Monday, 2014-06-30

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rakhmerov#startmeeting Mistral16:01
openstackMeeting started Mon Jun 30 16:01:13 2014 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is rakhmerov. Information about MeetBot at
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rakhmerovhi all16:01
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rakhmerovwho has joined us? :)16:02
rakhmerovraise your hands16:02
rakhmerovhi Kirill16:03
rakhmerovbtw, while we're waiting for others let me show you something16:03
rakhmerovyou may be familiar with this16:03
rakhmerovKirill, can you take a look pls at
rakhmerovNastya gets it when she is trying to run Mistral API16:04
rakhmerovI believe something is wrong with keystone16:04
rakhmerovisn't it that problem with openssl?16:04
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xazelnope, it's not. I haven't seen anything like that before.16:05
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rakhmerovhm, ok16:05
akuznetsovaprobable it is my local problems and i do something wrong16:05
akuznetsovai will try again tomorrow in the new venv16:06
rakhmerovakuznetsova, ok, let's go through the process of installation tomorrow together step by step16:06
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rakhmerovyou can share your screen and we'll try to figure the problem out16:06
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rakhmerovok, not sure how many people are going to be here today, looks like there are just three of us for now16:07
rakhmerovso let's make it quick16:07
rakhmerovKolya is on enforced vacation till July 26th, Timur is busy16:07
rakhmerovDmitri and Winson seem to be busy as well16:07
rakhmerov#topic Previous Action Items16:08
*** openstack changes topic to "Previous Action Items (Meeting topic: Mistral)"16:08
rakhmerovno previous action items!16:08
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rakhmerov#topic Current status (quickly by team members)16:08
*** openstack changes topic to "Current status (quickly by team members) (Meeting topic: Mistral)"16:08
rakhmerovlet's start with Kirill16:08
rakhmerovxazel, what are you up to?16:09
xazelspent the week trying to merge stackstorm\mistral-demo into stackforge/mistral-extra (
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rakhmerovcurrent status? Roadblocks?16:09
rakhmerovwhat's left?16:09
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xazelbasically, we need to rewrite some examples to reflect latest changes in DSL and then figure out how to make it as friendly to user as possible16:11
rakhmerovwill you have some time tomorrow? We could try to work on this together and fix what's needed16:11
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xazelI think so. Skype me when you have time.16:12
rakhmerovakuznetsova, what's your status?16:12
akuznetsovahm..not very optimistic, cause i am on the way to install the mistral16:13
rakhmerov#action rakhmerov, skype Kirill on Tue and work with him on integrating mistral-demo examples into mistral-extra16:13
rakhmerovakuznetsova, don't worry, that's totally fine16:13
rakhmerov#action rakhmerov, get in touch with Nastya and figure out the problem with Mistral installation16:14
akuznetsovaplans : install mistral and update requirements and check that all is ok, then to start see into python-mistral client16:14
rakhmerovafaik, you've done a good job on preparing a proposal for testing infrastructure16:14
akuznetsovathanks, also i prepared some blueprints16:15
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rakhmerovok, that's good, I still didn't look at them, will do tomorrow (or may be today later while watching World Cup :) )16:15
rakhmerovMy status: last Tue released Mistral version 0.0.4 and since then I have been researching a lot of Workflow related stuff (Petri nets, WFMSs, BPM/BPMN/BPEL, Ansible, yawl, workflow patterns)16:16
rakhmerovI have read a lot of interesting things16:16
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tnurlygayanovHi there!16:17
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rakhmerovthat made me sure we haven't done anything really stupid so far16:17
rakhmerovhey Timur!16:17
rakhmerovglad you made it to join us16:17
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rakhmerovso my plan is to spend 2-3 days more on that because I think it's really useful to get on a distance from what we're doing and rethink our ideas16:18
rakhmerovtnurlygayanov, do you have any updates?16:18
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tnurlygayanovrakhmerov, sorry, no updates for the last week, now I'm woring with many projects in parallel16:19
rakhmerovunderstandable, no problem16:19
rakhmerovTimur, the only thing I'd ask you to help with (you and/or Sergey) is try to install Mistral on Nastya's machine16:20
rakhmerovshe keeps getting a problem16:20
tnurlygayanovI know that we have some internal OpenStack lab for manual testing, rakhmerov, are you got it?16:20
rakhmerovI'll try to look at it myself tomorrow morning but just in case if we can't do it it would be nice if you could help her16:21
tnurlygayanovok, we will check. Do you have ideas what the root of these problems?16:21
rakhmerovTimur, no I am not aware of the dedicated OpenStack lab for Mistral16:21
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rakhmerovI think there's something wrong with keystone, may be even reinstallation of openssl is required16:22
rakhmerovit's just a theory though16:22
rakhmerovso, what is the status on Mistral lab?16:22
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rakhmerovok, Timur, let's discuss Mistral Lab separately16:24
rakhmerovI see that the ticket in Jira is closed16:24
rakhmerovbut not sure why it's rejected :)16:24
rakhmerov#topic Further plans16:25
*** openstack changes topic to "Further plans (Meeting topic: Mistral)"16:25
rakhmerovour further plans is to make a serious refactoring and add the functionality needed for version 0.116:25
rakhmerovI'm planning to finish needed research by the end of the week and start coding it16:26
rakhmerovI wish Dmitri was here to discuss this topic more, maybe next time16:26
rakhmerov#topic Open Discussion16:26
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion (Meeting topic: Mistral)"16:26
rakhmerovguys, do you have anything else for today to discuss?16:27
akuznetsovanothing from my side16:27
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rakhmerovfor this week I'd like to see those bugs fixed
*** vjay has joined #openstack-meeting16:29
rakhmerovI'll ping Dmitri and ask him about this16:29
rakhmerovok, let's finish then16:29
rakhmerovthanks everyone for joining in16:29
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openstackMeeting ended Mon Jun 30 16:30:33 2014 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)16:30
openstackMinutes (text):
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sarob#startmeeting training-manuals17:00
openstackMeeting started Mon Jun 30 17:00:16 2014 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is sarob. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.17:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: training-manuals)"17:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'training_manuals'17:00
sarobRoll call17:00
*** vjay has joined #openstack-meeting17:00
annegent_I can only stay for a few, sorry17:01
*** baoli has joined #openstack-meeting17:01
*** jackib has joined #openstack-meeting17:01
fthamuragreet all :)17:01
* dbite lets cover anne's part first then17:01
sarobAnnegent_ let's start with docs-specs then17:01
sarob#topic docs-specs repo17:02
*** openstack changes topic to "docs-specs repo (Meeting topic: training-manuals)"17:02
annegent_Looks like I need to get the ACLs set, working on that this morning (not sure how yet)17:02
matjazpwhat's with ACLs? new group docs-specs-core?17:02
annegent_Ah I'm behind, Andreas is on it17:02
*** NikitaKo_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:03
annegent_matjazp: yeah, it seems like glance, nova, etc. are setting up separate spec review core teams17:03
sarobAnnegent_ what's the process plan for getting specs approved?17:04
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sarobAnnegent_ and how narrow specs should be?17:04
*** gduan has quit IRC17:04
*** derekh_ has quit IRC17:05
sarobannegent_ should I start that discussion on the ML?17:05
annegent_sarob: re: approval. I'd like two +2s17:05
matjazpsarob: or maybe comments on that review?17:05
annegent_sarob: but will approve as PTL as oslo and others are doing by sending a note to the mailing list saying "-1 now or forever hold your peace"17:05
sarobBoth sounds right to me17:05
*** MaxV has quit IRC17:05
*** MaxV_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:06
sarobAnnegent_ not sure I understand?17:06
annegent_sarob: re: scope of spec. I'd like to keep the same as we have now. No blueprint needed for general content changes, but need a blueprint for sweeping changes across multiple books or for tooling changes.17:06
annegent_sarob: matjazp: yes comments on that review will certainly hold back approval17:06
dbiteannegent_: in that case, flat repo structure should do the trick17:07
*** NikitaK__ has joined #openstack-meeting17:07
sarobDbite agreed there17:07
rluethiannegent_: tooling changes == different tools, right? not changes regarding tools. that would get tired fast.17:07
*** NikitaKo_ has quit IRC17:07
annegent_rluethi: right, different tools, or new tools17:08
annegent_sarob: understand the review? Thinking of the oslo thread here:
matjazpso BPs are for big changes only? As now, they were used (in Training guides) for more specific, smaller changes17:08
*** tedross has joined #openstack-meeting17:08
matjazplike add a chapter17:08
annegent_matjazp: to me, in the docs program, we have used bps for large changes. Smaller changes are bugs and the discussion is in the bug comments.17:09
sarobannegent_ I get that it's the -1 ptl bit I don't get17:09
*** Mandell has joined #openstack-meeting17:09
annegent_sarob: in oslo's case, the ptl sent out a note that said, "we've talked about this extensively, I'll go ahead and approve unless someone says not to by a particular date"17:10
sarobAnnegent_ ah, right.17:10
*** NikitaK__ has quit IRC17:11
matjazpnew chapter in guides=bug or BP?17:11
annegent_sarob: we can certainly talk more about scope of blueprints and when they are required and when they are not on the ML17:11
sarobOkay, so team, are we in agreement to start using the docs-specs repo for our specs?17:11
sarobannegent_ roger that17:11
dbitematjazp: new chapter == bug/ new book == BP17:11
matjazp+1 for specs17:11
annegent_matjazp: same for you, ask that question on the ML. I'm inclined towards fewer BPs but that's me17:11
*** jlibosva has quit IRC17:12
annegent_dbite: that's how I'll lean17:12
annegent_towards lean. haha17:12
sarobId like to debate through specs reviews new material or books like the Dev guide17:12
rluethisarob: fine17:12
sarobCan a get a few more votes?17:13
sarobDocs-specs yes or no17:13
annegent_sarob: new material can be a bp, such as the ceilometer admin info17:13
fthamuraquestion: how will complete and coverehensive the openstack manual will be?17:13
*** NikitaKo_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:13
sarobAnnegent_ got it17:13
*** hrybacki has joined #openstack-meeting17:14
annegent_fthamura: we try to keep the docs scope tight due to limited resources and needing to prioritize.17:14
sarobDbite matjazp17:14
matjazpsarob: I allready voted +117:14
*** ShillaSaebi has joined #openstack-meeting17:14
*** hartsocks has joined #openstack-meeting17:14
sarobOkay thx17:14
*** neelashah has quit IRC17:14
rluethisarob: whatever facilitates dicussion is good. I am somewhat concerned with the bureaucracy.17:14
*** nati_ueno has joined #openstack-meeting17:14
*** bdpayne has joined #openstack-meeting17:14
* dbite should we think of using #vote?17:15
annegent_rluethi: I know, it's a balancing act.17:15
*** hartsocks has left #openstack-meeting17:15
dbiterluethi: talking about todays spec merge!17:15
dbitenice point17:15
annegent_sorry, have to go. I'll catch up in the notes.17:15
sarobDbite next time sure17:15
*** annegent_ has quit IRC17:15
sarobAnnegent_ thx17:15
*** gokrokve has joined #openstack-meeting17:15
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sarob#topic reviews17:16
*** openstack changes topic to "reviews (Meeting topic: training-manuals)"17:16
*** vhoward- has left #openstack-meeting17:16
sarobHas everyone reviewed at least once last week?17:16
* dbite more than once17:16
rluethime too.17:16
*** harlowja has joined #openstack-meeting17:17
sarobAnyone else?17:17
dbiteI am treating the reviews as servers and I am on call :)17:17
sarobMe too17:17
sarobOkay well that's a good start17:17
dbiteI think we have about 12-20 hours before a patch is reviewed at present17:18
dbitesarob: I agree17:18
matjazphmmm... we had +2 for accepted.. should we try to use +1's? And save +2s for "emergency"?17:18
sarobConfig gerrit/review to watch openstack/training-guides17:18
dbitematjazp: yes, that is the practise17:18
dbitecritical stuff is getting instant +2, +1 (workflow)17:18
rluethieasy patches get reviewed a lot faster than 12-20 hours.17:18
sarobMatjazp that's a good practice. I will work on that17:19
dbiteother stuff, two reviewers are doing the same thing after +1 from jenkins and +1 from other reviewer17:19
matjazpthere were quite a few +2.. maybe we should slow down and use +1s17:19
dbiterluethi: I meant initial response time17:19
*** vjay has joined #openstack-meeting17:19
rluethidbite: it's often a couple of hours tops.17:19
sarobLet's work on getting multiple reviews same day17:20
dbiteyep, worst case (weekends) its not more than a few hours17:20
sarobAt least17:20
dbiteyep, we have good geo-coverage as of now17:20
rluethisplit patches into pieces that are easy to digest, and it won't be a problem.17:20
dbitetill I move to GMT+117:20
sarob#action team reviews same days17:20
matjazpdbite:  oh? gmt+1? in my neighbourhood? :)17:20
dbitematjazp: yep :)17:21
sarob#action core reviewers work on +1 reviews, +2 sparingly17:21
rluethiGMT+1 covers quite an area.17:21
*** Mandell has quit IRC17:21
*** kopparam has joined #openstack-meeting17:22
dbitemove on?17:22
sarobShillasaebi any notes from your team?17:22
sarob#topic stable team update17:22
*** Sukhdev has joined #openstack-meeting17:23
*** openstack changes topic to "stable team update (Meeting topic: training-manuals)"17:23
Guest99011sarob: this is Megan, we are working on breaking down the training guides17:23
dbiteGuest99011: hi megan17:23
*** jackib has quit IRC17:23
*** ShillaSaebi_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:23
sarobGuest99011 gots an etherpad for work so far?17:24
ShillaSaebi_sorry - no notes as of now @sarob17:24
dbitecan we do the initial planning here ?
