Tuesday, 2013-04-23

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stevemargood evening henry18:00
stevemarkeystone time18:00
rohitkhi every118:00
ayoungdolphm, you are running this, right?18:00
rkanadehi everybody18:00
dolphmayoung: yes18:00
dolphm#startmeeting keystone18:00
openstackMeeting started Tue Apr 23 18:00:53 2013 UTC.  The chair is dolphm. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.18:00
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.18:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: keystone)"18:00
dolphmdidn't realize it was already time18:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'keystone'18:00
ayoung#link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/KeystoneMeeting#Agenda_for_next_meeting18:01
dolphm#topic High priority bugs or immediate issues?18:01
*** openstack changes topic to "High priority bugs or immediate issues? (Meeting topic: keystone)"18:01
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ayoungDB access can't be atomic for LDAP18:01
dolphmbug 1130676 is on the agenda18:01
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1130676 in keystone "DB accesses during user creation should be atomic" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/113067618:01
bknudsonwould make it easier to review if that was split up into smaller changes.18:01
ayoungI think we should NACK it.18:02
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ayoungIt sets expectations wrong18:02
rohitkso we would think Dolph's way to have a TransactableDriverMixin is one way18:02
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ayoungrohitk, nope18:02
rohitkbut the approach which is in the review could be changed18:03
ayoungrethink the approach18:03
ayoungrohitk, take it this way18:03
ayoungassume you do not have a transactional back end18:03
dolphmi agree with ayoung's review, but i think we ultimately need to figure out an approach to make potentially transactable operations transactable... so i'd rather it be a -1 on the current pass rather than a -2 for the whole concept18:03
ayounghow do you write it to minimize risk?18:03
ayoungBand-aid on a sucking chest wound.18:03
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ayoungWe will never have transactions from the token backend, which is actually the more serious issue18:04
rkanadeWe dont touch the other backends at all, and just make those changes for the SQL backend18:04
bknudsonI prefer only on sql backend, since that's the only one that's got acid.18:04
dolphmrkanade: you ARE touching the other drivers18:04
ayoungrkanade, and we don't treat the SQL backend as a "higher class citizen" than the other backends18:04
topolthat gets us into trouble (see next bug)18:05
rohitkAdding another layer between identity api and controller as suggested by Tushar Patil in the review, lots of rework there though18:05
bknudsonLDAP does have transactions... http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc580518:05
bknudsonsome servers might support it18:05
dolphmrohitk: that's probably the right approach though, and we can do it one small refactor as a time18:05
Ryan_Lanedon't assume servers have transactions18:06
rkanadeYes, currently we are, for the next patch we dont touch any other backend other than SQL, and we add the TransactableSQLDriverMixin to the SQL Base class?18:06
Ryan_Laneor you'll make the implementation unusable for lots of people18:06
rohitkdolphm: agreed it seems like a design enhancement than a quick fix18:07
dolphmrkanade: can you post that and we'll discuss then? no point in reviewing the current patch if it's already WIP18:07
dolphmrohitk: this could be moved from a bug to a blueprint as well18:08
rkanadedolphm: Yes, i can do that18:08
ayoungbknudson, yeah...*might*18:08
rohitkdolphm: sure, I think if we get the blueprint right we can get the code into havana early18:09
dolphmcool, we also have bug 1168724 on the agenda18:09
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1168724 in devstack "Horizon log-in failure in grizzly with LDAP backend" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116872418:09
dolphmand bug 116872618:09
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1168726 in keystone "default_domain_id breaks the ability to map keystone  to ldap" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116872618:09
dolphmi've marked both as grizzly-backport-potential, but that's up to how complicated the fix is18:09
ayoungso what is happening?18:09
spzaladolphm: both the bugs opened for the same issue for possible fix against devstack and keystone18:09
dolphmi understand these were known issues going into the grizzly release18:09
ayoungdomains are an attribute on the LDAP objects, and if one is not specified, it should be filled in with the DEFAULT value18:09
topoldevstack one is easy. will submit patch today for review18:10
ayoungis it that we need an actual Domain object?18:10
spzalaayoung: no18:10
dolphm#action dolphm to doc bug 1168724 and bug 1168726 on release notes18:10
spzalaI have made some code change18:10
*** jaybuff has joined #openstack-meeting18:10
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1168724 in devstack "Horizon log-in failure in grizzly with LDAP backend" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116872418:10
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1168726 in keystone "default_domain_id breaks the ability to map keystone  to ldap" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116872618:10
Ryan_Lanedomains are attributes on which objects?18:10
spzala#link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/27364/118:10
ayoungRyan_Lane, yeah...it seems the LDAP world is 50/50 split on that18:10
Ryan_Laneayoung: 50/50 split on what?18:11
spzalaayoung: that's the patch i created as fix18:11
ayounghalf want it as an attribute, half want it as a subtree18:11
Ryan_Lanewhich attribute would be used?18:11
ayoungI want to yank domains out of LDAP altogether...make it optional18:11
henrynashspzala: basically our controllers assume all backends are "domain aware"….and the LDAP one is only half there18:11
ayoungRyan_Lane, brace yourself18:11
Ryan_Laneand would it be mutli-valued?18:11
Ryan_Laneunless you have some other plan for global grouos, please don't yank domains from ldap18:11
spzalahenrynash: thanks.. agree18:12
Ryan_Laneyou're kidding me, right?18:12
Ryan_Laneis that even multi-valued?18:12
ayoungWhy would it need to be multi-valued?18:12
Ryan_Lanea project can only exist in a single domain?18:12
ayoungdomain is a single value entity only18:12
ayoungRyan_Lane, correct18:12
Ryan_Lanewhat if you want two projects with the same name?18:12
bknudsonI assume any attribute name chosen could be overridden with a config option18:12
Ryan_Lanethis is a bad idea18:12
henrynashI suggest we divide this into two fixes18:13
ayoungRyan_Lane, project  name does not need to be unique across domains18:13
*** Bradley_ has joined #openstack-meeting18:13
spzalaayoung: agree.. that's what I believe.18:13
henrynasha) Just fake up the default domain so v2 access works with LDAP18:13
ayoungRyan_Lane, you missed me ranting about this at the end of the last release and during the dev conf18:13
henrynashb) Then get our correct domain implementation fired up and going18:13
Ryan_Laneayoung: how do you have the same project name in two domains if there is a single project ou?18:13
*** rohitk has quit IRC18:13
*** Bradley_ has quit IRC18:14
dolphmhenrynash: you can point v2 to *any* domain18:14
*** rkanade has left #openstack-meeting18:14
Ryan_Lanethere's really only a single sane way to do this IMO18:14
ayoungRyan_Lane, well, I am a propoentn of doing domains by subtree, but that is neither here nor there18:14
ayoungWe need to support both, I think18:14
Ryan_Lanesupport both what?18:14
ayoungand that didn't happen in Grizzly18:14
ayoungboth subtree and attribute18:15
gyeeif you want it to be distinguished, use distinguished names :)18:15
Ryan_Laneattribute isn't going to work18:15
*** bradleyjones has joined #openstack-meeting18:15
*** nachi has joined #openstack-meeting18:15
Ryan_Laneunless you want the project names to be globally unique18:15
ayoungRyan_Lane, not for you, but for others, it is18:15
*** nachi_ has joined #openstack-meeting18:15
ayounghence we need both18:15
Ryan_Laneand that can be a security concern18:15
spzalahenrynash: thanks.18:15
henrynashdolphm: is that true? How do you do the "pointing"?18:15
ayoungRyan_Lane, agreed,18:15
Ryan_Lanebecause then you can figure out the project names already in use in other domains18:15
ayoungRyan_Lane, yep18:16
dolphmhenrynash: keystone.conf default_domain_id18:16
dolphmhenrynash: it's 'default' by default18:16
*** johnthetubaguy has joined #openstack-meeting18:16
dolphmhenrynash: db_sync will even use that value when creating the initial domain18:16
Ryan_Lanesupporting two ways of doing this and having one that's basically broken and insecure is probably a bad idea18:16
*** kmartin has quit IRC18:17
topolJoe Savak wanted it if I recall18:17
henrynashdolphm:: ahh, ok, see what you mean…that kind of pointing….18:17
dolphmhenrynash: there's absolutely nothing special about that domain other than keystone.conf points to it for use by v218:17
ayoungtopol, who was it that said they wanted the Attribute way to do domains during the LDAP discussion?18:17
topolI think it was Joe18:17
ayoung#link https://etherpad.openstack.org/havana-ldap-integration18:17
bknudsonso they wanted some attribute on all projects/users in a domain? like businessCategory=domain118:17
dolphmunfortunately he's not on to defend himself18:17
topolIt mapped to how they were doing domains18:18
ayoungtopol, I suspect that they will trip up on what Ryan_Lane just said about unique names18:18
dolphmbknudson: is that a domain id or name or domain id == domain name in ldap anyway?18:18
*** markwash_ has joined #openstack-meeting18:18
henrynashdolphm: sure…I guess it's just the the initial problem is that no default domain get's created, so it would at least let us get off to there races18:18
gyeedolphm, we do this traffic court style, if he's not here, we blame it on him :)18:18
dolphmgyee: yay community18:18
ayounggyee, or in this case, we decide to break the approach he is depending on18:18
ayoungSo I want domains to be subtrees.  And I actually don't want domains at all.  I want this:18:19
*** markwash has quit IRC18:19
*** markwash_ is now known as markwash18:19
Ryan_Laneno matter how you guys go about this, someone's approach is getting broken18:19
ayoung#link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/keystone/+spec/multiple-datastores18:19
