be international20:26
ttxand location secured before the H summit20:26
ttx#topic Ongoing discussion: Distro & Python 2.6/3.x support policy20:26
mordredthat will be quite lovely20:27
*** openstack changes topic to "Ongoing discussion: Distro & Python 2.6/3.x support policy (Meeting topic: tc)"20:27
*** ryanpetr_ has joined #openstack-meeting20:27
* vishy looks around.20:27
ttxmtaylor: You said you would push a clear motion to the ML to reboot the discussion20:27
*** TheEstablishment has quit IRC20:27
vishysomeone is starting my rumors!20:27
ttxmtaylor: looks like it will be for next year meeting now :)20:27
mordredttx: I did say that didn't I?20:27
* mordred accepts chastisement20:27
*** gabrielhurley has joined #openstack-meeting20:27
ttxDo you have a teaser version of it we could talk about today ?20:27
markmcvishy, from here on in, I'm gonna think of you as Sid Vishy20:28
mordredit was basically the summary from the last thread20:28
mordredttx: "we should continue dev focus for the latest ubuntu, but ensure that we don't do anything that fundamentally breaks the latest rhel"20:28
lifelessPython 4 three-eva ?20:28
markmcdev focus on latest ubuntu and fedora :)20:29
markmcalso, continue to support 2.6.x until it's blocking someone with patches getting 3.x support done20:29
mordredmarkmc: for all intents and purposes for dev, that's probably the same20:29
mordredmarkmc: I don't think we need to be that explicit20:29
mordredmarkmc: I don't think we can drop 2.6 until there is a rhel that has 2.720:29
*** ryanpetrello has quit IRC20:30
mordredmarkmc: based on the prior statement20:30
mordredand once there is, we'll have an ubuntu lts and a rhel with 2.7 - so there wouldnt' be a compelling reason to keep 2.6 around20:30
* markmc avoids repeating the whole thread again20:30
mordredand we know for a fact that once we start trying to get 3.x patches done, we will immediately run in to 2.6 issues20:30
mordredbut, for now at least, I think my statement above doesn't really change anything for anybody, right?20:31
mordred(it's clarification on the current policy, which is "we target latest ubuntu")20:31
markmcnot until there's a rhel with 2.7 or someone sooner than that with 3.x patches20:32
markmcand then the whole discussion would start again :)20:32
mordredmarkmc: I'm open to that20:32
ttxmordred: ok, you can turn that into a proper motion to be discussed on the ML..; and we can decide on it at the next meeting20:32
markmc"we target latest ubuntu/fedora"20:32
mordredmarkmc: ok. btw ...20:32
*** dwcramer has joined #openstack-meeting20:32
mordredmarkmc: since we're expressing the current justification for supporting 2.6 in terms of liking RHEL...20:32
mordredmarkmc: you think there's any chance someone at redhat might be interested in helping port our jenkins_slave puppet template to be able to run on a rhel host?20:33
mordredbecause that's our current blocker in running our 2.6 tests on rhel instead of ubuntu oneiric20:33
markmcmordred, yes, definitely20:33
mordredmarkmc: great!20:33
mordredcheck it out - people helping each other  :)20:33
*** jrodom has joined #openstack-meeting20:33
ttxmordred: anything more on the subject ?20:33
mordredttx: nope20:33
mordredttx: when markmc and I agree on things, I consider the subject closed20:34
ttxquestions ? mordred WILL push a thread on the ML for further discussion anyway20:34
ttxright ?20:34
* mordred whistles20:34
ttx#topic Skipping next weeks meetings20:34
*** openstack changes topic to "Skipping next weeks meetings (Meeting topic: tc)"20:34
ttxSo... next Tuesdays happen to be Christmas and New Year's day.20:34
ttxMy suggestion would be to hold our next TC meeting on January 8.20:34
heckjttx: +1 - that's the next keystone meeting as well20:35
ttxSounds good ?20:35
markmcschool's out!20:35
* jgriffith realizes he needs to go shopping 20:35
ttxwe'll probably do the same fate to the release status meeting in half an hour20:35
ttx#topic Open discussion20:35
*** openstack changes topic to "Open discussion (Meeting topic: tc)"20:35
ttxAnything else anyone ?20:35
ttxAlrighty then. 23 minutes recess20:37
annegentle_sounds good20:37
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack meetings || Development in #openstack-dev || Help in #openstack"20:37