Guest99011I will add information there - we have been working internally, and need to review the email sent this morning17:24
*** MaxV_ has quit IRC17:25
*** ShillaSaebi has quit IRC17:25
*** MaxV has joined #openstack-meeting17:25
dbiteI am moving the XML files as per this BP
dbitebefore I start with install guides work17:25
*** NikitaKo_ has quit IRC17:25
sarobDbite hmm, I'm okay with this. We will end up with a common dir too?17:26
*** kopparam has quit IRC17:26
dbitesarob: I cannot say as of now, may be in future17:26
*** Mandell has joined #openstack-meeting17:27
sarobDbite okay. As long as the team can follow the change17:27
*** dwalleck has joined #openstack-meeting17:27
*** Michalik_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:27
dbiteI think this change is welcome, it should make our lives very simple for editing XML17:27
sarobDbite what about the naming change we discussed?17:28
* dbite memory loss17:28
dbitecan you tell me a bit more on that?17:28
sarobDbite normally these two topics would be specs17:28
sarobDbite mentioned desire to rename files17:29
*** miqui has joined #openstack-meeting17:29
dbiteyes, its under the same spec17:29
*** otherwiseguy has quit IRC17:29
*** jackib has joined #openstack-meeting17:29
*** dwalleck has quit IRC17:29
sarobDbite ah. Okay. So next time we do something this big, let's create a spec/bp17:30
sarobDbite for debate transparency17:30
dbitemostly, we just modify this spec17:30
*** otherwiseguy has joined #openstack-meeting17:30
sarobOkay. Anything else?17:30
*** vermarah has joined #openstack-meeting17:30
*** vermarah_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:30
dbitebouncerstation is setup17:30
dbiteinfact I am connected to ZNC as of now17:30
* dguitarbite :| I feel I am ditched ;)17:31
dbite*bouncerstation setup is done17:31
dbiteI will put the docs up after the meeting17:31
dbiteso others can use it too17:31
rluethidbite: great. thanks.17:32
sarobDbite cool, so you are unable to use your normal handle through znc live?17:32
*** Michalik_ has quit IRC17:32
*** simon-AS559 has joined #openstack-meeting17:32
* dbite welcome17:32
dbitesarob: I can use them both17:32
dbiteas you saw17:32
dguitarbiteI can use my normal login via. client17:32
sarobDbite okay got it17:32
dbiteit works fine, my ID's are aliases and auth. to freenode via. SSL and password17:32
sarobDbite thanks. I will review and add mobile config if any17:33
dbiteand I can use bouncerstation login via. the same client to be more verbose17:33
dbitesarob: sure17:33
*** MaxV has quit IRC17:34
*** kenhui has quit IRC17:34
sarobDbite if like to target Juno-m2 for stable team to have the assoc and oper guides up to icehouse17:34
sarobDbite is that possible?17:34
*** kenhui has joined #openstack-meeting17:34
dbitewhen is Juno-m2?17:34
dbiteit should be possible17:35
sarob#action stable team icehouse target juno-m217:35
*** arnaud_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:35
sarob#action core-reviewers use irc bouncer for their irc handle17:36
*** fawadkhaliq has joined #openstack-meeting17:36
dbite#action setup bouncerstation steps on wiki17:36
sarob#core reviewers review at least once per day17:36
sarob#topic Dev team17:37
*** openstack changes topic to "Dev team (Meeting topic: training-manuals)"17:37
sarobSo we have stalled with the specs thing in the middle17:37
dbitesarob: I think officiating it via. manuals was a bit time consuming17:38
sarobI will get the bp discussion restarted on the ML on prereq, labs17:38
matjazpI was holding my BPs back (spec repo changing)... but Anne said that new chapters are bugs, right? We kinda used BPs for way smaller tasks for now... should we discuss this (big or "small" BPs)on ML? To be in sync with Docs team... (they use BPs for bigger changes)17:39
sarobMatjazp I think we should do what the team feels right17:39
matjazpI kinda like smaller BPs.. you guys?17:40
*** pelix has quit IRC17:40
sarobMatjazp I think annegent_ can live with us being a bit more active with bps17:40
sarobMatjazp I agree17:40
sarobMatjazp bp equal storyboard cards for me17:41
sarobMatjazp and that maps closer to the storyboard project which we prob will be using by fall17:41
*** padkrish has joined #openstack-meeting17:42
dbitematjazp: for your sub-team, its your decision17:42
sarobDbite I like that17:42
dbiteI still feel that specs provide better documentation for blueprints.17:42
*** skolathur has joined #openstack-meeting17:42
matjazpsarob: will Storyboard change specs/BP way of working?17:42
sarobDbite allows for debate and discussion17:43
dbitebut it adds lot of bureaucracy17:43
sarobDbite true so let's move them reviews17:43
sarobMatjazp storyboard will likely replace launchpad bp17:44
sarobMatjazp but still early days so specs for now17:44
*** padkrish has quit IRC17:45
*** Sukhdev has quit IRC17:45
sarob#action each subteam will discuss what level of work equals spec/bp17:45
*** padkrish has joined #openstack-meeting17:45
sarobMoving on17:45
sarob#topic infra team update17:45
*** openstack changes topic to "infra team update (Meeting topic: training-manuals)"17:45
sarobIrc bouncer was good17:46
sarobAny new tests?17:46
*** otherwiseguy has quit IRC17:46
*** matiu has quit IRC17:47
sarobWe need to work on language support17:47
*** SlickNik has joined #openstack-meeting17:47
sarobSome time for that17:47
rluethisarob: like what openstack-manuals has?17:47
fthamurahi all, i posted also this in ML-doc, regarding infra, can you share what is your spec there, to run test? because we are starting develop on it, is 5 intel NUC can become minimum spec for infra?17:47
*** edmund has quit IRC17:48
dbitenot yet17:48
rluethisarob: I doesn't look difficult, but the devil's probably hiding in the details.17:48
dbitewe need to get the install guides up17:48
rluethisarob: and testing locally is tricky.17:48
sarob#action infra think on language support by Juno-m317:49
sarobSound okay?17:49
dbitefthamura: we need to decide the specs, I would suggest not yet17:49
*** julienvey has quit IRC17:49
rluethisarob: should be doable.17:49
*** vjay has quit IRC17:49
*** padkrish has quit IRC17:50
sarobFthamura we have the trainer scripts set for 4 node build. What reason would be to change?17:50
dbiterluethi: its you need to take the lead for multi language support, I have no idea in that area17:50
*** otherwiseguy has joined #openstack-meeting17:51
*** yamamoto has joined #openstack-meeting17:51
fthamurasarob: not change, i will follow your spec, as first program.. and need to create infra with several variance spec. interest with Intel NUC, because low energy17:51
rluethidbite:  i18n and l10n are not exactly my areas of expertise, either :)17:51
sarobFthamura I think you are confusing the trainer scripts with production like cluster17:52
sarobFthamura let's continue on ML17:53
fthamurasarob: i will email in ML, so wont distrub this meeting17:53
sarobInfra any thing else?17:53
dbiterluethi: I mean my brains point to /dev/null || /dev/rand in this17:53
*** vrovachev has quit IRC17:53
*** vjay has joined #openstack-meeting17:53
sarob#topic testing team update17:54
*** openstack changes topic to "testing team update (Meeting topic: training-manuals)"17:54
matjazpsarob: we talked about PPTs some time back... do we still have a set of "core" PPTs in our plans? For Associate guide first...17:54
*** fnaval has quit IRC17:54
*** zhikunliu1 has quit IRC17:54
*** fnaval has joined #openstack-meeting17:54
sarobMatjazp we could start with landslide stuff stef pushed17:55
dbiteI would like to use rst and landslide as stefano does, the ppts are really attractive, any comments?17:55
dbitesarob: +117:55
matjazpas soon as spec-repo is finished, I will create specs for BPs for Associate guide (missing quiz chapters)17:55
sarobMatjazp Good good17:56
*** yamamoto has quit IRC17:56
fthamurasarob: done, emailed in ML17:56
matjazpsarob: where is Stefs stuff? I can take a look...17:56
*** edmund has joined #openstack-meeting17:56
*** sbalukoff has joined #openstack-meeting17:57
sarobAnything else?17:57
*** yingjun has joined #openstack-meeting17:58
sarob#action matjazp review
sarob#action testing team specs for missing assoc quizzes17:58
*** mattgriffin has quit IRC17:58
dbiteone question17:58
sarob#topic any other business17:58
*** openstack changes topic to "any other business (Meeting topic: training-manuals)"17:58
sarobDbite shoot17:58
dbitetesting team will put their content in the same folder or should I create one for them?17:59
sarob1 min warning17:59
dbitelike associate-guides/testing17:59
dbiteor just simple17:59
*** fnaval has quit IRC17:59
*** thedodd has quit IRC17:59
*** ilyashakhat__ has joined #openstack-meeting17:59
matjazpsame folder I guess?17:59
sarobHmm, I would think same folder too17:59
*** jdurgin1 has joined #openstack-meeting18:00
matjazpwhy separate folder?18:00
dbitejust asking, since I did not know about it18:00
dbiteI guess I will keep it in same folder18:00
sarobThat's it pumpkin time. ML or channel for rest18:00
dbitesure I'm done18:00
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"18:00
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openstackMinutes (text):
krtaylor#startmeeting third-party18:01
openstackMeeting started Mon Jun 30 18:01:37 2014 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is krtaylor. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.18:01
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: third-party)"18:01
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'third_party'18:01
*** matjazp has left #openstack-meeting18:01
*** kebray has quit IRC18:01
krtaylor#chair anteaya18:01
openstackCurrent chairs: anteaya krtaylor18:01
*** rluethi has left #openstack-meeting18:01
krtaylorHi everyone18:02
krtaylorWho is here for third-party?18:02
fawadkhaliqhello everyone18:02
*** yingjun has quit IRC18:02
krtaylorso let's get started then18:03
krtaylorhere is the agenda:18:03
*** dkehn__ is now known as dkehnx18:03
* mestery pings lukego as well.18:03
*** jckasper_ has joined #openstack-meeting18:03
*** neelashah has joined #openstack-meeting18:03
mesterylukego: Nice timing. ;_P18:03
krtaylorhi all18:04
krtaylor#topic Welcome & Reminder of OpenStack Mission18:04
*** openstack changes topic to "Welcome & Reminder of OpenStack Mission (Meeting topic: third-party)"18:04
*** luqas has joined #openstack-meeting18:04
krtaylor#info The OpenStack Open Source Cloud Mission: to produce the ubiquitous Open Source Cloud Computing platform that will meet the needs of public and private clouds regardless of size, by being simple to implement and massively scalable.18:04
krtaylor#topic Review of previous week's open action items18:04
*** openstack changes topic to "Review of previous week's open action items (Meeting topic: third-party)"18:04
*** evgenyf has joined #openstack-meeting18:05
krtaylorilyashakhat__, are you here?18:05
*** fthamura has quit IRC18:05
ilyashakhat__krtaylor: yes18:05
*** jckasper has quit IRC18:05
anteayahe doen'st have an item from last week18:05
anteayathat is from the prior weeks agenda18:05
anteayathe open items from last week are the two etherpads18:05
anteayaone to discuss log suggestions18:06
anteayaone to discuss length of time to report test results18:06
krtaylorah, yes, it helps to refresh the page18:06
anteayait does18:06
SlickNik(sorry a tad late) o/18:06
anteayaglad your here SlickNik18:07
luqasme too, hi18:07
krtaylor#topic etherpad log suggestions18:07
*** openstack changes topic to "etherpad log suggestions (Meeting topic: third-party)"18:07
krtaylorhere is the etherpad18:07
*** ShillaSaebi_ has quit IRC18:08
krtayloranteaya, this was the right one?18:08
anteayayou're doing great18:08
anteayaso I'll jump in here18:08
anteayaso right now we have some suggestions for logging18:08