ayoungThat is in support of the one backend per domain blueprint18:19
Ryan_Laneayoung: domains actually make sense to be stored in ldap18:19
topolso what frustrating is domains don't seem to naturally fit in ldap yet folks want it there18:20
bknudsondolphm: it could be a name or an id... if the id is a DN then you can set that as the base of the search and if the value is an ID or name you have to do a search to resolve it.18:20
Ryan_LaneI don't see why domains don't fit18:20
Ryan_Laneit fits perfectly well if you make it a hierarchy, which is naturally is18:20
dolphmRyan_Lane: that's why i'd like to see ldap support relegated to specialized authn/z plugins :)18:20
gyeeand lookups18:20
Ryan_Laneit already is a plugin ;)18:21
bknudsonmaybe separate plugins?18:21
dolphmsupporting ldap as a first-class identity driver seems like overkill for almost everyone18:21
Ryan_Lane40% of users use ldap18:21
topolwell we couldnt get consensus on that. and most read only ldaps have just users and groups of users. so adding domains is hacky18:21
Ryan_Lanethat responded to the survey18:21
ayoungYou can never have too much overkill.  There is no overkill, there is only open fire and reload18:21
bknudsonbut who wants to use the SQL identity driver? it's not perfect either18:21
gyeedolphm, yeah, supporting write LDAP is risk than reward18:21
dolphmRyan_Lane: what percent of that wants keystone to attempt full crud over ldap data?18:21
topolread only ldap/ad integration is huge18:21
topolI hate write ldap18:22
Ryan_Lanedolphm: it depends on the level of CRUD18:22
ayoungSo...bringing this back on topic18:22
ayoungdo we have a quick fix rady for the actual bug?18:22
* gyee is standing right behind topod on the hate write LDAP line18:22
ayoungIf not, please ping me when it is ready18:22
bknudsonwe had complaints here about the SQL identity driver because it doesn't lock out users after x attempts, and doesn't have password requirements (length, etc)18:22
Ryan_LaneLDAP should only be used for things that can be reused18:22
dolphmayoung: i think this is on topic, supporting broadly different approaches to ldap would be best handled by smaller auth plugins18:22
spzalaayoung: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/27364/1 is something I did for a quick fix18:22
topolis for the devstack fix18:22
Ryan_Laneyes, but we should have a reference driver18:23
ayoungdolphm, true,. although talking through the summit items is at the end of the agenda18:23
Ryan_Laneand it should be a sane one18:23
ayoungspzala, we looked at doing something in the keystone manage code for LDAP in the past...18:24
ayoungwould be good it integrate it in there18:24
dolphmayoung: +118:24
Ryan_Lanealso, btw, it's probably perfectly sane to just not implement any of the write functions18:24
henrynashI think this is indeed related to authn/z….it's because we lump them together and just talk about "the backend" that we get ourselves into problems….we really should have different plugins (as we discused_ fro authz/n18:24
Ryan_LaneI doubt people are using it18:24
topolmy dream is that we find a reference way to support domains in ldap, sahdev codes it up and we all move on with our lives to fun keystone work18:24
spzalaayoung: so make changes via keystone-manage script?18:24
*** SergeyLukjanov has joined #openstack-meeting18:25
Ryan_Lanethere's a really simple way to do domains in ldap18:25
ayoungspzala, we did that for the membership issue, IIRC18:25
topolRyan_Lane, you had me at hello18:25
ayoungRyan_Lane, one subtree per domain?18:25
spzalaayoung: if you can please provide me more info or pointer to the work.. that will be very helpful as I am not aware of the past work.18:26
Ryan_Laneit's a natural tree hierarchy18:26
ayoungspzala, will do18:26
spzalaayoung: thanks!18:26
Ryan_Laneit fits the design of domains and keeps the exact same design we have for projects18:26
bknudsonRyan_Lane: are users under projects or under domains?18:26
*** dims has joined #openstack-meeting18:26
Ryan_Laneunder domains for global members18:26
Ryan_Laneunder projects for project members18:26
Ryan_Laneunder roles for role members18:26
Ryan_Lanehell, you can have global roles by sticking organizationalRole entries under the domain as well18:27
topolRyan_Lane,  can you work up a simple example for Sahdev to use as a design doc?18:27
bknudsonDoes anybody have their corporate LDAP directory set up like that?18:27
Ryan_Laneof course not18:28
topolwould love to have this documented in a blueprint, then coded, then *DONE*18:28
Ryan_Lanebut they don't have it set up like our previous designs either18:28
Ryan_Lanepeople make new OUs and such for this18:28
ayoungThe number one feature for Havan is the automatic provisioning of Users from a centralized authentication store18:29
dolphmvia auth plugins18:29
topolmost LDAPs they wont let you change anything. so should I worry about Ryan_lanes proposed changes???18:29
Ryan_Laneyou mean adding/deleting users and such?18:29
spzalaRyan_Lane: can you also please take a look at this ..would be great to have your feedback #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/keystone-ldap-domain-support18:29
dolphmagainst a (most likely) non-ldap identity backend18:29
Ryan_Lanetopol: keystone wouldn't be changing anything18:29
dolphmRyan_Lane: just adding18:29
dolphmRyan_Lane: well, maybe i take that back18:30
dolphmmaybe phase 218:30
Ryan_Lanedolphm: so, this is doable… but keystone's way of handling this is… ugh18:30
dolphmRyan_Lane: how so?18:30
topolwell keystone will work with a read only ldap as is and then you can do whatever you want that makes most sense for read-write ldap (the 2% use case)18:30
Ryan_Lanecurrently it writes entries with their UUID as the naming attribute18:30
spzalaRyan_Lane: there is a design doc link, something we talked couple weeks back in IRC meeting.18:30
*** marun has quit IRC18:31
topolyes, that sucks18:31
bknudsondo we need uuids to integrate with other backends?18:31
topolso unreadable.18:31
dolphmtopol: if the number is really 2% then it shouldn't be supported by keystone out of the box..18:31
Ryan_Lanethe UUIDs are needed to allow easy renames18:31
Ryan_Lanehaving the uuids isn't a problem18:31
topoldolphm, Im having a hard time arguing with you on this18:31
dolphm*shrug* i'm not trying very hard18:32
topoli figure we are close enough to a ref implementation to be done and move on18:32
Ryan_Lanethe entry has two unique fields anyway, the uuid and the user/project/domain/etc field18:32
*** colinmcnamara has joined #openstack-meeting18:32
topoldolphm, cause I agree with you18:32
Ryan_Laneso, you use the name for the naming attribute and add the uuid as a second value of the multi-value attribute18:32
ayoungOK. We've spent half the time allotted on this.  Lets get an #action work up the Blueprint for this.18:33
Ryan_LaneI'll write up a DIT example for domains18:33
ayoungspzala, you want to take point, and include Ryan_Lane 's document as a reference?18:33
Ryan_LaneI can also write up an example of how to properly handle adding entries without using uuid as naming attribute18:33
henrynashwe really must focus on the common use cases…and R/W LDAP is unlikely to be it18:33
spzalaayoung, yes18:33
Ryan_LaneI'd say prioritize getting read working well, then worry about R/W after18:33
topolRyan_lane and Sahdev should collaborate and come to joint consensus18:34
henrynashhow about we solve the common case when we have an enterprise ldap with users for authn…and this generates temp user records in our SQL authz backend18:34
ayounghenrynash, that is what I said above18:34
henrynashI'm with you18:34
ayoungthe Kent folks aren't here18:34
Ryan_Laneso… that's a cache...18:34
topolnow henrynash is mentioning somehting we really need. and repeating ayoung18:34
ayoungbut they have an impl18:34
*** jtomasek has quit IRC18:34
Ryan_Laneand it's fine, assuming you're going to invalidate the cache properly18:35
ayoung they are supposed to be fragmenting out from their  Federation code base18:35
topolhenrynash was gonna "review" their code and harvest18:35
Ryan_Lane(in fact, it's a good idea, but cache invalidation is hard and this is prone to a security vulnerability)18:35
ayoungRyan_Lane, yep, and it will not solve 100% of the things for 100% of the people, but it is the single most requested feature18:35
topolayoung +100018:35
ayoungRyan_Lane, you always authenticate against the central IDP18:35
henrynashayoung: we should create the structure and architecture that allows us to let them contribute components we need for this RO authn LDAP and RQ SQL authz18:36
henrynash(RW SQL authz)18:36
ayounghenrynash, agreed18:36
topolhnerynash, agreed18:36
ayounghenrynash, I think we need to look at how we are pipelining the auth methods in the V3 api, first18:36
*** anteaya has joined #openstack-meeting18:36
henrynashayoung: +118:37
ayoungright now, only methods that are explicitly named in the token request get processed18:37
*** rnirmal has joined #openstack-meeting18:37
dwaite(felt the need to agree as well)18:37
ayoungbut autoprovision is something that always needs to be executed18:37
topolI was thinking Sahdev could work with Ryan Lane  just to finish the read write case cause I think that is easier than pulling it out18:37
dolphmayoung: they can lead to a custom plugin though18:37
ayoungdolphm, yep, just we don't have the appropriate integration point for that yet18:37
gyeeayoung, not sure if I understand18:38
dolphmayoung: what are we lacking..?18:38
ayoungdolphm, we need it to happen when we execute the auth plugins18:38
dolphmayoung: replace the Password plugin with your own implementation, have that impl talk to ldap18:38
gyee^^^ what he said18:38
uvirtbotgyee: Error: "^^" is not a valid command.18:38
ayoungdolphm, yes, but unless I put that in the token request, it will not get called18:38
dolphmuvirtbot: stop it18:38
uvirtbotdolphm: Error: "stop" is not a valid command.18:38
ayoung1 sec I'll link18:38
*** marun has joined #openstack-meeting18:38
*** otherwiseguy has joined #openstack-meeting18:39
Ryan_Lanedolphm: I heavily reuse the project structure18:39
Ryan_Lanein ldap18:39
topolcant we call the identity driver from the auth plugin to provision the user when authenticated18:39
Ryan_LaneI'd really prefer not to have to implement that in LDAP and in the database18:39
Ryan_LaneI don't use keystone for anything other than getting tokens18:39
Ryan_Lanehell, i don't even want to send a password to keystone18:39
gyeetopol, yes we can18:39
dolphmtopol: yes18:39
ayoung#link https://github.com/openstack/keystone/blob/master/keystone/auth/controllers.py#L34918:40
ayoungSo only auth methods that are explicitly listed get executed18:40