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openstackLog:            http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/tc/2012/tc.2012-12-18-20.02.log.html20:37
zykes-ttx: which of the summits is going in .eu ?20:37
zykes-and can you leak if it's gonna be east or west coast ?20:37
zykes-the april one that is I mean20:37
ttxzykes-: The October 2013 one should happen internationally. Europe is just one option20:37
ttxFor the April one the location is not selected yet. Options include central and west coast locations20:38
zykes-ttx: i'm wondering about the coastal question due to if it's east I can go :p20:38
zykes-west coast is just too expensive20:38
*** patelna has joined #openstack-meeting20:38
*** koolhead17 has quit IRC20:40
*** thingee has joined #openstack-meeting20:43
*** jchiles has quit IRC20:46
*** reed has quit IRC20:46
*** primeminsterp has quit IRC20:46
*** markmcclain has quit IRC20:47
*** ayoung has joined #openstack-meeting20:51
*** topol has quit IRC20:55
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack-meeting20:56
salv-orlandoI guess I screwed with the time zone...20:58
*** jeblair has joined #openstack-meeting20:59
ttxsalv-orlando: no, we are up in one min21:00
ttxmarkmc, heckj, notmyname, bcwaldon, jgriffith, vishy, gabrielhurley: around ?21:00
salv-orlandooh that was another meeting then21:00
notmyname here21:00
ttxsalv-orlando: yeah, TC meeting21:00
ttxsalv-orlando: it's meetings night21:00
bcwaldonttx: hey hey21:00
ttxsalv-orlando stands in for danwent21:01
*** anniec has quit IRC21:01
ttxmissing heckj, jgriffith, vishy -- they should join us soon21:01
ttx#startmeeting project21:02
openstackMeeting started Tue Dec 18 21:02:10 2012 UTC.  The chair is ttx. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.21:02
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*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: project)"21:02
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'project'21:02
ttxAgenda @ http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings/ProjectMeeting21:02
ttx#topic General announcements21:02
*** openstack changes topic to "General announcements (Meeting topic: project)"21:02
ttxFirst, as discussed in the TC meeting, if the summit date ends up being Apr 29 - May 2, we should adapt the release schedule a bit21:02
ttxIn that case we would push back G2 to January 17, G3 to March 7 and final release to April 1121:02
ttxwould allow one more week before grizzly-2, which given the progress so far doesn't sound like a bad idea21:03
ttxThat should hopefully be confirmed later this week !21:03
ttxNext question is whether we should hold release status meetings on December 25th and January 1st21:03
* heckj would prefer not21:03
ttxMy suggestion would be to skip them, and I'll hunt you all down via email in case I need answers/status updates21:03
ttxIs that ok for everyone ?21:04
*** stevebake has quit IRC21:04
ttx#info Next release status meeting on january 8, happy holidays21:04
ttxmarkmc, mordred, annegentle, davidkranz/jaypipes: Anything to report from Stable/CI/QA/Docs land ?21:05
markmcNova 2012.2.2 went out21:05
markmcI've created 2012.2.3 milestones in launchpad for all projects21:05
markmcJanuary 31st AFAIR21:05
markmctentative date21:05
davidkranzNothing to report at the moment.21:06
ttxOK, anything more to add before we move to project-specific topics ?21:06
ttx#topic Oslo status21:07
*** openstack changes topic to "Oslo status (Meeting topic: project)"21:07
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/oslo/+milestone/grizzly-221:07
ttxSlightly late, but should be OK if I work on rootwrap tomorrow21:07
ttxso you can start working on binary/rename-on-copy stuff21:07
markmcyeah, I think we're mostly on track21:08
ttxmarkmc: How is olso-config looking ?21:08
* markmc digs up a link21:08
markmcbah, can't find it quick;ly21:08
markmcposted another version of the oslo-config repo21:09
markmcwith full history and proper setuptools handling of versions21:09
markmcI think it's mostly ready21:09
*** danwent has quit IRC21:09
markmcjust need mordred to sign off on it21:09
ttxmarkmc: when do you expect projects start ripping out the code copy and use the lib ?21:09