lyxusCan we comment on it ? or you prefer the etherpad ?18:09
krtaylorso, this was the discussion around the doc patch for logs18:09
anteayalyxus: either18:09
anteayakrtaylor: was it?18:09
krtaylorand where they should be kept?18:09
krtaylorthat was a question :)18:09
anteayaI felt this was motivated by it18:09
anteayaI thought this was our suggestions for others18:09
*** sarob has quit IRC18:09
anteayanot requirements, but suggestions to help people, if they want18:10
lyxusI think it's a good thing to specify that the logs should be freely availble and not altered in anyways (no dropbox or box, etc..)18:10
anteayaso given the current suggestions, I'm wondering if anyone is willing to put together a patch to offer to third_party.rst18:10
lyxusbut the apache etc... should be a suggestions, some people would use nginx, etc...18:10
anteayalyxus: can you expand what you mean by not alterned18:10
*** arnaud_ has quit IRC18:11
anteayahow does dropbox alter them?18:11
lyxus* altered18:11
anteayayeah altered18:11
*** salv-orlando has joined #openstack-meeting18:11
lyxusYou want an example ?18:12
*** dwalleck has joined #openstack-meeting18:12
lyxusI want to see what is run, i have to download the file and search in it18:12
anteayayou have me at download18:12
anteayafiles must be browsable18:13
anteayathat is in a patch for requirements18:13
lyxusanother vendor
anteayawe haven't gotten there yet in the agenda18:13
krtayloranteaya, do we need a new patch? or add to your existing one?18:13
anteayalet's have a new one18:13
anteayamine is a requirement18:13
anteayathese are suggestions for how to meet the reuqirement18:13
*** salv-orlando has quit IRC18:14
*** garyduan has joined #openstack-meeting18:14
krtayloranteaya, understood, a how-to type discussion, gotcha18:14
anteayalyxus: and thanks for the link on the midokura logs, I will send an email after the meeting18:14
anteayakrtaylor: right18:14
krtaylorok, since you are out, I'll take that one18:14
anteayakrtaylor: awesome thanks18:14
lyxusanteaya, there are not the only one. It's just an example18:15
*** Michalik_ has joined #openstack-meeting18:15
anteayalyxus: any other examples you find where folks are expecting openstack devs to download logs please bring them to the attention of me, krtaylor or anyone in infra18:15
anteayaso we can address this and get browsable logs for devs18:15
lyxusanteaya, ok will do18:16
anteayashall we move to the next item, krtaylor?18:16
krtaylor#action krtaylor to document how-to for hosting requirements in third_party.rst18:16
luqaswhatis wrong with midokura logs?18:16
krtayloranteaya, typing fast as I can :)18:16
anteayaluqas: in firefox you are forced to download them18:16
anteayakrtaylor: you are doing great18:16
krtaylor#topic time to report test results18:16
*** openstack changes topic to "time to report test results (Meeting topic: third-party)"18:16
luqasoh, I see18:16
luqasI didn't know18:17
anteayaluqas: hence the need for this meeting :D18:17
luqaswhat do I need to be browsable in firefox?18:17
krtaylorok, new etherpad for time limits discussion, this is a general requirement18:17
luqasanteaya: yep :)18:17
*** yogeshmehra has quit IRC18:17
anteayathis etherpad was to be sweston's email to the ml about how long it takes for tests to report18:17
anteayasweston is on a plane right now18:18
*** SumitNaiksatam has joined #openstack-meeting18:18
lyxusI have put a comment for that too on the etherpad :)18:18
anteayathis is an important point we should discuss, can anyone take this and put together an email for the ml18:18
*** asmith_ has joined #openstack-meeting18:18
krtaylorwell we can roll that into a patch discussion for third_party.rst18:18
anteayawe need to get some consensus around length of time to wait for results18:18
krtaylorbut it should be discussed on ml18:18
anteayayes let's hash it out on the ml first18:19
krtaylorwe may need by-project times too18:19
anteayatoo hard18:19
anteayaif a ci has mulitple projects it is tracking18:19
krtaylorbecause one may need faster results than another18:19
anteayaand how to we enforce?18:19
krtaylorthats the question18:19
anteayasame as log retention = 1 month18:19
krtaylorelse, slow = missed18:19
kevinbentonanteaya: i think 12 hours is fair (e.g. we only have 3 nodes that often get backed up during crunch times)18:19
anteayawe should aim to find one timeframe18:19
*** CloudOfCaroline has joined #openstack-meeting18:20
*** CloudOfCaroline has quit IRC18:20
anteayakevinbenton: I look forward to hearing responses to that on the ml18:20
lyxuskevinbenton, +118:20
*** andreaf_ has joined #openstack-meeting18:20
krtaylorprevious discussions have been 4 hours18:20
anteayakevinbenton: would you be willing to start the ml thread?18:20
krtaylorin nova at least18:20
fawadkhaliqkevinbenton: +118:20
anteayawe need both ci admins and devs to weigh in18:20
anteayacan someone start this discussion on the ml?18:20
kevinbentonanteaya: sure. what tag should i put in the subject? just  [openstack-dev]?18:21
anteayaif you post to the -dev ml don't use that tag18:21
anteayait is the default18:21
anteayause [3rd party]18:21
krtaylorkevinbenton, thanks, I'll jump in on that one too18:21
*** CloudOfCaroline has joined #openstack-meeting18:21
anteayathen the post will have both tags18:21
kevinbentonanteaya: ok18:21
krtayloranteaya, if you dont mind, I'd rather keep it consisstent with the meeting18:22
*** yogeshme_ has joined #openstack-meeting18:22
anteaya#action kevinbenton to start ml discussion on -dev regard time to post test results18:22
anteayakrtaylor: good point18:22
krtaylorthat is one of my peeves, but it is a nit18:22
anteayacan you use tag [third-party] kevinbenton?18:22
anteayait is a good nit18:22
kevinbentonanteaya: sure18:22
*** andreaf_ has quit IRC18:23
*** andreaf_ has joined #openstack-meeting18:23
krtaylorok that was the discussion for last weeks items, lets move on18:23
krtaylor#topic Announcements18:23
*** openstack changes topic to "Announcements (Meeting topic: third-party)"18:23
anteayaI have nothing here18:24
krtayloranyone have any ?18:24
*** coolsvap is now known as coolsvap|afk18:24
krtaylorI'll take that as a no18:24
*** bgorski has quit IRC18:24
krtaylor#topic OpenStack Program Items18:24
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Program Items (Meeting topic: third-party)"18:24
*** ajo|mac has joined #openstack-meeting18:25
krtaylorSo, there are the existing patches for third_party.rst18:25
anteayaplease do review them18:25
*** thedodd has joined #openstack-meeting18:25
anteayaand please use the topic third-party for your patches18:25
*** arnaud_ has joined #openstack-meeting18:25
anteayaso we can all track them easily18:25
*** evgenyf has quit IRC18:26
*** andreaf_ has quit IRC18:26
anteayaoh there are 518:26
anteayais probably easier18:26
krtayloryes, good point18:27
*** andreaf_ has joined #openstack-meeting18:27
krtaylorany discussion on these for today?18:27
anteayalet's move on, we can discuss in review18:27
*** vjay has quit IRC18:27
anteayaI'd rather get to new business18:27
*** vjay has joined #openstack-meeting18:28
krtayloryep. next18:28
krtaylor#topic Deadlines & Deprecations18:28
*** openstack changes topic to "Deadlines & Deprecations (Meeting topic: third-party)"18:28
*** hashar has joined #openstack-meeting18:28
krtayloranything to communicate here?18:28
krtaylorany upcoming deadlines?18:29
anteayaanyone from cinder here?18:29
*** mattgriffin has joined #openstack-meeting18:29
anteayaI was talking to someone who felt there was no third party requirement from cinder18:29
asselinhi, i'm from cinder18:29
anteayaand I believe there is18:29
krtaylorhi asselin18:29
anteayaasselin: hi there18:29
anteayaglad you are here18:30
anteayawas hoping a cinder core was here18:30
*** roeyc has joined #openstack-meeting18:30
krtaylorwell, there is a requirement, the problem is what and when :)18:30
anteayaasselin: what do you understand about third party deadlines for cinder18:30
anteayakrtaylor: true18:30
asselinwe're supposed to have it setup by J218:30
anteayaokay great18:30
asselinfor all icehouse drivers18:30
asselini.e. new drivers are optional18:31
*** IlyaE has joined #openstack-meeting18:31
*** evgenyf has joined #openstack-meeting18:31
anteayaI will need to follow up with jgriffith and ensure I understand what that means18:31
*** lsmola__ has joined #openstack-meeting18:31
anteayabecause I don't right now18:31
anteayabut thanks for sharing your understanding asselin18:31
krtayloryes, and what will be tested18:31
anteayamestery: what is current for neutron?18:31
asselinthat means is that jgriffith did not want to add additional load to new vendors submitting drivers in Juno.18:32
*** jmontemayor has joined #openstack-meeting18:32
mesteryanteaya: The requirement here is that all in-tree drivers need to have functioning CI up and running 2 weeks prior to Juno-2.18:32
* mestery can dig the email up he sent to the list a month ago.18:32
anteayamestery: and how far away is 2 weeks prior to juno18:32
asselinso he's giving them more time to setup 3rd party ci18:32
anteayaand think that is next week18:32
mesteryanteaya: July 10 I think.18:32
mesteryanteaya: Correct.18:33
anteayaasselin: okay, would be good to get the timeframes so we can communicate them18:33
anteayamestery: okay and what systems need to show something different than they are doing today by July 10th?18:33
asselinmestery, I didn't know it was 2 weeks before J2. we should have jgriffith clarify18:33
anteayaasselin: mestery is neutron18:33
anteayaasselin: we haev switched programs18:33
mesteryasselin: Yes, we're on neutron now. :)18:34
asselinanteaya, ok, great, so cinder's still J2 :)18:34
mesteryanteaya: I am just going back through the emails and looking at data now, I should reply to my thread with the timelines post this meeting.18:34
anteayaasselin: I'm not setting policy for cinder, I'm asking what cinder's policy is so I know18:34
krtaylorI can ping jungleboyj too18:34
anteayamestery: yes please18:34
*** jmontemayor_ has joined #openstack-meeting18:34
mesteryanteaya: Will do.18:35
anteayamestery: if they only have a week to demonstrate compliance, they should know it18:35
anteayamestery: thanks18:35
*** Sukhdev has joined #openstack-meeting18:35
asselinI can look it up in the cinder meeting minutes18:35
mesteryanteaya: Yes, good point. :)18:35
anteayaasselin: let's try for clarity for next week18:35
anteayaanyone here from nova?18:35
*** jmontema_ has joined #openstack-meeting18:35
*** IlyaE has quit IRC18:35
krtaylor#action communicate cinder and neutron timeline18:35
anteayathanks krtaylor18:35
krtaylorI have not heard anything new for nova, there was some discussion about raising the bar at summit18:35
*** evgenyf has quit IRC18:35
mesteryanteaya: Actually, per my original email, I just indicated Juno-2, not 2 weeks prior, so I guess people have 3 weeks left :)18:35
mesteryanteaya: I need to stick to what I emailed out.18:36
anteayalet's check in with nova and see what current expectations are, krtaylor18:36
mesteryanteaya: If people do not comply, we will remove drivers in Juno-3.18:36
krtaylorbut I have not heard anything else about it18:36
anteayamestery: yes, don't change the rules during the game18:36
mesteryanteaya: ++18:36
anteayamestery: let's still give those folks not in compliance that information18:36
anteayamestery: so they know their status18:36
mesteryanteaya: Yes, I will reply to the thread and indicate timeframes, etc.18:36
krtayloranteaya, I'll make sure we have current state for next week18:37
anteayamestery: great, thank you18:37
mesteryanteaya: np18:37
anteayakrtaylor: awesome thanks18:37
anteayaI've been lax in this topic and that is my fault18:37
*** jmontemayor has quit IRC18:37
asselinanteaya, 16:24:41 <jgriffith> navneet1: J2 was our goal.