gyeeRyan_Lane, you don't trust Keystone?18:40
*** lloydde has joined #openstack-meeting18:40
ayounggyee, is there any reason that the list of methods *has* to come out of the token request?18:40
dolphmRyan_Lane: 'getting tokens' is sort of a complicated task though... and certainly keystone's first intended use18:41
ayoungWhat if we just always executed each one in the pipeline?18:41
gyeeayoung, yes, that's how we know what payload it is18:41
*** Mandell has joined #openstack-meeting18:41
dolphmayoung: what's your goal, exactly?18:41
Ryan_Lanedolphm: yes, but I expose multi-tenancy throughout my entire architecture, and LDAP is the only sane way of doing that18:41
ayoungdolphm, in this case, we need to autoprovision after the authenticate call completes successfully, but before we do any identity backend work18:41
Ryan_LaneI have to have that structure in LDAP. if it's not there, then I need to duplicate it there18:42
Ryan_Lanewhich means I'd need to make keystone calls and ldap calls18:42
dolphmwe've got like 18 minutes left, so we should move on and carry this conversation to mailing list + blueprints where relevant18:42
dolphm#topic How to kick off v3.1 identity api spec18:42
*** openstack changes topic to "How to kick off v3.1 identity api spec (Meeting topic: keystone)"18:42
ayoungso ideally autoprovision would be executed right after authenticate when we determined the user was in the cetnral store but not in the local one18:42
dolphmhenrynash added this to the agenda, but i think the answer is fairly simple...18:42
topolRyan_Lane, you will still write something up for the read write case, correct?18:42
henrynashdolphm: yep - you did what I was thinking18:43
dolphmstep 1) Add v3.1 change log, see....18:43
dolphm#link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/26676/18:43
henrynashdolphm: and I approved it already!18:43
Ryan_LaneI'll write something up for domains and for writing entries properly18:43
dolphmstart documenting backwards compatible addition into that change log18:43
dolphmand document v3.1 specific changes in discrete paragraphs / sections with a v3.1 notice (e.g., New in version 3.1)18:43
gyeehenrynash, you might approving this too? https://review.openstack.org/#/c/26665/18:43
dolphmso, that's that18:43
henrynashdolphm: just wanted to get an agreed approach before we got started18:43
dolphm#topic Havana API-level feature freeze18:44
*** jaybuff has quit IRC18:44
*** openstack changes topic to "Havana API-level feature freeze (Meeting topic: keystone)"18:44
*** novas0x2a|laptop has joined #openstack-meeting18:44
dolphm(related to v3.1)18:44
ayoungdolphm, I assume you want Feature freeze to be yesterday?18:44
dolphmin every release, we've regretted not doing a feature freeze a milestone ahead of all the other projects18:44
dolphmas a first swing at that, i'd like to have an API-level feature freeze at the end of Havana-m218:44
bknudsonare we going to have a branch for Ixx after Havana-m2?18:45
topol+1 on earlier feature freeze than the other folks18:45
dolphmwhich means v3.1 freezes at the end of Havana-m218:45
ayoungdolphm, not sure I agree18:45
ayoungI think that features other proejcts depend on, yes18:45
dolphmwhatever api features don't land wait until havana+1 and fall under the umbrella of v3.218:45
ayoungbut there are other features that are not going to get consumed until they get into Keystone18:45
dolphmayoung: those features can wait while we focus on stability and client support18:46
ayoungsoe we write them for Havana, but people won't write to them until I time frame18:46
topolayoung, not sure I follow18:46
ayoungtopol, Trusts18:46
ayoungno one is using trusts yet18:46
ayoungbut thay can't until we write them18:46
ayoungso if we punted on them for Havana, not one would be able to even start writing to them18:46
dolphmthis will give us time to implement and consume trusts within a single release cycle, for example18:46
ayoungsame think with PKI tokens18:46
ayoungwe put them in, buthad them disabled18:46
ayoungI think what you really mean dolph ios that we should focus on "do it in a plugin in an external project first" approach, which I fully support18:47
topolif we dont get them avail early for peer review we are morte surprising them with stuff than providing them with stuff18:47
*** radez_g0n3 is now known as radez18:47
ayoungI also think you mean  "featuer freeze is a hard freeze, not a soft freeze" and I support that too18:47
dolphmthe m2/m3 distinction is conditional on a three milestone cycle as we did in grizzly, i haven't looked at the draft release schedule to see if that's changing yet, but either way the goal is a milestone early18:48
*** markwash has quit IRC18:48
dolphmayoung: i mean both18:48
topolthe early feature freeze gives us a chance to be agile and adjust when we slightly miss stakeholder needs18:48
ayoungdolphm, OK, lets tkae it for a goal.  It is an internal constraint, and not a bad one.18:49
ayoungtake it18:49
dolphm#topic Priorities following summit Summit etherpads18:49
*** openstack changes topic to "Priorities following summit Summit etherpads (Meeting topic: keystone)"18:49
dolphmso, i'm working through our etherpads and working on some blueprints based on those discussions/conclusions18:50
ayoungdolphm, I've been doing the same18:50
dolphmif anyone wants to do that for something you want to work on, go for it, just link to the new bp in the etherpad so i don't create a dupe :)18:50
gyeedolphm, I intend to get endpoint-filtering in by m218:50
dolphmgyee: cool18:51
gyeenot sure about domain quota though, that's above my pay grade18:51
topolIm stating with Apache-Keystone in devstack. will write the bp today18:51
ayoungtopol, +518:51
chmoueltopol: pretty cool18:51
dolphmtopol: thanks18:51
ayoungdolphm, might I suggest that all blueprints must have, at a minimum, an implementor assigned in order to not be ignored or disapproved?18:51
henrynashI'm working on inherited domain roles (or whatever solution we need for that problem) and some of the keystone performance issues18:52
ayoungSomeone has to commit to the task or it is just spinning18:52
dolphmtopol: i assume devstack has it's own bp's18:52
dolphmtopol: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/devstack/18:52
topolit does but I will notify you18:52
ayoung#link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/devstack18:52
topolyes, thank you for thinking of me18:52
henrynash…and sign me up to work with however on splitting out authz/n and domain backends with autoproviioings18:52
dolphmhenrynash: will do18:52
dolphmhenrynash: related https://blueprints.launchpad.net/keystone/+spec/pluggable-remote-user18:53
morganfainberghenrynash: if you need any help with that let me know.  I'm more than happy to assist with that stuff.18:53
topolI agree with ayoung, for each task who is the one person losing sleep on whether it gets done or not18:53
henrynashdolphm: indeed18:53
ayoungtopol   hmmm,  I tagtged this as implemented, and it blamed me for it.  Can you tajke credit for it somehow ?  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/devstack/+spec/ldap18:53
dolphmCERN basically wants REMOTE_USER pluggability for x509 grid certs + auto provisioning18:53
dwaitetopol: can we nominate people to be the ones to lose sleep for a particular task?18:53
ayoungdwaite, only if they have expressed interest18:54
dwaiteayoung: aww, guess thats fair18:54
ayoungdwaite, it you write a blueprint, park on it until you have someone to implement it for you18:54
topoldwaite, only if they consent18:54
Ryan_LaneI'd also like REMOTE_USER + ldap for project/role/user info18:54
*** koolhead17 has quit IRC18:54
Ryan_LaneI basically want LDAP for everything except authentication18:54
ayoungRyan_Lane, I think that works now18:54
ayoungREMOTE_USER implies HTTPD from Apache18:55
ayoungor comparable web server18:55
* Ryan_Lane nods18:55
ayoungI want S4U2Proxy and Kerberos, + LDAP18:55
henrynashRyan_Lane:….that seems weird, I think we want to optimise for the case of LDAP for authentication ONLY!18:55
dolphm(5 minutes)18:55
topolRyan_Lane is hurting my head. Most folsk want ldap for only authentication18:55
dolphm#topic open discussion18:55
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: keystone)"18:55
Ryan_Lanehenrynash: ldap authentication sucks18:55
dwaiteREMOTE_USER is a CGI thing, see rfc387518:55
dolphmsince we're back to ldap :)18:55
Ryan_Laneit's password authentication18:55
Ryan_Laneor kerberos via passthrough18:56
ayoungRyan_Lane, what do you want instead?  X509?18:56
topoltermies nosetest option is breaking sahdev as well as me. how do we fix that18:56
spzalaI ran into problem running run_tests.sh with the latest code http://fpaste.org/tLAR/18:56
Ryan_Laneayoung: I'd really like oauth18:56
dwaiteayoung: what do you want S4U for?18:56
ayoungRyan_Lane, ah, yeah, Kerberos18:56
morganfainbergRyan_Lane: but LDAP authentication is how enterprises (effectively) use AD for authn but still want authz in keystone.18:56
henrynashnot another nose test break….damn, I approved that one too!18:56
Ryan_Lanemorganfainberg: you assume that's the case :)18:56
dolphmRyan_Lane: i added your name to that bp18:56
ayoungdwaite, I want to auth via Kerberos and then have the operations against he LDAP backend performed via the users context18:56
ayoungnot an "admin"18:56
topolsign stevemar up for OAuth, dolphm,  you have my expressed written consent to do that18:56
Ryan_Lanepeople who actually know LDAP really well don't use it that way18:56
dolphmtopol: i put termie on the bp, stevemar can finish it18:57
*** olaph has joined #openstack-meeting18:57
ayoungAD is kerberos for services that support it18:57
morganfainbergRyan_Lane: i wish i could say that from experience it is done differently.18:57
dwaiteayoung: agh, yep, that would do it. But is AD still the only KDC supporting S4U? (haven't kept up, since I did a bunch of work with S4U back in 2004)18:57
topoldolphm, exactly what will happen :-)18:57
ayoungdwaite, we use it in FreeIPA18:57
dolphmtermie put oauth up for review18:57
ayoungso it is in MIT18:57
Ryan_Laneif you guys make an account, you can see how I'm extending the multitenancy concept in LDAP: https://wikitech.wikimedia.org18:57
stevemar#link for those interested in oauth: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/keystone/+spec/delegated-auth-via-oauth18:57
Ryan_LaneI'll give you shell access, and you can search my DIT18:58
dwaiteI'm working on approval to work on an oauth 2 implementation18:58
ayoungRyan_Lane, so you want Kerberos?18:58
Ryan_Laneayoung: no, I definitely don't want kerberos :)18:58
ayoungThen what?18:58
topoldolphm, what about the nosetest option issue. its annoying18:58
