Monday, 2013-02-11

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mesteryhowdy folks!20:59
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emaganaHi all20:59
sthakkarhey guys21:00
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danwent#startmeeting quantum21:00
openstackMeeting started Mon Feb 11 21:00:28 2013 UTC.  The chair is danwent. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.21:00
shivHi all21:00
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*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: quantum)"21:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'quantum'21:00
danwent#info agenda:
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danwent#info ok folks, take a deep breath and get ready for a week of crazy reviewing.  We're one week out from G-3!21:01
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danwent#info all BPs must be in for review by tomorrow.  core devs, don't be afraid to call BS on something that is "in review" in name only21:01
danwent#info good news is that we're seeing more green on
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danwent#info bad news i that there's still a ton to review, likely more than we can do a good job on reviewing.21:03
danwentso be sure to prioritize things well, and focus cycles on things that stand a good chance of making it all the way through the pipeline21:03
danwent#info we still have 20 items outstanding for G-321:03
danwent#info We will not be giving feature freeze exceptions for non high/critical issues.21:03
danwent#info Remember to file doc bugs as we merge in G-3 features.21:04
danwentany other announcements?21:04
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danwentok, we're adding a new segment to our meeting, as markmcclain has started triaging and tagging all incoming bugs to make sure nothing is lost as we near the critical release period21:04
danwent#topic important bug review (markmcclain )21:05
*** openstack changes topic to "important bug review (markmcclain ) (Meeting topic: quantum)"21:05
garykmarkmcclain: great work on this21:05
danwentmarkmcclain: are any of those bugs unassigned?21:05
markmcclainYes about half are unassigned21:05
danwentmight be a good thing to highlight, as at this point in the cycle, any high/critical bug should be assigned or we should be working on finding someone21:06
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uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1080846 in quantum "rootwrap error in devstack w/quantum from quantum-dhcp" [High,Confirmed]21:06
markmcclainis unassigned21:06
danwentbtw, we need to decide if we want to change this or not.  i have the code, but its not clear we want to change it.  feel free to comment.:
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1111572 in quantum "quantum subnet-update can't update allocation-pool " [High,Confirmed]21:07
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salv-orlandoI have a comment on this bug21:08
danwentok, i can take a look at the rootwrap one.21:08
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1076179 in quantum "400 should be returned when invalid attributes are passed to Quantum API" [High,In progress]21:08
garyki can also take a bug or 221:08
salv-orlandoisn't the same? The scope of 1076179 has been changed. The assignee says he will file a patch soon.21:08
danwentsalv-orlando: which are the same?21:09
salv-orlando1111572 & 1076179 (you have to read the description and comments, it's not evident from the bug title)21:09
salv-orlandoboth basically are going to address the issue of returning 400 on unknown attributes21:10
danwentsalv-orlando: ah, but the question on 1111572 is whether we actually want it to be permissible to update allocation_pools after creating a subnet21:10
danwentanyway, let's take this offline21:11
danwentok markmcclain any other unassigned on your list?21:11
markmcclainnot now21:11
danwentok, thanks again for doing this.21:12
danwent#topic api team (salv-orlando)21:12
*** openstack changes topic to "api team (salv-orlando) (Meeting topic: quantum)"21:12
salv-orlandothings are pretty calm on the API side.21:12
salv-orlandoXML patch is merged (possibly just some clean up needed for unused methods)21:12
salv-orlandoWe should merge pagination this week.21:12
danwentok, sound like api stuff is looking good.  anything else?21:13
salv-orlandoAlex Xu has done a great job on it. It's totally bw compatible and won't disrupt any plugin.21:13
salv-orlandojust minor outstanding bugs21:13
markmcclainyeah the pagination is looking good21:13
nati_ueno+1 for Alex21:13
danwentawesome, great work alex21:13
danwent#topic l3/ipam/dhcp21:14
