Thursday, 2015-05-07

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DaisyLet's start the meeting08:00
Daisy#startmeeting OpenStack I18n Meeting08:00
openstackMeeting started Thu May  7 08:00:48 2015 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is Daisy. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.08:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: OpenStack I18n Meeting)"08:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'openstack_i18n_meeting'08:00
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DaisyWho is there for i18n meeting ?08:01
* DeeJay1 is here08:01
*** ajo has joined #openstack-meeting08:01
DaisyHi, DeeJay1 ! Hi, ujuc !08:01
DaisyAnyone else ?08:01
*** katomo has joined #openstack-meeting08:01
DaisyHi, epico08:02
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*** amaretskiy has joined #openstack-meeting08:02
DaisyThen let's start.08:02
DaisyI will use this time to prepare for the Vancouver summit.08:02
*** otter768 has joined #openstack-meeting08:03
DaisyI distributed 10 registration codes for i18n members.08:03
*** jcoufal_ has joined #openstack-meeting08:03
DaisySo at least, we will have 10 translators in the summit.08:04
DaisyDeeJay1 has a presentation to talk about his experiences in translation.08:04
DaisyHere is the link:
DaisyI will be there to support you, DeeJay108:05
DeeJay1I'll be in Vancouver from Friday the 15th (make it 16th as I'll probably be dead after the flight ;) to Friday the 22th08:05
DaisyI will arrive on 16th.08:05
*** ivar-laz_ has quit IRC08:05
DaisyI hope we could get 2 time slots for i18n team for meetings.08:05
DaisyI have sent the requests. Not sure if they will be arranged.08:06
DaisyOne meeting is for translation platform discussion.08:06
DaisyCarlos from Zanata team, Lyz from infrastructure team, and our translators would sit down and talk about the migration plans.08:07
*** jcoufal has quit IRC08:07
DaisyWe will review what have done, what need to be done, and remained issues.08:07
DaisyThe other meeting will be opened for the translators to discuss.08:08
*** otter768 has quit IRC08:08
DaisyThe time is probably 2:50pm - 3:30pm, Monday, May 1808:08
DaisySo I created this:
DaisyI would like to collect from you, what you would like to discuss there ?08:09
DaisyWhat proposals do you have to improve our translation work ?08:10
DeeJay1hmm 2:50 to 3:30 is my slot for the presentation :/08:10
Daisyoh...That's bad.08:10
DaisyI didn't notice it.08:11
DaisyLet me try to reschedule then.08:11
DaisyAre Monday morning OK for you, DeeJay1  ?08:12
DeeJay1I'll stick with my idea about better feedback for the developers when they break string freeze08:12
DeeJay1Daisy: yes, it should be ok, it would get my mind off the presentation08:12
DaisyDeeJay1: You mean, in your presentation, or in the translators working meeting ?08:13
DeeJay1DeeJay1: meeting08:14
DaisyYes, I think it's good topic to cover.08:14
*** yingjun has quit IRC08:14
Daisyujuc: do you have any issues and want to address in the summit meeting ?08:15
Daisyepico: the same question to you: do you want to address any issues in the summit ?08:15
ujuc​um.. i can not attend summit.....08:16
epiconot from me.08:16
epicome, either.08:16
Daisyujuc: I know you cannot go. It's a pitty.08:17
*** scheuran has joined #openstack-meeting08:17
Daisyujuc: do you have any painful in your translation ?08:17
Daisythank you, epico08:18
ujucum no :)08:18
*** bogdando has quit IRC08:18
*** yingjun has joined #openstack-meeting08:18
Daisyujuc: thank you, ujuc. :)08:18
Daisyok. Let's go to open discussion.08:18
Daisy#open discussion08:18
Daisy#topic open discussion08:18
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: OpenStack I18n Meeting)"08:18
katomoHow about website translation?08:19
katomoany toolchain?08:19
*** ddieterly has joined #openstack-meeting08:20
Daisyno toolchain, katomo08:20
*** francois1 has joined #openstack-meeting08:20
DaisyThe wiki page translation is enabled, but the website is not able to be translated directly08:20
*** kiseok7_ has quit IRC08:20
DaisyDo you have requirements to do that ? Are you volunteer to develop tool chain for web translation ?08:21
katomoI want to translate website.08:21
*** bogdando has joined #openstack-meeting08:21
Daisythe whole website ?08:22
Daisyor some pages ?08:22
*** mrunge has quit IRC08:22
katomoHowever, I don't understand how website are maintained at now.08:22
*** mrunge has joined #openstack-meeting08:22
*** yassine_ has joined #openstack-meeting08:22
katomowhole website08:22
DaisyI don't quite understand too.08:22
katomoas possible...08:23
Daisyat least, it's a web site running on a web server.08:23
DaisyThere should be some static pages, and some dynamic pages. I think, most are static pages.08:23
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-meeting08:23
katomoyeah, any CMS?08:23
*** jlanoux has quit IRC08:23
DaisyI don't know.08:23
*** ddieterly has quit IRC08:24
Daisykatomo: are you volunteer to work on the tool chain ?08:25
Daisyto translate website.08:25
katomoDaisy: yes08:25
DaisyGreat !08:25
DaisyLet's see.08:25
*** xingchao has joined #openstack-meeting08:25
DaisyI hope the web page translation is in the same platform with documentations. Then we could share the same translation memory and glossary.08:26
*** emagana has joined #openstack-meeting08:26
*** francois1 has quit IRC08:26
katomoI think so, too.08:26
*** jlanoux has joined #openstack-meeting08:26
*** xingchao has quit IRC08:26
*** francois1 has joined #openstack-meeting08:26
Daisykatomo: can you write an email to the mailing list, and express your requirements ?08:26
DaisyFirst, we need to understand how the website is maintained.08:27
*** IlyaG has joined #openstack-meeting08:27
*** xingchao has joined #openstack-meeting08:27
DaisyThen let's make the design together.08:27
*** henrynash has joined #openstack-meeting08:27
*** dannywilson has quit IRC08:28
DaisyI'm sure the foundation would be excited to see this proposal.08:28
*** aranjan has joined #openstack-meeting08:29
Daisy1 or 2 years ago, the website developers approached me that they want to us to translate website. Then I didn't hear from them for a long time.08:29
*** dannywilson has joined #openstack-meeting08:30
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DaisyThank you, katomo08:30
Daisyanything else to discuss ?08:31
*** emagana has quit IRC08:31
DaisyIf no, I will close the meeting.08:31
DaisyThank you all for attending.08:32
DaisyIf you have future questions, go to #openstack-translation.08:32
ujucok :)08:33
DaisySee you next time.08:33
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"08:33
openstackMeeting ended Thu May  7 08:33:08 2015 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)08:33
openstackMinutes (text):
katomoBye, see you soon.08:33
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gordc#startmeeting ceilometer15:03
openstackMeeting started Thu May  7 15:03:42 2015 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is gordc. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.15:03
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: ceilometer)"15:03
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'ceilometer'15:03
*** wojdev has quit IRC15:03
gordcsorry folks.15:03
gordcwas doing some house cleaning15:04
*** mspreitz has joined #openstack-meeting15:04
cdentgordc has hoffa's body15:04
gordccdent: i'll google that reference later.lol15:04
gordc#topic summit session proposals - VOTING DONE15:04
*** openstack changes topic to "summit session proposals - VOTING DONE (Meeting topic: ceilometer)"15:04
gordcso i've shut down the voting for design session proposals15:05
gordcabove is the proposed schedule15:05
*** topol has quit IRC15:06
llu-laptopgordc: why many with the same title?15:06
gordcthe 'fishbowl' large rooms will cover componentisation and event alarm topics as they had the most interest15:06
*** xingchao has quit IRC15:06
gordci can't edit the 'work session' titles15:06
gordcttx: ^ i assume that is normal15:06
gordcfor the work session slots you'll need to dig in15:07
gordcyou can also find the plan in the spreadsheet where it says 'GORD TYPING'15:07
pradcould you include the etherpad links in the description as well for work sessions15:07
gordcprad: yep. will build etherpads today15:08
*** salv-orlando has quit IRC15:08
gordcif anyone notices conflicts please shout ASAP.15:08
*** kzaitsev has joined #openstack-meeting15:08
gordcthe schedule should be finalised by next week.15:08
fabioggordc: for the fishbowl, do you think it would be better to have slides due to the large audience?15:09
*** annegentle has joined #openstack-meeting15:09
cdentwe don't want a presentation, we want a conversation15:09
gordcfabiog: you should probably minimise the slides... the layout as i understand it is a circle15:09
gordcthe screen will most be used for capturing notes on etherpad15:09
*** mwagner_lap has quit IRC15:10
eglynngordc: I think the idea of a generic title for working sessions was to gently discourage "lurking"15:10
ildikovI think some figures on whiteboard or in a presentation can be helpful, but otherwise I agree with gordc and cdent15:10
eglynn... at least that was a notion expressed at a prior cross-project meeting15:10
gordcfabiog: i guess you could consider visuals if they are too complex to draw.15:10
gordceglynn: ah cool cool15:11
ildikoveglynn: yeap, I think this was an outcome from Paris, that we should minimize the number of people who are just lurking in the room15:11
fabioggordc: yes. I think at least the current state design and the desired one should be in a driagram15:11
ildikovfabiog: +1, it sounds good as a starting point15:11