Ryan_LaneI want people to login through the web interface and be given a token that they can use through the cli18:58
Ryan_Laneor for the web interface to act on their behalf18:58
dolphmtopol: what issue?18:59
Ryan_Lanebut I don't necessarily want them to login with a password18:59
dolphmdwaite: cool18:59
spzaladolph, #link http://fpaste.org/tLAR/18:59
dolphmdwaite: i assume you don't mean from me lol18:59
dwaitedolphm: if only it was from you :D18:59
ayoungspzala, why no venv?19:00
topoldolphm, I checked git blame and it was due to something termie added19:00
dolphmayoung: because it's faster to manage your own19:00
topolayoung, must we now use venv?19:00
dwaitewould I create a new blueprint for oauth2 or attach it to termie's?19:00
dolphmspzala: update nose19:00
dolphmtopol: no19:00
spzalaayoung, I usually do but to create error nicely I selected no.. though even with venv error is there19:00
topoldolphm, should we pull termies options off?19:00
ayoungdolphm, the --with-openstack  breaks if you run the tests outside of venv.19:00
dwaiteoh no, time's up :|19:00
spzaladolph, ahhh ... OK. thanks!19:00
ayoungspzala, no, it should not be19:01
dolphmayoung: is that an issue?19:01
spzalaayoung, hmmm... i did it that way too to make sure19:01
ayoungbut the issues is where does --with-openstack come from19:01
topolcomes from termie19:01
ayoungdolphm, if you run -N you see the error spzala is talking about19:01
dolphmit's a nose plugin19:01
ayoungI run in an venv and no problem19:01
dolphmayoung: lies19:01
*** armax has left #openstack-meeting19:01
spzalaayoung, something with virtual machine that it ididn't update node with venv like it supposed to?19:02
dolphmjust pip install -r tools/test-requires19:02
dwaitedolphm; process-wise would oauth 2 be a new blueprint?19:02
*** armax_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:02
ayoungdolphm, what is the nose plugin that provides --with-openstack19:02
spzalaayoung, will verify it again.19:02
dolphmdwaite: yes, and land as an extension similar to termie's oauth implementation19:02
dolphmayoung: pip install openstack.nose_plugin19:03
gyeedolphm, what's the timeline for Havana again?19:03
ayoungdolphm, thanks19:03
dolphmgyee: unreleased19:03
ayoungdolphm, that should go in hacking, I think19:03
dolphmgyee: watch mailing list this week19:03
gyeem2 would be mid June'ish?19:03
dolphmnext summit is nov 4-9, so before then19:03
dolphmgyee: dunno19:03
*** jlk has joined #openstack-meeting19:04
dolphmayoung: it's in tools/test-requires, so no, it has no need to be in hacking19:04
*** dprince has quit IRC19:04
ayoungdolphm, yep, that is the trick.  spzala I ran sudo easy_install openstack.nose_plugin to get it19:04
topoldolphm, so I do a  pip install openstack.nose_plugin to fix this?19:04
ayoungtopol, or easy_install19:04
ayoungOK, we are over time19:04
spzalaayoung: Cool. Thanks!!19:04
*** armax has joined #openstack-meeting19:04
topolmoving over to openstack-dev19:04
*** armax has quit IRC19:05
dolphmtopol: yes, or just run pip install -r tools/test-requires19:05
*** bknudson has left #openstack-meeting19:05
dolphmtopol: perhaps with an --update19:05
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openstackLog:            http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/keystone/2013/keystone.2013-04-23-18.00.log.html19:05
* fungi smiles19:05
jeblair#startmeeting infra19:06
openstackMeeting started Tue Apr 23 19:06:14 2013 UTC.  The chair is jeblair. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.19:06
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.19:06
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: infra)"19:06
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'infra'19:06
jeblair#link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/InfraTeamMeeting#Agenda_for_next_meeting19:06
jeblair#link http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/infra/2013/infra.2013-04-09-19.02.html19:06
jeblairno actions from last meeting!19:07
jeblair#topic jenkins slave operating systems19:07
*** openstack changes topic to "jenkins slave operating systems (Meeting topic: infra)"19:07
jeblairmordred: ping19:07
jeblairmordred wanted to discuss some aspects of this -- a process to fall back on lts after testing latest ubuntu19:08
*** armax_ has quit IRC19:08
fungiand at the moment we're still using dprince's rackspace account for rhel6 slaves...19:08
jeblairas for that, i think we should switch to centos19:08
*** dwaite has left #openstack-meeting19:09
clarkbjeblair: ++ I think that was the general agreement. Also moving from centos to rhel later if details get sorted shouldn't be terribly difficult19:09
jeblairearlier we decided to set the summit as a cut-off for when we'd give up on waiting for rhel licenses19:09
fungiand i think he's still working on backporting rhel6 fixes to stable releases before we can refactor the jobs and start enforcing anything in the gate there19:09
* ttx waves19:10
jeblaironeiric is eol on may 9...19:10
fungii'd like to defer centos discussions until we can bring the issue back up with dprince19:11
jeblairand that's our current 2.6 test platform19:11
*** novas0x2a|laptop has quit IRC19:11
fungibut i suspect it would be easy enough to tackle now that rhel6 slaves are easily launched19:11
jeblairfungi: from talking at the summit, afaik he's on board with centos.  perhaps he'll chime in.19:11
*** novas0x2a|laptop has joined #openstack-meeting19:12
*** jtomasek has joined #openstack-meeting19:12
jeblairi think we should decide now what to do about rhel/centos, and i also think we need a backup plan if one of those is not ready for testing 2.6 globally19:13
jeblairif rhel/centos aren't ready by may 9, what should we do?19:14
fungii can go ahead and start launching centos slaves. rhel6 seems to be working on master for everything where we use oneiric, just not for some stable release branches19:14
pleia2might depend on how close we are? could keep oneiric running a little bit past EOL19:14
clarkbjeblair: debian? in theory debian would be very close to our ubuntu stuff19:14
clarkband I doubt debian has forked python19:15
fungibut yes, there may be a patch or two pending for grizzly on a couple projects, and sounded like still a few for folsom as well19:15
pleia2squeeze comes with 2.6, but that'll be oldstable probably next week or so19:15
pleia2ah, wheezy has the python2.6 packages19:16
fungioldstable still gets us at least 6 months of security support though19:16
anteayachoosing debian would work well for the upcoming use of eNovance servers for testing19:16
pleia2anteaya: yeah, and we did tell you guys at ODS that testing debian could be on our horizon anyway19:16
fungiand yes, i'm running packaged 2.6, 2.7, 3.2 and 3.3 on wheezy currently as well. ought to work19:16
pleia2wheezy should hit stable the first week in may (fingers crossed)19:16
*** Mr_T has joined #openstack-meeting19:16
anteayapleia2: pending TC approval was what I had in my notes19:17
anteayabut if we are discussing a soft release, thumbs up from me19:17
pleia2anteaya: yeah19:17
jeblairto be clear, we take direction from what to test on from the supported platforms identified by the tc19:17
clarkb#link http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/tc/2013/tc.2013-01-08-20.02.log.html19:17
*** emagana_ has quit IRC19:18
jeblairwe're in the unusual situation of _possibly_ being unable to fulfill those requirements after may 919:18
jeblairunless rhel/centos starts working19:18
jeblairso in that case, i think we can look to alternatives such as debian to approximate what we're doing now19:18
jeblairbut i don't think that necessarily means that we'd continue doing that19:19
*** gyee has quit IRC19:19
fungiagain, i'm mainly worried about folsom working on centos... maybe also grizzly. i expect master to "just work"19:19
jeblaironce rhel/centos are working19:19
fungii can try to get some centos and debian slaves spun up this evening. i'll give me an opportunity to test UtahDave's salt minion registration additions while i'm at it19:20
fungier, it'll give me an opportunity19:20
jeblairfungi: okay.  it would be good to know if debian is an option19:20
fungibut that way we'll know if we have work ahead of us from a launching slaves perspective19:21
anteayatwo birds with one stone, nice19:21
*** jtomasek has quit IRC19:21
jeblairalso, i'm pretty sure lucid won't work, but perhaps that's worth double checking19:22
jeblair#action fungi spin up centos and debian slaves19:22
fungialso would be nice to add them into d-g if that part works... or are we less concerned about oneiric devstack slaves since they're short-lived19:22
pleia2I think lucid is a long shot19:22
*** lloydde has quit IRC19:23
jeblairfungi: oneiric dg slaves can go away now that we're killing the diablo branch19:23
fungiistr devstack still being broken on rhel/centos (supposed to be more or less fixed in 6.4?)19:23
jeblairwe only need it for the unit tests, at the moment19:23
fungithat makes this a much easier proposition19:24
jeblair#action dprince status of 2.6 unit tests on stable branches on rhel?19:25
jeblairanything else related to this?19:25
jeblair#topic bug triage / havana tasks19:25
*** openstack changes topic to "bug triage / havana tasks (Meeting topic: infra)"19:25
jeblair#link https://etherpad.openstack.org/cibugreview-april201319:26
jeblairpleia2 helpfully put that together19:26
jeblairi brain dumped my notes from the summit into the bottom of that19:26
jeblairthat's something like ~40 new tasks19:26
pleia2these are all the ones from https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-ci/+milestone/grizzly19:26
clarkbdo we want to set aside an hour at some point in the near future to go through the list together in an organized fashion?19:26
*** jaybuff has joined #openstack-meeting19:27
pleia2so we also probably want to retarget and also look at bugs that don't have a target at all (I haven't done that yet)19:27
jeblairclarkb: yes, i'd like to do that19:27
clarkbpleia2: is today too busy for that? if so I can drive it19:27
pleia2today is good19:27
jeblairi'm free after this meeting.  :)19:27
jeblairokay, so let's work on that today, including going over the tasks i dumped at the bottom and making new bugs for those19:28
*** nati_ueno has joined #openstack-meeting19:29
jeblair#topic aaaa records19:29
*** openstack changes topic to "aaaa records (Meeting topic: infra)"19:29
jeblairshould i send out an announcement today and say we'll add aaaa records on friday?19:30
clarkbsorry I am very excited about this19:30
jeblairme too19:30
* fungi ^219:30
rainyanewbie dumb question, but would love a readers digest on "aaaa records"19:30