*** IlyaE has joined #openstack-meeting18:37
anteayawe need to be more assertive here, and get information accurate and spread around18:37
anteayaasselin: thanks for finding that18:37
asselin16:24:44 <jgriffith> July 2718:38
krtaylorok, any other deadlines to talk about?18:38
*** jmontemayor has joined #openstack-meeting18:38
*** gduan has joined #openstack-meeting18:38
krtaylornext item then18:38
krtaylor#topic Highlighting a Program or Gerrit Account18:39
*** openstack changes topic to "Highlighting a Program or Gerrit Account (Meeting topic: third-party)"18:39
*** jmontemayor_ has quit IRC18:39
*** garyduan has quit IRC18:39
*** jmontemayor_ has joined #openstack-meeting18:39
*** david_____ has joined #openstack-meeting18:39
krtaylormestery, lukego - discussion on simple ci setup?18:39
lukegoI have found running a 3rd party CI surprisingly hard in practice. This has been due to diverse operational issues, and never actually related to the code under test. I'm going to try setting up a really minimalist CI and see if that works better. The idea and draft code (written over the past hours) is here: I plan to use this for a new mech driver that I am offering for Juno. I welcome comment18:39
lukegoand ideas :).18:39
lukegoThe initial inspiration is the script that I got from the OpenDaylight developers which is short and effective. I hope the new script will work for my driver and then be useful at least as a reference to others too.18:39
lukegoSee also mailing list thread:
*** IlyaE has quit IRC18:40
*** vjay has quit IRC18:40
anteayamestery: your thoughts?18:40
* mestery reads lukego's comments here.18:40
*** jmontema_ has quit IRC18:40
asselinlukego, if that works for you, please share as I'm also interested in looking at it.18:41
*** CloudOfCaroline has quit IRC18:41
krtaylorlukego, I share your pain, we have looked at ways to simplify too18:41
*** shadower has quit IRC18:41
mesteryanteaya: In general, I like this idea. As long as what we're mostly concerned about is the result, this looks slick!18:41
*** gmatefi has joined #openstack-meeting18:41
mesterylukego: Do you accept pull requests? ;)18:41
lukegoyep. but code budget is strictly 100 lines :)18:41
anteayamestery: are we going to see actual test results this time?18:41
mesteryanteaya: I think that's lukego's goal indeed.18:42
krtaylorI think the actual difficulty of 3rd party actually surprised a lot of people18:42
anteayamestery: you are the ptl and you are the one with untested code in master18:42
*** jprovazn has joined #openstack-meeting18:42
anteayamestery: so it is your decision18:42
*** shadower has joined #openstack-meeting18:42
mesteryanteaya: Got it.18:42
*** dguitarbite has quit IRC18:42
*** dbite is now known as dguitarbite18:42
anteayakrtaylor: yes18:42
mesteryanteaya: I'd like to see what comes of this and get some infra input as well.18:42
lukegothe goal is definitely to fulfil the 3rd party requirements as written in the wiki18:43
*** jmontemayor has quit IRC18:43
anteayamestery: do add an item to the infra agenda18:43
anteayamestery: so that you don't get lost in the crowd18:43
*** Poornima has joined #openstack-meeting18:43
mesteryanteaya: Good idea, will do that once lukego has this fleshed out a bit more.18:43
kevinbentonlukego: does this handle cases where the system stalls during package retrieval or code checkout?18:43
*** vjay has joined #openstack-meeting18:43
anteayathe third party requirements aren't written in the wiki, they are written here:
anteayaand that document has a number of patches to it, as linked above18:44
* krtaylor is lost in reading about shellci and must come back to meeting18:44
lukegokevinbenton: not yet, but yes it’s a requirement to differentiate those “CI is stuck” issues from actual test failures, to a reasonable extent. (don’t vote -1 unless Tempest say something is wrong.)18:44
* mestery was busy posting review comments on those patches during this meeting.18:44
anteayamestery: thank you18:44
mesteryanteaya: np18:44
*** IlyaE has joined #openstack-meeting18:45
kevinbentonlukego: yes, the other case to watch for that might be caused by the patch is neutron fails to start in devstack18:45
lukegokevinbenton: please post these ideas to the ML thread! I have had about 4 different weird operational issues and I would love to know what else people have seen — as geneal themes for which parts of the script can go wrong and how to avoid misvotings that could screw up workflows18:46
* krtaylor will have to look into log publishing and storage18:46
*** JayF has joined #openstack-meeting18:46
*** samcdona has joined #openstack-meeting18:46
lyxuskevinbenton, I actually did this test too. I fix the package retrieval issue by mirroring locally the server ubuntu/pypi18:46
anteayakrtaylor: I'd like to ensure we have some time for stackatlytics discussion too today, though it isn't on the agenda18:47
krtayloranteaya, agreed, this topic is rather open-ended18:47
ilyashakhat__anteaya: i'm ready :)18:47
krtaylorlukego, thanks for sharing this, I will read more about it18:47
krtaylorok, lets move on then18:48
*** novas0x2a|laptop has joined #openstack-meeting18:48
krtaylor#topic Open Discussion18:48
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion (Meeting topic: third-party)"18:48
anteayaso actually I want to talk about stackalytics18:48
anteayaand thanks ilyashakhat__ for being here18:48
Sukhdevanteaya: me too18:48
krtaylorilyashakhat__, yes, thanks18:48
Sukhdevanteaya: about
anteayaI'd like to being by saying thank you for making that change to diverlog18:49
anteayathat you agreed to do, I appreciate that18:49
anteayaand at some point I would like to get back to discussing driverlog, since I think there are more ways to improve that page18:49
*** CloudOfCaroline has joined #openstack-meeting18:49
ilyashakhat__it was easy change18:49
anteayabut I think the topic at hand is what Sukhdev has posted18:49
anteayaso let's start here18:50
anteayailyashakhat__: it was nice of you to make that change, thank you18:50
ilyashakhat__yes, Sukhdev already found bug with this report (with missing CI)18:50
*** lsmola__ has quit IRC18:50
anteayaso my concern with this is the concern I mentioned on the ml18:50
krtaylorSukhdev, there was ml discussion on this, on what was being asked, it is slightly different than this18:51
anteayawe don't have a way of assessing fitness of a given ci system18:51
*** yamamoto has joined #openstack-meeting18:51
anteaya100% success to me indicates a broken system18:51
anteayasince there are failures which it is missing18:51
krtaylorit was mentioned that there needs to be a list of who is expected to post and if they actually did18:51
*** andreaf has quit IRC18:51
ilyashakhat__100% for merged patches is ok, but for all looks suspicious18:51
anteayaand that is a different conversation, krtaylor18:52
*** andreaf has joined #openstack-meeting18:52
anteayakrtaylor: that conversation is how devs need to access information to decide patch flow18:52
krtayloranteaya, but that is the one Sukhdev posted the link for18:52
Sukhdevkrtaylor: not sure which ML discussion you referrering to - I saw ML discussion with ilyashakhat__ and anteaya18:52
kevinbentonilyashakhat__: how is success determined?18:52
anteayailyashakhat__: right18:52
kevinbentonright now BSN doesn’t downvote on failure18:52
anteayawe don't have a criteria for success18:52
krtaylorwell, that is the question we must document18:53
ilyashakhat__'success' = ci voted +1 or left comment with positive result18:53
Sukhdevilyashakhat__: Even Arista does not vote -1 on failures18:53
anteayailyashakhat__: but that is not success18:53
*** otherwiseguy has quit IRC18:53
*** lucasagomes has joined #openstack-meeting18:53
ilyashakhat__for that cases it is possible to extract result from comments18:53
krtaylora -1 could be a success too18:53
anteayasince that gives false results18:53
*** Shrews has joined #openstack-meeting18:53
anteayawe need to determine accuracy of a system18:53
*** lucasagomes has left #openstack-meeting18:53
anteayaand we don't have a way for doing that in the community18:54
ilyashakhat__krtaylor: what do you mean "-1 is success"?18:54
kevinbentonilyashakhat__: successfully identified a broken patch18:54
krtaylorilyashakhat__, if a patch is bad18:54
anteayaand until we do, every time someone makes up a definition, it disrupts our ability to have that conversation18:54
*** ajo|mac has quit IRC18:54
ilyashakhat__krtaylor: got it :)18:54
anteayailyashakhat__: can you see that?18:54
*** romcheg has joined #openstack-meeting18:54
fawadkhaliqmeans CI which only comment on failure will be counted as a success18:54
krtaylorthen ci did what it was supposed to do18:54
anteayailyashakhat__: can you see that?18:55
*** Guest99011 has quit IRC18:55
krtaylorno, we need to separate voting and testing18:55
lukegoIt’s scary to enable -1 voting because the effect of casting a -1 is a bit unpredictable. (does it cause a hundred people’s work to stall by screwing up a workflow somewhere? etc)18:55
anteayacan you see that making up definitions prevents us from arriving at our definition?18:55
anteayakrtaylor: I agree18:55
lyxuslukego, FULLY agree18:55
ilyashakhat__fawadkhaliq: not exactly, it is possible to set pattern for positive result and for negative, however the CI must report about success results too18:55
lukegoespecially when the majority of failures are caused by “other environmental issues” and should not be -1’s18:56
*** yamamoto has quit IRC18:56
anteayailyashakhat__: can you see that making up definitions prevents us from arriving at our definition?18:56
lukegohard to keep a CI running reliably even before you worry about false negatives.18:56
lyxuslukego, that's why i do manual -118:56
krtaylortesting a patchset and publishing a result, without CI system failure is a successful run18:56
*** vjay has quit IRC18:56
krtaylorregardless of vote18:56
anteayailyashakhat__: can you anwser my question, please18:57
ilyashakhat__anteaya: sorry, what was the question?18:57
anteayailyashakhat__: can you see that making up definitions prevents us from arriving at our definition?18:57
lukegolyxus: How do you get notified that there is a failure to review, and how do you post the -1 ?18:57
*** lucasagomes has joined #openstack-meeting18:57
fawadkhaliqilyashakhat__: let's talk about this offline. I see some CIs failed with comments and they are counted as a success.18:58
anteayafawadkhaliq: let's talk about this ONLINE18:58
ilyashakhat__anteaya: hmmm, don't quite understand such difficult question18:58
*** mrda-away is now known as mrda18:58
anteayailyashakhat__: what do you not understand18:58
*** adam_g` has joined #openstack-meeting18:58
fawadkhaliqanteaya: sure, even better :)18:58
ilyashakhat__what "definition" you mean18:58
anteayailyashakhat__: I am asking if you are willing to stop making up stackalytic definitions of success18:59
*** vjay has joined #openstack-meeting18:59
anteayafor third party ci systems18:59
anteayaand allow the openstack community to arrive at those defintions18:59
lyxuslukego, I use Jenkins;  I do a test if neutron is up , if it's not I dod a ' exit 1' which make the jenkins build fail. In jenkins, i have  post build which is to send me an email when it fails18:59
anteayaare you willing to do that18:59
anteayailyashakhat__: plese respond before we are out of time18:59
Sukhdevanteaya: What if we had a status as - CI operational or not operational18:59
fawadkhaliqilyashakhat__: anteaya: is an example18:59
krtaylor1 minute warning  :)19:00
anteayailyashakhat__: please respond before we are out of time19:00
ilyashakhat__anteaya: please give an example19:00
*** rloo has joined #openstack-meeting19:00
anteayaI've given you many on the ml19:00
anteayaand we are out of time19:00
fawadkhaliqPLUMgrid CI failed and reports 100% success19:00
krtayloryes, time to wrap this up19:00
*** matty_dubs has joined #openstack-meeting19:00
anteayaI will continue to chase you down on teh ml19:00
ilyashakhat__fawadkhaliq: I'll look at it19:01
fawadkhaliqilyashakhat__:  thanks a lot19:01
krtaylorthanks everyone19:01
*** asmith_ has quit IRC19:01
*** hrybacki has quit IRC19:01
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"19:01
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openstackMinutes (text):
devanandahi! anyone around for the Ironic meeting?19:01
rloome (but I could leave if it is cancelled)19:01
devananda#startmeeting ironic19:02
lucasagomesme (half afk)19:02
openstackMeeting started Mon Jun 30 19:02:11 2014 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is devananda. Information about MeetBot at
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openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'ironic'19:02