*** robsparker has joined #openstack-meeting15:12
*** kebray has joined #openstack-meeting15:12
gordcfabiog: ok. if you believe it's something beyond the realm of a drawing then i guess a slide might work... but i don't think we should encourage it.15:13
cdentfabiog: I think the point is to figure out the desired one not present it.15:13
gordctbh i hope the plan is simple enough that it doesn't need a powerpoint slide to explain15:13
cdentI think we should go into that discussion without a preconceived design15:13
gordccdent: +15:13
*** annegentle has quit IRC15:14
gordci should also point out the time... it'll be early... so i guess hold back on the drinks tuesday night.15:14
fabiogcdent: I think having a starting point is beneficial, we onlu have 50 min15:14
*** annegentle has joined #openstack-meeting15:14
*** xingchao has joined #openstack-meeting15:15
gordcfabiog: i should also point out we have a open slot wed at 3:30pm15:15
cdentas long as it is presented as a straw man, okay, but really I think we need to talk about something more fundamental than "we want ceilo to look like this"15:15
gordcwe will use that as a carry over time for small room discussions15:15
*** amitgandhinz has quit IRC15:15
fabioggordc: yes, good idea15:15
ildikovcdent: I think we should start with the more fundamental things before any ppt or whiteboard diagram15:16
*** kzaitsev has quit IRC15:16
fabiogildikov: like what?15:16
gordcfor those sharing time, ie. cdent/fabio. r-mibu/llu i'll let you guys discuss how you want to organise it.15:17
gordcfeel free to bring me in if you want input.15:17
*** lpeer_ has joined #openstack-meeting15:17
*** Swami has joined #openstack-meeting15:17
gordcbut for the fishbowl items we should probably discuss the broader items... and we can drill down further in work sessions if needed.15:18
_nadya_should we visualize meters/ events and should we do data analysis. These questions should be raised again, imho15:18
* idegtiarov agree with _nadya_ 15:19
gordc_nadya_: is that a separate topic you want to propose?15:19
*** krykowski has joined #openstack-meeting15:20
gordc_nadya_: based on the one line description above, it's probably something that should exist separately (like gnocchi) for now.15:20
_nadya_gordc: no, I think it may be discussed on cdent's session, about the future15:20
gordc_nadya_: but i'ts something we can discuss in one of open discussoin slots or the final meetup slot15:20
ildikovfabiog: I meant that what we would like to do with Ceilo in general, what is the mission of this module, etc.15:20
gordc_nadya_: ah i see. kk15:21
fabiogildikov: yes, but we need to propose a guideline, otherwise we won't achieve anything in 50 min.15:22
*** garthb has joined #openstack-meeting15:22
gordcfabiog: i think you and cdent can come up with some discussion points before hand to guide discussion15:22
*** dannywilson has joined #openstack-meeting15:22
fabiogildikov: it could be a list of questions too. to facilitate the discussion15:23
*** shashankhegde has joined #openstack-meeting15:23
ildikovfabiog: gordc: well, if we know already that it will take longer, then we could mark the free sessions as it is already marked as we can continue the dicussion there15:23
fabioggordc: cdent I will schedule a meeting to talk about it15:23
gordcfabiog: kk15:23
fabiogcdent: you are in Ireland, right?15:23
gordcildikov: i think i already did (unofficially)... it's in the brackets15:24
ildikov_nadya_: that topic brings us far IMHO, but I agree that it belongs to cdent/fabiog's session to discuss the idea15:24
cdentUK, send me some email and we'll work out what to do15:24
ildikovgordc: yeap, that is what I tried to refer to15:24
gordcildikov: sure i'll change that slot to officially say "deal with cdent's madness" :)15:25
ildikovcdent: fabiog: an etherpad with a rough guideline prior to the session would be useful15:25
cdentyes, that makes sense15:26
ildikovgordc: LOL :)15:26
gordccdent: i'll just go to store.. /me hopes for sale.15:26
*** radez is now known as radez_g0n315:26
gordcfabiog: cdent: please use this:
gordci assume there isn't one created already15:26
*** rprakash has quit IRC15:27
gordcfabiog: cdent: i forgot but do you think your topic links to any other teams?15:27
cdentthere are the notes that I made when putting the thing on the spreadsheet, but those were supposed to be background to figuring out a guide, so I'll just link to that from this and do more outliney stuff on the new one15:28
cdentits partially in response to the ops stuff the prior day15:28
cdentas in "what strategies can we use to make the changes they require of us"15:28
ildikovgordc: I think if we would bring this up on an ops session it would be an endless discussion15:28
gordccdent: kk. i'm just asking because i can also make the session appear in other projects schedules... so there's more eyes15:28
cdent(with the general notion that breaking-things-up is a way to go for a variety of reasons)15:28
gordcildikov: yeah... i took off original ops link because i was worried of that. we can play it by ear.15:29
cdentgordc the idea is for it to involve input from other people, so yeah, I guess so15:29
cdentIt needs to be more more people than just us who are talking right now or why bother?15:29
gordccdent: ok. i'll add tag.15:29
gordcfor the other topics. please let me know if you'd like a link to another project.15:30
fabioggordc: also is relevant for billing people ...15:30
ildikovcdent: in case of topics like this it usually not helps that much to have a huge amount of people involved from the beginning15:30
*** scheuran has quit IRC15:31
*** browne has quit IRC15:31
*** jdurgin1 has joined #openstack-meeting15:31
gordcfabiog: doesn't seem to be a 'billing' stream. so i think it might be covered by 'ops'15:31
cdentildikov: I know that is usually the case but the entire point of doing this is to make it clear that people have a vision of how things are and should be that is not aligned15:31
cdenteither with each other or with the user base15:31
* cdent just gave away the secrete15:31
gordcildikov: i think it might be ok. a 9am start tends to have a smaller audience anyways15:31
*** xingchao has quit IRC15:32
ildikovcdent: everyone will have an opinion that where and what we should do, you will not find a matching one, so it's better to involve more people, when at least this team tends to agree15:32
fabioggordc: yeah, depends on the party success the night before ..15:32
ildikovgordc: good point :)15:32
*** Gerald_K has quit IRC15:32
cdentthis team _doesn't_ agree!15:32
*** killer_prince has quit IRC15:32
*** alop has joined #openstack-meeting15:32
cdentand we need to15:33
ildikovcdent: right not it does not, but we should get there once, IMHO15:33
cdentthus the session15:33
* gordc isn't overly concerned with complete agreement... just a common general direction.15:34
ildikovgordc: this was the tends to agree part of my sentence :)15:34
*** cody-somerville has joined #openstack-meeting15:34
*** cody-somerville has quit IRC15:34
*** cody-somerville has joined #openstack-meeting15:34
gordcildikov: :)15:35
*** marun has joined #openstack-meeting15:35
gordcwe all good? i will add the etherpads to the schedule within next 30mins... you can all post there afterwards15:35
*** sdake_ has joined #openstack-meeting15:36
*** sdake_ has quit IRC15:36
*** sdake_ has joined #openstack-meeting15:36
*** samueldmq has joined #openstack-meeting15:36
ildikovgordc: I think yeap15:36
gordccool cool15:36
gordccdent i just noticed your etherpad. i'll use yours15:36
gordci'll give it a minute but we'll move on15:36
*** numan has quit IRC15:37
gordc#topic recurring: Gnocchi status15:37
*** openstack changes topic to "recurring: Gnocchi status (Meeting topic: ceilometer)"15:37
gordcjd: sileht: cdent: anything?15:38
jd__1.0.0 released15:38
gordccool stuf15:38
ttxgordc: yes it is normal. See my email introducing Cheddar15:38
silehtgordc, I have rework the influxdb driver to work with the latest release binding binding15:38
cdentsome nice noise on the os-dev list from tim bell and crew wanting to test it15:38
gordcttx: cool cool. thanks.15:38
*** krykowski has quit IRC15:38
gordccdent: no pressure.15:38
*** kozhukalov has joined #openstack-meeting15:39
*** rushil has quit IRC15:39
*** rm_work is now known as rm_work|away15:40
gordc#topic open discussion15:40
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: ceilometer)"15:40
*** nelsnelson has joined #openstack-meeting15:40
*** SridharG has left #openstack-meeting15:41
gordcso... we all good? :) i'll give it a min15:41
*** sdake_ has quit IRC15:42
gordcsee you later folks!15:42
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"15:42
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mtreinish#startmeeting qa17:01
openstackMeeting started Thu May  7 17:01:03 2015 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is mtreinish. Information about MeetBot at
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*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: qa)"17:01
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'qa'17:01
mtreinishhi, who's here today?17:01
samueldmqI am17:01
*** emagana has joined #openstack-meeting17:01
mtreinish^^^ Today's agenda17:02
mtreinishdkranz, sdague, jogo, mkoderer: around?17:02
*** Leonr has quit IRC17:02
*** joesavak has quit IRC17:03
*** jlanoux has quit IRC17:03
mtreinishwell, let's get started, more people might trickle in later17:03
mtreinish#topic Summit Session Planning17:04
*** openstack changes topic to "Summit Session Planning (Meeting topic: qa)"17:04
mtreinishso at last weeks meeting we idenitified a few of the topics to discuss for the slots we have17:04