rainyaah! thank you19:31
fungirainya: ipv6 address resource records in dns19:31
fungian ipv6 address is 4x as big as an ipv4 address, thus aaaa instead of just a19:31
clarkbrainya: after the grizzly summit we migrated our jenkins and gerrit servers to ipv6 capable VMs. we are only just now getting around to adding records to DNS so that people will hit them on their ipv6 addresses19:31
* rainya loves how readers digest means so many different things ;)19:31
clarkbthere were various problems we ran into before that needed to be fixed before we could flip the switch19:31
rainyathanks guys19:31
jlkalso, when people try to learn ipv6, they make that noise. "AAAA!"19:32
*** Ryan_Lane has left #openstack-meeting19:32
fungiat the moment i still know of three machines in rackspace exhibiting that ipv6 ssh issue, so they need to continue not to get aaaa records until that's solved19:32
fungithe most recent ticket is 93934119:33
jeblairso maybe 1800utc/11am pdt friday?19:33
fungiworks for me19:33
jeblair(going for early enough for people to notice problems before the weekend and late enough that it doesn't screw up their week)19:34
jeblairso we have the weekend to revert if there's lots of yelling19:34
jeblair#action jeblair announce aaaa records for 1800utc fri apr 25 201319:35
jeblair#topic Discoverability for openstackwatch rss generator19:35
*** openstack changes topic to "Discoverability for openstackwatch rss generator (Meeting topic: infra)"19:35
anteayathe openstackwatch rss generator works now19:35
anteayawhere should it live?19:36
fungidid anybody come up with good ideas as to where we can visibly hyperlink project-specific resources?19:36
pleia2somewhere in gerrit's interface is where I would expect it19:36
anteayashould there be a new page?19:36
anteayaor integration into current pages?19:36
*** gabrielhurley has joined #openstack-meeting19:37
fungipleia2: like, from the projects list in gerrit or what? (ignoring for the moment how much java might be involved to make that happen)19:37
clarkbfungi: I think if we add something to the footer of the page via js that should work19:38
clarkbwe need some additional js for the status alerts anyways19:38
pleia2fungi: when landing on "review.openstack.org" it would be nic eto be able to search for "RSS" and find it19:38
pleia2(indeed, I'm sure I did when I first started all of this :))19:38
anteayasearchable is nice19:38
fungiclarkb: pleia2: yeah, but there's a separate url per-project19:38
jeblairsingle-feed is an option, but makes little sense in our setup i think19:39
fungiso would that link off to somewhere else with a list of all the different rss feeds then?19:39
*** egallen has quit IRC19:39
pleia2fungi: oh, openstackwatch is separate urls?19:39
anteayapleia2: yes19:39
pleia2fungi: +119:39
fungione per project, yeah. as jeblair said we could make just one feed but i think it would be pretty useless for our users that way19:39
*** nachi has quit IRC19:39
anteayaone url per feed, one feed per project19:39
* pleia2 nods19:40
funginova devs probably just want to watch the nova feed for example, or maybe just nova and cinder. et cetera19:40
*** lloydde has joined #openstack-meeting19:40
anteayacould we do both? one page with links to all the feeds plus a feed link per project main page19:40
anteayatoo much?19:40
jeblairanteaya: gerrit doesn't really have a project page19:40
fungithe projects list is under "admin" and not many users click there19:41
jeblair(we could add it to the launchpad project pages)19:41
fungithere's an idea19:41
anteayajeblair: hmmm19:41
anteayathat might work, links on the launchpad project page19:42
fungii'm liking that suggestion, personally19:42
anteayaso a page with all the links in gerrit, launchpad, or somewhere else? (as well as the wiki)19:42
jeblairi don't think we need more than one of those :)19:42
pleia2it is easy enough to do, but how often do people actually go to the launchpad page? I wonder how discoverable it is19:43
anteayaso just a link on the project page in launchpad and a wikipage with all of them19:43
jeblairpleia2: and then link from gerrit to the wiki page for discoverability?19:43
pleia2jeblair: that's what I'm thinking19:43
zaroit wouldn't be my intuition to goto launch for it.19:43
zarolauchpad does't even support git.19:44
clarkbzaro: but the bugs and blueprints are all still there19:44
pleia2people go to lp for bugs, but that won't get them to hte main page19:44
jlkpersonally I try to avoid EVER going to launchpad19:44
anteayaokay so were in gerrit for the link?19:44
fungiour gerrit theming is in the config repo, right? if so, just a patch to that presumably19:45
pleia2where ever it's easiest to add it :)19:45
anteayaokay, I will plant a flag with a patch19:45
anteayareview away if you have better suggestions19:45
anteayaso gerrit (somewhere) launchpad project page, wiki page19:46
pleia2probably not in the header menus since having it buried would be hard to find, in the header or footer?19:46
anteayapleia2: I'll look around19:46
jeblairi think the footer19:46
jeblairit's not needed in the normal operation of gerrit, it's there for reference19:47
anteayaI try for something and we can hash it out when we have a patch in front of us?19:47
pleia2thanks anteaya19:47
anteayathank you19:47
*** Mike656 has joined #openstack-meeting19:47
jeblairalso, we should be very certain about the actual urls -- i think we should consider them permanent once we put this into production and document it.19:48
anteayagood point19:48
jeblair(ie, do we want to use the cdn or host on review.o.o, etc)19:48
fungiyeah, the swift cdn url format i used was just a first stab. other suggestions welcome there19:48
*** colinmcnamara has quit IRC19:49
jeblairlet's move on to baremetal?19:49
*** colinmcnamara has joined #openstack-meeting19:49
* fungi nods. 10 minutes remaining19:49
jeblair#topic baremetal project19:49
*** openstack changes topic to "baremetal project (Meeting topic: infra)"19:49
clarkbdevananda: ^19:49
devanandajeblair: so i believe we have approval from mark collier for the code name "truss"19:50
devanandawhat's the process to get things going?19:50
fungithe name sounds painful ;)19:50
jeblairdevananda: bring it up with the tc, since it's a scope change for an existing project19:51
devanandafor those whose minds might wander, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truss19:51
anteayadevananda: ha ha ha, I can't stop laughing19:51
jeblairdevananda: (i don't anticipate a problem, people in general are in favor of modularizing nova)19:51
jeblairdevananda: ttx may know the exact procedure -- does there need to be a formal motion, and if so, how should it be written?19:52
jeblairdevananda: when the tc signs off on it, we can run a git filter branch to make a new repo19:53
devanandajeblair: gotcha. /me waits to see if ttx is around and has an answer :)19:53
jeblairdevananda: and otherwise set it up like a new project19:53
clarkbassuming the tc hands it back to us stamped with approval we would need to filter branch, import into gerrit, setup jenkins tests. The other bits I think you can do for yourself on launchpad etc19:53
fungifrom a technical perspective, this is more or less like a new gerrit project just with the need to split the repos via filter-branch. do we do that before or clean it up after import?19:53
fungier, what clarkb said19:53
clarkbfungi: before please19:53
*** adjohn has joined #openstack-meeting19:54
fungiso basically there will need to be a quiescence period where people merge what they're going to merge, freeze, split, then resume work on the new project i guess19:54
devanandadoes that quiescence apply to all of nova, or just the baremetal-specific code bits?19:54
clarkbI think just baremetal specific bits19:55
clarkbyou also patch in important changes after the split19:55
devanandagreat. that should be fairly simple19:55
fungifor nova proper there'll just be a follow-up commit to delete all the bm-related files presumably19:55
jeblairdevananda: i just squatted truss on launchpad and pypi19:55
devanandawell, no. we won't delete the current code from nova trunk19:56
clarkbbecause it has to be there for at least one release as deprecated19:56
devanandalike with cinder and quantum, there'll be parallel things for a bit19:56
rainyao/ does this mean the bm jokes are nearing eol?19:56
fungiahh, okay. even easier then19:56
*** ayoung has quit IRC19:56
devanandarainya: hopefully, though now you can make truss jokes instead :p19:56
rainyadevananda: i shall try to content myself with straight poles joining up with nodes!19:56
jeblairdevananda: is truss going to get its own user-facing api, and client?19:57
devanandarainya: :)19:57
jlk"squatted truss" -- the jokes make themselves19:57
devanandajeblair: thanks19:57
fungijlk: better than squatting bm19:57
devanandajeblair: yes19:57
devanandajeblair: yes, it iwll have a user-facing api19:57
jeblairoh, exciting.  i am curious as to why, but i don't need to know right now.19:58
jeblairi also squatted python-trussclient then.  :)19:58
jlkenrollment of machines in the internal inventory19:58
devanandayep ^19:58
devanandaalso for interfacing with CMDBs and so forth19:58
fungione-minute warning19:59
devanandaso. i'll ping ttx and the tc, and let ya know. thanks!19:59
*** shardy has joined #openstack-meeting19:59
jeblairthat's time.  thanks everyone!19:59
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack meetings || Development in #openstack-dev || Help in #openstack"19:59
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openstackMinutes (text): http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/infra/2013/infra.2013-04-23-19.06.txt19:59
openstackLog:            http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/infra/2013/infra.2013-04-23-19.06.log.html19:59
rainyabriefly, wanted to give a shout out jlk who is from Rackspace's Deploy Infrastructure team20:00
* jlk waives from the corner20:01
*** briancline_ has joined #openstack-meeting20:01
*** kmartin has joined #openstack-meeting20:05
*** briancline is now known as briancline__20:06
*** briancline_ is now known as briancline20:06
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mordredhi jlk20:39
*** cp16net|away is now known as cp16net20:39
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*** markmcclain has joined #openstack-meeting20:57
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ttxannegentle, markmc, dolphm, jgriffith, russellb, markmcclain, shardy, jd__: around ?21:00
*** enikanorov has quit IRC21:00
*** markmc has joined #openstack-meeting21:00
*** ayoung has joined #openstack-meeting21:00
*** jaybuff has quit IRC21:01
ttxMissing dolphm, russellb and jd__, I guess we can start21:01