devananda#chair NobodyCam19:02
openstackCurrent chairs: NobodyCam devananda19:02
devanandaHi all! As usual, the agenda can be found here:19:02
*** roeyc has left #openstack-meeting19:02
devananda#topic announcements19:02
*** openstack changes topic to "announcements (Meeting topic: ironic)"19:02
*** linggao has joined #openstack-meeting19:02
*** tellesnobrega has left #openstack-meeting19:02
*** jang1 has joined #openstack-meeting19:03
devanandaI hope at this point everyone knows about the mid cycle in Portland (Beaverton)19:03
devanandaand has seen my email(s) to the list, signed up on EventBrite if you're coming, and so on19:03
*** lsmola__ has joined #openstack-meeting19:03
NobodyCamnote there is a nova and ironic signup! <- just fyi19:03
*** wanyen has joined #openstack-meeting19:04
* romcheg sets a reminder to ask for invitation19:04
devanandaright - there are two events (nova and ironic) whic hare co-located but separate events19:04
devanandaplease sign up for the one that you'll be primarily attending19:04
devanandano need to sign up for both19:04
devanandamikal and I are coordinating with the site regarding headcount19:04
devanandain other news, the ironic driver spec for Nova was approved last week19:05
devanandaso I have begun proposing our driver code to Nova19:05
devanandawhich means -- please do not make any changes to it unless absolutely necessary (or you're working with me)19:05
*** annegent_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:05
adam_g`devananda, review # for the nova merge?19:06
devananda#notice please do not propose or approve changes to nova code in the ironic tree, unless coordinating with devananda19:06
adam_g`devananda, FYI is a driver patch that fixes a pretty critical issue with rebuild, ill ping you about it later19:06
devanandaadam_g`: that's the starting point19:06
devanandathere are 3 patches so far19:06
devanandaadam_g`: ack, thanks19:06
mrdadevananda: just FYI I'm working on caching auth credentials, will catch you after the meeting about it.19:07
devanandamrda: awesome.19:07
wanyenDeva, UEFI boot needs changes in Nova virt driver19:07
devanandathere's also a patch from lucasagomes to add doc strings and fix a few minor issues19:07
*** adam_g` is now known as adam_g19:07
devanandawanyen: ack. let's circle back to that in a minute. I will also want to talk about spec reviews19:08
*** dims has quit IRC19:08
*** hshah has joined #openstack-meeting19:08
devanandaany questions regarding the mid cycle or the nova driver, before we move on to release cycle progress?19:08
*** lsmola__ has quit IRC19:08
*** izikpenso has quit IRC19:09
devananda#topic release cycle status19:09
*** openstack changes topic to "release cycle status (Meeting topic: ironic)"19:09
devanandaso, we're about half way through Juno at this point19:09
devananda(omg, right?!)19:09
* romcheg feels like a student just before their exams19:10
devanandalast friday, we had a discussion about our spec review list, which is quite long19:10
devanandaand about the goals we set out at the summit19:10
devanandaand I said I would follow up with an email -- I've got it drafted19:11
devanandabut want to give folks a chance to review before I send it19:11
devanandathere are two points to it19:11
devanandafirst - the list of priorities we had from the summit -- I've cleaned it up and added color19:11
*** nati_ueno has quit IRC19:11
*** nati_ueno has joined #openstack-meeting19:12
*** arnaud_ has quit IRC19:12
devanandasecond - I've adapted Nova's timeline to fit our team a bit, and drafted it here19:12
devanandaand want to invite feedback on that timeline before we commit to it19:12
comstudmy 'clean up rpc object code' is probably more yellow than green19:13
*** fnaval has joined #openstack-meeting19:13
devanandacomstud: ack :(19:13
comstudi mean, it's true..a lot of progress has been made, but there's a lot more to do I think19:13
matty_dubsdevananda: Are you gone for 2 weeks, or just two Thursdays?19:13
comstudI want to say it's less than 50% done... but I'll get on it here19:13
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack-meeting19:14
devanandathese are related because I'm suggesting that we focus *this week* on landing specs for everything not crossed off that spreadsheet19:14
comstudNeed to finish up a couple things with Node and then do Port19:14
devanandamatty_dubs: I'm gone for two weeks19:14
lucasagomescomstud, probably chassis and port might be mostly copy&paste from nodes?19:14
comstudit's not really copy/paste work19:15
comstudbut it's also not very difficult19:15
devanandamatty_dubs: unless you fly to Nevada, I'll be unreachable from about 8/19 until 9/219:15
comstudnor will it take much time19:15
lucasagomesI see, ack19:15
comstudtechnically there's a bug associated with this, I think19:15
rloodevananda: for the timeline, what are the numbers in parentheses?19:15
comstudvs a spec19:15
devanandarloo: weeks until feature freeze19:16
devanandacomstud: so the spreasheet is just goals - some have specs or bugs associated19:16
matty_dubsWhat is the prognosis for Juno graduation looking like?19:16
rloodevananda: thx.19:16
devanandamatty_dubs: that's largely pinned on the nova driver at this point19:17
*** pballand has joined #openstack-meeting19:17
devanandamatty_dubs: we're ahead of the curve for nearly everythign that the TC considers for graduation, though we do need to work on horizon and ceilometer integration19:17
matty_dubsIf that is merged, do we think the other requirements (I see four yellows) are likely to go through too?19:17
matty_dubsAh, that's good news19:17
JayFdevananda: wasn't there a determination at the summit that we did not need any ceilometer integration?19:17
devanandaJayF: the determiniation was taht Ironic needs to support emitting events in a pluggable way19:18
mrdaSo I think horizon could be difficult, since the propsed solution uses Tuskar, and that's not out of incubation yet either.19:18
devanandaJayF: which fits with the TC req's around projects19:18
*** Michalik_ has quit IRC19:18
devanandait wasn't decided whether ceilometer wants (all or some or none) of those19:18
*** bnemec has quit IRC19:18
JayFdevananda: so would aweeks' statsd integration spec need to instead work with whatever pluggable method will be implemented for ceilometer?19:18
devanandamrda: i need to follow up with jcoufal on that. I've communicated our req that it be usable without tuskar to him19:19
devanandaJayF: instead of requiring statsd, itshould be pluggable so that it could use statsd or ceilometer or ...19:19
devanandaJayF: however. we may be talking about different things19:19
devanandaJayF: let's talk more on that later19:20
wanyenDeva and JayF : there  is an ceilometer notification desgin spec for ironic hw sensors19:20
aweeksdevananda: JayF I'm still working on finding a reasonable API that covers the metrics models for ceilometer and statsd at the same time19:20
devanandaany questions/concerns on the timeline?19:20
lucasagomeswanyen, yeah the ceilometer spec is already merged19:21
*** bnemec has joined #openstack-meeting19:21
NobodyCamjust under a month for spec freeze19:21
lucasagomes(in ceilometer I mean)19:21
devanandamain points to call out on the timeline:19:21
devanandajuly 24 - no new specs after this point19:22
NobodyCamdevananda: this spce?
NobodyCamspec even19:22
lucasagomesdevananda, no specs for juno/*19:22
lucasagomesor k/* would be allowed?19:22
*** CloudOfCaroline has quit IRC19:23
*** novas0x2a|lapto1 has joined #openstack-meeting19:23
*** novas0x2a|laptop has quit IRC19:23
devanandaaug 14 - we all do one big push to land any remaining specs and set direction for the last ~3 weeks of Juno dev19:23
*** nibalizer has joined #openstack-meeting19:24
devanandaSep 4 - feature freeze. focus on integration and documentation and bug fixes19:24
boris-42hi all*19:24
* mrda hopes specs will be all sorted out before then19:24
devanandaoh, and this wendesday - spec review day :)19:24
*** CloudOfCaroline has joined #openstack-meeting19:24
*** kenhui has quit IRC19:24
devanandalucasagomes: so Nova has been debating whether to block or allow k/* proposals during that window19:24
*** luqas has quit IRC19:25
devanandalucasagomes: the question being, even if the team isn't reviewing them, shoudl we encourage developers to spend their time writing specs or workign on bugs/integration/docs/etc19:25
*** bauzas has quit IRC19:25
jrollIMO, just need to make it very clear that specs probably will not be reviewed19:25
jrollno sense in blocking work19:25
devanandaI think clearly communicating that between Sep 4 and Sep 25 we aren't going to look at the specs repo at all will be enough19:25
lucasagomesdevananda, right... Yeah lets see the output of that discussion19:26
devanandagoing to give a few more minuets for questions/comments before moving on ...19:26
NobodyCamjroll: I tend to agree with you. but under the same token I think thinks can go stale just sitting wating for review19:27
*** IlyaE has quit IRC19:27
*** otherwiseguy has joined #openstack-meeting19:27
devanandaok, thanks all. let's move on19:28
jrollNobodyCam: code, sure. specs, I doubt it19:28
NobodyCamso ++ to lucasagomes comment of waiting19:28
rlooi don't understand the timeline after k is open for spec proposals but i'll ask in Sept.19:28
wanyendeva:  for uefi and node property discovery, we have generic and iLO specs.  I hope reviewers can review both specs.19:28
devananda#topic sub team status reports19:28
*** openstack changes topic to "sub team status reports (Meeting topic: ironic)"19:28
devanandaadam_g: hi! any news on tempest testing last week?19:29
devanandaNobodyCam: hi! any news on tripleo testing last week?19:29
*** eharney has quit IRC19:29
adam_gnothing major, got a bunch of patches up for review and have been filing related bugs @
*** julim has quit IRC19:30
NobodyCamthe undercloud-ironic job is now running, I have nnot check the fail / success rate yet19:30
NobodyCambut on reviews I have seen it seems to be passing19:30
mrdathanks for that link adam_g, I thik I'm tickling a neutron-tempest bug right now19:30
NobodyCamso we'll prob make a move to make it voting soon19:30
adam_gmrda, specific to ironic, or ?19:30
matty_dubswin 919:30
devanandaadam_g: might you have time to add the tripleo-undercloud-ironic job to
adam_gdevananda, sure19:31
devanandaadam_g: or set up a second page for that job?19:31
devanandaNobodyCam: that'll help you track it's succes ^19:31
adam_gdevananda, is what i use to track those19:31
devanandaadam_g: so we swapped ironic-seed-precise for ironic-undercloud-precsie last week19:32
mrdaadam_g: well, my patch isn't passing dsvm-virtual-ironic and its unrelated.  romcheg thinks it might be neutron related.  I'll ping you after19:32
devanandathe former shouldn't be runing any longer, at least in ironic's pipe19:32
adam_gdendrobates, okay, ill add the tripleo jobs to the ironic page regardless19:32
adam_ger devananda ^19:32
Shrewsadam_g: devananda: it has been suggested that our scenario tests should really just be using the existing compute tests. so we may need to revisit our tempest testing strategy19:33
*** neelashah has quit IRC19:33
*** ihrachyshka has joined #openstack-meeting19:33
*** julim has joined #openstack-meeting19:33
NobodyCamadam_g: devananda Thank you19:33
*** VijayB_ has quit IRC19:33
NobodyCamoh we are failing now19:33
*** lukego has quit IRC19:33
*** SlickNik has left #openstack-meeting19:33
devanandaShrews, adam_g: it seems to me like a meeting with the QA team might be really helpful19:33
*** VijayB has joined #openstack-meeting19:33
*** IlyaE has joined #openstack-meeting19:33
adam_gShrews, theres lots of issues with doing that, but im hoping that fixing the bugs ive been filing will let us at least  run  all the tests from *-tempest-dsvm-ironic against ironic+nova19:34
devanandato sort out the differences we've run into, both in terms of ironic's uniqueness and each team's understanding/expectation of tests19:34
*** hrybacki has joined #openstack-meeting19:34
adam_gdevananda, +1 there still seems to be confusion on both sides19:34
Shrewsdevananda: just relaying what sdague just suggested, but yes, a meeting may be helpful19:34
*** sileht_ has quit IRC19:34
*** sileht has joined #openstack-meeting19:35
devanandawould either of you like to organize it? :-)19:35
jrollNobodyCam: ironic py26/py27/check-tempest-dsvm-virtual-ironic are failing, seemingly latest glance client release19:35
ShrewsNobodyCam: py26/py27 jobs are all failing now19:35
jroll(probably tripleo too)19:35
adam_gdevananda, sure19:35
devanandajroll: huh?19:35
Shrewsdue to what jroll just said19:35
jrolldevananda: e.g.