*** crc32 has joined #openstack-meeting17:05
mtreinishI wanted to finalize the list at this meeting so I can take care of submitting the schedule today or tomorrow17:05
*** rushil has quit IRC17:05
mtreinishwe've got 2 fishbowl slots and 2 work room slots left on the etherpad17:06
mtreinishbefore we go through each item individually was there anything in the ideas section that stuck out to anyone as being necessary for a session?17:06
sdaguewell, given that I can't read the etherpad due to mtreinish's blinding colors, I'll refrain from commenting17:06
*** crc32 has quit IRC17:06
mtreinishsdague: heh, the red did get a bit more obnoxious after the etherpad upgrade :)17:07
mtreinishI'll dial it back a bit17:07
*** joesavak has joined #openstack-meeting17:07
sdagueit was always terrible :P17:07
sdaguenot a good way to invite collaboration17:07
samueldmqsdague, yes I was afraid to17:07
sdaguelooking at the list ...17:08
samueldmqmtreinish, can I ask a question regarding 'Tempest Scope Revisited' ?17:08
samueldmqor should I do it post-meeting in  #qa17:09
mtreinishsamueldmq: sure, hopefully I'll be able to answer it17:09
samueldmqmtreinish, if I understood correctly, we may be able to migrate all the functional tests to services17:09
samueldmqand tempest will only remains with integration ones17:09
samueldmqis that right ?17:09
mtreinishsamueldmq: maybe, it's really not so clear cut, which is part of the problem17:10
mtreinishthat's why we're going to have a session on it17:10
mtreinishsamueldmq: all we have right now is a process for doing the migration17:10
*** Leonr has joined #openstack-meeting17:11
*** Guest99206 has quit IRC17:11
samueldmqmtreinish, k, if we go for this, we will need to establish a process to migrate functional tests, and make sure tempest tests vs service tests correspond17:11
*** Youcef has joined #openstack-meeting17:11
*** BharatK has quit IRC17:11
*** e0ne has quit IRC17:11
samueldmqmtreinish, nice, thanks17:11
mtreinishok, getting back to the list, looking at the sessions it looks like that both UUID topic and dkranz's testing outside the gate have more interest17:12
mtreinishso what do people think about a work room for the uuid topic17:12
*** bobmel_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:12
*** shashankhegde has quit IRC17:12
sdagueI think a work room for the uuid topic would be fine17:13
mtreinishand a fishbowl for testing outside of the gate17:13
sdagueI guess the other question is about the post gate testing which has some overlap with infra, but I think realistically is going to end up being more qa folks doing it if it happens17:13
*** sdake has joined #openstack-meeting17:13
dkranzmtreinish: ++17:14
mtreinishsdague: I mean we did have a QA session on it in Paris and had some work items come out of it17:14
*** yamahata has quit IRC17:14
mtreinishit just never came to fruition17:14
dkranzmtreinish: I thought that was at the thing in Germany which I could not attend?17:14
mtreinishdkranz: we had a follow up session in Paris, andreaf led it17:15
dkranzmtreinish: anyway we need to figure out some way to get it done17:15
*** bobmel has quit IRC17:15
*** Leonr has quit IRC17:15
sdaguemtreinish: if we have the space, that seems like a good place to spend it17:15
*** Leonr has joined #openstack-meeting17:15
andreafdkranz: we talked about that both in Darmstadt as well as in Paris17:15
*** eghobo_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:15
mtreinishyeah, that's what I thought17:15
*** [2]evgenyf has quit IRC17:16
*** eghobo has quit IRC17:16
mtreinishok, I've marked both of those17:16
sdagueok, I guess part of this is what do you believe the top 5 things are we need to get done in the next cycle?17:16
*** sdake_ has quit IRC17:17
mtreinishsdague: yeah I was just thinking that, I was thinking we could do a liberty priorities session as the last fishbowl slot17:17
*** thumpba has joined #openstack-meeting17:18
dkranzmtreinish: That's a good idea17:18
mtreinishsdague: but I see what you're getting at with 5 priorities and 5 fishbowl topics17:19
*** IanGovett has quit IRC17:19
*** VW_ has quit IRC17:19
dkranzmtreinish: the problem is we have four people at this meeting so how can we decide that now?17:19
*** garthb has quit IRC17:20
dkranzPriorities are meaningless unless we have folks signed up to do stuff17:20
sdaguemtreinish: yeh, however, a priorities session is also a good idea17:20
*** xingchao has joined #openstack-meeting17:21
mtreinishok, then I'll put the priorities session as the last fishbowl17:21
*** thumpba has quit IRC17:21
sdagueI was more thinking making sure everything that's we all think is important is getting time, or if there is something that's important but unspoken at this point17:21
*** VW_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:21
*** yfried__ has joined #openstack-meeting17:21
mtreinishsdague: yeah the big but unspoken is what I'm worried about17:21
*** thumpba has joined #openstack-meeting17:21
*** thumpba_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:22
mtreinishbut if we are overlooking something there is the meetup day on Friday17:22
*** IanGovett has joined #openstack-meeting17:23
mtreinishok, so we have one work room slot left, does anyone have a topic on the list which stands out for it?17:23
*** radez_g0n3 is now known as radez17:24
dkranzmtreinish: how about sending the agenda to the ml with a "speak now or ...". That might flush out a big thing if some one has it but is not a regular at our meetings.17:25
samueldmqdkranz, I think it's a good idea17:25
*** armax has joined #openstack-meeting17:25
*** xingchao has quit IRC17:25
mtreinishdkranz: hmm, well it might be a bit too late for that, ttx said the schedules should be done this week17:26
*** thumpba has quit IRC17:26
*** xyang1 has joined #openstack-meeting17:26
mtreinishbut I can still do it I guess17:27
dkranzmtreinish: well if it goes out now, it is just a choice to use something that is responded in 24h or fill from what we have. I am ok for you to decide.17:27
dkranzmtreinish: I think you already moved things that folks said was a "must have"17:28
andreafmtreinish, dkranz: I think something like stages of a test run (e.g. install tests, setup resources, verify config, run, cleanup) fit in the tempest CLI session17:29
mtreinishdkranz: yeah, and looking at the list of ideas left there nothing really stands out as needing a session anymore17:29
andreafmtreinish, dkranz: so I didn't propose any session about this specifically17:30
mtreinishandreaf: oh, we could do a work room on the cli, dpaterson has a WIP up but the spec has never been finalized17:30
mtreinishandreaf: sounds like you just volunteered :)17:30
andreafmtreinish: sure, fine17:30
*** pelix has quit IRC17:31
*** crc32 has joined #openstack-meeting17:32
mtreinishI mean there is an overlap with sdague's tempest as a system program topic if we do a separate cli one17:32
sdaguedon't call it my session, I've no idea what I'll be able to attend :)17:33
mtreinishandreaf: do you think there is enough to talk about just on the cli?17:33
andreafmtreinish: yes - but perhaps this leaves more space in sdague session about the other topics, and in this session we can discuss more in details what kind of CLI we want to have17:33
mtreinishsdague: heh, I'll schedule to make sure you can :)17:33
mtreinish(assuming that it's possible to do that)17:34
*** rbowen has joined #openstack-meeting17:34
*** rbowen has quit IRC17:34
mtreinishandreaf: ok, wfm17:34
*** rbowen has joined #openstack-meeting17:34
*** yfried__ has quit IRC17:34
*** mspreitz has quit IRC17:34
andreafmtreinish: but still it might be a relatively light session17:35
*** topol has joined #openstack-meeting17:35
*** yfried__ has joined #openstack-meeting17:35
mtreinishandreaf: hmm ok, well I'll use it for now, we can always double up with another topic too17:36
*** ekhugen has joined #openstack-meeting17:36
mtreinishI also should talk to jeblair because I was thinking of doing an infra subunit2sql topic, but we could use that qa slot for it too if their schedule was tighter17:36
mtreinishok, well I think we've got at least a good grasp on the list, I'll work on it and put it into the tool today or tomorrow17:37
andreafmtreinish: ok - sounds good to me17:37
mtreinishdoes anyone have anything else on this topic?17:37
*** _amrith_ is now known as amrith17:38
*** shashankhegde has joined #openstack-meeting17:38
mtreinishok, then let's move on17:38
mtreinish#topic Devstack17:38
*** openstack changes topic to "Devstack (Meeting topic: qa)"17:38
mtreinishdtroyer: did you survive the lightning?17:39
mtreinishsdague: did you want to discuss the wheel thing?17:39
*** yamahata has joined #openstack-meeting17:40
*** _nadya_ has quit IRC17:40
*** annegentle has joined #openstack-meeting17:40
*** emagana has quit IRC17:40
sdaguethe explosion?17:41
mtreinishyeah, I think that's what dtroyer was alluding to before17:41
sdaguebeyond the fact that cffi is ... challenging17:41
sdagueyeh, turns out because there are multiple ways to install things in python, that have different rules, our wheel building actually ruinned the world the other day17:42
*** pritesh has joined #openstack-meeting17:42
sdagueI think - actually is a more appropriate fix17:42
sdaguewhich is just makes sure that pip controls the version in the wheel build venv17:42
sdaguewould be good to get clarkb and dstuft to also ack that17:43
*** erlon has joined #openstack-meeting17:43
sdaguethere were a number of upstream bugs filed during the process17:43
*** achanda has joined #openstack-meeting17:43
*** emagana has joined #openstack-meeting17:43
clarkbya that fix looks good17:43