ttx#startmeeting project21:02
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*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: project)"21:02
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'project'21:02
ttxWe'll skip per-project status this week, in favor of generic advice and open discussion21:02
ttx#link http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings/ProjectMeeting21:02
ttxshould take us less than the hour21:02
ttx#topic Grizzly documentation release status21:02
*** openstack changes topic to "Grizzly documentation release status (Meeting topic: project)"21:02
*** Nachi has quit IRC21:02
ttxannegentle: still targeting April 30 ?21:02
annegentleI only accept generic advice anyway21:02
annegentleYep, planning to release/publish 4/3021:03
annegentle#link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/Release21:03
ttxWhat's included in the docs release exactly ?21:03
annegentlethat's the process21:03
annegentleit has to do with URLs, comment threads, builds, um. all the things21:03
ttxeverything under docs.o.o ?21:03
annegentle#info Doc released planned for 4/30/1321:03
*** jamespage_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:03
*** rnirmal has quit IRC21:04
annegentlemake sure Google indexes correctly, etc. Yep, everything under docs.openstack.org/grizzly anyway21:04
ttxannegentle: Any specific issue that needs urgent help/attention from others ?21:04
annegentleAlso I'm working on "who wrote Grizzly docs?" data analysis.21:04
annegentleyes. Specifically install docs.21:04
annegentleThere are two doc patches in review for the Basic Install document:21:05
annegentle#link ubuntu https://review.openstack.org/#/c/26954/21:05
*** cdub_ has quit IRC21:05
annegentle#link fedora https://review.openstack.org/#/c/26919/21:05
ttx#help Ubuntu folk please help on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/26954/21:05
*** colinmcnamara has quit IRC21:05
ttx#help Fedora folk please help on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/26919/21:05
annegentleNetworking team seems to have docs on their radar, thank you to them.21:06
annegentlejgriffith: you have a docs Q or one for ttx?21:06
jgriffithannegentle: no, sorry, just showing up late :)21:06
ttxannegentle: no, I think he was just indicating his presence21:06
annegentlejgriffith: good to see you!21:06
annegentlettx: that's it for docs.21:06
ttxannegentle: ok21:06
ttxQuestions on doc release ?21:07
ttx#topic Havana Release schedule21:07
*** openstack changes topic to "Havana Release schedule (Meeting topic: project)"21:07
ttxDuring the Design Summit we had, like always, a session on release schedule21:07
ttxThe proposed one looks like this: http://ubuntuone.com/p/mhD/21:07
ttxRelease on October 17, Feature freeze on Tuesday, September 321:08
ttxThe main issue raised about that timing was that Monday, September 2 was US Labor day21:08
*** ewindisch has quit IRC21:08
ttxTo reduce the issue I propose we have Feature freeze on the Wednesday (September 4th) and havana-3 tagging on the Friday (September 6)21:08
ttxDoes that sound good ?21:08
jgriffithttx: +1 on Wed21:08
markmcclain+1 on Wed21:09
markwash+1 on wednesday21:09
ttxUnless there are objections I'll publish it tomorrow and adjust milestones for projects that are using them21:09
annegentleI thought Thurs. was your "magic" release day?21:09
ttxannegentle: It's the "thank god there is friday to catch up in case of problems" day21:09
ttxannegentle: I can publish on Saturday morning if shit happens21:10
dolphms/in case of/due to/21:10
ttx#action ttx to publish havana schedule with Feature freeze on the Wednesday (September 4th) and havana-3 tagging on the Friday (September 6)21:11
ttxQuestions about the release schedule ?21:11
ttx#topic Havana cycle plans21:12
*** openstack changes topic to "Havana cycle plans (Meeting topic: project)"21:12
ttxFor the next week(s) the main goal will be to turn the summit sessions into a reasonable set of actionable blueprints21:12
ttxThe rationale behind tracking work being done as blueprints is to communicate plans to the wider community -- not everyone has time to follow each project closely21:12
ttxWith blueprints we know what should be worked on, who should be working on it and when it's planned to land21:12
ttxSo the plan is:21:12
*** johnthetubaguy has joined #openstack-meeting21:13
ttx1- File blueprints for stuff that people volunteered to work on. A blueprint needs to cover a clear feature that can be "completed" in the Havana timeframe. "Improve database performance" is not really a good one.21:13
ttx(For complex stuff, file multiple blueprints and create dependencies between them)21:13
ttx(People should set the Assignee, the "Milestone target" to when they think it should be landed, and propose the "Series goal" to havana)21:13
ttx2- You PTLs review the proposed blueprints, accept the "Series goal" (you can use the page at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/YOURPROJECT/havana/+setgoals to do that) and set a priority21:13
ttxPriority reflects how important a given blueprint is to your objectives for this cycle. "Essential" means "cannot ship without" and should be used carefully21:14
ttxBlueprints that are accepted in series show up on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/YOURPROJECT/havana -- that's what we'll refine over the next weeks21:14
ttxQuestions on this process ?21:14
*** jd__ has joined #openstack-meeting21:15
ttxjd__: you'll have to read the meeting logs :) ^21:15
ttxgabrielhurley: shoot21:15
*** jaybuff has joined #openstack-meeting21:15
gabrielhurleyttx: you usually only open the next milestone shortly before the current one closes, but that makes it a little trickier to "lay out" plans for when blueprints will happen21:15
gabrielhurleye.g. I can target things to H1, or generally to Havana21:16
gabrielhurleybut can't say what should be H2 or H321:16
ttxgabrielhurley: no no, you cvan target stuff to h2/h321:16
gabrielhurleyoh, did you open those?21:16
gabrielhurleythey weren't there when I looked the other day21:16
ttxgabrielhurley: yes, I created them today21:16
gabrielhurleyheh. you pulled my favorite trick!21:16
jgriffithttx: flying under the radar21:16
gabrielhurleyI should've refreshed ;-)21:16
ttxUsing my whole new https://github.com/ttx/openstack-releasing/blob/master/create_milestones.py script!21:17
*** ewindisch has joined #openstack-meeting21:17
ttxgabrielhurley: ideally the whole plan (h1/h2/h3) should be laid out -- but I know that h3 is generally a moving target21:18
ttxOther questions ?21:18
ttxNext week we'll start reviewing those havana plans. let me know if you need help with this step.21:19
ttx#topic Havana Design Summit feedback21:19
*** openstack changes topic to "Havana Design Summit feedback (Meeting topic: project)"21:19
jd__ttx: sure thanks, sorry my IRC bouncer got killed at some point21:19
ttxWhile it's still hot in your memory, any suggestion for improvement on the Design Summit part ?21:19
jgriffithThe seperate section of the conf hall helped a lot IMO21:19
*** lloydde has quit IRC21:20
jgriffithOverlap of sessions was an issue, but I think that's going to be the way it goes21:20
markwashI found it a difficult to know what was going on in unconference sessions on the fly21:20
ttxyeah, I was a bit skeptical about it when Lauren mentioned it... but it was the only thing that kept us sane21:20
annegentlebetter wifi in the rooms needing Etherpads21:20
dolphmmarkwash: +121:20
markmcwe talked a bit about reducing the overlap with the conference part21:21
dolphmannegentle: ethernet was available to presenters, afaik21:21
dhellmannwe could have used whiteboards in the rooms, too, for drawing diagrams21:21
ttxmarkwash: I think we'll have to put the unconference stuff online to improve visibility21:21
annegentlewifi improved after day 121:21
jgriffithdhellmann: +121:21
markmci.e. giving us a couple of days where we can do design summit sessions without the conference in parallel21:21
ttxdhellmann: some rooms had some21:21
markmcto reduce distraction, let us focus21:21
dhellmannttx: ok, maybe I just wasn't in those rooms. did we have to ask for them?21:21
* markmc thinks that's worth trying to figure out21:21
ttxI definitely asked for one in every room during the sroom steup thing21:21
dolphmunconferences seemed to be generally more productive than regular sessions, IMO21:21
annegentledhellmann: I wanted a white board and took one from another room21:21
jgriffithmarkmc: +121:21
ttxdhellmann: theoretically there should have been one in each21:21
* dhellmann shakes fist at annegentle 21:22
* annegentle slinks away with markers21:22
dolphmthe two big rooms in the back of the dev lounge with round tables were AWESOME for impromptu unconferencing21:22
* jgriffith now knows why not whiteboard in 11021:22
* markmc spotted a whiteboard in the wild21:22
markmcsomeone even wrote on it21:22
ttxmarkmc: we can track who stole it then :)21:23
annegentledolphm: wow I never found those! I needed that.21:23
dhellmannit would be nice if the dev area wasn't locked down during the keynotes. I know they want us all to attend, but with limited time for hallway track / openspace meetings...21:23
jd__there was even a white board in the unconference room at some point :)21:23
annegentleI thought the summit 101 session was helpful21:23
ttxAbout session overlap - heckj wants to try some more dynamic scheduling21:23
dolphmdefine "dynamic"21:23
jd__dhellmann: +121:23
ttxhe agrees to be the point man to arrange sessions around. I know that's a nightmare to handle21:24
markmcoh, scheduling21:24
markmcsched.org ROCKS21:24
ttxdolphm: no more pre-defined topic layout21:24
*** Mandell has quit IRC21:24
dolphmoh interesting21:24
ttxdolphm: have keystone sessions scattered all 4 days$21:24
* markmc literally couldn't have coped without sched synced into his calendar21:24
dhellmannmarkmc: have you seen guidebook? even better. actually downloads to your mobile device.21:24
dolphmttx: i would definitely like that21:24
dhellmannbut +1 on the calendar sync21:24
jgriffithttx: could you elaborate a bit?21:24
*** Mandell has joined #openstack-meeting21:24
dolphmgive us time to talk about things in between sessions21:25
*** carlp-away is now known as carlp21:25
annegentlettx: heckj: oo I'd like to hear more too21:25
markmcdhellmann, yeah, all I used was the ical feed21:25
ttxjgriffith: Stuff is scheduled based on everyone's constraints, rather then in one pre-allocated block for that topic21:25
jgriffithttx: yeah, got it... big +1 here21:25
ttxjgriffith: generally involves someone not sleeping for the last 7 days before the summit starts21:25