NobodyCamyes all look read19:35
NobodyCamred even19:35
*** annegent_ has quit IRC19:35
devanandawow, that's great19:35
jrolldevananda: Shrews just caught this in the last hour19:35
*** amitpp has joined #openstack-meeting19:35
devanandaI'll follow up on our gate status after the meeting19:36
*** reed_ is now known as reed19:36
*** reed has quit IRC19:36
*** reed has joined #openstack-meeting19:36
devananda#action adam_g to arrange meeting between adam, shrews, devananda and QA team19:36
devanandamoving on ...19:36
GheRiveroI can take a look to the glance client wrapper (was my code, so I know it)19:37
*** ihrachyshka has quit IRC19:37
devanandaI think dtantsur is on PTO, so probably no updateon bugs this week19:37
devanandaor on fedora support19:37
ShrewsGheRivero: thanks!19:37
devanandaunless anyone else has news on those19:37
devanandajroll: hi! what's the status of IPA driver? ready for the world to play with it yet? :)19:37
jrollhey :) getting there19:38
jrollstill working a bit on splitting up the patches19:38
jrolland at the same time have been working on getting devstack up and running19:38
*** VijayB has quit IRC19:38
jrollso I can add IPA support to devstack, and eventually tempest19:38
jrollno major updates this week, though19:39
devanandak, thanks19:39
*** annegent_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:39
*** annegent_ has quit IRC19:40
devanandaGheRivero: hi! any updates on oslo?19:40
GheRiverono news19:40
*** annegent_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:40
*** SridharG has quit IRC19:40
NobodyCamno noews os good news19:40
*** bauzas has joined #openstack-meeting19:41
* NobodyCam cannot type this morning 19:41
devanandaGheRivero: i'm eagerly awaiting the oslo.db fixes, fwiw19:41
* devananda would like to land once it is fixed upstream19:41
GheRiverodevananda: me too. I'll take a look to them after the glance issues19:41
devanandaromcheg: hi! any updates on the nova db -> ironic db migration tool?19:41
romchegHi everyone again !19:42
romchegYes, there are some updates19:42
NobodyCamwow 42159 we on 100000+ now19:42
romchegSo I published a flavor update tool in the form it's expected to be released19:42
*** regXboi has joined #openstack-meeting19:42
romchegI made a few tweaks on data migration tool and published them too19:42
romchegI faced some problems, one of them was that we cannot tell the architecture of a specific node exactly19:43
devanandaromcheg: links?19:43
*** ilyashakhat__ has quit IRC19:43
*** topol has quit IRC19:43
NobodyCamromcheg: is there a list of all the migration patches?19:43
romchegdevananda: they are in the whiteboard19:43
devanandaromcheg: re: arch, I think we can assume from the conf setting of the nova compute host it was assigned to19:44
romchegdevananda: We cannot assume that because that option tells us allowed architectures19:44
*** vivek-ebay has quit IRC19:45
romchegI discussed it with NobodyCam and we agreed that just adding a command line option for that should be better19:45
romchegA cloud administrator knows that better than we can guess19:45
devanandaromcheg: ack19:45
*** vivek-ebay has joined #openstack-meeting19:46
romchegdevananda: Does that approach seem to work for you?19:46
devanandaromcheg: seems fine so far. I'll review those ^ soon19:46
devanandaromcheg: any concerns about the migration tool at this point?19:46
romchegdevananda: There is one concern I was about to ask19:47
romchegWe need to make Ironic to take ownership on the nodes19:47
*** ihrachyshka has joined #openstack-meeting19:48
romchegSo after the data was migrated we do not need to bind nodes to conductors and generate PXE stuff from the migration script19:48
romchegIt's not hard to do but doesn't seem to be right19:48
romchegAnd also the spec mentiones taking ownership on nodes by Ironic conductors19:49
devanandaromcheg: indeed. I was chatting a bit with lifeless las week about it -- the conductor take over work needs t obe finished19:49
romchegI will take a look at grenade testing this week19:49
*** markmcclain has quit IRC19:49
*** kebray has joined #openstack-meeting19:49
devanandathat's on the spreadsheet, fwiw, like 1719:49
NobodyCamromcheg: we may wan to to do move the images from the nova-bm tftp dir to ironics19:49
devanandaNobodyCam, romcheg: let's circle back on that after the meeting19:50
*** vivek-ebay has quit IRC19:50
romcheglet's not waste time now19:50
devananda#topic specs for all-object-changes19:50
*** openstack changes topic to "specs for all-object-changes (Meeting topic: ironic)"19:50
NobodyCamahh this is what I added?19:50
devanandaNobodyCam: hi! I see you and boris-42 want to talk about osprofiler -- can you summarize briefly?19:51
boris-42dwalleck yep19:51
boris-42devananda yep19:51
devanandawe have 9 minutes left and I'd like a little time for open discussion too :)19:51
NobodyCamboris-42: go..19:51
boris-42devananda it will be enough19:51
boris-42dwalleck I don't want to write for this spec19:51
boris-42dwalleck sorry*19:51
boris-42devananda I don't want to write for this spec19:51
*** yamamoto has joined #openstack-meeting19:51
boris-42dwalleck cause I need to make 2 patches (one in project, one in client)19:51
boris-42devananda ^19:52
boris-42devananda to enable profiler19:52
*** chandan_kumar has quit IRC19:52
boris-42devananda they are really simple19:52
* dwalleck needs to change his nick :)19:52
boris-42dwalleck yep19:52
*** shakamunyi has quit IRC19:52
boris-42devananda in python we are adding just 2 special Headers19:52
NobodyCami was lookig to discuss how we would handle all project changes19:52
jrollboris-42: isn't writing the ironic spec just a matter of `cp` and `sed`?19:52
boris-42dwalleck in project we are adding wsgi middlewaer19:52
NobodyCamwill we require a spec19:53
boris-42jroll it is not19:53
*** shakamunyi has joined #openstack-meeting19:53
*** yamamoto_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:53
*** shakamunyi has quit IRC19:53
boris-42jroll you need to make this in 100500 projects19:53
NobodyCamor is there a global spec we can ref for blueprints19:53
boris-42jroll get everywhere approves19:53
boris-42jroll and formats are a bit different in different projects19:53
NobodyCamI still feel we need blueprints for changes like this19:53
jrollsounds like an infra/tc question19:53
boris-42jroll so it's useless spending of my time19:53
jrollI'd still like to see a spec for this, personally19:53
jrollbut I totally understand that19:53
boris-42jroll and I am not secretary to do that crap19:54
devanandaboris-42: so rather than talka bout profiler itself (which I'd be happy to do, but not right now) it sounds like the question is19:54
devanandaboris-42: can you propose small changes which are being accepted across many openstack projects without a spec?19:54
boris-42devananda yep19:54
boris-42devananda and about profiler19:54
devanandaboris-42: my answer, at least for now, is: it depends :)19:54
devanandaboris-42: you're welcome to propose the code and find out :)19:54
*** bcrochet has quit IRC19:54
boris-42devananda so about profiler19:54
*** nati_ueno has quit IRC19:55
boris-42devananda it doesn't add overhead19:55
boris-42devananda even if it is turned on19:55
devanandaboris-42: let's not talk about the specifics of profiler right now19:55
*** nati_ueno has joined #openstack-meeting19:55
boris-42devananda lol=)19:55
*** arnaud has joined #openstack-meeting19:55
NobodyCamlets loop back to the details of the change19:55
boris-42NobodyCam I mean19:55
boris-42it's just 1 header19:55
devananda#topic Open Discussion19:55
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion (Meeting topic: ironic)"19:55
boris-422 actually*19:55
boris-42and 1 wsgi middleware19:55
NobodyCammy question was more ... how will we handle this type of change request19:55
*** yamamoto has quit IRC19:56
boris-42NobodyCam heh just don't use specs19:56
jrollNobodyCam: I think it depends on the change19:56
devanandaboris-42: in this case, if it's that simple, please propose the code and let's discuss there19:56
boris-42devananda going to make osprofiler v 0.2.019:56
devanandaboris-42: if other projects are adopting the change, I am likely to follow suit with Ironic19:56
boris-42devananda for first19:56
boris-42devananda cause there is some conflict in oslo.messaging19:56
*** dims has joined #openstack-meeting19:56
boris-42devananda they don't want one peace of code19:56
boris-42devananda so I am going to move it to osprofiler19:57
*** ndipanov has quit IRC19:57
boris-42devananda and then I'll publish patches19:57
boris-42devananda probably tomorrow19:57
*** bcrochet has joined #openstack-meeting19:57
*** yamamoto_ has quit IRC19:57
NobodyCamWhile not on the spec team I have been making a big effort to review spec over hte last several days19:58
NobodyCamhope others will join me19:58
devanandaNobodyCam: thank you!19:58
wanyenwanyen: who is on spec team?19:58
*** MaxV_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:58
NobodyCam:) (*BLUSH*)19:58
NobodyCamone moinunte beep *BEEP*19:59
linggaodevananda, why did native IPMI driver is move to K*?19:59
jrollNobodyCam: +1 :)19:59
linggaoWe are activaly setting up the CI19:59
wanyendeva: thnaks!19:59
*** julim has quit IRC20:00
*** MaxV_ has quit IRC20:00
NobodyCamthats time20:00
devanandalinggao: i think that line meant "make it the default" -- I'll edit the sheet20:00
romchegThanks everyone20:00
devanandathanks everyone!20:00
*** atiwari has joined #openstack-meeting20:00
NobodyCamthank you all20:00
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"20:00
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sarobAnyone here for the milk Dev meeting?20:15
*** dwalleck has quit IRC20:15
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mesteryHi Neutron developers!20:59
*** weshay has quit IRC20:59
*** jckasper has joined #openstack-meeting20:59
*** jckasper__ has quit IRC20:59
*** dane_leblanc has joined #openstack-meeting20:59
*** mlavalle has joined #openstack-meeting20:59
emaganaHello Neutron Commander!21:00
mesteryemagana: :P21:00
*** stephen-ma has joined #openstack-meeting21:00
*** jackib has joined #openstack-meeting21:00
*** pcm__ has joined #openstack-meeting21:00
*** radez is now known as radez_g0n321:01
mesterycarl_baldwin SumitNaiksatam obondarev rkukura amotoki nati_ueno: ping for meeting21:01
* HenryG lurks21:02
mesteryOK, lets get started!21:02
*** edmund1 has joined #openstack-meeting21:02
mestery#startmeeting networking21:02
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*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: networking)"21:02
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'networking'21:02
*** yamahata has joined #openstack-meeting21:02
mestery#link Agenda21:02
mestery#topic Announcements21:02
*** openstack changes topic to "Announcements (Meeting topic: networking)"21:02
*** edmund has quit IRC21:02
mesteryThe mid-cycle sprint is next week:
*** natarajk_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:02
mesteryWe'll cover this in detail in a few minutes, but wanted to note this here.21:02
mesteryAny other announcements the team should be aware of?21:03
*** BrianB_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:03
mestery#topic Mid-Cycle Sprint21:03
*** openstack changes topic to "Mid-Cycle Sprint (Meeting topic: networking)"21:03
mesteryI wanted to ensure we spent some time on this early in this meeting.21:03
*** IlyaE has joined #openstack-meeting21:03
mestery#link Sprint Work Items21:03
mesteryI've started that etherpad to collect work items for next week.21:04
*** jstevens has joined #openstack-meeting21:04
*** vjay has quit IRC21:04
mesteryI'm hoping those who arrive in beautiful Minnesota next week can all hit the ground running Wednesday morning.21:04
mestery3 intense days of closing nova-network gaps. :)21:04
mlavallemestery: +121:05
mesteryWe'll go from 9AM-6PM or so, though I will likely be in the office a bit before that if people want to come by earlier.21:05
sc68caltough boss! ;)21:05
salv-orlandoI hope none of the nationalities there in Minnesota will still be represented at the world cup21:05
mesteryOne thing to note: If you are planning on attending, please send unicast me your [name, email, company] so I can get guest wifi setup for you21:05
mesterysc68cal: :P21:05
mesterysalv-orlando: Ha!21:06