*** gyee has joined #openstack-meeting21:14
*** openstack changes topic to "l3/ipam/dhcp (Meeting topic: quantum)"21:14
amotokiclient side for XML is still under review.21:14
danwent(markmcclain )21:14
*** boris-42 has joined #openstack-meeting21:14
markmcclainwe have 1 high item left21:14
salv-orlandoamotoki: I approved it :/21:14
markmcclainYong split multi L3/DHCP into 3 reviews21:14
amotokisalv-orlando: thanks21:14
markmcclainthe reviews recevied light traffic, so I encourage everyone to check them out21:15
danwentmarkmcclain: i owe reviews there21:15
danwentmarkmcclain: will be reviewing later today, i promise :)21:15
markmcclainsince the review are stacked21:15
markmcclainstart with this one21:15
danwentwe should get yong to abandon the other one:
danwentrather than just -2 it21:16
markmcclainyeah.. that should help avoid confusion21:16
markmcclainhe's on holiday so we will have to wait until he returns to remove it21:17
markmcclainmoving onto our doc item21:17
markmcclainwe have one high priority item that needs an author21:17
danwentbtw, on the topic of docs, salv-orlando are there doc plans for XML API?21:17
danwentwe should at least file an issue to track it21:18
danwent(as each major item merges)21:18
annegentledanwent: with samples provided, ladquin could work on XML integration into the WADL API doccs21:18
salv-orlandodanwent: A manually generated WADL for XML is in progress already I think21:18
zyluoAlmost done21:19
zyluosome minor bugs left21:19
nati_uenoannegentle: cool21:19
salv-orlandoand zyluo has more on WADL too21:19
danwentannegentle: that would be great.  please work with salv-orlando and alex (not sure of his nick)21:19
salv-orlandozyluo is the WADL guy21:19
danwentsalv-orlando: ah, isn't alex the one who did XML work?21:19
danwentah that was yong21:19
danwentalex is pagination21:19
salv-orlandoalex did pagination, gongysh XML21:19
danwentphew… too many features to keep track of :)21:20
danwentok, but back to the doc issue that mark was pointing out21:20
garykthey work together :)21:20
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1099837 in openstack-manuals "dhcp-agent and l3-agent should not run without namespace" [High,Triaged]21:20
danwentwould be good if someone who uses and tests the non-namespace code take up the doc bug21:20
danwentas anyone who runs without namespaces may not understand the consquences.21:21
garykplease assign it to me.21:21
amotokiwhen is the limit of that bug? i can take it after G-321:21
danwentgaryk: thanks… you just beat me :P21:21
markmcclainmoving to Other L3/DHCP/IPAM items21:22
markmcclainis moving H21:22
danwentmarkmcclain: yeah, i think that makes sense21:23
*** dprince has quit IRC21:23
markmcclainthe code is in good shape, but there are few design considerations21:23
markmcclainthat need to be explored21:23
amotokiDo we mark -2 for these reviews to avoid confusions?21:23
garykmarkmcclain: danwent: agreed. best to21:23
garykbest to resolve all open issues and not be pressurized with the timelimit that we have21:24
markmcclainI'll see if I can Bob to change it to Work in Progress21:24
PopeAdolfTheFirsUndoing the laccesssss21:24
* PopeAdolfTheFirs plucks his bass drunkenly21:24
PopeAdolfTheFirscan you understand me baby don't you hand me a line21:25
danwentgo ahead markmcclain21:25
PopeAdolfTheFirsalthough it doesnt matter you and me got plenty of time21:25
*** lukeh has quit IRC21:25
PopeAdolfTheFirsthere's nobody in the future so b aby let me hand you my love21:25
markmcclainthe Routes on Router might still make the G3 cut, but it depends on another review to land which means it might miss21:25
PopeAdolfTheFirsno step for you to dance to so slip your hand inside my glooove21:25
PopeAdolfTheFirshold onto me hold on to me hold onto meeeee21:25
danwentmarkmcclain: is this the extensions of extensions review?21:26
markmcclainoh that merged… after I added this agenda21:26
danwentmarkmcclain: i don't actually see it stacked on anything21:26
amotokidanwent: this is not the extension of extension review.21:27
*** dotalton has left #openstack-meeting21:27
nati_uenoI'm going to rebase routes on route code with 2126521:27
danwentnati_ueno: ah, ok, that is what I was wondering21:28
danwentseems like a much cleaner way to do it.21:28
nati_uenoLbaas also depends on this patch, so this patch looks have higher priority21:28
emagananati_ueno: sign me in as reviewer21:28
nati_uenoemagana: Thanks!21:28
danwentnati_ueno: lbass depends on 21265?21:28
nati_uenodanwent: ah sorry mistake21:28
*** salv-orlando has left #openstack-meeting21:29
danwentok, let's hand the ball back to markmcclain21:29
danwentnati_ueno: yup21:29
markmcclainok.. last items is deferring
markmcclainPluggable IP Allocation until Havana21:29