ttxI know that. I did it for the first ones21:26
jgriffithttx: who sleeps the week before the summit?21:26
*** cdub_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:26
jgriffiththat's what the plane is for21:26
ttxi.e. someone receives all the angry emails about doublebooking and tries to resolve all the constraints... then pisses off more people21:26
ttxnot my definition of fun, and the main reason why we switched to preallocated slots21:27
jgriffithahhh... I guess I didn't envision that extreme of dynamic21:27
ttxbut preallocated slots have their drawbacks21:27
ttxlike keystone folks not attending security track at conference etc21:27
jgriffithI interpretted it as just spaced out, still scheduled but not in blocks21:27
* russellb is around now, sorry.21:27
ttxrussellb: read scrollback and let me know if you have any question on the process21:28
markmcclainI just wish there was a way that common/process could get a half day head start21:28
markmcclainthat would allow more PTL and core involvement in those tracks21:28
annegentleblocks/tracks means being in the same room for hours/days, not sure if that's okay for most people? (Efficient)21:28
notmynameas a voice in favor of preallocated tracks, I found "clustered" sessions to be very helpful. also it helps when figuring out other schedules for the week when planning for the summit21:28
dolphmmarkmcclain: +121:29
*** jaybuff has quit IRC21:29
jgriffithMaybe we can try to see if broader project topics fall out next time around?21:29
jgriffithie: bare-metal21:29
annegentlenotmyname: I liked being in one room for my track, it was easier if intense21:29
ttxnotmyname: it certainly simplifies the scheduling constraints, by solving a lot of them ahead of time :)21:29
jgriffithrather than having one in Nova, Glance, Cinder etc... combined versions21:29
ttxwe'll see what can be done and what can be implemented in the already-negociated time and space21:30
*** SergeyLukjanov has quit IRC21:30
ttxAny more feedback on Design Summit ? On the general event ?21:30
annegentleI was really impressed with the crowd handling considering the growth. And I had a darn good time to boot.21:31
annegentleTo me, best yet.21:31
dhellmannannegentle: +121:31
dolphmthe ratio of people attending design summit sessions and not participating is starting to get quite high21:31
ttxdhellmann: about general session blocking devs: I think Lauren mentioned that we would not do that anymore21:31
markmcdolphm, you thought so? I actually thought it was often less than previous times21:32
ttxdhellmann: They may actually have stuff running in the main big room all the time21:32
patelna_+ growing participants from women - Anne thxs for hosting social21:32
*** jaybuff has joined #openstack-meeting21:32
ttxdhellmann: with some tickets only allowing entracnce to that "keynote" space21:32
dhellmannttx: good21:32
annegentlepatelna_: happy to play host!21:32
dhellmannah, I like that, too21:32
ttxdhellmann: less people potentially wandering in our direction21:33
dolphmmarkmcclain: other than the unconference sessions I attended, it seems like the majority of design session attendees were just there to lurk21:33
markwashpatelna_: +121:33
patelna_TTX +121:33
gabrielhurleyI didn't mind the lurkers21:33
ttxwe'll also mark the design summit session more clearly on the schedule, so that they can't be mistaken for a regular presentation21:33
gabrielhurleyI was just glad the lurkers didn't participate if they were OT or distracting21:33
*** ryanpetrello has quit IRC21:33
ttxsomething like "Design session: FOO" all over21:34
jd__dolphm: definitely21:34
dolphmttx: awesome, i was really confused when i was told the dev lounge was closed21:34
dhellmannttx: could we mark them as separate tracks in sched.org to make it easier to follow the themes with different colors?21:34
patelna_too many people in the design summit ...we need to split the days liek what we had before21:34
ttxSometimes too many lurkers prevent you from having the discussion, that's the limit number we don't want to cross (hence relatively small rooms)21:34
dolphmttx: they can be smaller!21:34
dolphmwith bouncers21:35
ttxdhellmann: design summit sessions have their own color already21:35
*** ewindisch has quit IRC21:35
dolphmttx: but they're not color coded by project anymore21:35
dhellmannttx: I want separate colors for each project21:35
patelna_we had that21:35
dhellmannor track or whatever (incl. docs, qa, process, etc.)21:35
patelna_the problem was it was overcrowded21:35
ttxdhellmann: i'll see what sched lets you do. Having them grouped under a single "design summit" headline is convenient too21:36
ttxmaybe we'll go back to separate sched websites :)21:36
dolphmttx: create two seperate schedules again, maybe?21:36
* dhellmann didn't mean to open a can of worms21:36
ttxno no, that's good feedback, keep it coming21:37
*** vipul is now known as vipul|away21:37
*** vipul|away is now known as vipul21:37
ttx#topic Open discussion21:37
*** openstack changes topic to "Open discussion (Meeting topic: project)"21:37
ttxAny preference on the order you guys should have on the regular meetings ?21:37
ttxI tend to place "provider" projects (Oslo, Keystone), before "consumer" projects (Horizon, Heat), but if anyone is based in Europe they can go earlier21:38
dolphmi like being early in the meeting21:38
ttxI was thinking something like:21:38
ttxOslo, Keystone, Ceilometer, Swift, Glance, Quantum, Cinder, Nova, Heat, Horizon21:38
gabrielhurleyoh sure. put me last. ;-)21:38
gabrielhurley(that's fine)21:38
ttxgabrielhurley: you have a meeting next :P21:38
ttxI thought I was doing you a FAVOR21:38
ttxStill waiting for my beer21:39
gabrielhurleynext time you're in california21:39
jd__ttx: fine with me!21:39
jgriffithttx: no objections here21:40
ttxIt's in the predator order21:40
russellbha, yeah, it's fine with me21:40
gabrielhurleyopenstack food chain? lol21:40
markwashttx: you should hold out for the germain-robin21:40
ttxWell it's not set in stone, we can always adjust21:40
*** jlk has left #openstack-meeting21:41
*** lloydde has joined #openstack-meeting21:41
ttxAnything else ? Questions about the release cycle, process, blueprints, anything ?21:41
*** dhellmann has quit IRC21:41
russellbso the proposer should be able to set the milestone target?21:41
markmcare we nearly there yet?21:41
ttxrussellb: yes, if he sets himself as assignee, certainly21:41
russellbok, cool.21:42
markmccan we make "baby steps" the theme for this release?21:42
markmcmaybe have a logo and stuff?21:42
* russellb stares at his pile of 175 blueprints21:42
ttxmarkmc: how is "baby steps" related to "Havana" ?21:42
ttxSome kind of dance thing ?21:42
markmcbaby steps + havana == baby with cigar21:42
markmcbaby swaggering with cigar21:43
markmcanyway, I digress21:43
ttxI shall raise a thread about the I naming soon, we have a complex issue coming up21:43
markmcoooh, you tease21:43
*** woodspa has quit IRC21:43
russellbheh, still can't find an 'I' near next summit?  :)21:43
jgriffithhaha.. that's an understatement21:43
ttxas Chinese don't seem to start any word with I21:43
*** cdub_ has quit IRC21:43
ttxthere are a few places in the general vicinity, but not in China :)21:44
* ttx doesn't want to create a diplocamtic incident, at least not until he is back home21:44
russellbthere's a manmade lake that starts with 'I', but a man-made tourist area is kinda lame21:44
ttxthere are a few towns in Taiwan and Indonesia that start with I21:44
dolphmsomeone write a google maps query to find the absolute closest anything to the summit that starts with the letter I, and we'll skip the vote21:45
ttxdolphm: you're the man21:45
markmcttx, that sounds like a sure fire diplomatic incident21:45
markmcttx, throw some flags into the mix too21:45
russellbInspiration Lake: http://goo.gl/maps/8l79a21:45
markmcthe Inspiration release21:45
markmccheesy, but not bad21:46
russellbnot the worst name ever.21:46
ttxespecially cheesy once you see that the lake is artificial and the thing hosts a theme park21:46
*** Mike656 has joined #openstack-meeting21:46
russellbyeah that's the disappointing part :(21:46
ttxanyway, watch out for the thread, sometimes next week probably. You can do your research in the mean time21:46
markwashwe should just call it "Island"21:46
*** salv-orlando has joined #openstack-meeting21:46
dolphmmarkmc: +121:47
ttxmarkwash: that kinda reinforces the "non-interoperable" meme21:47
russellbmarkwash: yeah, i thought about that ... but that's terrible messaging for a project that wants to promote federation and interop :)21:47
bcwaldonttx: perfect21:47
*** ewindisch has joined #openstack-meeting21:47
russellbName: "I...don't know what to call this", short "idunno"21:48
dolphmttx: are there any specifics on where the summit will be yet, other than 'hong kong'?21:48
ttxCan that thing be described with a thing that starts with a I : http://www.flags.net/images/smallflags/CHIN0100.GIF21:48
ttxdolphm: still under contract negociation21:48
ttxanything else before we end the meeting ?21:49
markmcoh, since this is an open session21:49
markmcI'm working up some improvements on documenting Oslo processes etc.21:49
dolphmIsquare, Hong Kong (a 31 story mall)21:49
markmcone idea we talked about at the summit was incubating APIs having explicit maintainers21:49
markwashwe should just skip to K and call it Kowloon (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kowloon_Walled_City)21:49
* markmc just proposed this: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/27379/1/MAINTAINERS21:49
markmcfeedback welcome21:49
*** ewindisch has quit IRC21:49
markmcttx, you're in there :)21:49
dolphmthere's also an Ikea21:49
russellbwill they offer corporate sponsorship of the next release?21:50
markwashthat could fit the openstack theme of "some assembly required" :-)21:50
ttxmarkwash: I like it, but that would confuse the hell out of the watchers21:51
ttxmarkmc: looks good21:51
*** vipul is now known as vipul|away21:52
markmcttx, cool, thanks21:52
*** mestery_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:52
*** kspear has joined #openstack-meeting21:52
dolphmttx: we can compensate for the Kowloon confusion by naming the subsequent release starting with the letter I21:53
dolphmthen we won't have skipped anything and the OCD in all of us will be satisfied (?)21:53
*** jaybuff has quit IRC21:53
ttxdolphm: or find some alphabet that skips "I"21:54
*** Mike656 has quit IRC21:54
dolphmttx: the OpenStack(tm) Alphabet21:54
ttxIsquare sounds like some Apple store21:54
dolphmttx: i guarantee there's a knockoff apple store there21:54
notmynamemarkmc: are we skipping j?21:54