salv-orlandoSo go Belgium!21:06
emaganasalv-orlando: Mexico is out  :-(21:06
mlavallesalv-orlando: we were kicked out by the Dutch yesterday, so i'll be ok21:06
*** SumitNaiksatam has joined #openstack-meeting21:06
mesteryAny other logistical questions I can answer from anyone about next week?21:06
banixvery unfortunate for Mexico!21:06
regXboimestery: *how* early will you be in the office?21:07
mesteryregXboi: How early is early for you? Now I'm afraid. :)21:07
*** vjay has joined #openstack-meeting21:07
* markmcclain notes that neither the England or Italy are left for salv-orlando21:07
banixmestery: I suppose the unicast of info will get us also in the building?21:07
regXboimestery: I'll probably be able to wander in about 7 am21:07
*** davidlenwell_ is now known as davidlenwell21:07
salv-orlandoI never cared for England. Italy is instead on a sabbatical21:07
salv-orlandoItaly literally got eaten by Uruguay21:08
regXboiso yes, you should be afraid :)21:08
mesterybanix: That's a good point. You can get into the building past 8AM, take the elevator to the 4th floor and checkin with the lobby ambassador21:08
mlavallesalv-orlando: oh that explains their poor performance21:08
mesteryregXboi: I don't know if I'll be there by 7AM. 8AM likely, though :)21:08
banixmestery: thanks21:08
regXboimestery: no worries ...21:08
mesteryregXboi: I'll see what I can do :)21:09
pcm__I'll likely come in early, I'm an early riser.21:09
*** jecarey has quit IRC21:09
*** linggao has quit IRC21:09
mesteryLooking forward to working F2F with folks next week to close nova-network parity gaps!21:09
Sukhdevmestery: the session kicks off at 9am though, right?21:09
mesterySukhdev: Correct. :)21:09
* mestery notes Sukhdev is from PDT timezone :P21:10
Sukhdevmestery: I will be on time :-)21:10
banixSukhdev: I see you are worried. You should be when 11m PST is early for you :)21:10
markmcclainmestery: same here… am excited to close these gaps21:10
Sukhdevbanix: :-)21:10
mesteryOK, unless there's anything else, we'll proceed with the rest of hte meeting.21:10
*** ArthurBerezin has joined #openstack-meeting21:10
mestery#topic Bugs21:11
*** openstack changes topic to "Bugs (Meeting topic: networking)"21:11
mesteryenikanorov__: Hi!21:11
enikanorov__nothing much new this wee. i'm trying to track gate failures21:11
mesteryAnything new on that front (gate failures)?21:11
enikanorov__so far we have a list of rarely hit bugs related to lock wait timeouts21:11
enikanorov__i hope most of the cases should be fixed by the patch21:12
enikanorov__let me find the link21:12
mesteryThanks enikanorov__21:12
salv-orlandoenikanorov_: I think you’seen this already by anyway,…
*** ArthurBerezin has quit IRC21:12
salv-orlandothat’s ihrachyshka take on the lock wait timeout problem21:12
*** ArthurBerezin has joined #openstack-meeting21:12
enikanorov__salv-orlando: yes, i've seen this, it seems as an overkill to me...21:13
enikanorov__Elena Ezhova and me were analyzing different cases of timeouts21:13
salv-orlandook - I just wanted to raise awareness. comments are better placed on gerrit.21:13
enikanorov__so far we've seen that they are still connected to port deletion21:13
*** songole has joined #openstack-meeting21:13
enikanorov__so the patch  ihrachyshks has on review should fix most of them21:14
salv-orlandoonly thing I want to avoid is to have 10 different solutions for the same problem on gerrit and none on git log ;)21:14
*** ArthurBerezin has left #openstack-meeting21:14
*** david_____ has quit IRC21:14
enikanorov__salv-orlando: sure21:14
enikanorov__another question i have on this21:15
enikanorov__is the e-r queries21:15
enikanorov__i've pushed a few to gerrit, but infra folks are not happy to merge queries that give 2-4 hits per week21:15
enikanorov__but when summed, those timeouts are several a day21:15
enikanorov__what would you recommend?21:15
*** sarob has joined #openstack-meeting21:15
mesteryenikanorov__: I wonder if they don't want to explode e-r queries for bugs with such small hits.21:16
*** rbowen has quit IRC21:16
salv-orlandoso e-r queries are weighted for severity on gate hits21:17
mesteryenikanorov__: I would say lets bring this up in #openstack-infra and see what we can do.21:17
enikanorov__then it would not be convenient to track hits of particular cases21:17
enikanorov__and those cases are ~10 different ones21:17
salv-orlandomestery: just like with beetlejuice you can try and say Joe Gordon’s name 3 times21:17
salv-orlandohe might appear here21:17
mesterysalv-orlando: :P21:18
enikanorov__ok. the problem is that i don't know the policies about e-r queries, so i don't quite understand their reasoning21:18
* markmcclain is starting descent…will stay rejoin when on ground21:18
mesterymarkmcclain: Enjoy SLC for the short while you're there ;)21:18
salv-orlandoenikanorov_: usually they’re filed to bring down uncategorized failures to 021:18
salv-orlandoso that’s why infra focuses on failures hitting the gate21:18
*** fawadkhaliq has joined #openstack-meeting21:19
enikanorov__anopther concern was that some failures happening on non-voting neutron-full job21:19
salv-orlandobut in the past I brought up the argument in openstack-infra or in gerrit and had them merged21:19
*** belmoreira has joined #openstack-meeting21:19
salv-orlandoenikanorov_: yeah lock wait timeout failures are more frequent there.21:19
mesterysalv-orlando enikanorov__: Is the full job not voting yet? The plan is to turn that on and make it voting soon right?21:19
salv-orlandomestery: yes - there is an update on that on the mailing list21:20
*** markmcclain has quit IRC21:20
enikanorov__anyway, i'll followup with infra folks on their channel21:20
mesterysalv-orlando: Thanks!21:20
*** julim has quit IRC21:21
mesteryAnything else bugs related enikanorov__?21:21
mesteryOK, thanks enikanorov__!21:21
mestery#topic Docs21:21
*** openstack changes topic to "Docs (Meeting topic: networking)"21:21
mesteryemagana: Howdy!21:21
emaganamestery: Hi There!21:21
emaganaWiki is updated with the High* priority bugs21:22
emagana(only one open)  :-)21:22
emaganaI have seen developers adding DocImpact.. and I would like to thank all for that!!21:22
emaganaJust a nice extra reminder! If you push a commit with "DocImpact" please, take a look to the Doc Bug and try to fix it as well  :P21:23
*** DavidHu has quit IRC21:23
mesteryemagana: One of the gap areas is around documentation of hte open source options, I'm hopeful you can assist those who want to narrow that gap next week in MN!21:23
mesteryemagana: You may need to boot strap some new docs contributors :)21:24
emaganamestery: I will do that!21:24
*** doddstack has joined #openstack-meeting21:24
mesteryemagana: Awesome, thanks!21:24
* regXboi marvels at mestery's deft delegation21:24
mesteryregXboi: :P21:24
mesteryemagana: Anything else this week?21:24
emaganamestery: good to know, I will prepare some overview of the Docs for newers!21:24
mesteryemagana: That would be even better! /cc regXboi21:24
regXboiemagana: :)  I'm looking for that info21:25
emaganamestery: Yes, I dont like fake penalties!!!!!!21:25
regXboibecause I keep banging my head on doc issues21:25
mesteryemagana: Maybe we can even look at documentation options for DVR next week since carl_baldwin will be there too. But maybe it's too early, lets see.21:25
*** thedodd has quit IRC21:25
carl_baldwinmestery: not a bad idea21:25
emaganamestery: the sooner the better... I will discuss that with carl_baldwin21:26
* mestery is bringing everyone together. :)21:26
*** HenryG_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:26
mesteryThanks for the updates emagana!21:26
mestery#topic Tempest21:26
*** openstack changes topic to "Tempest (Meeting topic: networking)"21:26
mesterymlavalle: Hi there!21:26
mlavallehi: we are pretty much complete with the api coverage that we planned early this year. I have one test script for VPNaaS and zzelle_ for the provider network extension21:26
regXboioops... sorry - wrong window21:26
*** pdmars has quit IRC21:27
*** hashar_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:27
*** baoli_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:27
mesterymlavalle: Nice!21:27
*** nati_uen_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:27
*** samcdona_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:27
mlavalleI will update mark_mccclain's etherpad for nova pairty with all the tests pmerged21:27
*** EntropyWorks_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:28
*** radez_g0` has joined #openstack-meeting21:28
*** jackib1 has joined #openstack-meeting21:28
*** tmp_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:28
mesterymlavalle: For next week, we may have some new tempest contributors, perhaps Wednesday you could spend some time boot strapping a few.21:28
mlavalleI want to devote the next few minutes, though, to gather some feedback for the sprint next week, especially from markmcclain and salv-orlando: what do you see is needed next week for nova-parity and the full neutron job?21:28
mlavallein terms of tempest^^^21:28
*** lintan_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:28
salv-orlandomlavalle: I think for enabling the full neutron job we don’t need anything in tempest.21:29
*** cvbock1 has joined #openstack-meeting21:29
*** luis_fdez1 has joined #openstack-meeting21:29
mlavallemestery: yes, I will do that21:29
*** yamahata__ has joined #openstack-meeting21:29
salv-orlandoThe issues have been identified, bugs filed and root caused.21:29
salv-orlandoPatches wil follow up shortly.21:29
*** yogeshme_ has quit IRC21:29
salv-orlandoSo, I guess I will do my best to get the full job switched to voting this week21:29
salv-orlandoso that you guys next week can deal with inevitable spike in failure rate21:30
mlavallesalv-orlando: any tests that should be redesigned? I think you mentioned something in the tempest irc meeting to that effect21:30
mesterysalv-orlando: Nice!21:30
mesterysalv-orlando: :(21:30
*** aclark_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:30
salv-orlandomlavalle: the tempest design issue pertained the lbaas scenario test. Elena Ehzova already addressed that.21:30
mlavallesalv-orlando: cool21:30
salv-orlandomestery: problems?21:31
*** overlayer has joined #openstack-meeting21:31
mlavallehow about markmcclain?21:31
mesterysalv-orlando: No, just #sadpanda for the inevitable fallout21:31
salv-orlandoah ok!21:31
mesterymlavalle: markmcclain is landing right now :)21:31
*** jogo_awa1 has joined #openstack-meeting21:31
mesterymlavalle: I'll circle with him later :)21:31
*** lbragstad_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:31
mlavallemestery: ok, i'll follow up directly with him21:31
salv-orlandomarkmcclain loves neutron meetings at 35k feet21:31
mesterymlavalle: Thanks!21:31
*** christop1eraedo has joined #openstack-meeting21:31
mlavalleany other input from the team as far as stuff that needs to be covered next week?21:32
mesterysalv-orlando: I don't think he takes neutron meetings from anyewher else :)21:32
*** zzelle_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:32
mlavalleif there is not more input, I am done. I will work the etherpad over this week21:33
mesteryThanks mlavalle!21:33
*** Daviey_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:33
mestery#topic L321:33
*** openstack changes topic to "L3 (Meeting topic: networking)"21:33
mesterycarl_baldwin: Hi there!21:33
carl_baldwinFrist, DVR.  We’ve seen a lot of great progress.21:33
carl_baldwinWe had a big push to clean up the test failures.  We were 4 UT failures away this morning on only one patch.21:34
*** edmund has joined #openstack-meeting21:34
carl_baldwinWe’ve been addressing feedback about as quickly as it can come in.21:34
*** sarob has quit IRC21:34
*** EntropyWorks has quit IRC21:34
*** jackib has quit IRC21:34
*** samcdona has quit IRC21:34
*** EntropyWorks_ is now known as EntropyWorks21:34
carl_baldwinarmax posted a demo video that was interesting.21:34
mesterycarl_baldwin: Sweet!21:34
*** luis_fdez has quit IRC21:34
*** radez_g0n3 has quit IRC21:34
*** ttrifonov_zZzz has quit IRC21:34
*** cvbock has quit IRC21:34
*** HenryG has quit IRC21:34
*** lbragstad has quit IRC21:34
*** bdperkin has quit IRC21:34
* carl_baldwin is looking. armax?21:34