sdagueI don't know if anyone is going to stay on top of those to keep this from ruinning the world when cffi 1.0 actually ships17:44
*** s3wong has joined #openstack-meeting17:44
mtreinishsdague: hmm, do you have a list of them somewhere?17:44
*** yassine_ has quit IRC17:45
*** anteaya has quit IRC17:45
*** annegentle has quit IRC17:46
sdagueI don't, I was drinking a lot of margaritas17:46
sdagueclarkb or lifeless might know17:46
mtreinishsdague: heh, ok17:46
sdagueit was tuesday night :)17:46
*** singlethink has joined #openstack-meeting17:46
clarkbthe one I was aware of was against cffi to fallback on writeable tmp for the file if it needs to17:46
clarkband anyone with a wheel mirror they curate should know to rebuild it once cffi upgrades17:47
clarkbthis ^ is the real problem and the bug proposes a work around that cffi could ship but does not yet currently17:47
*** emagana has quit IRC17:48
*** kaisers has quit IRC17:48
mtreinishhmm, ok. Well, I'll follow up after the meeting see if there's anything we need to keep our eyes on pending the next cffi release17:49
*** kaisers has joined #openstack-meeting17:49
mtreinishok is there anything else on devstack?17:49
mtreinishok, then let's move on17:50
mtreinish#topic Critical Reviews17:50
*** openstack changes topic to "Critical Reviews (Meeting topic: qa)"17:50
mtreinishdoes anyone have any reviews they'd like to get extra eyes on?17:50
*** madskier has joined #openstack-meeting17:51
samueldmqmtreinish, identity v3 only flag ? can I ask reviews for that ?17:51
mtreinish2 pretty simple tempest-lib cleanups17:51
mtreinishsamueldmq: sure17:51
andreafmtreinish: #link - not so critical but it has been around for a while17:52
dkranzsdague: removes a bunch of smoke from the object tests17:52
*** theanalyst has quit IRC17:52
sdaguedkranz: +2, thanks17:52
andreafmtreinish: #link and this one for the ssh-auth bp17:53
*** ivar-lazzaro has joined #openstack-meeting17:53
*** claudiub has quit IRC17:53
andreafthx, I added some text after the link command :P17:53
*** gokrokve has joined #openstack-meeting17:53
mtreinishheh, yeah I didn't think meetbot would parse that all correctly :)17:54
mtreinishok are there any other reviews to bring up?17:54
*** theanalyst has joined #openstack-meeting17:55
mtreinishoh, I have one more link17:56
mtreinishthose should all be simple to review17:56
mtreinishmostly just switch to six in a bunch of places17:56
*** SumitNaiksatam has left #openstack-meeting17:56
mtreinishnot really critical, just high rebase likelihood17:56
dkranzI'll do a bunch of reviews this afternoon.17:57
*** gokrokve_ has quit IRC17:57
mtreinishdkranz: cool, thanks17:57
mtreinishok, I guess with <4 min left, let's end here for today17:57
mtreinishthanks, everyone17:57
dkranzmtreinish: the first two links I pasted were the ones to complete running the non-admin job (once cli is removed)17:57
*** jlanoux_ has quit IRC17:58
mtreinishdkranz: oh, yeah feel free to +2 the cli removal patch17:58
*** garthb has joined #openstack-meeting17:58
mtreinishwe're at the end of the week17:58
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dtroyerosc meeting ping: dhellmann, stevemar, briancurtin, terrylhowe, lhcheng, sigmavirus2419:01
dtroyeranyone here yet?19:01
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* stevemar sneaks in19:04
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* sigmavirus24 is distracted with a myriad of things =(19:04
dtroyermight be a short meeting today, just you two so far19:06
stevemaryeah, i deliberately turned off irc, had to work on some ppts19:06
dtroyerand I may need to have someone startmeeting because I've already had two power outages this morning and another line of storms is on the way…19:06
lifelesssdague: hi, cffi? No, upstream seem in de nile19:06
*** VW_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:07
lifelesssdague: they are more worried about the fallout from a slow-but-working-import-when-the-target-isn't-writable than it breaking hard.19:07
stevemardtroyer, i can start if needed19:07
dtroyergo ahead, this will be quick anyway imo19:07
*** VW_ has quit IRC19:07
dtroyerThe agenda is at
dtroyerand basically just summit planning19:08
stevemar#startmeeting OpenStackClient19:08
openstackMeeting started Thu May  7 19:08:19 2015 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is stevemar. Information about MeetBot at
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*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: OpenStackClient)"19:08
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'openstackclient'19:08
dtroyerdang, I was too early19:08
dtroyerlight agenda:
stevemar#topic Summit planning19:08
*** openstack changes topic to "Summit planning (Meeting topic: OpenStackClient)"19:08
stevemarcourtesy pings for dtroyer, dhellmann, stevemar, briancurtin, terrylhowe, lhcheng, sigmavirus2419:09
stevemarcurrent summit planning:
*** markmcclain1 has joined #openstack-meeting19:09
dtroyerI massaged the etherpad a bit for the schedule, no real content changes since last week19:09
stevemari think the amount of content is pretty good19:10
dtroyerI plan to push that into the schedule after the meeting19:10
stevemarif i could add one more item...19:11
stevemarfederation support for osc, it should just be "use ksc plugins"19:11
stevemarbut i wanted to talk about it19:11
stevemarmaybe it can just be a side session with us and marekd19:11
dtroyerwhen would you do that?  I don't think what I have will fill a session, want to do it then?19:12
dtroyerok, added19:13
stevemardtroyer, thanks19:13
stevemardtroyer, what do you mean by "Object Store commands"? do we have a list?19:14
stevemaror just support more options and stuff19:14
dtroyerI don't have a list, it was #2 on the original list below19:14
dtroyerthere are  'advanced' command that we don't have19:14
stevemarhave an example of one? or a way we can determine what's missing?19:15
stevemaraside from using blanket terms :)19:15
dtroyerI don't, I'm not sure who wrote the pink text19:15
dtroyerwe'd have to go a detailed comaprison with swiftclient again19:16
stevemari think that was terry19:16
stevemar#4 is kind of done, and overlaps with ksc19:16
dtroyerThis is good enough for the schedure, we can flesh it out in the session etherpad19:16
*** zul has quit IRC19:16
*** markmcclain1 is now known as markmcclain19:16
stevemari suppose19:17
dtroyer#4 is also going to change when I get back to writing code again19:17
dtroyerone of the things I want to talk about is working out the precedence rules19:17
dtroyerI know there isn't consensus on how that should work19:17
*** Youcef has quit IRC19:18
dtroyerI think that's a work session topic19:18
stevemari don't think thats much of an issue, we just to state "this is the order"19:18
dtroyeris #7 done?  I thought it might be but didn't find it19:18
stevemarlaunchpad ¯\_(ツ)_/¯19:19
dtroyerthe issue with arguments is if env vars should even be included if —os-cloud is used19:19
stevemaryou mean don't evaluate env vars at all?19:19
stevemaror only if --os-cloud is used?19:19
*** tellesnobrega has joined #openstack-meeting19:20
dtroyerdon't use env vars at all if —os-cloud is used.19:20
dtroyerI don't agree with that19:20
*** ryansb has left #openstack-meeting19:20
stevemarwhats the use case for including them19:20
*** IlyaG has quit IRC19:20
*** kozhukalov has quit IRC19:20
dtroyerthere are well-established conventions how to do things like this in the UNIX world and I would like to follow those19:20
stevemari don't agree with that either... sounds fishy19:20
stevemardtroyer, going back to #7: yeah, it's done
dtroyerthe example I wrote up is basically my situation at Nebula, having three clouds to switch between but someitmes needing to override project, I'd get MxN combinations in the config file without being to override that19:22
*** singlethink has quit IRC19:22
stevemaroh so you put all your auth data into the config file19:23
stevemarand OS_PROJECT=thing_you_need_now19:23
stevemarrather than editing19:23
dtroyeryou would have to without env vars19:23
stevemarthe file19:23
stevemari like that19:23
stevemarhow about we prioritize things19:24
dtroyerOCC has some special handling for Rax regions but I think I'd use that the same way19:24
stevemarOCC has lowest priority, followed by env. vars, followed by inline args19:24
stevemarworks well if switching projects and such19:25
stevemarand users19:25
stevemarwe could even ship config files that work with specific clouds19:25
stevemarand have users only set uname/pass/project in env.19:25
*** madskier has joined #openstack-meeting19:25
dtroyerthat's exactly what clouds-public.yaml is19:26
dtroyerI don't know if I'd want to package it, but we could point to a place to get one (them)19:26
dtroyerMonty has reasonable defaults for 3 or 4 clouds in occ itself already anyway19:26
*** raildo has joined #openstack-meeting19:27
dtroyerso prioritization…want to do that now for a strawman to take into the session?19:27
stevemarsessions are < 2 weeks away, i'm not pushing either position right now19:28
stevemarif you want to hack something up, go ahead, i aint going to stop you19:28
stevemari don't think it'll change much19:28
dtroyerI thought you were talking about the session topics19:28
stevemaryeah... i'm confused19:29
stevemarmeaning do we still chat about it at the session?19:29
dtroyerok, so let's just move on to talking about releases, both priority topics can wait19:29
*** cdub has quit IRC19:30
stevemar#topic releases19:30
*** openstack changes topic to "releases (Meeting topic: OpenStackClient)"19:30
stevemarwe didn't break everything with 1.2.0 \o/19:30
*** madskier has quit IRC19:30
*** fzdarsky has joined #openstack-meeting19:30
dtroyeralways a good thing!19:31