gabrielhurleyletters with dots over them are clearly unacceptable21:55
dolphmi win? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ice_House_Street21:55
russellboh, and we like naming things after beer, right?21:56
*** mestery has quit IRC21:56
ttxdolphm: not too bad. Still two words where single words are preferred, but probably the best one suggested so far21:56
*** Mike656 has joined #openstack-meeting21:56
dolphmOpenStack Ice21:56
russellbcan pretend it's one word 'icehouse'21:56
dolphmrussellb: +121:56
markwashwe need ice21:57
russellbi like it more than the fake lake21:57
gabrielhurleyOpenStack I Ching?21:57
russellbIce may have a trademark conflict ...21:57
ttxrussellb: yeah, as I say, probably the less intrusive abuse21:57
dolphmrussellb: it's safer than Ikea21:57
*** hemna has quit IRC21:58
dolphmmaybe not21:58
ttxanyway, time running out, let's close this21:58
*** hemna has joined #openstack-meeting21:58
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack meetings || Development in #openstack-dev || Help in #openstack"21:58
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russellbthis is the funnest topic to bikeshed though :)21:58
openstackMinutes:        http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/project/2013/project.2013-04-23-21.02.html21:58
* russellb waves21:58
openstackMinutes (text): http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/project/2013/project.2013-04-23-21.02.txt21:58
openstackLog:            http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/project/2013/project.2013-04-23-21.02.log.html21:58
* ttx passes the remote to gabrielhurley21:58
*** kspear has quit IRC21:59
*** dolphm has quit IRC21:59
*** kspear has joined #openstack-meeting22:01
*** atiwari has joined #openstack-meeting22:01
gabrielhurley#startmeeting horizon22:01
openstackMeeting started Tue Apr 23 22:01:11 2013 UTC.  The chair is gabrielhurley. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.22:01
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*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: horizon)"22:01
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'horizon'22:01
gabrielhurley#topic overview22:01
*** openstack changes topic to "overview (Meeting topic: horizon)"22:01
gabrielhurleyHi folks!22:01
* kspear waves22:01
gabrielhurleyWelcome to the first Horizon meeting of the Havana cycle. :-)22:01
gabrielhurleyIt was great seeing most of you at the summit last week22:01
*** atiwari has quit IRC22:02
gabrielhurleyI think we got some great work done, and generally I've tried to capture all the outcomes into blueprints22:02
*** markmcclain has quit IRC22:02
*** spzala has quit IRC22:02
gabrielhurleyjust to recap for anyone that wasn't listening in on the meeting before this:22:02
*** vipul|away is now known as vipul22:02
gabrielhurleythe goal for this week is to get all the havan blueprints laid out, and to get them targeted to milestones and (if possible) assign them to people responsible for them22:02
gabrielhurleyAt the very least I'd like to get H1 mostly accounted for.22:03
gabrielhurleyto that end22:03
gabrielhurley#topic blueprints and bugs22:03
*** openstack changes topic to "blueprints and bugs (Meeting topic: horizon)"22:03
gabrielhurleyThere's been good work happening on gerrit. I did a bunch of reviews today, and will continue to keep an eye on them.22:03
*** markwash has quit IRC22:03
gabrielhurleybut blueprints are the larger issue currently22:03
gabrielhurleythere's what's targeted to Havana currently22:03
gabrielhurleyit should encompasse most of what we talked about at the summit, plus a few that continue to be important22:04
gabrielhurleyI'm gonna tackle the API version and extension detection, and hopefully have that done ASAP. My goal is to have that in the next two weeks.22:04
gabrielhurleyThat one's the blocker for most other work in H, so the sooner the better22:04
*** emagana_ has joined #openstack-meeting22:05
gabrielhurleyI'd also like to see to it that we get D3 in place so everyone can start building with it ASAP22:05
*** egallen has joined #openstack-meeting22:05
gabrielhurleydoesn't mean everything has to be refactored in one go22:05
gabrielhurleyjust progress on it22:05
gabrielhurleyThere are a few BPs that trickled over from Grizzly which are targeted to H1 and even have reviews up already, so those are good22:06
*** eharney has quit IRC22:06
gabrielhurleythe two large remaining themes I think are urgent for the early part of this cycle are:22:06
gabrielhurleykeystone domain work (blocked by the API version detection)22:07
gabrielhurleythe basics of the realtime communication stuff22:07
gabrielhurleythat includes exploring python-based websocket solutions, dropping in socket.io, and investigating the RPC listener on Oslo22:07
gabrielhurleyof those, I've got the RPC listener assigned to me22:08
*** ewindisch has joined #openstack-meeting22:08
gabrielhurleyand a couple people have claimed other peices22:08
gabrielhurleybut anyone who'd like to work on specific things is welcome to step up to them, and teamwork is encouraged. ;-)22:08
gabrielhurleyfor example i'll definitely work closely with whoever works on the websocket stuff22:09
gabrielhurleybut I don't think it'd be wise for me to own that one given my usual schedule22:09
*** Mike656 has quit IRC22:09
gabrielhurleyso let me open it up a little22:09
gabrielhurleydoes anyone want to argue for specific things they think should be in H1? or *not* in H1?22:09
gabrielhurleyor blueprints they're interested in/concerned about?22:09
kspeari'd love to help with the websocket stuff but i don't have a lot of time in H1 since we're also upgrading our cloud to grizzly22:11
gabrielhurleymy hope is that it actually won't be much work22:11
kspeareverything else looks good to me22:11
gabrielhurleyit's one of those "if it goes right it's easy"22:11
kspearcan we come up with some design doco so we can better coordinate?22:12
gabrielhurleysure. suggestions?22:12
kspearat least an etherpad with a description of each component and how things will fit together?22:13
kspeari realise some of this is still to be discovered22:13
gabrielhurleysounds good. create one, jot down any thoughts, and link it into the BP?22:13
kspearwill do22:13
david-lyleLin and I are interested in working on keystone v3 support as it closely relates to the system we currently use and we would like to transition to v322:14
*** woodspa has joined #openstack-meeting22:14
gabrielhurleyyep. I'd love for y'all to own all of that22:14
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack-meeting22:14
gabrielhurleyI do have some concerns about the big reorganization that was in the wireframes at the summit, so don't start moving things until we can get a bit more consenus around that22:14
*** lbragstad has quit IRC22:15
gabrielhurleybut otherwise let's follow up about how best to organize the API code and then you should be able to work more-or-less in parallel22:15
gabrielhurleywith what I need to do to support v2 and v3 side-by-side22:15
david-lylethat's fine, we'll make it work in the existing layout unless we can generate some consensus22:16
gabrielhurleyso yeah, let's agree on what the interface for "switching" versions looks like, and then you can just stub in a hardcoded "use v3" and work forward from there until I get my end done22:16
david-lyleis that a settings level item or are we looking for an UI element?22:17
*** sacharya has quit IRC22:18
david-lylesettings would be use v3 is available type setting22:18
david-lylebecause it hits at login time too22:19
gabrielhurleyultimately there will be something in the openstack_dashboard.api code that will know which versions are available and hand you back the appropriate client when you call it.22:19
gabrielhurleyit will probably get it's data from the APIs with an optional settings override22:20
gabrielhurleybut this is all just off the top of my head22:20
david-lylewell work it out22:20
*** vipul is now known as vipul|away22:21
*** vipul|away is now known as vipul22:21
gabrielhurleyFor anyone else who hasn't spoken up, I encourage you to look at the remaining blueprints targeted to H1 (and the ones that aren't) and figure out what you'd like to work on. Feel free to assign them to yourself if they're unclaimed. If there are things you think are important and should be in H1 feel free to email me.22:21
kspearwhatever happened to chunked/direct image upload?22:21
gabrielhurleynot targeted to Havana currently 'cuz nobody's stepped up to own it22:21
*** ewindisch has quit IRC22:22
*** boris-42 has joined #openstack-meeting22:22
gabrielhurleyit's a big/tough problem22:22
gabrielhurleyand I don't want to force somebody to tackle it22:22
kspearyep, fair enough22:22
gabrielhurleyif anyone *wants* it, I'm more than happy to bring it in22:22
kspearit'd be very nice to have22:22
gabrielhurleytotally agreed22:22
kspeari might look into it later in the cycle22:22
*** ivasev has quit IRC22:22
david-lylethere doesn't seem to be a self assign for blueprints, is there a mechanism I'm missing?22:22
gabrielhurleyright now there are about the same number of BPs targeted to H as we completed in G, but I'm hoping we may actually be able to do more.22:23
*** gongysh has quit IRC22:23
gabrielhurleydavid-lyle: if you can't do it just bug me or any of the other core folks and we can assign it for you22:23
*** gongysh has joined #openstack-meeting22:23
david-lyleok, thanks22:23
gabrielhurleylaunchpad has wacky permissions22:23
lchengcan you this to either or Dave22:23
*** tpatil has quit IRC22:23
*** Mike656 has joined #openstack-meeting22:24
gabrielhurleyI divided them up randomly between you two22:25
gabrielhurley#topic open discussion22:26
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: horizon)"22:26
gabrielhurleyAnybody got other things they're interested in talking about?22:26
kspearthe first grizzly stable release isn't far away iirc22:27
kspearso if people could think about backports22:27
kspearand either propose reviews or tag them that'd be good22:27
gabrielhurleyah, that's a good point22:27
gabrielhurleyparticularly some of the Load Balancer bugfixes would be great to backport22:28
*** Mike656 has quit IRC22:28
kspearyeah definitely22:28
*** markmc has quit IRC22:28
*** egallen has quit IRC22:30
*** salv-orlando has quit IRC22:30
gabrielhurleyokay, well, if anyone has other thoughts feel free to bring 'em up on the mailing list.22:30
*** salv-orlando has joined #openstack-meeting22:30
gabrielhurleygood meeting folks22:30
gabrielhurleysame time next week!22:30
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kspearthanks gabriel!22:31
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