markmcthen the CI folks to do their thing to import it, set up jobs, etc.21:09
ttxpost-g2 ?21:09
markmcyeah, I guess so21:09
markmcnova and keystone are using the latest cfg api21:10
ttxAnything else on the oslo topic ?21:10
markmcthere are reviews pending for glance and cinder21:10
markmcI'll get to quantum soon, I hope21:10
markmcnope, that's it21:10
ttx#topic Keystone status21:10
*** openstack changes topic to "Keystone status (Meeting topic: project)"21:10
ttxheckj: Hi! Enjoyed your vacation time ?21:10
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/keystone/+milestone/grizzly-221:11
heckjttx: it was nice, thanks21:11
ttxThis now looks quite late, but some of it is due to lack of status updates on blueprints21:11
ttxuser-groups: I see code was proposed -- ok if I set status to "NeedsCodeReview" ?21:11
heckjttx: yep21:11
ttxAbout trusts: ayoung mentioned he had an implementation, but it wasn't posted yet ?21:12
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack-meeting21:12
heckjstore quota data will probably be deferred - no code up for review21:12
*** ryanpetr_ has quit IRC21:12
ayoungttx, still the case.21:12
heckjttx: he's been getting everything set up for it - finding more dependencies that he needs, will probably move to G-321:12
*** ryanpetrello has joined #openstack-meeting21:13
* ttx looks if G3 has free space21:13
ttxyeah, your G3 wasn't that crowded21:13
heckjwe've been actively front-loading as much as possible21:13
ttxexecpt delegation is a big thing in G321:14
ttxOK, that's all I had21:14
ttxAnything more about Keystone ?21:14
ttxheckj: defer early when you know it won't make it21:15
heckjttx: will do21:15
ttx(helps setting expectations right)21:15
ttx#topic Swift status21:15
*** openstack changes topic to "Swift status (Meeting topic: project)"21:15
ttxnotmyname: o/21:15
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/swift/+milestone/1.7.621:15
ttxnotmyname: You had an action last week to update that -- shall I defer that to next time ?21:15
notmynameupdating LP is still on my todo list21:15
notmynameI've been traveling quite a bit this last week21:16
ttxok, re-action-ing21:16
notmynameI'll update it "Real soon now" ;-)21:16
ttx#action notmyname to update https://launchpad.net/swift/+milestone/1.7.6 with objectives21:16
ttxyou have until next year now :)21:16
*** stevebake has joined #openstack-meeting21:16
notmynamewe're shooting for a release in January, so it needs to be done by the next meeting anyway :-)21:16
ttxnotmyname: Got my email on the proposed RC process ?21:16
*** mrunge_meeting has joined #openstack-meeting21:17
*** maurosr has joined #openstack-meeting21:17
notmynameya, I haven't had time to formulate a response (+ or -)21:17
ttxnotmyname: no problem21:17
notmynamettx: it's not time critical is it?21:17
ttxnotmyname: no21:17
*** mrunge_meeting is now known as mrunge21:18
ttxnotmyname: I'll need to know by end of january, I'd say21:18
ttxnotmyname: Anything else on Swift ?21:18
notmynamenot from me right now21:18
ttx#topic Glance status21:19
*** openstack changes topic to "Glance status (Meeting topic: project)"21:19
ttxbcwaldon: o/21:19
bcwaldonttx: hello!21:19
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/glance/+milestone/grizzly-221:19
* ttx refreshes21:19
bcwaldondidn't make much progress this past week21:19
bcwaldonbumped image sharing to G321:19
ttxrefreshing doesn't work as well as last cycle21:19
bcwaldonwe released python-glanceclient v0.7.0 on 12/12/1221:20
bcwaldonttx: that date works for both of us!21:20
ttxshould have bumped version to 12.12.1221:20
bcwaldonnothing else to report21:20
*** ywu has quit IRC21:20
ttxapi-v2-property-protection: on track or you could use the extra week ?21:21
bcwaldonmarkwash just verbally committed to finishing that for G221:21
ttxmarkwash is assigned two concurrent essential features :)21:21
bcwaldonhe's a hard worker21:21
bcwaldonand the domain-logic bp is coming to completion21:21
comstudhe's finishing his cloning technology today21:22
bcwaldonyes, don't bother him21:22
ttxcomstud: hopefully that cloning thing will merge faster than the cells stuff21:22
comstudfair enough21:22