dtroyerso a couple of interesting things recently merged, want to do one more release before summit?19:31
*** zul has joined #openstack-meeting19:31
stevemari'm down for that, it'll be nice to have the SP CRUD in19:31
dtroyerI thought you might want that…19:31
dtroyerso let's plan for Monday or Tuesday to do 1.3.019:32
stevemarthis is the only not fixed, but targeted
openstackLaunchpad bug 1447704 in python-openstackclient "token issue fails for keystone v2 if OS_PROJECT_DOMAIN_NAME or OS_USER_DOMAIN_NAME are set" [Low,Triaged] - Assigned to Dean Troyer (dtroyer)19:32
dtroyerthat's what sent me down the argparsing path19:32
dtroyerI hope I can get it resolved, but I'm not sure I want to merge it and release right away19:32
stevemarit is low priority, with a workaround, that ... if fixed could hurt us bad19:33
stevemarcost vs benefit19:33
stevemari'm okay with pushing it19:33
*** singlethink has joined #openstack-meeting19:34
stevemarpushing it to m12 i mean19:34
stevemarwe just need to tell folks to unset OS_USER_DOMAIN_NAME and OS_PROJECT_DOMAIN_NAME19:34
dtroyerI would like to get some of my tests merged though, those also came out of that bug because we really don't properly test out global cli options19:34
stevemarunless we apply another bandage :)19:34
stevemarfair enough19:34
dtroyerwe can release note that, we haven't [put known issues in there before but should for things like this19:35
stevemaranything else you want to include?19:35
stevemarthat insecure/verify option is pretty bad19:36
*** aranjan has joined #openstack-meeting19:36
dtroyeryeah, didn't someone propose a patch for that?19:37
dtroyerterry did, and I didn't like how he did it...19:37
dtroyerlet's get the test in for how it works now, then that one can fix the test19:38
stevemarbtw - "release before the summit" still leaves us with a decent sized window19:38
dtroyerI've got that branch (the —verify/—insecure tests) up riight now and should have respun today19:39
stevemarwe can squeeze in a good amount of changed19:39
stevemaryour tests are failingzzz19:39
dtroyerI essentially disappear on Friday, let's cut off release window at wednesday at the latest?19:40
stevemarfair enough19:40
dtroyerI wrote the test for hwo I want it to work, gotta make recognize what it is now19:40
stevemari dunno about this one19:41
dtroyerI don't like those option names19:42
stevemardid we include support for create/update to specify a parent project?19:42
stevemaraccording to we did not19:42
stevemaroh wait..19:42
stevemari can't read19:42
dtroyer—paren tis there19:42
*** ildikov has quit IRC19:43
dtroyerI want the new options to match better19:43
*** david-lyle has quit IRC19:43
stevemar--children then?19:43
dtroyercan a project have multiple parents?19:44
stevemarsort of19:44
dtroyer—children matches better than parent19:44
stevemarnot like mom and dad, but parent and grandparent19:44
dtroyerok, so his use of 'parents' isn't wrong in the help19:44
stevemari mean that seriously19:44
dtroyerright, all the way up the tree19:44
stevemarlist should just be --parents and --children19:44
dtroyerthe arguments should be singular:  —parent and —child19:45
stevemarerr... "show" not list19:45
stevemarwhy singular?19:45
dtroyeroh, so we also have to deal with another lits of items on a show output...19:45
dtroyerbecause everything in osc is singular19:45
*** mrmartin has quit IRC19:46
dtroyerdoing those in csv is always fun19:46
stevemarblah, i don't like lists in show output19:47
stevemarbut we do it in several spots already19:47
dtroyerso the python api takes parents_as_list and subtree_as_list?19:48
stevemaryeah, don't ask19:48
stevemarbecause there was another parents_as_something19:48
dtroyerIll re-comment in that review and we can argue from there again19:48
*** IlyaG has joined #openstack-meeting19:49
stevemarparents_as_ids is the alternate19:49
*** fzdarsky has quit IRC19:49
dtroyerI always think these things will be short… and here we are a ten-till19:50
*** yamahata has quit IRC19:50
*** gokrokve has joined #openstack-meeting19:51
dtroyeroh! one more topic for summit… Jamie and I had a long chant about taking over the world again the other night, but the 'what do we do about stable backports' needs to be clarified somewhere19:51
dtroyerhmmm… it seemed like a chant, some of the packaging bits get said over and over...19:51
stevemarright, thats going to be an interesting discussion19:52
dtroyerstevemar: I think you were around for the beginnning, about
dhellmanndtroyer: stable backports?19:52
dtroyeryeah, we need to clarify that, bugs only19:53
dhellmannI wonder if we should install osc into a virtualenv in devstack, like we do with tempest19:53
*** ajmiller has joined #openstack-meeting19:54
dtroyerit works well, but is a sub-optimal user experience interactively19:54
dtroyerthat was the first venv part I did, all clients actually19:54
dtroyerbut never merged it because the servers seemed like a better win19:54
dhellmannI haven't used devstack in a while, actually, so I'm still coming up to speed on recent changes19:54
*** aranjan has quit IRC19:55
*** aranjan_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:55
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dtroyerI swear I'm going to try pex any day now…19:55
*** gokrokve has quit IRC19:55
*** marun has quit IRC19:56
dhellmann is interesting, too19:56
*** csd has quit IRC19:56
dtroyerI looked at that when starting the venv bits, ther was a reson I didn't persue it, need to find it in my notes19:56
*** thumpba_ has quit IRC19:56
*** csd has joined #openstack-meeting19:57
lifelessoh man19:57
lifelesscurl | python19:57
lifeless^- lost any concept of credibility right there19:57
dtroyeryeah, that always inspires confidence in a project19:57
* dhellmann notes that is how pip is installed, too19:57
lifelessdhellmann: it is?19:58
stevemarthoughts on backporting to stable?19:58
lifelesssorry, derailing. ECHANNEL.19:58
dtroyerah, it insists on everything in its own venv, which is exactly what folk didn't want for the servers19:58
dhellmanndtroyer: oh, I thought that's what we *were* doing?19:58
dhellmannI mean, I didn't want it, but I thought we were doing it anyway19:58
dtroyerpip might be sailing through on the dstufft exception because we know him?19:58
dhellmanndtroyer: both have a bootstrapping issue19:59
*** ildikov has joined #openstack-meeting19:59
sdaguedhellmann: no, we built some infrastructure to allow it, but it's not the default19:59
dhellmannah, ok19:59
dtroyerI wrote the server venv code to be able to do that and tested it that way, but sdague wants to put them all in one by default19:59
dtroyeryeah, what he said19:59
*** delattec has quit IRC19:59
dhellmannalthough I guess we'll need 2 for the python 3 stuff19:59
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openstackMinutes (text):
dtroyerthat's for driving stevemar, thunderstoem is still about 15 minutes out,20:00
* dtroyer wipes brow20:00
*** VW_ has quit IRC20:00
sdaguedhellmann: right, I think sticking all python3 things into 1 venv separate from system is probably a good mixed mode testing approach20:00
sdaguewhich should be possible with the infrastructure that's in tehre20:00
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mriedemdansmith: you going to start it?21:00
dansmithhellz no21:00
*** artom has joined #openstack-meeting21:00
dansmithyou do it21:00
jaypipesgo for it21:00
*** amitgandhinz has joined #openstack-meeting21:00
* bauzas waiting to wave 21:00
beaglesthis does not bode well for the meeting21:01
mikalWant me to be the bad guy?21:01
jaypipessomebody start the meeting pls.21:01
jaypipesmikal: yes21:01
mriedemmikal: start21:01
mikal#startmeeting nova21:01
*** tonyb has joined #openstack-meeting21:01
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*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: nova)"21:01
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'nova'21:01
dansmithfeels like deja vu21:01
*** VW_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:01
bauzaswell, ~o21:01
*** wesd has quit IRC21:01
mikal#topic Liberty release status21:02
*** openstack changes topic to "Liberty release status (Meeting topic: nova)"21:02
tonybjaypipes: has long arms21:02
*** neiljerram has joined #openstack-meeting21:02
mikalDo there are quite a few blueprints in "needs code review" targetted to liberty-1, so that's cool21:02
mikalSpec review is still ongoing as well21:03
mikalI'm not sure what else to say apart from that21:03
mikalWe have a summit soon!21:03
mikalAnything else peoples?21:03
jaypipesI have a topic related to API21:03
mikaljaypipes: one sec21:03
mikalI just noticed21:03
*** thangp has quit IRC21:04
mikalWhich is a candidate for a non-spec fast pass21:04
*** annegentle has quit IRC21:04
jaypipes"The source tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of developers."21:04
*** aysyd has quit IRC21:04
jaypipesmikal: ++21:04
mikalThat's been filed by johnthetubaguy, but its not clear to me who is signed up to do that work?21:04
dansmithhe's doing it21:04
bauzasmikal: that's johnthetubaguy21:04
jaypipesmikal: everyone is. :)21:04
dansmithhe has a bunch of patches up21:05
mikalOh, ok21:05
mikalSo, do we let that guy have an approved spec?21:05
mikalIt seems like it meets the requirements to me21:05
bauzasdoesn't need a spec for it, right?21:05
dansmithnot worth a spec for sure, you mean "non-spec approved blueprint" right?21:05
mikalSorry, BP I mean21:05
jaypipesI'm cool with that.21:05
dansmithyes, +221:05
mikalOk, cool21:05
mikaljaypipes: ok, what was your API thing?21:06
* alaski slinks in late21:06
*** johnthetubaguy_w has joined #openstack-meeting21:07
jaypipesI think we should discuss the OverQuota 403 vs. 400 thing. is sdague around?21:07