*** salv-orlando has joined #openstack-meeting21:29
markmcclainthat is it for me21:30
danwentmarkmcclain: yeah, it seems like that review is only a partial step, so that makes sense.21:30
*** alrs has joined #openstack-meeting21:30
danwentyamahata: can you move that to WIP?21:30
danwentok, next up21:31
danwent#topic nova-quantum integration (garyk)21:31
*** openstack changes topic to "nova-quantum integration (garyk) (Meeting topic: quantum)"21:31
garykdanwent: nova vif plugin has been approved and is now in21:31
garykdanwent: there i one open bug with linux bridge and the aforementioned changes21:32
garykdanwent: in the quanum api file there are some functions that are not implemented. i am looking into them21:32
danwentgaryk: which ones?  or would you rather take this offline and file a bug?21:33
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1112912 in nova "get_firewall_required should use VIF parameter from quantum" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:33
Shree-HPgaryk++ : We are implementing some functions too at HP21:33
garykdanwent: i think that offline is better. i'll write a mail to the list21:33
danwentgaryk: k, thanks21:33
danwentnati_ueno: are you planning on posting a patch for that, or is someone else?21:33
nati_uenodanwent: I can start working on this today. However I wanna discuss how to fix it21:33
nati_uenodanwent: I read akihiro's mail and replied21:33
nati_uenodanwent: We are going to support hybrid driver in future or it is temporary until we have ovs openflow version?21:34
nati_uenodanwent: If the hybrid one is temporary, we should not add it on api21:34
*** cody-somerville has quit IRC21:34
danwentnati_ueno: when you say API, do you mean as a vif-type?21:34
danwentmaybe better to take this offlist if there's already an email thread.21:35
*** cody-somerville has joined #openstack-meeting21:35
nati_uenodanwent: gotcha21:35
danwentnati_ueno: for some reason, i can't assign the nova part of the bug to you...21:35
danwentplease try to assign it to yourself.21:35
nati_uenodanwent: Sure21:35
danwentand get it targeted for G-321:35
nati_uenodanwent: I havn't permission for nova21:35
danwentanything else on nova/quantum?21:35
danwentnati_ueno: to set milestone, or to assign yourself?21:36
nati_uenodanwent: How about sec group integration?21:36
nati_uenodanwent: I have assigned me just now. For milestone21:36
danwentnati_ueno: we'll talk about that in next section on sec-groups21:36
danwentnati_ueno: yeah, i can't change milestone either.21:36
nati_uenodanwent: gotcha21:36
nati_uenodanwent: I'll ping nova core guys21:36
danwentat this point, not a huge deal.  will only become important if it doesn't merge my g-321:36
danwentnati_ueno: thx21:36
danwent#topic security /firewalling (arosen)21:37
*** openstack changes topic to "security /firewalling (arosen) (Meeting topic: quantum)"21:37
danwentarosen: ?21:37
amotokiovs secgroup patch has been merged.21:37
danwentnati_ueno: yes, congrats21:37
nati_uenodanwent: Thanks21:37
amotokibut it is not enabled by default.21:38
arosenI'm working on the nova quantum proxy which is up as a wip21:38
arosenhopefully, i'll be able to remove the wip later today21:38
danwentwant to send out a link to the review, as people don't usually perose the nova review boards21:38
*** koolhead17 has quit IRC21:38
arosenThat's all on my front.21:39
*** anniec has joined #openstack-meeting21:39
danwentarosen: ok, let's keep an eye on whether you get nova review eyeballs in the next few days once the WIP it taken off21:40
danwentotherwise, we'll need to ask vish to get some help on reviewers, as this is an important community feature for grizzly21:40
amotokiarosen: please ping me or core ML. i would like to review it21:40
danwentlooks like NEC plugin security groups also needs reviewer eyeballs21:40
danwentor take that back, garyk and markmcclain seem to have it covered21:41
danwentok, moving on21:41
danwent#topic lbaas team (danwent)21:41
*** openstack changes topic to "lbaas team (danwent) (Meeting topic: quantum)"21:41
danwentwe have a discussion with the main folks working on the haproxy lbaas stuff earlier this morning on irc21:42
*** anniec_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:42
danwentgiven the time constraints, we're going to simplfy the patches a bit and focus on the haproxy in VM use case21:42
danwentso expect to see that the branches will go into WIP for the next day or so, then come back.21:42
danwentthis is a 'high' community priority… I will be reviewing and testing, as will others.21:43
danwentmarkmcclain, garyk , salv-orlando all of you have been active on reviewing at least some of these patches.21:43
danwentwe'll need at least one more core dev other than me, but I suspect we'll have that covered between the three of you, and more :)21:43