markwashits gonna be like when there were 3 jack donaghys21:22
ttxbcwaldon: Anything more on Glance ?21:22
comstudi could use his technology21:22
bcwaldonttx: not at all, let's get this meeting back on track21:22
bcwaldonand ignore these jokers21:22
*** ywu has joined #openstack-meeting21:23
ttxlet's get serious.. networking21:23
ttx#topic Quantum status21:23
*** openstack changes topic to "Quantum status (Meeting topic: project)"21:23
ttxsalv-orlando: hi!21:23
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/quantum/+milestone/grizzly-221:23
*** dolphm has quit IRC21:23
salv-orlandoNot at lot of progress last week unfortunately21:23
ttxI like all this purple21:23
salv-orlandowe're waiting to see what happens on friday21:23
ttxsalv-orlando: Is there some core team bottleneck there ? Or just complex reviews that take time ?21:23
salv-orlandolong reviews21:24
salv-orlandowe have several patches with 1000+ lines21:24
salv-orlandohowever we are making progress especially on load balancing blueprints21:24
ttxsalv-orlando: ideally you would prioritize reviews based on blueprint priority, but I guess you kind of already do that naturally21:24
ttxI had a few questions about blueprint status:21:24
salv-orlandoyes, that's how core reviewers are using their review cycles21:25
salv-orlandottx: shoot21:25
ttxrpc-for-l3-agent is marked Implemented but still has an active review @ https://review.openstack.org/15476 ??21:25
ttxThat's cheating.21:25
salv-orlandothat's a follow-up patch. Yes the author should have filed a bug for this addendum21:25
ttxYou can't evade my evil scripts21:25
ttxsalv-orlando: ok :)à21:25
salv-orlandottx: wait a sec21:26
ttxmake-string-localizable has a number of merged changes -- is it complete or are there more to come ?21:26
* ttx freezes21:26
salv-orlandothat is a patch which was given -221:26
salv-orlandoafaik it's going to stay -221:26
ttxsalv-orlando: ok, that should be solved by auto-andonment if nobody abandons it before21:26
*** wu-wenxiang has joined #openstack-meeting21:27
salv-orlandottx: frankly I don't know when make-string-localizable could be considered complete21:27
ttxyeah, I don't like those "infinite tasks" blueprints that much21:27
ttxbetter tracked in some other way21:27
*** ywu has quit IRC21:28
salv-orlandottx: agreed. Should I ask for filing a distinct bug for each patch21:28
ttxit should be removed from plan... or considered complete on some measurable milestone21:28
*** martine has quit IRC21:28
ttxsalv-orlando: no, could be a single bug in reference21:28
ttxor even no bug at all, in that specific case21:29
ttxI found a few other issues on the published plan:21:29
salv-orlandottx: ok. I'll report to danwent and the core team and we will find a solution21:29
ttxhttps://blueprints.launchpad.net/quantum/+spec/tempest-tests-api : not in series goal, no priority -- remove milestone or add seriesgoal ?21:29
*** eglynn has joined #openstack-meeting21:30
ttxsame question for https://blueprints.launchpad.net/quantum/+spec/extended-tempest-tests-api21:30
ttxthey are "proposed for grizzly" currently21:31
ttxshould they be "accepted" ?21:31
salv-orlandottx: thanks for pointing that out. Those blueprints have been registered last friday. I don't think they're officially in any plan at the moment.21:31
ttxI guess we can sort them out next time if they still stand out21:31
ttxfinally: quantum-scheduler (g2/High) depends on quantum-multihost (no milestone/Medium)21:32
ttxLooks like quantum-multihost should be g2/high, or the dependency removed21:32
salv-orlandottx: right. We will fix this too. From what I gather it seems we're going to bump to G-321:32
*** mrunge has quit IRC21:32
*** mrunge has joined #openstack-meeting21:32
ttxAnything else on Quantum ?21:32
salv-orlandoNothing worth mentioning here21:33
ttx#topic Cinder status21:33
*** openstack changes topic to "Cinder status (Meeting topic: project)"21:33
ttxjgriffith: hi!21:33
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/cinder/+milestone/grizzly-221:33
ttxNice progress here21:33
jgriffithI had to push a couple more out but the rest I'm feeling good about21:33
ttxYou bumped local-storage out ?21:33
jgriffithttx: :(21:33