mriedemcan that be open discussion?21:07
mikalFair question, is it a release thing?21:07
johnthetubaguy_whey, sorry, waiting for my IRC client to catch up, but I am around21:07
jaypipesno, sorry, I will wait.21:07
mikaljaypipes: thanks21:07
*** sdake has joined #openstack-meeting21:08
mikaljohnthetubaguy_w: we forgive you, you can tell me when I miss stuff21:08
johnthetubaguy_wmikal: :)21:08
*** Swami has joined #openstack-meeting21:08
*** topol has quit IRC21:08
johnthetubaguycool, I think you approved my spec then?21:09
mikalAnything else for release?21:09
mikaljohnthetubaguy_w: yes21:09
mikal#topic Liberty design summit21:09
*** openstack changes topic to "Liberty design summit (Meeting topic: nova)"21:09
*** jog0 has joined #openstack-meeting21:09
*** jog0 has quit IRC21:09
*** jog0 has joined #openstack-meeting21:09
*** _nadya_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:09
*** johnthetubaguy_w has quit IRC21:09
mikalOk, so there is now a list of sessions for the summit online21:09
johnthetubaguyyeah, I have added some folks as leaders21:10
mikalDo you still need session leaders for anything? Or is that all done now?21:10
johnthetubaguyI need to get in touch with you all though, and I haven't done that yet21:10
johnthetubaguyso its not confirmed21:10
johnthetubaguyI am trying to get the etherpads with the rough agenda, so its clear which session is witch21:10
johnthetubaguythere are a few overlap kind of things21:10
mikalAre we going to try and set pre-reading again this time?21:11
johnthetubaguyalmost there, but I got dragged off into some fires this afteroon21:11
johnthetubaguymikal: +121:11
*** jogo has quit IRC21:11
johnthetubaguyI have added some place holder stuff for some21:11
johnthetubaguylike cells has a link to the cells devref21:11
johnthetubaguyI am writing up some devref changes for my ones, where it makes snese21:11
*** sdake_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:11
alaskiI'll have some specs for the cells stuff21:11
johnthetubaguyI was going to send out that request when I contact each proposed leader or leader group21:12
*** juzuluag has quit IRC21:12
johnthetubaguyalaski: perfect21:12
bauzassounds fair21:12
johnthetubaguy#link abhishekk mikal tjones cburgess jgrimm adrian_otto funzo mjturek jcookekhugen irina_pov krtaylor danpb alexpilotti flip214 jaypipes gilliard garyk edleafe dims moshele anteaya Nisha sileht claudiub lxsli neiljerram markus_z swamireddy alevine tonyb andreykurilin ndipanov sc68cal akuriata21:12
jaypipesjohnthetubaguy: lol21:12
johnthetubaguyso I added etherpads in there21:12
jaypipesjohnthetubaguy: so, I noticed there is a free session slot. are you considering any other session topics at this time?21:12
johnthetubaguyjaypipes: yes, thats the next bit really21:12
johnthetubaguyjaypipes: are we generally all happy with the list of slots21:13
johnthetubaguyjaypipes: that place holder, has a place holder...21:13
jaypipesjohnthetubaguy: the only one I'm not sure about is the 9am Thurs one.21:13
mikalI think devananda would say he'd like to see discussion of futures for clustered hypervisors21:13
johnthetubaguyso there is a NFV come resource traker one pencilled in21:13
jaypipesmikal: lol, that's exactly the topic I was going to propose.21:14
johnthetubaguymikal: yeah, thats a good point, its not in there21:14
*** _nadya_ has quit IRC21:14
johnthetubaguyOK, so thats like consensus21:14
bauzasmikal: that can be discussed re: RT21:14
neiljerramSorry for a newbie question, but ... do I need to sign up in advance for the sessions I'm interested in?21:14
johnthetubaguydansmith: its not a happy topic21:14
mikalI feel a bit like cells is the future there, but I'd like to talk that through with people smarter than me21:14
dansmithjohnthetubaguy: no, it's not21:14
mikalneiljerram: no, just show up21:14
jaypipesbauzas: not really. it will take an entire session, IMO21:14
dansmithjohnthetubaguy: unless we decide "no future" then it's fine :)21:14
tonybneiljerram: Nope just rock up21:14
sgordoni didn't realize we had managed to come up with a controversial NFV thing this time21:14
tonybneiljerram: sit near the front if you think you might want to talk21:14
neiljerrammikal: Thanks; so the lists of attendees are just for info, then?21:15
bauzasjaypipes: agreed that it's wide, but we can kick it off there21:15
mikalneiljerram: yep21:15
alaskimikal: cells could be the future, but that needs some discussion because it hasn't been thought through, that I'm aware of21:15
bauzasjaypipes: and maybe leave details up to Friday ?21:15
dansmithbauzas: are you talking about clustered hypervisors?21:15
neiljerrammikal: cool, thx21:15
bauzasdansmith: yup21:15
johnthetubaguylets pencil that into the old resource tracker slot for now, I will try work out if that works (scheduling wise, like no clash with ironic, etc)21:15
mikalSo, we don't have to talk about clustered hypervisors, but its a wound we need to heal sometime21:15
dansmithbauzas: there is no question, that's at least an hour discussion21:15
*** tiswanso has quit IRC21:15
*** sdake has quit IRC21:15
jaypipesmikal: agreed.21:15
bauzasdansmith: then we need a slot21:15
dansmithdo we think we're going to reach consensus?>21:15
johnthetubaguyjaypipes: you had a question about a section21:15
dansmithor even some actionable items?21:16
bauzasdansmith: that's the quesiton21:16
jaypipesdansmith: if everyone agrees with me and you, yes.21:16
dansmithjaypipes: hah21:16
*** EmilienM is now known as EmilienM|afk21:16
bauzasdansmith: we know that it's really wide, but I don't yet see what would be the outcome21:16
johnthetubaguydansmith: something about a big fire?21:16
dansmithjohnthetubaguy: yeah :)21:16
mikaldansmith: we had talked in the past about clustered hypervisors being presented as cells when the cells refactor is done. I would like to know if we still think that's an option at least.21:16
dansmithjohnthetubaguy: if you let me lead that, we can be done in ten minutes21:16
jaypipesjohnthetubaguy: yeah, I was wondering if the Nova API 2.0, 2.1, 3rd party APIs thing was really necessary along with the Nova: API v2.1 next steps one.21:16
*** baoli has quit IRC21:16
dansmithmikal: I don't think it is really anymore21:16
dansmithmikal: the way we're headed21:16
johnthetubaguyjaypipes: so I should share what I am intending there21:17
jaypipesplease do :)21:17
*** baoli has joined #openstack-meeting21:17
johnthetubaguywe have moved slots that want operator input to the thrusday21:17
johnthetubaguyas there are no ops tracks that day21:17
johnthetubaguybasically I wanted to do v2.0 future with operators in the room21:17
bauzaswhat's the goal of having a session discusing about distributed hyps ? to say it's barely supported and we need to fix stuff ?21:17
jaypipesjohnthetubaguy: I see. OK.21:18
johnthetubaguyjaypipes: a valid question though, is do we need the previous one without the operators there21:18
johnthetubaguy(and what would replace it)21:18
*** pnavarro has quit IRC21:18
jaypipesjohnthetubaguy: that's prolly a question for alex_xu and oomichi.21:18
jaypipesjohnthetubaguy: I would tend to say "no".21:18
jaypipesjohnthetubaguy: I have a suggestion for a session if it is replaced...21:19
dansmithI thought that the first one was about our next steps for implementation,21:19
dansmithand the second was about when we can deprecate v2.0, whether people have been poking it, etc21:19
jaypipesdansmith: isn't that pretty much settled, though?21:19
dansmithjaypipes: which?21:19
*** jckasper has quit IRC21:19
jaypipesdansmith: what next steps are necessary at this point?21:20
dansmithjaypipes: we still have work to do on the client, we have some things to work out around when and where we do microversions, etc, right?21:20
dansmithI'm just saying, I thought that was the split21:20
sgordonis it really likely ops have been heavily poking given kilo was only just released?21:20
jaypipesdansmith: I see what you're saying..21:20
*** dprince has quit IRC21:20
johnthetubaguyyeah, that was my thinking too21:20
jaypipesdansmith: yeah, prolly good to keep it and discuss those things.21:20
johnthetubaguyI mean its 1.5 sessions, probably21:20
johnthetubaguyand we might be slow by the end of the day21:20
johnthetubaguyone thing, jaypipes you had a replacement idea?21:21
jaypipesdansmith: it's a 5:20pm session, which means folks are gonna be antsy to cut it short anyway.21:21
dansmithsgordon: maybe not, but we also said we'd circle with CD people to get them to push it out early and test it with some specific customers21:21
dansmithjaypipes: yeah21:21
*** dkranz has quit IRC21:21
jaypipesjohnthetubaguy: yes, I had an idea about a session for discussing higher-level grouping concepts like availability zones and regions and what AWS calls placement groups, and where to store that information properly in Nova (or outside of Nova)21:21
jaypipesjohnthetubaguy: I just don't want that proposed session to be hijacked by the cascading openstack stuff.21:22
johnthetubaguyjaypipes: I think we have time in the scheduler session (maybe) for that stuff21:22
jaypipesso I've kinda kept it secretish :)21:22
johnthetubaguyjaypipes: that a good point…21:22
dansmithjaypipes: does your idea include fractals?21:22
dimsthat's funny jaypipes21:22
alaskijaypipes: we should talk about that at some point, as it concerns cells I think21:22
dansmithbecause if not.. snoozefest21:22
*** Shamail has quit IRC21:23
jaypipesalaski: tru nuf21:23
bauzasjaypipes: I would suggest you to read about AZs21:23
johnthetubaguyalaski: jaypipes: I will make a note to add that in one of the scheduler sessions, I think its sorto fo there already21:23