*** ttrifonov_zZzz has joined #openstack-meeting21:35
*** safchain has joined #openstack-meeting21:35
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack-meeting21:35
armaxI put the link to the video here:
*** ubuntu has joined #openstack-meeting21:35
*** simon-AS559 has left #openstack-meeting21:35
mesteryThanks armax!21:35
armaxNot sure why, but it looks like Chrome does not render the video tag very well21:35
*** csd has quit IRC21:35
*** eharney has quit IRC21:35
*** nati_ueno has quit IRC21:35
*** baoli has quit IRC21:35
*** jgrimm has quit IRC21:35
*** lintan has quit IRC21:35
*** jogo_away has quit IRC21:35
*** kevinbenton has quit IRC21:35
*** zaro has quit IRC21:35
*** cburgess has quit IRC21:35
*** Razec has quit IRC21:35
*** hashar has quit IRC21:35
*** Daviey has quit IRC21:35
*** juice has quit IRC21:35
*** yamahata has quit IRC21:35
*** AlanClark has quit IRC21:35
*** christopheraedo has quit IRC21:36
*** edmund1 has quit IRC21:36
*** Daviey_ is now known as Daviey21:36
*** bdperkin has joined #openstack-meeting21:36
*** bdperkin has joined #openstack-meeting21:36
*** ubuntu is now known as Guest3744521:36
*** csd has joined #openstack-meeting21:36
carl_baldwinarmax: mestery: that must be why I couldn’t see it.21:36
carl_baldwinAnyway, we’ll get that taken care of.21:36
*** Michalik_ has quit IRC21:36
*** razec has joined #openstack-meeting21:36
armaxI was going to send a mail to ML later to broaden the announcement21:36
banixlooks fine in Safari21:36
Sukhdevarmax: please do21:36
salv-orlandoarmax: ml post is still good. I will forget about that link in 5 minutes or less21:36
carl_baldwinI’ve also put up a temporary branch that merges all of the gerrit patch sets in to one commit a few times a day.21:36
*** kevinbenton has joined #openstack-meeting21:36
gus"The page at '' was loaded over HTTPS, but ran insecure content from '': this content should also be loaded over HTTPS."21:37
carl_baldwin^ This is just if you want a quick way to get all of the code together.21:37
*** juice has joined #openstack-meeting21:37
mesterycarl_baldwin: Thanks for that, for people who want to test it out, that will be helpful!21:37
*** tomoe_ has quit IRC21:37
mesterycarl_baldwin: Is testing something which people can help with next week around DVR?21:37
carl_baldwinYes, it has helped me out as well.  I thought I’d share.21:38
*** tomoe_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:38
*** vjay has quit IRC21:38
carl_baldwinmestery: I think so.  I’m working on it myself with a few others.  If others are interested in testing please let me know.21:38
salv-orlandomestery: ideally a soon as we merge that we might add a non-voting job that runs neutron with DVR21:39
mesterycarl_baldwin: If there are things people can assist the DVR team with next week, we can add them to the etherpad.21:39
*** jamespd has joined #openstack-meeting21:39
*** ArthurBerezin1 has joined #openstack-meeting21:39
mesterysalv-orlando: +1 to that, though that would require multi-node tempest testing to be useful, right?21:39
carl_baldwinmestery: I’ll have a look.21:39
mesterycarl_baldwin: Thanks!21:39
enikanorov__carl_baldwin: i'm interested in testing21:39
*** dkranz has quit IRC21:39
carl_baldwinsalv-orlando: Yes, we’re working on that.21:39
salv-orlandomestery: yeah but even without we’ll add coverage for new paths21:40
carl_baldwinenikanorov__: noted.  Thanks.21:40
mesterysalv-orlando: True, dat.21:40
carl_baldwinThe rest is up to date on the meeting page.  There were a couple of new High bugs but we’re on them.21:40
mesterycarl_baldwin: Awesome, thanks!21:41
carl_baldwinThat’s it.21:41
mestery#topic Advanced Services21:41
*** openstack changes topic to "Advanced Services (Meeting topic: networking)"21:41
mesterySumitNaiksatam: Hi there!21:41
SumitNaiksatammestery: hi21:41
*** cburgess has joined #openstack-meeting21:41
*** cburgess has quit IRC21:41
SumitNaiksatamwe had quite an interesting discussion in a special session on flavors on Friday :-)21:41
mesterySumitNaiksatam: Indeed ;)21:42
*** sarob has joined #openstack-meeting21:42
*** vjay has joined #openstack-meeting21:42
SumitNaiksatamwe thought we were beginning to reach a conclusion at least on the user facing API, but then we ran out of time21:42
*** cburgess has joined #openstack-meeting21:42
*** eharney has joined #openstack-meeting21:42
SumitNaiksatamso for now, the plan is that markmcclain and enikanorov_ or going to reconcile on the items that we agreed upong21:42
*** mtreinish has joined #openstack-meeting21:42
*** blamar has quit IRC21:43
enikanorov__i've left corresponding comment on markmcclain's spec21:43
SumitNaiksatamwe might decide to leave features like the “tags” defined in enikanorov_’s proposal as a future enhancement21:43
*** arnaud__ has joined #openstack-meeting21:43
mesteryI think we're close, though I'm hopeful we can close this before the end of hte week.21:43
SumitNaiksatamenikanorov_: great, thanks21:43
*** ArthurBerezin has joined #openstack-meeting21:43
SumitNaiksatammestery: +100!21:43
*** ArthurBerezin has quit IRC21:43
markmcclainI'll reply to those on next flight21:43
*** ArthurBerezin has joined #openstack-meeting21:43
mesteryFlavors is important for all the services, so closing on this will be good.21:43
*** ArthurBerezin has left #openstack-meeting21:44
SumitNaiksatammarkmcclain: great! :-)21:44
mesterymarkmcclain: Awesome! (And welcome back :)21:44
enikanorov__markmcclain: is a pilot, isn't he?21:44
*** hrybacki has quit IRC21:44
mesteryenikanorov__: :)21:44
SumitNaiksatamother than that, we want to focus on the service insertion and chaining blueprint specs21:44
*** arnaud has quit IRC21:44
SumitNaiksatamto the extent that we can without distracting people from their focus21:44
*** arnaud has joined #openstack-meeting21:45
*** vijendar has quit IRC21:45
SumitNaiksatamso expect this wednesday to have more of a discussion on the service insertion spec21:45
regXboiSumitNaiksatam: :)21:45
SumitNaiksatamregXboi: :-)21:45
SumitNaiksatammestery: thats the short summary21:45
mesterySumitNaiksatam: Thanks for the summary!21:45
*** annegent_ has quit IRC21:45
regXboiSumitNaiksatam: I plan on reading through and adding comments on the other GBP patchsets... just trying to find blocks of time21:46
mestery#topic IPv621:46
*** openstack changes topic to "IPv6 (Meeting topic: networking)"21:46
mesterysc68cal: Howdy!21:46
SumitNaiksatamregXboi: thats a separate agenda topic, but thanks :-)21:46
*** annegent_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:46
sc68calSo the two big ticket items are the IPv6 radvd spec and review21:46
*** songole has quit IRC21:46
sc68cal#link IPv6 radvd spec21:46
sc68cal#link IPv6 radvd review21:46
SumitNaiksatammestery: thanks a bunch for chairing the flavors meeting!21:47
mesterySumitNaiksatam: yw21:47
sc68calWe also got tempest API tests for ipv6 attributes merged
mesterysc68cal: I saw those, that's great they are both there, given the movement to radvd21:47
mesterysc68cal: woot!21:47
*** ArthurBerezin1 has quit IRC21:47
sc68calI also rebased and fixed conflicts on the python-neutronclient side for the ipv6 attributes21:47
*** songole has joined #openstack-meeting21:48
sc68cal#link python-neutronclient v6 support21:48
mlavallesc68cal: thanks!21:48
sc68calSo, eyeballs and reviews appreciate21:48
mesterysc68cal: You've been busy :)21:48
sc68calalso check out the multi-prefix review
sc68calWe'd appreciate some eyeballs on that, and feedback21:48
*** vjay has quit IRC21:48
sc68calThat's it for me21:49
mesterysc68cal: Seems like IPv6 is making good headway here, which is good!21:49
mestery#topic ML221:49
*** cburgess has quit IRC21:49
*** openstack changes topic to "ML2 (Meeting topic: networking)"21:49
mesterySukhdev: Hi!21:49
*** cjellick_ has quit IRC21:49
Sukhdevmestery: Hi21:49
SukhdevGot few items to report21:49
*** cjellick has joined #openstack-meeting21:50
*** cburgess has joined #openstack-meeting21:50
SukhdevTeam has been busy reviewing specs - some of them are ready to go and require core approvals21:50
mesterySukhdev: Thanks for pre-reviewing those and noting their readiness for core reviews!21:51
*** annegent_ has quit IRC21:51
Sukhdevmestery: thanks for approving them - need other cores to21:51
Sukhdevreview as well21:51
emaganaI will help Sukhdev21:51
Sukhdevemagana: tahnks21:51
mesteryemagana: awesome!21:51
SukhdevAnother thing to report is that some of the team members met Friday to discuss ML2 Sync21:52
*** belmoreira has quit IRC21:52
SukhdevWe are beginging to plan the activities around ML2 Sync to solve some of the issues21:52
Sukhdev This is short term fix21:52
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1193861 in neutron "ML2 plugin needs to override bulk operations" [Medium,In progress]21:52
Sukhdevbut, we are looking to solve it with ML2 -21:53
*** kakuma has joined #openstack-meeting21:53
Sukhdevwill work on the specs and BPs with the team members - so look out for that21:53
SukhdevThat is all I have to report for now21:53
amotokiSukhdev: perhaps i am reviewing all three above. will look later today but i have some concern on wording.21:53
mesterySukhdev: Thanks for the updates!21:53
Sukhdevunless there are questions21:53
Sukhdevamotoki: thanks21:54
mesteryamotoki: Awesome and thanks!21:54
mestery#topic Group Based Policy21:54
*** vjay has joined #openstack-meeting21:54
*** openstack changes topic to "Group Based Policy (Meeting topic: networking)"21:54
mesterySumitNaiksatam: Howdy again!21:54
SumitNaiksatammestery: hi again21:54
SumitNaiksatamshort update21:54
*** belmoreira has joined #openstack-meeting21:54
*** arnaud has quit IRC21:54
SumitNaiksatamwe have lots of patches in review now, the model series is almost complete21:55
*** arnaud has joined #openstack-meeting21:55
SumitNaiksatamand the driver series is almost there (rkukura would be posting a patch sometime later today)21:55
regXboiand now I'll say what I said before.... I owe you reviews - just need to find a block of uninterrupted time (who knows, maybe friday morning)21:55
SumitNaiksatamwith that one should be able to test a subset of the resources all the way to the data path21:55
*** hashar_ is now known as hashar21:55
SumitNaiksatamregXboi: thanks, and appreciate your comments earlier21:55
SumitNaiksatamthanks in general to all the other reviewers as well21:56
SumitNaiksatammestery: so good progress over all21:56
*** andreaf_ has quit IRC21:56
mesterySumitNaiksatam: Excellent!21:56
SumitNaiksatamCLI patch is also ready21:56
SumitNaiksatammestery: thanks for the time21:56
mesterySumitNaiksatam: thank you for the updates!21:56
mestery#topic Open Discussion21:56
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion (Meeting topic: networking)"21:56
banixconflicting views on #link  Small issue and patchset. Shouldn’t require too much of your time21:57
*** fawadkhaliq has quit IRC21:57
mesterybanix: ^^^21:57
banixmestery: thx.  yeah the first thing didn’t come out right for some reasons.21:58
*** chuckC has quit IRC21:58
mesterybanix: No worries :)21:58
mesteryOK, thanks everyone!21:58
pcm__Need help on how to get oslo.messaging in global rewuirements
amotokiit is a discussion on positional argument of internal class. we have similar discussion several times so far.21:58
mesteryLook forward to seeing some of you next week in Minnesota!21:58
yamamoto_is 3rd party ci expected to test and vote stable branches?21:58
mesterypcm__: See reply by markmc on the ML to that one. :)21:58
*** vjay has quit IRC21:59
mesteryyamamoto_: If your driver is upstream in a stable branch, yes. I'll clarify the wiki page for that.21:59
markmcclainamotoki: I know implementations based on that class21:59
yamamoto_ok, thank you21:59
mesteryOK, thanks everyone!22:00
mesteryCatch you all on the ML and IRC!22:00
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"22:00
openstackMeeting ended Mon Jun 30 22:00:18 2014 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)22:00
openstackMinutes (text):
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amotokibye. i need to rush into trains for flight :-)22:03
*** amotoki has quit IRC22:03
*** tomoe_ has left #openstack-meeting22:04
banixmarkmcclain: is it better to keep the parameter or update those using this class?22:04
*** IlyaE has joined #openstack-meeting22:04
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