*** anniec has joined #openstack-meeting21:34
*** dprince has joined #openstack-meeting21:34
jgriffithlocal storage, and expect-delete21:34
*** dkehn has joined #openstack-meeting21:34
jgriffithHaven't heard from vincent in a couple weeks21:34
jgriffithIf something changes and we get it, that's great, otherwise G321:34
ttxadd-cloning-support-to-cinder: I see code proposed, should I just set to NeedsCodeReview ?21:34
jgriffithttx: correct21:35
ttxhttps://blueprints.launchpad.net/cinder/+spec/emc-volume-driver : targeted at grizzly-2 but not in series goal. Should I just add it ?21:35
jgriffithttx: I would wait... on that21:35
jgriffithttx: I have a question for folks at the end of the meeting related to that :)21:35
jgriffithttx: or I guess I could ask quickly now...  up to you21:36
ttxat the end of the meeting ? Why not ask now ?21:36
ttxnew format, no more open discussion at the end21:36
jgriffithSo EMC has their own client published on pypi that they rely on21:36
jgriffithNeeded for their unit tests21:36
jgriffithhow do we feel about adding it to openstack requirements ?21:36
jgriffithJust wasn't sure of the precedence given 99.9% user don't need/want it21:37
ttxjgriffith: link to that lib ?21:37
jgriffithttx: don't have it, he published last night21:37
ttxjgriffith: obviously depends on the licensing around that lib21:37
jgriffithttx: Ahaaaa... excellent point21:38
ttxjgriffith: and should raise a new dependency thread on openstack-dev21:38
jgriffithttx: Ok, I'll look at both of those things21:38
ttxjgriffith: maybe it's a big pile of crap no distro will want to package21:38
jgriffithttx: that's it.. thanks21:38
jgriffithttx: well, there's that :)21:38
ttxAnything more in Cinder ?21:38
ttx#topic Nova status21:39
*** openstack changes topic to "Nova status (Meeting topic: project)"21:39
ttxvishy: o/21:39
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/nova/+milestone/grizzly-221:39
* ttx refreshes21:39
ttxvishy: Generally a bit late I think, especially in the High priority stuff21:39
ttxaggregate-based-availability-zones: I see code proposed, should I set NeedsCodeReview ?21:40
vishyi don't think I'mrove Block Device handling will make it21:40
vishyyes please21:40
ttxinstance-actions: same question21:40
*** salv-orlando has quit IRC21:41
vishyi think https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/xenapi-volume-drivers might be done21:41
ttxvishy: how about pushing back Improve Block Device Handling to g3 ?21:42
jog0ttx: yes21:42
vishyyes needs code review21:42
vishyttx: yes sounds good21:42
ttxno-db-compute-manager: A number of changes were merged... are there more expected ?21:42
*** salv-orlando has joined #openstack-meeting21:43
vishyrussellb, dansmith: ^^21:43
ttxI'll try to confirm xenapi-volume-drivers completion with mate-lakat21:44
ttx#action ttx to confirm xenapi-volume-drivers completion with mate-lakat21:44
ttxapis-for-nova-manage: same question (A number of changes were merged... are there more expected ?)21:44
russellbmore are expected21:45
russellbbut should be finished by grizzly-221:45
ttxAnd finally: coverage-extension: looks like it's implemented ?21:45
vishyttx: i think the apis there are a few more21:45
vishyyes implemented21:46
ttxnova-compute-cells: Are we making progress on the review ?21:46
* comstud .21:46
comstudit's all on me21:46
ayoungdtroyer, can you point me at why requests is beter than httplib?21:46
comstudright now, anyway21:46
comstudwas fixing tests late last week.. discovered a couple tiny things here before I put up next round21:46
vishyayoung: might want to take that to -dev21:47
ttxcomstud: a new round of fixes on the changes ? ok21:47
comstudyah, round of reviews21:47
comstudi think there's like 8 reviews?21:47
ttxcomstud, vishy: feeling like it can still hit before g2 ?21:47
comstudi'm confident21:47
comstudi think this will address people's concerns21:47
ttxit's one of those things I'd really prefer to have in an early milestone21:48
ttxAny question on Nova ?21:48
comstud(no question)21:48
ttx#topic Horizon status21:48
*** openstack changes topic to "Horizon status (Meeting topic: project)"21:48
ttxgabrielhurley: hey21:48
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/horizon/+milestone/grizzly-221:49
ttxLooks a bit late too21:49