dansmithscheduler and cells are together, so we can just hit that in those21:23
*** weshay has quit IRC21:23
jaypipesjohnthetubaguy: sure, that works :) thx!21:23
jaypipeseither one. cells or scheduler is fine.21:23
*** claudiub has joined #openstack-meeting21:24
mikalSo, we're done with that?21:24
johnthetubaguyjaypipes: put it in the first one, it could slip if needed21:24
johnthetubaguymikal: I am good21:24
johnthetubaguythanks for the feedback folks21:24
mikalOk, the last thing for design summit on the agenda is a stow away21:24
bauzasjaypipes: I added an AZ section on the first session, see the etherpad21:24
mikalThere is a proposal to run a mid-cycle meeting this release21:24
bauzasjaypipes: that's tied to your NP21:24
mikalDo we think there is value in a mid-cycle meetup?21:25
bauzasBP even21:25
mikalThe current proposal is Tuesday 21st July till Thursday 23rd July in Rochester, MN21:25
cfriesenjaypipes: bauzas: can we allow hosts to be part of multiple orthogonal availability zones?21:25
dansmithI do21:25
*** neelashah has joined #openstack-meeting21:25
dansmiththey're always useful, IMHO21:25
alaskiI've always found value21:25
bauzascfriesen: let's discuss that off-meeting :)21:25
jaypipescfriesen: leave it for the discussion in YVR! ;)21:25
*** bnemec has quit IRC21:25
mikalI guess the question could be rephrasesd as "will enough people come if we run one to make it worth while?"21:25
johnthetubaguyI keep wondering because of what ttx said about the summit, but they are useful21:25
melwittI find midcycle valuable too21:26
bauzasmikal: that's a fair question, I would love remote possibilities21:26
mriedemwe'd have a few cross-project people here too, and could maybe rope mestery in if he's around (lives 90 miles away)21:26
tonybbauzas: I think we can do someting with google hangouts21:26
mriedemif we wanted to talk neutron things21:26
jaypipesmikal: dims and I will be there pretty much regardless of when and where... unless it's in like Antarctica.21:26
artombauzas, as in remote-in to a "real life" meeting?21:26
tonybbauzas: like we did in Jan only better21:26
mikalbauzas: yeah, the fancy mike worked ok last time21:26
bauzas21-23 Jul is also conflicting with EuroPython IIRC21:26
bauzasmikal: sure, just wanted to say 'please, continue' :)21:27
mikalSo, my concern is if we debate the details too much we'll never get around to actually doing the thing21:27
mikalSo should we just open up a signup and see how many people say yes?21:27
mikalAnd cancel if we get say less than ten?21:27
johnthetubaguymikal: +121:27
tonybmikal: +121:27
dansmithgiven how many we had last time, is there a concern? :)21:28
*** jhenner has joined #openstack-meeting21:28
mikaldansmith: I don't know how much of that was the CA bump though21:28
mikaljohnthetubaguy: you21:28
mesterymriedem: I'd come down especially if you're providing John Hardy's BBQ as a dinner option :P21:28
tonybwe had 55 register and 30ish show up21:28
mikaljohnthetubaguy: you're ok with me doing that thing?21:28
*** IlyaG has quit IRC21:28
johnthetubaguymikal: please do, thank you!21:28
mikalOk, I will create and eventbrite thing today sometime21:28
johnthetubaguymikal: thats a good Segway to the next topic21:28
mikalAhhh, nice call21:29
mikal#topic Czar and CPL Refresh21:29
*** openstack changes topic to "Czar and CPL Refresh (Meeting topic: nova)"21:29
*** jprovazn has quit IRC21:29
johnthetubaguyso I am going to keep this really short…21:29
johnthetubaguybasically, if you want to help out with the running of Nova, taking on a particular aspect21:29
johnthetubaguythen do reach out21:29
*** tjones2 has quit IRC21:29
johnthetubaguymikal: is working with mriedem on sorting out the midcycle, and thats awesome21:30
mriedemjohnthetubaguy: sign me up for gate i guess21:30
johnthetubaguyI think mikal is going to become our Security Czar21:30
johnthetubaguymriedem: awesome thank you21:30
mikaljohnthetubaguy: I'd be happy to do the security coordination as long as alaski and tonyb aren't offended by it21:30
*** sdake_ is now known as sdake21:30
alaskimikal: I am the opposite of offended21:30
mikaljohnthetubaguy: alaski especially has more tenure than me there21:30
mikalalaski: awww, thanks man21:30
johnthetubaguyso no need to all step up now21:31
* jaypipes self-nominates as Czar of Awesomeness21:31
*** IlyaG has joined #openstack-meeting21:31
johnthetubaguybut if you fancy something, let me know21:31
johnthetubaguyjaypipes: sure, probably needs some kind of jingle theme music21:31
dansmithjaypipes: I'm running for that too, so they'll have to vote21:31
mikalI really like the idea of a mentoring czar by the way21:31
mikalBut I don't think that's a job I'd personally be good at21:31
* artom fancies ice cream. Is that in Nova yet?21:31
johnthetubaguyanyways drop me an main or IRC ping if you interested in something21:31
jaypipesjohnthetubaguy: is now a good time to discuss the need for a counterpart to sc68cal as a Neutron liaison from Nova?21:32
bauzasmentoring czar ?21:32
sc68caljaypipes: beat me to it21:32
johnthetubaguyjaypipes: thank you for the reminder, yes21:32
bauzasnice idea, in particular for Nova21:32
alaskimikal: I like that as well21:32
mikalbauzas: its in the wiki list of possible hats21:32
johnthetubaguywe have lots of blanks in the above21:32
* sc68cal needs to find weights to stop jaypipes from typing faster than he does21:32
*** ijw has joined #openstack-meeting21:32
artommikal, possible hats? Link?21:32
johnthetubaguyand we need someone to go to the neutron meating21:32
*** Sukhdev has joined #openstack-meeting21:32
johnthetubaguymikal: I couldn't find that dammed page earlier21:33
johnthetubaguyah, there is another one somehwere21:33
johnthetubaguymriedem: to be clear, I am happy to add more :)21:33
johnthetubaguywith funny names if that makes you feel good21:33
johnthetubaguyanyone up for the neutron thing?21:33
*** britthouser has quit IRC21:33
*** IanGovett has quit IRC21:33
johnthetubaguybeagles we keep winking at you, is that working at all?21:33
sc68calI guess we need to add a table in cross project wiki for cross project21:33
*** banix has quit IRC21:34
mriedemlast week beagles was asking his mgmt for permission21:34
johnthetubaguysc68cal: that would be awesome, thanks21:34
jaypipesjohnthetubaguy: question... if nobody self-nominates, will you appoint someone?21:34
alaskiI would like to be tangentially involved, for cells stuff, but can't commit to it full time21:34
*** rossella_s has quit IRC21:34
johnthetubaguyjaypipes: I might start asking people more forcefully, yes21:34
bauzasthat's all about committing ourselves :)21:34
jaypipeshow very British of you, johnthetubaguy!21:34
johnthetubaguyjaypipes: if everyone says no, I believe it defaults to me, which is bad news, as I am likely to make a hash of it21:34
johnthetubaguyjaypipes: :)21:35
*** tjones1 has joined #openstack-meeting21:35
johnthetubaguyso if anyone wants a nice cup of tea… its yours21:35
artomLast time the British did something forcefully an empire happened...21:35
jaypipesOK, well action item for sc68cal to send another email out, cc'ing johnthetubaguy to the openstack-dev ML asking for a Nova community member to be the Neutron liaison.21:35
jaypipesartom: :)21:35
johnthetubaguyyeah, its worth a nudge21:35
mikalNext topic?21:36
* mikal looks at the clock concernedly21:36
claudiubwasnt there a neutrob liason proposed by mestery?21:36
beagleswhoops I am here21:36
sc68calclaudiub: that was me21:36
mikal#topic Bugs21:36
*** openstack changes topic to "Bugs (Meeting topic: nova)"21:36
beagles(interrupted) ...  I am up for it btw21:36
bauzasso I made a little triage21:36
claudiubor recomanded?21:37
johnthetubaguysi, low hanging fruit bugs21:37
johnthetubaguywe need those soon, for the upstream training21:37
mikalAnd I pinged the ironic people cause they have more than their fair share21:37
johnthetubaguyso if some one fancies that, its cool21:37
johnthetubaguyso a Bug Czar would be awesome21:37
*** jkremer has quit IRC21:37
bauzasjohnthetubaguy: I tried to find some21:37
johnthetubaguyto help push this21:37
mikaljohnthetubaguy: do you know how many low hanging fruit bugs the training people need as a minimum?21:37
bauzasjohnthetubaguy: for the low-hanging-fruits21:37
mikaljohnthetubaguy: or just as many as we can find?21:37
bauzasmikal: as many as you can21:38
johnthetubaguyreed: ^21:38
bauzasmikal: that's depending on the students who will pick what htey want21:38
*** baoli has quit IRC21:38
johnthetubaguyI guess its time to discuss the gate21:38
claudiubsc68cal: i see, thanks for the answer. :)21:38
reedmikal, many :)21:38
edleafeHey, I can write some bugs if you need 'em21:38
dimsjohnthetubaguy: mikal: another big bunch we can offload are the ec2 related bugs. right?21:38
dansmithyeah, I was going to say, I can make some new ones21:38
mikaljohnthetubaguy: well, can we quickly do coresec first?21:38
reedit should be a habit of leaving the small stuff available for people to get trained :)21:38
*** baoli has joined #openstack-meeting21:39
johnthetubaguymikal: sorry yes21:39
bauzasjust mentioning that the trivial bug list is back up21:39
mikalSo, we're doing a bit of a reboot of the group that does embargoed security vulnerabilities21:39
mriedembauzas: link?21:39
reededleafe, I knew I could count on you :)21:39
edleafereed: it's what I do best! :)21:39
mikalMostly because of some burnout from very hard working people21:39
mikalThere are a few bugs in flight I am getting my head around21:39
bauzasmikal: I left them new21:40
mikalBut if you're a subject matter expert in an area we have a bug for, expect a tap on the shoulder21:40
bauzasmikal: since we don't yet know if it's a config problem or more than that21:40