salv-orlandoIt should be ok.21:44
danwentenikanorov and ilyashakhat have been doing a great job working with us on the patch21:44
salv-orlandoI can do my first turn in 12 hours.21:44
markmcclainyeah… I can be other core21:44
danwentenikanorov, ilyashakhat, anything to add on your end?21:44
*** anniec has quit IRC21:44
*** anniec_ is now known as anniec21:44
enikanorovwell, I'd say that it worth looking at the next patches21:44
enikanorove.g. not currentones21:44
danwentenikanorov: up21:44
danwent#topic quantumclient / cli (markmcclain, yong is out)21:45
*** openstack changes topic to "quantumclient / cli (markmcclain, yong is out) (Meeting topic: quantum)"21:45
enikanorovwhich we plan to update tomorrow21:45
danwent#info python-quantumclient release status for 3.0:
danwentmarkmcclain: did we ever finish discussion on versioning for the client?  I think that thread just died21:46
markmcclainpythonic api client is still in development.. still trying to resolve backwards compatibility issues21:46
markmcclainotherwise nothing additional to add for cli21:46
garykdanwent: there are also a lot of client reviews open. can people also look at those21:46
danwentmarkmcclain: ok, please update Delivery field to something other than Unknown21:46
markmcclaindanwent: will do21:47
danwentgaryk: indeed there are.,n,z21:47
danwentlooks like xml support is about to merge, great.21:47
markmcclaingaryk: a few of the reviews require features to land in the main server first21:47
garykmarkmcclain: that is correct21:47
markmcclainthat is why there are a more than the usual open reviews21:47
danwentmarkmcclain: ok, we should probably have people put such CLI branches in WIP21:48
markmcclaindanwent: +121:48
*** stack_teaser has joined #openstack-meeting21:48
danwentalso, markmcclain and yong will need to decide what the freeze policy should be for python-quantumclient21:48
danwentit makes sense to have some kind of a lag after the server, but probably not too long21:48
markmcclain#action markmcclain and yong to decide freeze policy21:48
danwent#action: markmcclain and yong to drive discussion on pythonquantumclient versioning21:49
danwentas well :)21:49
danwentdiscussion on clearing fields continues on ML?  is that near resolution?21:49
danwentsounds like we need an answer for grizzly?21:49
danwentwe're running low on time though, so let's take that offline.21:50
danwent#topic quantum stable (garyk)21:50
*** openstack changes topic to "quantum stable (garyk) (Meeting topic: quantum)"21:50
danwent#info quantum stable reviews:,n,z21:50
garykdanwent: same as last week -,n,z21:50
danwentgaryk: anything to call out specifically?21:50
garykwe can take it offline - nothing urgent21:50
danwentgaryk: thx21:50
*** novas0x2a|laptop has joined #openstack-meeting21:51
danwentany progress on system test, or should we skip due to time?21:51
garykshort and sweet21:51
*** tongli has quit IRC21:51
danwent(we have several plugins to discuss)21:51
mlavallemaking good progress21:51
mlavalleon testing21:51
mlavalleno need to spend more time on this today21:51
danwentmlavalle: ok, thanks21:51
danwent#topic quantum + horizon21:51
*** openstack changes topic to "quantum + horizon (Meeting topic: quantum)"21:51
danwentamotoki + nati_ueno21:51
amotokifloating IP support is merged.21:52
danwentgreat work getting the two BPs merged21:52
amotokitwo bp are on review.21:52
danwentand I saw KC has posted lbaas code21:52
amotokiinitial patch of lbaas support is available.21:52
danwenthave you two talked to gabriel about the two BPs that haven't been posted yet?21:52
danwentdo you have a sense of whether they will have time to review them in G-3?21:53
amotokimy one will be uploade by tommorow.21:53
amotokinati_ueno: do you have any progress?21:53
nati_uenoamotoki: I'll push the code until tommorow21:53
danwentok, let's make sure we talk to him about both, or postpone them.  don't want to be dropping code on them last minute21:53
nati_uenofor network-topology one21:53
danwentok, moving to other team reports, specifically plugin discussions.21:53
danwent#topic new proposed plugins21:53
*** openstack changes topic to "new proposed plugins (Meeting topic: quantum)"21:53
danwentok, I sent an email to the core team about this, but since we discuss each new plugin before it is added, there are three plugins to talk about today.21:54
*** ilyashakhat has quit IRC21:54
danwentthe first is one that was discussed at the summit and has been part of the G-3 plan for a while, but i neglected to raise it in a meeting until today:
danwentrkukura: you are planning on being the core on this one?21:55
danwentdo we have two other core reviewers working to get it into Grizzly?21:55