gabrielhurleyclarified a lot of the quantum BPs, got some more started, but still late.21:49
ttxCould you make use of an additional week ? :)21:49
gabrielhurleyI will not complain about having extra time21:49
ttxresource-introspection: how is that progressing ?21:49
gabrielhurleythat's my pet proejct of the holiday21:49
ttxfile-upload-redux: same question21:50
gabrielhurleyProgress is good last I heard. I'm gonna get an update at the Horizon meeting after this.21:50
ttxThe quantum-related blueprints are not "accepetd" for grizzly yet. Should I fix that ?21:51
ttxwill do21:51
*** gyee has joined #openstack-meeting21:51
ttxgabrielhurley: i should accept all of them ? improve-quantum-summary-table quantum-floating-ip quantum-l3-support quantum-vnic-ordering quantum-network-topology quantum-security-group21:51
gabrielhurleyI'll go through and double-check21:51
gabrielhurleyI'll do that as soon as we're done here21:52
ttxok, then i'll let you review those21:52
ttxYou can find them all at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/grizzly/+setgoals21:52
ttxthat's all I had21:53
ttxAnything more on Horizon ?21:53
ttx#topic Incubated projects21:53
*** openstack changes topic to "Incubated projects (Meeting topic: project)"21:53
ttxAnyone from Ceilometer or Heat ?21:53
ttxHeat goes first21:53
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/heat/+milestone/grizzly-221:53
ttxI see you added a new one since last week :)21:54
ttxso it's no longer all-completed :)21:54
stevebakeNot much to report. Is there a way of listing bugs which have no milestone attached?21:54
ttxstevebake: mayyyybe.21:55
ttxIf not, I could script that for you21:55
*** Ryan_Lane has left #openstack-meeting21:55
ttxI'l check off-meeting21:55
stevebakethere are a bunch of bug which should have milestones, I can always to it manually21:55
ttxIn other news you have a tarball job now... I'm trying to get it fixed so that the tarballs are properly versioned21:55
*** cp16net has left #openstack-meeting21:55
stevebakeanyway, we're all testing, fixing, packaging and documenting here21:55
stevebakeah, yes. what does the docs job actually do?21:56
stevebakewe have a docs change about to land. sphinx laid out like other projects21:56
ttxstevebake: not sure, I think it extracts rst docs from code and posts it somewhere21:56
*** jcru has left #openstack-meeting21:56
ttxstevebake: you should ping annegentle about that21:57
ttxOn the general grizzly plan, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/heat/+spec/raw-template-db is missing implementation status and priority21:57
ttxotherwise it's all sane21:57
stevebakeyep, she be helping us21:57
ttxNobody from ceilometer ?21:57
ttxstevebake: other questions ?21:57
ttxok then if we don't have the ceilometer crowd around, let's end this21:59
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ttxThanks everyone ! Have good holidays21:59
gabrielhurley#startmeeting horizon22:00
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gabrielhurleyHi folks, I'm crazy busy today, so I'm gonna keep my pieces extra-short.22:00
gabrielhurley#topic General Horizon Status22:00
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gabrielhurleyNothing major to report since last week, progress continues to be made, I'll cover the rest in other topics. ;-)22:01
gabrielhurley#topic Blueprints and Bugs22:01
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*** SlickNik has joined #openstack-meeting22:01
gabrielhurleyWe got all the Quantum BPs figured out, targeted and assigned.22:01
*** SlickNik has left #openstack-meeting22:01
gabrielhurleyBig thanks to amotoki and nati_ueno for that.22:01
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gabrielhurleyThe "resource introspection" blueprint is my project over the holidays, so expect a big patch from me in early january.22:02
gabrielhurleydavidlenwell: any update on file uploads?22:02
davidlenwellgabrielhurley: sorry . I'm behind .. they have me relocating22:03
davidlenwellits not a lot of work .. I think I can squeeze it in this week22:03
gabrielhurleyawesome. you've still got a couple, but the sooner the better22:03
gabrielhurleymajor relocation or minor?22:03
davidlenwellI'll make it one of my holiday projects22:03