*** jog0 is now known as jogo21:41
mikalAlso, if you're interested on helping out on the security bug thing more directly, come talk to me21:41
mikalEspecially if you don't work for Rackspace21:41
mikalCause we're kind of hogging it all at the moment21:41
mikalAnd we love sharing21:41
tonybmikal: +121:41
*** britthouser has joined #openstack-meeting21:41
mikalOh, good point. We should also say who is working on this at the moment...21:41
dimsmikal: i can help with security stuff if you need a hand21:41
mikalWhich is alaski, tonyb and I21:41
*** jogo has quit IRC21:41
mikaldims: we were worried you were too big a deal in oslo now for us little people?21:42
*** IlyaG has quit IRC21:42
dimssays the person who is core on many things :)21:42
* johnthetubaguy hopes distro folks are able to help out with this21:42
mikaldims: we'd love your help, let's talk more after this?21:42
dansmithare we including -drivers like we said?21:42
alaskijohnthetubaguy: distros help on the reporting end :)21:42
dimsmikal: ack21:42
dansmithI was assuming I was already on the hook for this because of that21:43
mikaldansmith: I think that's fallen out of my brain21:43
mikalThe VMT likes the group being very small, but I am not opposed21:43
mikaljohnthetubaguy: opinion?21:43
*** jogo has joined #openstack-meeting21:43
dansmiththat's cool with me of course21:43
dansmithcan also just reach out to drivers first when you need some generalist feedback or something21:43
jaypipesmikal: well dims isn't a particularly tall person.21:43
johnthetubaguyso, I flip flopped on this21:43
alaskithey like a small group for initial triage at least21:43
jaypipesmikal: so you're cool.21:43
mikaldansmith: definitely on the reach out thing21:44
johnthetubaguybasically we are going to use that group to do initial traige21:44
johnthetubaguyits normally one person21:44
johnthetubaguybut we are too big21:44
johnthetubaguyI think we need to do better at roping people in quickly, then making sure stuff gets complete and pre-reviewed21:44
dansmiththe mode of interaction just sucks21:44
mikalAnd also at pushing back to stupid bugs21:44
dansmithpatches in bugs, review comments in comments21:44
dansmithsucks real bad21:45
mikalThere's a least one we should just close as being silly21:45
*** rfolco has quit IRC21:45
johnthetubaguydansmith: yeah, it sucks, to try keep it private21:45
dansmithyes, some seem to be blown out of proportion21:45
tonybdansmith: I'm going to talk to VT and infar about a private gerrit21:45
mikaldansmith: that's true. I thought infra has said we could have a private gerrit by now, but I don't have recent status on that.21:45
dansmithjohnthetubaguy: I know21:45
dansmithtonyb: that would rock21:45
johnthetubaguyso for those not sure what we are on about21:45
mikaltonyb: +121:45
dansmithanyway, I don't do enough around here,21:45
*** mwagner_lap has quit IRC21:45
dansmithso if you need another nova person, that's cool21:45
dansmithand if not, because you're too large, then that's also fine21:46
mikalWhile I love this topic, I think we need to move on to end on time. dansmith, I'll chat to you about this after the meeting?21:46
*** sarob has quit IRC21:46
johnthetubaguydansmith: don't take this the wrong way, but I would like you on the list so its not all rackspace21:46
*** kebray has quit IRC21:46
mikalSo, did we cover gate status?21:47
mriedemgate is fine21:47
dansmithmoving on21:47
mikalCritical bugs?21:47
mriedemin l-1? no21:47
*** bill_az has joined #openstack-meeting21:47
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mikal#topic Review status21:48
*** openstack changes topic to "Review status (Meeting topic: nova)"21:48
johnthetubaguyso this will not leave here all the time21:48
johnthetubaguyand is mostly miss leading21:48
johnthetubaguy… so I should explain a bit21:48
johnthetubaguyreviewers who want to improve their skills21:48
johnthetubaguyand generally new folk who want to get involved more21:49
johnthetubaguyI want to make sure we get you folks to mentor you21:49
*** amitgandhinz has quit IRC21:49
johnthetubaguynow I would love a "Mentoring Czar" as a new person contact point, or something like that21:49
*** baoli has quit IRC21:49
johnthetubaguythe basic idea is to try get more quality reviews for more places, by helping folk understand what those are21:50
*** pritesh has quit IRC21:50
*** MaxPC has quit IRC21:50
dansmithI propose Vek as the mentoring czar, since he's always on IRC and responsive21:50
*** baoli has joined #openstack-meeting21:50
bauzasjohnthetubaguy: you mean someone explaining why this comment ?21:50
alaskidansmith: lol21:50
*** jpeeler has quit IRC21:50
tonybjohnthetubaguy: Do you have people signed up to do the mentoring?21:50
bauzasjohnthetubaguy: or someone identifying your key misses so that you can improve ?21:50
johnthetubaguytonyb: so the current plan is, I find current nova-core folks who are willing, but its more informal at this point21:51
*** IlyaG has joined #openstack-meeting21:51
johnthetubaguyso as you can see, its more the start of an idea than a thing21:51
dansmithjust being in irc all the time gets you a lot of free mentoring I think21:51
jaypipesdansmith: agreed.21:52
anteayathat isn't really mentoring21:52
anteayathat is answering questions21:52
jaypipesanteaya: it's part of it.21:52
artomWhat's the goal here? Ultimately increase review bandwidth by bringing in more people? Or just make Nova friendlier for newbies?21:52
dansmithit's not just answering questions21:52
anteayait is a part a large part21:52
anteayabut not the entire thing21:52
dansmithbeing exposed to the discussion of things is what I mean21:52
jaypipesartom: both.21:52
johnthetubaguyanyways, the plan here is simple, specific folks people can reach out to, so they no where to go next21:52
anteayadansmith: yes that is important too21:52
dansmithwe discuss reviews and ping for follow up in irc all the time, and that is extremely valuable21:53
artomAs a mostly newbie myself, I feel the second part has been achieved21:53
tonybjohnthetubaguy: Well sign me up as a mentee when you find some mentors ... I know I miss stuff in review and want to get better21:53
jaypipesjohnthetubaguy: I am more than happy to participate in the effort. I do not have the bandwidth to lead it though.21:53
artomUnderstanding the code base is a different matter21:53
johnthetubaguytonyb: cool, please drop my an email so I reply to it with an answer21:53
jaypipesartom: :)21:54
dansmithIMHO, private mentoring is not very efficient,21:54
dansmithbecause only one person gets the benefit21:54
johnthetubaguyjaypipes: awesome thanks21:54
johnthetubaguydansmith: so the hope is, a starting point, then mostly public disucssion on the nova channel21:54
*** pritesh has joined #openstack-meeting21:54
*** sdake_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:54
jaypipesjohnthetubaguy: sdague may be interested in that kind of thing, though I don't know his bandwidth.21:54
dansmithyeah, it'd be good to just have people jump in and ask questions about their own reviews or others there21:54
dansmithmaybe with someone to target with their first ping21:55
dansmithbut really, it's very often that I'll be nailing bauzas for something,21:55
mriedemi see dansmith pinged plenty at 8am CST21:55
dansmithand other people will jump in and ask21:55
* dansmith uses bauzas as the example, jokingly21:55
*** rushil has quit IRC21:55
bauzasdansmith: my IRC is always open to you21:56
johnthetubaguyanyways, its going to be different for different folks21:56
dansmithbauzas: :)21:56
johnthetubaguyone last thing for this section...21:56
* mriedem notes we have 4 minutes21:56
johnthetubaguyactaully there isn't21:56
johnthetubaguyopen discussion time I guess21:56
*** david-lyle has joined #openstack-meeting21:56
mikal#topic Open discussion21:56
*** openstack changes topic to "Open discussion (Meeting topic: nova)"21:56
mikalWe promised jaypipes a thing here21:56
johnthetubaguyso I was reading the PTL description21:56
jaypipesjohnthetubaguy: I'll save the API dicsussion for the summit, I think.21:57
johnthetubaguyand it says I need to find people to answer questions21:57
mriedemoverquota shall henceforth be 71321:57
jaypipesmikal: it's cool. can do at the summit and ML21:57
johnthetubaguyanyways, I gave you the link21:57
jaypipesmriedem: lol21:57
johnthetubaguyjaypipes: ah, cool, lets add that in the API session, or is there a WG one?21:57
johnthetubaguyAPI-wg one^21:57
bauzasjohnthetubaguy: so, need an Ask Czar ?21:57
johnthetubaguybauzas: sure, why not21:58
mikalI want to be Sarcasm Czar21:58
artommikal, pfft, like you're getting that job any time soon.21:58
* bauzas notes Frenchs made Revolution War21:58
mikal...and we're done?21:58
* johnthetubaguy fails to think of a sarcastic comment21:58
sc68calAdded a new section to the wiki -
*** neelashah has quit IRC21:58
dansmithmikal already is sarcasm czar21:58
mikaldansmith: awww, thanks21:58
*** sdake has quit IRC21:58
sc68calI'll use that for my ml-post for the Nova side of the cross project effort21:59
johnthetubaguymikal: we should get you a mug for that or something21:59
tonyband the insufferable czar21:59
* harlowja just dropped a small email, (oops), probably relevant to u guys ;)21:59
dansmithtonyb: that's me21:59
mikalAnd we're done?21:59
harlowjacomments welcome, idk what to do about that situation21:59
johnthetubaguyI'm happy21:59
harlowjavilobhmm1 and i welcome all :-P21:59
mikalWe can be sarcastic over in -nova if we need to be21:59
dansmithwe're verydone21:59
beaglessc68cal, sorry I missed the pinging ..21:59
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"21:59
* johnthetubaguy waves good night21:59
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