rkukuranot yet21:55
emaganarkukura: I really liked what you presented during the summit, I can review this code21:56
danwentmmm… is the whole patch posted already?  looks pretty managable if so.21:56
danwentjust over 1k LOC21:56
rkukurathe remainder should be posted tomorrow, about double in size21:56
rkukurait is fairly small - uses the existing agents for now21:57
garykrkukura: does it support the security groups now?21:57
danwentok.  rkukura please follow-up with me about who the core devs are on this, ok?21:57
danwentany concerns about this plugin?21:57
danwentas I mentioned, i feel bad, as this is one I should have brought up a while ago21:57
danwenti generally feel like there's good community value in this plugin.  I don't think we should rip either OVS or LB out for grizzly, but long-term I think this has potential to handle much of the overlap between them.21:58
danwentok, moving on.21:58
danwent#info ml2 plugin good to go in grizzly, pending core dev reviews21:58
danwentnext up is plumgrid21:59
danwentemagana: this is you?21:59
emaganayes, it is21:59
danwentdo we already have core devs on it?21:59
emaganadanwent: garyk is one of them21:59
danwentemagana: can you link gerrit link to BP on lp?22:00
rkukuraI'll review it (after getting ml2 submitted)22:00
emaganadanwent: i need one more, any volunteers?  :-)22:00
emaganarkukura: Thanks!22:00
emaganadanwent: Yes, I will22:00
*** TheEstablishment has joined #openstack-meeting22:00
danwentok… i must admit, I was pretty nervous seeing two new plugins proposed right at the end of G-3.22:00
danwentbut if we have the reviewing cycles to do a good job, I'm ok with it.22:01
danwentdo others have a concern?22:01
mesterydanwent: As long as the committed community stuff doesn't lose out on reviews to the plugins, I'm ok.22:01
garykif i understand correctly the end of g-3 is 21st22:01
danwentwe're unforunately out of time… so I will stay here and cover the last plugin.  If people need to run and have concerns around the plugins, please contact me or the ML in the next 24 hours.22:01
garykit is cutting it fine with changes22:01
*** jrodom has quit IRC22:02
danwentgaryk: and more realistically, the freeze is the 19th, in exactly one week.22:02
garyki am going to call it a day and as they say in hill street blues "be careful out there"22:02
garykdanwent: yup - that is just around the corner22:02
danwentI'm ok approving this as a low priority BP, as it came in late.22:02
danwentbut if there are core devs who can find the cycles without losing focus on key community priorities, i'm fine with that.22:03
danwentlast one, the midonet plugin22:03
danwentanyone from that team here?  I don't think it has a core dev behind it, so we'll need a volunteer22:03
*** EmilienM has left #openstack-meeting22:03
markmcclainI've talked with the midonet folks22:03
markmcclainI'll be core if the code gets proposed in time22:04
danwentmarkmcclain: oh, it is not up for review?22:04
danwentok, well, they have another day22:04
danwent#info plumgride plugin ok to post for review in grizzly, will merge subject to core team reviews.  emagana is core dev.22:05
danwent#info mido net plugin ok for posting review by EOD tomorrow for grizzly, will merge subjec to core team reviews.  markmcclain wiill be core dev if code is posted.22:05
danwent#topic open discussion22:05
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: quantum)"22:05
danwentanything else urgent to discuss?22:06
danwentI had a few things, but since we're over time, I will send out emails instead22:06
shivdanwent: can you please see if brocade plugin needs status update (approval etc.)?22:06
*** anniec has quit IRC22:06
emaganashiv: I reviewed it this morning, I think some unit tests are missing22:06
danwentshiv: brocade plugin was already approved for posting a review22:06
danwentshiv: now its just up to getting the core dev approvals22:07
danwentsorry folks, i need to run to another meeting (am already late).  have a good afternoon evening!22:07
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack meetings || Development in #openstack-dev || Help in #openstack"22:07
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openstackMinutes (text):
*** zyluo has quit IRC22:07
shivemagana: problem is tox not importing ncclient22:07
salv-orlandohave a good one.22:08
emaganashiv: cisco plugin also uses ncclient, take a look to its code22:08
*** mlavalle has left #openstack-meeting22:09
*** pcm_ has quit IRC22:09
*** mattray has quit IRC22:09
*** asomya has quit IRC22:09
shivemagana: talk to u over email.22:10
*** rpothier has quit IRC22:10
*** adjohn has joined #openstack-meeting22:10
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