davidlenwellfrom LA to Seattle22:04
davidlenwellabout 1000 miles22:04
gabrielhurleyoh, that's pretty significant. you should say hi to the Nebula Seattle folks sometime ;-)22:04
gabrielhurleygood luck with the move22:04
gabrielhurleyAnyhow, bug-wise there's no change. No actionable bugs reported in the last week. That's always a good thing.22:04
gabrielhurleyI thought I found a bug, then I updated my glanceclient and realized it was fine. lol.22:05
davidlenwellwill do .. they are pretty close to the hp offices22:05
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gabrielhurley#topic General Discussion22:05
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gabrielhurleyfloor is open, feel free22:05
mrungeI was asking myself, how to improve debugging22:06
mrungewe have more or less reports22:06
*** danwent has joined #openstack-meeting22:06
mrungeall saying COMPRESSION error22:06
mrungewhich doesn't mean anything22:06
mrungeor it could be everything22:06
mrungewhen you're running horizon with compression offline enabled22:07
mrunge(to skip the node.js requirement)22:07
gabrielhurleyyeah, my feeling on those tends to be that the biggest problem is due to questionable guides for specific builds/distros... but I would like to make that less painful for people22:07
mrungein most cases it turned out, people just didn't enable a volume service22:07
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gabrielhurleyI think we got that fix in there this week, right? or maybe that needs one more +222:08
*** jcru has joined #openstack-meeting22:08
mrungeyupp, it is in22:08
*** jcru has left #openstack-meeting22:08
mrungebut, I'd like that also for folsom22:08
mrungeto fix that issues for the people there too22:08
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gabrielhurleyah, yes, backport would be a good idea22:09
*** wu-wenxiang has quit IRC22:09
gabrielhurleycool, I'll review that22:09
mrungegreat! I appreciate it!22:10
mrungeand do we have a meeting next week?22:10
gabrielhurleyah, good question22:10
gabrielhurleythe answer is no22:10
gabrielhurleynor the week after (new years day)22:10
*** danwent has quit IRC22:11
mrungeyes, I thought that22:11
gabrielhurleythis meeting will resume along with the TC meeting on the 8th22:11
gabrielhurleybut feel free to email me, etc. if there are questions22:11
*** ywu has joined #openstack-meeting22:11
mrungeah, ok.22:11
gabrielhurleyI will still be doing code reviews, etc obviously22:11
mrungedo you write a message to the mailing list?22:11
gabrielhurleyyeah, I'll send out a note22:11
mrungeregarding next meeting on...?22:11
gabrielhurleyanything/anybody else?22:12
mrungeyes, I will take a look on reviews in the time between22:12
amotokigabrielhurley: thank you for accepting Quantum BPs.22:12
gabrielhurleythanks for getting the blueprints in there22:12
gabrielhurleyof course22:12
gabrielhurleyeverything looks pretty reasonable22:13
gabrielhurleythe one worry being about the vnic ordering, but we'll deal with that in G322:13
gabrielhurleyanything in specific you wanted to mention, amotoki?22:14
*** radez is now known as radez_g0n322:14
*** vishy_zz is now known as vishy22:14
amotokino. I have no special topics now.22:14
jpichgabrielhurley: If you could offer your feedback on the project for vkmc at some point before January, I would really appreciate it :)22:14
gabrielhurleygreat. thanks for saying hi, then. :-)22:14
*** huats_ is now known as huats22:14
gabrielhurleyjpich: definitely. your email is in my inbox to-do list22:14
gabrielhurleythis week is just insane22:14
jpichgabrielhurley: Great, thanks!22:14
jpichgabrielhurley: Good luck with the insanity22:15
gabrielhurleyabsolutely, sorry for being slow22:15
jpichgabrielhurley: No worries, I just want to avoid it sleeping through the cracks if possible22:15
mrungeyeah, Gabriel, keep cool.22:15
gabrielhurleyawesome folks. I'm gonna wrap it up here. Good luck to all of you and happy holidays whichever ones you may celebrate!22:16
jpichCheers, to you as well22:16
mrungeyeah, same to you all22:16
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amotokihappy holidays! everyone22:16
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